White House Plumbers (2023): Season 1, Episode 3 - Don't Drink the Whiskey at the Watergate - full transcript

Hunt, Liddy, and the Cubans attempt to break into the DNC offices at the Watergate to plant listening devices for the White House.

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The two men who look

most pleased tonight were

President Nixon and Brezhnev,
and well, they might

since both have prevailed
over groups in their own countries

who think an arms limitation deal
is wicked folly.

What was signed tonight
was the result of risks, time

patience, and political skill.

The signing ceremony
for the agreements

on nuclear weapons...

Unit Two to Unit Three. Come in.

Unit Two to Unit Three.
Request status report, over.

Unit Three to Unit Two.

Roger that. Give me a sec. Over.

So it all went well

in Vladimir's Hall
in the Kremlin tonight.

And if Mr. Nixon didn't make
any new friends

his enemies looked less dangerous.

And as far as the history

of the nuclear age is concerned...

Unit Three to Units One and Two.

Chickens are in the henhouse. Over.

Copy that.

Copy that.

Passing the entrance now. Over.

Unit Two. Where are you going?

Why are you passing

the entrance to the henhouse?

There's a 24-hour guard in the lobby

so I found us a back door.

Back door? Unit Two...

what back door?

- What the fuck are we doing here?
- You'll see.

Good evening, gentlemen.
Welcome to the Watergate Hotel.

This way.

Lucky for us

the complex
contains six different buildings

all interconnected.

So we can bypass lobby security.

Good evening, gentlemen.

to the Watergate Office Building

home of the Democratic
National Committee.

Very nice, boss.

- Down.
- Down?


Unit Three to Unit Two.
Hold your position. Over.

Worry not.

I found us the perfect place to hide
and wait on the banquet level.

Unit Two, where the hell
are you gonna hide

on the banquet level?

Simple, I booked a banquet room.

Good evening, gentlemen.
Welcome to the Continental Room.

We are the Ameritas party.

- We are?
- Yeah.

- We are.
- We are.

So, tell me, gentlemen.

What does
the Ameritas Corporation do?


I don't know what to tell them.

Let them screw up.

- (Spanish)
- Business.

- Business.
- What kind of business?


- Transportation.
- (Spanish) Yes, yes, exactly.

Bon appetit!

How come you got soup?

Because it was soup or salad.

I thought it was soup and salad.

Say, Frank.

Bet you killed quite a few Japs
during the war.

I ain't one to brag.

Why don't you ask him
about the couple of dozen guys

he greased for Castro

before he realized
the bearded shitbird

was giving Khrushchev
a courtesy reach-around?

You know, I wasn't
the only Company man

to get outsmarted by Fidel, Eduardo.

Your hands as dirty as mine.

- Thank you.
- What the shit?

- You got another soup?
- I ordered it.

Can I get another soup?

I'm very sorry, sir.
That was the last one.

Gentlemen, thank you.

You can clear out now.
We're gonna stay

maybe have a couple of stogies.

You're way ahead of me.
Thank you so much.

- Thank you, sir. Have a good night.
- You too.


Gentlemen. It's 10.00pm.

Unit Two will head to the DNC.

My team will go meet our guy
at the McGovern HQ.

- (Spanish) Come on.
- (Spanish) Hey. Go ahead.


(Spanish) This is from Scotland.

I'm not going to see this
in Cuba, right?

- (Spanish) No, maybe later.
- Remember...

- photograph everything.
- Right, boss. Just like Fielding.

No. Not like Fielding.

Wait for Baldwin's signal,
then head up.

Roger that.

Unit Two to Unit Three.

What's happening in the henhouse?

That's the place.

My inside man

at the McGovern campaign said

wait by the back door.

Well, it is pretty damn bright
back there.

I can fix that.

Tricky angle.

Did you serve?

I did, but I missed out
on all the action.

In basic training
before we shipped off to Korea

some of the fellows challenged me
to a sit-up contest.

I won the contest,
but blew my appendix.

Still haunts me.

Don't worry. I'll get it.

Maybe it's your appendix.

Unit Three to Unit Two.
Henhouse status unchanged.

That's a no-go. Over.

Copy that. Over.

Very close.

Please stop swaying.

I wouldn't be swaying
if you made the fucking shot.

Almost, Halcon.

- What's Halcon?
- His nickname. It means the falcon.

The bird all other birds fear.

Shouldn't it be "hal-con,"
like "fal-con?"


Nice shot, Halcon.

Come on. Help me down.

Halcon really sounds better.


- What the hell is going on?
- (Spanish) I don't know.

Sir, the manager said you gentlemen

were supposed to be done by ten.


We are just packing up the projector

and then we will be on our way.
Scout's honor.

No problem.
Just gotta lock up by midnight.


Fan out.

See, this means fan out.

It's too dark in here.
I can't see shit.


Where the hell is he?

Don't worry.

My guy's a professional.
He'll be here.

Excuse me.


What? You are our inside man!
What are you doing outside?

The janitor found me.
I was hiding in the furnace room.

He got scared. The kid

he must have come out the front door.

Get back to your post.

I don't think I'm cut out
for this stuff, sir.

- I'm sorry.
- Fuck!

You gutless Mormon!

Your guy, huh?

(Spanish) Stop fucking around.
Don't mess with that guy.

He's the inside man, damn it.

Unit Two,
the henhouse is nearly empty.

Repeat, Three to Two.
Henhouse is nearly empty.

Get into position, over.

Let's go.

Come on.

Stand by.

It's locked.

- Señor Locksmith...
- Okay.

Damn it!

You didn't tell me
it was a double-sided deadbolt.

Are you saying we're locked in?

Fuck! Damn it!

Back to the closet.

(Spanish) Shut up!

Hey, man.

I guess we're sleeping here.


How was your steak?

I didn't eat steak.

I had the tilapia.

- How was it?
- It was okay.

Oh, Christ, I gotta take a leak.



Hurry up.

Come on.

Much needed.

Three to Two. Henhouse is empty.

All clear. Proceed. Over.



I repeat, all clear.
Unit Two, proceed.



Unit Two?

Anyone there?

And here it is,
13 minutes before six.

A beautiful morning, and a good time
to check on the traffic here

with Traffic Officer Bill.

Traffic is light and considerably
moving nicely

into the downtown DC area.
Folks will be glad to hear that.

Okay, Officer Bill, thank you...

We have another traffic update
and the weather forecast...

You forgot to bring the right tools.

I know.

Whatever you do

do not drink the whiskey
at the Watergate.

Roger that.




Yes, my sweet angel?

Who's Gordon Liddy?

Wait, we're gonna do everything.

- Well, the lube is gonna soak...
- Morning.


No one woke me for breakfast.

Well, Howard, we never know
what your plans are.

We're headed to the club
for a swim and some tennis.

Assuming you've paid the bill.

She's a funny one.

You didn't see me.


- Eggs?
- Yeah.

Did you see the Viet Cong
come through here?

No VC were invited for breakfast.

Went that way, honey.

You got it.

Kevan is our resident Smithie.
Home for the holiday.

Four-point-oh grade average.

Well, maybe if you two
applied yourselves a little more.

- Maybe if you...
- Maybe if you...

- ...both applied yourself.
- applied yourself a little bit more.

- Yeah.
- Well, actually, she's right.

Especially you, boy.

Dorothy was telling me
about your big Paris trip.

Well, about that, I'm not...

I'm not sure we're going to be able
to vacation this summer.

Might be busy with Gordon.

Muy busy-oso.

Don't worry about Paris, dear.

It's just gonna be me
and David and Kevan.

Good. Fun.

Well, I have
some really exciting news.

I finally figured out
what I wanna do with my life.

I am going to be a farmer.

As in crops and dirt?

That is noble work.

Great. All that tuition right down...

Eat lead, Charlie!

- Oh, my God!
- Put that down.

It's just a child with a toy.

Gordon, Gordon, let's get some air.

Come on. Outside.

Oh, my God.

That "toy" gun
is a recipe for disaster.

Only real guns
in the Liddy household.

I do not need
child-rearing lessons from you.

Thank you.

We should get
the wives together again.

Fran has been asking.

Oh, yes. Dorothy would love that.

McGovern HQ has added
round-the-clock security.

So that just leaves the Watergate.

We strike tonight.

We walk straight in the front door.

No bullshit banquets,
just sheer force of will.

That's not a plan.

What's our cover?

We're all with the DNC
and we forgot our wallets?

Found! That's our way in.

Buying a new briefcase, are we?

Move along.

We are going to talk
about this farming business.

It's called agriculture.


We are there for a different meeting

in another office.

On another floor altogether.

Did you okay this with Magruder?

Hell, no. Magruder has no idea
about last night's debacle.

If we go in tonight

it's as though last night
never even happened.

As far as anyone knows,
tonight will be our first attempt.

- Can I help you?
- We have an appointment.

Federal Reserve Office. Eighth floor.

At midnight.
Middle of Memorial Day Weekend?

International business.

You know, time zones.

All right. Sign in.

- (Spanish) Where are we going?
- (Spanish) I don't know.

- (Spanish) Me neither.
- (Spanish) No. I am lost.

Come this way.

Hurry up, my friends. Hurry up.

Where the hell is McCord?


That son of a bitch
has the equipment.

I knew that oddball would go rogue!

- I knew it!
- I know.

Move a little.

Villo, what's going on?

- These are the wrong tools.
- What?

He has the wrong tools.
How is that even possible?

- I have the right tools.
- He has the right tools.

In Miami.


- Hey!
- What the...

- Larry?
- Jim?

You scared the shit out of me.
What are you doing here?

I got a meeting
at the Federal Reserve.

Looks like my guy didn't show.

I'll give him
another 45 minutes or so.

I'll just wait on the couch there.

Ed, this is Jim McCord.

John Mitchell's bodyguard.

No, not anymore.

No, started my own firm.

Doing some contract work
with the Committee to Re-Elect.


- You guys hiring?
- Definitely.

I want to know

everything that you said to them.

- Verbatim.
- No, but, I don't remember

every damn word
they said to me, Gordon.

I was trying to keep them occupied.

I warned you about him.

- I predicted this.
- Warned him about what?

What did you warn him about, Gordon?

No! Gordon! This is a Cuban locksmith
who can't pick a lock.

Sandwiches, gentlemen?

Turkey, ham, tuna fish.

Thank you very much, Dorothy.

Hey, the fingers.

Hey, watch out, animal!

- Well, I'll leave you boys to it.
- Thank you.

And you...

- (Spanish) Yes?
- You, señor...

are on the first flight
back to Miami.

- Okay.
- And you're going to collect

the right tools,
and you're coming back here tonight.

And we're all going in again.

We cannot break in
a third time, Gordon.

We have not broken in once!

- (Spanish) No... no.
- (Spanish) Because he fucked it up.

Yes, it can be.

I have a little something for Clara.

Thank you, Dorothy.

- (Spanish) Thank you very much.
- (Spanish) You're welcome.

- Dorothy.
- Gordon.

So, what's the plan?

We're going in
through the garage this time.

- Here you go.
- Delivery guys

are in and out of there all day.

- Thanks, Cap.
- Always taping the lock open.

So no one should notice.

McCord's going to take care
of the door.

This is our last chance.

What I meant
was are you taking Kevan

to the train station
or should I ask St. John?

I think you just answered
my question.

Wait. But it's the long weekend.

Remember, Papa?

I have a sociology paper due
on Tuesday.

I told you I was leaving today.

Well, can't you wait another day?
I barely got to spend time with you.

Well, whose fault is that?

I wish I could.

Come on, sis, we're gonna be late.

- Bye, Mom.
- Okay. Bye.

Bye, Papa.

Bye, kiddo.


You're going in tonight?

For God's sake,
the president just signed

the SALT treaty.
He's far ahead in the polls.

Is any of this nickel-and-dime
cloak-and-dagger stuff necessary?

We can't afford to take chances
with the future of democracy.

Ergo, in through the garage we go.

Howard, that is
the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Please take a minute to reconsider
what you're about to do.

Now here comes
the president's helicopter

Marine Helicopter Number One

landing in the plaza on the east side
of the east front of the Capitol

arriving almost exactly

exactly as scheduled at 9.30

at the Capitol Plaza.

So that he can go up the steps
of the House of Representatives

go into the chamber

and address the members
of the House, of the Senate

the Supreme Court,
the Diplomatic Corps of Washington

all of whom are inside
waiting for him

in the chamber
of the House of Representatives.

On the second floor.

NBC News presents
the last in its series of programs

on President Nixon's journey
to Russia.

Brought to you by Shell

Super Shell,
and unleaded Shell of the Future.

- (Spanish) He came prepared.
- (Spanish) He came prepared.


Just making sure you're here.

Mr. Speaker...

the President of the United States.

My fellow Americans...

your welcome
in this great chamber tonight

has a very special meaning
to Mrs. Nixon and to me.

We can be proud that we now have
a historic opportunity

to play a great role
in helping to achieve

man's oldest dream.

A world in which all nations
can enjoy the blessings of peace.

An unparalleled opportunity

has been placed in America's hands.

We can seize this moment,
or we can lose it.

We can make good this opportunity

to build a new structure
of peace in the world.

Or we can let it slip away.

Let us seize the moment
so that our children

and the world's children

can live free of the fears
and free of the hatreds

that have been the lot of mankind
through the centuries.

- It's two bedrooms, near the beach.
- For America

- to continue its role...
- It's a steal.

I am not looking
to buy a house in Miami.

We must keep America number one
economically in the world.

What about split-level?


We must keep America
moving forward at home...


And then the historians

will write of the year 1972

that this was the year

when America helped to lead the world

up out of the lowlands
of constant war

and onto the high plateau

of lasting peace.

- (Spanish) When I left Cuba
- (Spanish) When I left Cuba

- I left my life, I left my love
- I left my life, I left my love

- When I left Cuba
- When I left Cuba

- I left my heart buried
- I left my heart buried

(Spanish) Long live Nixon!

- (Spanish) Long live!
- (Spanish) Long live!

You know, I'll bet you

we could sell Dean
on Project Sapphire right now.

- Maybe even Topaz.
- Why stop there? All the Gemstones!

We'll open a goddamned jewelry store!

All the Gemstones!
Commie simps aren't gonna know

what hit them.

You know, by the time this is over

we will be able
to write our own ticket.

Two? Come with me.

Hey! Jim! Fred!

- Hi.
- It's Howard!


Staying busy over at Mullen, I trust.

Actually, I've been working
for the White House

doing some exciting stuff.

- So I hear.
- Yeah.

This is Fred Jessup.

- Walter. Walter.
- This is my good friend Gordon.

Can you call Lewis about Saturday?
We still need a fourth.

Nine a.m. tee time. Thanks.

Man, not to boast

but I'm a ten handicap
myself, nearly.

Well... we play Chevy Chase.

Club tourney, members only.

Of course, of course.

- I wasn't offering...
- Good to see you, Howard.

Yes. See you, Fred.

So that's Angleton, eh?

Snake-hipped son of a bitch.

Is it true about him and Mary Meyer?


if the Company murdered every woman
that JFK had an affair with

it'd be a goddamn genocide.

Thank you.

No... no. I just sign for it.

Thank you very much.

If you have money, join Metropolitan.

If you have brains, you join Cosmos.

If you have neither,
you join the University Club.

I belong to all three.

Of course, you do.

We have got some Gemstones to sell.

Yes, indeed.

Gentlemen. Gentlemen, come in.
Sit. Sit down.

We have here the fruits
of your magnificent labors.

Those the transcripts?

Indeed they are.

Shall we dive in?

Page one. Phone conversation.

Tuesday, June 6th, 2.13pm.


"I told him I wanted it curly
but long

like Maria Schneider."

Voice, "I told you to go to my guy."

"Instead, he chops it all off

and now I look like Shelley Winters."

Voice, "Shelly Winters?"

Secretary, "Shelly Winters."

- "It's..."
- Sorry to interrupt, John.

Is that the bug
from O'Brien's secretary?

- Correct.
- Why don't we jump ahead

to the bug on O'Brien's phone?

You know,
get to the meat and potatoes.

Yeah. Let's skip this.


This one is... "inoperative."


What about the bug
in the smoke detector

in O'Brien's office?

Excellent question.

Yeah, this one
is actually my favorite one.


Where is it? Oh, yes. Here we go.

Also "inoperative."

- What?
- Sorry, in operative?

- Inoperative.
- The opposite of operative.

It did not operate.

The only working microphone
that you and your team planted

is the one on the phone
of the secretary

who now looks like Shelly Winters.

You gentlemen should know
I've briefed the president

on the haircut situation

and we think this could be
the thing that swings the election.

Thanks for stopping by.

For the record,
I did not want to hire McCord.

You made us hire him.

And I want that on the record.

What record?

No one's keeping records
of this shit.

What about the files
they photographed?

Anything Cuban? Russian?
Any dirt at all?

No. Nothing. Zero.

Project Opal, my ass.
You should call it Project Turd.

- Put that on the record, Gordon.
- Hang on.

There is one idea
we didn't pitch you.

It's cheap but devastating.

It's the ability
to bury McGovern once and for all.

- No. I think it's too risky.
- Are you nuts?

- Mitchell does not need to hear it.
- Please...

Hey! Hey! I will be the judge as
to whether or not Mitchell hears it.

So then these filthy hippies

you know, covered
in McGovern buttons

they just piss,
all over the hotel carpet

in the presidential suite.

- They piss all over the carpet?
- Like a fire hose.

Like a river of hippie piss.

All in front of the cameras.
Right there in front of Cronkite.

It's a classic false flag and cheap.
Really cheap.

- Under a million dollars?
- Price of a case of beer.

Or a marijuana cigarette.

Do you know
who's got that suite booked

the day after McGovern?

No. But I am sure
we will be hearing about it.

That poor bastard.

I'll spare you the wait.

It's me.

I am staying in that suite
for our convention, you idiots.

And I don't want
any goddamn drug addicts

pissing all over my carpet!

Dorothy may have been right
about Pissers.

Magruder knew Mitchell's itinerary.
He had to.

Son of a bitch let us hang ourselves.

The president is a good man.

Between you and me,
I worry about some of the people

with whom he surrounds himself.


Howard, please.
Lakewood, they called twice.

I will pay them, I promise.

It might be time
for some new luggage.

Has he been taking lessons?

He's quite good.

Both your sons
are talented musicians.

Of course.


What if I came to Paris?

- Is Papa coming?
- What?

Sure, kiddo!
We could go to Rue Cler

stop by that little chocolatier,
if it's still there.

It'll be just like
when we first started dating.

You do know
David and Kevan are coming, also?

Do you not want me to come?

- Of course, I want you to come.
- Okay.

Let me go get my dusty old suitcase.


- Gordon!
- Fuck you, Jeb.

Good morning.

How are you?

Fuck you, Jeb.

I heard you the first time.

May I have a moment
of your time, please?

My office.

Okay. Somebody needs
to clean this mess up.

That dumbbell McCord
needs to fix his bugs

and you need to photograph everything

in the bottom left drawer
of O'Brien's desk.

Which drawer?

Bottom left.

Why? What's in the drawer?

That's what he wants you to find out.

You want us to break in
a fourth time?

Wait. What do you mean,
a fourth time?

Nothing. Spy talk.

Got it.

No. No, Gordon.

I don't care what that little
glad-handing frat boy thinks.

No! That's my final word!

Should I pack a raincoat?

- What did Gordon want?
- Nothing.

Well, he wants us
to hit the DNC again.

I have to tell you, Howard

this is sounding more and more
like the Bay of Pigs.

Believe me...

I know.

You heard me.
I told Gordon. I'm out.

I'm done.

Oh, God.

I left my passport
in the safe at the White House.

I'll be back in a jiffy.

Pack my new brown loafers.

Hey, kiddo.

Where's Papa going?
Isn't he coming to Paris with us?

Absolutely, sweetie.

Knock, knock.



I told you, I'm out.

I'm going to Paris with my family.

Fuck Paris! Your country needs you.

Look, I'm sorry, Gordon.
We can't do this.

We burned through our budget.
There is nothing left.

I sent a bunch
of old campaign checks to Macho.

He's going to rinse them
in his Mexican bank account

and bring the cash up with the boys.

We are flush. We are ready to go.

This does not feel right, Gordon.

Jesus! It feels slapdash.


So then we send the Cubans in.

We wait back
in the Command Center, you and I.

I have done that before.

Never again.


So that's it?

You're just going
to let them win, huh?

Who, Gordon? Who?

The Democrats? Fuck 'em!

If they elect McGovern

then they deserve
all that's coming to them.

I was talking
about those son of a bitches

from the Cosmos Club.

Angleton and that...

other prick.

The ones who hung you out to dry

and then walked away,
giggling, scot-free.

I saw the way
that they high-hatted you.

I've been dealing
with bullies like that my whole life.

That's why I left the Bureau.

And now, you and I are working

for the President
of the United States of America.

And if we can just deliver him
one election...

who knows?

You know,
the president may say to you

"Howard, what do you want?"

And you can say

"Mr. President,
I want to be CIA Director."

And he will say, "Done."

And all those little sons of bitches

they will be licking your loafers.

And then you can send them
out to pasture

writing PR copy for Mullen.


you know that's not how it works.

It works any way
that the president wants it to work.

It is about proximity to power.

And you and I
are as close as it gets.

What's your big gripe about JFK?

It's that when shit got hairy

that coward

got cold feet and did not do
what was right at the Bay of Pigs.

You're better than that.
You're better than him.

Thank you, partner.

And head right to Géricault's
Raft of the Medusa.

Do not waste your time
on the Mona Lisa.

She's overrated and... for tourists.

I wrote it all down, Papa.

Are you sure you can't come?

Maybe I can try to meet you there.

It's fine, Howard, really.

All right. Shove over, squirt.

Okay. I will pay the Lakewood dues.
I promise.

Please be careful.

I'll look after him.

Bye, Mama. See you in a month.

Goodbye, sweetheart!

So, Saint's band finally has a name.

We're called Daybreak.

They actually have a gig tonight

if we all wanna go.

It's fine if you can't.

Of course, I want to.

- But, I have to...
- But you have to work.

- ...work.
- Right.

I don't understand.
I taped the lock myself.

Think it was a guard?

I don't know.

Could have been a mailman
or something.

- What do we do?
- Leave it. Let's go.

- Leave it.
- (Spanish) Come on, come on.

- (Spanish) Let's talk to the boss.
- (Spanish) He's not gonna like it.

Had it taped over before.

Senator Hubert Humphrey's
camp today

predicted that McGovern would fall
more than 180 votes short

on the convention's first ballot.

Thereafter, would fail
to pick up any major...

Those are the pants you're wearing?

What's wrong with them?

Just so shiny.

It's not an Italian wedding.

Jesus, Gordon,
we're in the Command Post.

What does it matter?

What if we were forced to hide

and the only thing
that gave away our position

was the blinding sheen
emanating from your pants?

Are you ordering me
to change my pants?

No. Simply stating a fact.

That were I wearing such glossy,
saucy pants tonight

I would change my pants.


You know, you complimented
these pants in Miami.

That was Miami.

- (Spanish)
- The tape on the door was gone.

- Security?
- (Spanish) I don't know.

Whatever. We couldn't get in.

What do we do, boss?

Sharp pants.

We abort.

This operation is over.

Shit, I would have gone
to De Diego's daughter's wedding

if I knew we weren't gonna
go in again.

I wasn't invited.

It was small. Just family.

- (Spanish) Did they invite you?
- (Spanish) Yes.

Hang on a minute.

That tape thing, with the door.
Could you do that again?

I don't see why not.

I said, "abort."

Mr. Cold Feet.

Fuckin' Kennedy all over again.

Fuckin' Bay of Pigs.

I don't wanna hear another
goddamn peep out of you, Frank.

This is my call.

The hell it is.

We were to ordered
to take that drawer

and we are going to do it,
whether you like it or not.

Gentlemen, do you want to walk away
with your tails between your legs

or do you want to fly

with El Halcon?

Hey. You have done enough

for this country.

In the war.

In Cuba.

You have nothing to prove,
to me, to anyone.

Least of all, to El Halcon.

Last I checked, this is not Cuba.

This is a democracy. I say we vote.

Up or down, in or out, yes or no.

Whoever wants to go in,
raise your hand.

You, too, Musculito?

Acere, my wife just served me
with divorce papers, so...

So, is that a yes or a no?

It's a... "We don't paid
if we don't get in

my life is shit,
and I need the money."



No way. I'm with you, boss.

Me, too.

Then put your hand down.

Frank, in or out?

Jill St. John canceled on me,
so I guess I'm free tonight.


Jim, we'll let you be the tiebreaker.

I wanna get those mics working.

It's a point of professional pride.

I'm in.

Okay. We do it.

- Fantastic.
- All right.

- (Spanish) I'm good.
- (Spanish) Thank you, God.


Hey, Macho.

There's a mailbox right inside,
near the garage door.

Can you drop this on your way in?

I'll be stuck here all night.

Acere, it's gonna be fine.


- Tape?
- (Spanish)

(Spanish) Free Cuba.

Viva President Nixon!

- Okay. Tighten this. Here.
- It's plenty tight.

- I already tightened it.
- Tighter.

Thirty-six, 35, 34, 33...

Do you ever miss a day?



Unit Two to Unit One.

Unit Two to Unit One.

We're in.

Unit One to Unit Two. Copy that.




who really killed JFK?

Oh, Christ.

I think Cord Meyer knew
who really killed JFK.

And then, they killed his wife

so that he would stay quiet about it.

What do you think of that?

I think you are a...

far smarter man
than anyone gives you credit for.

Thank you.

Come to think of it

weren't you CIA station chief
in Mexico

when Oswald was there?

Oh, God, Gordon.

Hey, Bobby, it's Wills.
I'm in the garage.

Yeah, I got a situation down here.
I'm coming up.

Where were you
on November 22nd, 1963?

I was with Dorothy
in a Chinese restaurant

in downtown DC.

Like I told the Warren Commission.

Unit Three to Unit One.
Come in. Over.

This is Unit One, over.

Are our guys dressed like hippies?

No. Our guys are wearing suits.

Why? Over.

There are three guys
dressed like hippies on six

and they've got flashlights. Over.

Cleaning staff?

Hippies? Cleaning?

Probably cleaning staff. Over.

They've got guns. Over.


Stay off this channel,
maintain radio silence.

Pack up and get out. Over.

Roger that.

Are we gonna try again tomorrow?

Get them the hell outta there.

Yes, I know.

Come on, Macho.

Unit One to Unit Two. Come in.

Unit One to Unit Two. Come in.

Why the hell isn't he answering?

Unit Two to Unit One. They got us.

Let's sit tight.
We don't know who they are.

Macho has a room key...
to this room.

You get the antenna.
I'm gonna pack the bags.

Fuck... fuck. Oh, fuck!

- What's taking you so long?
- It's too tight!

You told me to tighten it!

Don't panic!


Don't panic!

Come on!

Come on! Hurry!

Edward Martin.

What were you doing here?

Holy shit. Check this out.

Found this on 'em.

Who brings that much cash
to a burglary?

Did you rob some place
before coming here?

Who the fuck are you guys?

Come on... come on. Let's go!

Hurry up!

- Just keep moving.
- Easy for you to say.

Now you know how
that stupid CIA gait-alterer felt.

Whoa... whoa.

- Casual.
- Let's hope your amigos

can keep their mouths shut.

We can't blame this one
on the junkies.

The Cubans will never talk. Ever.

Nothing leads back to us. We're fine.

Lakewood Country Club?
You a member?

- Bye-bye.
- All right. Let's go.

Goodbye, my friends.

Mr. Martin.

Translator: IYUNO