White Collar (2009–2014): Season 6, Episode 5 - Whack-A-Mole - full transcript

With a mole in the panthers now, Woodford has to find who it is while Neal and FBI have to figure out how they will bring the panthers down in their next heist.

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Previously on White Collar...

Pink Panthers, the most dangerous gang

of thieves in the world.

Neal plans to infiltrate the gang.

They promised you freedom before.

What makes you think
this time they'll deliver?

Who says that's all I'm after?

How long you been working for Interpol?

How did you know I was working for them?

They insert chips under the skin

of their informants like dogs.

It's hard enough putting
the bad guys in prison

without the good guys letting them out.

Luc Renaud.

I will do whatever is necessary
to bring down the Panthers.

Ah, look at this.

One big happy family.

This can either be a joint FBI

and Interpol case or just FBI.

Your choice.

The Panthers, Neal, they don't stop looking

for rats until they're dead.

Until then, guess who they go after.

People closest to you.

You've told them about my
extensive contributions,

haven't you?

You know how much I appreciate it.

Not enough to mention
me to your new friends.

The Panthers aren't my friends.

They're going after cash.

And not just any cash.

Each shipment contains
as much as $500 million.


There's a small problem.

Seems there's a mole in the operation.

A mole?

That's a serious problem.

It's a catastrophic one.

He could bring down this operation...

cost me the rest of my life in prison.

Why tell me?

You are the only one

I'm sure isn't the mole.

I discovered a listening
device in one of my hideouts

before you joined us.

It's the reason I've kept
the plan close to my vest.

I came here to ask a favor.


Dig up the mole.

Anything but that.

The only thing worse than a mole is a rat.

I've never been one. I never will be.

That just might be a
better answer than "yes."

Now I know there's someone
I can trust completely.

I'll find the traitor myself.

What if you can't?

I'll put the plan to bed,

go underground for a while.

What? You'd just walk away?

Nothing's worth spending

the rest of one's life incarcerated.

Not even 1/2 billion in cash.

1/2 billion.

What are you planning to
hit, the Federal Reserve?

What's all that?


Background checks.

Eyewitness testimonies.

Mm. Oh, looks serious.


I've narrowed it down to these five.

Why are they all in white coats?

They're obstetricians.

From what I've uncovered,
the finest in New York.

You should be safe with any of them.

Honey, you do know that I
already have an OB-GYN, right?

- You do?
- Mm-hmm.

- Is he any one of them?
- She's right here.

I did a background check on her?

Ten years ago.

- I did.
- Yeah.

You need to stop worrying.

My pregnancy is not a case.

What if I gave the baby
a tiny little anklet?

Neal's is very comforting.

- No?
- No.


We're gonna get to see a sonogram.

- Yeah.
- We're gonna meet our baby.

I can't wait.

What if the doctor sees something?

- Then we know it's a boy.
- That's not what I meant.

I know it's not what you meant.

Honey, listen, our baby is fine.

We've waited so long for this.

Can't you just enjoy it?

I'm loving every minute.

Good. Mm.

So I've dodged the mole hunt for now.

That's why the Panthers were laying low.

It had nothing to do with San Francisco.

But if Woodford doesn't get his moles,

the operation's finished.

Mole, singular. Not a labor.

Half and half?

Thought you switched to soy.

- I switched back.
- A labor?

A group of more than one mole.

Theo likes gardening shows.

Woodford is looking
for one, and he has two.

I like my odds.

We give him Keller.

Oh, hang a snitch suit on him.

Won't Keller talk to save his own neck?

Not if Luc pulls him first.

If I get Keller pulled, you
promote it that Keller ran

because Woodford was closing in.


Then who do you say Keller was working for?

I'll keep it a mystery,

but Woodford will know
the threat's removed.

Until then, I impress him

with my knowledge of the algorithm.

Tell him what we taught you.

Maybe he'll fill in the blanks.

That San Francisco flight
reveal anything new?

Not really.

Woodford say anything?

Got to meet him now.

Better take this to go.

See you.


Think he knows about the cash?

If he does, why isn't he telling us?

1/2 billion's enough to
lead anyone into temptation.

Especially Caffrey.

Especially off anklet.

I ran a Wall Street scam last year

manipulating algorithms,
so when I printed out

the Exodus file...

You knew what it was.

And what it does.

It randomly picks airports and airlines,

among other things.

And those other things are?

For one, after everything's selected,

there's only a 12-hour window
until the money arrives.

No time to travel or prepare,
so you must be waiting

for the money to be playing
at an airport near you.

You are everything that
Keller says you are.

Let's be clear.

Keller and I were competitors,

adversaries for the most part,

and not what you'd call friendly now.

I find friendships within gangs dangerous.

So is hitting an airport.

It's ambitious under any circumstances.

With only hours to plan,
it's next to impossible.

The Panthers have never
shied away from difficulty.

So you have a way in and a way out?

Follow me.

Any idea how a bug got into
one of Woodford's hideouts?

Does "how" matter?

What is important is that it was found.

Come on, Luc.

We're working together.

Let's at least try to be
honest with each other.

You planted that bug but not for Woodford.

You were spying on your spy.

If that is true, can you blame me?

Yes, I can.

When Neal's undercover,
I have to trust him.

His life and the operation depends on it.

And how many times has
that proven to be a mistake?

This time, the mistake is yours.

Woodford knows there's
a mole, and right now,

we have to give him one.

Very nice of you to offer yours.

I wasn't offering mine.

No, we need to pull Keller.

But with this, I know
where he is at all times.

You can no longer say the same for Caffrey.

Keller can turn off his
RFID chip anytime he wants.

Only if he is being scanned.

And if it stays off for
more than 15 minutes,

he knows I will move in.

So you know where he is
but not what he's up to.

I can count on Neal to do the right thing.

You screwed yourself.

Thanks to your bug, Woodford trusts Neal

and no one else.

Now, the good news is, you
still have an inside man.

Neal will work for us.

We're partners in this.

What's mine is yours.

If we take down the Panthers,

Keller will get his deal,

and you will share in the credit.

Perhaps it's time for Keller to go.

Pull Keller today before Woodford

gets cold feet and pulls up stakes.

Let's take down the Panthers, Luc.

You and me, together.

- Peter.
- Yeah.

Hey, I was just about to tell you,

I took care of the problem.

Luc agreed to pull Keller.

Now Keller is the least of our worries.

They got guns.

I'll go back with bells on.

I'm safe behind bars.

Fleecing guards.

And, oh, man, the beautiful privileges

they smuggle in to pay off their debts.

Not the reaction I was expecting.

Yeah, what do you want?

Look, you guys take down the Panthers,

I still get my deal, right?

I'm out in, what, a week or two?

It's a win-win.

Seriously, anything I can do to help.

There's one thing.


Technically, I'm still your prisoner,

and you're my keeper, right?

And you and I were never partners,

but your success, Luc, is my success.

It goes south for you,
it goes south for me.

And Caffrey?

He has a way of making everything go south

for everyone but him.

How much firepower?

Just shy of nuclear.

This can't happen at an airport.

We're gonna have to bring
down the Panthers now.

No other choice.

For what?


The entire case would
hinge on the testimony

of two criminal informants.

I don't care.

We shut it down now,

whether we have enough
on the Panthers or not.

Too many lives are at risk.

What if I can convince
Woodford I have a better way?

Do you?

Guns were never a major part

of their previous jobs.

Find out why.

Then convince him the old ways were better.

You want the outcome of this case

to rest on Caffrey's slippery shoulders?

You're always manipulating, Matthew.

Yeah, well, not this time.

I already told you, I want you to succeed.

Your win is my win, man.

Any new plan passes through me

before Woodford hears it.

Why wouldn't it? We're partners.

Yeah, the partner routine
may have worked with Luc,

but you and I?

Let's just say good anklets
make for good partners.


But I got to say...


...this has been more fun

than a prison sentence has any right to be.

Hey, I don't want any surprises.

I don't want to be left in the dark.

Full illumination.

And if there are any guns involved...

The operation gets shut down. Don't worry.

- I've got this handled.
- You sure?

Your separation anxiety has
spiraled into control anxiety.

- Big-time.
- You better get used to it.


You're gonna be a father.

Hey, partner.

Be careful out there.



Admire ingenuity in its
most rudimentary form.

Disco Inferno?

Despite being a mere toddler
during the whole craze,

I regret never wearing
a "disco sucks" T-shirt.

It had its time and place, Moz.

Well, for the past 35 hours,

my time has been spent consumed by this.

Behold the randomizer.

For our little algorithm.

Yeah. Watch closely.

The red lights... international airports.

Green ones... international carriers.

And the white just to give
it the full Christmas effect?

The white lights represent variables

that your genius friends at
the FBI failed to identify,

variables which I believe,
due to their sheer number,

represent airport warehouses.


Where they store the cash when it arrives.

Well, not that I'm complaining,

but why warehouses and not vaults?

Vaults come after the Federal Reserve come

to pick up the cash from the warehouse.

Wait a second. Airports.

Cash from overseas.

The Federal Reserve.


Whispered about

whenever thieves gather
to tell lies to each other.

Denied by all governments.

The one thing that draws a blank on Google.

The score of scores.

The exchange.

Unmarked and untraceable
Yankee tourist dollars,

gathered and lovingly
swaddled by central banks

all over the world...

Before being flown back to the U.S.

for redistribution.

But the only thing is,

no one knows where or when or who

until the algorithm has
its way with a computer.

Chicago O'Hare.

Aviana Airways.

Warehouse Nine.

I love the light show,
Moz, but we already knew

what the algorithm did
and why Woodford is waiting

until the money comes to him.

Woodford has it, but he can't control it.

We can.

You can bring the mountain to Muhammad?

Yes. I've adjusted the algorithm.

Let's route some money
to JFK International...

Via Oceanic Airways,

Flight 1097.

You are a truly talented man.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit.

Genius hits a target no one else can see.

All right, this should convince Woodford

that we have enough time to
come up with a better plan.

Oh, so you need me to explain it to him,

demonstrate how it all works?

Whoa, patience.

Look, Woodford is on a mole hunt.

Why risk it now?

For you.

So I can watch your back.


You know, this hasn't always been

about you protecting me.

I know.

You need me there.

You're right. You're right.

The minute I see an opening.

Until then, I need to tell
Peter what you've done here.

This is amazing.

Thank you.

The minute I see an opening, okay?

Our inside man has outside business.

Who is she?

FBI case.

Can't discuss.

Cannot discuss or do not know?

Neal and I are still working
on other investigations.

You won't admit the truth
because then I would be right.

No, it's not about being right.

It's about bringing down the Panthers.

Do you trust Caffrey?

I do.

That will be your undoing, not mine.

I'm sending Keller back in.

You'll destroy this operation.

No, you will destroy it if
you do not pull your C.I.

I will not pull Neal.

I no longer see ourselves as
collaborators, Agent Burke.

Do what you have to do,
and I will do the same.


You know where this is?

No, but I can find out.

Call me when you do.

I'm feeling the need for
a surprise inspection.

Where's Neal?

Oh, he went to talk to you.

I haven't seen him for hours.

And you were in your office?

Until I came here.

That's weird.

In the purloin world, the
Pink Panthers are royalty.

No one better, before or since.

That's why I risked my life to join.

And almost lost it.

That diamond mart heist in Barcelona...

you walked in as rug merchants
and walked out with what?

30 million?

Only 14, I'm afraid, after fencing.

Still, 14 million without
an alarm going off,

without a shot fired.

Why use guns on this job?

Elegant heists take weeks,
sometimes a year, to prepare.

Due to the algorithm,

we will have, at best, a couple of hours.

Guns are the only option.

What if I can give you days?

What if I can make the algorithm

do what we want it to do?

If only that were possible.

Control the algorithm, control the heist.

I can override the system.

We pick the airports.

We choose the flights.

We tell them where to deliver our cash.

It can't be done.

Have I let you down yet?

Quite the opposite.

For years, you guys have inspired me.

You made me strive to be a better thief.

Let me prove myself to you.

Allow me to help you
come up with a new plan.

Without guns?

Guns only if it fails,

but it won't fail.

You can really control the algorithm.

Yeah. I'll show you.

Well, that would be brilliant.

The means should always justify the end.

All right.

Let's create a work of art.

And be the talk of
thieves around the globe.

Peter is covering for him.

Told you.

I want you back in right away.

I never left.

What about this mole situation?

He wants a mole, give him one.

Consider it done.

You two have been spending
an awful lot of time together.

I fear bonding.

Me and the Suit? No.

Never. Ever.

I want answers.

To any particular question?

You're holding something back.

You're not?

Mm, when you ask questions,

you're avoiding answers.

Oh, and what did you just do?


I'll show you mine.

You show me yours.

This is gonna require much more liquor.

You first.

I know what Woodford is going after.


A billion in cash.

Guess we're keeping the same secret.


Everything out in the open.

We're not done yet.

Where were you this morning?

You really miss that anklet, don't you?

You're answering questions
with a question again.

He was helping me...

- Yes.
- with this.

Mozzie has created a randomizer.

More importantly, a way to control it.

And now, thanks to Moz,
we can move the money

to wherever and whenever we want,

which is why Woodford is letting me return

the Panthers to their glory years.

A new plan with no guns?

And in the spirit of full illumination,

we'd like you to help us design it.

We'll make it good for Woodford.

You make it better for the FBI.

You want me to help you plan a new heist?

Our best and final.

So you up for it, Suit?

It won't work.

Then think of something better.

I pitched a better idea two hours ago.


Yeah, all we have to do is get
the money to the Baggage Claim.

Two problems... getting
the gang on the tarmac

and getting a truckload of cash off.

Problems or opportunities?

He'd be a terrible con.


There are too many people in Baggage Claim.

It's not a safe place to do a takedown.

The entire airport has the same problem.

We need to get the money off
campus, then the takedown.

Not without attracting Security.

Cars and trucks will be searched.

This is harder than I thought.


Not bad.


Sewer system.

It's not exactly elegant.

Abandoned subway tunnels.

Mm, they don't run as far as JFK.


Utility channels don't
have enough elbow room

for men and money.



Pneumatic tubes.

Remember the old bank drive-through?

Put your check in the canister,

gets sucked in the tube over to the bank.

Yeah, and then they send a lollipop back.

The New York Postal Service

put the first one in operation in 1897.

By the 1920s, there were vast networks

linking post offices around the city.

Yeah, miles of them
still exist underground.

They've been waiting
for us right under JFK.

When it was Idlewild,
all airmail landed there.

Hauled to Warehouse 17,

where it was loaded into canisters.

When, seconds later, through the tubes,

it landed in a sorting center
right outside the airport.

Please tell me the building still exists.

According to Internet maps, it does.

It's the perfect way to get the money

out of the airport without being seen.

Peter, you've missed your true calling.

Oh, there's still time.

Now, the building's in an industrial area,

so it'll be easy for
the TAC team to isolate.

We can set up a four-block
safety perimeter.

When Woodford and his gang
collect the money, we move in.

- Perfect.
- Except for one thing.

If the tubes do exist, they still need

the air compressors that powered them.

And what are the odds they
still work after 60 years?

Only one way to find out.

All right, according to the schematics,

the tubes and the air compressor
should be behind the south wall.

Oh, I'm under strict doctor's orders

to avoid all manual labor.

I'm hernia-prone.

You're the one who insisted on coming.

That's when I thought
all the other Panthers

would be here.

I'm not bringing the Panthers here

until I know the equipment still exists.

Sledgehammers are abhorrent
to a man of my finesse.

These hands have never known a blister.

You might want to get in
touch with your inner macho.

I never thought I'd
quote Ronald Reagan, but,

"Mr. Gorbachev, let's tear down that wall."

Building and Safety. Emergency inspection.

For the building or for us?

And straighten the calves.

90-degree angle.

Swami, we're on the clock. Come on.

Okay, Yoginis, continue.

If anyone needs any further instruction,

I'll be right over here.

They will not need your help.

Um, an enlightened
instructor is not threatened

by a superior one.


Go face the wall.

Go. Take your tools.

Look, we're sorry to disturb you like this.

We suspect there may be asbestos.

- Asbestos?
- I'm afraid so.

Hopefully, it's just a false alarm.

We'll check it out and
get back to you, okay?

- Excuse me.
- Girls. Ladies.

Everyone, come on up here.

Gonna break it right here.

You ready?

Okay, go ahead.

All right. All right.


It's there. All of it.

All right, bad news.

We found asbestos.

This property is off-limits
until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

- Namaste.
- Namaste.

It's time to call in the Panthers.

Oh, so let me guess.

This is my cue to disappear.

For now, Moz.

- For now.
- Okay.

If we get the compressor up and running,

you and I need to start discussing

the next step of the plan.

Pneumatic tubes.

Brilliant. Who knew they even existed?

I picked the brain of an associate.

The same guy who helped
me on the stamp job.

You discussed our plan with
someone outside the gang?

I gave him a hypothetical.

Besides, I trust him with my life.

You've definitely trusted him with it now.

You sure about all these guys?

I vetted them myself.

Questioned them about the mole.

They're clear.

I noticed Keller isn't here.

That's right.

You don't think he's the mole, do you?

Should I?

Keller's not a man of stealth or subtlety.

He's no more a mole than I am.

You need something?

I want to talk to you inside.

What's going on?

You mind telling us what we're doing here?

I'm implementing the new plan.

Nothing's wrong with the old plan.

Except death.

Guns mean body bags for them and us.

I'm willing to die for the
gang, but I'd prefer not to.

Might be you had other
reasons for changing the plan.

Like making it better for the people

who placed the mole.

You think I'm the mole?

A man named Boothe was set to join us.

He's vanished, replaced by you.

He failed his audition. I didn't.

And look at you. Already top of the class.


If I were a mole,

wouldn't I try to stay in the background?

Maybe keep a lower profile?

Or the opposite.

Okay, so I placed a bug in a secret hideout

before I was a member.


I'm even better than I think I am.

Do any of you come with
that kind of warranty?

Don't turn this around on us.

Who has more to gain?

Multiple police forces were
closing in on all of you.

You fled to the U.S.,
never to go home again.

Now Interpol comes calling
with immunity and deep cover?

That's tempting for all
of you but not for me.

I am home.

All of us here are loyal
and trusted by Woodford.

Yeah, including me.


The plan requires we get

that air compressor up and running.

I don't care who's in charge
as long as we get that done.

Mike, you're the best
alarm guy in the business.

You think you can get
power into that room again?

Sergio, is there an engine you can't fix?

So far, undefeated.

I like that.

What about your friend Keller?

Where is he?

I don't know, but if he is the mole,

he's not here, so I don't care.

What's important is that motor.

These tubes are linked to the airport.

They carry the cash, so we won't have to.

Anybody searches us, we're clean.

We walk right out

and straight to where the
money is waiting for us.


All that cash through tubes?

It won't work.

Well, we always have
your plan to fall back on.

Firepower will be our last resort.

Sergio, you ready to
meet your next opponent?

I've only seen the likes of her in museums.

Mike, get me some power in here, would you?

I'll check the cables,

make sure they're not cut or worn through.

I've never seen you eat
junk food at work before.

- Antsy.
- Pre-sonogram jitters?

- Is it normal?
- I put mine off for weeks.

You think you're worried now,
wait till you see the heartbeat.

- It gets worse?
- It gets real.

Being a parent, worry is a
constant companion for life.


No, but it's a wonderful worry

because you love someone that much.

Hey, I found it.

A shipping container yard near the docks.

It's a match.

Excellent. Let's check it out.

Neal was spotted there this morning.

Doing what?

Well, that's the $1/2-billion question.


Hey, Woodford sent his best men to help me

at the yoga studio.

Keller isn't one of them.

Woodford must suspect him.

You need to find him now.

If he's in trouble, you're in trouble.

He'd have no problem saving
his own life at my expense.

Caffrey, you're needed inside.

Call me when you can.

All right, Luc needs to
find Keller right now.

Damn. Voice mail.

I'll find Luc.

Track his phone.

Tell him we need Keller here.

I'm on it.

No lookouts.

No security.

If this is a trap,

I deserve to step in it.

No trap.

A gesture of loyalty.

When one of my men is incommunicado,

I tend to worry.

I was working.

Solving your mole problem.

I know who it is.

And I know where he is right now.


We got good pressure too.

Enough to suck stacks of
cash through these tubes?

Think so.

What was that?

Our golden ticket.

Stuck for 60 years.

Yes, sir.


I'll have us all there immediately.

Woodford said to drop everything.

Emergency meeting.

Caffrey met the woman here.

Gave her an envelope.

Suspicious, but that goes
for everything Caffrey does.

By the time Luc got out of his car,

Neal had vanished.

Yeah, again, nothing new.

Neal never goes anywhere without a purpose.

Why here?

What's he up to, Jones?

These containers aren't a bad place

to stash $1/2 billion in cash.

No, none of them are
registered to him, of course.

Maybe that's why he met the woman here.

She rented it out for him.


Let's start with those over there,

see if we can narrow it down.

Hey, don't you have that baby thing to do?

I can handle this.

Yeah, our first sonogram.

I still don't have to meet El for an hour.

You know, I'm excited for you.

- I'm pretty excited myself.
- Yeah.

- You want to be a dad?
- Oh, I can't wait.

But in terms of choosing
wives, I'm being extra picky.

I want my kids to have
the kind of mom I had.

She was a teacher, right?

Yeah, high school math.

- Pure love with a side of strict.
- Hmm.

You know, my life has been guided

by the fear of my mother's disapproval.

Same here.

You know, I feel for your kids.

You and El are a hard act to follow.

Well, we'll have to set a poor example.

Take the pressure off.

Diana, did you find Luc?

I tracked him to a restaurant

that I swear actually has greasy spoons.

No sign of him.

Well, a locator doesn't lie.

His phone has got to be
around there somewhere.

Try calling Luc's phone.

Diana, what's wrong?


He's dead.

His body's in the dumpster.


Luc's been killed.

I got to find Neal.

What happened, Caff?

GQ kick you off the cover?


Sergio got the compressor started.

The tubes still work.

We're set to go.

There's more important things to attend to.

I've got a mole to exterminate.

Thanks to Keller, we're
about to find out who that is.

He's here, standing amongst us,

and this device is gonna point him out.

Very unexpected.

Wait, you can't think it's me.

Woodford, this is crazy.

And yet, this little device says otherwise.

Can we make it happen
within the next 48 hours?

There's still a lot of work to do.

Get it done.

You missing something, Keller?

Is this what you're looking for?

You can find it in Aubrey's pocket.

You just got someone killed.

Yeah, a wanted killer, and I saved

the whole operation in the process.

How did Woodford get Luc's tracker?

Ask Woodford.

Luc is dead?

I can't see him just handing it over.

You gave him up.

Does it matter?

Not gonna cry over a dead cop.

Besides, I like your plan.

It's gonna make us all rich.

What plan?

When Peter finds out about Luc,

Interpol is the first call he's gonna make.

A united nations of cops
will sweep down on Manhattan.

Then Burke is gonna have to
convince them to hold back

for the good of the mission.

Otherwise, Luc... he died for nothing.

Oh, you've got this all figured out, huh?

I'm just trying to do the right thing.

Forensics find anything in
the dumpster or Luc's body?


No fingerprints, no signs of DNA.

Nothing to link him to Woodford?

So Luc was killed someplace
else and dumped there.

We don't even have enough
for an arrest warrant.

Let alone a conviction.

What about the man he just killed?

There were five eyewitnesses.

Yeah, subpoena us.

Four will swear they didn't see anything,

and I'll be facedown in a garbage barge

bound for South Carolina.

Wow, that's where New York's garbage goes?

One of several places.

I don't want my body
ending up at any of them.

I just got off the phone
with Deputy Director Pillar.

He convinced Interpol that the only way

to get justice for Luc is
to go through with the plan.

Take the Panthers down for the heist.

Get someone to finger
Woodford for a sweeter deal.

And Keller?

He's mine now.

We've got less than 72 hours.

Bring up the map.


Honey, I'm so sorry. I...


I know someone died today.

I know it was a law enforcement officer,

and it's horrible.

It is, but...

But you didn't even call.

You didn't even give me a chance
to reschedule the appointment.

Our child's first sonogram, Peter.

I just got so wrapped up...

In the case.

The Peter Burke Tunnel Vision.

Let me make this clear.

I am not going to raise our child

as a married single mother.

No. Never.

And he's gonna be the first
priority in this family.

He will. He...

W-Wait, he?

It's a boy?

And he's perfect.

Oh, God, El.

It's a boy.


I really need to kiss you right now.

So I've already hacked
you into their network.

- Okay.
- Okay?

You type in this code first.
That overrides their system.

Then these numbers, they
manipulate the algorithm.

- These numbers?
- Yeah.

That's all I have to do?


The arrival time is 3:45 P.M. Thursday,

JFK, Oceanic Flight 1097.

Money should be loaded into Warehouse 17

an hour after that.

You're positive about this?

Neal, this is a precision instrument.

You're amazing, Moz.

I mean, none of this would
be possible without you.

- And?
- And?

And now that the Panthers are down a mole,

it's the perfect time...

No, no.

Woodford just killed his most trusted man.

Keller could have stuck that chip on you.

Or you.

Neal, since we've met, we've
always been watching out

for each other, so why not now?

You have to trust me, Moz.

I always have, but lately...

No, trust doesn't have a time limit.

You've been lying to me.

Holding back information, which is worse.

I have my reasons.

What is this?

Why are you not telling me?

Are you helping the FBI,
or are you taking the money?

Just be patient for a little longer, okay?

This is all going down now.

You said you had a bigger plan.

Where the hell do I fit in?

Glad you stopped by.

El's in bed by 7:00 now.

Gets a little quiet around here.

So how angry was she?

Oh, not as angry as I was at myself.


Never again.

The Panthers are down a man.

Does that affect the plan?

It could.

We need to replace him
with someone we trust.

You have someone in mind?

Let's get to work, gentlemen.

First, we have a problem to solve.

Didn't I already solve it?

We already know how long it's going to take

Braxnet Security to respond to the alarm.

I've calculated how many
men we need to load the money

into the tubes in that amount of time.

'Cause now we're a man short.


Well, on the other hand,

it's one less share to load.

I don't leave money on the table.

I assume you have a solution.

I do.

Look who we have here.

You know him?

Our paths have crossed.

More times than I care to remember.

Consider the stamp job his audition.

And he's the mastermind
who came up with the tubes.

I'll decide who auditions, Mr. Caffrey.

Now, who the hell are you?