White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 8 - Ancient History - full transcript

The team investigates a series of museum heists where ancient artifacts were the target.

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Previously on White Collar.

This has to be one of
the greatest collections of art

that's ever been found.

Her name's Alexandra Hunter.

Deals mostly
in eastern European antiquities.

Only been arrested once,
in France,

but all charges
were mysteriously dropped.

She's an old acquaintance
of Neal's.

We're already familiar
with Alex.

Said she'd send me a message
if she ever needed my help.

What kind of message?
A flower.

Are you a friend of Neal's?
You can say that, yes.

How do you two know each other?

I'm an FBI agent.

You grew up
in Witness Protection.

I was 3 when the marshals
took us away.

I was born Neal Bennett.

But in WITSEC,
I grew up as Danny Brooks.

We found a gun
with your dad's prints on it.

He killed a cop.

He confessed.

Did you believe him?


They found me.

Trust Sam.

I spent the last decade of
my life hiding from the truth.

I'm finally ready to face it,

and I'll be damned
if I'm turning back now

because you think
I can't help you.



Neal, what are you doing?


Let me see
your hands right now!

Put your
hands where we can see them!

Hey, good to see you.

I somehow doubt that.

No need
for the serious theatrics.

You know
I'm your inside man, right?

You have the right
to remain silent.

Where's Peter?

Look, I think there's been
a misunderstanding here.

You have the right
to have an attorney.

FBI! Stand down!

Thank you. Yeah.

Myrick, he's with us. If he
was in the back of your car,

he'd be with you.


When did you make
assistant chief?

I got my second star
last month.

That's great.

Look, this is our operation.

Oh, so says you.

But without your help,

my officers nabbed
four pro thieves

carting off
a truckful of antiques.

Three professional thieves.
Neal Caffrey is a bureau asset.

Uh, while we're correcting
semantic gaffes...

antiques are what you get

when you pull off the highway
in Michigan.

Those are priceless,
pre-Christian antiquities.

Neal, not helping.

I submitted those op orders
over a week ago to you.

Op orders?

My patrol borough gets
enough op orders in a week

to build a new station house.

Well, I don't care
if you could build the kremlin,

you still have to read them.

And you're not booking him.

Come on.
How's this?

I give you
the collars and the seizures,

plus, I'll call up
your bureau chief

and tell him we really like

this new guy he's got
in Manhattan north.

If you walk with your guy? Yep.

All right, next time you
want to operate in my P.B.,

you get me on the horn.

Yeah. Oh, here you go.

Thanks a lot.

NYPD does not do congeniality.

Not ladder climbers
like Myrick.

He's more concerned
with commendation

than cooperation.

If you're letting him
get the win,

you got something bigger
in your cross hairs, don't you?

Oh, come on.
I know that tell.

Tell me.

what is it?

Two weeks ago,
we put Neal under

with three thieves
set to hit the Greco museum.

Yeah, everything went to plan until
New York's finest showed up.

I can't believe I missed that.

You really get caught
by a patrol officer?

That does not count.
I thought they were my backup.

But you did cuffed.

They didn't bring him in.
Doesn't count.

Thank you.
Thank you.

We always believed
the job had a patron

but never got a whiff until...

I was poring over UCR

for suspects with similar
criminal backgrounds,

and I found a surprise.


But she's in a Greek prison?

She hit about
a dozen historical sites

before the hellenic police
caught up with her.

Busted her with a collection

that would make
J. Paul getty green.

They let her go two weeks ago.

In time to possibly orchestrate

a high-rent
antiquities theft.

Any idea she was in town?

No, I haven't seen her
since she was right there,

the night before Adler died.

Memorable day.

I want you and Alex
to play catch-up,

see if she's involved
in that museum heist.

We're making
a lot of assumptions here.

What if she's clean?

If she's clean,
we leave her be.

Can you reach out to her?

Do we have an address?

at the athenian hotel.

We are looking
at Greek antiquities theft.

She checked into the athenian.
I'm sure she's clean.

Neal's gonna need a ride
downtown. Let's break.

I guess that's on me.
Let's go.

Thanks, Jones.

You owe me a T.B. Shot.

I chased a garbage truck
five blocks.

I managed to dig out a receipt

from the hotel
you followed Caffrey to.

Room was paid for
by Samuel Phelps.

I asked around quietly.

Some addresses
in and around D.C.,

a meager credit history,
library card.

No other photos?

Just the one you took.

Is there any particular reason

why we're not pushing this
through bureau channels?

I'm keeping Sam's name
off of anything official.

secretly tracking Caffrey,

but you draw the line
at running indices?

I know.
I'm walking a line here.

Any idea
who this Sam Phelps is?

Neal thinks
he was an undercover cop

on Metro P.D.'S
organized crime squad.

Makes sense there wouldn't be
any photographs,

but he's not the company
Caffrey usually keeps.

It's possible
Sam worked with Neal's father.

Implying Caffrey's dad
was a cop?

So much for
"like father, like son."

Neal's dad was a crooked cop.

Well, if this Sam character
doesn't sit right with you,

I can assign a detail.

Not yet.
But stay on him.

And let's
keep this under wraps.

We need to take
evasive measures.

Alex is gonna kill us.

Okay, you need to lay off
the espresso, bud.

She's been hunting
for that sunken submarine

since prepubescence.

We stole her birthright.

you stole her birthright.

And you reaped the benefits.

Your hands are not clean
in this.

Well, do we have any of it
in town?

Not much.

Some, uh,
gold-plated housewares, mostly.

You better not throw
a dinner party.

She might be in town
looking for it.

Things were so much simpler
when she just vanished.

Now I have to hide

for the remainder
of my natural life.

Your natural life is constituted
primarily of hiding.

Exactly. I don't need
any supplemental hiding.

I do need a stronger drink.

I wrote to her and suggested
she come back to New York.

Oh, did you tell her
to come back

because we stole
her treasure out from under her?

No, that would have been
pretty incriminating, Moz.

Look, she skipped town
without so much as a goodbye.

She'll understand.

Well, given that you're
the one who has to face her,

I'm gonna let you
enjoy that fantasy.

So good luck with that.

Yeah, June must have
brought it in.


Kathryn hill was Ellen's name

before she went into WITSEC.

A missive from the grave?

30 years ago,
Ellen asked the marshals

to give this to me if we never
saw each other again.

We ended up in WITSEC together,

so there was never a reason
to deliver it until now.

They must have been trying
to get it to me for weeks,

but both our name changes made
for a lot of red tape.

Oh, red is not the tape
I'm interested in.

What's on that cassette?

It doesn't really say.

But I need to find
a Betamax player.

Fortunately for you,
I have a stockpile.

I'll bring one tomorrow,
and we can watch.


I'm gonna watch it with Sam.

You mean
watch it alone with Sam?

Yeah. You don't know
anything about him!

I know that,
with her dying breath,

Ellen told me to trust him.

her dying breath.

He could have been associated...
stop, all right? This is my call.

Alex could be here any minute,
all right?

We're supposed to be
in this together.

We are, Moz.

Concierge dropped this off
in my room.

You know, a different girl
might take offense

that you marked this
"return to sender."

Well, a different guy
might take offense

that you got him arrested.

I'd say we're even.

Oh, please.

Not even close.

- Ancient History -

Last time you gave me this flower, it
represented our search for the music box.

Our search
for the u-boat treasure.

Given where I found it today,

I'm not really sure
what it means any more.

I wanted to see you.

And I thought you'd look cuter

scowling in the backseat
of a squad car.

Instead of smirking
on the sidelines with the FBI.

Did I?

I'm glad I could give you that.

Did you get my letter?

After I got out of jail.

I heard.

16 months at women's
central prison in Thebes.

Not my most pleasant trip

So, does the fed know I'm back?

I didn't mention the flower.

I know your tricks, Neal.

That wasn't a denial.

Are you planning another job?

Would you believe me
if I said no?

Probably not.

Then... No.

All right, it's late,
so I will see you later, Neal.

what are you doing tomorrow?

Get lunch with me.


What are you doing?

Siege warfare.

You and Alex aren't
playing nice?

We're never quite sure
where we stand with each other.

Adds to the charm.
Keeps things spicy.

And we've got lunch today.

You're not her only date.

We followed her from her hotel.

And she met with this guy? Yeah.

Well, she might not be
our mastermind after all.

This looks like an assignment.
Could be.

I don't like the idea
of locking Alex up, Peter.

I know you don't,
but that's the job.

Well, what if we can get
the puppeteer?

If he's pulling the strings,
maybe we can work something out.

Okay, after lunch today,

I'll finagle an invite
back to her place.


Find out what's in at envelope.

And whatever
your finagling methods,

remember, we'll be watching.

It's a very...
Thoughtful gift, Moz.

That particular Rai stone

is among the largest
of its kind.

Well, don't you think
the Micronesian people

might want to see it
in a museum?

They're not really
a museum culture.

Thatched huttery
has certain limitations.

Hey, honey.
Hi. How are you?


What are you doing here?

Moz has a surprise.
He got us a gift from...

The island of Yap.


I used to be
able to come home, relax,

get something to eat.

Yeah, yeah, the 21st century.

Everyone's life is
more complicated.

Speaking of complicated,

I'm gonna
go outside and figure out

what to do
with this new lawn ornament.

All right, what?

Okay, Neal received
a 30-year-old Betamax from Ellen

that he would rather watch
with Sam than with me.

And you're telling me this
because you're jealous?

No. "Jealous."

Look, while I abhor
your chosen profession,

our unholy union may be

the only thing keeping Neal
from washing up in Greenpoint.

You think Sam's dangerous?
Of course I do.

Until I'm given reason
to think otherwise.

I've put together a file on Sam.

There's not much meat there.

That file is official,
not related.

I won't tell anyone.

There's nothing to tell.

Oh, I understand.

Honey, do you happen to know
anybody with a crane?

What the hell is that? It
was here before I got home.

Well, you are now
the 1% on the island of Yap.

That's not staying here.

Well, that's a problem
for another day.

Uh, for now, I bid you adieu.

Don't bother telling me
he meant well.

You know, I did see
the inside of a cell

in Bulgaria once.

So, you've experienced
the unpleasantness

of a Balkan prison firsthand.

Well, actually,
I was breaking someone out,

but I can extrapolate
from that.

It was a time
of political unrest.

The monarchy had fallen.
The czar was deposed.

You were rescuing
a deposed czar?

Actually, a czar's wife.
A deposed czarina?

A deposed czarina's handmaid.


She had a lead
on the Dabene treasure

in the Karlovo valley.

You'd do the same thing.

All right, Neal's anklet
shows him heading our way.

We online?
Just about.

The hotel pegged our system

to the lobby
and hallway circuits.

But once he's behind the door,
he's on his own.

Yeah, I don't like it.

I get the impression

Neal and Alex are still
on unsettled terms.

"Unsettled" meaning what?

She wants to bed him
or kill him?

Fine line.

Our job is to stay watchful

and try to minimize surprises.

Yeah, I'm not sure we're gonna
have a lot to say in that matter.

What the hell is
he doing there?

Damn it, he's gonna blow this.

If Neal and Alex get close,
call my cell.

I'm gonna pull him out.


I've come to refresh
your pillow mint.

Oh, it's been a long time
since we've had a real,

honest-to-God conversation...
without ulterior motives.

Well, other than the fact

that you're in town
to rob a museum

and I'm supposed to keep an eye on you?
Other than that.

You know,
Neal and Alex just talking...

it's a distant memory.

Maybe we continue
this honest-to-God conversation

upstairs over a glass of wine?

Yeah, uh,
it's not a good time, Neal.

Oh, other plans?

None of my plans included you.

Plans have a way of going awry.



What the hell
are you doing here?

If you've come to help me scout,
you're too late.

I made a breakthrough.

You need to get out
of here now.

Sam is Samantha.
He is a she.

He is definitely not a she.

Well, he's curious.

This is not Sam's suite.

That file listed this
as his address.

The file I explicitly told you
wasn't Sam's file?

So I've made
a tremendous mistake.

That was Alex Hunter's file.

Oh! That explains
the brassiere.

It's a shame
you have to arrest her,

but it does help me avoid
an uncomfortable conversation.

You owe me one.

Why the hell were you digging
into my files?

I brought you a Rai stone.

Right. I forgot.

You owe me two
uncomfortable conversations.

How close are they?

They're here, but I'm not sure
Neal's making it upstairs.

They're stalled out front.

Of course,
if anybody can do it...

We're not gonna get eyes
on her assignment.

All right,
we'll head out the back way.

Come on,
this operation's a bust.

Well, her assignment?

What are we looking for?

We're not looking for anything.

I don't have a warrant.

I'm trespassing.
Exigent circumstances.

I love how you two think

that law was designed
as a loophole.

Besides, I can only log
what's in plain view.


What are you doing?

Oh! Plain view.

Plain view.
Stop it!

Did you see a manila envelope?

Ah, come on.


I got it.


Thank you.

The hell?

Where'd you go?

Where did you g...

That's not good.

You do know
how invaluable I am to you, right?


Peter, it's not good.
They're right outside the door.

I know a good wine-delivery service.
You're right. That's not good.

Hey! Come up here.

a few very good bottles.

Shh! Quiet!

some things never change.

Any preference?

We need to get out of here.

- There.
- Surprise me.

So, what's your issue
with the Rai stone?

I'm gonna strangle you.

You go to Greece

and proceed to steal historical
relics until you're caught, right?



Well, I bought a medieval villa
in Sardinia...


...before we found
the sub.

But I don't get the connection.

I was suffering
the absurd illusion

that I'd be moving in
with the most incredible art

in the world.

And without the sub,
I couldn't decorate.

I got you.

And why go to pottery barn

when you can accent with
6,000-year stolen amphora?


To a long overdue reunion.

So, that night, I set up at the
weigh station near the docks.

I figured I could drop onto
Adler's truck as it passed.

And ride until they stopped,
then commandeer the vehicle.

Instead, you watched
the warehouse explode.

I assumed, if you meant
to steal it, you'd let me know.

Well, in all fairness,
you did just say

that you planned to steal it
without us, right?

Right. But I wouldn't
have cut you out.

Equal thirds?

Well, maybe not equal.

I have missed you, Neal.

Me, too.

And in all honesty, that
treasure you wanted so badly

has been a lot more trouble
than it's worth.

Oh, you and king midas...

And I need more wine,
please, if you can.


Hey. You know, I could take
that trouble off your hands

if you'd like.

That's gonna stain.

Can I just run to your bathroom
really quick?

Go ahead.
It's upstairs.

All right.
I'll be right back.

Please tell me
there is a good reason

the two of you are trapped
in Alex's bathroom.

We're not trapped.
We're, uh, biding our time.

It's a long story,
but we got Alex's envelope.

Is it an assignment?

Oh, those are from the
Greek exhibit at the Hellerman.

Yeah, it's the
Amorgăłs expedition.

This could be quite the haul.

Well, we still don't know
who Alex is working for.

Not yet.

Are you gonna run his DNA? Yeah.

Remind me never to
lick anything ever again.

Wherever you found this,
you put it back.

All right, when I give you
the opportunity, go.

I mean, how...
you know what?

You remember the view

from the table Mountain lodge
in cape town?

Yeah. We were running a two-handed
con on a South African jeweler.

Hmm, yeah.

Back then,
we could just be ourselves

and not have to shake on it.

Who's to say we can't be
right now?

Well, wait, you didn't...
you didn't clean your sleeve.

You were searching my bedroom.

Would it help if I told you
I didn't have a choice?

Uh, you know what?

For a man who's capable
of so many surprises,

you're becoming
painfully predictable.

Alex, when we first came up here,
I... you know what? Just go.

All right.

Well, you successfully
blew my cover.

You care to explain?

Mozzie showed up.
I followed him.

I was looking for Sam.

Why are you both together
looking for Sam?

It was a big misunderstanding.

Listen, I appreciate
your concern, okay?

But just stay out of it.

Look, the bottom line is
we both don't understand

why you would choose Sam
instead of me.

That's not the bottom line.

But it still seems like a risk

to show him the Betamax
before we've seen it.

You went behind my back
to the feds?

I know.
Desperate times, Neal.

What do you know about Sam?

I know he's the only one
with answers.

He says he has the answers, but
...Peter, who killed Ellen?

Was my father corrupt,
or was he set up?

No? Nothing.
How about you?

I'll see you guys later.

I don't think
he's happy with us.

We got a hit from interpol,
on Hunter's employer.

This is Rasmus Spiteri,

Greece's new general secretary
for culture and tourism.

According to state,
Spiteri's been petitioning

for the legal return

of plundered antiquities
for months.

He hasn't gotten any traction.

This is not a theft for profit.

No, I think it's a cultural
reclamation project.

He's commissioning these jobs in
the name of national heritage.

If Hunter made Caffrey,

I can't imagine
she'll still hit the Hellerman.

We've got a team on her.
If she makes a move, she's ours.

What do you think, Neal?
Think she'll still go for it?

Oh, I don't know.

I mean, you seem to be
the expert

at investigating your friends.

What do you think?

Uh, whether she goes for it or
not, it doesn't give us Spiteri.

Unless Neal convinces Alex
to roll on him.

I told her
I wasn't looking into her,

and then she caught me

That kind of disloyalty stings

for more than
just a couple hours.

you want us to clear out?

We're fine.
Right, Neal?

I'll talk to her.

There's still a card
I haven't played.

No need for pleasantries.
I'm just here for one reason.

Is this it?

It's all I could come up with
on short notice.

Well, as peace offerings go,

you know, this is...
this is pretty meager.

Unless you want to go back
to prison, let me help you.


The only reason that I was
in prison is because of you.

I didn't tell you
to knock over the acropolis.

No. No, no, no.
You didn't tell me anything.

Eight years we scoured
the globe together.

And... and you send me
one lousy letter.

Oh, I'm sorry.

What was I supposed to do?
Come find you?

How could you? You were too busy
buying an island.

Yeah, I heard.

None of this was planned.

Well, you know, like you said,

plans have a way of going awry.

How much does Burke know?

Enough to put you away.

He knows Spiteri hired you
to hit the Hellerman gallery.

Look, one day Spiteri walks into
my cell with an offer...

pull a heist
or stay locked up indefinitely.

he strong-armed you?

Me kheiron beltiston.

The least bad choice
is the best.

Well, listen,
you have another choice now.

I hate to say it,
but it's the FBI.

They only care
about the big fish.

You help them get Spiteri,
and you walk.

They have nothing to get him on
but passing me photographs.

Yeah, exactly.

That's why we are gonna go
through with your job

at the Hellerman.

What do you mean by "we"?

Well, I think I know what it's
like to be beholden to a master.

Let's get you out of this.

Help me get comfortable
with this.

The only way to get Spiteri

is to put stolen property
in his hands.

Right now we've got no charges.

Makes sense.

I should have told you
I was looking into Sam.

You should have.

It never gets any easier.

No, it doesn't.


All right.
All right.

Uh, Hellerman's this way.

Yeah, I'm just gonna make a quick stop.
For what?

Spray paint.

No. Ugh.

Isn't there
a 60-year old retired cop

you'd prefer to do this with?

I wanted you here, didn't I?

A minor conciliation.

I would rather be watching
the Betamax.

Also, I do not like this plan.

Look, it's simple.

The Hellerman gallery's
hosting a new exhibit

on modern Greek identity.

To which you, as a prominent
contemporary artist,

will add... Ostensibly.

So, what don't you like
about the plan?

Alex. Is she or is she not
going to kill me?

Alex parked
the box truck out back.

After they load it up, we follow
it to the meet with Spiteri.

Hey, do you really feel good

about Caffrey going through
with this thing?

Last night in the conference
room seemed pretty shaky.

We're back on the same page.

Does Caffrey know?

Here we go.

My assistant has arrived.

You're dead to me.

I still don't see why
I can't be the artist.

Remember that memling I forged?

We're not doing
a flemish landscape.

Oh, no.
We're doing a paint-by-numbers.

I had no express interest
to cut you out.

If you set Genghis Khan in front
of a Manchurian rebel camp,

he's gonna do his thing.


It's the same way
with me and treasure troves.

I was just kidding, Moz.


This is their real contact
information for the Stein agency?

Well, any curator
worth her salt

would recognize a fake number.

Then they'd better be expecting
a phone call.

Oh, they are.

Then let's go rob a museum.

Hi. Um, I'm looking
for the curator, miss Graham?

She's right over here.

Uh, I'm Parker Graham.
How can I help you?

we're here for gallery 2b.

Yes, of course. It's down
the hall, second floor.

Is it prepared?
Prepared for what?

Oh, God.
What an idiot.

Excuse me?

No, not you. Sorry.

You should have switched agents
a long time ago.

My agent didn't call you?

No. I'm sorry.
Who are you?

I can't really say.

But my assistant and I were
supposed to have full access

to gallery 2b today.

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint
you, whoever you are,

but no arrangements
have been made.

We can come back tomorrow.
What do you mean, tomorrow?

We have Berkshire tomorrow.

They gave us a wall
at Windsor Castle.

What does that
mean, a wall at Windsor?

That's the Royal residence.

Don't stroke his ego.
Who are you?

Will you please?


You can expect him to
"exit through the gift shop."

Does that mean that you're...

uh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

And what do you want
with gallery 2b?


Is this Mr. Sanderson
of the Stein agency?


I'm calling from
the Hellerman gallery...

oh, is he there already?

I'm afraid he is...
With a peculiar request.

That's my fault.

I-is there any way he can have
the run of the place tomorrow?

Tomorrow he's going
to Windsor Castle.

Oh, that's right.

If your client wants to
do an installation here

at our gallery...

He does.

...then I'm sure
we can accommodate him.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this gallery is now closed.

And the cameras?

switch off the cameras in 2b.

How much time do I have?

Not long...
a couple minutes.

Oh, Aphrodite's a thief now?

Well, she wasn't
the sole inspiration.

You know,
this plan would have worked

even if you hadn't painted

It's only fair.
We're cleaning them out.

Couldn't resist, huh?

How often do you have the
opportunity to add a piece

to the Hellerman's
permanent collection?

There goes the little guy.

Switch to two.

Boss, we have a problem.

Not again.

That idiot.


Freeze. Put your hands
over your head.

This is the second time you
crashed my undercover, Myrick.

And this time, it's too big
for you to screw it up.

Screw it up?
Silent alarm sounded.

We got here in time
to make our arrest.

That's called good police work.

That's called bull.
Get my man out of your car.

I don't think I will.

I asked one thing.

I asked you
to call me personally

if you have an action
in my district.

I didn't have time,
and, to be blunt...

I don't owe you that call.

Maybe not, but now you owe
New York county 10 grand.


Jones, Diana, find Alex.

I got to bail Neal out of jail.

Thank you.

I don't know what her move is,

but Alex put this in motion.

Uh-huh. I watched her
disable the silent alarm.

Uh-huh. And the minute the
PD showed up, she was gone.


No, it just used to
mean something

to say that
you caught Neal Caffrey.

But now that the police
are doing it all the time...

oh, once again,
this does not count.

Says the man who spent
four hours in a cell

with two drunk-and-disorderlies
and a shopping-cart thief.

She planned this.

I know.
The question is, why?

We're looking at two heists,

both of which were botched
in impressive fashion.

First, a patrol car
is parked across the street

during the Greco job.

NYPD dispatch sent that car
in response to

a "suspicious character"
who never existed.

And second, I don't believe

Alex failed to deactivate
the alarm at the Hellerman.

These jobs
were built to fall short.

But why put crews together

if you don't want them
to get away with it?

No sign of Hunter,
but we got a hit on Spiteri.

He rented a transatlantic
freighter set for Thessalonăki.

A freighter?
He's got nothing to ship.

I guess no one told him.

Or he still thinks
he's gonna get his score.


But the entire cache
is in the...

NYPD evidence warehouse.

Jones, get units
over to Manhattan north

and to the docks at red hook.

Okay. Boss, we're too late.
PD just sent this.

They got Alex on tape

busting out
of the NYPD warehouse.

Alex knew successfully pulling
off two heists was a long shot.

And she made sure NYPD

put all the antiquities
in one place.

Add a bit of cat burglary...

a little auto theft...

and she makes off
with both hauls simultaneously.

Let's cut her off.

Jones, talk to me.

Dug into the video
NYPD sent over.

I'm tracking a box truck,
plate number Ida-union-2-0-0-6.

Traffic cams have it
southbound on 2nd.

She won't stay on a street
with heavy traffic.

Jones, call the 17th.

Get them to scramble cars
through truck routes

and industrial thoroughfares.

I'm on it.

How did I not see this coming?

You're an aries, aren't you?

Yeah, march 21st. Why?

Please say a command.

Horoscope. Aries.

Hello, aries.
It's a 3-out-of-10 day.

The moon-uranus conjunction
in a sign of aries

will allow you to see an old
acquaintance in a new light.

But don't be fooled.

You will soon revert
to old roles.

You checked my horoscope?

I had some time to kill
while you were in lockup.

And, I repeat,
you checked my horoscope?

You have to admit,
it's dead-on.

Horoscopes always seem relevant.
That's the con.

But if you're gonna start taking
life advice from a car...

you're no fun.

Well, I'm having
a 3-out-of-10 day.

Burke, we pulled her over.
We're pulling her out.

I'm done with you.

I hope you didn't get too
attached to that second star.

She won't be armed, Peter.

Stand back.

Spiteri, get the hell
out of the van.

Put your hands up
where I can see them.

Come on.

Where's Hunter?

She's gone.
There was another car.

What other car?

I don't know.
A black car.

What the hell
were you thinking?

That I would take back
what was taken from my country.

you should get back here.

Cuff him.

That's definitely not Greek.

No, I'd say late
19th-century Russian.

This was her angle
from day one.

And she's been one step
ahead of us the whole time.

She's gone, Peter.
She's gone.

You left the candelabra.

I don't know why,

but I thought
you'd be more sentimental.

Well, if I can't have
the treasure,

I'll take a treasure.

You used Spiteri.

He was using me
to the same end.

And you played me.

Was any of it real?

Yeah, well, there's really
a villa in Sardinia

that needs decorating.

But we were never just
Neal and Alex.

This is Neal and Alex.

I could call Peter right now.

Oh, but you wouldn't.

Because you owed me a treasure.

Now... We're even.

I don't trust you
touching my wires.

Oh, I wouldn't either.

If I find out
you've bugged my house...

well, that would be easy.

I'm just saying,
you've got a mess back there.

Hey, Neal.

Hey, Peter.

Come on in.


Uh, can I get you anything?

No, I'm good. Thanks.

Glad you're here.

I'm happy you decided
to watch that with us.

You got to pick
who you can trust, right?

Well, whatever it is,

if Ellen had wanted
the whole world to see it,

she would have given it
to channel five news.

Instead, she gave it to me.

And, maybe if she was still alive,
she would have wanted you to see it.

I don't know.

But you don't want to
make that decision for her.

I want to make it for me.

Whatever's on here...

I know.

You ready to see
what Ellen wanted to show you

when you were 3 years old?

I am.