White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 9 - Gloves Off - full transcript

Neal has to resume his Wall Street alias to apply for a broker position in the investment firm of slick 'friend' Eric Dunham, who is suspected of systematic insider trading. That requires ...

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Previously on White Collar.

30 years ago,
Ellen asked the marshals

to give this to me if we never
saw each other again.

What's on that cassette?

Just my name and a date.

I'm happy you decided
to watch that with us.

You got to pick
who you can trust, right?

Whatever's on here...

I know.

You ready to see what
Ellen wanted to show you.

When you were 3 years old?

I am.

That's the Ellen
I grew up with.

- She was a looker.
- Neal.

It may be a while
before you get to see this,

so I'll just start
from the beginning.

I was your father's partner

in the Washington, D.C.,
Metro police department.

I, uh... I'm still trying
to make sense of this week...

This year, really.

I'm making this tape,
hoping it finds its way to you.

In case you don't get to see me
or your father again.

That's the first time
I've said that out loud.

By now, I assume you know

that your father's been accused
of a very serious crime.

He told me he was innocent,
and I believed him.

I've worked with him
a long time.

He's no killer, Neal.

The man I know can't be.

After he was arrested,

your dad told me
that our department

is filled with dirty cops
and they set him up.

So I've spent the last
few months running down leads,

trying to back up his story.

And he's right about one thing.

There are dirty cops...
a lot of them.

But did they set him up?

I thought maybe they had.

And then yesterday, your father
confessed to the murder.

I tried to talk to him,

but all anyone will tell me is
that he turned state's evidence

And you, your Mom, and I

are being placed
into Witness Protection.

All the information

I've found on the others
since James' arrest.

Only me, your father, and one
other cop know about it.

And the other cop...

I'm not gonna tell you his
name for his own safety.

He works undercover.
He's a good man.

I'm gonna keep this box safe.

And, Neal, if it you need it...

The key inside this locket
will lead you to it.

That means
we get that key and...

- Shh!
- Shh!

The marshals
are shipping us out soon.

I've requested to be placed
near you and your Mom.

And they say
there's a good chance,

given the circumstances.

Know this...

I will do everything I can
to keep you safe.

Goodbye, Neal...

Until we meet again.

I'll talk to him.

You okay?

Well, he turned state's evidence
to save himself.

And he left us. He forced
his family into WITSEC.

Maybe he did it to protect you.

You don't have
all the pieces yet.

We need that key
in Ellen's locket.

I'll call the Marshals,

see if it's still
in her personal effects.

No, we cannot go on record
requesting that locket.

What do you propose?

I show Sam the tape,
get his take.

We'll go see him.

Peter, we talked about this.

the scope of this...

Systemic corruption,
missing evidence,

Ellen's murder, it's...

We can't go outside the lines
on this one.

All right.

Just give me enough time

To figure out
how we can work together.


But in the meantime,
we make a pact.

Neither you or I
will discuss this...

The tape, the key, the locket...
with anyone, not even Sam.

Or Diana or Jones.

A handshake?
That's official.

Would you prefer a blood pact?

I'm not a big fan of agreements
that require cutting.

Neal appears to be
handling it well.

Well, clearly, they're
lying to each other,

making some sort of bargain
neither of them can keep.

know this...

I will do everything I can
to keep you safe.

Goodbye, Neal...
Until we meet again.

Hey, Sam, it's Neal.

We need to meet... today.

- Neal.
- Hey.

Peter in the conference room?

Yeah, listen, Rossmeyer Global's V.P.
has been keeping a false set of books

behind the flat-screen
in his midtown office.

How did you find out?

I turned his assistant
last night.

You want me to break in?

No need. ASAC's
reviewing the paperwork now.

I'm spearheading the takedown.

All right,
when's the raid?

Everything goes smoothly,
tomorrow morning.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- How you feeling today?
- Peachy.

Good, have you had time
to think about

The conversation
we had yesterday?

Yeah, I did. Thanks.

Listen, there's a lot
I'm still...

- I got to sort through.
- Sure, sure. Take your time.

What's the new case?

The S.E.C. has asked us
to look into what they believe

is an enormous
insider-trading ring.

Yeah, but these guys aren't
leaving much of a footprint.

We have a list
of probably 30 suspects,

including some
fairly well-known traders.

Over the last year,
they've each made massive trades

within hours of a stock
skyrocketing or nose-diving.

Mm, combined profits
of over $100 million... not bad.

The best the S.E.C. Could do
is target this man

as a potential ringleader.

Our job is to prove it.

Eric Dunham,
head of Eric Dunham Capital.

You know him?

Yeah, our paths crossed
a couple times

when I was head of acquisitions
for Vincent Adler.

Of course, back then,
my name was...

- Nick Halden.
- Yeah.

Welcome back, Nick.
The FBI requires your services.

You want to see if Nick
can get in on the action?

Well, having worked for the
biggest swindler on wall street,

might work to your advantage.

Any idea on
how to make the approach?

Come out swinging.

Still taking it easy
on your opponents, Eric?

Nick Halden.
I thought you were dead.

That was Adler.

You've been M.I.A. almost
as long. What happened to you?

Doesn't matter.
Important thing is I'm back.

Not important to me.

We made a lot of money
together, Eric.

We can do it again.

I'm ready to get back
in the ring.

You got two minutes
to convince me.

- Gloves Off -

I served my time, Eric.

Let me show you
what I can do now.

How much did you know
about the Adler Ponzi scheme?

Enough to know when to get out.

Well, he was a fraud, and the people
that he swindled were idiots.

Look, go back
to Hong Hong, okay?

Or, better yet,
go to Cupertino 2 in Russia,

where they're overflowing
in cash and wanting in charm.

Charm has its purposes.

It's a great way
to gather information.

Tell me something I don't know.

Are you familiar
with Rossmeyer Global?

Is he about to
tell an inside trader

About an active investigation?

Caffrey, do not do this.

- Short 'em.
- Why?

Rossmeyer's about to
take a massive dive.

Get out, fast.

Keep in touch.

I want a tap
on Dunham's phone... now.

You're jeopardizing
a 2-year federal investigation

And allowing Dunham
to make millions off of it.

Oh, no. Technically,
it's either one or the other.

If he makes millions,

He won't jeopardize
the investigation.

He's working with
at least 30 other traders.

If he puts it out there...

- He won't.
- And why?

Because he's thorough.

He's not a day trader
who's gonna call his broker

Because he overhears gossip
on the subway.

He's gonna
watch Rossmeyer Global

And see what happens.

I want us working on the
Same page here... on all fronts.

I hear you.


No, Jones called it.

I wasn't even here yet.

- He called it.
- I wasn't even here yet.

He can't call it
until I'm done with...

Yeah, he can call it.
He can.

All right,
here we are.

- You've done well for yourself.
- Well, there are worse

accommodations for a convicted felon.

Can I get you something...
beer, wine?

Blue label?

just water, thanks.

Make yourself at home.


Ellen said my dad made a deal
before he went into WITSEC.

Back to the ground rules.
I ask the questions.

No, not anymore.

Goes both ways now.

You got something for me?


I was undercover
with the Flynn organization

Back in the early '80s.

They were a local crime family
with some P.D. On the payroll.

Including my father?

Including your father.

Did he turn on the cops?

He turned state's
on the flynns.

His testimony brought down
almost the entire organization.

Where is he now?

I got to be honest with you...
I ain't looking for him.

Are you?


Can you tell me anything
about him?

I already told you...
he played a mean game of darts.

Okay, we were in the Same class
at the academy,

so I knew him
about as well as anybody.

And I can tell you this...
he never shut up about you.

You'd think he was the only guy
on the planet who had a son,

the way he carried on.

One day, he brought you
down to the precinct

and he introduced you around
as a junior detective

to every cop in the house.

I mean,
you just loved that.

And then, I remember,
at some point, you drifted away.

Man, did he panic.

He had about 10 detectives
looking for you.

We finally found you
in the captain's office,

...wearing his hat.

I guess you always
had a thing for hats.

I don't remember that.

Well, you were young.

I'd really like you
to meet Peter.

Your handler?
That's not gonna happen.

He's a friend.
He's not...

You gave me your word...
no feds, or I'm gone.

All right.

with your skill set,

You can help me
find Ellen's killers.

And I'll make deal with you...
as soon as we do that,

I will tell you everything
I know about your father.

That's not really
what I'm asking for.

Yeah, it is.

You want to know
what happened to him,

why he never contacted you,
and where he is now.

But for now, you brought me here
for a reason.

So, do you have something
to share with me?

You expecting somebody else?


All right.
In there is fine.

Hey. What's this?

Dessert, homemade.

Thank you.
Well, come on in. Wow.

What did I do to deserve, uh...

Pistachio gelato?

I know you're going through
a lot right now,

With Ellen sending you that...

Yeah, I know.
It's wild, right?

Yeah, look, I just thought maybe
you could... use a friend.

I know sometimes, well,

Peter's a little difficult
and hard to talk to.


He is,
and he understands that,

Which is why
I think he was grateful

that you chose him to share
the tape with...

...even before you knew
what was on it.

We're always
gonna be here for you.

Did Peter put you up to this?


But I do know about the pact...

Which I meant every word of.

He'll find her killer
if you let him.

I know.

Anyway, thank you,
again, for everything.

Listen, uh,
thank you again.

You know how I love pistachio.

Hey, hon,
I'll be home soon.

Well, I may not be.

I just re-parked
in front of Neal's place.

Is he home?

I just dropped off gelato.

Oh, shoot.
That wasn't for me?

- I made plenty.
- Good. How's he doing?

Well, um,
I'm sitting here.

And I wasn't
planning on spying.


I think he's with someone.
He rushed me out the door.

I saw that there was
two glasses of ice water...

One in the sink
and one on the table.

I figured if it was a date,

There'd be lipstick
on one of them

And he'd be serving wine
instead of water.

That's good spying.

No wine?
We can rule out Mozzie.


Oh, wait.

Someone's coming out.
I'll take a picture.

So, you were
delivering ice cream, huh?

I'm e-mailing you now.

Did you get it?

Yeah, I got it.
It's Sam.

What does that mean?

It means I should have
made a blood pact.

Neal broke our agreement.



How was your night?

Thank you for the gelato.

That was all Elizabeth's doing.

Pistachio still your favorite?

Truth be told,

I've been leaning more toward
the sorbets of late.

Good to know.
And thank you for your honesty.

Always the best policy.

Anything else
you'd like to share?

My socks itch.

Hmm. All right.

Now that we're done
catching up,

Diana's moving on
Rossmeyer Global as we speak.

News should hit
by the morning bell.

Dunham moves fast.

He'll have me
working for him by lunch.

We'll be listening.

Nice job, Neal.
Good strategy yesterday.

You were absolutely right,
and I was overly concerned.

We'll see.

Went off without a hitch.

We should have everything
cleared out by noon.


I knew you could handle
Rossmeyer Global.

Thank you.
Samuel Phelps.

elusive friend, yeah.

Did you uncover
anything else about him?

There wasn't much I could find
without running an official request.

- Why?
- Neal met with him again...

Not that he shared
that information with me.

Well, I can put in for a background
check, but it's gonna make some noise.

Sam's got Neal convinced they
can only investigate off-book.

So, he can do it his way,
I'll do it mine,

and we'll both pretend
neither are doing either.

You got it, boss.


Of course I didn't
short Rossmeyer Global.

you should have.

I didn't know if your
information was good. Now I do.

So I'm hired. This company is
survival of the fittest.

Your salary is minimum wage,

and your bonus is based entirely
on what you bring in.

- We eat what we kill. I get it.
- Here you go, Kelly.

- Thanks.
- Hey.

- Save paper. Send an e-mail.
- Right.

You have no shot,
by the way.


Every Tuesday after
market close, we hit my club.

You familiar
with white-collar boxing?

of the one-percenters.

This isn't a boy's fight club.

It's for people like you,
who value information.

Information isn't cheap.

25 grand at the door.

You'll find out the rest
if you join.

I got this.

Going to lunch.

How's my portfolio?

Good. Good.
You been listening to the news?

Every word.

You want me
to authorize 25 grand

So you can watch guys in suits
beat up on each other?

It'll pay off.

we need two things

In order to bust Dunham
for insider trading.

I'm listening.

You've got to record Dunham
giving out this information.

Hearsay isn't enough
to make an arrest.

I'll make that happen for you.

you have to find out

Where Dunham's getting
this information.

I hear you loud and clear...

Which reminds me...
you may want to warn El.

The flowers that were charged
to your credit card

Aren't for another woman
in your life... it was my doing.

She'll have to
take my word for it.

Neal just sent us these photos
of the Wolfson report,

Wall street's bible
on emerging market stocks.

Dunham had it hand-delivered,

And he put it under lock
and key in his office.

This report that Dunham received
goes out tomorrow,

Yet he received it today.

Dunham must be
paying someone off

To messenger him
an advance copy.

Because the stock price
of any company

Featured in the "one to watch"
column is gonna spike.

I've contacted Wolfson
to start an investigation,

But the bigger fish is Dunham.

He's charging his buddies
25 grand a week

For this insider information.

Neal will be sitting next to him
at the fight this afternoon.

Once he gives him a tip...
bam... lights out, Dunham.


The guy in the maroon...
what's his story?

Oh, Latham... yeah,
he's a tough son of a bitch.

Do you pick the opponents?


Five fights a night.

If you throw your hat
in the ring,

I make sure
you get an even match.

So, what does my 25 grand
get me?

A night of entertainment,
my friend.

I was under the impression

You were gonna give me
some information to trade on.

No, I'm afraid
that's not how it works.

But you step into my ring,
you'll finally get a fair fight.



Get up, you bum!
It's over!

That's it!

So, to get the tip,
I have to get in the ring?

No. You have to win.

And until then,
you're outside.

Excuse me.

All right,
gentlemen, gather up.

we got a major problem.

What? I'll get the tip
next week.

Only if we fix
the wolf son report.

- They revised the column after
I told them they had a leak. - Ohh.

So, tomorrow,
when the new one comes out

that's different than Dunham's,

he's gonna know his source
has been compromised.

We have to sell Dunham
on a plausible reason

He would believe a revisal
on the report.

Dunham's not the only one
with an inside source.

You want to give him a tip that
would conflict with Wolfson?


So you feed Dunham some breaking
inside information...

Get Dunham to assume Wolfson
heard the same information

And retracted their pick.

Oh, but that's gonna feel
pretty convenient

That you happen to have info
on the Same company

In the Wolfson's report.

Not if I bury it in a
laundry list of overnight intel.

So, what... you come in
with a bunch of tips,

and then make
the off-handed mention

That a scandal's about
to break at Caleros coffee?

Okay, I'll admit it needs
some finessing.

Anybody have a better idea?

All right, let's get cracking
on that laundry list.

We've only got a few more hours
until the market opens.

Hey, Eric.

Hey, man, I've been
thinking about it.

I want to get in the ring.
I want to box.

Oh, that's fantastic.

Do you want me to
call a press conference?

Please tell me that's not
the only reason you stopped me.

It's not.

I also wanted to show you my
revised numbers on corn futures.

Anything else?

And a few pieces of intel I've
been hearing about in the ether.

This one...
Caleros coffee.

Oh, yeah.. I'm not an
expert on Columbia

but apparently the C.E.O.
has been involved

In some kind of scandal...
they're keeping it quiet.

Okay, how do you know
about a secret scandal

and emergency board meeting
in Bogotá, Colombia?

- It's better that you don't know.
- That's not good enough.

- Well, it's gonna have to be.
- I don't need you.

So, one of two things
is gonna happen here...

Either you're going to tell me
who your source is

or you're gonna crawl back into
whatever hole you crawled out of,

never to be heard from again.

Okay, the reason I stand
behind my information

is because I'm getting it
directly from the FBI.

And here we go again!

Former FBI, to be clear,
white collar division.


Peter Slauson... he runs
a small private hedge fund.

Never heard of him.

Yeah, I mean, that's exactly
how he likes it.

I only know him
because of the Adler ordeal.

I want to meet him.

Well, he's not exactly
a warm and fuzzy guy,

and he doesn't want to
make any new friends.

I don't care. Set it up.
We're going to his offices.

all right.

He's in midtown,
on 47th and Park.

Quick. Rossmeyer Global...
is it empty?

We cleaned it bare.

All right, call the Harvard
crew. Get them over there.

We got to make it
look like a hedge fund.

- Hello.
- Peter, it's Nick Halden.

And I realize this
is probably an inconvenience,

but I have a colleague who
wants to meet with you... today.

We're actually gonna be
in your neighborhood,

and this meeting
is pretty time-sensitive.

It could also be highly
lucrative, so how about 11:00?

Highly doubtful.
Try after lunch.

I'll see you at 11:00.

don't come inside.

I'll be at the doors.

They're a block away.

All right, Diana,

Can you make sure
there's money in the account?

- You got it.
- I have an idea.

Turn this meeting
into our favor.

He's not gonna be happy
about this...

I'm just telling you
right away.

Mr. Slauson.
This is Eric Dunham.

Eric Dunham Capital.

You two are working together.

Nick, you're not
supposed to be here.

Yeah, listen,
I made an exception because...

actually, I insisted.

I understand you
have a background with the FBI.

White collar division.

Nick here speaks very highly

Of your ability
to get information.

People can't keep secrets
from me.

The FBI has unparalleled reach.

Yeah, from here all the way
to Bogotá, Colombia.

Oh, yeah. That's right...
Caleros coffee.

You have skin in the game?

You're a sports fan,

The three b's... baseball,
basketball, and boxing.

So, white-collar
boxing club...

$25,000 gets you in the club,

But you have to fight
to get the real reward, correct?

It, uh, takes a certain type
to join my club.


I want in the ring.

I don't know
if that's a good idea.

What's your skill level?

About the Same as Nick's.

I've got youth.

I have experience
and a longer reach.

Well, looks like
we got ourselves a fight.


What was that about?

I wanted in on the fight.

I figured that out,

so one of us
is guaranteed to win

and hear Dunham give his tip.

Beats a 50/50 chance

Of some aggro wall street
hustler beating your brains out.

No. What else
were you trying to imply?

"People can't
keep secrets from me.

The FBI has
an unparalleled reach."

You tell me.

This is about Sam.

Peter, there is nothing
to tell you.


Is there something
you want to share with me

about the FBI's
unparalleled reach?

No, Neal,
there's nothing to tell.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Great.
- Great.

- Let's talk about the fight.
- Let's talk about the case.

Hey. I'll be the ring girl

If that's what it takes
to watch you two duke it out.

my money's on Peter.

why would you say that?

Because we're gonna
choreograph it so Peter wins.

But you could choreograph it
so that I win.

But we won't because it's better
if Dunham gives the tip

Directly to an FBI agent.

I just think
it's more realistic if I win.

All right.
Let's take a vote.

Who thinks
I should win the fight?

That would be you,

- All you.
- Yeah.

But they work for you.

As do you.

Let's put this plan in motion.

Sounds good.

Sam, Special Agent
Peter Burke, FBI.

I'm Neal's friend and handler.

You must be Sam.

Come on in.

you're a tough man to find.

Your former colleagues
speak very highly of you.

You investigated me?

I investigate anyone
who comes into Neal's life,

Especially when it's tied in
to murder and conspiracy.

Did he send you?

No. He doesn't know
I'm here.

You're running around
behind his back.

You sure that's
in his best interests?

He doesn't want to
break his word with you

And involve the FBI.

With good reason,
Agent Burke.

Who are you afraid of,

I don't know.

I still don't know
who killed Ellen.

Then let's figure it out.

What do you want...

Me to tell Neal that the three
of us should work together?

Yeah, I do.

- And then what?
- We combine resources.

- Why don't you suggest it?
- I have.

The idea has to come from you.

Oh? And why is that?

You know the Agent / C.I.

He doesn't get
that I'm trying to protect him.

I got to think this through.
It's not what I was planning.

I'm asking you,

from one law-enforcement
official to another.

I understand.

he's your asset.

Yeah, that's part
of the arrangement.

I think Peter told the FBI
about the tape.

What do you expect?

Him to trust me.

Yeah, a man who trusts no one
is apt not to be trusted.

Listen, I kept up my end
of the bargain.

Neal, this is me...
Mozzie, the human lie detector,

and I'm buzzing
off the charts here.

I met with Sam, but I didn't
show him the tape.

Oh, welcome
to Gleason's uptown.

What's he doing here?

Mozzie's got experience
as a cornerman.

And a marginally good day
to you, too, sir.

Real experience,
or you just fix fights?

What? Rigged boxing matches?
Say it ain't so!

Jones has actual experience.

He's gonna be my ringman,

and he's gonna
place a microphone ringside

So we can record Dunham
after the fight.

It should be epic.

This battle should be legend
in Dunham boxing lore.

Okay. Let's re-create
a classic.

How about the heavyweight title
bout, Ali vs. Foreman?

Rumble in the jungle...
I like it.

- Let's go.
- All right.

So, Neal, you're gonna
come out swinging.

you're gonna bide your time,

absorb some punches,

wait till the moment is right
to strike.

Listen, stylistically,
Neal is more Muhammad Ali.

Well, historically, Ali won.
Neal needs to lose.

No problem.
I'll be George Foreman.

Oh, he makes a fantastic grill.

Easy, Don King.
Can we practice a few things?

If I'm coming out swinging,

I'm just gonna start
throwing some light jabs,

light hooks,
just knock it down.

- Yep. Okay.
- Pop. That's good.

- Let me get in and do this combination here.
- That's good. Okay.

- Right to the body.
- Mm-hmm.

- Uh-huh.
- Left to the body.

- Okay.
- Left up top. Duck.

- Swing at me.
- Uh-huh.

- Uppercut. Right?
- Ooh, yeah.

That's good.

- Ohh!
- Oh, you okay?


- I want to kill you.
- Oh, you're crazy.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
- I'm rough and tough.

- We need some kind of signal
for the knockout punch. - Okay.

Let the signal be
tapping the gloves.

Okay, I'm...
I'm gonna check in with you.

All right, yeah.
I'm gonna acknowledge that.

- Eyes and then...
- Peter, give the signal.

- I did. - Then you're gonna
go up top, left feint.

Uh-huh, block it.

And then you're gonna
right cross to the body.


Uh-huh, and then you're gonna
finish with a left hook.

- Boom.
- Ohh. Okay.

All right, now, the timing's
got to be right with that one.


You'll break his jaw.

- All right.
- Yeah.

Touch gloves.
Let's try it again.

♪ Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh ♪

How's your dental coverage?

Run by
the federal prison system.

Oh. Let's go over
the plan again.


Listen, Neal, it's not safe
for me here anymore.

What's wrong?

I don't know if he was followed

or his investigation into me
raised a red flag,

but it's getting too hot here.

- Somebody's on my trail.
- Whose investigation?

Peter, from the FBI.

it was a smart play.

I think we could have
worked together,

but I warned you about this...
no federal involvement.

No, Sam, I didn't say anything
to him, okay? You got...

- I'm sorry, Neal.
- Sam!

What did he say to you?

Calm down.


All right,
three 2-minute rounds.

No low blows,
no punches after the bell,

and the fight stops
when the ref calls it.

Winner takes all.

Look, I don't know what Sam said
to you, but it's gonna be fine.

Don't worry about it, okay?
Stick to the plan.


In the event of a knockdown,

You'll be directed
to a neutral corner.

Protect yourself at all times.
Obey my command.

Touch gloves.

At the sound of the bell,
come out fighting.

- You went to Sam.
- What?

Don't lie to me!
You went to Sam.

You didn't leave me
with a choice.


No, it's too early.

We're ending this now.

Neutral corner!

Neutral corner.


Get up.

Get up.

You okay?

How many fingers I have up?

All right, good.

Let's go. Fight.

Break it up!

To the corner!

This fight is far from over.

You stick to the plan.
Wait for his signal.

He went to Sam.
Sam is gone.

I know the answer

Is not assaulting
a federal agent

Who also happens to be
your second-best friend.

- Now get back in the zone.
- All right.

Any advice?

Kick his ass.



Come on. I'm trying
to protect you.

Let's go, fighters.






It's over.
That's it. It's over.

we got a winner!

Well, gentlemen, we have
a winner... Peter Slauson.


Hey, Halden.
Nice job out there.

Maybe next time, huh?

Gentlemen, listen up.

I need all the winners
of tonight's fights in the ring.

Everybody else,
have a good night.

Nice work. Good job.

Nice fight.

Thank you.

Strength wasn't enough
to get you here today.

It took speed,
stamina, endurance.

You did what it took,
whatever it took, to win.

You exploited
your opponents' weaknesses.

Right now,
they're walking home,

Licking their wounds, while you,
my friends, get to act.

Celestar Biotech.

Celestar Biotech.

Limit your trades
to half a million.

And if any of you share this
information outside of this room...

You're going to jail.

Excuse me?

No, really.
You're going to jail.

FBI. Cuff him.

Where's Neal?

I got a pretty good idea.

Hey. Stop!

What did you do,
run him through the database?

Neal, stop.

And then you met with him,
the one thing he didn't want.

Give me a break.

All bets were off
once you showed him the tape.

I never showed him the tape!

The point is you said
you weren't gonna meet with him.

No. No. I said I wouldn't
show him the tape.

I met with him because
he's the only person

who has any connection to Ellen.

He knew her.
He knew my father.

You should have told me.

I don't have to report to you
every move I make.

- Yes, you do.
- No! I get to have a private life.

Not about this...
you don't.

Well, that's the heart
of our problem, isn't it?

You don't trust me.

You still don't trust me.

The door's open.
Stay here.

He's gone, Peter.

I'll call it in.

We'll find Sam.

This is exactly why Sam didn't
want you running his name.

They found him because of you.

They found Ellen
because of you.

- Neal...
- I may be a ward of the state,

And I will do my job
for the FBI.

But as far as my personal life
goes, we are done.