White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 8 - Digging Deeper - full transcript

Neal and Peter take on an unprecedented asset recovery case for the Museum of Natural History: a stolen Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and its egg.

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Previously on White Collar...

The Mosconi Codex.

You're gonna steal it for me.

When does it end?

You left him
bleeding on the sidewalk.

I didn't kill the dude.

I pulled that badge and gun
out of the trash, I swear.

Summers told us
where she hid the $2 million,

but it wasn't there.

- A chiropractor's office?
- It'll look the part.

Agent Gruetzner.
We've been expecting you.

Any reason he'd slip away
to come here?

Neal always has a reason.

If this book is a puzzle,

maybe these are the pieces.

This stained glass window

could be right here
in Manhattan.

This is where Neal
was standing.

For 20 minutes,

after which
he went straight home,

according to his anklet.

From this intersection,
you could scout a museum,

two banks, and a gallery,

not to mention
all the residential targets.

Peter, I made some calls.

There was no suspicious activity

Not unless you count
Neal Caffrey being here.

You think I'm overreacting?

No, I just think we might
consider the possibility

that Caffrey was just picking up
some groceries.

Long walk for a loaf of bread.


So what was he doing there?

First, there was
the missing cash,

then the FBI pen
at the chiropractor's office,

and now this street corner.

So what do you think
it all adds up to?

That's the problem.

I can't see
how it all connects.

I'm missing something.

See if any cameras in the area
picked up anything.

Will do.

Listen, I also ran the card

that you found
in Siegel's badge.

to the real estate company.

No one knew
what "Cooper 3?" meant.

I looked
through Siegel's old case files,

friends and family
back in Chicago.

Hell, I even looked on Google.

No hits.

Listen, I hate to ask you this,

but you don't think
Caffrey knows anything

that he's not telling us,
do you?

- About Siegel?
- Yeah.

- I don't.
- All right.

Checked black market
code words,

drop locations, CI names.

Mozzie even tried to tie it
to DB Cooper.


Maybe it's an FBI agent
grasping at straws.


We both know your instincts
are rarely wrong.

Well, for now, we've got
a stolen shipping crate

that demands our attention.

Grabbed from Canadian Customs
this morning

by a fraudulent
trucking company.

The driver ran.
No sign of him yet.

Must be some exotic
Canadian contraband

to get you out of the office.

Oh, this is well worth
a stretch of my legs.

Don't tell me.

It's diamonds
from the Diavik Mine

in the Northwest Territories.

Maybe it's maple syrup.

Hey, you joke, but the great
Canadian maple syrup heist

was worth 18 million.

You'd need
a bigger crate though.

And a lot of pancakes.

Special Agent Burke.
Go ahead.

It's like Christmas morning.

No, it's not a gift.
This is stolen property.

I know the line
gets blurry for you.

Based on the size of the box
and the country of origin,

my best guess is
a sculpture from Emanuel Hahn,

Canadian artist, Circa 1918.

Oh, this is better
than Christmas.

This is a dinosaur egg.

Even now you kind of expect it
to crack open, don't you?

I really don't.

A fossilized egg doesn't
capture your imagination?

Well, the value of it does.

Excuse me.

I'm Dr. Khatri.

I'm one of the curators
of the Natural History Museum.

Agent Peter Burke.

You're the one
who found my egg.

Well, he can't
take all the credit.

And where's the mother?

What do you mean?

There was a second shipment
containing the mother.

What kind of mother?

A tyrannosaurus rex.

You're saying
there's a tyrannosaurus rex

lost somewhere
in New York City?

Tyrannosaurus rex
was being shipped simultaneously

on a different truck.

No sign of it anywhere.

Hunting a t-rex.

Seven-year-old me
would be going crazy.

Adult you isn't exactly serene.

I can't wait
to see it in person

when it's reunited
with its egg.

Mozzie used to create
fake fossils

and bury them at dig sites.

Used to?

It's been a couple months.

The alternate history of
the Earth according to Mozzie.

That's terrifying.

I'm just saying,
the black market is rife

with fake fossils like this.

Do we know the egg is real?

Khatri ran an acid test
and authenticated it.

Well, people with way
too much money and no subtlety

do love to put them
in their office

as a display of power.

Yeah, what bigger display
than a t-rex and its egg?

Whoever the buyer is,

it's clear they want
the entire set.

Valuable alone,
invaluable together.

It's like having
Queen Mary's diamond riviere

without the La Peregrina pearl.

Jones is working
on a list of suspects.

I gotta get home.
What are your plans tonight?

I'm just gonna relax at home.

Do a little light reading.


I'm really happy
that you called.

I found something,
and I brought something.

Yeah, I should've mentioned...

Agent Gruetzner
will be joining us.


A rare book expert
and a wine connoisseur.

Oh, California Zin.

Well, there's no shame
in having one specialty.

Uh, you said
you found something?

Uh, yes.

Yes, I did.

So I was looking
into the stained glass window,

and I stumbled across this.

Oh, wow.

Mosconi's grave site.

Uh, yes.

Just look down here
at the bottom.

It's a masonic compass.

So he was a mason.

I should have
noticed it sooner.

I mean, this is why
he put the chapter 13

into the Codex.

13 is considered a sacred
number for the Brotherhood.

He was sending a message
to the other masons.

The Codex
could lead us anywhere.

I mean, masons have their hands
in everything.

Finance, government, art.

Untimely death.

Look at the date
on the gravestone.

April 17, 1887.

That's the same month
he finished the window.

That must have been
his final work.

Do you think that he was killed

because of all of this?

If that's so,

the stained glass
could tell us why.

Well, thanks for everything.
We'll take it from here.


Okay, I'll leave you to it.

Yes, thank you for coming over
and for the wine.


Dinner on Wednesday
without the chaperone?

Of course, Agent Caffrey.

I look forward
to working with you more

on all of this.


I got it under control.

Well, I hate to report
the obvious news,

but the last thing you are
right now is under control.

Luckily, you have
a guardian angel

looking over you.

This is less angel
and more stalker.

I vetted her,

a cursory audit.

Financials, education,
daily schedule.

She keeps a tight routine,
speaks three languages,

studied two years in France.

Here, just keep it.
Just in case.

t-rex and her egg
were owned legally

by a man in Toronto
for 50 years.

He kept it in his family room

until he died three months ago.

That's a hell of a pet
to get your kids.

Big pooper scooper.

He dictated that,
upon his death,

it be donated to the museum.

I'm guessing someone
tried to persuade the estate

to sell it instead.

Lots of someones.

Who do we like?

there's a number of people

who pursued it
very aggressively.

Lots of escalating offers.

And a lot of
suspicious people making them.

Anyone only try once?

Yeah, there were
two single bids.

I mean,
one was a lowball offer,

but then there's this guy.

He made a single high-priced
offer, then nothing.

Brett Forsythe,
corporate raider,

made millions
from hostile takeovers.

I've heard of him.

He led a takeover of a company
called Aegis last year.

That's the kind of guy

who knows when someone's
not gonna sell,

and his only option
is to take what he wants.

I'm gonna pay him a visit.

I'm sorry, Mr. Forsythe
is unavailable at the moment.

Of course he is.

Well, if you could tell him

that Agent Burke of the FBI,

White Collar Division,

would like to speak with him.

I can wait here
as long as it takes.

I'm sure these guys
would love to keep me company.

That's probably her boss

telling her
that I can see him now.

When you took over Aegis,

the board didn't know
you'd stolen their company

until you walked
through the door

and fired all of them.

That was my legal right,
Agent Burke.

It was.

And then you sold off pieces
of the company one by one,

made a great profit.

Lost a lot of jobs.

The feds questioned me about
the Aegis takeover a month ago.

It was all aboveboard.

I know.

Why are you here?

Is that a velociraptor skull?


I should sell it.

Thanks to Jurassic Park,

everyone thinks
they're an expert on them.

Except the movie
got everything wrong.

Velociraptors were

most likely feathered,

based on the quill knobs

found by paleontologists.

And the film
made them much larger,

more like the size
of a deinonychus.

That's true.

Velociraptors were closer
to the size of a chicken.

Still, one mean-looking chicken.

And very dangerous.

Are you a collector?

Oh, on a government salary?

I'd barely be able
to afford an ankle joint.

How'd you get it?

There are many legal ways
to purchase fossils, Agent.


Many illegal ways as well.

That why you're here?

To question the legality
of my velociraptor?

No, I'm hunting
something bigger.

A t-rex.

Thought you said
you weren't a collector.

It's not for me.

It was supposed
to go to a museum

but didn't make it there.

Agent Burke, even if I stole
a tyrannosaurus rex,

which I did not,

what would I do with it?

It's not like I could just
put it on display.

That's a good point.

But what a thing to have.

You think he has an actual
skeleton in his closet?

I don't know
what he's hiding in there,

but there was
a large open space

right underneath
the raptor skull.

Well, he stalled
when you got there.

That gave him time to move it.

So chances are it's illegal.

Is that what takes you so long

to come to the door
when I knock?

You think I'm hiding
illicit goods under my bed?

I think
you're hiding something.

But I don't have enough
for a warrant

to search Forsythe's office.

You should stake it out,
see what happens.

Especially around 6:00 PM.

I'll keep an eye out
for anything suspicious.

You said the empty space
was near the raptor skull?

Yeah, right underneath.

It's not empty anymore.

Now there's
a mean-looking club there.

Looks pre-Colombian.

Forsythe must have
moved it back after I left.

As long as I'm here,

I should see
what else he's hiding.

No, get the picture,
and get out.

The trick with sliding locks

is they leave a smudge that
can tell you what the code is.

This does not sound
like you getting out.

The key is guessing where
it starts and where it ends.

Is he right or left-handed?


Right-handed people

instinctively draw

I told you to get out.

Forsythe has
a whole lab back here.

Microscopes, test tubes,

all kinds
of forensic equipment.

Forsythe came back.

Almost done.

Did you set off an alarm?

Peter, that's hurtful.

Either way,
he's headed your way.

All right, leaving now.

Where are you?

Where are you?

It's called a macuahuitl.


- No, "macua-heetle."
- "Macua-heednum."

- No, "macua-heetle."
- I said that.

Okay, either way,
your hunch is right.

It was stolen
from a pre-Colombian exhibit

here in New York.

I guess Forsythe
does some business

in the black market after all.

Yeah, but get this.
It was stolen eight years ago.

Statute of limitations is up.

Forsythe's a smart guy.

He knows
we can't get him on it.

Sure, he didn't want to raise

a red flag in front of a bull.

Not when he's hiding
something bigger.

For a job
as big as a t-rex,

he'd wanna use
somebody he can trust,

somebody he'd used before.

Any suspects
in the macuahuitl theft?

There were no arrests,
but there were three suspects.

One's in jail.

One recently questioned
in Prague.

Then there's this guy,
Michael Holt.

Suspected in four other
robberies along the East Coast.

He doesn't stay
in one place very long.

No, but even a master thief
needs time to unload

a 40-foot
prehistoric skeleton.

Either way,
we've got a narrow window

before he leaves town.

Track him down.

Before we do,

you wanna know why Caffrey

was standing
on that street corner?

Yeah, I do.

What do you have?

Not what.
It's who.

I got this off a security camera
from across the street.

She looks familiar.

Her name's Rebecca Lowe.

Yeah, the woman we brought in

from the Gershon Heist
a while back.

What's Neal doing with her?

You know, I was talking to El,

she has a friend she'd like
to set you up with.

Does this friend know
that I come with a rap sheet?


Tell Elizabeth thank you,
but I'm not looking right now.

Well, it's been
a while since Sara,

and I thought you might
wanna get back out there.

Not that
it's difficult for you.

You'd be surprised.

Anyone I date, I have to lie to

or wonder why
she's interested in a felon.

No luck at all?

Yeah, Jones?

Where to?


Okay, thanks.

Holt's gone.

Jones checked his credit cards.

He bought a plane ticket
out of the country.

The only reason I'd buy
a plane ticket under my name

with my credit card
is if I wanted someone

to think I'd left the country.

The airline confirmed
that he got on the plane.

The airline confirmed
someone with Holt's ticket

got on the plane.

You know that time
you thought I was in Monaco?

Don't tell me
that I had Interpol

scouring the streets
for nothing.

Bought a first-class ticket
under my name

and checked in for my flight.

Once I got to the gate,

I looked for someone
traveling alone with a carry-on.

If someone checks a bag

and doesn't get on the plane,

the flight doesn't take off.

So I offer them my ticket,

which of course
they're gonna take

because no sane person
facing a 3,000-mile trip

is gonna say no
to a seat in first class.

And they don't suspect
an ulterior motive?

Not everyone is as naturally
suspicious as you, Peter.

My nature has developed

from years of tracking
your suspicious behavior.

So this unsuspecting stranger

gets your ticket,
gets on the plane...

And Neal Caffrey
is on his way to Monaco,

while the real Neal Caffrey
slips out of the gate unnoticed.

I can't believe
you never knew that.

Cameras caught Michael Holt

scoping out
their security system.

He's still after that egg.

He thinks it's at the museum.

Catching Holt in the act
is our best shot

at tracking down
that stolen t-rex.

I'll put surveillance teams

outside the museum
around the clock.

- Keep me posted.
- All right.

Well, I guess someone else
enjoyed that first-class ticket.


Holt had 1/2 million
good reasons to stay.

How did you know what
Forsythe was gonna pay Holt?

I found a briefcase
full of cash in his back room.

And you opened it?

See, this is the reason
I have a suspicious nature.

I'm gonna count
every penny of it.

I don't blame you.
You should.

It was a rough estimate though.

- Oh.
- It's a round number.

Hey, hon.


How'd you like to go
on a double date tonight?

With Trey and Sheila?


- Does he know we're coming?
- Mm?

He doesn't know we're coming.

He's been sneaking around
with this woman,

and I think
he's up to something.

Or maybe he's having
a nice meal with a nice girl.

There's no reason
for Neal to keep this from me.

What do I care if he's going
on a date with a girl?

Clearly you care quite a bit.

Nah, there's more
to it than this.

A lot of things Neal
has been doing don't add up,

and my gut tells me
she's at the center of it.

Now according to his anklet,

they're at the Clifton.

You know I've always wanted
to go to the Clifton.


You think this is a good idea?

I do.

Thought you might like this.

The wine is lovely.

And it reminds me
of this summer

that I spent
in France studying.

I actually think
I've been to this vineyard.



Did you have the FBI
run a background check on me?

The FBI had nothing
to do with this dinner.

I promise.

Hmm, you know,
you never told me

why you became an FBI agent.

I assume it wasn't only
to pick up women.

How does an art lover
become an FBI agent?

Eh, it's a long story.

I spend my life
studying ancient texts.

I don't mind long stories.

I want this dinner
to be about you and me, okay?

We don't need
to talk about work.

All right.

I really do like this place

and the wine and the Codex

and the kiss.

I liked that part too.

You know, you...

you don't have to do all this

just to get my help
on the case.

Do you really think
I would do that?


What kind of guy
do you think I am?

I don't know.
You're an FBI agent.


If it's too complicated,
I'll understand.

Are you trying
to give me a way out?

without much subtlety.


I don't want one.

Do you?



Peter, what are you doing here?

Elizabeth has been dying
to try this place out.

Hi, I'm Peter, Neal's boss.

We've met.
I'm Rebecca.

You almost arrested me.

Oh, right.
Sorry about that.

No, it's...
Wait, I thought your boss was...

And this is Elizabeth,
Peter's lovely wife.

It's so nice to meet you.

I'm really sorry
for interrupting.

Oh, nonsense.

No secrets between friends,

Course not.

I didn't know
that you two had been in touch

since the investigation.

You guys met on a case?

Oh, yeah, you know

how sometimes your personal
and professional lives

just crash into each other
without any notice.

It's actually
how Peter and I met.


Yeah, Agency resources were
involved from what I recall.

It was completely aboveboard.

Actually, we were just talking

about how Neal
became an FBI agent.

Yeah, but it's a long story.

I know I'd love
to hear that story.

Um, I'm gonna go check
and see if we can get a table.

Would you like to go with me?

Maybe let the boys chat?

Of course.

See you in a little bit.

What are you doing here?

Did you follow me here?

You have until they come back

to explain why she thinks
you're an FBI agent,

or I'm telling her the truth.

We met on a case.

I told her I work for the FBI.

She assumed I was an agent.

And you didn't correct her,
did you?

I didn't see any reason to.

Because you're impersonating
a federal officer.

I suppose technically...

No, not technically.
You are.

The pen,
the chiropractor's office.

This is all to convince her
of this story.


You like her, don't you?


Lying is a funny way
of showing it.

She doesn't look at me
like a criminal, okay?

She looks at me

the way El looks at you.

I don't want to ruin that.

Neal, you have lovely friends.

Oh, aren't they great?

We are gonna get out
of your hair right now.

We got a table.
Come on, let's go.


You two have lots
to talk about.

Excuse me one minute.

This is Agent Burke.

It's Dr. Khatri.

Someone's here.

I don't recognize him.

All right, remain calm, Doctor.

We have agents in the museum.

No, I'm not there.

I took the egg to my lab
to run a cat scan.

Hang up and find
someplace safe.

We'll be there soon.

Neal, we have to go.
Dr. Khatri's in trouble.

NYPD is on the way,
but we're closer.

We're running out of time!

You better tell me where it is!

What, you think
I'm playing games?

I'll never give it to you.

It's Holt.

I'm not gonna ask again.

If we go in with guns drawn,
he might shoot her.

Khatri's not giving up
that egg.

We gotta
come up with something,

or she's gonna
get herself killed.

Where the hell is the egg?

Where is the mother?
What have you done with her?

It's just an egg.
Tell me where it is.

It's so much more than that.

It is a child that needs
to be with its mother,

and I'll be damned
if I'll ever give it up to you.

Have it your way.

Doctor, do you have
the isotopic results...

Hold it right there.

I don't want any trouble, okay?

Where is the damn egg?

I'll show you.

No, you can't give it to him.

I'm not taking a bullet
for a fossil, all right?

Follow me.

Right through here.

Get off of me!

Give me a hand.

Not every thief
who brings their own handcuffs.

Very thoughtful of you.

Holt confirmed
that Forsythe hired him

for the fossil heist.

So why are you not doing

an "About to get the dinosaur"
happy dance?

Because he doesn't know
where the dinosaur is located.

And if we arrest Forsythe now,

there's no guarantee
we'll get the t-rex back.

And our evidence
is largely circumstantial.

I want hard proof.

- You want the dinosaur.
- Damn right I do.

Dr. Khatri will be
happy to hear that.

Just got off with the hospital.

She's fine,

just a little shaken up.

There's only one chip
we can play right now.

The egg.

We can plant a tracker on it.

I bet he'll stash it
with the t-rex fossils.

Follow him,
make a clean arrest.

I don't wanna
put the egg in place.

It's too valuable,
too important.


Lucky for us,

we know someone with
a history of forging fossils.

Dr. Khatri
gave me fragments

of real calcite shell
and sedimentary rock.

I'll sculpt the core
from alabaster.

- Adhesives?
- Already mixed.

We should get started.

I assume you don't mean
the royal we?

A correct assumption.


The hydrochloric acid
is reacting perfectly

with the calcium carbonate
in the shell.

We made a baby dinosaur, Moz.

Ah, like father,
like forged embryo.

Each with his own anklet.

At least Peter won't be able

to follow this tracker
to Rebecca.

Oh, have you spoken to her
since your ill-fated dinner?

I warned you, Neal.

You, business, and women.

Unholy trinity, I get it.

Well, you can be grateful

that the suit didn't expose
your agent nom de guerre.

Well, I am.

What happens
when Peter digs deeper?

Could find out about the Codex.

Yeah, or Hagen.

Cause for concern.

Keep in mind, to make an end
is to make a beginning.

You think
I should end it with her?

That was TS Eliot.

But if Rebecca
is on Big Brother's radar,

the timing could be right.

All right, do we have
a game plan for the church yet?

I'm working on it.

But to steal
the stained glass window

will be difficult
with so many witnesses.

Well, that's a problem
that can wait a day.


Today we revive
the Cretaceous Period.

Tomorrow we steal a window

that could be connected
to a bedlamite's tome.

C'est la vie.

C'est la vie.

Not bad.

I was gonna give it to you
after this,

but if you don't think
it's very good...

"Not bad"
doesn't mean "Not good."

It doesn't mean "Good."

I'll give it to someone
who can appreciate it.

No, this is FBI property.
I can take it if I want.

Okay, the tracker's live.

When Forsythe moves the egg,
we'll be right behind him.

Neal, tell us about your cover.

John McDowell.
Accomplice to Michael Holt.

Here to deliver the egg

because the FBI
is looking into Holt,

and he's laying low.

Which was confirmed by Holt

when he called Forsythe
to set up the meeting.

We'll have ears on you
the whole time.

With a forgery like this,
you should be out quickly.

With 1/2 million in cash.

The FBI is investigating Holt?

Should I worry?

Nah, it's just one agent
shaking every tree he can find

to see what falls out.

He doesn't have anything.

But to be safe,
I'm here instead of Holt.

Hey, if you don't want
the egg anymore,

I'm sure I can unload it
somewhere else.

No, no, no, no.
It's fine.

I wanna see it.


No, it's not yours yet.

Not till you pay me.

You're getting
ahead of yourself.

I need
to authenticate it first.

Let's get a move on.


Calcite levels and pebble
texture appear appropriate.

I assume that's good news.

Oh, it very much is.

Then I think this is
the part where you pay me.

I will.

After one last test.

Can't tell you how many times

two-bit hustlers
have tried to rip me off

with fake artifacts.

Which is where the cat scan
comes in handy.

He won't see an embryo
on a cat scan.

But he will see the tracker.

The scan will take
about ten minutes.

So settle in.

Look, I didn't think this
was gonna be an all-day thing.


You worried
the scan won't work?

No, I just don't understand

what this thing
is gonna show you

that all
the other tests didn't.

It'll show me what's inside.

Or what isn't.

We need to pull
Neal out of there.

Wait, Dr. Khatri should
have a cat scan of the egg.

I'll call to see
if she can send one to us.

You ever heard of a macuahuitl?

It's the weapon you're holding
in your hands right now.

What else can you tell me
about this weapon, John?

Anything about this one
in particular?

I stole it for you
eight years ago

with Holt
right here in New York.

You're holding it wrong.

You mind?

The early macuahuitl handle
is 2 inches wider at the top.

Hold it like this.

Better grip
means a faster swing.

More control.

You're right.

You know,
I've stolen a lot of things,

but I've rarely taken
anything just to have it.

You should try it sometime.

We should be at the embryo
any moment now.


Why is he here?


I'll be right there.

Who's here?

That FBI agent.
Still shaking his trees.

Don't worry,
I'll get rid of him.

Mr. Forsythe,
thanks for seeing me.

I won't take up
much of your time.

Michael Holt,
he's our prime suspect

in the fossil shipment theft.

What's it got to do with me?

I was wondering if maybe he
approached you on buying them.

Well, if he contacts me,
you'll be my first call.

All I wanted to hear.

Then you'll be on your way.

You know, even though
their name means "Speedy Thief,"

they say that the velociraptor
wasn't particularly fast.

That's true.

And that it was dumb.

Yeah, not much room for a brain
in there, I guess.

One slow, dumb chicken
with big teeth.

Don't touch the skull.

How do you keep them
glued in there?

Epoxy or tacky?

Agent Burke, don't...

Guess you should've used

- Is that all?
- Mm-hmm.

Sorry I broke your dinosaur.

Well, will you look at that?

Money's in the briefcase.

Pleasure doing
business with you.

The things people do when
they think no one's watching.

Like following your friend
to a first date

and crashing it?

Come on.

Let's show Forsythe how the FBI
handles natural selection.

You just think of that one?

Yeah, on the way over.

What the hell
are you doing here?

I thought about what you said.

I figured out
what I wanna take.

How'd you follow me?

That little guy told me
where you were.

Or at least a GPS tracker
we put inside it did.

Let's go.

Open it up.

Okay, that definitely
captures my imagination.

You know, it's not too late
for you to be a paleontologist.

Some things are better
enjoyed from a distance.

Oh, like grand larceny.

Are all
of your hobbies illegal?

I like chess.

You hustled chess
in Union Square.

Agent Burke.

Mr. Caffrey,
follow me.

You need to see this.

Here she is.



This mother and child reunion

was only possible
because of you two.

The museum is in your debt.

I know someone who would love
a year-round pass.

Agent Burke,
you have VIP status here.

Our doors are always open.

Peter Burke, VIP.
We should get you a badge.

Thank you, Doctor.

Thank you.

Come by the house
for dinner tonight.

El's cooking branzino.

Branzino, look at you.

I can be fancy.

Thanks for the invitation,

It's not an invitation.

So it's an order?

7:00 PM.

Don't be late, Agent Caffrey.

Bad news.

Another amazing meal.

Well, it should be.
It's your recipe.

Should've thrown it
on a barbecue.

Never let him be sous chef.

He's actually very good
on the barbecue.

So... Rebecca.

- Yeah, Rebecca.
- What do you wanna know?

Have you told her everything?


Why you're working for the FBI?

- Why you're wearing an anklet?
- Has she seen it?

Okay, I was waiting
for the right time.

There's no right time, Neal.

What do you think happens
if I tell her the truth?

The more time passes,

the more the truth will hurt.

If you really want this
to work,

tell her now.

Pray she'll accept it.

You agree?

If you really care
about Rebecca,

she deserves
to know the real you.

Okay, if Peter had told you
something like this

when you first met,
would you have accepted it?

Honestly, Neal, I...
I don't know.

But I'd want
the choice to decide.

And so will Rebecca.

It's a risk you should take.

I don't wanna ask
why you have that thing.

Mm, it was there
for the taking.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

- Cheers.
- Mmm.

Byron always said
the city spoke to him.

I can relate to that.

You're a lot like him.

How did you feel when
he told you he was a criminal?

It hurt.

But I loved him.

And it didn't matter
what he was.

It only mattered who he was.

I wish
I could separate the two.

Well, you'll learn with time.

Just a second.

Find something new?

- Yeah.
- Great.


I was gonna lie,
pretend I found something,

but I just wanted
to come see you.

Whatever this is between us,

I... I don't
want it to stop.

I don't either.


But there's something
you should know about me.


I'm not an FBI agent.

I'm a Criminal Informant.

I was convicted of bond forgery

and served
part of a four-year sentence

before I became a CI.

I'm... I don't understand.

I've been to your office.

I've been working
with your boss, Agent Gruetzner.

Yeah, he's not my boss.

My real boss is Peter Burke,
who you met at dinner.

That office was just a setup

to get your help
with the Codex.

You set up a fake office
all so you could lie to me?

Are you even researching
the Codex?

I am.

Just not for the FBI.


Why would you do this to me?

I needed your help, all right?

And I...

I didn't expect this.

I didn't expect us.

Is there anything else
I should know?

Thank you.

I think I was just...

- June!


I was just chatting
with this wonderful man,


You can call me "Curtis."

It's a lovely name.

Thank you.

Well, I think...

I'll just be running along.

You stay away from her, Hagen.

Quite the life you've built.

Hate to see things fall apart
over one little window.

That's right, I know that
the Codex leads to the window.

Isn't it lucky you were already
planning to steal it for me?

That was what you were planning,
wasn't it?

- Of course.
- Good.

That would be best
for everyone.