Wolf (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Kar Gibi Beyaz - full transcript

After 3 months from the first episode, it will be in 2015. JÖH and PÖH teams are catching a terrorist named "Bahoz" in the countryside of Mardin. They will come to the armored convoy, every...



This is our last meeting.

Operation season is coming.

Aren't you afraid?

Why would I be afraid?

Please be honest.

I am being honest.

You are not.

You are just telling me
what I want to hear.

You and my family are obsessed
with honesty.

You want to know what is on my mind,
what I feel, everything.

I do.

What if the thoughts in my mind
are too much for you to handle?

Kaya, listen.

The important thing is
to tell me everything, as is.

Because knowing that will allow me
the privilege of helping you.

-What are you talking about?
-The essence of the matter is

that you don't have to commit your life
to police special operations.

Kaya, you are a well-educated, urban man--

Whose sister was killed
right before his eyes.

Whose future is bright.

Because men with bright futures
wouldn't risk their lives, would they?

No, that is not what I meant.

-Can I be frank with you?
-Of course.

In the past,

I would have done my best to woo
a beautiful woman like you.

We would have gone on dates.

With all your passive aggressiveness,
I'd fuck you all night long.

Maybe then we'd get married.

We'd have children.

A summer house in Cesme,
an apartment in Barcelona.

You'd love all of that.

But the problems would start
after the first child.

A child whom we'd project
our own faults on.

The big fights would erupt in our 30's.

But still, we would be happy.

Love, hate...

We would have passion in our lives.

We would live, before we died.

But that was taken from me in this life.

Now, in this life, days pass me by.

When I read of a disaster
on the third page of the newspaper...

I say, "They're free at last!"

I don't give a shit about anything.
I wear a mask everywhere I go

so that my parents don't get sad.

So they don't realize their remaining
child also died that night.

I don't have complicated dreams.

What's the matter?
Are you offended by the fucking part?

Well, then, watch out.

There are much darker things
in the places you wander about.

I think we should stop for today.

My parents didn't know
İpek and I went to the club that night.

Because her dumb brother
chose her dying spot as a surprise.

The man you see now, is an echo.

He will always be one.

I hope I was honest enough for you.

You are not an alpha male.

Be jealous, you little pansy.

-He's right, you aren't.
-Here they go.

Two jackals come together,

and they form a front against the wolf.

Baran, what do you think about all this?

-Bro, of course you are an alpha.
-My man!

-They should kiss your balls!

When Baran was a rookie, you bullied him.

Of course he's afraid of you now.

Bro. Don't be mad at me...

But an alpha wolf is the pack leader.
Captain Behçet is our leader.

I'm not appreciated in my squad.

I want to move into yours, Rosepink.

Anytime. You're welcome.

Rookie, take notes.
This is called respect.

Wasn't he known as "Murat the Bear"?
Who is Rosepink?

-Well, actually--
-Can I tell the story?

About two years ago,
we were out there in... where was it?

-Yes, in Dargeçit.

Ömer and I are in cover,
Turan was behind us.

Our comms were on,
we were under heavy fire.

We heard a voice from the comm.
Someone singing the famous song Rosepink.

Turan was angry, saying,
"Who the hell is singing?"

-We understood it was Murat.
-Murat the Bear!

-Shut up, Rosepink.

Well, we learned that it's his favorite
song. And he sings under pressure.

We insisted he sing it again,
but he never did.

Is your village near here, Baran?

No, this road is to Mardin.

My village is by Gercüş,
close to Hasankeyf.

Isn't Ali, in the other vehicle,
also from there?

Ali is from Hasköy, Muş. Not even close.

They say Ali had a childhood head injury,
what's that about?

Well, he was not injured in the head,
his dumbass uncle shot him.

-His uncle shot him?
-Yes, but accidentally.

Went through his head.
They thought he was dead.

He was a child, at a wedding.
He climbed up a tree to watch it.

His uncle was firing up in the air
to celebrate.

Bang, bang, bang! Like this.

Bullet entered here
and went out from there.

-Miracle that he survived.
-Yes, it is.

It's in his file. If it went any deeper,
it would've reached his brain. Lucky.

You know what they say?

-Never trust a 9mm.
-Hey, nerd!

Nobody says that.
It's your own shitty quote.

Ali always says:

"I died when I was a child,
I can't die again."


-Hey, Chief, did the season start?
-Didn't you look at the file, alpha?

Special Forces are in Çukurca
and JOH is in Dargeçit, fighting.

So yes, it has begun.

OK, but isn't ET-BALIK with us?

They're in the middle of a convoy
with the leader of the Ovabağ attack.

Don't worry about it, Turan.
We'll join the operations.

Hell, yes. Let's go, Chief.

Politicians push for a bullshit peace,
but the skunks still dug 400 ditches.

I have to be there!
The wrath of the Turks!

Glorious Turan Kara!

There he goes again.
Put some Valium in his food.

Soon he'll start humping wolves.

Chief, there are
2000 IED's there at the moment.

Engineers will be needed.
I need to go, too.

Two thousand?

Gonna take some time
to ram them up their skunk ass--





Without shouting what I heard

Without embracing more

From night to daylight

I rush from pillar to post

Burned from within

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the well

An old song plays

Burned from within

There is no cure, one cannot be found

From secret nor shadow

He walks, hiding his wound

Burned from within

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

At the bottom of the well

An old song plays



FALCON, are you OK?

Armour intact, it came from the hill!

ET-BALIK, this is 34-50. Sitrep!

Lt. Asena, it's Specialist Korhan.

We're OK. Armor is severely damaged.

Korhan, shift to reverse!
Drive back, Korhan, drive back!

Contact! RPG reloading!

-Stay in formation, turn side armor!
-Barbaros, step on it!

-Squad 2, with me! Go!

WOLF, fire smokes!

Everybody, take cover!



-Get down!
-I'm fine.

Behçet, we're in a bottleneck!
We have to displace!

We are sitting ducks here!

What's up, Bahoz? You having fun?


Is the Turkish Republic afraid?

Murat, don't act like Turan!

Well, well, who's this?

Are you the squad whore?

Come and give me a lap dance, bitch!

Asena, don't!

Who's acting like Turan now?

-How many of them?
-I see four.

-Kornet turret! Two rockets!
-Kornets? Goddamn it!

They are positioned behind the rocks!

Chief, ARMA's rocket prevention system
is not mounted!

Even a tank can't handle those rockets.

We have to sacrifice ARMA 1, we have to.


We have to get out of this hell.


Suppressing fire!

They're aiming at our ARMA!


Do you remember 2010 Silopi?

Hell, yeah, I do.

We did it with Mert. God rest his soul.

Can you do it again?

Kornet is a heat-seeking missile.

It won't change direction unless another
target reaches 5,000 degrees.

When an M26 explodes,
it hits 2,600 degrees.

Asena! Six o'clock, east!

The idea was Kemal's.
Turan only applied it.

Get ready, guys, we're getting
out of here. Everybody to ARMA 2.

Take Selim, get on ARMAs!

Asena, come here!

Chief, let's finish this later.

First, we have to deliver the skunk.
Come here, come on!

Come on, Murat, we're leaving.

What happened to him? Was he shot?

Chief, they have a jammer.

Even we don't have those,
who the hell is feeding these bastards?

Come on!

Stop, motherfucker,
you'll get us both killed!

Bro, with all due respect,
trust me. I can do it.

What did you say?

I counted their shots,
there are three barrels.

What are you,
the discount version of Kemal?

Bro, I can do it!

-They are running away!
-OK, then go, you fucker! Go!

-But if you die, it's your fault.
-Chief, if I die, it's my fault.

Turan is innocent!


Now, we're truly fucked.

Kaya, what's the matter, son?
Do you want to be a martyr already?

Are you bored?
What's the matter with all of you today?

All of you get in fucking line!

Guys, we can't abandon this vehicle.

-Bahoz is the regional commander.
-There are two Kornets on pick-ups.

They're trying to trap us,
we need to move.

-We're stuck here, how do we leave?
-We'll try our luck.

-Chief, this is not a tank.
-Maybe it will hold.

-The odds?


If that Kornet hits us, 0%.

-Specialist, you there?

Follow us, we are now leading.
Come on, everybody--

-Chief, I have an idea.
-Ömer, I'm not in the mood.

Please listen, it's a good idea.

-Tolga, sir!

-This is the head skunk, isn't it?
-It is.

-We should turn the second ARMA around.
-Let's get this bastard, come on!

FALCON, cover us as we tie him.


Chief, are you OK?

I'm fine, move it!

Truck Kornet assembled!

Move, FALCON, move!

They are coming after us, Chief!

Get off!

-Chief, are you OK?
-I'm fine, go on!

It went through you.
It must be taken care of.

Don't stop, even if
they shoot me in the head.

Stop driving me mad! Keep driving,
get out of this area.

-Ömer, you turned out to be a sadist!
-It was an elegant solution. Kudos...

If Kemal likes it,
you're definitely a sadist.

So, why do we always shield rockets

Because we're alphas.

Well said, rookie.

-Go ahead, Timur.

We lost Selim. I'm sorry.

Sons of whores.

Chief, where are we going?

Sürgücü is nearby, Chief.
Let's stop at the Gendarmerie Outpost.

-How could they possibly know?
-Know what, Chief?

How could they know that
we would take this dirt road?

How could they know that the prisoner
was in the middle of the convoy

on the fucking road?

How could they know that
Kornets would be needed?

What was the purpose of this operation?

It was to deliver that bastard Bahoz,
wasn't it?

Did we do it?

Could we complete this motherfucking
operation without casualties?


No, Chief.

We couldn't, could we?

This operation is not done yet.

Police Special Forces? Both?

Yes, sir.

-May he rest in peace, Chief.
-Thank you, Captain.

Terrorists did their damned best to
retrieve Bahoz from us.

I know, they called me from HQ.

Whatever provisions we have are yours.

My soldiers will load your 5.56's.
Leave the cartridges and rest.

This is Timur, he's the
team leader of ŞAHAN.

ŞAHAN is the team
which caught Bahoz at Kanlıgeçit.

-We always go on missions together.
-Nice to meet you, Chief.

Likewise, Captain. The season
started and already we're fighting.

They say ISIS is about to conquer Kobane.

Let them come. We have a score
to settle with them, as well.

Son, show them to the dormitory.

What do we do now?

We wait for orders.

We do things by the book.

Is Chief OK?

A single bullet can't bring him down.

He's seen far worse. Go and eat your meal.

Thank you, Private.

God bless you.

It took place by Mount Mazı, didn't it?

They were loaded.

3rd generation Kornets, jammers...

The cunts were only missing a Ferrari.

Should I call Gendermerie Intelligence?

We must call our own man, Turgut Atalay.

-We only trust him at this point.

I'm sorry, Captain. I meant no disrespect.

I'm just sick and tired of my moves
being predicted by the enemy.

I'm about to lose it.

This is Tolga Erlik from
Police Intelligence, TEM.

He'll talk to Boss Turgut and inform us.
Thank you.

Don't worry, I know what you mean.


Staff Sergeant Cemil and I
were in logistics.

-We were demoted to this post last year.

I was the head of an aid convoy
which carried medical supplies to Syria.

We determined that top-secret information

leaked outside Military NET.

We reported it.

Somehow, somebody sent us
here afterwards.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Oh, well.

Every mission is important.

I spent my early years
fighting alongside the PSO.

Boss İrfan knows me well. We fought
side by side many times at Yüksekova.

All we have is yours.
I need to go take a roll call.

Thank you, Captain.

Boss Turgut.

Tolga, where are you?
What's the situation?

We are in Sürgücğ village.
We couldn't reach Mardin.

The package is with us. We positioned
ourselves in a Gendarmerie outpost.

OK, now tell Timur

to go to Mardin
with 34-40 and ET-BALIK teams.

If there is another ambush,
their support may be needed.

-What about us?
-Stay there for now.

I'll inform you later.

Boss, we smell leaks.

-Do we have casualties?
-We do.

Private Selim İnan was martyred.

Sorry for your loss.

I know how you feel.

Stay calm.

I'll call you.

OK, Boss.


Selim was like a brother to me.

I'll punch the walls, but not now.

Pull yourself together.

It's a miracle we came out of
that hell with rockets buzzing around.

I'm sorry, brother...

But how could they know?

The place, the time...

How could these bastards know
which vehicle our hostage was in?

Don't become paranoid.

I'll die if Boss İrfan orders me to.

But there are not
Fethullahist infiltrators at each corner.

These skunks have been
fighting us for 30 years.

Of course they've learned
a bit of tactical doctrine.

Look, you'll be left here with
two squads of guys when we go away.

Go rest a little.

Sometimes it gets confusing.

What to call you...

Sister, Chief or Sarge...

That's why I keep quiet,
I don't say a word.

Anything's fine except for "sister."

I can see that you are pretending, Kaya.

It took me years to spot a sociopath.

I still have problems with another.

You don't fool me.

So I should be myself...

I don't care, be whatever you want.

But if you want trust,
you have to give trust.

This place is beyond blood relation.

I don't know what you want.
We'll find out one day, I guess.

I want to kill.

Kill whom?


As long as they are evil.

That New Year's Eve...

we were in training at Malatya...

Does it matter?

I thought you might want to know.

Thanks, Captain.

-Did you fill up with fuel?
-Whatever we have.

I'll inform you when ET-BALIK
and we arrive at HQ.

We'll see each other again soon.
The season is long.

-Goodbye, my brother.

Everybody to the dining hall.



I took Bahoz to the bathroom
and gave him some food.

He's locked up, hands tied. He's behaving.

OK, have a seat.

Everybody, listen up!

Turan returned, and all your discipline
has gone to shit.

We have Kaya, too, the rookie Rambo.

Asena is busy punching hostages.

Murat, Baran...

Ömer... You all seem lax.

I'll fuck up each and every one of you.

Don't laugh!

Do you think that was a joke?

All the things we've faced,
do they seem like a joke to you?

are our comrades, our brothers.

But they are not WOLF.

What if one of us was killed?

What if we were the ones who had to
transfer a dead body to HQ?

Are you in a hurry to die, kid?

Guys, I can't sleep at night.

Voices of Mert, Garo and Uygar
echo in my head.

Then I wake up in tears.

OK, I get it, PSO are slightly crazy.

We are no Maroon Berets.

My love for each of you is a chain.
Made of steel.

Nothing can break it,
nothing can tear it apart.

But I'm tired of thinking
who I'll bury next as a martyr.

Ten years ago, we couldn't even fart
without the permission of Boss İrfan.

-I know I'm not him.
-You are better than he, Chief.

Don't upset me.

Don't make me even sadder.

I don't want to give this speech again.

Let's complete a season without a loss.

What do we say?

No mistakes!

Eat your food.

You've gotten fat.

-Thank you.

-You placed a bait, didn't you?
-Our standard operation procedure.

Different places, different routes, dates.
We are the best.

I'm going to freak out.

I see leaks everywhere.

I think you are right.

I was together with you in Esenyurt,
also when Mert was killed.

Someone tried to cover up twice.

How do you mean?

Someone is spreading disinformation
way above our pay grade.

-Do you still have a headache, bro?
-Yes, right between my eyes.

Let's go to the infirmary,
get a painkiller.

No way.

Look around you. The privates admire us.

I can't lose my bad ass charisma.

-You fucking poser.
-You know it.

We weren't kind to the APC
when getting out of the ambush.

But these ARMAs are like fortresses.

Our problem is fuel.

It won't be enough for the return trip.

They barely filled up the ŞAHAN
APC an hour ago.

Captain, how can we find diesel fuel?

There is a place called Necmi's
towards the next village.

Logistic convoys sometimes
get diesel from there.

Turan, Kaya, Barbaros.
You stay here with Tolga.

We'll go on foot, it's safer.

Let's head out before sunset.

You are a man with faith.

-So are you.
-Not like you.

My belief is different than yours.

You think that all we face,
serve a purpose.

My brother, do we suffer for nothing?

All this is somewhat our fault.

Perhaps our generation was too relaxed.

We created this intrigue
through our own inattentiveness.

Patriots are in jail in Turkey,
whereas those who corrupt the state...

Turgut, I already know all of this.

İrfan, I need your connection.

No way.

Please, I know that you trust me.

Even more than myself, more than Behçet.

-You are my glimmer of hope, Turgut.
-Then why don't you tell me?

I can't tell it to anyone.

It's deep, very deep.

-Not now, not yet.
-What if you are too late?

Then the onus falls on me.

-Hello, Commander, what's going on?

They said there's a mechanic
at the village called Necmi.

Yes, Necmi.

His gas station is close to
our village, Commander.

-We need some diesel urgently.
-Get whatever you need.

We'll pay him later on.
We do the same to the soldiers.

-God bless you, thank you.
-Thank you, too.

Do you want to join our wedding ceremony?

Thank you, but we have
a few tasks at hand.

Congratulations, guys.

-Good luck and God speed.
-Thank you, Commander.

There is an order in the universe,
you know this right?

-Of course there is.
-But not the order

that you wish or hope for.

This is the order of collective of murder.

An animalistic order. I mean...

Beaks that gorge insects,
stomachs that swallow fish,

and jackals that dismember gazelles.

There is not a moment of peace
in the universe, İrfan...

It is a continuous struggle
of mercilessness.

Peace is a vain hope which humanity
seeks to avoid this savage order.

The state is that hope, İrfan.

State means civilization, rights of man.

People who trample rights of men,
are evil in religion, science or art--

But these infiltrators
are trying to establish a new order.

An order of cynical evil.
Where slander is legitimized.

A pitiless, malevolent order.

They won't bring that order, Turgut.
We won't allow them.

We have not ended yet. Neither I, nor you.

They even ended Kenan.
They killed him, Irfan!

We must avenge him.
Give me your connection.

There was a robot movie

with that muscular actor guy.

They filmed a sequel in the 90's.

It was the best movie that I ever saw.

Lose that belly.

Watch the movie.

I'll see you again, my brother.

-Take care of yourself.
-You, too.

Fuck your lawyer jargon. Speak Turkish.

What else are they gonna do? Tell me!

Take away my house? They already did!
I live in public housing!

Look, man, I'm not afraid of anything.

You can tell them that, OK?
I am afraid of nothing.

If they want, they can come and take
my motherfucking life!

-Is the water hot?
-I took a cold shower.

What's that?

Turn around.

Is that a bullet wound?

You've just joined WOLF, haven't you?

Speak, asshole!

I'll tell you sometime, not now.

I'm not asking you to tell me
in the shower. I'm not a faggot like you.

Why are you yelling again?

The rookie has an exit wound.

Right side.

Bro, I'll tell you, OK? But not now.
We have other things to do.

Hold on, chill.

Look, rookie, we don't lie to each other.

"No mistakes," remember?

For instance, we all know that
Turan has a tiny dick...

We don't laugh at him.

Come and sit, I'll tell you something.


Firefight wound?

My dad did it.

My father is a Cyprus war veteran.

He lost two legs there.
Now I look after him at home.

One day...

quite some time ago...

he went berserk. He took his
service pistol, wanted to shoot himself.

See, he was a soldier,
always lived as a soldier.

He couldn't bear being dependent.

He felt inadequate.

I noticed at the last second and
held his wrist. He had already pulled.

The bullet passed here
and got stuck in the ceiling.

I have lots of bullet marks on my body.

Some, I don't even remember
where they happened.

But I remember this one.

-This is my father's mark.

Please, tell it. Otherwise, he'll tell
all his shitty stories.

It happened in the attack.

What attack?


You mean the Ortaköy club attack
that happened two years ago?

My sister, İpek...

I took her out
for a surprise birthday celebration...

Whatever, fuck it.
You don't have to tell it.

The funny thing is that people thought
the gunshots were part of New Year's joke.

The first reaction was
laughing and cheering...

For me, there was a sound, a whiz.

But I didn't feel it.

I fell near İpek.

I thought she had fainted,
but she was already dead.

I couldn't do shit.

Just knelt there and cried.

Did you join the academy after that?

Don't worry.

Soon, we'll drink their terrorist blood.

This thing ain't over.

Sorry for your loss, brother.

Thank you.

-Why was Turan arguing?
-Divorce, debt issues.

Turan's father had a shop,
but he died last year.

The debts passed onto Turan.

He wanted to keep it as an heirloom,

but he doesn't understand business at all.

He'd even give free groceries
to fans of Fenerbahce.

So, naturally, everybody in the hood
became a fan of Fenerbahce.

Damn idiot.

He couldn't handle it.

He had a house. It's gone, too.

Captain Behçet tried to help, but...

You know him,
that mule never listens to anyone.

He lives in the rookie housing.

He has an ex-wife and a little girl
he never sees.

He brought his life down upon himself,
like a wreckage.

-What was that discipline issue?
-You'll find out.

I only hope he doesn't get
suspended again.

Police Special Forces is all he has left.

You know how some of them
tease you as a "rookie"?

That's because they're afraid of
losing you, as well.

Believe me, these guys are your family.
Even if they can't show it.

-I wish Zeynep was here.
-You like her, don't you?

-No man, I like her banter.
-Screw you, liar.

You're just jealous she's
smarter than you.

Yeah, yeah, lover boy.

-How long do we have to wait?
-Almost done, Captain.

-Necmi, sir, we took some tea.

We'll take a look around.

To what do I owe this pleasure?

I need to tell you something.
I'm dating someone.


We became close after Mert died.
It's been three months.

I get it now.

I am letting you know, I'm not asking
for your permission.

You'll do whatever you want anyways,
why are you pretending to be nice?

Do I have to be jealous?
Are you showing me your toy?

-Go and be his lover, I don't care.
-Screw you, Kemal.

In every operation,
you are always by my side.

Tolga must naturally wonder
if you miss me.

Poor guy,
I bet somewhere inside you, you have--

Go on... Go on, and I'll punch your face.

Never mind.

Be happy.

We've already killed our love, Asena.

There is great activity in the East.
The Army is deploying near Kobane.

My point is, you are not exactly
a priority.

It's all right, we can hold on, Chief.
The other thing?

I looked at the autopsy report
and the file of Boss Kenan.

It's not much different from what
was written on the autopsy report.

As you said, right-hand stuff is shady,

but nobody cares about it.
It's hard to grasp.

It is important, because it's new.

You know they'll sweep it
under the rug soon.

You have to be patient.
This shadow war takes patience.

Being diligent is our ammo.

I also have good news for you.

-Boss İrfan?
-I went for a visit, he said hello.

Did he tell who his contact was?

Do you know the name Osman Alan?

Yes, he was known as "The Terminator"
in the 90's.

He revealed all the documents
in the investigations made

against Fethullah cronies
in the early 2000's.

But he went too deep and too fast.
They retired him.

Is this familiar to you?
When the cancer cells were weak,

General Alan tried to cut them out.

I know, but what's the connection between
this and Boss Kenan's suicide note?

General Alan was quiet for a long time.

Maybe he tried to talk then,
but nobody listened to him.

Please arrange that meeting, Chief.
For God's sake.

Consider it done.

-Yes, Boss?

Be careful.

Commander has arrived.

Commander, please come here, don't be shy.

Congratulations, but we must--

Commander, sit here for a while.
You are our guests.

Please join us.

Bring two seats, boy.

-Here you are, Commander.
-Thank you.


Welcome, Commander.

-Bring some ayran here.
-Thank you.

Bring it from the fridge, I want it cold.

Are these for me?

Thank you.

Put them on your hair.

All right.

-What's your name?


-Like your name, you're white as snow.
-You have lovely hair.

-So soft.
-Come here.

Your hair is also very beautiful,
my dear Berfin.

You have a braid.

I have it
so my hair doesn't hinder my view.

Mine doesn't stay like that.

Why not?

-I'll braid it, it'll be the same.

Your hair is very beautiful.
It'll be better than mine.

See that?

Here, you also have this.

-How nice.
-Thank you.

Very beautiful, let's put this on.

Looks pretty on you.

-I'll show it to my sister.
-All right.

-Who's your sister?
-The bride.

Did you also have a wedding ceremony?

Your mom is calling, Berfin.

-Will you always hate me?
-Stop it, Kemal.

Are you trying to manipulate me, too?
Don't do it, please.

-Maybe we'd have had a girl her age--
-I said don't! Don't go there!

Stop trying to confuse me.

Yes, I'll hate you
as long as you try this.


-Thank you.
-Have a safe journey.

Go ahead, Tolga.

Is he alive?

A chest wound. If it hit 2 cm away,

it would've entered his heart.
He is stable now, he can talk.

Did he talk?

He is a militia connected
with local intelligence. That's all.

You'll get better, brother.


-Do we have enough ammo, Barbaros?

I don't know if we can last
another battle.

-Chief, they are coming.
-What do you mean?

Skunks passed the gap around Savur Stream.
There was some fighting, 30-40 men.

Villagers resisted giving supplies,
so they brought them from Iran.

Experienced PJAK forces,
kornets, vehicles, etc.

-What are Iranian skunks doing here?
-Everybody's in Syria for chaos.

It's a mess.

They're gonna snatch Bahoz
and move him across the border.

I'll give you two choices. One...

I'll go upstairs and sleep.
As you know, I'm tired.

But some of my unstable friends here

might get intimate with you.

-Without my knowledge.
-Ever stick a G3 up your ass, Azad?

Or, we can talk...

like human beings.

It ain't fun, Azad.

It's your call.

-Don't get your ass fucked by a rifle--
-He gets it, Turan.

-What do you want?
-What is PJAK doing near Mardin?

Why do they want you so badly?

For the conquest of Northern Kurdistan,

we'll join forces.

Oh, really?

Is that so?

-You'll see when civil war begins.
-Your men will just die for nothing again.

What civil war?

You mean Kobane?

Why are you laughing?

Why are you laughing, asshole?

We'll see.

Our side is ready.

-What the hell is he saying?
-Chief, leave.


Don't you have anything else
you want to say to me?


Drink it.

No torture.

"No mistakes."

I want you to get
one thing straight, Azad.


if we have one more casualty...

the things that I'll do to you
will make your autopsy doctors vomit.

I promise.

-He called your bluff.
-I don't care.

Even without me,
you'd do some extreme thing anyway.

-I tried to compliment you.
-No need.

I learned from you and Kemal
to be psycho like that.

You've been acting weird
since I came back.

What happened? Did squealer Asena
get a guilty conscience?

Is that what you think?

You are pathetic.

-Look at me!

I am here to honor my father.

But I'm tired of trying.

Go, Turan.

Go, break, fight, cuss.

You served your two-year suspension.

Do it once more, if you wish.

I don't care anymore.

Asena, look, we're friends.

You, me, Kemal, we're friends.

Do we need to become enemies?

Why are you trying to pull
nails from a finger?

What do you want me to do?

Everyone fights their demons,
but nobody becomes a monster like you.

Some of us still try to be good.

If I were you, I'd already have put
a bullet in my head.

Guys, the situation
is a little complicated.

PKK with PJAK support is coming here.

They are attacking the convoys
in other regions,

encouraged by the chaos in Sur.

Normally, it's not a problem,
but they have heavy gear and...

Unfortunately, there won't be
any reinforcements till morning.

We'll hold on in this building, Chief.

But we can't take a Kornet.

A device which could kill a tank
can destroy a building, too.

What's their range, Barbaros?

Five kilometers.

If they are positioned in the village,
we'll be within Kornet range.

They can easily shoot us.

Kemal, I'm open to ideas.

There are two dozen
inexperienced soldiers here, Chief.

They are not prepared
for this type of heavy combat.

They are not, but...

Cemil and I are ready.

Ammo is drained.
Nobody slept, you're wounded.

-They got initiative.

Don't listen to this doomsayer.

Look, we have to split up, you know?

They have to go through that village.

Stop rambling, Turan.

He is right, for the first time ever.
These guys must pass by the village.

We hit them, we hurt them.
I bet they will.

I think we may catch them off guard.

Captain Orhan and
NCO Cemil will be with us.

We can do it!


Do we have visuals?

Not yet, Chief.

Chief, I have to go closer, it's twilight.

Slow down. I'll pass in front.
Walk in files.

Use dawn darkness.

We have to be done by sunrise.


-We'll go to the flank.
-Others continue to the barricade.

Murat, suppression fire is yours.

Keep your finger on the trigger.
Scare them.

Roger that, Chief.


Make CQB sweeps.

Be silent.

Barbaros and I will be the vanguard.

One third of the spring operation area
is under control.

National operations continue
under difficult circumstances.

-We are ready.
-We need a little time.

-Ten seconds.

-I got visual.

-An AK and an RPG.
-Stay with them, those two are yours.

We're in place, Chief.

We are at the point.

-Us, too.

Shoot 'em, Rosepink!
Shoot 'em, keep them down!

-The barrel will burn, bro!
-Keep shooting, let it burn!

Keep firing, Rosepink!

Chief, they're running away.

They really are withdrawing, Chief.

Go on, we have no casualties.
For heaven's sake, keep hitting!

A militant is entering a house, Chief.

Shoot him down. Don't wait, Asena.
Selim's blood is on their hands.

I told you! I said we'd hunt the hunters!

-Everybody OK?
-We're all OK, Chief.

-You're textbook fighters, Chief.
-Thank you, Captain.

WOLF, we did it.

Asena, Tolga, meet us in the square.

-Are you OK?
-I'm fine.