White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 6 - Identity Crisis - full transcript

Mozzie discovers clues to a treasure he is convinced were left by a spy ring.

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Any leads
on who killed Ellen?

No, not who killed her.

Not even a last name.

But there's this.

An e-mail account not linked
to anything else

the marshals found
at Ellen's apartment.

When I run one of Mozzie's
tracking programs,

I get this.

Somebody's still
checking it, regularly,

at Internet cafes
around D.C.

You think it's Sam.

Ellen told me to trust him,

that he's my best chance
for answers.

But if it is Sam...

What do I say?

You tell him you want to meet
on neutral ground.

"We'll meet on your terms."

No, you can't let Sam
control the meet.

Neal! Neal!

Let me in!



Someone's trying to kill me.

Why am I not surprised?

No time for sarcasm, Suit.

Calm down, okay?
You're all right now.

I almost ate a bullet.
I've been on that ride before.

It shakes you up.
I can't calm down.

Mozzie, breathe.

Take a seat...

And tell us what happened.


It all started when June and I
paid our weekly visit

to the market of lost treasures.

Hester's Storage
sells the best abandoned units.

Okay, we got a 5'x10' here.
Get a good look.

At a storage auction,

you only have a few moments
to gauge the unit's worth.

People see "fragile,"
and they think "valuable."

But an arrow pointing
in the wrong direction

reeks of foreclosure trash.

John-John had one
down at the Cape.

Okay, time's up.

We're gonna start the auction.

Give me $25.

Now, $25 right here.
Looking for $50.

$50. I got $50 right here.
Looking for $100.

$200, $300, $400, $500.
That's $600 right here.

Looking for $700.

$700 going once.
$700 going twice.

It's sold, right here at $700
to the gentleman.

You used June as a plant

to up the price
of worthless units.

Well, it helps
drain their resources

so I'm flush when
a valuable unit comes up.

And June was okay with that?

Most likely, it was her idea.

All right.
What happened?

June was crushing it,

but I still hadn't seen
a desirable unit, until...

Corner unit. Get a look.

Let's start the bidding.

We're gonna start the bidding
at $25.

- Anybody give me $25 right here, looking at $50.
- $25.

$50, anybody? $50 right here.
Looking at $75.

$100! $100 right here. $200.
$300, looking for $400.

$400! $400, looking for $500.
$600, looking for $700.

$800! Looking at $800.
$850, for $900.



$900 going once.

What's the matter -- Low on funds?
$900 going twice.

Till next week, Mini-Me.

Sold, right here at $900
to Mr. Dapper.

Let's take a look
at the next unit. Follow me.

Oh, these old cameras
are great.

They don't have the prism
that flips the image --

a natural gravity defier,
if you will.

Oh, Moz.

Of all the units...
Why this one?

It's a cache of chaos.

Pinhole cameras.

Maybe find some daguerreotypes,

some forgotten Vivian Maier

Whoever this guy is, he was
definitely onto something.

Or on something.

I'll leave this to you.

Thanks, June.

I'd stumbled
onto something interesting.

The flotsam of an unusual mind?
Eh, perhaps.

But whoever this, uh, C.H. is,

he'd certainly given me
my money's worth.

Of the two keys I found --
one modern, one antique --

the modern key
opened the obvious door.

Anyone home?

You walked into the house?

I'd bought it, didn't I?

No. You didn't.

Seriously, Suit? What would you
have done in my situation?

I would never be
in your situation.

Get to the part about the gun.


I made myself at home.

You started cleaning?

Well, a layer of dust
would do my sinuses no good,

and it led
to a fortuitous discovery.

You found yourself
a secret passage?

In the library,
behind a bookcase!

And it gets even better.

a nightmarish Goldilocks.

Minus the golden curls.
Keep going.

Well, I spent a few days
settling in.

Now, I've lived by myself
long enough

to know when I'm not alone.

He wore all black,
and -- and he was tall --

like "Ichabod Crane" tall.

Where's the flag, 7-2-3?

He called you 7-2-3?

And he wanted a flag?

I had no clue what he was
talking about, either.

Well, that makes all of us.

So I had to think fast.

The flag.

Of course.
I was expecting you.

Take me to it now.

I have a set of rules
specific to this situation.


Establish eye contact...
Follow me.

...force him to acknowledge
my humanity...

No sudden moves.

...then run like hell!

You are dead, 7-2-3!


So, I popped out on the street,

hailed a cab,
and came right here.

So, all this is a case
of mistaken identity?

Yeah. He thinks
I'm someone named 7-2-3.

And that you've got a flag.

No, no.
Not just a flag.

A flag he's willing
to kill for.

- Identity Crisis -

NYPD did a search
of Mozzie's new house.

They found an open window,

empty liquor bottles,
and a slept-in bed.

How about the secret passage
behind the bookshelf?

That, they also found,
along with a broken vase.

So Mozzie's not entirely crazy.

They're calling it a tall tale
of an illegal squatter, which --

Isn't entirely untrue.

Except for the "tall" part.

What do you have, Jones?
Dead-end city.

Our storage unit
is registered to a P.O. box

owned by someone whose signature
is totally unreadable.

And whoever they are,

they stopped paying cash
two months ago,

so the facility sent
the required late notices

and auctioned it off
to your guy, Mozzie.

What about the house?

Well, it's owned outright by
a Robert Townsend, since 1781.

Yeah, he's real dead.

Well, a family trust was set up

early last century
to maintain it.

The last executor died
years ago,

but the trust keeps up
the payments.

We could get more on the trust

with a federal
grand jury subpoena.

This isn't a federal crime,

and you're fresh out
of the bureau doghouse.

All right.

Anything on the initials "C.H."

That Mozzie found on the robe?


Anything on who or what
the name 7-2-3 might be?


Maybe I can track
the family lineage

without using FBI resources.

Guys, I'm sorry,
but I have to get

my land-fraud case
to the a.U.S.A. by noon.

Neal, could you --
help Diana research the family.

Mind reader.

We found more
on Robert Townsend.

He was part of
the Culper Spy Ring.

If I recall from history class,

George Washington
created the Culper spies

to aid the continental army
during the revolutionary war.

Please tell me
you're not talking

about those Culper spies.
Yes, I am.

They sent intel

from British-occupied New York
using codes.

And they used numbers,
not names.

Don't tell me.
7-2-3 was Robert Townsend?

You got it.

Why would the gunman
call Mozzie

a code name of a dead
revolutionary war spy?

This book presents
a possible theory.

It caused some controversy

when it was published
six months ago.

It claims Culper descendants

have been keeping the spy ring
active since the war.

By using
their ancestor's numbers?

Yep. Listen to this.

"Culper descendants

"are a secretly sanctioned
government organization,

"empowered by blood to keep
the United States safe.

"Their name may have faded,

but their loyalty
is alive and well."

That's insane.

The Culpers disbanded
after the revolutionary war.

Only a conspiracy nut
would think that these guys...

Look who we're talking about.

He's gonna love this.

He is.

Of course Culper descendants
kept the spy ring alive.

How did I miss this?

Because they didn't
and you didn't.

It makes perfect sense.

This book was published,
exposing them, drawing them out.

It even has their secret
communication codes!

Mozzie, this author of this book
lost his tenured professorship

because it's filled with B.S.

Read the reviews --
"Rampant speculation."


Our government has endorsed

a cornucopia
of questionable programs --

Stargate, MK-Ultra,
the space shuttle.

He has a point.

Why are you indulging him?

If the Culpers
don't exist today,

then why is someone
trying to kill 7-2-3?

And where is 7-2-3?

He's right, Peter.

Whatever you think about this,

we could be dealing
with a missing person.


7-1-1, 2-4-6,
6-6-9, 7-2-3...

What are you doing?
It's the journal I found at the storage unit.

I'm reading the code.
T-these numbers mean words.

Um, "Washington
hand unto 7-2-3

"the country clothier
he carried through the ice

unto New Jersey
in December."


Washington gave a flag
to the Culpers.

The very flag he carried
across the Delaware in 1776.

What do you think
of that, Suit?

That flag would be worth
a fortune today.

Uh, an authentic symbol

of our burgeoning "freedom"
as a country?

On a rough estimate,
I would say priceless.

Peter, Mozzie
has stumbled across clues

that could lead us
to a lost American treasure.


This is a modern day
7-2-3's coded journal.

And he's talking to a 3-5-5
about the flag.


Oh, the Culpers' female spy.

It looks as if our lady Culper
has some letters

important information

pertaining to the location
of the flag.

We should reach out to her.

How do you make contact
with the mysterious ancestor

of a 250-year-old woman?

Well, the way the Culpers
originally communicated --

through strategically placed
messages in newspapers.

So, this is what a secret
spy message looks like.

According to the journal
Mozzie found,

7-2-3 requested
this lady Culper

check this paper every morning
for a code.

So Mozzie placed his own ad.

Well, that's only
a little bit crazy.

What does it mean?

Well, during the war,

the Culpers had to travel
the Long Island sound

from British
to American territory.

Sounds dangerous.
It was.

So, what they did
is they hid codes

on a clothesline by the shore
to communicate.

Gives new meaning
to "dirty laundry."

So, Mozzie's using
the old clothesline code.

That's kind of cute.
No, don't encourage.

But undergarments symbolize
the person

you want to contact.

And then the handkerchiefs

were where
they were supposed to be.

So the petticoat is the female
spy Mozzie wants to meet.

Yes, the female spy descendant.


Now, he wants to meet
at 9:00 A.M.


Well, back in the day,
four handkerchiefs

referred to an old pub
on 16th and 2nd Avenue.

Well, that's
Stuyvesant Park now.

Yeah, so we're going
to Stuyvesant Park.


That's them, about to ruin
a perfectly good Saturday.

Well, honey, you get to go
on a treasure hunt.

You love treasure hunts.

I'm only going
on the off-chance

that the gunman sees this ad
and shows up.

Morning, Peter.


- Hi.
- Hey.

Got everything we need
for a day of intrigue.

Mrs. Suit,
it's been way too long!

Oh, it has,
and I see you've fallen

back into the routine
of torturing my husband.

Old habits.

Ah, the Suit
will see it my way.

"Time makes more converts
than reason" --

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense."

You're the last person

who should be quoting
"Common Sense."

Mozzie, do you really think
you're gonna swap intel

with a spy in the East Village?


You know,
I once entertained the idea

that my birth parents
were spies.

There's no chance
you'll ignore that, right?


Have fun.

No one's recognized me yet.

Keep your eye out
for Ichabod Crane.

I'm completely exposed out here.

Neal, I'm using
an outdated CIA spy kit

that, according to Mozzie,

he once hoped
belonged to his parents.

Tell me why
you're encouraging this

before I get sent
back to evidence.

I don't think you want to know.

You'll get all tense, and
you'll make that grimace, and...

There. It's like
I'm getting a massage.


Now I'm tense.


Oh, that does help.


You know Mozzie is an orphan.


Well, an orphan's gonna
wonder about his parents.

So, he imagined
they were spies.

Mozzie's first conspiracy theory
and his coping mechanism.

Occasionally, something happens

that triggers Mozzie
to revisit his childhood.

He falls into a spy cycle?

Do not mention Valerie Plame
in his presence.

So, if this female Culper
descendant actually shows up,

he might spiral back
to his childhood delusions?


When Ellen told me
my dad was corrupt --

You ran from the truth.

Yeah, and became
a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mozzie tells himself
these stories

to maintain his faith
in the world.

But not in the government.

His faith, however limited,
is all that separates

a man with a conscience
from a man without one.

I knew I was right.

So much for a delusion.

Agent 7-2-3?

Agent 3-5-5.

No names. Perfect.

Actual spies don't greet
each other by code.

They do in airport novels.

I was busy
working on the flag.

Oh. Good.

I thought that stupid
Culper descendant book

might've caused you to go dark.

You know the press actually
contacted me to verify it?

It's frustrating that our
existence came into question.

As if there's even a question.


So, do you have the letters?

I do. I'm still concerned
about their preservation.

O-of course.

I can assure you
they will be...preserved.

I know I keep harping on it.
It's the librarian in me.


Commendable profession,

Call me Tempest.

No need to pretend
about the Culper code with me.

That's a mark
against Mozzie's theory.

What's your name?
Oh, he'll find a way to ignore it.

You can just call me

I take the Culper code
very seriously.

I love how invested you are
in our ancestry.

Family history
is very important.

Yes, it's, uh, vital
to know who we come from.

I take it you found
the infirmary?

The infirmary? Of course,
I found the infirmary.

The -- the infirmary.

Yes, o-of course.

The flag, the letters,
the infirmary --

a-are they making it up
as they go along?

The infirmary.
Why do I know that?

Where is it?

Uh, all in good time.

We made a deal --
the letters for the infirmary.

The storage unit
used to be an infirmary.

I wonder why
that's so important.

Well, hopefully,
we'll find out.

If you won't hold up your end,

I'll be going.

Uh, t-the infirmary
is downtown.

I-it's now a facility known
as Hester's Storage.

These letters have been
in my family for generations.

Please be careful
when you test them.

This has been a pleasure,

Recognize someone?


All right. Intercept Mozzie.
Get him out of here.

I'm gonna have a chat
with our friend.

FBI! Put down your weapon!

I-I-I've been mugged twice.

I'd like to see a badge.

Put your gun on the ground now.

All right.

How about the badge?

All right.
My apologies.

I reached for my wallet,
you reached for the gun.

My instinct kicked in,
all right?

You have a permit for this?

I'd be drawn and quartered
if I didn't.

Go ahead.

You match
the physical description

of an assault suspect.

I'm gonna need you to come in,
answer a few questions.

You were just at Stuyvesant Park
on a whim?

No, I read an ad
in today's newspaper.

I thought I'd be able
to interview

some Culper spy descendants.

Well, why would you want
to interview the Culper spies

after you've already
written a book about them?

You writing a second book?

Yes. Yes.

Some asinine critics

seem to have missed
the vision of my first.

And you aim
to prove them wrong?

Once I definitively prove
that the Culpers remain active,

I will be lecturing at Harvard
with tenure.

What's your connection
to the Culpers?

I have none.

The closest I come
to the revolution

is my penchant for tea.

You simply want to be
the first person

to prove that they still exist?

With psychoanalytic skills
like that,

you should be
in the profiling department.

Tell you what else I see --
a disgraced egomaniac

who's playing an unorthodox game
of "Capture the Flag."

I am looking for the flag.
So are a lot of other people.

It is not a crime.

No, but attacking the man
known as 7-2-3 in his home is.

And I do hope
that you are able to capture

whomever is responsible
for that.

I think I have.

Finding that flag,
by any means necessary --

that would go a long way
to restoring your reputation.

I'm an academic.

Do you really think I would
stoop to such measures?

You were pretty quick
with that gun.

I was mugged! Y--

Well, it's -- it's there
in the report.

Now, if you can't charge me
with anything,

I'm going to leave.

What, you can't hold
Stringer on anything?

Except he tried to kill me!

We have a circumstantial
witness report,

and his gun permit cleared,

despite his itchy
trigger finger.

Is Diana still putting leaves
on the Townsend family tree?

I'm about to talk to her.
The letters reveal anything?

Not yet.

But Mozzie's mixing chemicals
right now

to test for something called
"a sympathetic stain."

Ah, the invisible ink
Washington used

to pass messages
to the Culpers.

Of course that would make
an appearance.

You really know
your Culper history.

I've been catching up.

Washington was quite
an innovator.

For a guy who never told a lie,

he certainly
stretched the truth a lot.

It is the mark
of a great politician.

I'm ready.
All right. Mozzie's ready.

I'll let you know if we find anything.
All right.

You think Tempest has kids?

Must be hard to raise kids
as a spy.

Nearly impossible, I'd imagine.

So, we got everything we need
to read between the lines?

You know,
there are those who say

that the coining of that phrase

is Washington's
greatest achievement.

Here. Light that up.

Okay. Now, be careful.

"The secret
is in your eyes."

I think I know what that means.

Find anything?

I started with the family
history of Robert Townsend,

the man they think is Mozzie's ancestor.

His lineage ends with his son,

and little is known about his
family after he died in 1838.

But guess who's the mother
of his son.

You got me.

Agent 3-5-5.

The ancestor of our librarian.

That got me thinking.

What if I track her ancestry
or other Culper spies?

I might figure out
who 7-2-3 is today.

I found a bunch of them nearby.

Who are they?
One's a marketing director in Connecticut,

there's a nurse
in Spanish Harlem,

and a Rutgers professor.

A professor?

I interviewed a former professor
about this --

Oliver Stringer.

No connection.
Could be a coincidence.

Unless it's not.
Who's your guy?

Uh, Nathan Woodhull.

Well, we won't be interviewing
him anytime soon.

He was strangled in his home
two months ago.

Is your professor Stringer
a suspect?

No, but the guy they arrested

has initials that are
particularly interesting.

"Cabot Hawkins."

"C.H." -- The initials
on Mozzie's bathrobe.

Look where they're keeping him.

"The secret is in her eyes"
made me realize

what these holes
you told me about might be for.

The room is a camera obscura!

These used to be windows.

So, you black out
most of the light in the room

except for one spot
on the glass,

and the light
naturally projects.

It's an upside-down image.

The view outside
over the woman's eye!


It flips the image
like a pinhole camera.

So that's where the flag is?

Well, not necessarily.

I mean, there are dozens
of holes here.

Oh, and each hole
presents a different location

over her eye.

Modern-day 7-2-3
drilled these holes

to try to figure out
which projection is correct.

Wow. He was re-creating
the infirmary.

His ancestor
would lay on this bed,

looking up at 3-5-5's eye.

The flag could be
any one of these.

So, the coordinates
to the right hole

are the final key.

If we get those, then we'll find
the location of the flag.


Hey, Peter.

Can you and Mozzie
meet me at my house?

I've got an update on the case.

All right.

I paid a visit
to Bellevue today.

Meet psych patient
Cabot Hawkins,

otherwise known
as agent 7-2-3.

Cops found Cabot Hawkins
at a murder scene

of another Culper Spy
descendant --

number 7-2-2.

That victim could have been me!

Judge ruled Cabot be taken
to an insane asylum,

and his records were sealed.

Were you able to question him?

At first,
he wouldn't talk to me.

He said he would only talk
to 7-1-1,

but I got to him eventually.

That's George Washington!

How'd you get to him

if he'd only talk
to Washington's descendants?

I may have quoted
our founding father.

You tricked him into thinking

that Washington
was your ancestor?

I gently guided him.

Cabot claims

that he was only there
to get the guy's documents,

but when he arrived,
the man was already dead.

Do you believe him?

He also told me that his cat
gave him a parasite

that subtly manipulates
his personality.

Sounds like paranoia runs
in the Townsend blood.


Cabot also said that he alone

tracked down the descendants'
clues about the flag.

With no help from anybody?

All by himself?

So there's no Culper network.

I'm sorry, Moz.

Well, theories are meant
to be disproved.

You think, uh, Stringer
could be the killer?

My gut tells me it's not Cabot.

Then I gave you one bad guy
to put on your books.

Good for you.

Hey, where you going?

We still need you
to prove Stringer's guilty.

Well, you're good
at solving crimes.

I'll just stick to, uh...

finding them.

You sure he's gonna
be all right?

This spy thing means
more to him than he lets on.

Whatcha got there, Moz?

Oh, research --
about my parents.

This may be a surprise,

but the Culpers weren't
just a treasure hunt to me.


Once again,
I fell under the spell

that if the Culpers existed
as spies --

Then your parents
could be spies, too.


What are these?

I made them in third grade
to impress the other kids

at the orphanage
about my parents' story --

secret shadow-puppet show
at lights out.

I might need to see that

No, it's too humiliating.

Billy Chadham never let me hear
the end of it.

Well, I'm not Billy Chadham.
Show me.

It was Russia,
during the cold war.

Alisa the noble had nobly --

remember, I wrote this
when I was 8 --

devoted her life
to her country.

across the Bering strait,

Alvin the Great --

I was obsessed
with "The Chipmunks" --

was also a servant
to his country.

Then, one fateful day,
by way of the Berlin crisis,

their paths crossed.

Their forbidden love,
fit for Shakespeare,

resulted in the gift
of a tiny son.

I was the greatest violation
of the cold war.

Ill luck befell them for it.

Their governments, forces
more evil than Godzilla --

sought to divide them.

Their son, in mortal danger,
gave them no choice.

So they hid him
with Jeffries the king,

who loved the child as his own.

And the parents were heroes...

The child thrived...

And one day, they reunited...

And they all lived
happily ever after.

It's a really great story.

That's all it is, Neal --
just a story...

An 8-year-old tells himself

to hide the fact that
his parents didn't want him.

I'm sorry.

I know how hard it is
to lose faith in your family.

I pored over Woodhull's
crime-scene photos yesterday

when I finally
noticed something.

The tie around his neck --
it was loosened.

So someone was trying
to give him air?

Cabot was telling the truth.

He arrived after the murder
and tried to help.

Only thing
the P.D. did get right

is that they retrieved
the victim's hard drive.

Found some very interesting

he exchanged with Stringer

about the Culper descendants.

Stringer used him for research.

At first, but eventually
the victim gets evasive.

Stringer accused him of hunting
for the flag on his own.

Yeah, he felt threatened.

He's a sociopath.

He thinks the flag is the key
to regaining his respect.

So, Stringer kills the victim

and then goes after Cabot
for the flag.

He doesn't know his name
or what he looks like,

so he waits at the house
until someone finally shows up.

Enter Mozzie.

That's my working theory.

But short of having
Stringer confess,

I don't know
how I can prove it.

So let's get him to confess.

Stringer believes the Culpers
still exist, right?

Let's prove they do.

My vertigo is acting up.

Are you sure you can do this?

He'll be fine.
He's happy to help.

We're on, boss.

Stringer must have gotten
my note.

I used Culper code
to lure him in.

5-6-1, 6-8-2 --

Yeah, enough with the numbers.

Let's get ready
for our close-up.

All right. Good luck.

Come in.

I got your note.
What is this about?

The boss wants a meeting.

The boss?

Mr. Stringer.

Glad you could join us.

Who are you?

We're old friends.

This is 7-1-1.

George Washington.

I cannot tell a lie.

- George Washington is your ancestor?
- Yes.

This could go bad fast.

And what about you?

Whose descendant are you?

Thomas Jefferson's.

I knew it.

The spy ring is still around.

I'll leave you the room.

What do you want with me?

You've been accosting my agents
looking for the flag.

Let's discuss it
like gentlemen.

Your network's secrecy
has ruined my reputation.

Why should I talk to you?

Because I can remedy that.

Please. Sit.

The general doesn't like guns.

I hold onto my weapon,
or I'm leaving.

Holster it,
and you can keep it.

You do know I'd be more of
an asset in the room with them?

Neal's enough of a live wire.

I don't need a spark plug
in there, too.

This spark plug got him here,
didn't he?

Let me start
by saying thank you.

You've actually done us
a service

by eliminating agent 7-2-2
for us.

I don't know what you mean.
Yes, you do.

7-2-2 was a traitor
within our network --

fed you information
for your book

that revealed our existence.

Well, sadly,
he didn't feed me enough.

My book was crucified.

I can't say that upsets me.

I take it he's how you found
our headquarters here?

He showed me the correspondence
with 7-2-3 about the flag.

I traced his I.P. address
and found this place.

And you've been watching it
ever since.

Well, I was beginning to worry
that 7-2-3 had disappeared on me

until he showed up
a couple days ago.

He hadn't disappeared.

He was detained
for the murder you committed.

So that's who they got.

He didn't deny
it was his murder.

Well, I hope your gratitude
includes a gift.

I want the flag.

We don't have it.

But we'd be willing
to join forces in the hunt.

Look, I have the coordinates.

What makes you think I need you?

Because I have the infirmary.

You should give me
the infirmary.

You know this is
psychological torture

making me stay in here
and watch my dreams die.

Then go home.

Your part's over.

Well, fine.
I know when I'm not appreciated.

Well, you should give me
the infirmary

considering I am the man
who dispensed of your traitor.

Well, since you're the man,

the infirmary is now
a storage space on pearl street.

Well, I wish I could say
this has been fun.

Good luck
finding the flag --

especially without
3-5-5's family letters.

Oh, withholding information.
How typical.

What do you want
for the letters?

I want to know
our traitor suffered.

Well, he fought me for
every last gasp of breath.

Anything else?

Is that enough?

It's plenty.

FBI! Put your hands
in the air now!

Come with me
if you want to live.

What the hell?

What the hell just happened?!

We were wondering
the same thing.

He's trying to save
the coordinates.

What coordinates?

The coordinates
that lead to the flag.

If we arrest Stringer,
he'll never give them up.

So, where are they going?

The storage unit.

Y-you can lose the gun.

Yeah, I'll lose the gun
when I'm convinced

I have all the clues, fed.

I have no idea
why that lock is broken.

Open the door. Slowly.

Agent 3-5-5?!

Don't play me
with this Culper crap.

You're another fed.

No, she's a descendant
of 3-5-5. Look.

She looks just like her.

What are you doing here?

When he told me
about the infirmary,

I-I couldn't believe
it was real.

I had to see it for myself.

You touch one hair on her head,

and you will not live
to find that flag!

The coordinates are
61 centimeters by 99.

You have three minutes
to impress me.



Missed 'em.

They must be on their way
to the flag.

If they find it,
Mozzie's a dead man.

We don't have
the coordinates.

You think Mozzie left a clue?

I know he did.
It's just a matter of where.

It's locked.

I might have a key.

Antique key...

Antique lock.

What's all this about?

Well, the long story short,
the coordinates identify a hole

that projects the flag's
location onto that woman's eye.

Oh. How'd I miss that?

Hold on a second.

This one's turned around.

It's the revolutionary war

This monument is
dedicated to the fallen soldiers

of the revolutionary war.

It was built around this stone.

"416-209" --
"Never forget."

I think the flag is under here.

You know the Culper code.

Because you're a Culper spy!

Aha! They do exist!

I am not a spy.

Hey, guys, how about
we lift the stone?

He is gonna kill us

the moment we confirm the flag
is here, isn't he?

If you see a moment,
use your spy training.

I am not a spy.
I don't have training.

Oh, right.

"Culpers don't exist."
Copy that.

Still, use your spy training.

All right.
What do we got?

Well, there's a box down there.

All right. How about you
go down there and get it?



Help me up!

I hear rats down here!

You don't hear rats.
You are a rat.

Let's see it.

It's gone.

Oh, you bastard.
You conned me again!

No, that can't be!
It has to be here!

Everything led to here!


You really are a spy!

Watch out!

Drop your weapon!

All right.
Drop it!

All right!

Let's try this again, shall we?

You're under arrest.

Hey. You okay?

Yeah. She used
her spy training.

I told you --
I am not a spy.

I-I saw a moment,
and I took it.

Hey, your secret's safe
with me.

Thank you.

That's a shame.

All that work, and no flag.

Yeah, perhaps, but I still
think it was worth it.

You're not upset?

Well, I got conclusive evidence
that Culper spies do exist.

And if they do,
anything's possible.

Tempest told you
she's not a spy.

Oh, she was preserving
her cover.

Might I point out she was
the first one to open the box?

What does that matter?

The flag was gone.

And so is she.

I think my work here is done.

You don't think
it's possible...

Culper descendants are running

some sort of spy ring, do you?

No. No, I...


I didn't think so.

You want to get out of here?