White House Plumbers (2023): Season 1, Episode 5 - True Believers - full transcript

Liddy's concerns about Hunt, a deal, and convictions. Hunt's daughter reveals a secret notebook for his Senate testimony, but it's too late, as the President resigns, ruining lives.

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MacArthur's Park
Is melting in the dark

All the sweet, green icing
Flowing down

- You and I need to talk...
- Someone left the cake out

- In the rain...
- ...before the trial.

- I don't think that I can take it...
- Not now.

...'Cause it took so long to bake it

And I'll never have that recipe again

I recall the yellow cotton dress

Foaming like a wave

On the ground around her knees

The birds, like tender...

There are a couple of things

that we need to sort out
about Watergate, pronto.

Playing checkers...

Like the book.

Not now.

- MacArthur's Park is melting...
- Later.

...In the dark

All the sweet, green icing

Flowing down

Sit down.

Sit down.

Later, when?

Bless this gravestone
which we mark the resting place

of Dorothy Wetzel Hunt.


My condolences.

Everyone really loved Dorothy.

- Tough break, Howard.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Howard. Dear Kevan.

My profound

and fathomless condolences.

Howard, Dorothy was a classy lady.

Thank you, Doctor.

- (Spanish) Of course.
- Bill.

She's in a better place.

Thank you for coming.

Who was that with Mr. Buckley?

Dr. Artime.

If Kennedy had done his goddamn job

he'd be the president of Cuba
right now.

I'm so sorry, dear.

Your father is...

having a rough time right now
because of your mother.

She bought me my first guitar.

I was so scared to play it for him.

Fear is a powerful tool.

When I was young

I was afraid of everything.
Rats, in particular.

But one day when I was ten

I cornered the biggest rat
that I could find.

And I killed it.

I cooked it...

and I ate it.

And after that,
rats did not bother me anymore.

Face your fears, son.

Has your father mentioned
any new books that he's been writing?




How are the kids?

Do you need an extra hand?
I can come by.

I'm flying up the woman

who lived with us in Uruguay
to help with David.

It must be so overwhelming.

Never in my worst nightmares

would I have imagined
my own country turning on me.

I might go to jail.

Yes, it is awful. Just awful.

But I meant David.

Oh, right.

The boy. Of course. But...

David will be looked after.

When I was pregnant with our fourth

Gordon came home
and found me standing in the doorway

banging my head
against the doorframe.

I was dog-tired.
I didn't think I'd survive.

But here I am.

You'll find a way.
Just take care of the children.

I suppose if I was married to Gordon

I would bang my head
against the door from time to time.

I needed a laugh.

Excuse me.

Are you deaf?

Answer the goddamn door!

- Excuse him.
- I'm coming!

- Your father is...
- An asshole?

He's scared.

Fear is a powerful tool.

Are you afraid of rats?

- Jim.
- Howard.

Oh, I'm sorry for the intrusion
but I came to pay my condolences.

The wife made you a little something.

I figure nobody's doing
any cookin' around here.


Well, thanks, Jim.

You know that Dorothy
is a fine woman.

- She was.
- Yeah.

Did you see that Nixon named

a new Undersecretary
of Transportation?

One of his boys. Egil Krogh.

- Bud Krogh?
- Oh, yes.

I hadn't heard that.

You see, it turns out now
this Krogh fella

has oversight over all FAA
and NTSB investigations

including plane crashes.

Funny, huh?

I... I'm sure it's a coincidence.

Of course.
Yeah, just a coincidence.

All right, Howard.
I'll see you at the courthouse.

- Thanks, Jim.
- Oh, not for nothing

but could you return
that empty casserole dish?

It is my wife's favorite.

You bet, Jim.

Well, thank you, Howard.

Courage, brother.

- Hello, David.
- Hey.


Do you know what a godfather does?


If anything should happen
to your father

I will be your father, okay?



You think it's safe to talk?

Unless those birds are
Federal agents, I'd say it's safe.

Did you know that Dorothy

took out a $200,000
life insurance policy

right before she stepped
on that plane?

- Yeah.
- Given the influx

of insurance money

I'm hoping you have considered

not doing some of the things

that you were...

- you know, considering doing.
- For Christ's sake, Gordon.

I'm not writing the fucking book.

Is that why you came?

No. No.

Her plane got rerouted
at the last minute.

They turned off the runway lights.

The FBI beat the firemen there!

They beat them there, Gordon.
Dozens of agents!

- Calm down.
- Yeah, but don't you see?

The firemen always get there first.

And then they call the NTSB.

And if, and only if,
the NTSB finds anything suspicious

do they call the FBI.

So, how the hell
did the FBI get there first?

So you think that the FBI took down
an entire United Airlines 737

just to shut you up about Watergate?

Not just Watergate, Gordon.

I said some things.

Why not just kill you?

Hell, thought's occurred to me
several times.

Did Dot sense something
or did she see someone?

Why the hell did she take out
the insurance?

Howard, take a deep breath.

You're my friend.

And you have to stay strong.

We need to leave this meeting
on the same page.


This isn't a meeting, Gordon.

It's a funeral.

All packed up for the morning?

You know, I don't have to go.

I think your mother would want

at least one of her kids to graduate.

You okay, Papa?

There's something

of your mother's I have.

Her camel hair coat?

No. That she was wearing
on the plane.

Never mind.

Good night.

What is that?


Well, if it belonged to Mama,
I want it.

What is it?

I can't tell you.
I will simply say this.

What's inside this envelope

could be dangerous
to what's left of this family.

I don't understand. Then destroy it.

I need to be able to say under oath
that I didn't.

Do you want me to destroy it?

I can't tell you to do that either.

You're the only one I can trust.

Only you, pumpkin.

- Good night.
- Good night, Papa.

Mr. Dean?

Someone claiming
to be George McGovern

is on the phone.

Put him through.


I have serious concerns
about Hunt's stability.

I don't know how long he can take
the pressure without cracking.

What can I bring him
to tide him over, calm him down?

Tell him I'm taking care of it.

The Plumbers will get living expenses

of 30,000 per annum plus legal fees.

And you'll do time, but at Danbury.

Not bad. How long?

You'll get a presidential pardon

- within two years.
- Right.

Just so we're clear

I am a soldier

and I can keep my mouth shut
no matter what.

But I'm not sure two years
is gonna cut it for Hunt.

I don't know
what you expect me to do.

There are limits to what is possible,
given the circumstances.


Should prophylactic action
need to be taken...

What are you talking about?

To ensure his enduring silence

I'm prepared to use any and all means
and methods at my disposal.

Think about it.

I will wait for a signal.

- What?
- Is that the signal?

Do not break another goddamn law.

Not a parking ticket, no jaywalking.

Well, then see if you can do better
than two years.

Remember, you are in deeper shit
than we are.

We just planted a few bugs.
All that money you gave us

that is some big-time obstruction
for the White House.

That is a federal... hello?

I'm heading over to the West Wing.

Tell them I need five minutes
with the president.

Fucking little prick.

Under my direction

counsel to the president, Mr. Dean

has conducted
a complete investigation of all leads

which might involve any...
or anybody in the government.

And I can say categorically
that his investigation

indicates that no one
in the White House staff

no one in this administration

presently employed, was involved

in this very bizarre incident.

The trial of those formally charged

with breaking into Democratic Party
Headquarters is about to start.

Daniel Schorr reports.

From the Watergate building

two miles away

to this federal courthouse

has stretched a six-month road

detouring through sensational
newspaper reports

and the presidential
election campaign.

So this could be a trial
of just seven men

or it could develop
into a political sensation.

It promises, at any rate

to be the greatest drama
of politics on trial

that this courthouse has ever seen.

- Mr. Liddy?
- Hey, Gordon!

Gordon! Hey, Gordon!

- Mr. Liddy!
- Gordon!

- Hello!
- Hey, folks. Back up!

Give him some space.

Yeah, yeah, give him some space.

We've got a hearing
in five minutes, okay?


Top of the morning!


Are you sure you don't want me
to be there?

Oh, no... no.

I am going to act like a jackass.

Piss off the prosecution,
force a few errors

take the whole thing to appeals,
and get it all thrown out.

Seeing you in the gallery

I might be forced
to remember my manners.

- Good morning, gentlemen!
- Gordon. Good morning.

- Hey, Good morning, Gordon.
- Good morning!

Gordon, could you give us
a statement?

Yes, I could.

Come in, please, and get this down.

My statement is that I have nothing
whatsoever to state.

Hey, Howard! Mr. Hunt. Howard!

Howard, how are you gonna plead?

Mr. Hunt, did the White House know?

My client is a patriot and a veteran
who served his country in wartime!

He is here to be judged
by a jury of his peers.

Howard. Did they know
what you were doing?

We are back on the record

in the matter
of criminal case number 1827-72.

The United States of America
versus George Gordon Liddy, et al.

Mr. Silbert, are you prepared
with your opening statement?

Yes, I am, Your Honor.

This jury is gonna wanna know
the purpose.

What did these men
go into the headquarters for?

Was their sole purpose
political espionage?

Were they paid?

Were there financial gains?

Who started it?

Who hired them?

If anyone hired them.

A whole lot is gonna come out
in this case.

Is he the judge or the prosecutor?

More like the executioner.

Your Honor

ladies and gentlemen of the jury

the men you see before you
are criminals, to be sure.

The operation was directed
against the Democratic Party

specifically Senator George McGovern

because of his
alleged left-wing views.

Well, certainly the facts
will suggest to you

based on the information
we produce before you

it was a financial motive here.

Oh, God.

Thank you, Mr. Silbert.

What was all that nonsense

about financial motives?

We did not rob a bank.

- No doubt.
- Why do they think it's about money?

The FBI has everything in my safe.

All my notes on GEMSTONE, Fielding.

Mitchell, Dean, Krogh,
that shitheel Magruder.


The point is

the prosecutors should know
why we did what we did.

Well, sometimes I find it confusing.

- And we did it.
- I don't get their strategy.

Gentlemen, join us.

It's a far cry from the Cosmos Club,

isn't it, Howard?

- Indeed.
- I'm starving.

- Sorry.
- Are we keeping you?

I have a meeting with Silbert.

You're talking to the prosecutors?

It's a discovery meeting,
with Bittman.

To see the evidence from my safe.

- Okay.
- Any of you talk to McCord?

I'd like to discuss a little piece
of tape with that son of a...

- Hey, there, fellas.
- (Spanish) Hello.

- Jim.
- Hey, mind if I squeeze in?


Sorry, can I borrow the...


- Yeah, if I could get in there.
- By all means.

Now, what's...
what's the word on clemency?

I have been in contact with Dean.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

We all plead not guilty.

- (Spanish) Not guilty?
- Oh, yeah, that's a great plan.

Unlike you two Sideline Sallies

we were arrested inside the DNC.

- Right?
- (Spanish) Yes.

- (Spanish) Thank you, McCord.
- Hey, now!

I didn't know the guard
was gonna take off the tape.

It was cheap tape, Macho!

Cheap fucking tape, Jim?

You stuck it on, it fell off.

- Hey!
- Hey now!

- (Spanish)
- Hey! They are trying to break us.

- And we have to stick together.
- Agreed.

Dean has it all under control.

The payouts are the real crime

but all the payments
were made in cash

so, therefore,
it is untraceable. Right?

- Yep.
- Right.

So, ergo

if we do not cooperate

and everybody keeps their mouths shut

the prosecution's case shrivels

and blows away

like dandelion seeds in the wind.

- Very poetic, Gordon.
- Oh!

Give Silbert a message from me.

I'm not going to tell him
to go fuck himself

so why don't you go fuck yourself?

You're taking all the fun out of it,

Hunt, hey.

I've been meaning to ask you.
How's the family?

Why, thanks, Frank.


they're strong kids.

Well, just remember this.

If it wasn't an accident

then Dorothy's plane
had nothing to do

with our little trip to Dallas
all those years ago.

You understand me?

I think so.

You do what you gotta do

but let's not go rewriting history,
huh, okay?


I wish I could.

These were taken

on a camera loaned to you
by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Apparently, you left the film in
when you returned it.

What does

any of this have to do
with Watergate?

Well, that is what
we would like to know.

Where are the contents
of Mr. Hunt's White House safe?

That's it?

Are you sure this is everything?

This is the entirety

of what was taken
from my safe, Room 16?

That's correct.

No other notebooks?


This is everything
that was turned over

to the FBI by John Dean.

Is there anything
you'd like to tell us?


Fuck... fuck!

It's gone!

- What, what's gone?
- The GEMSTONE file.

Fielding notes, all gone!

Without those files, we're fucked!

That's why they're leaning on us.

The White House!

They don't have anything
on the White House.

This is bad.

Liddy and I are going to take
the fall for everything.

Oh, God. It was Dean.

His name is all over
the GEMSTONE notes

- along with Mitchell.
- Don't say another word!

Jesus. I may need to get a lawyer.

If the FBI is in on it

what the hell
am I supposed to do now?

I don't know.

You don't have a choice.
You need to make a deal.

Mr. Hunt, I will ask you once more.

Were you and the rest

acting on your own

or were you directed
in your actions by others?

Your rectitude
and cooperation are ready

to be acknowledged
by the prosecution.

Mr. Liddy and I

acted on our own

in what we thought

were the best interests
of the country.

If you say so.

Mr. Liddy, this is your last chance
to say something.


Apologies, Your Honor.

I must have dozed off.

Silence! Silence!

Mr. Liddy!

Order in my court!

The Watergate bugging trial
continued in Washington today.

Week two of the Watergate trial

began with yet another disruption
by G. Gordon Liddy.

All seven defendants will be back
in court a week from today.

Both sides rested today
in the Watergate bugging trial

and the case will go
to the jury tomorrow.

There no longer appears
to be any issue

about what happened,
the bugging at the Watergate

the infiltration of Muskie
and McGovern headquarters...

only about why it happened.

Daniel Schorr, CBS News

at the Federal Courthouse
in Washington.


The bank just called again.

Can you not stay off the phone?


Oh, I can do it.


What do you think
is gonna happen today?

With any luck, probation.

At the worst, a little...

jail time.

Jail time?

Good day, sunshine.

I need a couple of blues.

Can you save some of those for me?

Saint, are you okay?



Can't you just tell the truth?


What's this?

Your wife's casserole dish.

- Oh, thank you. Hey, Howard...
- All rise!

District Court is now in session.

The Honorable John Sirica presiding.

Let's get it over with.

The court is ready
to hear the jury's verdict.

But before I do that

I have a written statement
from Mr. McCord

which I will read.

"There was political pressure applied
to the defendants to remain silent."


"Perjury occurred during the trial.

Others involved
in the Watergate operation

were not identified during the trial

when they could have been
by those testifying.

The Watergate operation
was not a CIA operation.

The Cubans may have been misled
by others

into believing
that it was a CIA operation.

I know for a fact that it was not.

I would appreciate the opportunity

to talk with you privately
in chambers."

Mr. McCord

I'll see you directly afterward.

Will the rest
of the defendants please rise?

Fucking piece of tape.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
have you reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

In the case of The United States
versus George Gordon Liddy, et al

we find the defendants guilty.

Gentlemen, you will be sentenced

to the maximum allowable
under the law.

For the men from Miami

a provisional 40 years.

For Mr. Liddy, 25 years.

For Howard Hunt

provisional 35 years.

The judge in the Watergate burglary
and eavesdropping trials

said today he is not satisfied

the whole story came out
in the courtroom.

Sirica expressed hope

that the upcoming
Senate investigation

would get to the bottom of the case.

The Senate's Special Watergate
investigating committee

held its first formal meeting today
amid reports that James McCord

has implicated men
close to the president himself.

Eel skin wallet.

$23 in cash.

One class ring, Fordham University.

Lift your stick.

This reminds me
of my frat days at Brown.

Shut the fuck up!

- Lift your stick.
- Oh!

Now turn and spread 'em.

Clearly, you fellas take your job

of looking up peoples' asses
very seriously.

I said, spread 'em!

Drink it in, ladies!

Hey, Watergate!

Oh, you looking good!

You looking good!

Gordon Liddy!


Chow's at seven. Don't be late.

Welcome to Camp Shithole.



How is it?

We've been in worse.

Fellas, I'm dreadfully sorry.

- (Spanish) Rat, come here.
- (Spanish) Yes. Come. Look.

We saved you a top bunk.

No cockroaches.

At least they put us all together.

I guess we just shit the bed
so bad with those break-ins

they probably thought there's no way
these guys can break out.

Easy! Get off of me!

- I got my comb back.
- Good boy.

Word to the wise.

Hide everything of value.

These people are criminals in here.


A ten-cent comb
in your hair barely moves.

I had no choice, amigo.

Can't let these cons think
you're a candy ass!

No, sir.

Otherwise, you're gonna be in
the covered wagon before nightfall.

Covered wagon?

They drape a sheet over the bunk beds

then they smash out your teeth

and they take turns climbing
into the wagon

sodomizing your mouth.

You know, broken teeth
simulate a vagina.

And/or a rectum.

Why would you have
to simulate a rectum?

Yeah, well, I don't make the rules.

You look like shit.

It's my ulcer.

Well, you're gonna have
to start taking

better care of yourself.

Son of a bitch.

McCord is... is a free man right now.

Giving interviews.

That crackpot can't do
any real damage, can he?


He had no contact
with the White House.

So the only person he can give up...

is me.

In John Dean, we trust.

Mr. Mitchell had approved,
according to Liddy.

Do you have personal knowledge
of Mr. Dean's...

participation or this...
was this also according to Mr. Liddy?

Mr. Dean's participation
came to me through two sources.

One was Mr. Liddy.

See? The buck stops with me.

One was Mr. Hunt. E. Howard Hunt.

the buck stops with me, too.

McCord just tossed Dean
under the microscope.

So how is that fair-haired fuck
supposed to protect us now?

And now, Mr. McCord, did you...

did you engage in any other break-ins

or wiretaps on your own
or with Mr. Hunt

Mr. Liddy or others,
such as the break-in

in Mr. Ellsberg's
psychiatrist's office?

I did not.

Did you receive any money?

Yes, I did.

I received $3,000 a month

which the others received as well.

David, could you get the door?

And from whom did you receive
that money?

The wife of E. Howard Hunt,
Mrs. Hunt.

Holy shit.

Did you have any knowledge,
information, or belief as to from...

from where this money came from?

I was told it came from the Committee

to re-elect the President
by Mrs. Hunt.

Lisa! Saint! Help!

David? David!

What the fuck?

- Where is he?
- David?

Don't be afraid. I am a dear friend
of your father and you've...

Mr. Buckley,
what are you doing? Let go of him!

My dear Lisa.

Your father wishes that David sojourn
with his godfather

Dr. Artime in Miami
during his incarceration.

What? Miami?

And as your godfather

I am here to smooth the transition
to the good doctor.

David! I have a toy for you!

What are you talking about?
You can't just take him away from us.

David is not going anywhere.
This is our house.

Not anymore.

Your father sold the house.

- Let go of him!
- Lisa!

- Stop!
- Lisa!

- David!
- Help me!

Lisa! Lisa!

(Spanish) Young man.
You ready for your big adventure?

Liddy and Hunt are convicted
Watergate conspirators

and have been identified

as the men who burglarized the office
of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist

as part of an investigation
ordered by President Nixon.

Meanwhile, the Federal Court
took possession of files

of former presidential counsel,
John Dean

removed from the White House.

Again today as he has

so often in the past

the president sought
to blame John Dean

for the White House part,
if any, in the Watergate cover-up.

New secretary Ronald Ziegler
was sent out to emphasize

that among top White House aides,
Dean and Dean alone

had the responsibility
for what was supposed to have been

Mr. Nixon's
own personal investigation.

How could you let them take David?
He was hysterical.

Now hold on.
He will be well taken care of.

He's safe.

I have some really good news
for all of us.

My editor says

that there is considerable interest
in me writing

under my own name now.

How is that good news?

A rising tide lifts all Hunts.

- That is a giant bullshit lie, man.
- No.

One thing I will never,
ever do is lie to my children again.

I'm outta here.

You think you're some super-spy?

You're not. You're just a patsy
doing somebody else's jail time.

Good luck with the novel, Papa.

Hey. Saint John!

Saint, come back here!

What does he want from me?

Did it ever occur to you
that maybe you were wrong?

That the Democrats weren't in cahoots
with the Russians or Castro?

That you, you were the only ones
breaking the law?

If you believe that,
then your mother died for nothing!

- You...
- They killed Mama!

Don't you get it?

People are writing about it!

So then we're all in danger!

And you want me to go spouting off
about the president?

You want them to kill you?
David? All of us?

Anyway, your mother's death

God rest her soul,
was a tragic accident.

She was a patriot.

- Like me.
- Yeah. Well...

while you're in here
saluting your precious flag

John Dean is talking
to the prosecutors.


Guess he wanted
to stay out of prison.

Then again, his wife is still alive.



I'll take a look at your appeal.

Okay. Just... thank you.

Just don't forget
about the kosher meal.

Oh. I will petition the warden

- Thank you.
- Gordon.

How was the visit with the family?

Dean made a deal.


Where's the Cubans?

Danbury. Transferred. Sturgis, too.

Left this morning
while you were gone.

I didn't get to say goodbye.

Yeah. Well, it's just you
and me, amigo.

Yeah. Just us. Vladimir and Estragon.

Are those Russkies?


I told the president
that I had gone to the prosecutors

and that I did not believe
that this was an act of disloyalty

but rather in the end

it would be an act of loyalty.

I told Haldeman about the meeting
in Mitchell's office.

The president almost from the outset

began asking me a number
of leading questions...

Look at that fine blonde
piece of ass Dean's fucking.

Hey! Keep it down!
We're trying to watch.

If Dean winds up in here with us

I was introduced
to a con in cell block D

who could silence him
for two cartons of Pall Malls.

Do you want to be in here
for your whole life?

They couldn't trace it to me.

First thing I would do...

is I would punch a guard
directly in the face.

Second, get transferred
to solitary confinement.

Ipso facto...

they could never trace the hit to me,
nor say I had done it.

And now you've just made me

an ipso fucking facto accessory
to murder.

Which made me think that
the conversation was being taped

and that a record was being made
to protect himself.

Nixon taped himself.

There's tapes!

These pardons are not forthcoming!

That dumb Quaker hired us
to bug the DNC

meanwhile, he was taping himself!

This is all going to blow over.

Oh, when, Gordon? How?

Dean sold us out!

We are going to die in here!
We're never getting out!

We're never...


Oh, shit!

That motherfucker's dead.

Not on my watch.

Come on.

One side, gentlemen.


I do not know where that press
account came from

that the president
did not come out of his chair.

- I have never seen...
- Papa?

- Papa?
- ...very easily...


What are you doing here?

You had a stroke.


I'm so glad you came.

I truly am sorry
for all I put you through.

Not sorry enough.

Oh, no.

No... no.

When Mr. McCord started talking
about Mama and the money

I kinda guessed
what might be in here.

Please tell me you did not read that.

It's fascinating stuff.

I mean, payoffs, names

dollar amounts,
right down to the cent.

And you involved Mama,
St. John, and me?

It's a wonder you didn't have
David making money drops

with his lunch box!

Listen to me.

It... it's for the best interests
of our country.

What about the best interests
of your family?

- Your mother wanted to help.
- Don't talk about Mama!

Either you come clean

and you tell
the Senate Committee the truth

that you were taking orders
from the White House

or I will turn this over
to the prosecutors.

Honey, please!

Listen to me. I will fix this.




I had no prior knowledge

of the Watergate break-in.

I neither took part in nor knew

about any of the subsequent
cover-up activities.

I neither authorized
nor encouraged subordinates

to engage in illegal
or improper campaign tactics.

That was
and that is the simple truth.

Gordon! How does it feel to be out
of prison for the day to testify?

All this just for me, eh?

Haven't you heard?
I'm not saying anything!

Gordon, how do you feel
about the president

calling you a clown?

Enjoy the circus, boys.

It's about the only private space
we have.

It's fine. No...



Well, look, like you

I was prepared to do whatever it took
to protect the president.

Until, well...

the president called me up
to Camp David

and he tried to get me
to write a whole report

and then he started asking me
these questions.

And I suddenly realized
the son of a bitch

is recording everything.

He was trying to get me
to implicate myself on tape.

I mean, can you imagine?

And at that moment, it was like...

it was like waking
from a fever dream, Gordon.

I mean, here I was,
a... wild-eyed fanatic

a true believer,
and the goddamned president...

the almighty leader
of the conservative cause

he couldn't care less
about it or me or you

or the... or the law,
or his country or his staff

or anything other
than covering his own ass!

And there's something
that you need to know.

If throwing me to the wolves
was his last resort

do you wanna know
what his first instinct was?

The very first guy that he thought
to pin this whole thing on?

Give it a guess.

Go on, guess.

That's right. It was you, Gordon.

He thought
that you were so blindly loyal

such a complete and utter sap,
moron, a stooge

that you would proudly take the heat
for everyone

- like a good, obedient little...
- Mr. Dean?

They're ready for you.

See you around, Gordon.

Nice glasses, John.

Welcome back
to the land of the living.

I borrowed your book.

Buckley served under me
in Mexico City.

Aren't you not supposed
to tell me that?

Some spook you are.

I just heard
Ehrlichman and Haldeman

are going to do time for perjury.

And Bud Krogh
actually turned down a plea deal.

Goddamned Boy Scout.

Krogh is a decent fellow

unlike that pantywaist Dean.

Swear to God,
one more word out of his mouth

I would have embedded my pencil
in his brain.

I don't doubt it.

Oh. I have taken the liberty

of writing up a brief diet
and exercise regimen for you.

We need to talk.

All right.

What's up?

Colson just told Time Magazine

he thinks the CIA killed Dorothy.

That's bullshit.

I know who really killed her.

I did.

Every choice I made,
every word I said

put her on that plane.

And I've got to live with that
every minute

for the rest of my life.

Hey. Dorothy made her own choices.

We all did.

I lost...


So what the hell am I doing here?

Who the hell are we still protecting

while someone else is raising my son?

We are protecting our country

our way of life

and ourselves.

We are protecting our honor.

Well, amigo

if you, me, and Bud Krogh
are the last honorable men in DC

then you've got
to take a real hard look

at what honor's worth these days.

I'm going to cooperate
with the prosecution.

Well, that is a decision

that you would regret

for the rest of your life.


all I have left is regret

whether I'm in here or not.

So that's it?

After all we've been through?

After all we've done...

you're just gonna leave me
on the beach?

Watch out, boy.

Let's get something straight, amigo.

The only reason that we are
in here is because of you.

The Watergate break-in,
that was chicken shit!

Hush money.

That was the problem.

All because you need to maintain
some fancy phony-baloney lifestyle!

Four clubs?

Who belongs to four goddamn clubs?

Oh, just shut the hell up!

Stop this insane play-acting
and go home to your family!

I mean, hell.

They dropped all charges
against Dan Ellsberg

because of us!

That pinko, that traitorous leaker
of state secrets is a free man.

And we freed him!

You wanted to fight a war?

We just did.

And we utterly and irrevocably lost!

That is a matter of opinion.
Now, I would argue...

You are not some elite
Nazi stormtrooper, Gordon.

You are just a failed FBI agent

a failed politician,
and a failed spy!

Do you know
why Watergate went sideways?

Because you're so full of shit,

that it is dripping out of your ears!

You have no idea
what I am capable of.

I'd hand you the pencil myself

but we're not allowed to have them.

Let's go! Chow time!

Line up!

I said line up! Let's go!


Move! Move!

Two cartons of Pall Malls.

Take that motherfucker to solitary!

My country, 'tis of thee

Sweet land of liberty

Of thee, I sing

You ready?


Do you swear that the evidence
that you shall give

to the Senate Select Committee
on Presidential Campaign Activities

shall be the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth

so help you, God?

I do.

Mr. Hunt, do you have a statement

which you wish to read
to the Committee?

I do.

Would you read it, please?

Mr. Chairman,
members of the Committee

my name is E. Howard Hunt.

I'm here today to answer questions

bearing on your current

Mr. Hunt, I think it would be better

if you took the microphone
and brought it closer

or more directly closer
to your mouth.

I will describe my relationship
to the Watergate entry

and the events which have
befallen me since that day.

I was born in 1918

in Hamburg, New York.

My father was a lawyer and judge

my mother was a pianist.

Two months ago

E. Howard Hunt's testimony

would have been fascinating.

But at this point in time

it seems to have been overshadowed

by other events.

The indictment of John Ehrlichman

and others in
the Ellsberg break-in case

the continuing battle
over those White House tapes

and of course a separate scandal
involving Vice President Spiro Agnew.

I would like to reiterate that...

while I was engaged in the activities

about which you have been
questioning me

I believed that my actions were taken
with the...

knowledge and approval

and under the direction
of high officials

of the government and accordingly

that I was engaged in lawful acts.

In conclusion, as I have said

I regret my participation

but I do not think

that it justifies my conviction

or the punishment

that has been imposed on me.

Thank you.

You're too late,
you dumb son of a bitch!

Where is everybody?

Well, Dean's a hard act to follow.

But, hey, I got you transferred
to minimum security

so that's something.

Oh. I am getting retrials

for a lot of the Negro inmates.

Turns out, a lot of these fellows
were wrongly convicted.

Oh, and you are
going to love this.

I am this close
to getting kosher meals

for one of our Jewish inmates,

Killed his brother.

Yep. Apparently, he had it coming.


is there something wrong with me?


I know I'm no Maureen Dean

but they're offering you a deal
to get out of prison early

so is there some reason
you don't wanna come home?

Oh, Frannie.

I want to so badly that it hurts.

But the world now knows me
as the man who would not break.

Now, if nothing else,
if all I've done...

is to undermine the average
American's faith in government

that will pay dividends
for the Republican Party

far into the future.

What about me? Us?


If you decided

that you needed to move on
and find someone less...

I don't know, challenging

to live your life with

I would completely understand.

Hell, at this point,
I might even recommend it.

Well, the suitors
aren't exactly lining up.

I'll wait.

We Liddys don't break.

That's my girl.

It is standing room only,
we are completely sold out.

The whole tour is.

You know, 80 million people
watched my testimony on TV.

It was honestly riveting,
every moment.

- John!
- Well...

Yeah? Oh...

I loved your book.

- Would you mind terribly?
- Of course not.

- What's your name?
- Oh, Marina.

Hi, Marina.

I hear they're doing a miniseries.

Do you know
who's gonna be playing you?

Are you recording this conversation?


We're talking to Martin Sheen.

So let's give
a big Brown University welcome

to John Dean.

(That's me.)

Hey, Freedman.

Here's your fucking kosher meal.

There he is.

The man's handling my appeal for me.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Haltet aus

Haltet aus

Lasset hoch das Banner wehn

Zeiget ihm

Zeigt der Welt

Wie wir treu zusammen stehn

Das sich unsre alte Kraft erprobt

Wenn der Schlachtruf
uns entgegen tobt

Haltet aus im Sturmgebraus

Let's go, Grandpa.

(Spanish) We have 20 more bags
to do before lunch.

Yes, yes, okay.


It's okay.

- Hey, Leo.
- What?

Did you hear? Nixon resigned.


Nixon resigned?


Flying back to California.
He forgot to take you, Watergate!

Translator: IYUNO