White Collar (2009–2014): Season 6, Episode 4 - All's Fair - full transcript

With the Pink Panthers having gone silent, Peter and Neal focus on a case dealing with someone from Mozzie's past, who's returned to tie up loose ends and pull another con, this one at Mozzie's expense.

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Previously on White Collar...

Pink Panthers... most dangerous
gang of thieves in the world.

Neal plans to infiltrate the gang.

I want a contract.

Pink Panthers for my freedom.

It has to be ironclad.

You deserve to.

So Woodford wants us to
break into this company

called Atlas Tech.

Inside that vault is a
digital file named "Exodus."

What's in the file?

Looks more like a complex algorithm to me.

It draws lines between variables,

connecting them in a
seemingly arbitrary manner.

International airports,
international airlines.

So whatever they're transporting

is going in and out of the country.

It's almost an impossible heist.

Unless you have the algorithm.

It looks like the Pink Panthers

have disappeared.

There's been no word for days.

I've heard nothing from Luc.

- What about Keller?
- Nothing.

It's too quiet.

Any chance the Panthers are onto you?

Maybe Keller said something.

If they were onto me,

I'd be getting a lot worse
than the silent treatment.

- Where were you this morning?
- Home.

Came from a different direction.

Okay, I see what's going on here.

Oh, really? Enlighten me.

You're having separation anxiety.

It's totally natural.

No, we're never separated enough for me

to be anxious about it.

But without my anklet, you
can't track my every movement,

and it's driving you crazy.

I'll admit, I sleep better

when that dot tells me
exactly where you are.

I hear lavender's good for sleep.

- I'll adjust.
- Maybe a sound machine.

Let the crash of waves
wash away your anxiety.

How about you worry more about the Panthers

and less about my rem cycles.

If we don't take these guys down...

What are you not telling me?

I pushed for the Panthers' case.

I turned down FBI resources

and guaranteed that we could
take them down on our own.

I have to deliver.

What happens if you don't?

Mm, something along the lines
of an early-retirement package

and a box for my mugs.

Where are we?

We fed the algorithm

from the Exodus file into the computer

and accessed the randomizer.

- What did you get?
- We don't know yet.

We're working on decoding
the data, but it takes time.

Well, we know the Panthers
are targeting something

that's arriving at an airport.

That could be anything.

On a daily basis, you got everything

from jewels to currency

to valuable documents going
in and out of airports.

So we don't know what it
is, when it's happening,

or at which airport.

We do know the Panthers
have gone underground.

I could try to draw them out.

Nah, it's too risky.

Keep working on the algorithm.

It's our best shot at figuring
out what they're up to.

I got them the stamp and the Exodus file.

It doesn't make sense for the
Panthers to be shutting me out.

Well, I've been told

separation anxiety's completely natural.


- No, it's just Mozzie.
- Mm.



You're late.

Late for what?

What are you wearing?

I received an anonymous message

at one of my drop sites this morning...

just a time, 10:23 A.M.,

and a place, Brooklyn Promenade.

You think the message is
from the Pink Panthers?

They're preparing for the big score.

Naturally they want the best of the best.

I think they're wooing me.

I don't think they know who you are.

Can you blame them?

You take every precaution to stay unknown.

But you've told them about
my extensive contributions,

haven't you?

- You haven't.
- It's complicated.

The stamp, the Exodus file,

none of that would have
happened without my expertise.

I know, and you know
how much I appreciate it.

Uh, not enough to mention
me to your new friends.

The Panthers aren't my friends,

and they're not the gentlemen
thieves they used to be.

They're dangerous.

I have a lot riding on this mission.

I'm not even sure about my
own position in the group.

I haven't been contacted in days.

It's not the time to be
suggesting new recruits.


- You're right.
- Thank you for understanding.

No, no, not about that.

You should have told the Panthers about me.

But you're right.

The message wasn't from them.

Who's it from?

It occurs to me now there's something

I may have failed to mention.

Who am I looking for?

Aubergine Frock, reading a book.

Who is that?

Moz, who is she?

She's my wife.

Wait, you have a wife?

Yes, technically I am united in matrimony.

- In the traditional sense?
- Yes.

We were married by a justice
of the peace... a real one.

Haven't seen her in five
years, since the honeymoon.

You never even mentioned her.

I never found quite the right time.

Wait. You said five years?

Yes, I was at a low point.

Me too, as I recall. I was in prison.

And I was out a best friend
and a partner in crime.

Did you know that 20% of people
meet their spouse at work?

So you met your wife on a con?

I was posing as a Finnish baron.

Opening night of Il trovatore at the Met.

My suit was tailored,

my cover was impeccable,

but my heart wasn't in it...

until I saw her.

Her name was Eva Perkins,

a young widow, the inheritor
of a sizable fortune...

lonely, wealthy,

a perfect mark for my sweetheart con.

We had a whirlwind romance.

After only a few days together,
we rushed to the altar.

The con was going perfectly,

and then the real truth came out.

We discovered we were both
pulling a sweetheart con

on each other.

But we had both successfully conned

an expert con artist,

and that could be worth a fortune.

So we pooled our resources

and went on a honeymoon con to Morocco.

I know this doesn't end with

"and they lived happily ever after."

No, our fairy-tale ending

was more in the traditional German oeuvre.

Oh, tragedy, betrayal,

diminutive men led
astray by a cunning vixen.


She stole my half of the score

and abandoned me in a
Marrakech train station.

That was the last you saw of her?

Yeah. I always knew
that she would return...

Groveling, wanting me back.

Five years is a long
time to wait to grovel.

Yeah, I should go it alone from here.

If I'm gonna break her heart,

I'm gentleman enough to do it privately.

Of course.

Let her down easy, Moz.

I should have known by
the appointed time...


October 23rd...

the anniversary of our
very first con together.

Dr. and Mrs. Coleridge.

It's very good to see you again...

Dr. Coleridge.

I always did like this necklace.

You're out of practice.

But you're not.

I'm surprised you still have it.

I wanted something to remember you by.

My half of the Moroccan
silver wasn't enough?

Eh, something sentimental.

You are not the sentimental type.

I'm not here to rehash the past.

I want to talk about the future.


I'd be lying if I said I was surprised.

You were expecting this?

Of course.

You have to remember, Eva,
people like you and me...

we're solitary hunters.

We're like the African civet.

Our musk is alluring, but
we're meant to prowl alone.

Mozzie, I want a divorce.

She's getting remarried.
Can you believe it?

That's not what I'm having a hard time

wrapping my mind around.

Did you know he was married?

I was in jail when this happened.

I was told to come home so I
could have lunch with my wife.

- I'm here.
- Yeah, and here's lunch.

Honey, will you get the plates?

She was talking to me.

Oh, but I know where the plates are.

Since when?

He moved them before you got here.

He creates chaos to cope with change.

Oh, and your spices are
now next to the sink.

You all know I'm not a meddler,

but Eva has left me no choice.

Moz, I know this isn't easy,

but if she's in love with somebody else,

you got to let her go.

Oh, is that your consensus,
that she's really in love?

Maybe I'm old-fashioned,

but I do believe that's
why people get married.

Has my very existence not opened your eyes

to a more complex world?

You really think she's conning this guy?

Of course.

It's what she does... quite excellently...

and what you do with...

some skill is stop that from happening.

You want me to investigate your wife?

I want you to stop Eva from
hurting another innocent victim.

Are you sure this isn't about
her last innocent victim?

I swear my motives are pure.

I-I've been doing some research.

Her mark is named Jack Conroy,

president of a charity for at-risk youth.

Well, it is a bit hard to
believe that a con artist

marrying the head of a
charity is just a coincidence.


The target is so obvious, it's beneath her.

- Honey, do it for the kids.
- All right.

I will look into it,

but you have to promise me
that you'll stay out of it,

and you won't do anything stupid.


Oh, good. You're here.

Why am I standing in the
lobby of Jack Conroy's charity?

I promised Peter we'd stay out of it.

Technically, you didn't promise.

I did, and the Suit and I

have our own understanding about truth.

I'm leaving.

No, no, you can't.

A man of Henry Statton's
stature requires a boy Friday.

Who's Henry Statton?

Mr. Statton, Mr. Conroy can see you now.

I hear you're interested
in making a donation

to our worthy cause.

Considering it, but I don't
want to rush into anything.

Yes, Mr. Statton is well
aware of how risky it can be

to let emotions cloud his better judgment.

Of course, we want all our
donors to be well-informed.

It's important to be aware of what

or, uh, whom I'm committing to.

Sometimes an outsider's
expertise is needed.

Like good friends, to let us know

when we're doing something stupid.

I used to be a lot like you, Mr. Statton...

fancy cars I never had time to drive,

wondering if all my hard work
would ever make a difference.

And then one day everything changed.

I was the, uh, victim of an armed robbery,

and being the coward that I am, I ran.

The shooter got me in the leg.

And I realized the fear
I felt in that moment

is what so many kids face every day.

I mean, they... they live in war zones.

And after this, I...

I felt a call to fight with them.

There is still one, uh, serious concern...

your fiancee.

We haven't announced our engagement.

Oh, Henry's very thorough.

Her name is Eva Perkins...

size seven shoe, libra,
allergic to peanuts.

- Okay.
- And one other thing...

She's a con woman.

That's what you were gonna say, isn't it?

Yes, we're concerned that
Eva might be using you

to get to the charity's money.

Yes, I know about her
past, and you're wrong.

Eva is different now.

Well, in my experience,
once a con, always a con.

Well, if I didn't think
people could change,

I couldn't do this work.

And it's that belief that
makes you a good mark.

I'm not naive, gentlemen.

I know that charities are a ripe target.

That's why our accounts are protected.

Not even I have access to them.

Eva would find a way.

She has bested some of the best.

It's part of her magnetism.

It sounds like you've had
the pleasure of meeting her.

No, no.

That's just conjecture
based on extensive research.

Well, then we should fix that.

We're hosting a gala tomorrow night.

Come and see what we're about,

and once you meet Eva,
I'm sure you'll love her.


She's even better than I remember.

Of course, if you're gonna con
a guy with a savior complex,

convince him that you need to be saved.

It's genius.

I don't believe it.
She's got you fooled too?

Oh, I'm not fooled. I'm concerned.

As am I. Jack is clearly in too deep.

For you.

You're thinking with your
heart instead of your head.

I'm not. I know Eva.

No, you knew her, Moz.
That was five years ago.

Oh, people don't change.

Look at you. You went to prison.

You got out and went right
back to the same game.

We are who we are.

And even we can be blinded by love.

You know I've learned
that one the hard way.

And who had your back all those times?

You did, and I have yours now.

If this is about saving a charity, I'm in.

But if it's just about
Eva, you should walk away.

Trust me.

I require wisdom from
the nectar of the gods.

You got it. First pour's on me.

Some journeys need to be walked alone.

You are not what I pictured
when Eva told me about her ex.

Got to say, Mozzie,

her new partner's definitely an upgrade.

I knew it. Eva hasn't changed.

She's not in love.
She's still a con artist.

Eva has moved on.

I strongly suggest you do the same.

People can get really hurt
if they refuse to let go.

You can't threaten me.

Blather all you want.
Who's gonna believe you?

You're a conspiracy nut and a criminal.

Look, face it... in a
game of you against me,

guys like me win every time.

Guys like you, no one even pays attention.

I was right... mostly.

I never should have let you drink alone.

- What happened?
- I was attacked by Jack Conroy.

He and Eva are in on it together.

No, no, no, no,

I think you've had enough
nectar of the gods for one night.

I've never been of clearer mind.

I should have seen it from the beginning.

He was just too perfect,

with that fake limp and that real hair.

If Jack and Eva are working together,

why would he come clean to you?

I don't know.

Must I have all the answers?

Isn't my bloodshed enough?

You shed blood?

I can see that you've suffered.

He hit me exactly where he knew

you couldn't see it, like
he does it for a living.

Then maybe you should leave this alone.

No cost is too high for justice.

You said you had my back.

All right, I'll talk to Peter tomorrow.

In the meantime, no more altercations,

- really this time.
- My wound needs a salve.

I'm getting you a band-aid.

What's going on?

We got the airport data off the randomizer.

It gave us the initials SFO.

San Francisco International.

They stole the algorithm,
now they've gone quiet.

This could be the big score.

Except it's going down this afternoon.

The randomizer gave us the
airline and the flight number.

The plane arrives today
at 2:30 P.M. Pacific Time.

There's another number, but
we can't figure out what it is.

It could be some kind
of code to the shipment.

Woodford cut me out.

- You think Keller told him?
- You're the new guy.

Maybe they don't quite trust you yet.

All that matters now is stopping them.

Well, unless we can get our hands on a G6,

there's no way to get there in time.

All right, I'm putting the
San Francisco Bureau on it.

Get me their ASAC now.

Look, this whole mission depends
on catching these guys in the act.

I'm gonna make sure that happens.

ASAC Rollins. Agent Burke.


No, I need to speak with ASAC Rollins.

While you're on hold,

there's another matter
that could use our help.

Let me guess.

Mozzie had a run-in with Eva's fiance.

Of course he did. I told
you two to stay out of it.

He attacked Mozzie after they met.

- He attacked him?
- Mozzie claims he was beaten.

Mozzie also claims the
government uses fluoride

to control my mind.

You said you would look into the situation.

Transferred to Seattle? Why...

I need to speak to whoever
is in charge right now.

So you looked into Jack and Eva?

They're clean, as far as I can tell.

- And the charity?
- Seems legit.

And the accounts are secure.

So, even if they were pulling a con,

there's no way to access the funds.

From my experience, whenever someone says,

"there's no way this is a con..."

It's usually a con.

This is Special Agent Burke.

I'm the ASAC of the New
York White Collar Division.

My team and I are
chasing the Pink Panthers.

We have intel that
they're targeting a plane

coming into San Francisco at 2:30.

- Hey.
- Yes, today.

Make sure he knows the
Panthers can sniff out Feds

from a mile away.

I don't have to tell you the Panthers

are the best in the world.

You'll need your top team on this.

Great. My office will
fill you in on the rest.

You'll know everything we know.

Get everything we have on the Panthers

and coordinate with San Francisco.

We're compiling it now.

Should have it in the
next couple of minutes.

I want updates on this every
half hour until it's over.

Got it.

We'll go crazy if we sit
here and watch the clock.

We're back to Mozzie again?

Well, he did help you find
me and bring down Boothe.

That earns him a few minutes
of government service.

What do you have in mind?

This is not what I had in
mind when you said "stakeout."

We can turn on the game if you want.

- There's no game.
- Shh.

No. It's my car.

They're here.

The image of that is just extraordinary.

Here, you have to capture
the moment of truth.

I'm pretty sure the only
thing I'm gonna capture

are two people splitting
an order of calamari.

- I've been thinking...
- Shh. They're talking.

Oh, if he shushes me one
more time in my car...

I want to announce our engagement tonight

at the gala.

I want the whole world to know
how lucky I am to have you.

Oh, I would love that.

And I love you.

Oh, they're good.

Well, looks pretty convincing to me.

Oh, but, you know, it's complicated.

Because of Mozzie?

I should have mentioned this earlier.

I ran into him yesterday.

How did you run into Mozzie?

Oh, here it is. He's gonna come clean.

Here you go.

He came to me with some wild
theories about you and me.

Oh, I should have known when
I asked him for a divorce

he would do something crazy.

He's probably intimidated by you.

Poor thing.

Poor thing?

I'm the victim.

I just feel bad for him.

Don't you dare feel bad for me.

- Okay, I'm calling it off.
- Wait. Hold on. Hold on.

If this were my con, I'd
be doing the same thing.

You never drop the act in public
in case someone's listening.

He's right.

They're never gonna drop
the act until I make them.

- Mozzie, do not leave this car.
- Where are you going?

Get back in here.

I would not recommend that.

Mozzie, what are you doing here?

I've decided to sign the divorce papers.

As you know, I am a reasonable man.

You didn't have to attack me so viciously.

- What's he talking about?
- I have no idea.

I thought we had a nice conversation.

Well, it was honest.

I'll give you that.

I just know you two are planning something.

Mozzie, I know that you
like to create stories

to deal with things that
you don't understand,

but you can't just make wild accusations.

What Jack and I have is real.

Uh, what you have is as real as his limp,

and you leave me no choice but to prove it.

- Mozzie!
- Ah!

I have had enough.

Okay, should we go get him?

No, I think he needs to see this through.


Well, that doesn't prove anything.

Anyone can fake a scar.

Mozzie, stop it!

Mozzie, stop, please.

Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough?

Let's go.

- Ah.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.

- I'm okay.
- I will be vindicated.

I don't think this is what Mozzie meant

when he said "moment of truth."

I think it is.

I think Mozzie could be right.

El's keeping an eye on Mozzie

until we figure out what's going on.

What is going on?

I'm not sure yet, but I got a hunch.

I've uploaded the photos.

Based on the angle of the entry,

it looks like the bullet hit only muscle,

no tendons, no ligaments.

No permanent damage.

Which means no limp.

A shot like that, it's pretty lucky.

Yeah, especially if Jack was running away,

which is what he claims.

If he was running and the
shooter was standing up,

the bullet would have
entered at a down angle.

Yeah, and this shot looks straight across.

A clean shot, no permanent damage.

I think he did it himself.

He's creating a story.

Rich guy gets shot.

His life flashes before his eyes.

He dedicates that life to others.

Yeah, nothing like a
come-to-Jesus moment

to get people to trust
you with their money.

Except it isn't about the money.

The charity's accounts are secure.

So what's their angle?

I just got off the
phone with San Francisco.

All teams are ready and
waiting at the airport.

Flight should be arriving in
a little more over an hour.

Just stay on the phone with these guys

and keep me updated.

This could all be over in a few hours.

Yep, here we are, just
twiddling our thumbs.

If it would get you to San Francisco,

would you shoot yourself in the leg?

What are you talking about?

What if Jack's con is about location?

He could be using the
charity to gain access.

Look, they're hosting a gala

this afternoon at a private gallery.

Filled with artwork
worth millions of dollars.

So they're not trying
to rip off the charity.

They're trying to get close to
something they want to steal.

If this is really their angle,

then Eva is as good as Mozzie says.

I get what he saw in her.

Get me an inventory of the
artwork at this gallery.

Let's go tell Mozzie he was right.

- No.
- You can do it. Come on.

I should have known.

Love is the ultimate con.

Just because it ended
doesn't mean it wasn't real.

No. John Lennon was right.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

His mythos had clearly been
affected by Paul's death.

Look, I know you cared about her a lot,

but you said it yourself.

I mean, she stole your
half of the score in Morocco

and then took off on your honeymoon.

What could be better than that?

It was a brilliant play.

Don't you want to be with
somebody you can trust?

Trust is an illusory crutch

required by those who take
comfort in false certainty.

People like Eva and I...
we live for the game.

So you thought she'd just
come back and pick up the game

where it was left off?

Only this time

I would be the one who took
off with her half of the score.

Look, she's made her choice.

There's no accounting for taste.

Moz, there's gonna be other Evas out there.

I find my truest self in solitude.

I'm a loner by nature.

And I have my bees.

You have us.

Eva's free to do whatever she wants.

I'm done for good.

The last chapter

of our epic tale has been penned
and sealed with vermillion wax.


It's, uh, Neal.


What do you want?

I'm in trouble.

I-I'm tempted to say
something about dogs and fleas,

but you may have heard it before.

I know I made a mistake.

I should have never partnered with Jack.

I didn't realize how good I had it before.

You've miscalculated if you think flattery

is my weakness anymore.

You know how dangerous Jack can be.

I need your help.

I wouldn't have called you
if I had any other option.

Meet me at the gala...


Hey. Where's Mozzie?

We've been calling him on his phone,

- but he's not answering.
- He was just here.

He said you were calling,
and he stepped outside.

- Mozzie?
- Moz.

- Who do you think called him?
- Eva.

Mysterious phone call, he disappears.

She lured him somewhere.

Well, it has to be the gala.

It's about to start.

Jack and Eva went
through a lot of hard work

to set up the perfect plan.

It seems like Mozzie would
be getting in the way.

No, you're right.

They have a perfect plan,

perfect covers they've developed for years.

Yeah, they're not gonna want
to burn those covers just yet.

So they need a fall guy.

Mozzie walked right into a trap.

I'm here to rescue my
wife. You can't stop me.

You were right.

That's absurd. I'm not the fall guy.

Eva knows I'm not foolish
enough to walk into a trap.

Everyone has a weakness,
and Eva knows yours.

We know she called you.

She probably told you she was in trouble.

Yeah, maybe she even
claimed she's in danger,

that she's scared of Jack,

and you believed her because
you know Jack is dangerous.

Because Jack himself showed you.

So you came to her rescue
exactly like they wanted you to.

They've been setting you up from the start.

You two have concocted a fascinating story,

yet there are holes in your plot,

namely I can't be the fall guy for a crime

I'm not going to commit.

Yeah, that's why they're
going to make you commit it.

First you'll walk up to her.

She'll be thrilled to see you.

Thank you for coming.

You're my hero.

You know I'd do anything for you.

Such bourgeois sentiment
would never fall past my lips.

I'm giving you the gist.

She'll tell you

that she's made a
horrible mistake with Jack.

You're the one I want to be with.

Let's run away together.

I hear that Prague is
expected to endure the melting

of the ice caps exceptionally well.

But first there's something
she needs you to do.

We need start-up money.
Prague isn't cheap.

Jack and I had a plan to steal...

Something. We're not sure what it is yet.

But you should steal it instead.

- Why me?
- Good question.

Jack is paranoid. He
knows I'm having doubts.

He's been watching me very closely.

- If he catches me...
- We all know what will happen.

Don't worry. I would never let that happen.

Come on.

When you're with Eva,

Jack will disable the security
system and steal the item.

It has to be something small
enough to carry on himself

without being noticed.

Jack will give Eva the all-clear sign

once he has the item,

then she'll know it's safe to send you in.

Then he'll rig the security just in time

for you to walk into the exhibit
and get caught red-handed.

Hold it right there. I don't have anything.

Jack already stole the item.
The charge will never stick.

Fair point.

Jack and Eva will replace
the real item with a fake.

And you'll steal it, pocket it,

and now you'll be caught red-handed.

Got it.

It's a decent plan, except for one thing.

Eva would never do this to me.

You're the one who's
been trying to persuade us

that she's a con artist not to be trusted.

Yeah, and she's a really
good con with a code.

She would never send me to prison.

That is the ultimate betrayal.

Give me the eagle pen.

What? What are you doing?

I am proving you both wrong.

Excuse me.

I'm glad you're here.

I wasn't sure that you'd show up.

You would never ask a question
you didn't know the answer to.

You knew I'd come.

So why am I here?

Jack's furious and paranoid.

He knows there's something
going on between us.

Only simple minds would
fail to see our connection.

He feels threatened by you.


And you know how dangerous he
can be when he's threatened.

All right.

No sign of the security
box Jack tampered with.

It must be on another floor.

No sign of Jack here either.

Well, my guess is, he's going
after the target right now.

Let's search those other floors.

You've seen the inventory.
Any idea what he's after?

Victorian jewels, Faberge eggs,

some sketches by Matisse...

I'd go for the jewels.

No, it's the egg.

Come with me.

Let's leave together,

pick up where we left off in Morocco.

Need I remind you, we
never left off in Morocco.

I was left alone and broke.

So we'll rewrite the ending,

but no more conning our
way onto cruise ships.

We'll go in style.

I do have a taxi,

but the ferry ride would be long.

But we would find a way to pass the time.

Flight's about to land in San Francisco.

Any word from Diana?

Not yet. Should hear something soon.

Hey, the security box.

Or we could set off on our adventure

with millions in our pockets.

I won't get that much for my cab.

Jack and I were gonna steal
something from this gallery,

but you should do it instead,

steal it right out from under him.

That is a cruel and brilliant plan.

I-I never should have expected less.

The wires have been rerouted.

Jack disabled the alarm so
he can pull off the theft.

Then he'll switch the wires
back before Mozzie walks in.

Think you can beat him to the punch?

I need to know what I'm stealing.

The uncertainty is
aggravating my dermatitis.

An Easter present from Alexander III

to his lovely wife, Maria.

Ah, Faberge egg.

They're going for the egg.

See? This is why you need me.

Russian exhibit's on the fourth floor.

That's where Jack has to be.

All right, go. I got this.


"Man is the only kind of
varmint sets his own trap,

baits it, then steps in it."


Didn't he also say you have
the right to remain silent?

I think that was Sergeant Friday.

Yeah. I get those two mixed up.

I want my lawyer.

Haven't gotten to that part yet.

Since you clearly don't need this,

let me take it off your hands.

Now to find his better half.

We have to go.

I'm guessing this wasn't part of your plan.

What? It's part of yours, though, isn't it?

It's safe to assume that
by now the FBI has Jack

and the egg.

How much... how much time do I have?

- Not enough.
- Oh.

Well played.

You were a worthy opponent.

You found my weak spot.

You knew I would come if you called.

Somewhere along the line, I misjudged.

This plan would have worked five years ago.

Five years ago there would be no Neal,

no Suit for that matter.

By myself, I would have
walked right into your trap.

You're not working alone.

I didn't see that coming.

Yeah, five years ago, I wouldn't either.

- I'm sorry, Mozzie.
- No, no.

You're not, Eva.

You're conning me to help you escape.

It doesn't mean I'm not sorry.

I would have done it anyway.

My plan includes a very
generous escape hatch.

Unlike you, I live by a code.

The alarms have heightened security.

There are guards at every door.

What do you say about one last con?

After all, they are playing our song.

We lost the eagle. What
the hell is Mozzie up to?

Are you sure this is what you
want after all we've shared?

You know what we have shared?

Nothing but lies and deception.

We're securing this area.
You two can't do this here.

You know what? You're right.

You are absolutely right.
We can't do this anymore.

We're always trying to one
up and outsmart each other.

And you're willing to throw that all away?

You can't find what we
have with someone else.

I know.

That's why we have to say good-bye.

You can't hold me here like a criminal.

- I have rights.
- What's going on?

I have to use the bathroom.

I'm not authorized to let anyone through.

I feel like a caged animal.


That is still such a rush.

I'd ask you to come with me, but...

But you won't ask a question
you don't know the answer to.

Where is she? Where's Eva?

I don't know. She got away.

The good ones always do.

We have a suspect on the run.

All units be on the
lookout for Eva Perkins.

He'll never find her.

Well, we got Jack and the egg.

He'll be okay.

How about you?

I'm fine. I have my bees.

Well, it looks like
you're a bachelor again.

You ready to find a new sweetheart to con?

Uh, nope.

I can't.

I'm taken.


Let me guess. No sign of Eva?

Forget Eva.

I just got off the phone with
the ASAC in San Francisco.

The Panthers never showed up.

What? What happened?

No idea. Damn it, we almost had them.

Do we know what they were after?

We ran a list of the passengers...

nothing suspicious.

Diplomats, bank CEOs, people
with access to valuable targets?

- Nothing.
- What about cargo?

We're being stonewalled.

The airline won't confirm
or deny the presence

of anything valuable on the plane.

Which means there was something.


Well, I just mobilized half the agents

in San Francisco for nothing,

and now I got a dozen people
above me demanding answers.

There's something more
going on with the Panthers,

something we're missing.

Well, we better find out
what that is and soon,

or else this whole thing is
gonna blow up on both of us.

- All right, what's up?
- We have good news.

You know where the Panthers are?

Would you settle for knowing
what they're going after?

Based on Neal's missions with the Panthers,

we know the big score has something to do

with Braxnet Security.

Because Neal stole the stamp

to clock their security response times.

Right, and Atlas Tech, where
he took the Exodus file from.

So, whatever the Panthers are targeting,

it's something these two
companies have in common.

Turns out both companies have a long list

of government contracts.

When we cross-referenced
their client lists,

only one remained.


The Panthers are going after the Fed.

And the Fed only handles one thing.

Cash. They're going after cash.

And not just any cash.

We know the flight today was
coming from Europe, right?

When Americans travel to Europe,

they exchange American currency for euros.

That money's collected by the central bank

then shipped back to the U.S.

Where, according to the randomizer,

it could be delivered to
any one of 12 airports,

any city with a Federal reserve.

I've heard of this. It's
completely classified.

Not even the FBI's kept in the loop.

That's why they use the randomizer.

It ensures no one knows
when or where the money

will be delivered until
the day of the shipment.

So where does Braxnet fit into all of this?

They provide security for the shipment.

The money's held at airport warehouses

until the Fed picks it
up and redistributes it.

How much cash are we talking?

Each shipment contains
as much as $500 million.

And the icing on the cake...

the cash is clean, completely untraceable.

The Panthers are going
after half a billion dollars

in unmarked cash.


Nice of you to drop by.

Figured I'd return the favor.

Not here to exchange pleasantries, I see.

There's a small problem.

It seems there's a
mole in the operation.