White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 10 - Live Feed - full transcript

FBI catches Hagen for a forgery. Hagen takes Agent Burke along with him to reveal his relations with Neal where suddenly Hagen gets shot by someone who is believed to be the same person who shot Siegel.

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Previously on White Collar...

David Siegel.

Cause of death was
a gunshot wound to the sternum.

What do you want?

You're gonna help set me free.

The Mosconi codex.

You want me to risk jail
for a little light reading?

If this book is a puzzle,

maybe these are the pieces.

I know that the codex leads
to the window.

Isn't it lucky that you were
planning to steal it for me?

The decoder lens.
It doesn't work on ours.

Because it's a copy.
So what's the plan?

Leverage the decoder
for the evidence tape.

- Then you'll be free.
- Depends on Peter.

You robbed a vault
under my watch.

I can explain.

Don't you dare try
to justify it.

Did it for you!

Why should we lose everything?

What does it say about me
if I let this go?

Neal, you robbed a vault
under my watch.

- I can explain.
- Don't.

Don't you dare try to justify
what you did.

I put myself out on the line
for you all the time!

- I nearly lost everything...
- I did it for you!

Make sure Dawson has
authenticated the confession.

I took a bribe.
I did the right thing.

No, it isn't right.

What does it say about me
if I let this go?

That's not justice.
You're...you're innocent.

- I did the right thing.
- Why should we lose everything?

None of this right.
Things are gonna change.

- I've been promoted.
- I turned them in.

[Overlapping voices]

[Overlapping voices continue]

[Voices stop]

[Phone ringing]


- This is Burke.
- I catch you at a bad time?

Bruce, hey, sorry.

- I was on a run.
- You can relax.

Section chiefs don't go
through standard physical evals.

Section chief.

They want me
in D.C.?

There was an opening at HQ.

The higher-ups took
some convincing,

but I was able to push you
for it.

- Job's yours.
- [Sighs]

You need to catch your breath?

No, I...

you know, I gotta be
honest, it's...

This is not the best time.

I have case files
and pending case files.

- It's just...
- Yeah.

There will always be
cases pending.

I trust you trained the people
under you

well enough to handle them.

When would I have to be
in D.C.?

- Two weeks.
- That's awfully soon.

Peter, are you ready to leave
White Collar or not?

[Knocks on door]

- New case?
- Oh.

Potential art forgery
at the Sullivan Auction House.

Figured it'd be
the perfect assignment

for you and Caffrey.

You and I can take care of it.

Can we talk?

What's on your mind?

Well, I was gonna ask you
the same thing.

- I'm fine.
- Yeah, sure, you're fine,

until I mention Caffrey's name.

Then, you look like you wanna
punch a hole through the wall.

It's not that obvious, is it?

Not to anyone else here,

but I've known the both of you
long enough

to tell when something's up.

Look, I don't know
what happened,

and I'm not gonna ask,

but I just think it's time
to end the cycle.

- Cycle?
- Yeah.

You know, the one where Neal
does something wrong,

finds a way to justify it,

and puts you in the hot seat
as a result.

So it is that obvious.

Well, Peter,
you have an opportunity

few agents in this bureau
ever see,

and you should have moved on
to it by now.

I mean, you've let one CI
hold you back long enough.

I have a few loose ends here

that need tying up.

I'm all for tying up
loose ends,

as long as they aren't Caffrey.

And Peter, you...

you always take responsibility
for him,

but maybe it's time he starts

taking responsibility
for himself.

That's all I wanna say.

So how long will the Suit
box you out?

Oh, he'll call me
when he needs me.

- His words?
- More or less.

I'm guessing more,
but you're not wearing

handcuffs and an orange onesie.

That means something.

That means he doesn't wanna
go back to prison.

Yet he blames you
for his freedom.

He can't see past the fact

that the law was broken.


Irony has seldom been
more perverse.


Well, this all started
with Hagen.

Today, it ends with him.

He wants the window, I want
the blackmail he's got on me,

and I don't plan to walk away
with nothing.

Yeah, neither does he.

So it's time to make a trade.

- Where is it?
- In a safe place.

But you're not getting
the window,

not today.

That wasn't what we agreed.

I'm renegotiating.

New deal in play.

You get the window,
I get the video of me

stealing those gold coins.

I thought you might be inclined

to try something like this,

so I brought along
a little incentive

for you to consider.


Are you considering, Neal?

Where is she?

If you ever want to see
her again,

you will let go of me.

- If you hurt her, I swear...
- What?

She is innocent in all of this.

I disagree, she's in your life,

and that makes her fair game.

No, this is between you and me.

Rebecca was never a part
of our deal.

Well, she is now,
and I have her.

Don't presume to know
what I'm capable of.

This address.

You have 30 minutes to deliver
the window.

If you contact the FBI,
she's dead.

You try anything clever,
she's dead.

Oh, and if you forget to bring

the little bald friend
of yours along,

well, you get the picture.

Look I-I need more
than 30 minutes.

That's all you have.
That's maybe all she has.

[Rock music]

- Anything?
- Still no audio.

And no indication
of where she is.

- The visual's too tight.
- What about a trace?

According to my software,
this image

is being transmitted
from a cell tower

halfway around the world.

Hagen covered his tracks.

Yeah, he's bouncing the signal
around like a beach ball.

- How are we for time?
- 11 minutes.

What about the address
he gave us?

That's an empty train station.

Been closed for years.
This could be a trap.

I don't care, I'm getting
her back no matter what.

I thought you might say that.

I'm always prepared.

A listening device.

A transmitter
with GPS tracking.

This earwig acts
as the receiver.

If I plant it on Hagen,
he could lead us to Rebecca.

It's a big if,
but it's an option.

[Sighs] Maybe our only one.

Neal, it's not the only one.


- No, it's too risky, all right?
- He could help us.

After everything
Peter and I just went through,

there's no telling
what he'll do.

I'm on my own.

We're on our own.

Ten minutes and counting.
Let's go.

- Hey.
- Hey, honey.

- You okay?
- Better now.


You know, I could've met you
at the office.

- No, it's nicer here.
- Yeah.


Bruce called.

I start the section chief job

in Washington in two weeks.

- Two weeks?
- Yup.


Two weeks.

Okay, I've...I've planned parties
with less preparation.

I can do this,
we've gotta put the house

on the market,
and pack everything up.

And we haven't even decided
on a neighborhood.

It doesn't feel right.

Honey, we...
we've had this discussion.

I know,
but you're the only person

I can talk to about this.

And I will always listen,

but you were innocent.

You deserve to be free.

I've made my peace
with what Neal did,

but I'm not sure
if I've made peace with myself.

For what?

For accepting it.
The timing of this...

Is a sign for you to move on.


Honey, there's something else.

So that's what this is about.

I can't leave until I know
the whole truth,

until I really know
what happened

to David Siegel that day.

- Work?
- Yeah.

Possible forgery
at an auction house.

I'm interviewing the manager
in 15.

- Should I dare to ask?
- No.

Neal's not working with me
on this.


You said you made your peace
with what he did.

That's right.

Have you actually made
your peace with him?

When it comes to work,

I can't let emotions cloud
my judgment.

I think you already have.

We're here.

I brought you the glass.
It's yours.

Now tell me where Rebecca is.

This is a very small window.

The...the pane acts as a filter.

My guess, you hold it over
the original codex,

and you'll see the hidden
message Mosconi placed in it.

Now let her go.

You're a little taller
than I pictured.

A little hackier
than I pictured.

Let's see Ms. Lowe then,
shall we?


- I came through on my end.
- Yes, you did.

But now, I'm renegotiating.

The original Chapter 13.

There is a message here.

And you want us to stay
and figure it out.

He's smart,
and you're slippery,

so better I keep an eye
on you both.

How do I know she stays safe?

Funny, isn't it?
Don't need a gun.

Don't even need
blackmail anymore.

Just one striking image.


If you want us
to solve this puzzle,

you have to tell us everything,

Chapter 13, the stained glass,
the masons.

First, where does
this all begin?

This all began with another
striking image.

This one.

This is a Mosconi.

I was restoring the mural
several years ago

when I noticed something.

Each shade of light
is different.

Cambridge, cobalt,
indigo, teal.

13 distinct hues of blue.

Legend has it that the masons
entrusted Mosconi

with something of great value.

He ensured its safety
by hiding it

shortly before he left
this country,

but not without leaving
a trail.

Those hues that you identified

are the beginning
of that trail.

13 is a sacred number
for the masons.

He never referenced it
in any other work but one.

The codex.

Chapter 13.

So, what's the pot of gold?

You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.

[Cell phone chimes]

It's Peter.
We've got a case.

- Agent Burke can wait.
- I don't think you get it.

If I don't show up,
Peter gets suspicious.

If he gets suspicious,
he checks my anklet,

which leads him right here.

Fine, but your friend stays.

I wanna talk to her
before I leave.

I'll stand right here
until you hand me the phone.

Rebecca, it's me.
It's Neal.

- I can't hear her.
- She can hear you.

- And that's good enough.
- Listen to me.

I'm coming for you.
It's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna get you out of there.

Bad form to keep
a lady waiting.

Hurry along to Agent Burke.

I'll have this all figured out
before you get back.

Just go.

If anything happens
to her or him,

you'll see what I'm capable of.

Tell me what you see.

A lot of people,

but I'm sure we'll find Waldo
in there somewhere.

I'm not in the mood for levity.

Well then, let's not waste
any time.

You have someplace else to be?

You rang, I came.
Is there a problem?

- Your tone, for starters.
- Insubordinate?

What's going on?

Of course I'm edgy.

You're upset with me,
and I have no idea

what I can do or say
to make it right.

Just do your job.

Mr. Rawling,
you're the house manager?

You must be Agent Burke.

This is my colleague
Neal Caffrey.

- How are you?
- Is this the piece in question?

A Vision of the Last Judgment
by William Blake,

thought to have been lost
for over 200 years.

How did it come
to your auction house?

- Anonymous seller.
- Huh.

I'd have called us as well.

Of course, gentlemen, I do have

the information for the seller,

but I can't provide it

until the painting has been
proven inauthentic.

You don't wanna upset
the vendor

and risk your commission.


Let's see what we see.

Tracing sheets won't help.

Anything placed between
the page

and the glass distorts
the concealed image.

Tell me something useful.


Um, there's
a certain tiger fish

that's been known
to eat crocodiles.

You are an odd little creature.

Yeah, and you're a stock thug.

You can't even do
your own dirty work.

Your obvious weakness
is your hubris.

You speak with such authority.

I've dealt with guys
like you before.

Then you know we have big teeth

and very little patience.

Stay focused.

There's a hidden image
on each page.

It looks like it's from
some ancient language.

Trace the images.

What, paint directly
on Mosconi's pages?

We need to line them up

so we can see
the bigger picture.

You'll destroy
the original Chapter 13.

Is it so difficult for you

to take a leap of faith?

I reserve my leaps of faith

for space exploration
and the Chupacabra.

I thought you were the artist.

Show me what you can do.

Oil and tempera paints
are aged perfectly,

mixed what just the right
amount of chalk.

If it's a forgery,
it's a good one.

Monotype processing.

Initially inked
on a non-absorbant...

What is it?

The initials "C-H."

Curtis Hagen.

We're going after
the Dutchman again.

I want everything
that you can dig up

on Hagen since his release:

Where he's staying,
who he's associated with,

what he is having for dinner.

I mean everything.

Yeah, on my way.

I didn't think Hagen
would slip up so soon,

but I guess he did.

Yeah, but why use
the same M.O.

that landed him prison
in the first place?

Ah, it could be something
he pulled out of storage

for a quick payday.

- The information on the seller.
- Thanks.

"Douglas Nemon."

Obviously, an alias
Hagen's using.

No known residence,
but we have a P.O. box,

and we have a telephone number.

Do you have any buyers
lined up?

- Several.
- Good.

The FBI is about to become
one of them.

You have a plan?

We clear the art as authentic,

let the sale of the piece
go through,

and track the money
back to Hagen.

Could work.

Mr. Rawling,
grab whatever you need.

You're gonna come back
to the bureau with me

so we can put this transaction
in motion.

All right, we finished here?

- When I say we are.
- Look, I did my part.

Why don't you wanna see
this through?


I don't like you looking at me

as some kind of liability.

All I did was help you.

At a cost
I'm not comfortable with.

Well, more comfortable
than a prison cell.

- Watch it.
- I did what you couldn't.

- What?
- You heard me.

You took a system I believe in
and corrupted it.

Because that system
didn't believe in you.

Don't say another word.
Now, we are finished here.

Go home.

- Mr. Rawling, you ready?
- You bet.

Let's go.

This way.

Nice cigars.

You know, it's bad luck
to celebrate

before a job is finished.

You like this?
Nicaraguan imperiales.

Great with scotch.

When this is over,

you light up a stogie
and release Rebecca?

Just like that?

- I said I would.
- And Neal?

He served his purpose.

"A wise man does not waste

so good a commodity
as lying for naught."

I'm flattered
you think me wise.

I was referring to Neal.

When this is over,
he's gonna make you pay,

and you won't even know
it's happening.

- I'm not that easily fooled.
- [Laughs]

I know more about you
than you think.

Well, I know a little
about you too.

[Laughs] About me?

Yeah, good luck.

I think Theodore Winters
would need the luck.

Don't you?

I know your name.
Do you know mine?

Moz, you all right?

Yeah, I'm okay for now.

So is Rebecca.

What was the pressing matter?

You're getting what you want.

How much longer do you need
to keep her?

You didn't answer my question.

It's a forgery investigation.

Second-rate hack
trying to sell

a Vermeer knock-off
to the Met.

Amateur hour.

Let me talk to Rebecca.

I swear, I didn't say anything
to Peter.

Now, let me talk to her.

Excuse me.

By all means, carry on.

Yes. Of course.

All right.
Keep working on the pages.

Pretend you're explaining
the process to me.

Was it really a forgery case?

Yeah, except the artist
was Hagen.

- What?
- He put a piece on the market.

They found his signature
hidden in it.

Why risk selling a fake now?

I don't know,
probably to raise capital.

He can't fund a treasure hunt
on unemployment.

Something isn't right.

Yeah, starting with the timing.

And the signature?
He's smarter than that.

Maybe this is all
part of his plan.

I have no idea,

but he can't know the FBI
is after him.

Yeah, he'll think
you sold him out.

That's not good for Rebecca.

Well, you'll need ears and eyes

on the Suit's investigation.

All taken care of.

You still have that earwig?

Sometime early this afternoon.

That's a fast turnaround.

We've had some very
enthusiastic bidders.

What was the going price?


That's good.

I assume you still have
my account number.

Once we finalize the paperwork,

the money will be
transferred to you.

Thank you very much.

Got nothing on the cell trace.

Well, we still have
the account.

Let's have someone from tech

ready to engineer
a false transaction.

Mr. Rawling,
we're gonna need you

to give a statement
to one of our agents.

It may take some time.

If you would.

How many more pages?


Now one.

Neal, if you'd be so kind

as to apply
the finishing touch.

- Why?
- Ceremony.

And because I said so.


Hagen may have
his bases covered

when it comes to the phone,

but we'll see how good
he really is in a minute.

- If this doesn't work?
- It'll work.

We might need Caffrey
after all.

I mean, we may have the tech,

but he knows how someone
like Hagen thinks,

what his next move could be.

I won't let Hagen
make another move.

Jones, I thought about
what you said,

about how Neal needs to take
responsibility for himself.

- Yeah.
- You're right.

I need to keep a distance.

So why did you take Neal

to the auction house
in the first place?

That was a mistake.

Listen, I wanted
to ask you earlier.

What happens to Neal
when you leave?

He's the next ASAC's problem.

- You know, because I could...
- Jones.

Don't volunteer to take him on.

Trust me.
You'll regret it.

Come on.
Let's see if our setup's ready.

Something wrong?

Almost finished.

It's done.

This isn't like the other ones.

So I'm guessing
that's the pot of gold?

Let's see how we get there.

I've never seen
this language before.

Neither have I.

That's why you're next task
is going to be

to translate it for me.

That could take days,
weeks, maybe.

Rebecca doesn't have that time.

Better get a move on.

We're not doing this.

You have any ideas?

- Got something.
- Hang on.

This is a real time link
to the IP activity

on Hagen's account, courtesy
of our friends downstairs.

Money for the forgery was
transferred two minutes ago.

Strong signal this time.

Doesn't look like
there's any re-routing.

I knew he wouldn't wanna wait.

He had to check on his money.

There's only one computer
logging in

to that account at the moment,

and it's right here
in New York.

We got him.
Downtown Brooklyn.

Assemble a team and move out.

The FBI's on the way.

Never my favorite words.

If they grab Hagen,
I may never see her again, Moz.

There's gotta be a play here.

I think I just found it.

All right,
take a look at the pages,

a good look.

Rain Man it.

- I got it.
- You got it?

- Yeah.
- Good.

What are you doing?

Take one more step
and I drop it.

You're bluffing.

You drop that light,
and she's as good as gone.

Yeah, so is the codex.

It's your choice:
You release Rebecca

or watch everything you work for
go up in smoke.

What's it gonna be?

We need to talk about this.

You have five seconds to decide

how important this message is.

We may have forgotten
to mention

that the FBI is en route.

- You are...
- A particular kind of bastard?

Yeah, I heard that one before.

Three seconds.

- Two seconds.
- Stop.


Call whoever you need to call,
and make it fast.

I want her out of there.

Let her go.

Put her on the line.

Give her the phone.

- Rebecca?
- I'm here, Neal.

All right, listen to me.
Wherever you are, you run.

Get to a populated area.
You understand?

I'm...I'm going.

Just keep moving
and stay on the line, okay?

- Okay.
- All right.


Not quite.

Here's a striking image
for you.

Back exit.

We can cut over to six,
hit the bridge.

This time of day,
we can be there

10, 15 minutes tops.

NYPD can get there faster.

Already coordinated.
We'll have their eyes.

But the arrest belongs to us.

I'm not letting Hagen get away

with another technicality.

So I'm assuming
you don't wanna tell Caffrey.

He'll know
when he needs to know.

In the meantime,
have someone from the bureau

pull his tracking data.

All right, you think
he's up to something?

Told him to go home.
Wanna make sure he did.

Rebecca, where are you?

I think I'm somewhere
in Brooklyn.

Neal, we have to go now.

All right, hold on.
You have it, right?

Every symbol safely stored here

I am the codex now.

I need you
to get a safe house ready.

We need a secure place
to hole up

in case Hagen comes after us.

- And you?
- Just call me when you're done.

All right, I'm still here.

I'm still with you.

Is anyone following you?

I'm not sure. Maybe.
I don't know.

I'm not hanging up
until I know you're safe.

I'll only feel safe
when I'm with you.

All right,
what are your cross streets?

- What do you see?
- Uh, Kent and Flushing?

Neal, I'm scared.

I'm on Taylor
right near the park.

I'm coming to you.

I'm passing Hall Street.

Do you see anyone behind you?

Lots of people.
I-I don't know.

All right,
I'm almost at Flushing.

All right,
I'm turning toward you now.

I'm still here.

I'm still here too.

- Thank God.
- It's okay.

It's okay.
I'm still here.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- You sure?
- Yeah.


Agent Burke,
is your team ready?

- Yes, sir.
- I'll take point.

Let's move in.

That's a go.


Hands where I can see them.

Agent Burke.

We have so much to discuss.

Are you sure it's safe
to be here?

It's only temporary.

Moz is gonna find a safe place
for you to stay

until this whole thing
blows over.

Rebecca, it's time to end this.

- What? You mean tell the FBI?
- Yeah.

No way.

- You'll get into trouble.
- [Sighs]

Look, we started this together.

And now, you wanna finish it?

- Tell me what you found.
- [Sighs]

Well, all the pages held
hidden symbols,

symbols that added up
to some kind of message

culminating with a picture
of an idol.

Describe the idol.

It was Hindu, female.

- Did she have a crown?
- Yeah.

What are you thinkin'?

- Is this what you saw?
- Yes.

This is the idol of Sita,
deity of wealth.

- It was created centuries ago.
- I've heard about it.

The idol had eyes
made out of rare diamonds.

But over the years,
the idol vanished.

And only one of the diamonds
was ever recovered.

A stone which is now sitting
in the Smithsonian.

The Hope diamond.


We're looking for its twin.

The other eye,
the other diamond,

it could be right here
in New York.

Yeah, Hagen said
the masons entrusted Mosconi

with something of great value.

There's a lot of gap years
in the history of the idol.

So it's possible the masons
had it at some point.

That diamond is a good reason

for Hagen to go
to all this trouble.

It's a good reason for you

to decode those symbols
you found.

Where are the pages?

The codex is gone.

To save you,
I had to destroy it.

There's still
a way we...


- You have a safe house?
- What I have is bad news.

The FBI's got Curtis Hagen
in custody.

- How do you know?
- I heard it through the earwig.

If he tells Peter
there's footage of me

taking those coins,
it sets off a chain reaction

that lands us all behind bars.

What are you gonna do?

Anything I can to make sure
that doesn't happen.

What is it?

I have to leave.

I'll be back.
I promise.

Be careful.

Recognize this?

William Blake,
if I'm not mistaken.

Judgment Day.
Pretty fitting.

More like
rush-to-judgment day.

The painting's a fake.

You've no proof that it's mine.

I wouldn't be so sure.

Why would I do something
that bold?

Well, I think that you got out
of prison,

had that piece ready to go,

and decided to make
some quick cash.

What, ride off into the sunset?

- Is that it?
- You tell me.

It's too rudimentary.

Criminals aren't
that complicated,

and if I remember correctly,

I caught you the first time
because of your ego.

Maybe prison humbled me.

I doubt it.
People like you don't change.

Heard we got Hagen.

Stay at your desk.

I didn't sign this painting.

You saying you were framed?

Say that was the case.

Now, we have to think,
who did it?

Had to be someone who knew me,

had to be someone who knew

that I used to sign my work.

That'd be anyone
in this division.


Someone in this division

who has an affinity
for art forgery.


You're lying.


What if I made you an offer?

I'll take a confession.

There's something to show you,

your eyes only, my place.

This conversation's over.

You can bring
all the people you want,

all the backup you need,

but you're gonna want to keep
this strictly between us.

A moment?

I checked Caffrey's
tracking data.

You're not gonna like it,

especially when you look
at the time stamp.

What is it?

He was with Hagen
all afternoon.


- Peter...
- Save it.

We're all takin' a ride.

This is as far as they go.

It's okay.
I got it from here.

This better be worth my time.

It's worth more than that.

What's that?

Freedom, Agent Burke.

All right, stop.

Look, this could be a setup.
We don't know what's in there.

- I do, evidence.
- How can you be sure?

I love watching
the two of you dance.

- A bit cathartic, really.
- Shut up.

By the way,
you're going to prison again.

- I doubt that.
- Keep dreaming.

I have been dreaming
of payback,

for the two of you taking away
years of my life.

You did that to yourself.

Now, I'm doing it to you.

- Beg.
- What?

Beg me for your freedom.

Shots fired!

Everybody get down!
Get down!

All agents, subject down!

Call medics and SWAT!

Close off immediate area now!



You were at that building
with him.

Think I wouldn't check
your anklet?

- [Sighs]
- What were you doing, Neal?

I was working with Hagen.

Peter, listen to me.
He was threatening Rebecca.

- I didn't have a choice.
- Then you should've told me.

I couldn't take that risk.

What sort of work was it?

Some kind of puzzle
he wanted me to solve.

Look, I'll explain
everything later.

What's important is that Rebecca
is safe now.

Why did Hagen bring me here?

Like I said,
it could've been a setup.

"Beg me for your freedom?"
What did that mean?

Look, that could mean anything.

He could've been setting me up.

I mean, you heard him.
He wanted revenge.

Who did this?
And I swear, if you hold back...

I have no idea
who would've taken him out.

Yo, Peter.

Hagen's place has been tossed.

Someone did
a pretty thorough sweep

of the apartment, and recently.

Have the team go through it
with a fine-tooth comb.

All right.

Can I see that?

No, personal effects
that were on the victim

at the time of the shooting.

My handler's right over there.

I'm not gonna try anything.



I'll be right back.

Call the building manager.
Check Hagen's mail.

I want something.

You got it.

Don't think I'm finished
with you.

I found this in Hagen's wallet.

"Blue Ground Cafe."
It's a coffee shop.

"8154 Linden Avenue."

That's the same block
where we found Siegel's body.

Check out the back.

Hagen was watching someone
all day

and taking notes.

- Could be anybody.
- Could be whoever shot him.

- Barista remembered Hagen.
- Not much else.

All right, Hagen sat right here
all day.

He was looking at something.

That building across
the street?

People moving in and out.

Good vantage point
if you're watching someone.

Noting when they enter...

And when they exit.

I'll need to contact the super

to get a list of all residents
in the past six months.

Or just check the directory.

Neal, who's listed
in apartment three?

No one.
It's blank.

That might explain
the question mark.

Siegel was here,
and so was Hagen.

They we're looking
into the same person.

Let's see who lives
in number three.

I don't think anyone's home.


Electronic trip wire.


What is all this?

Neal, this is professional
reconnaissance work.

This is all my movements
over the past year,

perfectly catalogued.

A map of your radius.

Someone has been studying you.

Not just me.

This is everyone
who's in my division.

The entire team.



Whoever murdered Siegel
also framed Hagen.

Probably killed him as well.

This was practice.

This is Rebecca's apartment.

Who is she, Neal?