White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 2 - Most Wanted - full transcript

Peter must devise a plan to return Neal to New York and avoid Collins.

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Previously on White Collar...

These marshals are here to take
Neal Caffrey into custody.

Peter: I gave Neal
the signal to run.

You set him free?

If anything
were to happen to him,

I don't think
I could live with it.

Agent Burke,
I'm going to find Neal Caffrey.

And you're gonna help me do it.

The agent who is after you,
his name is Collins.

And he won't stop
until he finds you.

He's dangerous.

Paradise comes at a price.

And if I have a concern,
I come to you.

Anytime, day or night.

Then I think
we will be very happy here.

Caffrey's fate is out
of your hands.

Do you understand?


I'm looking for a friend.

Maybe you've seen him.

Has he done something?

You can have
any woman you want,

and the one woman you choose

is the only woman
who doesn't want you.

Agent Burke.

Never mind.
I'm sure you haven't seen him.

Now, I'm offering
$500,000 U.S.

for the capture of this man.

I really thought I was done
running this time.

You run, I run.

Then let's run.

[ Engine revs ]

We were supposed to meet Neal
back at the wharf.

By dawn.
We waited for him all night.

He didn't show up.

Neal is well aware he's
the island's most wanted.

Now, if you had read
"Team Thieving 101"...

That doesn't exist.

...which clearly
you have not,

you would know you do not leave
the set rendezvous point.

And if you read
"Catching Neal Caffrey 101,"

you should know that, first,
you start with the girl.


Barry, what are you
still doing here?


My nom de plume.

I thought you left with Neal
last night.

That was the plan.
I take it you saw him?

We met yesterday.

I'm on Neal's side.

He is.
Back to Neal.

He wanted to meet you both,

but there were too many people
out looking for him,

so he went back to Dobbs'.


Shelter from the storm.

Our resident protector
on retainer.

He went there for cover?

He didn't intend
to spend the night.

He's probably still there.

Thank you.

Will you let me know
when you find him?

Yeah, of course.

One thing I know about Neal--
He knows how to run.

[ Clicking ]

[ Straining ]

[ Nut squeaking ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Squeaking continues ]

[ Squeaking ]

Come on.

[ Door opens,
indistinct conversation ]

Dobbs: See?

Just as we left him.

Two more hours, Caffrey.

Then it's only a short flight
to the Canary Islands

and an easy ride home.


I came to you for help, Dobbs.

Dobbs: I don't know why.
I wouldn't harbor a fugitive. I paid you.

To help establish yourself
on the island.

You never said the U.S.
government was looking for you.

You should get that fixed.

I told you
I didn't want him here.

Caffrey, you only had to be good
for a couple of hours,

and as long as you got
two good legs,

you're gonna find a way to run.
You're a federal agent.

You were in the act of fleeing.
You could be armed.

Ohh! God!

No more running, Caffrey.


[ Grunts ]

I'm assuming big brother
didn't give you full access

to their keyhole
satellite footage.

This trip doesn't have
big brother's blessing.


Looks like
they're setting up a party.

Dobbs' monthly
island-wide fete.

It's where Dobbs
distributes his payola

to the island officials.

Quite the island you've chosen
for yourself.

Look, suit,
I-I need to ask you something.

Once we get off this island,

what are your exact intentions
with Neal?

Let's find Neal.

Then we'll deal
with the rest of this.

Moz, 11 o'clock.


Best case--
Collins got a tip,

and Dobbs
is hiding Neal inside.

Yeah, worst case,
Dobbs turned him over.

How much protection money
do you pay Dobbs?

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Apparently, not enough.

All right, eventually, they're
gonna have to bring Neal out

if they want to catch
the next flight out of here.

That's when we make our move.

Ohh, God.

Almost got it.

[ Sighs ] There.

How bad is it?

The bullet lodged
in the vastus lateralis,

the thigh muscle
next to the bone.

No arteries were hit.

That sounds promising.

You gonna sterili--



It's gonna hurt
for a few weeks,

but you'll heal up fine.

Look away.
Focus on the boats.



Claudia, Annette...

What are you saying?

I'm admiring your boats.

Stand up.

Collins is waiting
for you outside.

Thank you, doctor.

Oh, God.

Stay off your feet.

I mean it.

Do not put any pressure on it,

or that wound
will open up again.

Well, that's gonna be
a little tricky.

You want me to walk to the car?

Believe me, it's the last time
I'll ask for your help.

Dobbs: Good.

[ Grunts ]
You didn't have to turn me in.

I just needed to camp out
for a couple hours

till I could make it
to the docks.

This isn't a halfway house.

You jeopardized me, my home.

How much did they offer you?

I don't need money.


No, you need the U.S. law
enforcement out of your hair.


They're looking for you,
not me.

Let's give them what they want.

Oh, God.

Peter: There's Neal,
and he's zip-tied to the dash.

And there's Collins.

They're hitting the road.

You sure this plan of yours
will stop him?

Does a wine have tannins?

[ Conversations in Spanish ]

Collins: What is this?

Don't look at me.

I've been stuck in a cell, shot,
and tethered to a dashboard.

[ Horn honking ]

Come on!

Look, those mangos
aren't gonna move themselves.

I'm happy to lend a hand if you'd--

[ Zip tie clicks ] Don't
make me shoot you again.

[ Conversations continue ]


Get that cart out of the road!

What is this?

[ Conversation in Spanish ]

Excuse me, sir, are you yelling
at these children?

Stay out of it.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

Mozzie: You're not from here,
are you?

Well, show some decency.
Help clean it up.

Come on, let's get this stuff
out of the road.

Come on.
I got a plane to catch.

[ Hector speaking Spanish ]

I hope you're planning on paying
this kid for so-- Sir!

Here, help me
with these watermelons.

What took you so long?

Got caught in traffic.

I got a car parked
a block from here.

We're gonna have to move quick.

Yeah, quick may be a problem.

You're shot?

Oh, Neal, I expected you
to be mobile.

Well, Collins thought ahead.

[ Sighs ]
Collins: Come on already!

Mozzie: Sir, there's a lot
of fruit here.


- Maybe I should call it. - Hey, there's
still some mangoes by the tire.


No. No, I'm not
going back to prison.

Let's go.
You're okay?


All right.
What's the plan?

The marina--
I have access to a yacht.

I stole the keys
to Dobbs' boat.

I don't think he'll mind.

We'll have to text mozzie.

He hates it when you deviate
from the plan.

And he really hates it
when I drive his car.

All right, I'll drive.

Almost done.

[ Grunts ] All right,
get it off the road!


[ Indistinct shouting ]

Hey! Hey, Caffrey!


[ Sighs ]

Hector, muy bien.

Peter: Do you know
which one is his?

Neal: Nope.

You ditched me.
You stole my car.

I had to take a taxi here. Shh!

That was not the plan.

What happened to you?
I got shot.

Welcome to the club.

It's good to be a member.

And I'm fine.
Thank you.

We need to find Dobbs' boat.

Oh, well, the middle one doesn't
have deep-sea-fishing mounts,

and Dobbs went out last week.

Scratch the middle.

That leaves us about a dozen.

The model boats
in Dobbs' library--

They all had women's names.

Yeah, there was, um, Claudia,
Annette, Adele...

Esmeralda, Isabella...

♪ Isabella, I can tell-a ♪

♪ Esmeralda,
find Adele-a ♪

Peter, this is not the time.

♪ Mirabella, so compella ♪

Was there a Mirabella?


♪ Rob's fair ladies ♪

Did he get into the rum?

I don't know.

These were the names
of Dobbs' boats?

How'd you know that?

Who cares? Why did you just
defile a nursery rhyme?

Forget the boat.

I think I have a way
to get you back to New York.

I'm telling you, it's Robert MacLeish.

Oh, come on, Peter.

You spot a few boat names
and you expect me to believe--

I know it sounds crazy.

Well, you're damn right
it does.

MacLeish has been at the top
of the most wanted for 20 years,

and in all that time,
no one's seen him.

Because he's been here--

On an island off the radar
with no extradition.

I'm looking
at Caffrey's sketch.

It looks as much like MacLeish
as my cousin Phyllis.

Because he's had major
reconstructive surgery.

Listen to yourself.
You're not this man, Peter.

You're grasping at straws,
and you know it.

He's here, Reese.

Yeah, well, you're gonna have
to give me more to go on

than a few women's names.

Hey, Peter,
if you can get us a photo,

we can run it
through biometrics.

Working on that now.

But assuming it's him--

Well, that's a big assumption.

If it's him,
what is he worth to the Bureau?

What are you suggesting?

If Caffrey catches him--

If Caffrey catches him

and delivers him to you,

would justice agree to let him
return to New York

and reinstate his old deal?

Back on his anklet,
working cases?

Yes. Working for me.

Oh, my God. Well,
that's a hell of a tall order.

I know.

First, prove it's MacLeish.

If it's him,
I'll run it by justice,

but no promises.


Thanks, Reese.

And, Peter, next time,
take me off speaker.

[ Telephone beeps ]

I didn't think he'd go for it.

Yeah. Well...

I got a promise on a maybe.

But you're giving me a chance.

[ Knocks on table ]

Moz, you get the photos
of Dobbs?

[ Beep ]

♪ Isabella, I can tell-a ♪

♪ Esmeralda, find Adele-a ♪
Stays in your head.

It's driving me insane!

Was this like
some government experiment

in tune implantation?

MacLeish is a required
first-year case at Quantico.

The FBI pursued him

through a list of many women
in his life.

The names of these women
were on a test.

The song's a mnemonic device
to remember the names.

But the FBI never found him.

So it's like an exercise
in harmonic futility,

much like "The Macarena."

Yeah, well,
we came close with Mirabella,

but he wised up.

Or so you thought.


The girl always gives you away.

Feels a little long
for biometrics.

A little too long.

Before we take
this further, suit,

I need to clear the air here.

I-I-I know.

But he traveled
halfway around the world

on an unsanctioned manhunt
to track us down.

And now he's trying to move
heaven and earth

to bring you back to New York.

I think we deserve to know why.

[ Sighs ]

I suspected you having the art
from the u-boat,

and I brought in Kramer
to help me prove it.

You had every right to.

I know. I did.

Kramer crossed the line.

He crossed the line, Peter.
You didn't.

you'll be running forever.

But bringing home

This is a way
to set things right.

[ Cellphone buzzes ]

[ Beep ]

This is Peter Burke.


Thank you.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Biometrics matched.
It's MacLeish.

How do we get him
back to the U.S.?

Without a lot of help
from Hopalong here.

And considering you don't have
the power to extradite...

And you have a target
on your back...

And you can't make an arrest
or carry a weapon...

Okay, you're both
equally impotent.

But... We still have options.

If Dobbs' power comes from
paying off local authorities,

what if that goes away?

And he can't pay them off?

We steal back the bribe money.

We let the word spread that he's
skipping town with the cash.

His party.

Yes! Everyone he's paying off
will be there.

They find out
that he's leaving town...

Drop in a few key whispers,
some damning evidence...

I think we have a plan.

This is Sheriff Morales.

He's a talker, and his word
carries a lot of weight.

Then he's a good person
to start hearing some whispers.

He spends a lot of time
at the marina.

Great. And he should see
someone fueling

Dobbs' boat for a long voyage.

Here are the keys
to the Esmeralda.

Gas her up and put another
50 gallons in the cabin.

Where is Mr. Dobbs' going?

That's all I know.

Peter, the party--
How are your mixology skills?

You want me to tend bar?

Everybody talks
to the bartender.

I tapped a keg or two
in college.

I'll give you a refresher.

Don't forget your garnish,

That's just as important
as the pour.

Yep. Yep.

You know, before you pour,

add a little flourish to it,
you know?

Spin it around,
throw it in the air.

That's good.
Go back to your baseball days.


Yeah, that's--
We can work on that.

For sure.

All right, but what about
his regular bartender?

Oh, he may have won an
all-expense-paid dream vacation

that takes place
the day of the party.

It could work,

but he's not gonna hire me
because of my pretty face.


But if you got a recommendation

from one of the island's
top caterers...


No. I don't want her involved
in this, Moz.

What if she's willing to help?

You talked to her?

She's worried about you.

And I'm sure she'll give Peter
a glowing recommendation.

Maya: Neal, this plan
sounds incredibly intricate.

It is.

What happens
if it doesn't work?

It will.

What if you get caught?

Well, then I go to jail

for a long, long time.

Or worse.

We're gonna stay
a step ahead of him.

I wouldn't have asked
for your help

unless I knew it would work.

You really think Dobbs
will leave the island for good?

That's what you want, isn't it?

That wasn't the only thing
on my list.

We'll make it happen.

[ Chuckles softly ]

I hope your friend
is a good bartender.

Neal, do we have bitters?


Yeah, you'll get it.


Here you go, Moz.

If you can't nail the quality,

go for quantity.

He's working on it.
All right.

No, gin.

Yeah, pour it like
it's Hemingway's last ll.

So, that's the equipment
to open a safe?

Yeah. Back to why a generous
pour is so important--

He's got a brickman 2-5-10.

You can't crack that, can you?

No, not without heavy equipment

and several hours
of alone time.

You're gonna have minutes,
at best.

Look, all the drunken whispers
in the world won't matter

if it doesn't look like
he's made off

with their bribe money.


So, how you gonna open the safe

and have it empty?

Well, we do
the next best thing.

What, fake and bake?

What's a fake and bake?

We'll make it look like
it's empty.

[ Drilling ]

This frame is larger
than I expected.

We'll need to find a way to
sneak it into Dobbs' library

during the party.

How's Hector's aim?

[ Glass shatters ]

Peter: Gentlemen...

To the island's most wanted.

May they be returned
to where they belong.

That's not an omen.



Come out with your hands up!

You're too late.

Do you mind?

Go, go.

Burke, is he here?

You tell me.
I'm done.

What do you mean you're done?

I came here to convince Neal
to turn himself in.

you got the wild bunch

chasing him down like a dog
on the street.

I'm doing my job.


Word around town
is that you shot him.

[ Chuckles ]

You're a bigger menace to
society than he ever was.

Yeah, well, playing by your book
only gets you so far.

Which is why I booked
a 4:00 flight out of here.

I'm a white-collar agent,
not a bounty hunter.

[ Glass thuds ]

I'm out of vacation days.

It's all yours now!

The bar's open.

♪ Weekends look up
from the ground ♪

♪ is this my sophomore sound? ♪

♪ And come keep breathing, tell
me, oh, just what you want ♪

♪ yeah ♪

♪ it's just I feel,
it's just I feel okay ♪

♪ it's how I do,
it's how I do when you're away ♪

♪ but don't tell, don't tell,
I'm okay ♪

[ Soft music playing ]

Peter: Buenos días.

Woman: Appletini.

Coming right up.

This is a beautiful party.

Yes. Well, Mr. Dobbs knows how
to do it right, doesn't he?

Where's Rajulio?

Oh, so sad.

He has been detained

by the American federal agent.



I'm Kevin.

Thank you.

Did you know
that Rajulio's not here

because he's been detained
by the feds?

Man: No, no, no, no.

No, you're not supposed
to be here until tomorrow.

It's Mr. Dobbs.
We rushed the order.

You want to give me
a hand here?

There must be some type
of mix-up.

Mr. Dobbs is
entertaining tonight.

Oh, he's having a party?
No problemo. Yes.

I'll fix his window
before a guest even notices.

Mozzie: Hey, hey, hey!
Eyes on the job.

You want to explain
to your boss

why he has to pay
for this twice?

[ Grunts ]

This window crate is heavy.

No one told me
there's a second floor.

l-lift from the knees, muchacho.

I'm concerned about your back.

[ Indistinct conversations ]


Thank you.

[ Conversation in Spanish ]

Por favor.

Cuba libre.

Cuba libre.
Very good.

What is this about Rajulio?

Uh, I don't want
to get him in trouble.

He's not.

The Americans
detained him, right?

I'm guessing it's because
of all that cash.

Rajulio saw them loading

all the money out of the safe
into Mr. Dobbs' boat.

Well, that's what he said.

I-I don't know.
What can I get you?

Whiskey, please.


Salud, sir.

Something's wrong.

Rajulio saw Dobbs' cash.

What's Dobbs doing with it?


Let's see here.

Going island hopping?

Eh, you been saving that one?

Just came to me.

All right.
We better hurry.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Indistinct conversations
continue ]

Excuse me for a minute.

[ Indistinct conversations
continue ]

All right, how does that look?

Uh, pretty good.

Take a look at the door,
will you?

All right.

Oh, just remember--

Dobbs is about
3 inches taller than I am.

Yeah, and the sheriff's
about an inch shorter.

Let's split the difference.

[ Wind blowing,
windows clattering ]

Any chance we can really
break into the safe

and steal the money
in the next five minutes?


No, but there's a storage room
next door.

I just saw it on the way up.
Let's go.

Oh, great.


He didn't leave.
[ Sighs ]

And you were in contact
with him,

so you know
exactly where he is.

Are you going
to order something?

You do okay here--

I mean, for a woman
who's on her own.

I mean, the food is decent.
The service is courteous.

But you could really use
some upgrades.

I mean, when was the last time
you bought some new glassware?

Hell, when was the last time
you thought about remodeling?

Why would I remodel?

Because that's what people do

when they come into
half a million dollars.

This isn't a good time to talk.

Well, whether it's today
or tomorrow,

Neal Caffrey will leave you.

He has to.
He's on the run.

He's bad news.

And I want to give you a chance

to say when it ends,

instead of him.

$500,000 U.S.

Today, if I capture him.

But tomorrow,
if he's already gone,

that information
is worth nothing.

I know where he is.

[ Indistinct conversations
continue ]

Ah, Mr. Dobbs,
when do you leave on vacation?

I don't.
Who says I did?

Oh, my apologies, sir.

I don't remember his name,

but he said you had
the Esmeralda

all gassed up for a long trip.

Again, I-I'm sorry.

What can I get you?

Horchata ponche.

What's your name?

Kevin, sir.


First of all, shut up.

Second, I'm not going anywhere.

And third...

The Esmeralda
is not all gassed up.

Henry, I was at the docks

when they fueled up
the Esmeralda.

[ Scoffing ] No.


And don't be so hard
on Kevin, here.

He's filling in for Rajulio.

Who's Rajulio?

Rajulio is
your regular bartender.

He's being questioned
by the feds right now.

About you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

This doesn't make any sense.

Why would they talk
to my bartender?

Because he saw you loading bags
of money onto your boat.


You're out of your mind.

Morales: Okay.
Let me get this straight.

The Americans
are looking into you,

you gassed up your boat,
and you loaded it with cash?

Nothing you've said is true.

Except I was at the marina!

I saw them fueling up
the Esmeralda.

All right.

Your money is where
it's always been,

and I'm not going anywhere.

Okay. Prove it.


[ Pen clicks, clatters ]

You work for Mr. Dobbs,

Listen, if things get bad
for your boss in there,

I heard that one
of Dobbs' friends

had a plane leaving
the airport.

You know.

[ Cellphone buzzes ]

[ Beep ]



Now, this isn't exactly
how we planned our retirement.

Neal, the law on our tail,
an ocean breeze,

a precision heist
from an island overlord.

It kind of is.

Dobbs: You have nothing
to worry about.

As you--

Wait, wait.

Wait, wait.
I didn't do this.

You son of a bitch.

You're trying to skip town
with our money!

No, no, no, no.

I-I-I'll give you money.

I'll give you more money.

Let's see the money.

Neal: Sheriff!

Sheriff Morales!

I'm Neal Caffrey.
I'm the one with the bounty.

I'm the guy you're looking for.

I came to this island
for sanctuary,

and this man set me up.

Dobb's here,
loaded all his money.

- It's not true.
- Let him finish!

He loaded his money and his
valuables onto the Esmeralda

and was planning to run while
everyone was still looking for me.

You can't possibly
be buying this.

He's being hunted
by the U.S. authorities.

Well, the bureau changed
their target

when agent Collins discovered
who Dobbs really is.

Who's that?

Robert MacLeish,

number four on the FBI's
"Most Wanted" list.

That's a lie.

And now they're after
both of us.

Get him out of here.

Agent Collins is at the compound
right now.

See for yourselves.
Get me out of here. We have a deal.

No sudden moves!

Everyone stay calm.

Let's go, guys.

[ Gun cocks ]

It's over.

You got me.

Move it, Caffrey.

Everyone has their price.

I hope you get everything
you deserve.

I'll think of you
with every dollar I spend.

Let's go.

We have a plane to catch.

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Vehicle door closes,
engine turns over ]

[ Radio chatter ]

There's MacLeish.
The plan worked.

He thinks Collins
is after him, too.

It's just not his day.

Well, he's had more good ones
than he deserves.

Last chance.

You can grab a free flight back
to New York.

No, thanks.

The world beckons.

Any particular part?

Just don't expect a postcard.

Make sure the feds keep the
bargain they struck with Neal.

He trusts you.

I will.

I know.

[ Engine shuts off ]

Look at this, Neal.

Agent Burke's been worried
about you.

Traveled all the way here

and almost didn't get
to say goodbye.

Good to see you again, Peter.
You too.

You caught him.

Plan on taking him back
on my charter?

[ Scoffs ]
You're not gonna stop me.


You should know who else
is on that plane.

What are you trying
to pull, Burke?

Henry Dobbs is on that plane.

Had a feeling
he'd be needing a flight.

I don't give a damn
about Dobbs.

Oh, I think you do,

because "Dobbs" is an alias.

You probably know him
by his real name--

Rob MacLeish.

Dobbs is Robert MacLeish?

The one and only.

You play this right,

and you've landed
the biggest score of your life.

Robert MacLeish is on
this plane, right now?


Justice Department
has been fully briefed.

There will be cameras
and reporters

when we land
on the Canary Islands,

which, funny enough,
does have extradition.

Now, you can say that you had
nothing to do with his capture.

Why give Neal all the credit

when we've gone through
all this work to include you?

See the part where you, uh,

secretly recruited me
to help you take down MacLeish?

That's good thinking.

You set me up.

For the win.

And what do you
get out of this, Caffrey?

My old desk back.

[ Chuckles ]

Collins: Well, my job
was to bring you back.

What happens to you
once you're in the system,

that's up to the bureau.

Don't try it, Dobbs.

[ Gun cocks ] Back away
from the door, MacLeish.

No more running.

I'm hauling your ass back
to New York.

[ Jet engine whirring ]

You hear that?

We're going home.

We're going home.

She'll be out in a week.

You think so?

- Maybe.
- Yeah.

Jones: Caffrey.

Welcome back.

Thank you, Jones.

Thank you both
for bringing me back.

You know, I always thought
I'd be the one

to shoot you in the leg.

[ Chuckles sarcastically ]

Well, there's always next time.

Well, I hope
you get a "next time."

What he did, he did for Peter.


I get that.

Looks like you got
something special.

Aside from the beard.


A letter of appreciation.

I'll have to get it framed.

He's mad because I denied him

the reward money for MacLeish.


A medal would have been nice.
That's all I'm saying.

Well, you know,
speaking of medal, Jones--

Yeah, Caffrey.

You do get a medal.

[ Drawer opens ]

[ Jones clears throat ]

And the award for the best
foreign capture goes to...

Neal Caffrey.

[ Chuckles ]

May I?
Yeah, of course.

[ Anklet beeps ]


Feels like home.


[ Knock on door ]


Oh, don't get up.

I'm fine.
It's just annoying.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, it's so good
to see you, Neal.

You too.

So, I made the right decision
trusting Peter.

You've always had
a pretty good instinct.

You too.

June said she never
even considered

renting out your room
after you left.

Well, she is
one of the many reasons

that I'm glad to be back.

Want to sit down?
Can I get you something?

The marshals are shipping me off
in a few weeks.


Nowhere close, I'm afraid.

There's been
too much exposure here.

A few weeks, huh?

Both of us get
another new start.


I was really hoping
we'd have more time together.

Me too.

Even though I haven't seen you
in a few years,

you are the closest thing
that I have to family.

Oh, that's not true.

You know what I mean.

They don't know
about our history.

They don't know about my dad.

They don't need to.

But I do.

That was a long time ago, Neal.

There is no reason
to go dredging it up again.

Everything I grew up
believing was wrong.


And I ran before I got to hear
the full story.

I'm not running anymore.

I want to know who he was.

Before I leave--

I promise.

You promise?

I promise.

But tonight,
tell me about the island.

Was there a girl?

Yeah, her, uh--
Her name was Maya.

You spoke with Caffrey
on the phone.

You had a map with his location
circled on it.

The board wants to know
how that came to pass.

Reese, I didn't aid or abet.

I didn't know where he was,

so I made the phone call
to track him.

Kramer had it out for Caffrey,

and then you, after you
helped him return the Raphael.

I know.

Caffrey's case has risen

to the level of deputy director
and inspector general,

and a lot of your work is being
put under the microscope.

You were expressly ordered
off Neal's case.

You broke the rules.

I understand.

And as far
as D.C. is concerned,

it was Collins who helped
Caffrey bring home MacLeish,

not you.

Now that Neal is back,

I will make sure
that both of us

stay on the straight
and narrow.

Afraid we're past that, Peter.

Neal: So then Maya tells Dobbs
exactly where we were.

Yeah. She was in on it.

It was all part of the plan.

Ahh. Wow.

Everything all right?

I've been reassigned.

What do you mean?

It means I'm no longer
working White Collar.