White House Plumbers (2023): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Writer's Wife - full transcript

Reeling from the arrests at the Watergate, Hunt enlists Saint John's help to dispose of evidence, while Liddy warns the acting Attorney General that the burglaries can be tied back to the President.

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Saint? St. John?

Wake up, Saint!
Can I trust you?

- What's going on?
- Can I trust you?

- Uh, I...
- Just answer me!

- You can trust me, Papa.

I fucked up.

I Fucked up so... so badly.

- Is Mom okay?
- Listen to me.

Remember, back in Mexico,
I told you I worked

- for the State Department?
- Uh-huh.

I was CIA. Station Chief
of the Mexico City office.

- What?
- I'm a spy.

A job just went FUBAR. Top
secret for the White House.

- And my people got arrested.
- How could you not tell us?

I need your help.

Things could get hairy
for me real quick.

I need you to do whatever
I ask without question.

Can I trust you?

Of course, Papa.

Good boy.

Get Windex and gloves.



How was work?

Ooh! Comme ci, comme ça.

There is a chance I
will be going to prison.

Wait, what?

Don't worry.

Go back to sleep.
Kids'll be up soon.

Oh, now, where are those
little soaps I got you

from the Watergate?

- They may be used as evidence.


Fuck! Squat down!

Make it look like
we're fixing a flat.

Thank you!

Get the sides, the bottom.

- Wipe down everything.
- Yes, Papa!

All over! No prints.
Keep rubbing.

Good. Wipe it all down.

- Why the typewriter?
- The less you know the better.

Okay. Grab everything. Hurry.

Never tell anyone
that you did this,

or we're both in big trouble.

My boy. My boy, my boy.

Oh. Hotel key.

It's the little things.

Oh, we didn't wipe that down!

Turn to your right.

Turn to your right.

- No sé.
- Derecho.


Turn to your right, please.

No sé, señor.

Turn to your right.

- Do you speak English?
- Yeah.

Turn to your right.

- Gracias.
- You're welcome.


Goddamn it.

- LIDDY: Mr. Kleindienst?


I am behind the
tree to your right.

My name is Gordon Liddy.

I'm the Head Counsel

for the Committee to
Re-Elect the President.

What the hell are you
doing on my golf course?

Five men were arrested
last night at the DNC.

They were conducting a
clandestine intelligence

- gathering operation.
- I heard.

McGovern is floundering.

What kind of morons break
into the goddamn DNC?

Those men work for me.

Oh, hell.

One of the men, Jim
McCord, is Head of Security

- for the Committee.
- Oh, fuck.

Does Mitchell know?

I did not take over this job
just to clean up his bullshit.


In fact, Mr. Mitchell
has a request.

If you could get McCord
released immediately,

- we would be...
- On what grounds?

Are you all out of your minds?

Do you have any idea
what something like this

could do to the president?

Sir, if the world finds out
that the Head of Security

for the Committee was arrested,
think about what that would do

- to the president.
- Oh, Christ.

McCord has fake ID.

But as a former FBI agent, he
has his fingerprints on file,

so it's only a matter of
time before they find out

who he is and where he works.

What the fuck did
you people think

you were doing in there?

Saving the country
from communism, sir.

The clock is ticking.

By my count, we have 48
hours before they figure out

- who he is.

I stake my reputation on that.

Your turn.

Come on. Oh, sí, sí.

So interesting.

- Name?
- Eat shit.

- Address?
- I wanna speak to my attorney.

Phone number?

I wanna speak with my attorney.

Okay, let's start
from the top. Name?

Look, Mr. Martin, I'm
trying to help you out.

Just tell us your real
name, or bail's gonna be

100 grand at least.

I want to have an
attorney present.



- Wait, you know this guy?
- Yeah, this is Jim McCord.

He does security
for John Mitchell.

- No. Not anymore.
- Wow, really?

- Hey there, Ted.
- Hey.

Jim McCord. Thanks, Ted.

Yeah, thanks, Ted.

Could you spell your
last name for me?

Yes, A-T-T-O-R-N-E-Y.

The perfect French
omelet is baveuse.

Now, where are the chives?

We have, uh, oranges,
pickles, oyster stew, olives,

no chives.

When do we ever
have oyster stew?

We have everything.
We have tomato juice,

but we have no goddamn chives!

- It's okay, Papa.
- So stupid.

Don't worry about
it. I don't need...

- I don't need chives.
- Okay. Fine. Fine!

It'll be fine. It's
fine without the chives.

- It's fine.
- Um.

- Okay.
- You remember, my, um,

my, uh, teacher,

um, at my old school,
the one who, um...

Yes, I remember.

Well, I told Mama about
it, and then the next day,

he, uh, vanished.

Your mother told me
what had happened.

And that night, I threw two,
three guns into the car.

And your mother got scared,
called the school to warn them,

and the pervert stole
off into the night.

- Were you gonna kill him?
- Kill who?

What are you doing here?

Why aren't you
dressed and showered?

It's Saturday. I
don't go in till 3:00.


Right! Saturday.

I'm gonna make you an omelet.

- Hunt residence.
- Of course, there's no chives.

- Howard Hunt, please.
- Mm-hmm.

Yep. One second. For you.

Howard Hunt here.

This is Bob Woodward
from The Washington Post.

Yes. Yes, what is it?

I was just kind of wondering

why your name was on an envelope
found on one of the men arrested

- at the Watergate?
- Good God.

Do you care to comment?

In view that the matter
is under adjudication,

uh, I have no comment.

- Wrong number.
- What? They asked for you.

I'm going to be in
my office all day.

Don't answer it!

And if anyone comes to
the house, I'm not here.

Good evening.

We have a mystery story
out of Washington.

Five people have been arrested
and charged with breaking

into the headquarters of the
Democratic National Committee

in the middle of the night.

Among those five persons

apprehended at the
Watergate was this man.

James W. McCord, a
former CIA employee

who now owns his own
private security firm.

And guess what else he is?

A consultant to
President Richard Nixon's

re-election campaign committee.


Morning, Jeb.

How's tricks?

Gordon, this whole
thing is exploding.

I'm getting calls from the FBI.

Why are you shredding money?

The cops found cash with
sequential serial numbers

on our guys.

Ergo, they can trace it
back to the bank and to us.

Cuban imbeciles were
supposed to use it

as bribe money.

I'm sorry, are you
shredding soap?

You have used up
your daily quota

of moronic questions,
you towel snapper.

And it is only 9:17 a.m.

You're our chief counsel! I
need to know what to do here!

Get the fuck out!

My legal advice to you is
to hire your own attorney.

Then what in the high holy
fuck are we paying you for?


I want you to know something.

This maelstrom of shit
we are in right now...

it's all your fault.

I have to call a lawyer.

Now, you're getting
it, Dummkopf.

Oh, my God.

Mr. Hunt. This is the FBI.

Mr. Hunt.

Let's come back.

Earlier today,

the White House Press Secretary,
Ron Ziegler, had this to say

about the Watergate break-in.

My remark yesterday,

regarding a third-rate burglary
attempt, related to the fact

that I wasn't gonna comment
every time someone tries

to break in somewhere,
and I'm gonna reject

every attempt in questioning
to inject this matter

into the White House.


Bonjour, oui.

I'd like to place an
international call.

- Mama?
- Hey, honey, it's early.

Go back to sleep,
okay? Yes, I'll hold.

Were you followed?


But I lost them.


Nice bomb shelter.

Thanks. It came with
the house. Hurry up!

Did you hear that
child, Ziegler?

Called it a
third-grade burglary.

Right this way.

FBI paid me a
little visit today.

- Oh! And what did you tell them?
- Well, I didn't answer the door.

I'm, uh, laying low,
playing it cool.

Do not answer that!

It's probably Dorothy,

but I just can't bring
myself to talk with her.

Good. Because your
phones are tapped by now.

Bastards. They
don't tap my phone!

I tap their goddamn phones!

That is my métier. Here.


- How much cash do we have left?
- Zero.

I shredded it.

You shredded our money?

The money was a direct
link to the Committee.

- What else could I have done?
- Well, I don't know.

Hide it, bury it, launder
it. You do not shred money!

Christ! This is
all McCord's fault.

Why did he leave that tape?

Do not panic.

We will figure this out.

I'm as cool as a polar
bear's privates, amigo.

The guy shredding money
is the one who panicked.

Let it ring!

Did you talk to Dean?
We need more money.

Shall I get that?

- Do not pick up!
- Why are you having a freak-out?

You're not strapped
for cash, are you?

Not me.

The Cubans. They need
to take care of us.

- Um, them.
- Listen to me.

Well, if you come
under pressure,

you just say

you worked for me.

'Cause I can take
whatever these SOBs

- can dish out.
- I do not work for you, Gordon.

What are you gonna say?

That you worked for
the White House?

- They better take care of us.
- They will.

Now, you and I just need
to keep our mouths shut

'til after the election.

Then Nixon can pardon
us without so much

as a second thought
and we are home free.

Nixon is a man who
values loyalty.

You're goddamn right he does.

Oh, uh, should I take
the bookcase, Dr. No,

or is there a trap door?

Two former White House aides

with electronic
receiving devices

were in the room

of the Watergate Hotel
on the early morning

of June 17th, when five
men with bugging gear

were found in Democratic
headquarters here

in the Watergate building.

The men are G. Gordon Liddy,

at that time counsel to
the Finance Committee

to Re-Elect the President.

And E. Howard Hunt, a former
White House consultant.

Mrs. Hunt! Mrs. Hunt!

Mrs. Hunt, have you
seen your husband?

What do you know about
the break-in at the DNC?

Mrs. Dorothy Hunt, Agent
Dwyer, Agent McNeil, FBI.

- What is happening?
- Kevan, take David inside, okay?

This is private
property. Let's go.

Mrs. Hunt, we'd like a
word with your husband,

but we've been unable
to track him down.

I'm sorry, I've been in Europe.
I haven't heard from my husband.

- He could be anywhere.
- Well, if you do see him,

could you please
tell him to call us?

If I see him.


Oh, bonjour, Kev!

How was your month in Paris?

Oh, by the way, do
not answer the phone.

W... is Papa okay?

- Hey! Look who's here!
- Papa!

Anyone for pancakes?
Chocolate chip!

Why is the FBI here?

Oh, well, they just wanted
to ask me a few questions,

but I'm not feeling
terribly chatty.

Of course, he's a spy.

But he's not a spy!

I am.

No. Don't you... You
work for the White House.

Think about it, Kev.
It makes so much sense.

All the lies, all
the manipulations,

all the mind games. God!

This entire time we
believed that he just wrote

- shitty spy books.
- They're not shitty.

Thank you, Saint. That
might be my best review.

So, am I getting
chocolate chip pancakes?

In a bit. First, I want
a word with your father.

Yeah, it's a disaster.

You gotta talk to those
guys in the morning.

Hmm. No, uh, tell them to
talk to Haldeman about it.

- I don't want that on my desk.
- Yeah.

- John!
- Jesus, Gordon.

Are you the action officer
in charge of damage control?

- You and I...
- Don't look at me.

Just look straight ahead.

You and I cannot
be talking, Gordon.

The FBI is crawling
up our asses.

I'm in contact
with Director Gray.

We're on top of it.

- Are you?
- Hmm.

They have Felt running
the investigation.

Mark Felt was at the
first Plumbers meeting.

- You're joking.
- Oh, I wish I were.

Please tell me this
meeting didn't take place

at the White House.

I wish I could.

Okay, Gray's our guy.

He'll ride herd on Felt
and his FBI cronies.

You guys just need to
keep your mouths shut.

You need to know something.

The DNC break-in
is not the problem.

Our infiltration
into Dan Ellsberg's

psychiatrist's office in
Beverly Hills last year...

Ooh, that's the problem.

That order came from
inside the White House.

You know what? You
didn't tell me that.

Because this conversation
never happened.

How does this thing keep
finding ways to get worse?

Ehrlichman okayed it.

And worse.

Hunt and I are prepared
to take the fall,

but we expect to
be taken care of,

"company style."

Public disavowal,
private funding.

I really hope that
you understand

the scope and scale
of this thing.

How dangerous this
could be to the country,

to the president.

The Committee has a
policy that every member

must cooperate fully
with the investigation.

Therefore, I will be tendering
my resignation tomorrow.

And if the president wants...

you just tell me what
corner to stand on.

You hire a sniper and
I will take the bullet.

I am prepared to die
for this president.

Are you?

Go home, Gordon.

Get some sleep.

Name the time and the place.

Just make sure it's
a clean head shot!

Oh, I will, Gordon.

What, d'you bring
back the Eiffel Tower?

You've had a long flight.

Uh, how about I whip you
up a few fluffy flapjacks?

What's going on, Howard?

We have eggs, we have
bacon, we have, uh...

What have you done?

It wasn't my fault.

I tried and tried to talk
them out of going in again,

but Gordon kept
pushing and pushing,

and that idiot McCord
left the tape...

Our lives, Howard.
Our house, our kids.

This was not the deal.

It's going to be okay.
I... I have a plan.

You take that stupid
fucking apron off.

I can't even look at you.

Okay. We, uh, we take
the kids to Florida.

We tell them we're going
to Walt Disney World.

But uh, we... we
actually fly into Miami.

And there's that
abandoned air strip

outside of Opa-locka,
we... we used in '61.

- Then what?
- Then, we get Somoza to send

a Nicaraguan National
Guard airplane.

And then what?

And then I do what I do.

I work with Nicaraguan

Uh, liaise with the Company.
Uh, it'll be like Mexico.

- You loved Mexico.
- Do you hear yourself, Howard?

Do you hear how
insane you sound?

You need a lawyer.
We need a lawyer.


Somoza owes me big.

You know what we did down there.

They all owe me, those
greasy sons of bitches.

- They owe me!
- If our salvation hinges

on a tin-pot dictator's
sense of rectitude,

we are well and
truly fucked, Howard.

I'll call a lawyer.

Thank you.

Sweetheart, bring us some coffee

and some of those yummy
Stella D'Oro cookies,

you... you know?

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

Anyway, as I was saying,

this has jumped
from a misdemeanor

to multiple felonies.

Now, unless you've got
some way of proving

that the Democrats
bugged themselves...

we have a problem, Howard.

You have to
understand something.

I have never worked
on US soil before.

When something goes
wrong overseas,

they yank you out.
They protect you.

What, then, is
your endgame here?

I don't know. Uh,
stay out of jail?


Liddy is meeting
today with Fred LaRue,

the president's lawyer.

You mean, the
president's bagman.

Well, I assume they will
be discussing clemency.

The president will
not forget us.

I'm not a betting man,
but the odds of a pardon,

- uh, one in a thousand.
- What kind of deal might he get?

Dot, please. I'm the client.

What kind of deal can I get?

With every passing day,
the deal gets worse.

You play ball now,

I can probably keep
you out of jail.

I am not naming names.

Let me be clear, I
am not naming names.

- No names will be named.
- So, it's a no on the names?

That doesn't leave
me much to work with.

So, what, Howard? You're
just gonna go to jail?

That's your plan?

- Well, no, that... that's...
- No!

It's absolutely unacceptable.

I assume you're in communication
with the White House lawyers.

- Now, hold on. Ma'am...
- You give them a message

from Howard.

You tell them loyalty
is a two-way street.

I know how this game is
played, and those spineless,

two-faced politicians
need to hear it.

Dot, please, you can't just...

I was on the last train
out of Shanghai in '49

with a .25 caliber
strapped to my thigh,

dressed as a peasant.

If we're taking the fall,
we're not going down alone.

You tell them.

- Understand?
- Yes, ma'am.

Let's go, Howard.

I better go.

That's 2117, so a little
farther. Keep going.

Why doesn't he wanna just
meet you at his office?

LaRue cannot be seen
with me. Nobody can.

That's why I'm taking
the service elevator

up to his apartment.

And Howard thinks
this a good idea?

He does. Unless Dorothy
convinced him otherwise.

I would never ask
you about your work.

I'm only driving
because you asked me to.

I have it all under control.

Blame the whole
break-in on the CIA.

And then they will deny it.

But no one's going
to believe them

because they're a
bunch of double-dealing


And Dean will tell the FBI
to stop the investigation

because it compromises
national intelligence.

It's just really as
simple... Oh, fuck!

What is it, Gordon?

The president's
lawyer's apartment is

at the Watergate.
Oh, that is perfect.

- Should we go home?
- Oh, no. Proceed as planned.

- Just take a left here.
- Roger that.

- Turn signals, turn signals.
- Sorry.

Don't forget I have
a roast in the oven.

I'm reporting from
Witches Island...

Mr. Bittman?

Good morning.

Good morning.


So I spoke with the prosecutor
who said he is willing, uh...

- to discuss the...
- I am not naming names.

- Yeah, I know!
- I say, I am not naming names!

- We can't hear a word, Howard!
- The house is bugged!

Anything we say is protected
under attorney-client privilege!


As long as he's here,
they can't use anything!

- I...
- ♪ The winter is forbidden 'til December ♪

I know.

♪ And exits March The
second on the dot ♪

You hear that, Felt?

I'm not naming names!

I, uh, I did come with
a spot of good news.


A guardian angel
of yours sent me

25,000 dollars in cash.

See? They do fear me.
How soon can we get that?

Oh, you can't.

Uh, but my fees are
covered for the time being

so that should be
something of a relief.

Now, right after
the cash arrived,

I got a call from a Mr. Rivers,
who said he wanted to talk.

Okay, I'll need a secure phone.

Could you get our guest
some cookies or something?

Well, he didn't
wanna talk to you.

His exact words
were, "I wanna talk

to the writer's wife."

- Me?
- Her?


I'm gonna need a secure phone.

Yes, of course.

Now, Howard, did
you say something

about cookies?

They're in the cupboard, dear.

- Is chocolate chip okay?
- Yeah.

Chocolate chip, Howard.

Yes, dear.

This is Howard Hunt.
What should I...

Put your wife on the phone,
and wait in the car, Mr. Hunt.

It's for you.

- Mr. Rivers?
- Yes.

Your husband's continued loyalty
to his country is appreciated.

I'll send further instructions
through Bittman. Stay tuned.

And what about the others?

- The Cubans, Gordon Liddy?
- Cubans?

They'll be looked after.
Liddy, he's on his own.

Just so we're
clear, Mr. Rivers,

25,000 dollars is not
going to cut the mustard.

It's chicken feed.

I understand. Just be patient.

My husband and I are
as short on patience

as we are on money. Pass
that along, Mr. Rivers.

Good day.

They wanted me to
tell you how much

they appreciated your loyalty.

How gratifying.

There is going to be
nothing for Gordon.

Sons of bitches.

We'll have to take care of him.

- How? Out of our end?
- He's my partner.

Believe me. I know.

And we can't let him know that
it's coming out of our cut

or he won't take it.

First things first,
how do we spread

the money around?

Gordon and I are both
under investigation.

I suppose I can handle that too.

♪ Reaching out to find a way ♪

♪ To make tomorrow
A brighter day ♪

♪ Making dreams reality ♪

♪ More than ever Nixon
Now for you and me ♪

♪ Nixon Now, Nixon Now ♪

♪ He's made the difference
He's showed us how ♪

♪ Nixon Now, Nixon Now
More than ever, Nixon Now ♪

♪ Listen, America, Nixon Now ♪

♪ One for the money
Two for the show ♪

♪ Light me up, darling See
how brightly I can glow ♪

♪ Go on with your bad self ♪

♪ You're the switch
That turns me on ♪

♪ Light me up, baby See
how brightly I can burn ♪

♪ Burn, burn, burn, burn ♪

♪ Go on with your bad self ♪

Thank you.

♪ Everything that I require ♪

♪ From the top to the bottom
Girl, you know you got 'em ♪

- Fran.
- Hi, Dorothy.

Do you wanna come in and...

Thank you.

♪ I can burn All
night long, long ♪

♪ Long ♪

♪ Oh, fire, fire When
you speak my name ♪

♪ Raging higher You're
the queen of my flame ♪

♪ Go on with your bad self
Girl, you know you got it ♪

♪ Everything that I require ♪

♪ From the top to the bottom
Girl, you know you got 'em ♪

♪ Every match That
lights my fire ♪

♪ So light me up, baby See
how brightly I can burn... ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Go on with your bad
self Turn me on, baby ♪

I don't understand.
What are we doing here?

For the 100th time,
it's a goddamned fun

family outing. Stop
touching the radio!

- See? Monuments.

♪ She's gonna turn around ♪

♪ Brand-new bells
Will be ringing ♪

Get in the back.

Can we get ice cream now?

Of course! Let's go.

What did you just take
from under the phone?


Did you just use the
fun family outing

to cover up some weird spy shit?

Absolutely not.
Let's go, Howard.

- Bullshit! Bullshit!
- Lisa! Enough.

Oh, okay, what are
you gonna do, Mr. CIA?

You're gonna send me back
to the insane asylum?

This family is living
a charade of lies!

I said enough!

♪ That's life ♪

♪ That's what the people say ♪

This is all there was.

Goddamn it.

After Bittman, we are
left with only 5,000.

Don't forget the Liddys.

♪ I'm gonna change that, too ♪

♪ When I'm back on top in June ♪

♪ Say that's life ♪

Oh, Mr. Hunt, you must know,
the tennis courts are privileges

- for people...
- Don, listen to me. I... I...

- who have paid their dues.
- I tried to send you a check.

- You have to leave, sir.
- And someone didn't mail it!

Six months in a row,
someone has forgotten

to mail your checks, sir.

You are embarrassing me
in front of everyone!

I'm sorry I have
to do this, sir.

But this is my job.

♪ Go down To the
neighborhood bar ♪

It's not fair, Don.

It's not fair.

How's the soup, Jim?


Basically, hot tomato juice.
Might even be ketchup.

The payments have
stopped. I'm sorry.

Well, it's not surprising.

The money's the most
incriminating thing.

I can't believe Mitchell
would just abandon you.

- He seemed so...
- What? Loyal?

Hmm. Well, he had
the Plumbers hire you

- after his wife, you know?
- After Martha had me fired?

Yeah. He didn't do
it out of loyalty.

He was afraid of what I
know about his family.

That's all that
motivates these people.

Fear and power. Mainly
the fear of losing power.

But we're so close
to the election.

You have to understand
something, Dorothy.

These people we work for,
their cause is righteous,

but their souls are...

- rotten.
- Then why get involved?

The same as Howard. It's a job.


it's not a job to
him. This, uh...

war against the Left.

It's like a religion.


Thanks for the soup.

The Democratic bugging case

is now in the courts.

But Mr. Nixon and his
political operatives

have done what no
Democrat could do.

Through their evasiveness
and their delaying tactics,

they have made this case
of political espionage

a major issue in this important
presidential campaign.

Are you ready for
the arraignment?

Can anyone ever be ready
for an arraignment?

That's fair.


fired by Mullen this week.


My boss's son works at the DNC.

McCord tapped his phone.

- It's not funny.
- Come on!

- Dinner's served!
- Look at that!

- Oh, lovely...
- You are in for a treat!

How about a toast
to better days?

To better days.


So, now, we just wait for
Nixon to get re-elected.

Fingers crossed.

Well, e... even then...

What are you trying
to say there, Dot?

- Well...
- She's... No. Nothing.

She's not trying
to say anything.

No. I... I was just
saying, even if Nixon wins,

there's no guarantees
that you all get pardons.

Right, Howard?

Go on, honey.

Tell them your idea.

Well, there...
There's plenty of time

for that after dinner.
Few more drinks.

- Tell them, dear.
- Here's the thing.

Uh, no matter what
we say or don't say,

the story is going to come out.

So, why don't we tell our
side and, uh, and make

- a tidy profit doing it?
- Tell them how much.

Well, my agent thinks
there'll be a bidding war.

And, uh, we're looking at
half a million dollars.

- Maybe more.
- What?

That much for a book?



Wait. So, just no?

How the hell are we
supposed to live?

Pay for lawyers,
schools, groceries?

I've... I've, uh, I've
gone back to teaching.

Franny can stretch a chicken
like nobody's business.

- We're fine.
- Oh, you're... you're fine.

This honor-among-thieves

all but guarantees
your reputations

will be destroyed by others

who have far less
to lose than you.

But you're fine.

Gordon, we will be laughed at
as third-rate burglars forever.

Or with a flick
of my typewriter,

we can restore our honor, right?


We were hired to win
a goddamned election,

and to protect this
country from the Reds.

So, please, tell me how writing
a tell-all book will do that?

- Hmm?
- Gordon, just consider it.

We never implicate
the president.

We just tell our side.

People need to understand
that we're not a bunch

of incompetent
boobs, we're patriots

who are acting in the
country's best interests.

- A book, huh?
- A book.

Like that book

that you gave that
pretty stewardess

on our way back
from Los Angeles?

I... I... I don't, uh,
recall any stewardess.

Well, she certainly
recalled you, Mr. Hamilton.

Matter of fact, she
saw your picture

- in the paper.
- Hmm.

Called the FBI.
Apparently, she received

a copy of your latest pot boiler
and a nice handwritten note

on White House stationery.

On our children's lives,
Dorothy, I have no recollection

of this alleged person.

Probably just a, uh,
an admirer of my work.


For those that need reminding...

my loyalty's is not for sale,
and I am not the type...

to talk.


No need for that.

You should be
ashamed of yourself.

Oh for Christ's sake, Gordon!

Do you two know
where your money's

been coming from? Us. Not
the White House, not CREEP.

From our own pockets. The Hunts!

- Did you know this?

I can show you the
ledgers, down to the cent.

Do you know how much
the White House,

and your beloved Führer
Nixon put aside for you,

and your five children?

Zero. Nada. Nothing.

And now, we are broke.

Come on, Dot, that's
not necessary.

Dead flat broke. They
need to know, Howard.

The people we are
protecting are bad people.

So let's drop this
loyalty bullshit.

We are the only ones in
this whole situation...

who've been looking out for you.

The food looked delicious, Fran.

Goodnight, Gordon.

I'm so sorry.

Sit down, Francis.
It's dinner time.

And never apologize.

- Makes us look weak.
- Right.

SIRICA: Order, order.

hearing to be set

within ten court
days. Thank you.

Charges are, one
count of conspiracy,

two counts of burglary
and three counts

of eavesdropping.

Would anyone care
to be heard on bail?

No, your honor.

Bail is set at 10,000 dollars.



Pay the clerk the ten
percent and you can go.

Blood from a stone.

Don't leave town.

Goes for you, too.

Oh, I'm not going anywhere.

My bail bondsman
is also my mother.

Pay the man, Mother.

- Gordon, can we talk?
- Come on.

Oh, Gordon! Gordon!

Would you care to
make a comment?

How is everybody doing today?

Mr. Hunt! Mr. Hunt!

Howard, how does it feel to
be called a third-rate burglar

- by the White House?
- Mr. Hunt!

Come on, any comment?
Any comment at all?

Would you like to
make a comment for...

What part of no comment
don't you understand!

Now, scram!

Pass on another message
to the White House.

Politely remind them
about what I have

in my safe on Fielding.

And if they don't come
through with more money,

I'm going to blow
them out of the water.

I know things about
presidents past,

and present, and a
little event in Dallas

that could tear
this country apart.

I'll... I'll pass it on.

Mama, are we in trouble?


No. Why... Why would
you be in trouble?

What about Papa?

I don't know.

I am so sorry. This
is all my fault.

You're all paying
for my mistakes.

- No.
- I should have put my foot down.

- I know better. And now...
- It's not your fault.

You know, I came back
from Paris to leave him.

I've tried to leave
him so many times.

And then the accident,
I... I didn't think Lisa

could handle the
divorce. I'm so dumb.

Mama, it's okay.

- You kept the family together.
- And here we are.

I know how seductive
Papa can be.

What's that supposed to mean?

- Oh, no... nothing.
- Then what?

What... What are
you talking about?

We just, um, did
some stuff together.

What stuff?

Um... I, uh, you
know? Nothing, really.

I just helped him, you know...

clean... clean some
equipment. And, uh...

it... it was microphones
and... and, uh,

tape... tape recorders.

And, um, it was the
morning after the arrests.

Oh, my God. He had
you destroy evidence?

I don't know. It
was his typewriter,

- and...
- Mm-hmm.

Um, I... We just threw
it all into the river.

Thank you for... for telling me.

You know, it's actually
kind of far out.

We've been getting along
a lot better lately.

Well, your father is always at
his best when it's too late.



Make sure they give
him fresh carrots.

He knows when
they're fresh, okay?

Will do, Mrs. Hunt. Don't worry.
They've got a fine new home.

Reporting from CBS News'

election headquarters
in New York.

Here is correspondent
Walter Cronkite.

We can now say on the basis

of our sample precincts
from South Dakota

that Senator McGovern has
not won his home state.

But President Nixon will win...

- This... This gives me hope!
- South Dakota

when all the votes are
in by 55 to 45 percent.

Whatever trials and tribulations
I have been through...

it was worth it.

Have you met the
president yet, Dad?

No, Son. But the
president once gave a memo

- I wrote an A-plus.
- What kind of memo?

Well, I suggested he
replace J. Edgar Hoover

as head of the FBI.

And I felt that Hoover
was lacking judgment,

and I questioned his loyalty.

The president called it the
best memo he'd ever read.

- Wow.
- Goddamn.

That was a hell of a memo.

Oh, goddamn it!

And there's the senator

approaching the podium.

Senator McGovern's speech
tonight will most certainly be

the most effective

- of his whole campaign.
- Oh, real effective, dummy.

Who did you vote for?

None of your business.

We need the president to win
so that he can pardon Papa.

- What's a pardon?
- Nothing.

And 496 electoral votes

in comparison to
McGovern's two states

- resulting in 17...
- Well, it was all for nothing.

- Come on, Dot.
- Hmm.

All of your Watergate...

was for nothing.

What are you talking
about? This... Th...

is a victory for America...

- Mm-hmm.
- For democracy, for freedom,

for law and order and we
are on the winning side.

- Now, Nixon can do it.
- Oh, my God, Howard, wake up!

Nixon isn't going
to do anything,

because now, he doesn't
fucking have to.

And our whole world is broken.

Just like your
stupid typewriter.

- Honey, trust me, Nixon...
- Oh, fuck Nixon!

- Your mother didn't mean that.
- Sounded like she meant it.

Fresh cash is a hopeful
sign. It means they care.


Are you nervous about the trip?

It's just a quick
stop in Chicago...

Howard, when I get
back I'm taking David,

and we're leaving.
I want a divorce.

Listen, I know... I know
I've made mistakes...

Save it, Howard.

Dorothy, please, I...

You know, there's
something I never told you.

Back when we first got together,
my station chief pulled me

into his office and
showed me a file.

Your file.

They were concerned that
your, uh, visceral hatred

of racism made you vulnerable
to Communist recruitment.

- Idiots.
- They gave me a choice.

Leave you or cut off all
ties with any friends of mine

who were overt racists.

This is supposed
to change my mind?

It was a lot of people!

You have always come first
with me, Dot. Always.

And now, your partner is a Nazi.


That should tell you
all you need to know

about the current
state of our marriage.

You know, you're
no angel yourself.

All that running
around in Uruguay

with your Italian
gigolo, Quagliotti.

Yeah. I found the
letters. Real spicy stuff.

So, while you were
screwing your way

through Latin America,
I was supposed

to sit happily at
home, changing diapers,

and knitting an American flag?

- On my worst day...

I would not have used
one of our children...

to aid and abet in
the felony destruction

of evidence.


St. John told me
about the typewriter,

and all the rest.

You tracked your
shit into our house.

I am so sorry.

- I...
- I have a flight to catch.

I... Let me help you
carry your bag in.

Chivalry is the last thing
I want from you right now.

Dorothy, please. It
can't end like this.

It... All because of a
goddamn little piece of tape!

Oh, Howard...

our marriage ended 11 years
ago on a beach in Cuba.

I have been holding
this family together

with spit and glue, hoping
you would come around.

But... I am done.

We're done.

Mrs. Hunt, Michelle Clark.

Thanks for agreeing
to speak in person.

Yes, of course.

Does your husband know
you're talking to me?

- Hi, there. Champagne?
- Thank you.

Thank you.

I don't need his permission.

Chicago approaching.

United 553, ten miles
south with Uniform,

inbound for landing.

I kept meticulous records
of the incoming funds,

- and the disbursements. It...
- Ladies and gentlemen,

we'll be landing in
just a few minutes.

Please extinguish all cigarettes
and put your seat backs

in an upright position.

It goes all the way
into the White House.

- The Oval Office.
- Why come forward now?

I'm doing this for my children.

People need to know
they're the offspring

of a decorated
patriot, not some...

bumbling third-rate burglar.


Flight attendants,

please prepare for landing.

Completely off the record,
I assume you've heard

all the wild JFK rumors
about your husband.

I have.

He was questioned
about the assassination

by the Warren Commission.

And he told the
Warren Commission

that on November 22nd,
1963, he was home with me,

making dinner.

Was he?

The truth is...

Howard was in...

- ♪ Who can take a sunrise? ♪
- ♪ Who can take a sunrise? ♪

- ♪ Sprinkle it with dew ♪
- ♪ Sprinkle it with dew ♪

♪ Cover it with chocolate
and a miracle or two ♪

- ♪ The Candy Man ♪
- ♪ The Candy Man ♪

Who wants pancakes?



St. John, let's go!

♪ Makes the world taste good ♪

- ♪ Who can take a rainbow? ♪
- ♪ Who can take a rainbow ♪

- ♪ Wrap it in a sigh ♪
- ♪ Wrap it in a sigh ♪

♪ Soak it in the sun And
make a groovy lemon pie ♪

- ♪ The Candy Man ♪

- ♪ The Candy Man can ♪
- ♪ The Candy Man can ♪

♪ The Candy Man can 'Cause
he mixes it with love ♪

♪ And makes The
world taste good ♪

♪ Makes the world taste good ♪

♪ The Candy Man Makes
everything he bakes ♪

♪ Satisfying and delicious ♪

♪ Now, you talk About
your childhood wishes ♪

♪ You can even eat the dishes ♪

- ♪ Oh, who can take tomorrow ♪
- ♪ Who can take tomorrow ♪

- ♪ Dip it in a dream ♪
- ♪ Dip it in a dream ♪

♪ Separate the sorrow And
collect up all the cream ♪

- ♪ The Candy Man ♪
- ♪ The Candy Man ♪

- ♪ Oh, the Candy Man can ♪
- ♪ The Candy Man can ♪

♪ The Candy Man can 'Cause
he mixes it with love ♪

♪ And makes The
world taste good ♪

♪ Makes the world taste good ♪

♪ The Candy Man Makes
everything he bakes ♪

♪ Satisfying and delicious ♪

♪ Talk about Your
childhood wishes ♪

♪ You can even eat the dishes ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

- ♪ Who can take tomorrow? ♪
- ♪ Who can take tomorrow ♪

- ♪ Dip it in a dream ♪
- ♪ Dip it in a dream ♪

♪ Separate the sorrow And
collect up all the cream ♪

- ♪ The Candy Man ♪
- ♪ The Candy Man ♪

- ♪ The Candy Man can ♪
- ♪ The Candy Man can ♪

♪ The Candy Man can 'Cause
he mixes it with love ♪

♪ And makes The
world taste good ♪

♪ And makes The
world taste good ♪

♪ Yes, the Candy Man can
'Cause he mixes it with love ♪

♪ And makes The
world taste good ♪

♪ And makes The
world taste good ♪

♪ A Candy Man, a Candy Man ♪

- ♪ A Candy Man ♪
- ♪ Makes the world taste good ♪

♪ A Candy Man, a Candy Man ♪