White Collar (2009–2014): Season 6, Episode 3 - Uncontrolled Variables - full transcript

Neal feels conflicted about scamming an innocent mark while running a con for the Pink Panthers. Meanwhile, Peter is working with a reckless Interpol agent who could put their entire operation in jeopardy.

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Previously on White Collar...

Pink Panthers,

most dangerous gang of
thieves in the world.

This is Alan Woodford,

long suspected to be
the leader of the group.

No law enforcement
agency has ever come close

to catching them.

Neal plans to infiltrate the gang.

We have a problem... Matthew Keller.

He's running with the Panthers.

That's impossible.

Keller's locked away in a Russian prison.

El's pregnant.

To the future.

How long you been working for Interpol?

See, I got the same deal that you do.

You know what they call this?

Mutually assured destruction.

You got something on me.
I got something on you.

Interpol is not to be trusted, Neal.

You say that about every institution...


They're all totalitarian cults.

Lest we forget the Nazis ran
Interpol during World War II.

Okay, the S.S. is not
behind Keller's release.

Okay, so Interpol isn't
evil. They're simply stupid.

You don't make a deal
with someone like Keller.

But the good news is that now we know

what Keller's up to.

We have leverage.

As does he.

You do realize that
mutually assured destruction

still contains the word
"destruction," right?

Please tell me there isn't a cat in there.

May I?

If I poke its leg with a pin,

does Peter feel it?

It's a sarubobo,

Japanese good luck amulet
for expecting mothers.


It's for a friend.

I know that Elizabeth's pregnant, Moz.

Oh, you should also know

that I'm gonna be Elizabeth's doula.

- Peter left that part out.
- He doesn't know.

I haven't offered my services yet.

I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

Ah, it's the Pink Panthers.

I have a meeting in a couple hours.

Oh, I suppose my gift-giving can wait.

It's members only.


Look, I'll bring you in
when the timing's right.

I got to get to the FBI.

I'll call you after the meeting's over.

Matthew Keller is working
as a criminal informant

for Interpol.

I've reached out to them,

but they've denied any
knowledge of the operation.

Well, we did some digging.

Chances are Interpol are
using an RFID tracking chip.

If we get close to Keller,
we can pinpoint his signal

and track him too.

All the members of the Panthers

are scanned on arrival.
He's never set it off.

No, they must be switching
the chip on and off.

Which means there's someone at the switch.

Keller has a handler.

And if Keller is off leash,

it means he must be close by.

We'll set up surveillance
within a few blocks

of the meet location,
see who else is watching.


While you're meeting the Panthers,

we'll say hi to whoever was dumb enough

to let Keller out of prison.

Don't bother.

We're already set up.

It's gonna take a while
to run facial recognition

on everyone and crosscheck
Interpol's database.

If Keller's handler is undercover,

he won't be in it.

We'll do it the old-fashioned way.

Shoot pictures now, match them up later.


If we see any of these people
next time we track Keller,

we'll have his handler.

Not a very discrete
location for a gathering.

It's because it's just you and me.

What are you talking about?

Where's Woodford?

He's out of town on business.

With the Panthers?

What, like he told me?

But before he left, he
gave us marching orders.


We're working together, Caffrey,

just like old times.

Neal and Keller are leaving already.

No time to collect photographs.

We'll have to do it by memory.

So Woodford wants us to
break into this company

called Atlas Tech.

Now, inside the office, there's a vault.

Inside that vault is a
digital file named "Exodus."

What's in the file?

It's not our concern,

but we got to make a copy of that file

without anybody knowing.

Yeah. I can take this.

I'll call you when I'm done.

Come on, huh?

Doesn't the idea of working together

give you a little tingle?

No, it doesn't.

That's too bad 'cause
it's Woodford's orders,

so if you want this freedom thing,

you're stuck with me.

Do you have a way in?

As a matter of fact, I do.

I figured in honor of our reunion

we'd go with a classic.

Lady awaits.

Her name is Amy Harris.

She's the executive assistant
to the CEO of Atlas Tech,

a guy by the name of Harold Grant.

She's been working there for six years,

so we know she's got her boss's trust.

Which means she has access to the vault.


And the big boss, he's out
of town for the next 72 hours.

That's a tight window
to gain her confidence.

Well, that's why they chose the best.

Watch and learn.

No, wait, just hold on a second, all right?

She smiles easily, makes eye contact.

She's a good person.

That makes her an easy mark.

No, that means you don't have a shot.

Well, then show me how
it's done then, Maestro.


We don't need to involve her in this.

Let's go back to the building,

find another way.

I already staked it out.

This is the only way.

It's your call, Caffrey.

It's either you or me.

It's a kohlrabi.

I'm sorry?

What you're holding,
it's like a sweet cabbage.

It's great in a salad

with a little sea salt and olive oil,

or you can peel away the skin

and eat it like an apple.

That's one weird apple.

I'm from the nation's breadbasket.

We grow a lot of things,
but nothing like this.


How long you been in New York?

Six years.

Ah, you're practically a native.

I love everything about this city,

even its vegetables.

But my parents keep insisting
that Iowa's my real home.

Oh, they're parents, right?


Can I get this?

A dozen chayote squash,
another dozen kohlrabi,

and, uh, three pounds of jicama.

What? I'm really hungry.


Anyone look familiar?

Not yet.

I keep looking for Euro-Peter...

slick suit, skinny tie, Bono glasses.

I could pull off Bono glasses.

I would love to see you try.

He'll be around here somewhere.

Ooh, that guy over there at the cafe,

I think I saw him before.

Looks familiar.

You want backup?

I'll be fine.

Keep an eye on Caffrey.

A chef? That's amazing.


Easy, it would be amazing
if I were a rich chef, but...

Yes, but you're doing what you love.


I can hear it in your voice.

Not many people get to do that.

What about you?

I'm an assistant.

All right.


Total passion job, right?

Well, if it leads to doing what you love,

then yes.

Yeah, I guess.


To passion.

It's for you.

Thank you.

It was good talking to you.

You too.

Hey, beautiful.

So I'm visiting from out of town.

I could use a tour guide.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I can't help you.

What's the matter?

You seem like a nice girl, huh?

Don't want to help a guy out?

Honey, is he bothering you?

No, it's okay.

All right.

I misread the situation. I apologize.

I'd say so.

I just said I'm sorry.

You should be.

- Sorry.
- Thank you.


You didn't have to do that.


No, no, it's no problem.

I just thought that was the fastest way

to get rid of that jerk.

Yeah, he's... he's the
kind of guy that my friends

warned me about when I first moved here.

Wait until I tell them about you.

You know, just to be
safe, why don't I walk you

to where you're going?

It's just me and some jicama.

You can trust me.

I mean, apparently you are my boyfriend.

Well, that's a first because I've never had

a girlfriend whose name I didn't know.

I'm Amy.


- Nice to meet you, Neal.
- Nice to meet you.

It's hard enough putting
the bad guys in prison

without the good guys letting them out.

The same could be said
for you, Agent Burke.

I had the feeling I'd see you soon.

Did you?

I thought it would be sooner.

Luc Renaud.

It would have been sooner
had you reached out to me.

That would not have been
in my best interests.

You don't want to take
down the Pink Panthers?

Oh, I do.

What I do not want is the
FBI trying to steal my case.

I wouldn't do that.

That's funny to you?

All I care about is arresting them.

Well, here I am.

How about lunch tomorrow?

Oh, my job doesn't allow
me to leave the desk

for pesky things like eating.

What are you talking about?

I barely get five minutes
for the farmer's market.


I'll cook.

So here's my number.

Oh, a card, very official.

Thank you again.

You're welcome.

Don't work too hard.

See you soon.

Yes, I'll see you soon.


You're welcome.

I had it under control.

Yeah, whatever.

I handed her to you on a platter.

I mean, now you're her hero.

You know, in all that
time working together,

I can't believe we never pulled that con.

I can.

Just watching your side of
it is physically painful.

But effective.

We have somewhere to be.

Aw, look at this,

one big happy family.

Keller, the four of us need to talk.

It's good to see you again, Burkie.

How's the wife?

Shut your mouth, Matthew.

Why don't we all sit down?

The four of us have the same goal,

so we need to be working together.

We can't be tripping over each other.

I agree.

Give me Neal and step aside.

Oh, dream on, Inspector Clouseau.

Neal is my C.I.

Yes, one that you clearly can control.

All right, all right, politeness is over.

Neal works for me.

You work with me or you're out.

This is the United States.

This is FBI turf,

and you know that you can't take

these guys down by yourself.

You underestimate me.

No, you underestimate me.

This can either be a
joint FBI and Interpol case

or just FBI.

Your choice.

Well, I know it doesn't have eyes,

but I swear it's staring at me.

Yeah, it's definitely the most unique gift

I've gotten so far.

Well, speaking of gifts...


"We're pregnant, and now what?"

"How to not screw up motherhood."

You were supposed to come
over and cheer me up, right?

I am here to cheer you up.

Because as hard as
having a baby was for me,

and dear God it was hard,

there was one big thing I wish I had...

a partner, and you have
the best kind in Peter.


I do, I know.

But will he be here when I'm trying

to get the baby's fever down?

Am I gonna be going to
all these parent/teacher

conferences by myself?

I mean, Diana, don't get me wrong,

I know Peter's gonna love being a dad,

but his job is very demanding.

Sounds like you've got
hormones whispering in your ear.

Trust me, I've been there,

but this is Peter we're talking about.

He's gonna dedicate himself to fatherhood

like he did the FBI and to you.

- I know, but...
- It's gonna be okay.

Having a baby changes everything.

Just try not to let it change

what the two of you already have.


How were your adventures in
the janitorial night shift?

Oh, a stark reminder that
I shouldn't touch doorknobs

with my bare hands, or tables,

or anything really.

You get what we wanted?

I scrubbed toilets at Atlas Tech all night.

Want had nothing to do with it,

but I did get what was needed.

So Amy's desk sits
outside the CEO's office.

Down the hallway away from everything else

is this steel-reinforced
door, which only opens

to the appropriate
fingerprint and iris scan.

So we need her to open the door for us.

Without knowing she did it.

Once we gain access to
the mainframe computer,

we just drag and drop
the Exodus file onto this.

And then we are in the
wind with no one the wiser.

Oh, thanks.

Commode cleansing always
builds up my appetite.

I hate to say it, but I
think we need Keller for this.


Afterwards I have a henhouse he can guard.

No, Peter was right.

If we don't work together,
we'll trip over each other.

So what's your plan?

You're eating it.

Since you can't leave your desk for lunch,

I thought I'd bring lunch to you.

Neal, I-I don't know what to say.

Uh, say that you'll throw away

whatever that is supposed to be.


I hope I'm not overstepping here.

Oh, my God, are you kidding?

This is amazing.

Thank God my boss isn't here.

Oh, my God.

This is delicious.

You think so?

Thank you.

What is it?

It's... it's that guy

from yesterday from the farmer's market.

You sure?

I think so.

I know every guard here,

and I've not seen that
man since before yesterday.

What do you think that means?

I don't know.

Maybe you should call Security.

There's no dial tone. Oh, my God.

What if he's trying to steal something?

You guys are a tech firm, right?

It's not like you keep
any valuables around.

That's not necessarily true.

And he was coming from the vault room.

There's no way he could
have gotten in there.

All right, do you want to check?

- I'll stay here, keep an eye out.
- Thank you.

I mean, I'm sure it's nothing.

No, go ahead, make sure.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.


The phones are working.

You want me to call Security?

No, it's fine.

Everything's where it should be.

Oh, hello, 1970s.

Looks like I brought a
light saber to a knife fight.

This is not good.

- Are we done?
- Not yet.

- Mozzie's on it.
- What's a Mozzie?

Oh, he's Caffrey's soul mate.

We needed a third man.

I wasn't gonna recruit one of the Panthers.

Besides, there's no one better than Moz.

No secrets. That was our deal.

All right, look, you're
working with the FBI,

not the other way around.

Van-dwellers, there's a problem.

Did you copy the file or not?

I did not.

What... it wasn't there?

Well, there's a problem.

The problem is that this
can't be copied onto this.

So I took the original.

The only way to access the Exodus file

is to go back to the future.

That should have never left the vault.

If someone discovers this missing,

this operation is a bust.

We got it out.

We'll get it back in

after extracting the Exodus file.

Good luck with that.

This is a first generation "minnow" disk,

state of the art in 1971.

Yeah, the primordial
ooze of magnetic storage.

Holds a whopping 80 kilobytes,
which in modern standards

is like using a minivan
to haul a family of fleas.

Now, these early disks were
never marketed commercially,

so you'll be hard pressed to find a drive

that can read it or talk to it.

Mm, they're out there.

A high tech security firm uses an antique.


Eh, Cold War-era tech.

It's the new firewall.

Unlike cloud-based systems and
password encoded networks...

They can't be hacked.

No Internet connections, no espionage.

Listen, our military trusts those antiques

to protect the launch
commands at nuclear silos.

Okay, we print the file.

Use the girl to put it back.


No, we're not using Amy again.

If it is not returned,
she loses as well, no?

He has a point.

Look, she doesn't deserve this.

Well, do you know any other way?

Oh, not really.

I mean, that vault is too
secure to break back into.

I just don't want to hurt her.

Well, she could get
hurt worse if you don't.

She thinks I'm a chef.


I'll make her dinner tonight,

stall her until you've printed out a copy,

you bring the disk over...

You create a small diversion,

and I'll slip it into her purse.

And when she finds it?

She puts it back where it belongs,

right, to save herself?

But she'll know I did it.

She'll know she was conned.

Any way to soften the blow?

Make this the most
uneventful dinner date ever?

- Hey, hon.
- Hey, honey.

Oh, uh, Luc, this is my wife, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, this is Luc
Renaud from Interpol.

Oh, the man who let my kidnapper go free.


Good luck with that.

Listen, Mozzie's in the dining room.

I think he fell off the
yard sale wagon again.

Good night.

Why here? Why not the FBI?

Ah, the French and their inquisitions.

Hello, Suit.

Le Suit.

Uh, Mozzie avoids the FBI.

I only make an appearance

when Neal needs my assistance.

Le Suit, in your honor,
not that you deserve any,

I brought a 2005 Chateau de la Vère.

You're welcome.

I do not drink.

I'm sorry?

I don't enjoy the taste.

Have you been scanned for a brain tumor?

Do I want to know how
you got all this stuff?

Um, let's just say I borrowed them

from someone's personal collection.


In exchange for something from mine.

No more questions, okay?

So, since we don't have
all the exact equipment

needed to read the disk,

this will require a lot
of trial, error, musing.

Well, let's go easy on the musing.

We don't know how many courses Neal

has to stall her with.

This is why Neal has recruited someone

to cool down the proceedings.

- Hi.
- Amy, wow.

You look...

you look like summer.

Hot and humid?

No, no, golden. Come in.

I bought it just for tonight.

Something smells delicious.

Uh, yeah, it's fish.

I hope you're not allergic.

Oh, no, I can eat anything.

Your place,

my God, it's beautiful.

I need to turn the fish.

Ooh, sole meunière?

It's real sole from Europe.

Pacific is not true sole.

It's more of a flounder.

Okay, is there anything
you don't know about food?

I'm always eager to learn something new.

Me too.

I think this'll be the perfect pairing.

- What?
- The wine.

Oh, right, yes.

Oh, yes, this is the, uh, Sauvignon blanc,

Sancerre from the Loire Valley.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It's better to drink it than talk about it.

You're right.


Oh, I have leeks to slice.

I have always wanted
to learn how to do this.

- Will you show me?
- Sure.

Yeah, the secret is to
hold the knife properly.

Just pinch the hilt here,
feel the weight of it.

Okay. Like this?

Yeah, like that, and
take with your other hand,

these three fingers, middle and the front,

the other two behind,

and let your knuckle guide the knife,

and slice going forward.

Okay, I think this looked a
lot easier when you did it.

No, you just have to let the
knife do the work for you.

Be careful, it's sharp.

I'm kind of a klutz.

No, that's okay. No, no, no, see?

You barely have to move your arm.

Just slice going forward.

There you go.

You better keep your eye on the leeks.

You're going to cut yourself.

Oh, sorry.

Oh, hello, hello.


I hope I'm not intruding.

No, not at all. Come in.

Amy, this is my good
friend and landlady, June.

- June, this is Amy... my guest.
- Oh, hi.

- Hello, Amy.
- Nice to meet you.

Nice to see you.

Those smells were coming up the stairs.

I had to come up to see
what is Neal cooking?

Neal was just telling me
the history of the sole.


Sole meunière?


My favorite.

I hope you've prepared lots.

Oh, yes, always.

June, have I ever told you the difference

between Pacific and European sole?

Um, no.

Well, it's fascinating.

You see, European sole...

Another loser?

Give me some room.

And by the way, cologne is not a substitute

for daily bathing.

Maybe you loaded the disk incorrectly.

It's not like loading a dishwasher.

It's more like making a seating arrangement

for a wedding,

putting the right people together

so that they might
actually talk to each other.



I did it?

I did it.

DOS, meet DOT. DOT, DOS.

And when a DOT and a DOS
love each other very much...

Oh, I miss that sound.

That's it. It has to be.

I'm gonna call Neal.

Hey, we opened the file.

It's printing now.

Good, good.

June threw an excellent block.


All right, remember, when I get there,

create a diversion.

- Peter.
- Yeah.

I really like her, and
I think she likes me too.

It's gonna kill her when she gets home

and discovers that disk.

Well, maybe she won't connect it with you.

Come on, when she left her house,

she didn't have the disk,
and after seeing me, she does?

What else could she think?

I'm sorry.

All right.

What'd I miss?

Uh, nothing we want to share.

I better be going.

- Whoa, so soon?
- Well...

Yeah, you haven't had the fish yet.

Amy and I are going to
have breakfast together.

- Really?
- Yes.

Sorry, you're not invited.


- Bye.
- Bye.


You must be starving.

I could wait.

You sure?


June's great, isn't she?

She's a lovely lady,

but she's gone.

We're still here.

You know, when I got to New York,

I didn't have anything.

No place to stay, no clothes,

she let me stay here until I could...

That's not my phone.

Sorry, that's my boss's ringtone.

- That's okay.
- Hang on.


Hold that thought.

I have to take this.

Mr. Grant, how's London?

Oh, you are?




Right, no, no, no, first thing.

I'll be there.

What's wrong?

My boss came back early.

There's something very important missing

from the vault.

I'm gonna be fired.

What is all this?

Could be a top secret cryptogram.

Looks more like a complex algorithm to me.

That's what they want you to believe.



The man.

The right hand. The eye in the sky.

The suits.

The Pink Panthers are thieves.

You are a most peculiar man.

Until I'm right.

My C.I., my mission.

To you it's a mission.

To me it's everything.

Neal has never worked with you.

It's time he started.


I'm done.

Two suits acting like
suits is two suits too many.

Oh, and again, you're welcome.

Amy's boss came back early.

He knows the Exodus file is missing.

Has he called the police?

A security firm admitting that
their security is breached?

I doubt it, not until they

come up with a way to cover their asses.

How much time to fix this?

The time it takes for me
to change back into my suit,

kiss my wife good-bye,

and drive to Harold Grant's home.

To do what?

Tell him the truth.

We took the file as part
of an FBI investigation.

Maybe he'll cooperate.

What if he doesn't?

We throw all of this away?

I want this as much as you do,

but this is our only play right now.

What about the girl?

She's an innocent in all this.

I'll make sure nothing bad happens to her.

I'll call Neal,

have him send her home.

Matthew, grab your gun.

I need you to meet me.

Why would he blame you?

It's my job to take care
of things while he's away,

and boy, I sure did a great job,

let a top secret file get
stolen from under my nose.


Let's go.



I've had this job since I
first arrived in New York,

six years trying to move up the ladder.

Guess I fell off before I climbed very far.

Will you call me after you meet with him?

I don't want you to go through this alone.

Thank you.


Where's Amy?

She just went into her apartment.

Luc took the disk.

He could be trying to plant it on her.

Oh, sweetheart,

you should have climbed into that tub.

I'm calling the police.

I can't let you do that.

Hey, just relax. Just relax.

Just relax, okay?

Everything's gonna be... Hey.
Everything's gonna be just fine.

Let's just talk about...

- Wait, why are you doing this?
- Neal!

She knows we stole it, Caffrey.


You two know each other?

She's smarter than I thought.

He's a conman, okay?

You've been conned, but
don't feel special, all right?

You're not his first victim.

He's done this to people
all over the world.

Right, kid?

Is that true?

I'm afraid it is.

Caffrey, we're out of options, all right?

We need to take care of this.

Come on.

- Don't touch me!
- No, get off of her.

Just stay back, all right?

She's gonna help us.

I'm not helping you.

Look, I never meant to
get you into trouble,

but I did,

and I will get you out.

- How?
- By confessing.

You took the disk, no one else.

I'm not confessing to
something I didn't do.

You have to.

Look, we work for killers,
men worse than him.

They know where you live, where you work.


No, no, you're just still trying to con me.


I confess, I go to jail.

You two get off scot-free.

You're not going to jail.

You're gonna climb the ladder.

Tomorrow morning, you're
gonna take this disk

into your boss's office and tell him.

Mr. Grant,

I stole the Exodus file.

You've given him six years of loyalty

with no recognition, no promotions.

I'm the first one here in the morning,

and the last to leave at night.

You see me as an assistant,

and you've never seen me as anything else.

Now you will.

By stealing this disk, you've exposed

a major security flaw in this company.

You are in serious trouble.

And so are you.

This flaw could be
troubling for our clients.

If you can't protect a little disk...

Now for the closer.

You offer your silence.

He gets the disk back,

no one will ever know it was gone,

but in exchange for your silence,

you get a promotion to
the level you deserve.

After all, you've proven
that he underestimated you.


Well, I did exactly as you said.


And I quit.

What are you talking about?

He didn't offer you a promotion?

He would have done
anything to keep me quiet.

- Then why...
- I didn't want it that way.

I don't use and manipulate
people to get what I want.

I'm not like you.

Amy... Ooh!

Thank you.

For making me realize I
don't belong in this city.

You were right. It's an algorithm.

What does it calculate?

It doesn't calculate anything. It chooses.

It draws lines between
variables connecting them

in a seemingly arbitrary manner.

- Like a randomizer.
- Yeah.

What are the variables?

There are three categories,

a different amount of
variables in each one.

Here's category one.

Letters DFW, BOS, MSP.

- International airports.
- All of them in the U.S.

These right here, airlines and
corresponding plane numbers.

International airlines.

So whatever they're transporting

is going in and out of the country.

We haven't figured out
what these numbers mean yet,

but we think it has something to do

with where the shipment ends up.

If everything is chosen at random...

No one knows who's flying or where

until the algorithm chooses.

Cloaked in this kind of secrecy,

it must be a very high value target.

And without planning,

it's almost an impossible heist.

Unless you have the algorithm.

Of which, thanks to Neal and Keller,

the Pink Panthers do.

Excellent work, you two.


Have a seat.

You stole evidence from my house.

I called Interpol hoping
I could reign you in.

When I mentioned your name,

they acted like I was
reporting an Elvis sighting.

You're upset. I don't understand.

Thanks to my C.I., Woodford has a copy

of the Exodus file, and
Atlas Tech stayed quiet.


Your C.I. almost killed an innocent girl.

My C.I.'s the only reason you and I

aren't both mall cops right now.

Does it matter anymore?

I will not risk an innocent life.

And I will do whatever is necessary

to bring down the Panthers.

Not on my watch.

Then when you're not watching.

How about I arrest you right now

for interfering with an FBI investigation?

Interpol said you didn't exist.

We have places we can
put you where you don't.

A slap, very Joan Crawford.

I deserved it.

I never should have put Amy in harm's way.

- Oh, you mean Keller's way?
- Even worse.

There is no worse except maybe Luc.

He has me seriously
reconsidering my Francophilia.

Well, at least now we know he's not afraid

to get his hands dirty.

Uh, he's a Frenchman
who doesn't drink wine.

He's capable of anything.

I never wanted to be this guy, Moz.

Someone who hurts innocent people.

The conman's quandary.

Maybe that's why I like
working for the FBI.

They only con bad people.


I still ascribe to W.C. Fields' mantra.

"You can't cheat an honest man."

Well, Amy was the exception.

She's a good person,

spent years trying to build her future,

and I stole that from her.

Or you could look at it the other way.

What other way?

If you hadn't been there
to protect her from Keller,

she wouldn't have had a future to steal.




New in town, sailor?

- You look hot.
- Hm.

- Mm. Come here.
- Oh, no, no, no.

That's gonna cost you a very
expensive dinner downtown.

- On a Tuesday?
- Yes.

We have six months to be spontaneous.

- The baby.
- Yes.

It's going to set our schedule,

so we have 8:00 reservations at Babo.

Let's be late.

Hey, hon...

I'm being spontaneous.

You're gonna be here for us, right,

me and the baby?

Yeah, why wouldn't I?

I know you do important work,

but being a father is important too.

I've spent years dreaming of being a dad,

and I don't want to miss one second of it.

I am gonna love watching you be a mom.

We're gonna be great parents.

Let's just not lose this, us,

what we had when I held up that sign

and we smiled at each other

across Houston Street.

That is impossible.

Let's be really late.

Oh, okay.

Chess, huh?

Oh, this is like old times.

Don't sit.

It's more challenging
playing against myself.

Is that right?

Then why the call?


Breaking into her apartment,
going for your knife,

it was a very fat line you crossed.

Yeah? Well, forgive me,
Caffrey, for I have sinned.

What is it, huh?

What's my penance?

You being you.

If you try anything like that again,

I throw my grenade.

And I throw mine, and we're both dead.

So where's the sweet spot?

I don't need one.

Collateral damage is a
conman's byproduct, Caffrey.

See, guys like us, we
hurt people around us.

I'm not a guy like you.

You keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.

So what, you got it all figured out?


Take down the Panthers, we get our freedom,

and then what?

We live happily ever after?

Yeah, something like that.

Something like that.

Yeah, you're living in
a fairy tale, Caffrey.

No matter what happens, me and you,

we're hunted men.

We take down Woodford and his crew,

it's never over.

Even in prison they'll come looking for us.

And their reach, my friend, it is far,

and it is wide.

And the Panthers, Neal, they
don't stop looking for rats

until they're dead.

Until then, guess who they go after.

People closest to you.

And they make it hurt, Caffrey.

They make it hurt so bad

that you'll wish that they found you.

So you enjoy this freedom
you're working so hard to get.

Because when you're
footloose and fancy free,

those people that you love so much...

they're on death row.