White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 16 - In the Wind - full transcript

The FBI begins searching the building for the evidence box. Peter, Diana, and Clinton try to stall the search. While Neal, Mozzie, Sara, and James try to get to the box first.

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Previously on White Collar...

They'd killed him with my spare firearm.
I realized I'd been set up.

All the information I found
on the others since James' arrest.

Ellen had access to the 50th floor

of the Empire State Building
while it was under renovation.

You think She planted it there?

Senator Terrence Pratt.

He's got to be one of the dirty cops
Ellen was investigating.

He's the one.

Be careful, Peter.
He can hurt you.

I don't have brakes.

Your division at the FBI

is undergoing restructuring
as of today.

- Amanda Callaway.
- She's replacing Hughes?

- She closed the case against Pratt.
- She's got to be in his pocket.

We found the evidence box
on the southwest side of the ceiling.

You found it.

Hi, Senator.
I think I know where they're looking.

Got something for us.

Looks just like it.

Figured you'd keep your anklet away
from that one for a while, huh?

At least until we go after the box,

which should be about here,
the 50th floor.

This is where it all ends.

Or begins.

No more running, no more hiding.

You know how to get it?

Well, Pratt doesn't know where it is.

So we take our time, do it right.

Is that frown a family thing?

You recognize this look, do you?


You know, You inherited your old man's impatience.
You just got a little bit more self-control.

What else did I get from my old man?

Well, You got my height,

my extraordinary good looks.

Everybody said you got my eyes.

When I was 5, mom told me
that you were the blue in my eyes.

And I'd run upstairs and crawl right up
next to the bathroom mirror

and look so hard for you.

You know, I just realized
why you want that box so bad.

Yeah, Detective Bennett?
Why is that?

You think that what's in there
will tell you who I am.

And if it does?

Then you will finally know
who you are.

You know,

you're not me, Neal.

But you are the blue in my eyes.

Don't forget
the extraordinary good looks.

We're gonna find it.

I know.

So, everyone with a life
has gone home.

Everyone with a wife should have.

She must be
a very understanding woman.

That's the understatement
of the year.

What can I do for you,
Agent Callaway?

Let's talk about Senator Pratt.

I have this habit where I like
to give every case a good once-over

before putting it to bed.

That's why I called him.

He told me a very interesting story
about a man named James Bennett.

He's a convicted cop killer,

and it turns out
he's also the father of your CI.

James is Neal's dad, yes.

He told me another very interesting story,

now, stop me
if you've heard this one,

about James Bennett's late partner,
Ellen Parker.

As it turns out,
she was amassing evidence against him.

Against Pratt?

No, against James.

Pratt's lying.
She was like family to him.

And what Pratt didn't tell you

is that the evidence in the box
implicated Pratt, not James.

So that's what Caffrey and his father
are looking for in the Empire State Building.

- I want that thing first.
- So does Pratt.

But he's not gonna get it.

If this evidence is so important to both men,
I want the bureau to have it first,

and then we'll see
who's telling the truth.

Are you up for getting together
a search team?Yes, ma'am.

I'll put my plan in place.

We'll brief the team
first thing in the AM.

I'll handle the warrants.

- Honey, what is it?
- This can't be good.

- I got to go.
- It's so early.

I know.
Go back to sleep.

I thought one of the perks of
retirement was sleeping in late.

They say that men who retire early

have an 80% greater chance
of dying young,

so you'll excuse me
for not taking it easy just yet.

What's going on?

They forced me out, Peter.

I know.

Well, I decided I was not gonna go gently
into that good night.

I've been in this business for 30 years,
and I've made a few friends.

- What are your friends telling you?
- Your instincts are right about Pratt.

You and Callaway spoke last night.

How do you know?

Some of those friends are at the NSA.

This is a phone call

recorded at 11:57 last night,

placed from Callaway's office.

Tapping the Bureau, Reese...


I spoke to Burke,
and he confirmed what you said,

but he offered an interesting twist
on the story.

- As I said he would.
- I also found what they're looking for.

The evidence is in a box.

A box?

I'll be there in the morning.

Pratt booked a train in from DC.
He'll be here in a few hours.

- And Callaway is in his pocket.
- It doesn't matter at this point.

Pratt is dirty, Peter.

Now, to take him down,

you got to get to the evidence
first, before Callaway.

That's gonna be a problem.

We're sending agents
into the Empire State Building to do a sweep.

I know.
I heard the whole conversation.

- How do I keep her away from it?
- How bad do you want him?

He tried to kill me, Reese.

Well, then, Do it the way you've been doing things
for the past few years.

Use Caffrey.
Do whatever you have to do.

I can't go outside the law.

You are the law, Peter.

Pratt and Callaway are standing
in the way of justice.

Fight back.

You always told me
working with Caffrey

would put me dangerously
close to the line.

Sometimes you have to redraw
those lines to stay within them.

Neal, you awake?

What are you doing here so early?

Guess you didn't get Peter's call.

I was sleeping.
What's going on?

He didn't get into specifics.

Just said we ought
to meet here right away.

Didn't know you had company.

I've got company.

I'm Neal's dad.
You must be Kate.

- I haven't told him everything.
- Sorry. Alex.

- Dad!
- It's Sara.

The insurance investigator.

He shoots, he scores.

- I should've brought more coffee.
- Are more people coming?

Greetings, fellow conspirators.

Of course.

- Who called Sara?
- No one called me.

Well, Here, take this.

It's too late for caffeine.

Good, you're all here.

Who called Sara?

Okay, How is it possible that three grown men
don't understand what's going on here?

I've sent my stuff to London,
so I've been staying here.

We have a meeting.
It's urgent.


It's... You know what? It's okay.
I'm gonna go get adjusted to UK time.

You want me to bring you some...

Can we get started?

Listen, whatever plan you concocted
to get the evidence box...

We don't have a plan.

- Well, You better get one.
- Why?

Two hours from now, an FBI team
will be heading into the Empire State Building,

and they won't leave
until they find that evidence box.

We need to find it first.

White Collar

Episode 416

In The Wind

You told Callaway about the box?
- That means Pratt knows, too.

Now, what matters is that
she doesn't know what floor it's on.

Now, I'm heading the FBI team.

I can control the pace.

How long will it take you
to get the box?

You really don't have a plan.

- Well, We thought we had time.
- We don't.

Pratt's already in Manhattan by now.

He told Callaway a different version
of what we're gonna find.

What did he say?

- That it will implicate James.
- He's a lying son of a bitch.

There's nothing in that box
that'll implicate me.

- We'll get there first.
- I brief my team as soon as I leave.

- What about me?
- You're benched.

Let's make a plan.

Any sign of Pratt?

Callaway's been in her office with
some of the techs since she got here.

They're excited
about something in there.

I'm making you two team leaders.
Report only to me.

Business as usual.

After you.

- Thank you for coming in early, everyone.
- Yeah, We got a manhunt on our hands?

No, we're executing a search warrant
on the Empire State Building.

Our target is a strongbox, 12x12x6.

- That's a small target.
- In a big building.

Standard grid progression.

Each of you will lead
a team of seven agents.

We will be thorough on this.
Now, we start with the ground floor.

Actually, there's been some new intel

that's narrowed our search
to floors 33 through 61.

- That makes 28 floors instead of 103.
- Great.

Which is good.This is an iconic building.

And It will remain open during our search.
The warrant gives us two days.

That means we need to clear a floor
every two hours.


We will work systematically.
This operation will go around the clock.

Also, I do not want any mistakes made
with the chain of evidence.

That's right. If you find the box,
do not touch it or its contents.

Notify me

or Agent Callaway immediately.


Debrief your teams.
We roll in 30.

Peter, where's Caffrey?

I told him to sit this one out.

- How'd he take it?
- Not well.

All right, our box is on 50.

If we can get to it,
how do we get it out of the building?

You know, Thousands of tourists go in and out
of this building every day.

I say we just grab it
and walk it right out the front door.

The Bureau will have agents

No window washers, trash chutes,
no base jumping.

- I know.
- So, what do we do?

Drink more champagne.

It improves cognition.

That's a proven fact.

Mozzie, you may be onto something.

Of course I am.

What exactly am I onto?

All right, Listen up.

Over the next 48 hours,

we will search this building
and recover the evidence box.

Some of you are dressed
in green peeps uniforms.

The company was hired to conduct an
environmental makeover on the building.

keep a close eye on your displays.

They're set to detect
the IR signature of the box.

Thank you, Agent Burke.
All right, people, we're on the clock.

Double-check their work,
make sure they're thorough.

- You want us to slow them down.
- We can do that.


Callaway's doubled her task force.

With this many agents, they'll clear
the floors in less than two hours.

Means they'll reach the box
in a day and a half.

Yeah, And in addition to plain clothes,

she's got agents
in green peeps uniforms.

Great. That helps us out
with the last piece of our plan.

Got to go.

- This better work.
- It will.

It's crazy.
You know that.

Don't worry.
We specialize in crazy.

- The champagne stand is coming along.
- Yep. How'd you do?

Well, I found a home for our gas supply.

This beauty...

is rated at 3,000 PSI.

- Nice.
- Any updates?

Yeah, The 51st floor
is still available for lease,

so our best option
is to go in from above.


Well, To help us get through any concrete,
I got this.

Six ounces of hydrogen fluoride.

This stuff is nasty.
It'll melt its way through bones.

Or anything.

Acid. Quick, silent, efficient.
That's good.

- What's your entry plan?
- Phase one: caterers. Simple.

White shirts, black pants.

That'll get us straight through
into the building's restaurant.

Then phase two.

I lifted these off
the green peeps laundry truck.

Fit right in with the FBI.

Once the champagne stand is in place,

we put on the greens,
and we head upstairs.

We get the box,
and I deliver it to you.

I'll bring it up.

I've been chasing this evidence
for too long.

I'm not letting it get away.

Sure, no problem.

- That covers us. What about you?
- I will be on the 103rd-floor balcony.

The 103rd?

The Empire State
doesn't let just anyone up there.

- Celebrities, mostly.
- Too late to become a sports star?

But there is another way.

That means...

You think she'll go along with this?

She has an adventurous spirit.

- You can't show up empty-handed.
- June said she'd help me out.

Well, Then, we're all set.
See you in an hour?

As soon as I'm in that lobby,
it's a go.

You sure about this?

Of course.
You know me.

If you're gonna do something,
do it right.

You're the best.

All right, here's Bugsy.
Thanks, buddy.

- See you at home.
- See you at home.

Moz, good news.

One phone call to Sara,
and I'm on my way.

Bad news.
The feds are already up to 35.

- That's faster than Peter expected.
- It gets worse.

Someone rented the 51st floor
this morning.

Well, Talk to them.
Try to cut a deal.

- I don't think he'll go for it.
- Why not?

Because I think we're the reason
Senator Pratt is moving in.

So Pratt has no idea
he's sitting on top of evidence.

Well, Leasing office said
he looked at three other floors

before he took the 51st.

It's the only one who would
let him move in immediately.

That's risky play
for a public figure.

Less risky

when you lease it
through your private foundation.

I had Jones do some recon.

Pratt has installed some
very high-tech security.

Proximity card keys.
Those are tough to beat.

As far as I can tell,
he has the only one.

- Mozzie has a cloner.
- That's good.

- What?
- Nothing.



Corrupt senators, FBI moles...

Well, No U-boats this time, so...

Well, Empire State Building
has a big boiler room.

Peter, I don't know how
to thank you for all this.

Look, It's about justice.
It always has been.

From Kate to the evidence box.

I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Plus, he's your family.

Family doesn't show up
on your doorstep after 30 years.

They're the ones who've been there
when you need them.

I should see about that cloner.

Keep me posted if anything happens.

Well, You do the same.

Be safe tomorrow.

It's me.

It'll never end, will it?

Plan's in place.
We're almost there.

Don't say it.
You'll jinx it.

Elizabeth Burke,

have I told you lately
that I'm the luckiest man on Earth?

I know.
I should get a crown.

- How about dinner instead?
- Don't promise something you can't keep.

Tomorrow afternoon,
I'll be slapping cuffs on Pratt,

and tomorrow evening,
I'll be celebrating with you.

- Restaurant of my choice?
- Even if it's sushi.

I'm gonna make reservations.

Good morning.

Breakfast in bed.

You're the cook in this coupling.
I just boil water.

You're gonna make a mean cup of tea.

Well, You'll have to come visit me in London
and find out.

Well, I would love to, but...

You're not gonna get that thing off
anytime soon

if your friend keeps
leaving treats at your door.

- Treats?
- There's a note.

From Mozzie, I assume.

"How close?"
What does that mean?

This is a proximity-card cloner.

That's sexy.
Is it part of your master plan?

Yeah, it is.

Here, you take the card key.

And I'll take these receivers

and this.

Now all I have to do is be in
your proximity for around 30 seconds,

and your key becomes mine.

A lot can happen in 30 seconds.

How close do you have to be?

That's what I need to find out.

So I have something you want,

but I don't know what you're thinking,
so what happens if I move?

I follow you.

Well, You can only follow me for so long
before someone catches on.

Then I find a reason
to keep you close.

If you get caught,
you're gonna have to run.

Perhaps the next isle you choose
will be England.

The crown jewels are tempting.

- If it weren't for your job...
- Or the ones you've pulled.

Come on, you leave tonight.
Let's not talk about that.

Time's up.

We made it work.

While we could.

Agent Burke,What's going on with this wall?
It was scanned 20 minutes ago.

I've instructed my agents
to double-check.

Okay, look, If a scanned surface comes up with
nothing, we move on. That's protocol.

And what's the protocol
when the senator involved in the case

moves in two floors above us?

Okay, Burke, I have put in a request with the bureau
to have Pratt moved out, but until then,

he is a private citizen who is leasing
an office for his charitable foundation,

and booting him out is a tough sell.

You got to trust the system, agent.

I wish I could.

- Sara?
- She's in.

And Mozzie trailed Pratt to the park.

You okay?

I've tried to distance myself
from Pratt for years.

Now I got to get close enough
to kiss him.

Yeah, as long as you don't kill him,
we're good.

- Where's Mozzie gonna be with the monitor?
- He'll be close by.

Make sure you got eye contact.

Hit me up with the signals again.

He shakes his head no,
I'm not close enough.

This means:
"Keep going, it's working."

This is: "We got it."

Been a long time, Terry.

Come here to shoot me?

You'd be dead if I were.

We've got some catching up to do.

You know, I figured
you'd come to me at some point.

You clean up nice.

Still, I don't think this is the man
you want to emulate, Neal.

Too late.

Last time I saw you,

you were disgracing
a police captain's uniform.

Now I'm wearing $3,000 suits.
Go figure.

Time's been good to one of us.

Nothing can change the fact
that you're still a piece of garbage.

You've always made
bad decisions, Jimmy.

Sitting down on this bench
is one more.

- We have an offer for you.
- You're gonna want to hear it.

Prison made you brave.

You have no idea
what prison did to me.

You gonna relax while your son
makes his offer to me?

I'm gonna relax when he's done.


We all want the same thing.

Stop the box
from controlling our lives.

We propose
we get the evidence together.

You destroy what you need,
we destroy what we need.

- And in exchange?
- You take the bull's-eye off my father.


Why don't you just tell me where the
box is, and I promise I'll play nice?

My apologies if I don't trust
a word you say.

Then my apologies, as well.

I hold the cards.
You've got nothing.

No deal.

You're not gonna get away with this.

You took away 30 years of my life,
and I'm taking back 30 of yours.

You know, I was hoping you'd do something
as stupid as assaulting a US senator.

Yet another bad decision that's gonna
have you leaving here in cuffs.

Move away from the senator.

You think this is assault?

That was assault.

Big mistake, Jimmy!

Big mistake.

This floor is clear.
We're moving up.

We're moving up to 50.

We're moving way too fast.

Neal's not even here yet.

Between us,
we can make sure it takes the full two hours.

Do it.

Neal, James, and Mozzie are gonna be
entering the building any minute now.

We've got to figure out a way
to keep Callaway distracted.

Listen up, everybody.
I need your full attention.

This man is James Bennett.

He and his son, Neal Caffrey,

are wanted for an assault
on Senator Terrence Pratt.

If you see either one of them
in the building,

arrest them on sight.

Leave a message,
and I'll get back to you when I can.

Neal, I hope you get this.

Do not enter the building.

We've got eyes on Caffrey
in the lobby.

Now he's gone.

Come on.

- Why are there agents inall over the lobby?
- Come with me.

Pratt's claming you
and your father assaulted him.

We had to improvise.

They're looking for you and James,

which means right now,
Callaway's tracking your anklet.

I still need to get up
to the observation deck.

That's not gonna be easy
if she's watching my every move.

- You ready?
- As I'll ever be.

- How about you?
- If this works, I can answer for all of it.

If not...

We need it to work.

Plus, I promised El
I'd take her to dinner tonight.

Then I'd better hurry.

Sara's waiting for me.

It's beautiful up here.

Ready to give these people a show?

Cold feet, Caffrey?

- You?
- Absolutely not.

All right.

Here goes nothing.

Okay, people are starting
to watch us.

I think you're supposed
to say something.

The first time we met,
you were chasing me.

The first time we spoke,
you called me a sociopath.

That was at your trial,
and I'm not entirely sure I was wrong.

The first time we had dinner,

you asked me what I wanted from you.

And the first time we kissed,

I realized
that I don't want anything...

except you.

And now I'm asking if you'll go
on one more adventure with me.

Sara Ellis...

will you marry me?


I will.


Well done., well done

Nice going.

You bastard.

That was a little too real.

But it was damn good.

Make it look good...

That's my job.

Mr. Halden?

Congratulations to you
and your lovely fianc?e, Sara.

We're excited to have you celebrate
this special occasion with us.

As you requested,
may I guide you to the 103rd floor?

- We're going higher?
- To the very top.

- And the champagne?
- Setting it up as we speak.

Would you like to follow me?

I pulled Caffrey's tracking.
He was on the observation deck.

Now he's on the move.
Let's go get him.

Diana, give me 60 seconds, then go.

You got it, boss.

I'm here to see the senator.

Agent Burke.

How can I be of help to the FBI?

I'm just checking in on you, senator.

I heard you had
an altercation earlier today.

I'm gonna be feeling much safer soon.

I'm not so sure that's the case.

Why would you say that?

Because any second now, my people
are gonna find the evidence box

that you're so eagerly
searching for on the 50th floor,

right below us.

And then I can arrest you...

Does Agent Callaway know about this?

Nobody move.

- Callaway, What are you doing?
- Where's Caffrey?

- Caffrey? Do you see him here?
- His anklet says he's here.

Neal's been known to slip his anklet.

Check Burke's leg.

- What?
- Agent Burke, lift your pant leg.

You don't take orders from him.

No, You take orders from me.
Lift your pant leg.


Gun and badge now.

You have no idea
how much trouble you're in.

Peter, we've got something.
Hurry down to floor 50.

Remove his anklet.
Escort him out of the building.

Everyone, let's move.

See? I feel so much safer already.

I told you.
It's better.

Yeah, and a lot scarier.

Could we join the mile-high club?

Third of a mile, maybe.

Why do sane people come up here?

Because it's forbidden.


What do we do now?

Now we relax and have a drink.

Won't that mess up your plan?

I'm gonna miss this.

I did like your speech.

I had something else prepared, but...

I meant that one.

Another time, another place, right?

What would that have looked like?

You would have served out
the rest of your sentence.

We would settle down in Westchester,

raise a couple
of baton-wielding con children.

- Boys or girls?
- One of each.

Conrad, Connie.

Connie and Conrad.

I like it.

To another time,

another place.

To another us.

Come here.

Okay, we're clear.

Guess it worked.

Jones, Berrigan,
have you found the evidence?


Everything okay?
Where's Peter?

The two of you are no longer
reporting to Agent Burke.

From now on, you're going to be
reporting directly to me.

Is it here?

Senator Pratt, with all due respect,
you can't be here.

- This is an active investigation.
- This is a witch hunt.

I'm here to make sure
no one tampers with the box.

You can hold all the witnesses you want
in this room, but I'm not leaving.

I will report you to DC.

You can report me
to whoever you want.

I'm staying.

Please continue.

We got this image a few minutes ago.

It's in this ceiling section
right up here.


Grab a saw,
and let's pull it out immediately.

You're pouring acid, not gin.

Perhaps you'd rather
punch the tile into submission.

We need to find Peter.

We need to follow through here first.

I hope James and the little guy
made it in.

Yeah, we'll know soon enough.

And pull!

That's it.

After all these years.

It's no 18th-century music box,
but, really, what is?

That's not good.

What's going on up there?

Clever, Jimmy.

Go time.

It's a setup to get me
out of my office.

Senator, I'm gonna have to ask you to stay here
for your own safety. Agents, come with me.

Find them.

You know this isn't right.

Agent Callaway
is making a big mistake,

and you have the opportunity
to turn this around.

Let's go, Agent Burke.

I need to go back up there
and reason with her.

I have my orders.
Now move.

Agent Burke has eluded custody.

- He's on elevator B-7 riding up.
- Copy that.

Mozzie, come on.
What are you doing back there?

I have a lot of stuff.
Here's the box.

Take the northwest stairs up to 103,
assuming it's clear.

It is if I go now.

Okay, godspeed.

Or whoever.
Just go.

We're running low.

That means it's almost time.

You mind?

That box belongs to Senator Pratt.

I don't see his initials on it.

Let's go.

Jimmy Bennett.

What are you doing here?

Your boy here
caught me on the stairs.

Go help Callaway find the others.

So, what happens now?

We go our separate ways.

You're not gonna
let me walk away from this.

All I said was separate ways.

I'm headed back to Baltimore.

You're headed to the FCI
in Cumberland.

I'm not going back to prison.

Really? With your record
and recent assault?

I don't see you going anywhere else.

I found him. After 30 years.

- And you took it.
- You never were lucky, Jimmy.

You know, I never liked it
when you called me that.

That's the least
of your problems now...

Where is it?

- Where's what?
- The evidence!

- I don't have it.
- Then who does?

What's wrong?
Where's my dad?

I pulled a swap.
I don't have time to explain now.

- You don't trust him.
- If I'm wrong, mea culpa. Just go!

Are you getting a signal?

Putting the coordinates in right now.

I have to admit, I'm impressed.

We couldn't have done it without you.

I have my own flight to catch now.

Thank you.

Fly safe.

You, too.

Stay out of trouble, Caffrey.

I will.

No, you won't.

That's what I like about you.

Your son has it, doesn't he?

- Tell me where he is right now.
- Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.

You're kidding, right?

That's your plan?

Wherever the hell that thing is going...

- You're gonna bring it to me.
- Or you'll kill me?

A United States senator shoots
a convicted cop killer in self-defense?

I think they'll believe me.

Put down the gun.

Put the weapons down!

Drop the gun, James.

He's dead.

I didn't want to shoot him.

I'm a witness.

You thought he was gonna shoot.

But I'm still gonna have
to take you in.

James, don't do this.

I'll testify for you.

Drop the gun.

Can't do it, Peter.


drop the gun.

- I will shoot.
- You won't.

That's a warning, James.

I told you to drop the gun!

Don't move.

Your gun...
on the ground now!

It was Bennett.

And where is Bennett?

He's still in the building.

Be on the lookout for James Bennett.
He may be armed.

Peter, you have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you do or say can be used
against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

Don't bother.

Thank God you're okay.

I already saw it.

I'm not sure what you mean.

Ellen made a copy of the report
from the day she arrested you

for murdering
your supervising officer.

Forensics matched the bullet
to your service revolver.

You told me they stole
your spare firearm.

- I might have mixed up the details.
- You're smarter than that.

You choose your words carefully,

like me.

- Who put this in your head?
- You did.

That day cost you 30 years of your life.
You don't forget that.

Those are details
you would never mix up.

What do you want to talk about?

You shot him because you got in
deep with the wrong people,

and you crossed a line
you couldn't come back from.

Drop the gun.

Hands on the car.

I'm sorry, James.

If I keep looking through that,
what else am I gonna find?

You'll find that Pratt was bad.

What about you?

Why did you come back here?

I came back here
to say goodbye to you.

What is it, Diana?

Pratt's dead.


Callaway arrested Peter
for his murder.

Listen to me.

Peter said James shot Pratt
in self-defense.

James has to come in and tell them.

Neal, Peter's gun killed Pratt.

There's gunshot residue
on Peter's hands.

It doesn't look good.
Find James.

What did you do, dad?

They arrested Peter for Pratt's murder.
What did you do?

It was self-defense.

All you have to do is tell the truth,

and Peter goes free.

I can't do it.

I can't let the bureau put
a murder weapon back in my hand.

The bureau doesn't believe him.
He was investigating Pratt off-book.

You're the only other person
who knows what happened.

They'll cuff me, Neal.

Once they get me,
I'll never get away.

You're gonna testify, and you're
gonna clear Peter's name.

You show me you're better than this.

You show me you're a decent man!

- The things I've done...
- Are in the past.

I'm sorry, son.

- Dad, please. Do this for me.
- Don't!

Don't make me do
something I'll regret.

I'm gonna give you some advice.

In this life,
somebody always takes a fall.

Don't let it be you.

Bye, dad.