White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 9 - No Good Deed - full transcript

Peter's thrown back into an unsolved larceny case that has Neal worried - because Neal's the one who committed the crime.

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Previously on White Collar...

Peter, you have the right
to remain silent.

Curtis Hagen.
What's your offer?

I know how to make Peter Burke
a free man.

Coins, minted from Welsh gold.

I can make a believable
facsimile of James's voice.

I shot and killed
Senator Terrance Pratt

using Peter Burke's gun.

With this evidence in hand,
I see no other option

than to drop all charges.

Mr. Burke,
you are free to go.

I think the gold was used
to bribe

the federal prosecutor
on Peter's case.

You figured out
what I want yet?

- The Mosconi Codex.
- You're gonna steal it for me.

If this book is a puzzle,
maybe these are the pieces.

I know that the codex leads
to the window.

Isn't it lucky you were already
planning to steal it for me?

But there's something
you should know about me.

I'm not an FBI agent.

I'm a criminal informant.



- Again.
- [Laughs]


There you are.

[Both laugh]

Oh, don't worry, they delete
the audio every 24 hours.


I thought you said it was only
a tracking...


Oh, you are gonna pay for that.

Oh, yeah?

You pick up some moves
in that Moroccan jail?


I would love to go back,
but the world's too big

to go back
to the same place twice,

don't you think?


The world used to be my oyster.

Now, I know every oyster bar
in my two-mile radius.


Two miles.

That means you can never come
to my place.


my life is complicated.

Is that too much for you?


I didn't like you
because you were a FBI agent.

- No?
- No.

I liked you
because you were smart

and marginally easy
on the eyes.

And then, there was the codex.

Speaking of,
can I ask you something?



You wanna know why

I'm investigating Chapter 13.

Well, if it's not
for the bureau...

When you're a criminal,

you get to know
other criminals.

My friend was in a lot
of trouble,

and the only person
who could help him

was a really bad guy,

and the payment was Chapter 13.

So I stole it.

And you made a copy.

To find out why he wanted it.

That was the right answer
because that means

that this can still be undone.

I mean, do you think
the original pages are safe?

Yeah, I'm sure.

So it's possible
that they could be returned?

I mean, after we figure out
why Mosconi wrote

the Chapter 13
in the first place

and what
the stained glass window

has to do with all of it...

Rebecca, um...
I just...

I think it's best
if we distance you

from all of this.

Oh. Why?

The guy I gave that chapter to

is not someone you wanna know.

- Trust me.
- Right.

Of course, of course.
I-I trust you.

My temp job calls.

[Knock at door]

You knock now.

Oh, I had enough of an inkling

about what might have transpired
last evening

to require a drink tray.

Oh, you showed her your anklet.

And then you showed her
your anklet again.

That's not a euphemism.
You're wearing a robe.

I told Rebecca everything.

nothing about you,

and very little about Hagen.

What about stealing

Thanks, Agent Gruetzner.

Never caught your first name.

- Mozzie, short for "Mozart."
- Mm.

No further questions.
That's all you'll ever know.

I can't believe I thought
you worked for the FBI.

Apology accepted.

- You look nice, by the way.
- Merci.

I have a lunch.

I better go.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

You two have fun doing...

Both: Things.

- Morning.
- Morning, Jones.

I just came back
from a pawn shop.

Hm, finally decided to unload

your action figure collection?

We got a call from the owner.

The watch list?

I knew this day would come.

I never thought
this particular day would come.

What, that we'd be outside
a bastion of the masons,

planning to heist a very old,
highly fragile

stained glass window?

Well, give or take,
depending on the lead content.

Crafted by Mosconi in 1887.

Yeah, right before he died.

Or was killed.

It's a big job for two people.

Are you implying
that we may need help?

No, I'm just saying
we have backup,

if we need her.

As devoted
as rare books Becca is

to our cause,
we don't have time

for third wheels or...

Training wheels.
I know.

Once we figure out
what Hagen wants with it,

we can loop her back in.

Is it possible
he's making us dance

just for his amusement?

He's not easily amused.

Let's focus more on the "how"

before we get bogged down
on the "why."

- Step one.
- Oh.

Modified six-finger.


[Glass breaks]

- Very precise.
- Yeah.

The CO2 cartridge
gives you the juice.

Well, you can't replace
a pane in a window that old

without removing
the whole thing.

The church will call
a glass repair service.

I'll keep an eye on the place.

When they set up
the scaffolding

to reach the window...

- We'll make our move.
- Good.

Look what turned up today.


this is a Welsh gold coin.


I think it's one
of the ones stolen

through that travel agency.

Yeah, I'd put money on it.

- Where'd it come from?
- A pawn shop.

Someone came in to sell it.

- Did the owner give you a name?
- Patience.

Something tells me
that's not a name.

It always pays off

because the criminal
always messes up.

It always comes around
to bite them.

Must be our lucky day.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

I put those coins
on an FBI watch list.

This was my first case
after prison,

my last case as a field agent.

- Oh, I remember.
- And now we have a lead.

I'm not gonna stop
until I catch the thief

who stole that gold.

[Rock music]

Well, the suspect dressed up
as FDNY,

broke through the wall
to access the vault

and steal the coins.

This is our shot to recover

a 1.8 million
in rare gold.

And we're operating
under the assumption

that this is part of a larger
batch that went missing.

I think our thief
was testing the waters.

What do you think, Neal?

I'd float one coin.
Wait to see what happens.

It could be.

Did the pawn shop owner
get an I.D.?

They did.

Sister Minnie O'Malley.

She swiped it
from the collection basket.

- You look surprised.
- So does she.

How many Hail Marys
will that get her?

Oh, the sister's
not the only one

with sticky fingers.

This coin has been stolen more

than second base
at a Cubs game.

We followed the coin's trail,

questioned the parishioners

who were at St. Magnus's
last Sunday.

Susan Barrett made the donation

after she found it
in her son's sock drawer.

Turns out her son Abe

stole it from
a Cash-for-Gold shop.

Set off the alarm,
but the owner of the shop

didn't want to file a report
when NYPD got there.

Probably gets his product
primarily from fences.


These three are known for
trafficking precious metals.

Find the fence, lean on them

to reveal who brought in
the coin.

Now, while all appear to have
dealings with the owner,

we may be looking for someone
outside our radar.

Anyone you want to add
to that list, Caffrey?

I'll hit the streets.
See what I can find.

Good. That's it.

Neal, hold up.

- I want to go with you.
- [Sighs]

Look, if it is someone new,
it's because they're good.

They hear the FBI's
sniffin' around,

they'll go underground.

Fair enough.

- Make it fast.
- All right.


Uh, while you're
you're pounding your pavement,

I'm assuming
Mozzie has connections

with these type of fences.

I'll talk to him,
but he has a lunch.

A lunch?

If I interrupt it
for FBI business,

squealing on a fence
will be right below

joining Facebook
on his to-do list.

See ya.

Hey, hon.

I know you have lunch plans.

Yeah, but I need to swing by
your office.

Can you break a hundred?

Sorry, pal.

Fives, tens, whatever you got.

I'll even take Welsh gold.

- I'm due in court...
- $1.8 million.

Less one coin,
that is still a lot of money.

The FBI's trackin' that coin.

When they find your fence,
and they will,

he's gonna point to you.

Look, I know you took a bribe

to drop the indictment
of Peter Burke.

You're harassing
a U.S. attorney.

I want your name, so I can
charge you with slander.

Oh, yeah, sure.
It's Neal Caffrey.

I'm Agent Burke's
criminal informant.

I'm also an associate
of Curtis Hagen,

and I stole the coins
you were paid with.

Tell me who you brought
that coin to.

- I can run interference.
- Why implicate yourself?

Mutually-assured destruction's
a powerful motivator.

- I need a name.
- I...

Come on,
you worked at treasury.

You didn't think Welsh gold

would be hard to unload?

I was presented
with a dollar figure.

So it was Hagen's idea
to pay you in coins.

And who to go to,
to unload the...

he said it would be safe.

If you don't give me a name,
nobody is safe.


[French pop ballad]


[Electronic bleep]

[electronic bleep]


[Phone line ringing]

[Phone beeps off]

El told me about
your bat phone since day one.

I should have known
she'd choose you.


I have questions.


[Phone line ringing]

Hey, it's Neal.

Listen, I need Estelle.

No, right now.

I am under no obligation
to provide answers.

In fact, as a citizen
of this great country,

you actually work for me.

Well, let's get the IRS
on the phone,

see how much you've chipped in
for my salary.

I may have time to entertain
a query or two.

Who do you know that fences
high-end metals?

Platinum, gold, copper?

I am neither informant nor rat.


[Clears throat]
Diana's doing well.

So is little Theo.

I'd hate to break up
that maternal bliss

and ask her about
the Teddy Winters case.

That would be unfortunate.

You have a name?

In the Flower District.

- He traffics metals?
- Sure.

Let's go with that.

His front is the one
with the tulip sign.

That's fresh.

Karl Dekker.

Runs a stall
at the flower market.

Flowers imported daily
from all over the world.

- Trucks in and out.
- Yeah.

If you're gonna deal
in illegal goods,

it's a smart front.

Adjusting exchange rates

means messy books.

Good way to hide money.

Never been busted for fencing

but was arrested for an arms
trade a few years back.

Yeah, he served the minimum

after flipping on the buyer
and the seller.

Good, that means
if we apply the right pressure,

he'll tell us who brought him
the coin.

Well, it looks like
Caffrey came through.

Mm, no.
This was my intel.

Well, maybe he'll walk in
with the exact same lead.

Or maybe he won't.

Imagine my surprise
when fair Estelle

descended with your message.

Well, you're not answering
your phones.

Shh, the panic in your voice

is causing her feathers
to ruffle.

Her brain is the size
of a raisin.

Au revoir, ma belle!

[Sighs] All right.

Dawson moved one of the coins
we stole for Hagen,

and it turned up
on Peter's desk.

Do you know a fence named
Karl Dekker?

Moz, come on.
Peter is on our heels.

No, we're on his.

He crashed my lunch.
I put him on Dekker's trail.

All right,
then we need to get to him.

If Peter gets to Dekker first

and Dekker points
to Dawson...

Dawson might admit
to taking a bribe,

but they can't connect it
back to you.

Yes, they can.
That's how I got Dekker's name.

[Sighs] And if
he somehow crumples

under the Suits'
verbal waterboarding...

Peter's indicted,
and I'll end up in prison.

I had a falling out
with Dekker.

He got the Flower District.

If he sees me,
he'll chase after me

with his pruning sheers.

Okay, then I'll go in alone.

Which shop is it?

The New Amsterdam
Garden Center,

the one with the tulips.

And that's what you told Peter?

Well, even under duress,
I didn't tell him everything.

It's the red one.

What are you doin' here?

What I told you.

Running down a fence.

Karl Dekker.

That's our guy.

This is our location.

New Amsterdam Garden Center.

The sign with the tulip.

- Let's go.
- Peter, uh...

I really think it's best
if I approach Dekker alone.


No, if there's a lead
on who fenced that coin,

I want it firsthand.

All right.

- I'm gonna kill him.
- What?

There are three signs
with a tulip.

Yellow, red, pink.

Did your source
tell you which color?

Of course he didn't.
Did yours?

I say we start with red.

Red it is.

Hold on.

What, you're reconsidering
the red tulip?

So what if I am?

Let's go check out
the yellow ones.

- No.
- Okay, that leaves pink.

I know what
that leaves us with.

A dozen long-stems,
thorns clipped off.

- This stays airtight.
- I make sure of that.

- Hello?
- What the hell?

- Who the hell...
- Get the hell out, now.

The FBI is storming the gates.

This a set-up?

I don't know.
Is it?

Look, why don't we split up?

I'll take yellow.
You can take pink.

I-I'll take pink.
You take yellow.

- Red.
- We're back to red.

- Yes.
- Okay.


Gentlemen, we must move.

Time usually marches.
But in this case, she sprints.

I'm gonna crush your larynx
with a 12-gauge wire.

I'm gonna pretend
you didn't say that,

and you are not leaving here
with a dozen long-stems.

I'll give you a choice.

Bleach and a body bag,
or that backdoor.

Hey, look, viceroy tulips.

You should buy some
for Elizabeth.


Maybe on the way out.

Every time you show up,
you cost me money.

Dekker, just put it down.

Follow me.

We interrupted a deal.

Serial's burned off.

Ammo disguised as seeds.

Wait a minute.
I know those shoes.


Those are Mozzie's shoes.

How much did switching shoes
with that guy cost you?

Oh, a Benjamin Franklin
and exposure to athlete's foot.

At least they're comfortable.

Yeah, well, Peter's not happy.

Oh, and now I have
carte blanche

to the Flower District.

The universe has
achieved equilibrium.

The scaffolding is up?

Yeah, Sanderson Glass reports

to the church
at 7: 00 A.M.

My recon tells me

they get their caffeine fix
at 9:00.

Yeah, well, once we're up
in the scaffolding,

we're exposed.

Front and side exits
are weak spots.

- We won't have long.
- Well, we'll figure it out.

[Knock at door]

- Hi.
- Hey.

Look, ever since I left
this morning,

I've been thinking about
the window

and the codex
and us...

Come on in.


- Hey, Mozzie.
- Good evening.

That...the sketch.

It wasn't here earlier.

- Did you just draw that?
- Of course it was.


You guys have a plan
for the window.

We were working on it.

I-I'm gonna go,
uh, soak my feet

in tea tree oil.

You do that.

- You were thinking?
- I...

[Laughs] I was.

I still am.

I said I understood why you need
to go ahead

on the codex without me,
but I actually don't.

Believe me when I say

it's for your own good.

That book brought us together.

Things are getting exciting.

I want to be part of it.

I want to be part of this part
of your life.

Mozzie and I are stealing
the stained glass.

It's a crime.

You're not a criminal,

and I don't want to turn you
into one.

The only reason I know that

is because
I found the schematic.

I was gonna share the window
with you once I had it.

Neal, what was the point
of all that honesty last night

if you're just gonna
keep secrets from me?

I wanted you to know who I am.

And now, I want to protect you
from who I am.

I don't need protecting.

But I do want to know
one thing.


Now that you have
what you want,

the Chapter 13,
some Mosconi insight,



Never mind.

I know the answer.

- You got everything you wanted.
- Come on.

It's not like that.

It feels like that.

Look, um, it's gonna be
dangerous in the dark

for you and for the windows,
so just be careful.

It won't be dark.

We're stealing it
tomorrow morning.


While the repairmen
take their coffee break.


The Scream was stolen
during the day, twice.

- Mona Lisa too.
- How long will that take?

We haven't timed it out yet.

But how do you know
you'll be able

to pull it off
before the workers get back?

Why do I feel like
these are leading questions?

What if you let me help?

I told you
I don't want you...

Nothing illegal.

I could be a lookout
or a distraction,

just so that you and Mozzie
have the window you need.

To steal the window.

Admit it.

It would help.

It would, actually.


[Chuckles softly]

- You're in.
- Yeah.


I came so close
to getting Dekker yesterday.


We seized a flower shop
full of guns...

but not the man behind it all.

I'm sorry, honey.

It's probably payback
for using your wife's

not-so-secret phone
to track Mozzie.

Mozzie, I get.

It's Neal
and those Welsh gold coins.

You really think he stole them?

It would explain why they
didn't want me to get to Dekker.

I don't know,
stealing the money

just to take it,
and then selling it

to a weapons-dealing fence

just doesn't seem like Neal.

Well, a lot doesn't add up
on this one.

$2 million missing from
the Summers investigation,

and that FBI pen that I found

at the chiropractor's office,

the one where Neal was.

It's Dekker.

He's the last straw.

ASAC Burke.

You know, the last time
you became suspicious,

it ended up
being about a woman.

It's never just about a woman.

A lovely woman,

the first one
in a really long time

that Neal's been interested in.

[Electronic bleeping]

He's back.


16th and Rutherford.

Now you know where he is.



All right.
The window's out.

All we have to do is
get in there,

lower it down...

And roll away with it,

avoiding the cameras
on that stop light,

that church, and that garage.

The city's becoming
a modern-day panopticon.

Easy, Bentham.
That's a rant for another day.

There go the repairmen
on their coffee break.

Rebecca, are you sure
about this?


These are my favorites.
Gotta sell it, right?

- See you on the other side.
- See you.

- You go, girl.
- What?

I've always wanted to say that.

No, no, no.

Excuse me.

Could you help me?

I...my earring fell down
the drain.

It was my grandmother's.

It's...it's all that I have left
of hers.

Yeah, but...forget it.

No, you know what?
It's fine.

Go, go.
I-I'm sure that I can lift this.

- Come on.
- Listen.

Step aside, baby girl.

- I got this.
- Really?

- In the crate.
- Clamp it shut.

- Bungee cord.
- And we lower her down slowly.

You guys done in there yet?

Someone's headed our way.

Right uniforms, wrong faces.

- I'll occupy him.
- How?

I'll ask him a question

that he'll be compelled
to answer.

I'm in need of a sanctuary.

Look, try the hare Krishna's
over in Boerum Hill.

They'll give you lunch.
Now, excuse me.

I need to check on
a window repair.

Oh, how rude of me.

Blaine Rockford.

On the level.

On the square.

That handshake.

You're of the 33rd Order.

Who will help the widow's son?

Oh, come with me, brother.

You are safe.

So, Mr. Rockford,
you are welcome

to wait here
as long as you need.

Oh, no, thanks.
I'm quite recovered.

Dehydration led to an acute bout
of paranoia.

Is it possible for me
to procure

some more of this holy swill?

Well, it's not...

The widow's son is parched.

- Got it.
- Oh!

Ohh. Here you go.

I guess I picked
the right guys for the job.


The least I can do
is buy you guys some coffee.

- Nah, we gotta get back.
- Oh, really?

Hey, did you get that smile
from your grandma too?

[Laughs] Everybody says so.

I bet.

Here we go.

Hey, let's get going.

All right.


Okay. Go.

You got it?

Dare I say we pulled it off?

As long as you walk
under a ladder

and step on a crack
at the same time.

I think maybe we pulled it off.

What's goin' on?

- It's gone.
- What is?

The window.
It's gone.

Who'd steal a window
from a church?

I got a pretty good idea.

When you were on a break,
you didn't see anybody?

- No.
- Peter?

I work with him.

He works for me.
Thanks, guys.

What's goin' on?

Somebody stole that window.

- That's weird.
- Very.

The church called the FBI
about a stolen window?

No, they did not.

No, I was in the area.

You pulled my tracking.

Puts you here
on a regular basis.


You caught me.

What's that?

Well, if a croissant
and a donut

give each other
a very special hug...

You come here for food?

Oh, it's more like
a controlled substance.

Yeah, the shop's right around
the corner.

Here, take it.

I'll go stand in line
for another.

No, hold on.

Yeah, Jones.

That is interesting.
I'm on my way.

- What's interesting?
- Something Jones found.

Well, I'll come with you.
I like interesting.

Nah, go buy yourself
another croissant-donut thingy.

The same corner
we followed him to?

Yeah. When I got there,
someone had stolen

a stained glass window
from a church.

Stained glass window.

I got nothin'.
What did Caffrey say?

He blamed it on the pastry,

which I add to my Venn diagram
of loose ends

along with the Welsh gold.

Well, this place is
another kind of gold mine.

It looks like Dekker was
a middleman

for a major arms deal.

Poppies equal pistols.
Ranunculus equal revolvers.

Freesias equal .45s.

And he left
something else behind.

Unmarked bills.

And krugerrands
and antique silver.

Hard to track,
like Welsh coins.

Leave everything here
and clear out.

Dekker ran away
without his emergency stash.

Good chance
he'll come back for it.

I'll gear up for some quality
time in the van.

If he does, we'll get him.

Call me at 7:30
with an update.

What if there's nothing
to report?

Call me anyway.

7:30 sharp.

Saved you half.

[Knock at door]

[Clears throat] Coming!

Hey, Peter.

Do you want to come in?

I want answers.

- You looking for something?
- Yeah.

About $2 million in gold coins.


You won't find 'em here.

You're not that sloppy.

You really think I took them.

There was a moment
when you were alone

upstairs in that firehouse.

And why else
wouldn't you want me

to go with you
to talk to Dekker?

I told you he would spook,

and look what happened.

[Cell phone rings]


Yeah, Jones.
What do you have?

7:30, like you said.

No sign of Dekker.

Bring him in.

- I want him to sweat.
- No, Peter.

I said,
"No sign of Dekker."

I want him ready to sing
when I get there.

You got it.


- You got him?
- What'd I tell you?

Criminals always mess up.

Come on.

Time to find out
who has those gold coins.


Let's go.

We can't.

Because you stole them.

It's not what you think.


Neal, you impersonated
a fireman,

and you robbed a vault
under my watch.

- I can explain, all right?
- Don't!

Don't you dare try
to justify what you did!

I put myself out on the line
for you, all the time!

I helped your father.

I was charged for murder
because of it.

- Will you please...
- I nearly lost everything...

- I did it for you!

What are you talkin' about?

To make sure Dawson would
authenticate the confession.

My prosecutor?

He took a bribe.

[Breathing hard]

You couldn't find James,
could you?

I tried.

So you forged his voice,

and I was cleared
on false evidence.

Look, even if you were
found innocent,

indictment would have ended
your career at the FBI

because of me.

Because of my father.

I couldn't let that
happen to you.

Neal, do you realize
what you have done?


I made sure justice was served.


That's what I do.


Put out your hands.

I have to arrest you.

[Handcuffs jingling]

I'll do the time,

but you think about it, Peter,

what this will do to your life,

to Elizabeth.

I did the right thing.

None of this is right.

Okay, so you just,
uh, left Neal at his apartment?

He's not goin' anywhere.

If I book him,
this all goes on record.

I just needed to talk
to you first because...

Because what?

Because there's no way
out of this.

Well, there has to be.

Honey, Neal committed a crime.

Dawson accepted a bribe,
and I know about it.

I don't even deserve the badge
to arrest them.

I've been promoted.

I'm being groomed for D.C.
None of this is real.

Whoa, whoa, wait.

All of this is real.

I mean, all of this
is deserved.

Honey, you...
you turned them in.

Your case is gonna be reopened.

I'll be indicted,

there will be a murder trial,
and I'll lose my job.

No, that's not justice.

You're...you're innocent.

Why should we lose everything?


Ah, this is all my fault.

I asked Neal to do
whatever he could

to help you.

Honey, Neal broke the law.

- You didn't.
- I'm glad he did.

I can't condone this.

I believe in the system.
Always have.

What does it say about me
if I let this go?

It says that you're a man

who stays and fixes
what's broken.

It says you're a man
who understands

the letter of the law
is subjective.

I'm sorry.

I swore I'd never
put you through this again.

Are you willing to give up
everything we've built?

I need to be able
to live with myself.

Then do what you have to do,

but just be damn sure
that you need to do it.

[Keyboard clacking]

You were right.

Dekker came back for the money.

He was not at all happy
to see me.

Well, I'm sure.

Peter, I didn't ask him
about the Welsh gold yet.

Why not?

Well, 'cause he should get
serious time

for the weapons charge.

I mean,
Dekker's cut deals before.

He'll try to plead down
the guns...

Yeah, we can keep the coins
as leverage.

All right.

You want me to go in there
with you?

You made the bust.

You take it.

All right.

You didn't have Dekker
last night.

No, but I knew we'd get him.


It's an acceptable method
of extracting a confession.

Sometimes the ends do
justify the means.

I'm gonna tell Dawson
that I know he took a bribe.

- If you...
- I know what it means.

You want me to go with you?



Mr. Dawson.

Agent Burke.

What brings you here?

I'm investigating
a federal prosecutor.

He took a $1.8 million bribe
from my criminal informant.

You can spare me
the look of surprise.

I don't like
what you're insinuating.

Then you're really
not gonna like this.

I have Karl Dekker in custody,

the fence you used
to liquidate the Welsh gold.

I hope you can
substantiate this.

I can.
My C.I. talked.

I know everything.

Mutually-assured destruction.

Turn in the coins
to the FBI anonymously

and resign.

And if I don't?

Turn in the coins and resign,

or I arrest you right now.

I hope you can live
with that ultimatum.

Either way.

You think Peter
will cuff Dawson?

Well, he hasn't yet,
or I'd be in a cell.

Peter can't ever know that Hagen
was behind that bribe.

Or that we're the reason
the Dutchman made his appeal.

Or that there's evidence of me
stealing the coins.

Yeah, we are running
out of time.

I have to hand over this window
to Hagen by...

[knock at door]


That's kind of a crime
unto itself.

Did we really need
to take it apart?

Well, if we really want
to find out

why this is so important,

we have to open up our minds.

Actually, we still have
some good...

No more hallucinogens,
Dr. Leary.

Free association, then.

- Um, purple. Go.
- Okay. Color.

Color in stained glass
comes from metallic salts.

Copper oxide, cobalt, gold.


Another word for stained glass
is "leadlight."

Maybe the iron framework
is a map.

The concept of stained glass

was never to see
the world outside.

Or to admit light.

It was to control it,

to use it to reveal something.

But what?

A question only
a masonic-Italian expatriate

mad genius trained
in painting, metallurgy,

and engineering can answer.

Hold on a second.

Look at this.

That's Mosconi's signature.

How did it get there?

This blue pane.

A decoder lens.

Let me see.

No, it only works on this one.

Mosconi made this window
and hid his name in it,

along with the decoder.

It doesn't work on ours.

Because it's a copy.

That's why he needed...


Neal, you asked me
to trust you.

You can trust me.

The man
of questionable character

I told you about?

His name is Curtis Hagen,

and he's holding
incriminating evidence over me.

A Damocles' sword, if you will.

And now we know he needs this
to decode Chapter 13.

We had to give him
the original.

But without that glass,
he'll never know the secret.

- We can turn the tables.
- So what's the plan?

Leverage the decoder
for the evidence tape.

- Then you'll be free.
- Or not.

Depends on Peter.

- Yeah, Caffrey?
- You heard from Peter?

Not since yesterday.

He's late.
He's never late.

Well, there must be a reason.

[Sighs] Must be.

I got a tip on the Welsh gold.

It checked out.

Jones, put a team together.

My office, now.


Every time.

I'm glad it's you, not me.


[Dialing phone]

The coins are in
a safety deposit box

at a bank downtown.

Andrew Dawson no longer works

for the department of justice.

What about you?

I'm still here.

Look, you arrested
a dangerous fence,

recovered the gold,
took down a dirty prosecutor.

It's a win.

It's a compromise,

one I will never make again.

I know why you did
what you did.


To help my friend.

And because you're a criminal,

and you can't help yourself.

Shame on me
for expecting anything else.

Things are gonna change

for the both of us.


It's time they did.