White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 7 - Quantico Closure - full transcript

While Neal delves further into the mystery of the Codex, Peter takes on a classified espionage case with a fellow FBI agent: his ex-girlfriend.

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Previously on White Collar...

The Mosconi Codex.

This is no ordinary book.

I think Hagen is using you.

The only chance we have of getting a leg up on him

is by deciphering the codex first.

- Neal took off, didn't he? - Yeah, he sure did.

Find out where he went.

Surveillance cameras a block from the vodka room

led us to a cabbie.

Is there any reason he'd slip away to come here?

Neal always has a reason.

You okay?

I can't exhale until I hear you

walk through that door at night.

Agent Siegel's murder

was a random act of violence.

But it's not gonna happen to me.

I promise.

But the codex has been hidden away

its entire existence.

How did you get a copy?

Our copy of the codex is incomplete.

How much do you have?

A single chapter.

It's chapter 13.

In all the books he ever produced,

he never wrote a chapter 13.

Haircut, new suit.

What's the occasion?

On this very day,

I walked into a downtown art gallery

and first laid eyes on my future wife.

Ah, routine art crime investigation

turns into the luckiest day of your life.

I agree.

And to celebrate,

we're going to the same restaurant

we went to on our first date.

Papaya King?

La Cucina de Tua Nonna.

Red sauce, wine in straw bottles.

Napkin tucked into your collar?

I'm making it a point to remember all the anniversaries.

Birthdays, weddings,

the day we brought Satchmo home from the breeders.

I imagined a stork delivery.

- December 7th. - Pearl Harbor day?

Another day that will live in infamy.

First time I arrested you.

Hmm, and four years later we did it all over again.

- Yeah. - But this time,

- you gave me jewelry. - [Chuckles] Oh.

Which is why I asked you to meet me here.

I removed your anklet

for our undercover operation at the vodka room.

Soon after, I found this.

Don't we have hundreds of those back at the office?

I have a hunch this has special significance.

Office building, 56th Street.

Gravich Chiropractic.

Our next case.

Could be mine.

I'm here to help.

You can go home now.

This year, skip the straw bottle wine.

Spring for some sangiovese.

I'll order what I always order.

I downloaded it to my phone so I'd always have it with me.

I still love Italian.

I still love you.

So am I the first guy you ever made a sign for?

It was the first sign that didn't say "Go away."

Oh, it wouldn't have discouraged me.

Did you ever think where you would be

if you didn't walk into my gallery that day?

Nope. Never.

Too scary to think about.

How's work going? Getting any better?

Yeah, we added Siegel's picture to the honor wall.

That was something, at least.

Hey, what kind of celebration is this?

- Glasses are almost empty. - Thank you.

- Scusi. - Oh.

We didn't order these.

What's wrong? Do you know her?

I think I do.

That's Jill.


From Quantico.

Oh, that's Jill?

Right. My ex-girlfriend.

- Peter. - Yes.

It's been a long time.

[Laughs nervously] 20 years long.

I never thought I'd see you here, tonight.

I hunted you down.


This is my wife, Elizabeth.

It's great to meet you.

Uh, wait, I've interrupted something.

Oh, no.

This is just an average Tuesday night for us, right?

Come on, sit down. Join us.

- Okay. - Okay.



So, um, what are you doing in New York?

I'm on a case. Thought I'd look you up.

How'd you find me?

That's what I do, Peter.

You still in SSG?

Last time I checked in.

What's SSG?

SSG: Special surveillance group.

We track down the bad guys, follow 'em,

record 'em if we can.

Sounds fascinating.

- You still drink bourbon? - On occasion.

Well, this is a damn special one.

How about you?

Sure, why not?

Remember our toast?

Truth, justice...

And stay out of our way.

[Rock music]

Here it is.

Every time I pass this house

I was tempted to knock and ask for a look inside.

Oh, you should have.

My landlady would have invited you in for coffee.

God, it's like a good book I'm finally getting to read.

I can't believe you live here.

Well, I just rent the epilogue.

Can I get you a glass of wine?

FBI agents are allowed to drink on the job?

Well, we're always on the job.

What choice do we have?

And now that you're joining us,

I'm gonna corrupt you too.

- Thank you. - Mm-hmm.

So where's this phantom chapter 13 of yours?

Right here.

It can't be.

Why? What's wrong?

What's wrong is that it's right.

It's--it--it's a Mosconi, but that's impossible.

That would make it the only chapter 13 that he ever made.

Well, it was copied directly from the codex

at the Gershon Museum.

It is his handwriting.

This is crazy.

And this.


It's a study for a painting.

That he didn't put on canvas

until a year after this was published.

So these pages, they couldn't have been done by anyone else.

And this has to be from his New York period.


He was here less than a year.

FBI art crimes database.

Maybe he wrote his only chapter 13 in New York as well.

Well, Mosconi rushed back to Italy in a hurry.

The why he ran is a mystery.

And the book he left us is more of a what than a why.

He was a puzzling man who loved puzzles.

See, Mosconi believed that if someone wanted the truth,

they should have to search for it.

What--what are you doing?

If this book is a puzzle, maybe these are the pieces.

Look at that.

Come here.

Oh, my gosh.

Here's one.

Where's the middle?

It's gotta be here somewhere.

It's incredible.

It looks like a stained glass window.

But if he wrote chapter 13 when he was in New York,

this stained glass window

could be right here in Manhattan.

Do you--do you realize what you've just done?

Made a mess of the codex?

No, I-I think you might have just made

one of the most important discoveries

on Mosconi in decades.

Ah, working into the night?


You should know the FBI frowns on overtime.

Uh, we--we've made incredible progress, sir.


I'm gonna let Agent Caffrey fill you in.

- Sure. - You know, I'm gonna...

research this window.

See if I can find out where it is.

Yeah, I'll put my FBI resources on it as well.

We can see who finds it first.



You, business, and women-- the unholy trinity.

Rebecca is all about the business of the codex.

Oh, like I've never seen this before.

Kate, Alex, Sarah.

Now Rebecca.

There's more behind this than the codex.

So you're an expert on romance now?

One who has loved not wisely, but too well.


Yeah. We all know how that turned out.

You okay?

Pretty quiet on the way home.

Well, I didn't wanna break the spell.

Oh, look, honey.

Jill challenged me.

You ow that I didn't enter Quantico

all that sure of myself.

But she tried so hard to beat me

that I worked my butt off to beat her.

- And-- - Look at you now.

No, that's not what I meant.

It's--it's just that I never thought

that I could finish as high as I did.

You know that.

You're the reason I'm the man I am today.



I couldn't have gotten through this past year without you.

Or...any year.

You know, it's still our anniversary.

I was hoping you'd say that.

Thank you, detective.

Right, well, let's hope it does.

Bye. We'll take it from here.

That was NYPD.

Two days ago someone in Brooklyn commandeered a vehicle

posing as an FBI agent.

Yesterday he struck again.

- Did he flash a badge? - Mm-hmm.

NYPD doesn't know if it's real or not.

Or if it could be Siegel's.

Chances are slight that it is,

but we need to check it out.

Could be our first solid lead in two weeks.

I want you and Jones on this.

Two people I trust.

Well, 1 1/2.

Who is that?

Uh, no one important.

Come up with something to catch this guy.

- Now go. - You seem nervous.

Just leave, just leave.


Neal Caffrey.

Do we know each other?

Jill stone. I stayed up all night

reading the case files of you two.

Couldn't put it down.

The good ones keep you up at night.

Mm-hmm. The bad ones even longer.

[Chuckles] He was just leaving.

[Clears throat] I wasn't expecting you.

We're a secretive bunch.

Tell me we're looking at the same thing.

Peter Burke uncomfortable.

That's not his natural state.

You know she's FBI?

Well, it's not your run of the mill suit.

Not that she ever wears one.

Look at the way she holds herself.

Open. Totally exposed.

Confidence and plenty of it.

Ooh. Oh, that's not the first time

she's touched him like that.

- Uh-uh. - They have a past.

Look at her eyes. All over his face.

Yeah, she wants to see if he still feels anything.


- Whoa. - Whoa what?

- They slept together. - Peter?

Not recently.

All right, you know I heard

he had a pretty serious relationship

with a female agent down at Quantico.

She joined SSG.

The CIA of the FBI?

Those are some badass agents.

That explains the confidence.

That's Peter's ex.

It has to be.

I couldn't talk about the case in front of your wife.

White Collar related?

I'm tracking a tech genius named Mason Sadowski.

Doesn't look all that intimidating.

In today's world that's what trouble looks like.

He's part of a team that invented

a new and extremely dangerous microchip

for one of our top defense contractors.

Then he decided he didn't wanna share?


Must be a very important chip.

Something to do with decoding passwords.

With it, a two-bit hacker could break through

our most sophisticated security walls.

Low-hanging fruit for our enemies.

Yeah, he put it on the black market.

I've established a cover I.D. as a broker for Iran.

Set the hook yet?

- He swallowed it. - Good.

Waiting for a buy time to reel him in.

My problem: Most buyers

representing foreign interests come in twos.

In order for the ruse to work, I need a partner.

Someone with undercover experience.

Someone you can trust.

More than any other agent in New York.

Section Chief Bruce Hawes put the order through personally.

Oh, Bruce, huh?

Not only Bruce.

Your name gets dropped a lot in Washington.

Nice to hear.

You know New York, and I don't have GPS.

Besides, you're the best. Next to me, of course.

Oh, that was Quantico. This is now.

I'll set up the buy.

This is gonna be fun.

- Got that too. - Here.

- Good to see you. - Take care.


She left Peter with a lot to think about.


Get back to work!

And still uncomfortable.

- Oh, hey, you got plans later? - Why?

ASAC gave us an assignment.

NYPD informed Peter

someone may be using Siegel's badge in Brooklyn.

All right, I'll coordinate with NYPD.

We'll need the perp's description and his M.O.

So we know what we're looking for.

Or we help him find us.

Jill's just an FBI agent who needs help on a case.

That's it. End of story.

You never look at Jones like that.

- Drop it. - Hold on a second.

Does El know that your old ex is your new partner?

I'm gonna tell her tonight when it's more relaxed.

All right, at least give up the details.

What broke you two lovers up?

I don't know.

She went west, I went east.

It doesn't matter anymore.

- It always matters. - No, what matters

is that you catch the guy flashing the badge.

All right, Jones and I are gonna cruise Brooklyn tonight

in sheep's clothing, but...

But what?

The wolves need a sleeker wardrobe.


Drop me off.

Dinner's almost ready.


- Hi. - Hi.

Jill came to my office today.

I figured she would.

Why don't you pour me a glass of wine

and tell me all about it?

What kind of wine is this?

Oh, that's the bottle Mozzie gave us last Christmas

- you were afraid to open. - Still am.

[Doorbell rings, knocking]

- You expecting someone? - No.

Oh...hi, Elizabeth.

Um, wow, it smells like Italy in here.

I forgot people still make dinner.

I forgot people just drop by.

I'm so sorry I keep interrupting you.

I should have called first, but we're just kind of in a rush.

- "We"? - Oh, Peter.

I found where the guy's holed up,

so we gotta do recon on the thing now, right now.

You guys workin' on a case together?

That's why Jill is in New York

and since it was White Collar related--

- What's it about? - Mm, it's classified.

Oh, well, nothing we discuss ever leaves this house.

I'm sorry, hon.

We can't discuss this one.

- You okay? - Why wouldn't I be?

I'll call you on my way home.

I'll try to get him home in one piece.


Do you live in this?

When I have to.

All you're missing is a fridge and a hot plate.

Well, I'm thinking about putting in

- a fireplace and jacuzzi. - That'd be nice.

How come you're still in the field?

I mean, you had big ambitions way back then.

I expected you to be assistant director by now.

I'm on a Washington track.

For the time being, I'm serving double duty.

ASAC and Neal's handler.

I'm pretty happy doing both.

- Peter... - What?

You don't have to put up a strong front for me.

You were the supervisor of an agent who got killed.

I know you're hurting.

The entire bureau is.


It's been hard to shake it.

I lost my partner eight years ago.

Still can't.

Cruisin' for the bad guy in a sweet ride,

- just like Crockett and Tubbs. - Ah.

I am living the dream.

Did you base your entire future on Miami Vice?

Ah,Hill Street Blues, Cagney & Lacey--

any show about law enforcement.

I had a different perspective.

Let me guess, rooting for the bad guys?

Only when they were good, Cagney.

We've been driving around for about three hours.

Where is this guy?

We were chasing a couple that robbed a bank in Pomona.

They split up. I followed the guy.

Earl was following the girl. She pretended to surrender.

She shot him.

Is that why you work alone?

It wasn't my fault, but it still feels like it was.

Siegel used to come to my office

and just wanna hear about my old cases.

He couldn't get enough.

I brought him here from Chicago.

David was my responsibility.

Can't protect everybody.


And you can't take their place.

Even though sometimes you wish you could.


Any closer to finding the killer?

Not yet.

Today we got a potential lead.

You'll find him.

Justice is not always as swift as we want it to be.

Isn't that our guy?

Yeah, he's out of his room. Now's our chance.

- What? - I don't know.

Bad feeling.

I hope we don't get jacked before our perp shows up.

Hold on a second.

Whoa, what are you doing?

You know Peter doesn't like folks touching his buttons.

Trying to get a better view.

Looks like your hope is about to come true.

- On your left. - Yeah?

I need your car.

- Official FBI business. - Yep.

Get out now! Criminal's getting away.

- Be cool, man! - How are we

gonna get our car back?

Real FBI.

Hands on the roof.

What do you got?


I would have had you if I wore flats.

Well, I never knew you to make excuses before.

Okay, you won that one.

Savor it, because it'll be your last.


Thanks for letting us in. Honeymooners, right?

Always forgetting something.

Si, senor.

Come on, let's find a place to stash the gun

in case we get patted down before the buy.

You think he took the chip with him?

If I thought so, I would have taken him outside.

Then maybe he left it here.

[Door handle jiggles] Give me the gun.

[Water running]

You could have had any assignment you wanted

when we left Quantico.

Why Los Angeles?

Hey, that looks familiar.


Same guys we passed on our way in.

They might be competitive shoppers for our chip.

Let's find out who they are.

Take a selfie like we're a couple on a date.

Come on, closer.

We gotta sell it.

[Phone rings]

Neal, you got him?

You left him bleeding on the sidewalk.

A bullet in his chest.

- An FBI agent. - One of us.

I didn't kill the dude.

I pulled that badge and gun outta the trash.

I swear.

You know, when a murderer swears,

I tend not to believe them.

It was a Friday.

About a month ago. When people cash their g-checks.

Oh, yeah?

What time of day was it?

Later. Almost dark.

Where were you before that? Between 3:00 and 4:00 P.M.?

I-I don't remember.

"I don't remember". Well, you know what?

It doesn't matter because you've got the badge

and you've got the gun.

And your prints are all over them.

You're going down for this.

Let's go.

- My skin is starting to crawl. - No, wait, wait.

When your guy got hit, I was inside Dante's Liquor.

For an hour?

Waited till it emptied out so I could rob it.

The place was crowded and full of cash on check day.

Look, check it out.

The store's got cameras. They don't lie.

Get in there with him.

Head down to the liquor store. I wanna see that footage.


Look, you got him to talk.


You did everything you could.

Are you okay?

You're awake?

I always wait up for you.

Well, sometimes you fall asleep.

Not this time.

Tell me all about it.

It's classified.

Oh, come on.

It's not like Jill will ever find out.

I can't.

We always discuss your cases.

I know, but I--and I can't wait to tell you about it.

But...not until it's done.

What's so special about this one?

I'm sorry, it's--


You understand, right?

Of course I do.

I'm an FBI wife.

Facial recognition scan

pegged them as Eric Healey and Robert Bly.

They're both ex-black ops.

They've been freelancing

for some of our lesser known defense contractors.

They're high-end mercenaries.

Yeah, it does look like we're not the only ones

hunting our genius.

Rival defense contractors

would do anything for that technology.

I think these guys are looking to be the new sellers.

Which means they're not gonna buy it.

They're gonna steal it.

Hey, Elizabeth Burke.

Bearing gifts in a brown paper bag.

I can only imagine.

Oh, it's just his lunch.

He forgot it this morning.

Why aren't you in there?

Uh, scratched off the need to know list.

Yeah, me too.

Come on, let's go in.

No, Neal, I'm not that kind of wife.

Well, I'm definitely that kind of C.I.

No, I'll just leave it on his desk.

All right.

What do we think of this Jill?

There's need for further study.

I think she's lonely.

Well, she lives out of an '86 Chevy.

I doubt she throws a lot of dinner parties.

She never got married.

Peter could be the last man she ever loved.

20 years is a long time to go without loving someone else.

You fall in love with Peter, you--you are in love.

I can't imagine those feelings ever going away.

Not completely.


Peter Burke? The man in the conference room?

You have no idea.

This is good.

We'll have Jones coordinate with NYPD.

We'll get a current location of the SUV.

He can trail it and give us updates of its whereabouts.

No. Peter. I think I was pretty clear.

No one else can know anything. No one else can be involved.

It's my case, my rules.

It's our case.

I brought you in on this.

Don't make me take you off.

You brought it to White Collar,

and I'm ASAC here.

We'll do it our way or you're out.

You're not serious.

This face doesn't look serious to you?


Jones keeps tabs, he reports back to us,

but we don't tell him why.


[Whispers] Yeah.

I'm gonna say hi to El.


Did you call her?

I did. El couldn't have been sweeter.

- That's good, right? - It's terrible.

When she's upset with me,

she makes herself irresistible and unavailable.

- Oh, nice technique. - Drives me crazy.

All right, go home, talk to her in person.

I can't.

Jill's setting something up.

If I have to leave El mid-apology to meet Jill...

So just assign a different agent to work with Jill.

This case is too important.

Besides, she doesn't trust anyone else.


Is it about the case or is it about Jill?

I can talk to Jill about losing David.

She's been through it herself.

And you don't wanna worry El any more than she already is.

I don't.

She's been through enough this year.

Enough to believe that other bad things are possible.

El knows that I'm in love with her.

- She trusts me. - Trust?

Now you see it, now you don't.

[Phone rings]

I have to go.

Thing I can't talk about?

It's going down.

- You must follow him. - Look, I am not following him.

I'm not following my husband.

He's never given me reason not to trust him.

- Until now. - Mozzie.

You can trust truffles

harvested in the Perigord region,

bed linens handwoven in Madeira,

and, for the most part, a Teddy bear named Mozart.

But people? Almost never.

You trust Neal.

Neal is the reason

"never" was preceded by "almost."

I'm not following Peter.

- You must. - I won't.

- You must. - No.

Then follow the woman.

Or does your intrepid faith in the Suit extend to her as well?

- What do you have? - Yeah, Peter.

I followed the SUV to the village.

They just parked and went into a restaurant.

Thanks, Jones. Let me know when they leave.


Mercenaries just went into a restaurant.

That meal should keep 'em on the shelf until we make the buy.

Well, they're after the chip.

Why stop for a meal?

They don't know our buy's going down now.

Even bad guys gotta eat.

You and the missus okay?

She left the office in kind of a hurry.

Yeah, she was just dropping by a sandwich.


I depend on the kindness of delivery guys.

You never got married?

Who would put up with me?

[Chuckles] [Phone rings]

- Yeah? - Yeah, Peter.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

We don't have eyes on the rear.

Requesting permission for a walk-through.

Can't he just do a simple walk-through?

It's not part of the agreement.

You tell him to stand by.

Don't go.

She doesn't want me to go. You do.

- Right. - Gotcha.

- I'm going in. - Got it.

Mozzie was supposed to help me, but--

Bunion removal.

- I heard all about it. - Okay.

This is where I think she's staying.

I want you to come with me.

I hear she stays at the '86 Caprice.

I saw a picture of them in front of this hotel.

Close. Extremely close.

And she looked smitten,

but he looked like he wanted to go home.

Because he's in love with you.

I know that. What I don't know

is her intentions with him.

I mean, he's not an ordinary man, but he is a man.

If they are there, it's for the case

and that could be dangerous.

That's why I need you.

If you don't go with me, I'm gonna go alone.


I'll drive. You're too angry.

I'm tired of sitting. Let's go.

We're early.

We'll catch him off guard.

Or tip him off.

I've done this before, Peter.

Look, they're probably not even here.

Okay, they're here.

That is not what it looked like.

It better not be.

[Sighs] You know...

I really thought I was gonna see both of them

sitting on stools so close to each other they were touching.

You know, Peter having a beer

and Jill having whatever women have

when they're sitting with someone else's husband.

All right, don't jump to conclusions.

Too late. Already jumped.

Wait at the bar. I'll pull a room number

out of the desk clerk.

If...there is a room number.

Mercenaries are gone.

They must have I.D.'d us

and snuck out the back of the restaurant.

I want you to put the tac team on alert.

I'm calling Peter.

[Phone rings]

SSG procedure.

Radio silence.

Okay, start tracking Peter's cell phone now.

He might be walking into an ambush.

[Phone keypad beeps]

[Line ringing]

- Elizabeth. - Neal.

A man from Peter's file is in the bar.

That's why they're here. It was the case.

I told you not to jump.

I'm sure Peter's looking for him.

I think I could stall him.

Call Peter for me, okay?

Elizabeth, don't do anything--


- Hi. - Hi.

Um, are you staying at the hotel?

I'm, uh--yeah.

Yeah, uh, I'm staying. You?

No. Just getting a drink.

Are you in a rush?


Well, sit with me.

Have a drink.

Um...maybe later?

Why not now?

I have a meeting.

Um, how about you give me your phone

and I'll give you my number

and you call me in a 1/2 hour?


Ma'am, your check.

Oh, thank you.


- All right. - Thanks.

- Promise to call? - Promise.

Neal, that's him. Did you get a hold of Peter?

No. Voicemail.

Wait here.

I need to see where they're going.

Oh, no, I'm coming.

All right, tell me everything that happened.

Well, um, okay, I flirted with him.

He tried to flirt back, but he was not very good at it.

- Keep going. - He seemed anxious to leave.

He said maybe meet up in 30 minutes

and he put his number in my phone.

He put his number in your phone?

Let me see it.

What is that?

Some kind of new microchip.

All Peter told me was that it's about security.

I think we found what he and Jill are looking for.


Shouldn't he be waiting for us?

Like you said, we're early.

He's playing it cool.

Honey, I told you, it's the wrong room.

Hey, I saw you the other day.

Taking pictures...of us.

[Laughs] We're honeymooners.

We thought this was our room, but our key doesn't work,

so I guess it isn't.

There's only one room on this end.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

We don't--we don't want any trouble.

We'll just be leaving, all right?

What's in the bag?



Open it.

Open it, or you go from honeymooner to widow.

Buyers or feds.

Cash says that you're either one or the other.

Third option.

We're newlyweds

who don't believe in credit cards.

He's an old-fashioned kind of guy.

That I am.

I-I don't know who he is,

but she's a buyer.

The deal was supposed to go down today.

Right now.

The chip!

I hid it on a woman downstairs.

What woman?

Wait. We're both buyers.

Iranian interests.

Well, at least I was until this morning.

North Korea came calling.

Our partnership wasn't gonna make it past the parking garage.

Son of a bitch.

Their country would be very grateful

if the two of you joined our team.

Extremely grateful.

Look, kill the both of them.

You can take the money.

I'll cut you in on my half of the chip.

Just untie me.

All right, you have to go downstairs.

I have the chip.

I'm going in.

Give it to me. I'll take it in.

Are you gonna help me get in there,

or am I gonna have to knock?

Let's discuss this.

I don't know who you're working for

or what they're paying you,

but the North Koreans will beat it.

They can't even feed their own people.

Shut up.

What are you looking for, newlywed?

All right.

- You never saw this. - What is that?

It's something Mozzie and I made.

Now go in there like you own the place.

Show them the chip, but keep it away from them.

Okay, try to buy me 30 seconds.


I asked you a question, newlywed.

I've got what you want.

Hon, get out of here now.

Th--that's her.

That's the woman I stashed the chip on.

He's right.

It's, uh--it's in here.

It's, um--I have it.

It's, um--it's, uh...

it's--it's right here. It's--it's in the phone case.



Oh, that was incredible.

But don't do anything like that again.

I don't know if I can promise that.

All right, we got two men down.

Another typical day at White Collar.

Well, I fulfilled one of my fondest dreams.

- Yeah, what's that? - Working with you.

- Aw. - It was fun.

We did talk about that at Quantico a lot.

It lived up to expectations.

But you had bigger dreams back then.



Once I've tied up all the loose ends here.


I can't just bring anyone in to be Neal's handler.

I gotta make sure they're up to the task.

- Peter. - What?

There'll always be loose ends.


Yeah, and there's one you might be able to help me with.

Uh, this one is a cold case

that has been gnawing at me for 20 years.

Why California?

You were top in our class.

You could have had any assignment you wanted.

I took an assignment.

First female SSG agent on the west coast.

- How could I turn that down? - I wouldn't have stopped you.

You wanted New York.

D.C. That was your dream.

You ran.

You didn't chase after me.

You would have just run faster.

You're right. I would have.

At least this way we can remember Quantico

as the beautiful thing it was.

Let's do that.

Where you headed?

Off to Miami. Another case.

Well, I hope another case brings you to New York again.

Yeah, maybe I'll bring my El with me.

- Male edition. - Good luck finding one.

She's one in a million.

Don't be afraid to talk to her, Peter.

About anything.

I should have talked to you about this a long time ago,

but I can't stop thinking about him.

I can't shake the feeling that if I hadn't become ASAC

he'd still be alive.

Just trust me, okay?

- Can I open my eyes? - No, you can't.

Step down--curb. Curb. Curb.

There you go.

It's not that big of a curb.

I don't like surprises. They never turn out good.

All right, we're almost there.

You know, you should know that

walking the streets of New York blind

is a recurring nightmare of mine.

You can open your eyes.

It's the window from the codex.

How did you ever find it?

Agent Gruetzner used some of his underworld contacts.

It's beautiful.

Not professional.


Not professional at all.