Wolf (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Bazen Canavarlar Kazanir - full transcript

The story of Börü with 34-50 radio code, one of the most distinguished and offensive teams of the Police Special Operations Force, begins in Diyarbakir in the autumn of 2014. As Turan Kara(...


I know the question in your mind.
Why Börü?

It is a name derived from
Central Asian mythology,

referring to the wolf
that protects the herd,

but which must stay away
from the herd forever.


We are the outcasts who burn ourselves out
for the good of the community.

We are not heroes.

Most of us are troubled, all alone.

Only our purpose matters...

To stop the monsters
who wish to harm the pack...

if the pack weakens
in the dark of the night.

But there remains a bitter truth.

İpek, get up. It's OK. We're going home.

A truth also known by WOLF members.

We are sometimes too late.

Sometimes nightmares start
before we come to the rescue.


İpek, no. İpek!

...monsters win.

My sister!





Without shouting what I heard

Without embracing more

From night to daylight

I rush from duty to post

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old song plays

Burning inside

There is no cure, one cannot be found

From secret and shadow

It walks, my wound is hidden

Burning inside

It cannot be told, must not be mentioned

From the bottom of the pit

An old, familiar song plays



Cartel number one

The greatest Crazy Turk
comes from hell

Twenty-five years old
A $100,000 car

Where did this money come from?
Best not to ask

You don't understand

You don't know the place where you live
Don't ask

Every day there is war in the streets
Even the blood is black, not red

Black blood came back here
to defend your rights

To warn the survivors
to start this Cartel

Say it by putting
your hand on your heart

How long will life continue like this?

Don't ignore Cartel
Trust us and don't make the wrong choice

How many times did we tell you, kids?
Somehow you still didn't listen to us

Leave them all, come to us
Come, come, come to Cartel

If you don't know, they will teach you
Come, come, come to Cartel

People in Cartel
have the blood brotherhood

'95 Cartel starts to talk to you
And now Erci-E is talking

Cartel is side by side,
heart by heart

Here is the news
from the streets of Germany

Situation is bad, respect Cartel


I just got off the plane.
Where's my welcome?


What's with that mustache?

Where is the chief?


-Don't you have to be in Istanbul?
-I wanted to come a day earlier and pack.

What, a pair of slippers
and two pairs of pants?

Well well. You've already forgotten.

-Forgotten what?
-That I'm the rooster of this coop.


This operation is now under
the jurisdiction of Special Operations.

You can return to HQ
and inform your superiors.

Cordon off the entrance to the street.
Don't let civilians in. Help us.


Whoa, Turan!

Murat the Bear!

What happened to you, my man?
How many pounds did you lose?

-Forty pounds since I was a rookie.
-Well done.

But don't forget: A man without a belly
is a house without a balcony.

-What about you?
-I'm the basement.

Aren't you sick of that old rifle?

-I'm guessing you upgraded yours.
-Yeah, I did.

I cared for it for both years.

Chief, we coddle this fool too much.

Is your suspension over?

Yes, it's over. Over, thank God.

Yet, I'm still pissed off.

Well, you're always pissed off.

Turan, I told WOLF
when we were coming here.

This is a developing situation.

All this happened when
the Governor was on a school visit.

It's a hostage situation.

Terrorists everywhere along the street.

-Is the Governor alive?
-We don't know.

Just like Nusaybin. We move forward
as columns, back to back.

Careful, there are flat roofs,
keep your eyes peeled.

WOLF! What do we say?

No mistakes!

-Where's my welcome?

-There you go again...
-Chief, where am I?

-You should--
-I didn't ask you! Chief?

-Do that shit to Kemal!


They're randomly shooting.
Initiative is ours.

What's with the mustache?

I have been explaining that
since this morning.

Fine, give me a bayonet, a knife,
and I'll shave here.

Calm down, drama queen. Welcome back.

-Why is Asena tripping?
-They broke up while you were gone.

So she broke up with Kemal...

-What does that have to do with me?
-No idea.

All of you are crazier than I am, I swear.

Shave tomorrow.

Fuck that. I won't. Stay mad.

They can suspend me
for another two years.

34-50, I'm getting closer to the point.

When do we begin?

It'll be tough, Asena.
Get ready with Barbaros.

Be careful. They might be heavily armed.

Wow, Erlik is also here?

We're like Barcelona 2010.

It was 2010, wasn't it?

-How are you Mr. Erlik?
-I knew you were coming Turan, welcome.

-They told me when you got your ticket.
-Who did?

-Some birds.
-Ah, those birds...

I'm at the point. Ready.

-Tolga, who's inside?
-There might be lots of civilians.

Two o'clock.
Activity behind the fountain wall.

Baran, are you close?

-Very close, Chief.
-Tell me where.

I am in front of the school. There was
a commotion inside, but not anymore.

-Can you see the Governor?
-We didn't see him anywhere, Chief.

There are parents in front of the wall.

And, Chief, there are a lot of kids, too.

You are a prophet of doom, Erlik.

Tolga is doing his job. You should, too.


Hold the exit
of the building on your side.

Asena, you got the point.

Anything moves with a gun,
take them down. Otherwise, be invisible.

-Tolga, should we announce?

HQ wants us to go and finish it.

Nobody should know, no leaks.

Listen up, nobody enters the school
without me.

No risks will be taken...

with any civilians.


If we take fire, suppress them.
Now that Turan is back...

Roger that, Chief.
That mustache will remain unharmed.

Others will hold the crossroads
of the road. Watch our back.

Murat, wait as backup. But wait loaded.

Good hunting, team.

They're approaching. From the backstreet.

Get ready.

No, please.

Did you kids draw these?

The man asked a question.

Answer it.

Did you draw these?

Good job.

Good job.


They are surrounding us.

Return to FN. Baran, don't take risks.

Murat, take FN there!

-Murat, Murat!
-Rookie! Who the hell is Murat?

My name is the Bear.

Two or three bogeys left.
Evacuate the civilians from there.

Kemal, your turn.

Gentlemen, let's think about this.
Forget about this skirmish.

Forget about the hostages.
Forget everything.

Lean back and look from a distance

as if you were watching TV.

Just imagine possibilities.
We have three options.


you die.


we die.

But they kill you outside, anyway.

Look out the window.

Three squads of 34-50
are waiting for you.

I think you know our radio code.

WOLF killed many of you before.

So many that it has grown stale.

We don't get nightmares anymore.

But there is a final option.

Easy, no pain.

Without a shot fired, let us take you.

I promise, no metal will touch you
except for handcuffs.

But, there is a price for our mercy.

The safety of the hostages.

They're innocent. You know this.

-Also, the Governor--
-The Governor is dead!

Then you reached your objective,
you're done.

The courts will decide your fate.

There is no need for you
to get killed by us.

34-50 never arrests, we know you!

Fair enough.

But for the safety of the civilians,
we won't shoot a single bullet.

My Captain is here with me.
Let's ask him...


Can we do this for the civilians?

-Not kill their captors?
-Fine by me.

Fine by us.

Ambulance, quickly!

Hold on, Mert. Hold on, buddy.
We have lived through worse.

Chief, it happened so fast, I couldn't...

It's OK, Mert.
Everything is OK, stay calm.

-The kids?
-They're safe.

Everybody is safe, just breathe.
You did good, brother.

We're going home.
Where is the ambulance, Tolga?

-This time, I think you'll go without me.
-Shut the hell up!

No more of that talk!

We came together, we leave together.

Ambulance, Tolga!

Look at me, buddy.

I bet big money on Fener this time.

Great odds. Gonna win lots.

When did you bet?

As soon as I got off the plane.

It'll be a huge score, man.
Half will be yours.

-Stop bullshitting!
-I'm not, I swear!

Of course I'll share.

We'll go somewhere nice.

As soon as we return to Istanbul,

we will prepare
a magnificent dinner table.

You, me, Kemal, Barbaros, the Chief.

Everybody will be there!
We will have a grand time.

It will be a big old barbecue.
With everyone happy.

I promised this to you,
and I'll keep it...

I'll keep it.

All joys will be ours. Friends at a feast.

-It was my fault, Boss.
-It wasn't anyone's fault.

It happened.

-Boss Turgut--
-I know, Behcet, I know.

He was like a brother to you.

You are grieving. But know this...

It wasn't your fault.

Boss, they planned it weeks ago.

-Nobody knew anything about it.
-It smells fishy.

They used three people from the inside
to enter the school.

A governor was assassinated,
and it didn't even make headlines.

Our enemies are muddying the waters.

Prosecutors are silent about this,
yet they still prosecute Boss Irfan.

Find them, Tolga. Find those responsible

so we can have our vengeance.

-Bugra, do you want some more, baby?

-Give Daddy a kiss.
-"No mistakes!"

Where'd you learn that expression?

Give me a peck on the cheek. Come here!

No more saying "no mistakes," OK?

Sometimes monsters win.

Sometimes monsters win.

-How old are you?


Why am I doing this talk?

Kemal's the genius, not me.

Why are you making a truck driver...

perform brain surgery?

I ain't dancing.

Fuck this.

-Nothing personal, rookie.

Look, I get it.

I do.

You want him to see the craziest,

the most useless one in the team.

I get it.

But, not now. For God's sake, not today.

We've had a bad week, I apologize.

Sorry for our loss.

Don't take his attitude personally.

When things go bad on the field,
everybody wants Turan on their side.

I can imagine your excitement.

We all remember ours.

Look, Kaya, there is one thing
you should know.

These recommendations
and accolades are meaningless.

Sure. You took first place
in the academy.

But judgment

belongs to your friends
who depend on you in combat.

I understand.

We got a lot of different people.

Crazies, smartasses, heroes...

We have a genius from Harvard.

Kemal, for instance.

Harvard, Forensic Anthropology PhD.

His best friend is Turan,
whom you just met.

Everybody is unique on our team.

Relax, you'll get used to it...

as long as you perform your duty.

Nobody will ask why you enlisted.
Everybody will understand your reasons.

Go find Omer and Baran.

They were the previous rookies.
They'll help you.

OK, Chief.

The "Chief" is Behcet Orbay.
You'll meet him soon.

We're done.

-Date of birth?
-1987, his name is Kaya.

-Oh, he's screwed.
-He's screwed? No, we're screwed.

Turan Kara is back.
He's gonna give me grief again.

You are not a rookie anymore.
C'mon, let's celebrate this.

-Why we are celebrating?
-Older brother Baran, how are you?

Baran, give me 5 TL, please.

-What are you doing?
-Take it.

There's your celebration.

-Just drink it.

Thank you, kiddo.

-Aren't you Fatih, brother of Selim?
-Yes, sir.

What are you doing outside at this hour?
Your parents will worry, go home.

-Oh, sir, we just came out.
-Shut the hell up, do what Baran says.

-Move it!
-What are you doing?

Those guys are my friends.
Why are you embarrassing me?

Don't talk back, kid.

Why have ruffians as friends?
We never did.

Well, I had you as my ruffian buddy.


Look, I know you're pissed off, but...

Those guys are trouble.
Why hang out with them?

-Don't you go to school?
-I do.

Go and study, then.

Your brother works till dawn
to pay for your school.

Those kids aren't your friends.

A friend wants what's best for you.

-They wish you success. Got it?
-OK. But I have a question.

-Are you hitmen?


-They say you are.

-They saw you packing heat.
-Yes! We are hitmen!

We'll pop a cap in yo' ass
if you hang out with scum!

Are you serious? Really?

Get outta here. No more thug friends.

I'll tell your father, not your brother.
He will kick your ass. Go home!

Oh, my God.

Don't drink too much, lightweight.

Who, me? I can handle it.

-Then again, I'll protect you. Drink away.
-Oh shut up, ex-rookie.



I am here, Father.

Are you in your workshop?
I thought you were sleeping.

My son.

I heard about Mert.

God rest his soul.

Sorry for our loss.


This 4X scope...

it vibrates in bright light.

I controlled every lens,
but couldn't fix it.


Refractive index.

Refraction is the natural vibration
of light.

You cannot prevent some things.

Like the laws of physics.

If you tamper, you may crack the lens.

Why are you so stubborn, Dad?

I labored for those legs.

You know.

Wear them. They will make you stand up.

I don't want any prosthetics. Not me.


Gonyeli. July 27, 1974.

I had a buddy in the platoon.
His name was also Mert.

He was from Eskisehir.

He also became a martyr.

On the night of our parachute drop,

we found two barrels
in the base left by Greeks.

They were full of honey.

The smell and taste was honey.

It was dark, we couldn't see.

Couldn't turn on the lights, either,
because the enemy would see us.

What could we do? We were hungry.

So we ate some. It had raisins in it.

It seemed wonderful. Little did we know...

We had eaten dead flies till dawn
instead of raisins.

They fell in the honey.

Died there.

We noticed this in the morning.

You didn't have to come here.
I could have said no on the phone.

It isn't too late, Kaya.

Very well, I'll say it to your face.


We didn't raise you
to put yourself in danger!

We didn't provide education for you
in these schools to become a casualty!

My darling, my baby.
Please listen to me once.

Why haven't you given up?

This insistence...

all my work, the academy...

Why do you persist?

Look, Mom, no matter what you say...

or how you say it,
it won't change my mind.

If I die, or survive,
or go missing in action--

Heaven forbid!

Mom, it is a possibility.

I may die.

I may become handicapped, or worse.

Your sadness upsets me, yes.

-But I will never give up.


I agree. Enough.
I don't want to keep breaking your heart.

Don't send Dad, either.

Lock the door when you're done crying.

-I can't be late.
-Don't go, please.

You learned a parlor trick,
that's all, Zeynep.

Do it on someone else.

Let's do it on your hand.

But if anything bad happens, no crying.

No way, am I not the cook of this team?

Who will attend to your needs, who will
make soup on the mountains?

-You sure can't.
-Ungrateful bastard. Remember Sirnak.

-What about it?
-You ate several bowls of my soup.

I gave the second bowl to the cat,
then it disappeared.

-It probably committed suicide.
-Don't chat them up, get his hand.

-Put it there, don't be afraid.
-Zeynep, hold him.

Is that him?

He's cute.

Friends, this is Kaya Ulgen,

the new member of our family.

Show him around. Talk to him.

The rookie is yours.

I have to meet with Boss Irfan.

-Do you need us with you, Chief?
-Not today, Kemal.

Good luck, son. May God bless you.

All right, me first. My name is Baran.

With this handshake,
you are hereby the new rookie.

I'm Murat. Once you stop being a rookie,
call me the Bear.

-Are you excited, Kaya?
-A little.

My name is Kemal. Relax,
we all went through this day once.

Welcome to our team.

We were training before you arrived, kid.

It is a tradition here...

On your first day, you suffer a little.

Timed tactical shooting.
You have to hit all targets.

Penalty for missing shots...


He said push-up...

Why push-ups? This ain't the barracks.

Whoever loses...

will wrestle with Kemal.


Kemal has special needs.

He wrestles in a swimsuit.


Do not listen to them.
They'll lower your IQ.

Leave the kid alone.

I'll just say it, Kaya...

I am pretty good at this.

You may as well give up now.

We won't be upset.
We won't mock, will we guys?

Sir, I'll also just say it...

I took first place in the academy.


Turan got owned.

Nice, I like this rookie.

He's confident, arrogant... Excellent.

You weren't like this, Baran.

We used to hand-feed you, or you'd weep.

Oh, come on. I'm not the rookie anymore.
He's right there.

Very well.

Since you got balls, Kaya...

Whoever loses...

wrestles with the Bear.

We haven't done this
for a long time, brother Turan.

Buddy boy, we haven't had
an academy first-placer for a long time.

Shit got real.

Let the kids have fun.

Rookie, catch.

Shitty reflexes, kid.

You got to grab success by the nuts!

The real world don't give a shit
about no academy.

I think Turan is jealous.

Insert the mag!

Lock and load!



Ready, Kaya.

Insert the mag!

Lock and load!



Turan wins.

Ah, yes.

Now, now, Kaya...

First of all, you have to
focus on the target...

instead of daydreaming, OK?

And, to do that...

Before you squeeze the trigger,

you turn off the rookie switch, OK?

-Have fun, guys.
-Look at him...

Turan's getting cocky, with the rifle
I myself calibrated.

Barbaros, I'm a natural, but if you
work hard, you may also succeed.

You are children, the lot of you.

Rookie, give me that gun.

I'll upgrade yours as well.

We used to take care of
our own rifles when we were rookies.

Well, anyways...

Kaya, I hope you have lots of fun
wrestling Murat the Bear.

Let's go.

C'mon rookie.

Treason is not always obvious.

The defendant committed crimes
of corruption and treason,

transferring money to terrorists,
by earning 3 million USD illegally...

And the most terrible crime

was collaborating with Kenan Tumer,

who was jailed with the defendant,
but committed suicide.

If he were alive, he would also be here.

Unfortunately, he ran away from justice.

Hey, fake prosecutor!

-Get him out!
-Aren't you ashamed to list fake crimes

of a man who sacrificed so much
for his country?

Turks remember!

We will remember these fake allegations!

-Get him out!
-So-called prosecutor!

-Get him out!
-Your reign of lies will end!

Times will change, you lying sons of--

We are soldiers of Mustafa Kemal!

-Get him out.
-Chief, we have to cuff him.

-Fuck your cuffs.
-Behcet! It's OK.

If other bosses learn
what you did to Irfan Aladag,

you will be growing oranges
for 20 years in Agri, Patnos.

Please, Boss, you first.

When I first came here...

there was a portrait of Atatürk.

My favorite one.

The one in which he looks up to the sky.

They removed it last week.

Our enemies think that his power is on
the walls. They fear him so.

I heard about Mert. Sorry for our loss.

We just buried him.
He had a 7-month-old son.

How are the guys?

Well, you know, Boss.

They try to hide their grief.

But they're wounded.

We are all wounded, Behcet.

This job cannot be done were we intact.

You're right.

A long time ago...

I would look on the WOLF team.

I knew all of their problems.

Their concerns, their worries.

I even knew some of your worst fears.

They were also my fears.

We'd tell you everything, Boss.

But you never let your fears
weaken you, Behcet.

Civilians assume fear is a weakness.


it is the one thing that keeps us alive.

Look at those kids when you return to HQ.

Cherish their sacrifices.

They often get hurt.

Their inner wounds bleed.

People assume we are heroes.

None of us are heroes, Behcet.

We do this because no one else does.

We're just lonely humans.

But we have to...

be here and fight.

We're still standing, Boss.
We still fight the good fight.

A new rookie came in today.
Top of his academy class.

You also were the
top of your class back then.

-Do you need anything at all, Boss?
-No, I'm fine.

-How is the investigation going?
-I don't know.

I gave up a long time ago.
I just go in and go back.

My lawyers defend me, I stand witness.

What does your lawyer think?

No idea. They wish to end us here, Behcet,
I finally understand.

It's not just me they accuse
with false evidence...

Many police and military heroes
are holed up here.

Just go, leave us here.

Forget about us.

Steel does not yield, Boss!

You taught WOLF to us.

You said the WOLF was alone.

You said that we watched the weak
from afar.

But we protect, smell danger,
destined to save the others.

That this was our duty.

Yes, that's true.

How can you tell me to do otherwise?

For your own safety, Behcet.

Maybe I am trying to protect you.

Have you ever thought about that?

From what?

All right, say hello to the guys.

I miss them all.

Open the door.

Erlik, give me good news.
Did you find the bastards?

This is the footage we obtained from the
camera on the southern part of the school.

This guy is the leak.

The only man who is the suspect
in Diyarbakir.

The black car is the vehicle
used by him to escape.


You see that he loaded bottles of water.

Obviously, he is going on a long journey.

Pay attention to the license plate.

Tolga, stop.

Stop, stop, stop. Go back.

This... Son of a whore!

-This is that bastard.
-Who, Turan?

This... this man walked past me!

When, in combat?

No... Chief, I saw this man.


I was in a grocery store.

I got some stuff to eat
before coming to you.

This one was there,
he was buying some water.

He saluted me with his head.

Did he say something to you?

No, he just bought water.

And then he waltzed away...

It was my fault. I missed him.

-I missed him!
-Turan, calm down.

I missed that son of a bitch!

-What are you doing?
-It was my fault!

You couldn't have possibly known.


We call them "butter" in TEM.

They heat the pan first,
then advise on operational instructions

to other terrorist groups.

But who, Tolga, who?

We don't know yet, Chief.

PKK avoids urban areas in Diyarbakır.

-All deceased were PKK, though.
-Indeed, Chief, but that doesn't mean

that the ones who goaded them,
were one of them.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

When we tracked this guy,

we confirmed that he left his friends
behind and drove to Istanbul.

We got the intel that he will be
in Esenyurt, Sahin Sitesi, Block D,

Floor 25, Apartment 42 tonight
from 3 AM until 4.

Prepare yourselves, guys.
Tonight, you hunt.

Does Boss Turgut know that
we are on the field tonight?

All parties were informed,
including the State Department.

Who called them?

I mean, who got the permission?

Turgut and I.

Anyway, it's all right.

I'll tell you later.

-But, the Boss wants him alive.

This suspect.

Don't be crybabies! We must
get him alive so that he squeals.

But, Chief, when we come in,

if the guys are more than we expected,
we can't get all of them alive.

They're already dead.
They just don't know it.

But this one guy must be captured alive.
He will answer for that day.

If we arrive in Esenyurt via the freeway,
their lookouts might notice.

Some of us must go as civilians.

But if the cell is large,
we may be out-gunned.

We don't have detailed numbers.

We'll compromise.


you, Zeynep, Tan and the others
will hold the perimeter.

-You take position in threes.

You thought Asena would always be
the only woman on the team?

-Are you fit for duty?
-Always, big brother Tolga.

-You in or out?
-Of course I'm in.


You and the CQB team will be the
final squad. Hold the entrances doors.

We do this surgically.

Kemal, you're with me,
along with the dumbass outside.

Barbaros, Baran and Kaya.
You'll be in the vanguard again.

Asena, you will position yourself
with another marksman on the roof.

You will watch the 25th floor of Block D.

As always, the point is yours.

Squad 2 will all be long range.

I am ready, Chief. It's calm here.

Kaya, don't take risks,
don't be a pain in the ass.

Squad 2, we are climbing up the stairs
with Squad 1.

Chief, Squad 3 is ready.

Follow the Chief and be quiet.
Do not wake the building up.

We closed the roads. TEM drones are above.
We are watching.

We cut off the electricity on some floors.


Radio silence until I give the signal.

Everybody calm down.

Roger that, Chief.

Ma'am, stay in.
I'll throw your trash away.


Something's up.

Chief, there is activity inside.

It's the police. Stay away from the door.

-What is happening, Asena?
-Bogeys close to the window.

Four armed men.

And two women.

Do they look anxious?

They're on trigger discipline.
Be careful.

Calm down.

Everybody, calm down.

Always behind cover!

Kaya, always ensure your safety.

Don't get us in trouble.


I am coming, sweetheart!

I am coming to fuck your life away!

Fire support, Squad 2 with me!

They are running up.

Barbaros, Baran, clear the room.
You are with me.


-What do you mean "clear"?
-It means nobody is inside.

-Barbie, behind you!
-Get down!

Baran, stop!

-Leave him!
-Drop the gun!

-Barbaros, shoot!
-I don't have a shot, Baran!

I said drop it!

Let me go!

Chief, you need backup?

Shit, we're missing the fun.

-Did she say Barbie?
-Are you OK?

Are you OK, Barbie?

-Oh, Asena, he's never gonna let that go.
-Should I have let them kill you?

Barbie? You OK, baby?

-He will never let it go.
-Barbie, are you OK?

-Hurry up.
-Easy does it.

Calm down.

Chief, we are watching the roof. Go on.

Get used to this, rookie.

Kemal is a true psycho.

The pot calling the kettle black.

Barbaros, flash!

Fire in the hole!

Don't come closer! I swear I'll jump off!

Don't be ridiculous, come here.

Look, is that your friend down there?

He's waving at us.

Oh, sorry, he's not, my bad.

He can't wave back, because he
just got motherfucked.

Do you think I am an idiot?

I know what will happen if I surrender.

-I know what you want.
-What do we want?

Tell us.

Look, I'm just a family man.

Just an average Joe.

You got kids?


Me, too.

Two of them.

A boy and a girl.

Boy's name is Turan.

He is the best student in his class.

Also the most well-behaved.

Girl's name is Asena.

She's shy, always watches
quietly from a distance.

They are my beloved.

Your children...

don't need to lose their father, do they?

How will they tell you
about their first love?

The name of the person they'll marry?

Don't you want to name your grandchild?

What's your name?


Tell me, Riza, do you really need to die?

By jumping, no less?

I don't know if you've noticed,
but there is a possibility of not dying.

Maybe you become a vegetable,

living with tubes stuck in you.
Look Riza...

There is a law of informants.
You and me, we go and talk together.

You tell the judge your regret.

We will stand bail for you, I promise.

We will compromise as humans,
work this out.

The mind is a strange thing, Riza.

As you die...

the lights don't turn off suddenly.

You live for one or two minutes
before you go.

Think about how badly you'll feel
for those one or two minutes.

Your internal organs splattered
like a loose sack. Civilians jabbering.

You wanna die like that?

That's it, Riza, that's it.

Come on, Riza, give me your hand.

Come on, its OK, we will go to your kid.

Reach out.

Give me your hand, go on.

Kaya, don't let go!

Stop struggling!


I'm punching him.

Hold him tightly!


-Well done, Kaya.
-Well done, rookie.

Turan, sir,

you said that I needed quick reflexes,

said that I should hold tight...
I just did what you said.


Well done, son.

Let's meet below.

Barbie! Lend me a hand, baby.

Come, Riza.

Hello, officers. I am Aydin Demirci.

He ain't no officer, he's the Chief.

I'm from the Interior Ministry,
we're here to get the suspect.

This man belongs to us for questioning.

-What do you mean "us"?
-Officer, you have no jurisdiction.

-We have the paperwork.
-He is the Chief, jackass.

Turan, stop! Mr. Demirci...

Under whose authority
are you taking this suspect?

President Turgut of TEM wants this man.

Our instructions were given
directly by the Minister.

You did a fine job. Thanks.

We gave our orders to Mr. Tolga.

Take him, guys.
They'll handle the paperwork.

Thank you, all. No hard feelings.

What is happening, Chief?

I don't know, Kemal.

What do you think?

I think somebody is trying to fuck us.

I think somebody just did.

All right, ladies and gents,
we follow orders.

Go and get some rest.

We'll talk about it tomorrow at the HQ.

Where you going, Barbie?

I reached the end of my rope
even if I tried hard

Don’t ask me how I still survive

I’m at war
I have great losses, shout a little

Believe me, my soul is deaf

I’m nobody for nobody
in this lonely world

I don’t know who I am
I’m an object and a tough person

I have nothing, forgive me
The one I believed, didn't believe me

I fought a lot,
But nobody fought for me

The one I was suited for
was not suited for me

That’s why I was surprised

I was cold, a stringent winter
I was pressed, crammed

I was a wriggly spring
I was a chirpy child

I am a man, a lie
I live, I get burned

I sorrow for my own
I am going again to stop you

Give some time to my heart
It won’t be good

I sorrow for my own
I am going again to stop you

Give some time to my heart
It won’t be good

Heaven is a puff inside the hands
I always wish violet and jasmine

I wished not to wish to wish
I’ve hidden to die when living

I don’t know how
I made it to tear myself apart

I wished that tomorrow wouldn’t come
Because none of my wishes came true

Half of life is useless
The remaining is grief

Where is my solution for the problem?

There is always chagrin, a loneliness

Hopes that look like us

Where are the clouds
And how do they find you?

I sorrow for my own
I am going again to stop you

Give some time to my heart
It won’t be good

I sorrow for my own
I am going again to stop you

Give some time to my heart
It won’t be good

I sorrow for my own
I am going again to stop you

Give some time to my heart
It won’t be good

I wished that tomorrow wouldn’t come
Because none of my wishes came true

Half of life is useless
The remaining is grief

Where is my solution for the problem?

There is always chagrin, a loneliness

Hopes that look like us

Where are the clouds
And how do they find you?

I sorrow for my own
I am going again to stop you

Give some time to my heart
It won’t be good

I sorrow for my own
I am going again to stop you

Give some time to my heart
It won’t be good

You are a stubborn man, Behcet.

Just like my mentor.

You're here early today.

We settled the score, Boss.

Good job, I heard.

But we don't have the rat.

What do you mean, didn't HQ get him?

We couldn't.

We took the guy alive as instructed.

When we were bringing him to TEM,

two black cars arrived and took the guy.

Interior Ministry?

-What did Turgut say?
-He couldn't say anything.

Orders were above his pay grade.

Oh, well. You did your best. Anyway...

You did a great job, be proud.

The state knows what to do.

Are these the guys you mentioned, Boss?

There is a saying, Behcet...

"As the village is on fire,
the whore combs her hair."

-Are these guys village or whore?
-These men are the fire, Behcet.

We said Börü is the lonely wolf.
That it stood away from the pack.

But don't forget, if you stay away
from the pack too long,

others will try to take your place.

For 40 years, everybody allowed
these scum to gain ground.

When we were staying away,
they infiltrated into the pack.

Jackals in sheep's clothing.

What is the evidence that keeps me here?

Boss Kenan's suicide note.

Alleged evidence.

Sad words of a hero who was betrayed.

You think?

They pushed Boss Kenan too much.

They insulted his honor, with lies.

Did you know Kenan?

No, Boss, he was your generation.

-He was a legend to us.
-Kenan was the best of us.

The perfect leader raised by
Police Special Operations.

You called us "Three Bosses."

But the best one was Kenan.

Turgut and I could never be like him.

Behcet, you use your pistol with your
right hand, don't you, my brother?

-Me, too.

For instance,
suppose that we will commit suicide.

Which hand do we use?


The wrist takes the recoil.

If you want it clean,
you shoot with the dominant hand.

Yeah, it's sad...

My comrade Kenan committed suicide
with his right hand.

They found the bloody weapon
gripped tightly in his right hand.

The problem is Kenan was a leftie.

He couldn't even stir his tea
with his right hand.

You're the only organization
they haven't infiltrated yet.

Fethullah's bastards...

will try to harm you next.

Open the door.