White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 4 - Parting Shots - full transcript

When Neal and Peter go undercover to investigate a beautiful widow about to receive a huge life insurance payment, things become complicated when Neal begins to develop feelings for her.

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Previously on White Collar...

- Neal.
- Ellen.

You and your father.

My mom told me he was dead.

But you told me the truth.

He was a dirty cop...
And he's not dead.

Ms. Parker, you were
Neal's father's partner.

That's it, isn't it?

Agent Burke, I'm in WITSEC
for a good reason.

These marshals are here to take
Neal Caffrey into custody.

He'll work for me
in D.C. permanently.

You broke the rules.

I go back to work,

and you're placed under review
and reassigned?

I'm sure it's only temporary.

It's the evidence warehouse,
and it's the best I could do.

The marshals are shipping me off
in a few weeks.

Everything I grew up
believing was wrong,

and I ran before I got to hear
the full story.

I want to know who he was.

When my dad went away,
Ellen looked after me.

You grew up
in Witness Protection.

I was 3 when the marshals
took us away.

What happened?

We found a gun
with his prints on it.

He killed a cop?

It was a long time ago.

I need to know who I am.

Agent Patterson.

Watching you, Caffrey.

Always good to see you, sir.


Patterson's not the only one
keeping an eye on me.

Black-market prosthetics
off a raid on the docks.

Counterfeit eyeballs --
very Rat Pack.

Sammy Davis Jr. had a glass eye.


We got to get you back
to White Collar.

Oh, tell me about it.
What's in the bag?

Oh, I made a detour
on my way to the bank

to pick you up
Manhattan's best sandwich.

Marginally less interesting.

First FBI check
since I got back.

Put it in
my rainy-day account.

Rainy-day account?

Well, with what I get paid,
all I can afford is an umbrella.

- Cute.
- Good morning.

What can I do for you?

How did you leave things
with Sara?

Non sequitur. Why?

Look behind you.

I'm an insurance investigator
with Sterling-Bosch.

I'm here to see agent Burke.


Neal. How was
your island adventure?

You know, it was
kind of like rum punch.

Seemed like
a good idea at the time un--

Until the hangover?

Yeah. Hi, Peter.

Sara. What brings
you down here?

I'm working
the Covington settlement.

Grant Covington --
hedge funder we targeted

during the sweep
on insider trading last year.

We were getting close
until he died.

Scuba diving in the Hamptons.

Forfeiture units
seized all illegal gains,

and we closed the case.

Well, I'm cleaning it up
on our end.

His death
was ruled accidental, so...

The young widow
gets the insurance money.

How much?
$50 million.

Unless I can prove
she doesn't deserve it.

Now, the NYPD ruled her out
as a suspect, but --

You think Sophie Covington
pulled one over on everyone?

Well, you're the connoisseur
on crimes of persuasion.

That's what
I want you to tell me.

And you're the expert
on the case.

Now, there's a memorial
at 1:00

marking the anniversary
of Covington's death.

Who's up for a stakeout?

Neal has errands to run,

but that doesn't mean
you can't pick my brain

over Manhattan's best sandwich.

Then I'll take over.

Fill in.
Fill in.

Thank you.

60 minutes, Burke.


Well, the paparazzi
are still interested.

A 21-gun salute --
that's what his will said.

Mmm, nice to see a year
after his death,

Covington's ego lives on.

Mmm, that is a good sandwich.

Now that the death certificate's
been issued,

Sophie's giving Covington
his elaborate sendoff.

Maybe for the second time.

Think she made sure
that dive was his last?

Well, she certainly had
a lot to gain from his death.

That's Wilson Mailer,
Covington's hedge-fund partner.

Suspected he was dirty, too,
but nothing stuck.

Ohh, she didn't like that.

That's a familiar touch
for a married man.

Oh, Covington's rocky marriage
was all over the gossip rags

when we were
investigating them.

El leaves them in the bathroom.


Well, perhaps that's why
Sophie's so reclusive.

This is the first time
I've had eyes on her

outside of a boardroom.

He's keeping his distance.

He's too far away
to be a curious bystander

and too subtle to be paparazzi.

you've hardly said a word.

Are you sure
you're up for this?

Ellen agreed to help me
look into my father

before she disappears
into WITSEC again.

It's now or never.
There she is.

How are you?


After all this time,

I thought you two
should know each other.

You must be Mozzie.


Is it safe for you out here?

Oh, as far as anyone's
concerned, I'm, uh, long gone.

Uh, wild guess --
both of them are named Marshal.

Before I leave town,

I think it's time you met
my old friend Sam.

I contacted him
after we talked last.

Did he know my father?

He did. He's a cop --
undercover for a long time.

A hard guy to get hold of.

What was going on
in my department

was bigger than your dad.

Sam was helping me
get evidence on...the others.


When your dad confessed,
you, your mom, and I

were thrown into WITSEC,

and there was no time
to look for answers.

Work with Sam. Maybe you'll find
what I wanted to,

that he wasn't a bad guy.

I just want to know the truth.

You want to help me
finish planting?

I would love to,
but I got to get back to work.

I, on the other hand, am known

for my work
with Yamadori bonsai.

That's true.

Oh, forget-me-nots --
a fitting au revoir.

Look after her, okay?
I will.

I'll see you soon.
Thank you again.

You're a dear.

Let me get you some gloves.

Oh, sure.

Our delicate hands
are roughly the same size.

We're at the southeast corner
by the monument.



He scorched a lot of earth

when he left
for his island adventure.

A little smoke damage here,
but I wasn't totally unprepared.

You knew he was gonna run?

Something I've learned --

things get stolen,
and people go away.

Most of the time,
you don't get them back.

Detail, attention!

Forward arms!

Wonder if he got a permit
for that.


Make ready! Aim!

Sophie's leaving before it's over.

Not quite the grieving widow.

Make ready!

Aim! Fire!

Make ready!



Make ready!

Aim! Fire!



I think you just saved my life.

You could be right.
You okay?

- Sophie, over here!
- Wait up, Sophie!

I have to go.
I have to go.

Hey! Wait a second!

This way, ma'am. Come on.
Sophie, excuse me!

Stay back!

Hey, you all right?
What happened?

Somebody tried to grab Sophie.

Looks like
your insurance-fraud case

just turned
attempted kidnapping.

Well, you can add theft
to that list.

She stole my hat.

Something didn't seem right
so we got out of the car.

I saw Neal start to run,
got there as fast as I could,

but the guy was gone.

It was a faded blue,
grayish van -- no plates.

That's all I saw.

Reporters captured
a few photos of Caffrey's hat,

but nothing we can use.

It all happened too fast.
Thanks, Peter.


You'll be back,

shouting down at us
like Alexander the Great.

I see myself more as a Caesar.

You say Roman.
I say Greek.

Burke, what are you doing here?

Just gave Diana my statement.

The Covington widow.

are usually personal.

- Okay, all right. - We should send
somebody out there who knows every--

give us a minute, please.

Peter, Justice is still
reviewing your case.

Covington is
an active investigation.

You need to back off.

I was lead on that investigation for a year.
I know.

I could consult outside my hours
at the evidence warehouse.

No investigating,
no field work.

Tap me like a geyser.

I'll make a call
as long as you keep it to that.

You said you were gonna
make a call.

You want me to do it right now?

I'd appreciate that.

Why were you
leaving the memorial?

I was overwhelmed.

My driver had the car
waiting around the corner.

Who runs after
nearly being kidnapped?

Someone who feels like
they're being chased.

Figures you'd side
with the fleeing suspect.

You know, the thing
about fleeing suspects is,

they can't say goodbye...
to anyone.

Well, that's on the lam 101.

You know why I had to run.

I do.

And just so you know,

the world did not
stop spinning without you.

Miss Covington,
I know it's been a rough day,

but we do want to help you.

Do you?

When the FBI
investigated my husband,

my life was turned inside out.

After he died, that wretched
insurance investigator

all but accused me of murder.

Think she's talking about you?

I've heard worse.

We're all just trying
to do our jobs here.

You'll have to excuse me,

but I've had my fill
of law-enforcement types.

Hey, don't you need
to get back to evidence?

Convinced the brass
to let me consult

on all things Covington.

They made you a consultant?

Do you have a radius?
I have a badge.

One last question --

What is the nature
of your relationship

with Will Mailer?

You do not get to ask me
about my personal life.

Ooh, touchy subject.
Can I see that?

Any more questions,
you can contact my lawyer.

And call off your tail.
I'm sick of being followed.

We don't have surveillance
on her.

Neither does

That guy we saw
lurking around the memorial --

he's got to be involved.

Sophie's done with the FBI.

Oh, but I bet she would talk
with the dashing stranger

that saved her life.

Yeah, I could find out
what's really going on

between her and Mailer.

If someone is tailing her,
we can get a look.

What are you thinking?

Come with me.

All right, you sure
she won't recognize you

from your investigation
into her husband?

We never met in person.

All right, set me up.

I hope this wasn't
too disruptive.

Oh, it's not a problem.
I'm just happy I could help out.

It's you.


You okay?

I was just giving my statement
to agent Burke here.

Yes, thank you for your time,

Uh, Neal.

Well, at least now
I know your name.

Neal Armstrong.

Like the astronaut.

One small step for man.

Sophie Covington.
Nice to meet you.

I don't know how to thank you
for what you did.

If there's ever anything
that I can do,

just please let me know.

Actually, there is.
Can I get my hat back?

I don't have it here.

We could meet for coffee or...

This is my address.
Come by around 4:00.

And I'll have it
waiting for you.

All right.

If I can help you in any way,
please give me a call.

He's one of the good guys.

Are you --

One more thing
to discuss with agent Burke.

See you at 4:00.

Neal Armstrong?

Well, uh,
arms, arms --

All those prosthetics
in the evidence warehouse.

A-at least it's better
than Neal Handleman.

No, it's not.
I like Neal Handleman.

I should have gone
with Eyes-enhauer.

That would have been good.

This is Mr. Mailer.

Just here to pick up my hat.

Ah, the knight in shining armor.

More of a right place,
right time kind of thing.

Mr. Armstrong,
it's good to see you.

Call me Neal, please.

Neal, it's good to see you.

Goodbye, Will.

Hope I'm not interrupting.

I didn't realize
you'd have a friend over.

Will's not a friend.

He was my husband's
business partner.


So, tell me, Neal,
are you a professional

interventionist or...

No, I'm an entrepreneur.

I've done well over the years,

and I enjoy finding
worthy causes to give back to.

I used to teach public school.
I -- after I met Grant,

I started a charity
for art programs.

The more I made,
the more I gave away,

which was just something else
for us to fight about.

You have a beautiful home.

Thank you.
I spend a lot of time here.

The media attention,
it's just --

Why you took my hat.

Yes, that's why I took your hat.

Hmm, vintage.

I almost hate to give it back.

Oh, nice.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Speaking of vintage, um...

Would you like
a glass of wine or...

I'd love one.


I backpacked the Costa Brava
after college.

This Rioja reminds me of it.

To Spanish wine.

To hats.

So, how does this count
as consulting?

Confirming I.D.

That's the same guy
I saw at the memorial.

You know, I feel like
I'm being followed.

Yeah, we're tailing your tail.

Lose him so we can
follow him home.

You're asking me
to give up trade secrets?

Call your patent lawyer.

Just a minute.

One second.

Gun! FBI! FBI!

Don't hurt me!

Calm down, or you're
gonna hurt yourself!

Okay, okay.

Freddy Slavkin...

What were you doing at the
Covington memorial today?

Someone hire you
to grab Sophie?

Didn't get the job done,

so you thought they were coming after you?
What? No. No, no, no.

So you usually
answer the door like that?

I thought I was dealing
with disgruntled husbands.

You don't strike me
as the romantic type. Explain.

I'm a P.I.
I work infidelity cases.

A lot of what I find tends
to make people want to kill me.

Who hired you to tail Sophie?

You pulled a weapon
on a federal agent.

You are way past
client confidentiality.

Woman named Poppy Mailer.

Mailer's wife.

She hired you to find out

if he's having an affair
with Sophie Covington.

Is he?

Uh, spent six months
trying to confirm,

but so far zip.

Mrs. Mailer's obsessed.

She wants to know
everything about Sophie.

Who comes, who goes --
she wants it all.

You take any photos today?
T-they're in the printer.

I haven't
gone through them yet.


You got a shot
of the kidnapper.

Good thing we're
collecting evidence today.

I need everything you have
on Sophie Covington.

O-over there.

All that and no proof
of an affair,

and she still keeps you
on retainer.

Me and her psychic.

Sophie Covington --
what is she like?

From what I saw,

she's not into murder,
money, or Mailer.

So she's not
the gold-digging,

social-climbing husband murderer
that I read about?

I think she's lonely.

Well, she's not a shopper,
but Mailer is.

Handbags, jewelry, flowers.

Big spender
for a guy who's low on money.

Mailer's cellphone --

he calls Sophie,
but she doesn't call back.

All right, these are Sophie's
movements at the memorial.

Sophie gets there.
Mailer's waiting.

He touches her. She pulls away.
She leaves.

I don't see Mailer
anywhere over here.

He's in the earlier shots
but not the later ones.

Because he's our kidnapper.

From Freddy's file,
same red stripe on the glove.

All right, not definitive,

but what if
Mailer and Covington

ran their insider-trading
scheme together?

FBI's closing in,

so Mailer pins it all
on Covington.

Sabotaged his diving equipment
and kills him.

But he realizes Sophie's
gonna get the insurance payout,

so he seduces her.

She's not having it.

He decides to grab her
at the memorial. Why?

He could force her to transfer the
money to an offshore account.

Pay her own ransom.

It's basically
a White-Collar mugging.

Sophie wouldn't have
gotten out of that van alive.

Mailer was at her place today.

If we're right, he's gonna try again.

Sophie likes you.

If Mailer thinks someone else
is going to steal that fortune

before he does --
No, no, no.

I'm not that guy.
I can't con a widow.

You can if it's to save her.

We force Mailer to act,
and we nail him.

Well, how do we convince him
that we're an item?


Freddy takes incriminating
photos of you and Sophie.

Mrs. Mailer will not be
able to resist using those

to turn the screws
on her husband.

Come on. It's what we pay you
the rainy-day bucks for.


Come on, information.

I told you, he's unique.

So is Bob Saget.
That tells me nothing.


Mozzie invited me over
to play cards.

That explains the marshals
trying to blend in out front.

Ellen has so little time
left in the city,

I thought she should
spend it with friends.


That's awfully charitable of you
for a weekday.

Well, I do have
ulterior motives.

I want to know more
about you as a child.

I'm not talking.

Come on, give me something.
He forged his school I.D.

He, uh, conned the bullies
out of their milk money.

Wore ties to preschool.

No ties, but there was always
a little con man in him.

I knew that.

Talent like his is born.
It's not made.

Come on,
a "for instance."

Okay, Neal loved school,
but his mother wasn't, uh --

She was a mess.

She never got me
to school on time.

So, first, he broke in
and adjusted the school clock

so that class
started 30 minutes later.

Mind you, this was
when he was in second grade.

Okay, that could not
have worked.

No, it didn't.
So then he tried barricading the roads

and rerouting the school bus
to run past his house.

That actually worked
for a few days.

Then he got smart

and started forging
his own city bus passes.

I was never late again.


Ooh, speaking of,

I can't keep
my shining knights waiting.

I should go.

Great to see you.

I'll let you know
when I hear from Sam, hmm?


Bye-bye, Ellen.

Bye, Mozzie.
Thanks for letting me win.

See you soon.

Thanks, Moz.

Ah, she's a nice lady.


She's really
gonna miss New York.

We all do.
It's a hard city to leave.

Now, you came in
with a suit-induced frown.

Can I help?

Peter wants me to con a widow.

Well, widows fall
into two categories --

the bereaved and the relieved.

Which kind
does he have you duping?

The kind with the $50-million
bull's-eye on her back.

Sophie Covington?

Is she the killer?
No, she's not.

And I need to
convince a P.I.

that she and I
are romantically involved.

Well, that shouldn't be
too hard, cheekbones.

Don't ever call me that again.

I want you to
tell the P.I. who I am,

who I've always been.

A con man?


While you do what?

Mr. Armstrong.


What are you doing here?

Oh, all that talk
of Spain last night

reminded me
of Cadaqués --

rocky beaches,
artists' colonies,

best seafood I ever had.

That is a paella pan.

How would you like to go
to the Costa Brava

without leaving the house?

Fellow ornithologist.

What kind of bird you watching?

The kind that steals nest eggs
and flies south real fast.

Man's got something on his mind
besides the hat.

"Maltese falcon."

Yeah, yeah.

All true.

So, what were you doing
in Cadaqués?

Just passing through
on my way from France.

Found the Dali museum
very challenging.

All right.
Hope you're hungry.

Mmm, mmm!

Best halal cart in the city.


I'll take your word for it.


You know, your guy
just started coming around.

Oh, probably
smells the greenbacks.

You may have
heard of him --

Nick Halden, George Devore...

Neal Armstrong.

Con man.

Oh, world class.

This is really nice.

It's one of my favorites.

No, I mean this --
staying in, making lunch.

Never did that
when I was married.

Your husband
wasn't into cooking?

Turns out we actually
didn't have that much in common.

I admit I jumped in
without looking,

but you make a choice
and --

And suddenly,
you're living a life

you never thought you'd have.

Been there --
a couple times.

This the gala for your charity?


I was gonna go,
donate the insurance settlement.

All of it?

I don't feel right having it,

but I'm not ready
to go back out there,

so I'll just send a check.

You know, not long ago,
I took off for a while.

Thought a break from New York
was what I needed.

And then a friend helped me
find a way to get my life back.

Wasn't easy, but...

it was worth it.

I should go.

Can you walk me out?


Guess this is goodbye?

Guess it is.


Bye, Sophie.


Forget something?

Oh, it looks better on you,

but I should probably
hang on to it.


All right.

All right.

Must have been
a hell of a paella.

Mmm, mm.

Yeah, I went for the hug.
Sophie upped it to a kiss.

Yeah, and you couldn't
deny the kiss

'cause you were working.

Whatever it takes
to get the job done.

Good hustle.
Thank you.

Where'd you get these?

Envelope on my doorstep,

along with an invoice
for five hours of P.I. work

to be paid in cash.

Honest day's work for Moz.

Yeah, for a change.



Did you set up an auto alert
on Mailer's bank account?

Poppy withdraws anything more
than 100 bucks,

Will Mailer
gets a text message.

Worked like a charm.

We set up surveillance
in Freddy's building.

She took out money.
He got curious and followed her.

This gets good.

Poppy, what the hell
is going on?

You followed me?!

You are going through money
like water!

Why don't you take a look
at this, Will?

Your whore
has found herself another man.

You put a P.I.
on Sophie?

How long
has this been going on?

Long enough to know
what a bastard I married.

You know what the best part is?

Hat man is after her money.

Looks like Moz earned his pay.

Mm-hmm, when he gets me
his social-security number.



Sophie, hi.

I think we've found
our widow of opportunity.

Get it?
Dropped the "N."


Mm, that...

Sophie invited Caffrey
to escort her to the gala.

It's already hit the websites.
Mailer will know.

If Mailer's plan
is to grab Sophie,

this is his chance.

We'll have agents
at all points of entry --

perimeter surrounding
the building, outside her house.

If Mailer makes a move,
we're ready.

We'll track you
in the limo via cell signal.

All right, gear up.
Head out.

Jones, take off
Caffrey's anklet.

Where's Peter?

Nothing left to consult on.

He should be here.
Don't worry, Caffrey --

I'll be there
to keep an eye on you.

Ever tell you
how much I hate that van?

Everyone in position.

Eyes on Mailer.
Call it in.

That man is not happy.

Well, the van
will do that to you.

Caffrey better be
on his best behavior.

Caffrey's en route.

Sorry I kept you waiting.

Don't worry about it.
You look beautiful.

Tony, how are
we doing for time?

Oh, we should be all right,
miss Covington.

What's wrong?
You seem distracted.

I'm admiring Tony's watch.

That the new Fathom 20?

It is.

Was it worth it?

I think so.

You think I'd look good
with a watch like Tony's?

I'm not sure it would suit you?

But you don't really know me,
do you?

Why do you think we met?

I don't know --
happy coincidence.

Or rescuing you turned out
to be the perfect way in.

What are you talking about?

When I was at your place,

you told me you felt bad
about having all that money.

I wanted to help.
So I took it off your hands.

You took it?

Your banking information
wasn't hard to find.

You stole $50 million from her?

Yeah, there it goes.

Just put $50 million
into my rainy-day account.

You were gonna give it away.

Tony, call the police.

Tony doesn't
work for you anymore.

That watch
means Tony can be bought.

He knows how
to follow the money.

Maybe he wants to
come work for me.

She's got a party to get to.

Let her out.

By the time you call
that FBI agent Burke,

we'll be long gone.

No one's making any calls.

I'm sorry, miss Covington.

Give me your phone
and get out -- now.

What are you...?

You make me sick!

Was any of it real?


I need your phone, too.

You have the money?

I said I did.

That was a bad idea.

We'll see about that.

Stop staring at me.

Help me get through this,
we can go home to the wives.

Scale of worst evidence
you've handled, how bad is this?

Oh, it's nothing.
The snakes -- that was bad.

I hate snakes.

Peter Burke.

Agent Burke,
this is Sophie Covington.

Sophie, you all right?

You said to call you
if I needed help.

I need help.
The man that saved my life --

He stole my money.

Is that a personal call?

Where is he now?

He's with Tony, my driver.

They -- they forced me
out of my car,

and he took my phone.

All right, Sophie,
this is very important.

What exactly
did Neal say to you?

He said he put my husband's
life-insurance money

into his rainy-day account.

He said that --
rainy-day account?

He said that by the time
I called you,

he'd be long gone.

He mentioned me by name?

That's how I remembered
you'd given me your card.

He said he took $50 million,

but I don't have
that much money.

Sophie, you're gonna be okay.
Stay where you are.

Where are you going?

Burke, where are you going?

One step out that door,
I write you up.

It goes on your record.

Burke, where are you going?

To cross the line.

Saw a picture of you
with Sophie Covington.

You move fast.

Why not?
She's a nice girl.

With a lot of money.
You screwed me.


But today,
you forgot your lucky hat.

You don't need luck
when you got a plan.

Time to tell me
who the hell you really are.

My name's Neal Caffrey.

I'm the best thing
that ever happened to you.

Caffrey's signal's
still not up.

Pull traffic cams
for all routes

from the Covington residence.
Right away, sir.

Hey, Peter!
What are you doing?

You weren't authorized to --
Neal is in trouble.

What the hell's going on?
Are you tracking his phone?

Well, the signal dropped.
We're working on it.

This op's gone off the rails.
Mailer's not coming.

He paid off Sophie's driver.

She and Caffrey
both got grabbed?

Yeah, but Neal managed
to get her out of the car.

Sophie called me.
She's safe, but he's on his own.

Any idea where he is?

No, but I think I know
how to get him out of there.

This way.

I thought it'd be best
if you filled her in.

All yours.


Neal works for the FBI.

We sent him undercover
to protect you.

He said that he siphoned the
life-insurance money from you,

but he didn't.

Then why would he say that?

To get you out of the car.

He figured out
Tony had been paid off

to abduct you.

Paid off by who?

Wilson Mailer
tried to kidnap you.

He's after
the insurance payout.

Oh, my God.

I got here as fast as I could.

How do we get Caffrey
out of there?

He passed me a message
through Sophie.

We need to put
the entire insurance settlement

in Neal's bank account.

$25 million from each of you.

Sure you got
that message right?

Yeah. I know Neal.

Sara, I'm sure you can
get authorization for that.

You want 15%?

It's a good deal.

For you.

Better deal for me
is kill you and keep all of it.

I can't transfer the money
if I'm dead.

You kill me,
you've got a body to get rid of.

I've been seen with Sophie.
She thinks I stole the money.

I'm your face man.

You believe in luck,
you can push yours,

or you pay me enough money
to disappear,

and it's a win-win.

What keeps you
from turning me in?

May I?

Think a guy with a wanted poster
is gonna go to the law?

So, your plan
is to put $50 million

into the personal bank account
of a con man

who recently fled
to a remote island

with no extradition?

So that he can transfer it
to a financial genius

who will have made every effort

to make sure
that we can't trace it.


It's your money, ladies.

He saved my life.
I'm in.

He must have a plan.

10%, and you have a deal.

I can work with that.

Do the transfer.

Sara, in or out?


I'm in, too.


All right, Tony's paid off,

I'm not saying anything,

and you're a much richer man
than I am.

It's a pleasure
doing business with someone

who sets the bar so high.

Means something
coming from you.

I got to ask --
Grant Covington --

how did you pull that off?

Oxygen tank?

Switched out
the regulator valve.

Just like that,
nothing left behind.

If it weren't for that P.I.
and his photos,

I wouldn't have to run.

You've seen them, right?

There are none of you?

Nothing left behind.

Guess you really are
a lucky man.

Think I could get
my phone back?

We should have
heard from him by now.




Well, the good news is,
I'm alive.

That is good news.

Wait, is there bad news?

Depends on whether
you're a "glass half full"

or a "glass half empty"
kind of person.

You lost half the money?
Or a glass 10% full.

Mailer has 90%?!

Sometimes in life,
you have to cut a deal.

Any other good news?

Mailer's headed to Freddy's
to destroy the evidence.

We don't have much time.

I send you,
it's both our asses on the line.


Neal, I'm on my way.


Show me your hands.
Drop the weapon.

Nice gloves.
They look familiar.

It's kind of warm out there
for those, isn't it?

Yeah, it's a beautiful day.
Turn around.

Wilson Mailer,
you're under arrest.

Good thing
we were behind that door.

Guy who lives here
would have shot you.

Sophie, the things I said
in the limo --

You don't need to apologize.

Listen, you asked me
if any of it was real.

A lot of it was.

You saved my life.

And I made you some paella.

And you saved my life again.

Thank you...
Neal Armstrong.

Neal Armstrong --
definitely not real.

Yeah, kind of figured.

Sure made
for a great story, though.

We made the window

for forensics
to track the bank transfer.

Money's been recovered,

and it looks like
they can prove

Mailer tampered
with Covington's regulator.

We can also get him on murder.

Handed you an inch,

you sprinted
to the finish line.

Caffrey did the same thing.

The two of you...

Careful, Peter.

I don't want you
to wake up one day

and not recognize yourself.

They made a decision?

"It is our recommendation
that he be reinstated

"as special agent in charge

"of the Manhattan
White-Collar division

effective immediately."

Congratulations, honey.


Congrats, Peter. It'll be good
to have you back in the office.

And we're not just saying that because
we get to hand Caffrey back to you.

Well, I wouldn't be here
if it weren't for all of you.

You make me look good.

To Peter Burke.

The man we all wish
we could be more like.

Cheers! Cheers!
Cheers! Cheers!

Let me get over here.
Shake my boss's hand. Yeah.


Team's back together
the way it should be.


Yes, lots to celebrate.

Peter's back.

Sophie's safe.

And you're mad at me.

Come on. Truth.

Oh, Neal, I was.

You had a right.

After everything
you did for me, I --

Neal, it's not about you.

That's very mature.

I told you about Emily.

Your sister.

One day, I'm yelling at her
for borrowing my clothes,

and the next --
She ran away.

You leaving like that --
it opened up some old wounds.

You know,
she's out there somewhere.

I just wish I knew where.

You deserve to know.

Don't we all?


No! I'm family!
I'm family!

I'm family!

They found me.

Who did this to you?

Trust Sam.

All right, she's in respiratory
arrest! We got to go!

I want to come with you.

Let us do our job, okay?