White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 15 - The Original - full transcript

Neal goes under cover as sculpture forger in order to help the FBI arrest an art forger. Also Neal and Mozzie narrow down the location of the evidence box.

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Previously on "White Collar"...

Your Dad told me that our department"...

Is filled with dirty cops
and they set him up.

And he's right about one thing.

There are dirty cops.

Senator Terrence Pratt.

You said Pratt could hurt you.

My brakes...
I don't have my brakes.

You need to leave New York.

Mozzie has a safe house
outside the city.

It turns out
that employer I.D. Number

Is for a security company
named Griffin-Moore,

Which is linked to the 50th floor

Of the Empire State Building.

Let's get that box
and bring my father home.

13 bucks for an ice cream?

Gluten- and dairy-free...
you won't find that in Kansas.

Yes, I will.

Forget it.

Nothing like a happy customer.

I have to change my prices.

The tourists are still bothering me.

Makes it tough to do recon.

So, where were we?

On the 50th floor.

By "we," of course, I meant "me,"

Because you can't get

It's casing an office.
I think you can handle it, Moz.

Okay, then you man the cart.

No, I can't stick around that long.

Peter's checking my tracking data.

We can't give him any reason to believe

That we know where Ellen
hid the evidence.

I got a good thing going here.

I had a good thing going here.

Mozzie has a permit.

I'm sure.

I'll take a pistachio, please.

13... 15 bucks.

I should arrest you for your prices.

For an officer of the law,
it's on the house.

That's bribery.

Then pay.

So, this is where you set up
your recon, huh?

Oh, that's good.


You believe Ellen hid the evidence

On the 50th floor, right?

Peter, there's no need for you
to get involved in this.

I wish I could tell you more, but I can't.

You can't because Elizabeth
told you not to.

Elizabeth told you?

Come on.

Just 17 bucks a scoop!

You have to understand
the position I was in...

You were in the hospital,

Elizabeth was worried about you...

Until she realised that forcing
you to keep a secret from me

Wasn't gonna make the situation
any safer.

How long have you known?

Since the accident.

I actually thought
I was ahead of you this time.

Getting that evidence isn't only
about vindicating your father.

It's about bringing Pratt to justice.

He forced Hughes out of the FBI
to keep that box hidden.

I want to see what's inside it.

And we're gonna find it.

For those of you

That I have not had
the good fortune of meeting,

My name is Amanda Callaway.

Did we miss something?

And I am very excited to...

Amanda Callaway... ran the
Atlanta white collar division.

She's replacing Hughes?

There were a lot of people
ahead of her on the list.

And New York's a big step up
from Atlanta.

After you.
I loved Atlanta.

I really did,
but Atlanta is no New York.

And I know that there are
a lot of case loads...

She was asking for you.

In a good way?

Hard to tell.

I can never replace agent Hughes.

I don't want to.

I will run this division differently.

I plan on taking a
more involved approach.


We will make New York white collar

The pride of the bureau once again.

I don't like her.

Thank you.

That should be you, Peter.

You should be leading white collar.

I couldn't agree more.

They're right.

Well, the bureau chiefs know I
love the field more than a desk.

And besides, they can't let my
little jaunt to cape Verde go.

Where, by the way, you captured
one of their most wanted.

Well, after my demotion to evidence,

I'm just happy to be in the division.

Agent Burke.

Agent Callaway, congratulations.

Oh, my gosh.

I was so happy to hear

That you were still here
at New York white collar.

13 years.

That's amazing.

Neal Caffrey.
A pleasure.

Oh, the pleasure is all mine,
agent Callaway.

Thank you.

And when I heard about the opening here,

I researched your division

And found out you guys
really get it done.

In no small part due to Reese Hughes.


He was a very supportive boss.

Yeah, I noticed.
I like results.

Speaking of which,
I like to get them above board,

So let's keep that in mind
with your next case.

Which case is that?

Well, you two have a knack
for closing art-forgery cases,

And there have been some suspicions

About the new Bernini discovery.

That's a multi-million dollar

And if it's fake...

We can bust the seller,

Have a quick, high-profile win
right out of the Gate.

It's a wonderful way to show the bureau

That this division is back on track.

Didn't think we were off track.

Well, somebody did,
or else I wouldn't be here.

Did you mention
the Empire State Building

In your file on Pratt?

No. I left it
out of the report.

You're worried Callaway might be
connected to the senator?

Well, she was nice to me.

When people are nice, they're
usually working an angle.


I'll look into Callaway.

In the meantime,

Let's just try and get her
that quick win she asked for.

Monsieur Caffrey.


Ah, there's a hillside village
in the French Riviera

Known for sculpture, and...

You're old friends...
I get it.

Peter Burke, his handler.

So, you think it's real?

Scuff marks here.

They look like rope burns.

Yeah, cotton-braided rope
was the preferred method

To pulley and move sculpture
during the Napoleonic war.

There's added plaster in the plinth.

Bernini did that himself

When his patron, Marc Antonio Borghese,

Moved the piece to a larger entryway...

In his home.


Neal, you can browse when we're done.

What sold me was the seal
on the 1842 shipping orders

From the port of Bordeaux...

That red pigment
is impossible to find today.

Trust me.

As far as the aesthetic,

Bernini was the first
and only artist of his time

To explore the idea
of metamorphosis in marble.

This is the real Aphrodite.

Excellent. Then...

As for the one over here...

Ah, the Dubois.

"hand over hand"...

One of the four remaining pieces
in his catalogue.

Yeah, it just sold at auction
last week for $6.5 million.

It was.

Yeah. They're gonna want
their money back.

It's a fake.


We are the exclusive dealers
of Olivier Dubois' work.

This piece has already been
authenticated and sold.

That doesn't make it
any less of a forgery.

Why don't you explain exactly
why you think it's a fake?

Well, technically, all
the style elements are there.

I mean, it's a brilliant forgery...

It's subtle, but these lines
where the hands meet

Feel ever so slightly
forced to dimension,

Where a Dubois would flow
more easily, less exact.

Dubois may have changed techniques

Just as he shifted motifs
in his final years.

Every Dubois contains
his unique signature...

A hand-written note inserted
into the centre of the marble.

What's on it?

Well, supposedly, he exposes
the heart of the piece,

But no one knows exactly.

That's part of the mystique of his work.

We verified with X-ray diffraction.

A scroll is inside.

Are you familiar with chicken sexers?

No, I don't believe I am.

Baby chickens need to be sorted
into males and females.

The sorters are called sexers.

The only problem is
baby chicks look identical.

This will loop back to the Dubois?

The Japanese developed
a fool-proof technique,

But the only way to teach it
is to pick up a chick

And place it in either
the male or the female bin.

Now, at first they're just guessing.

A teacher will stand behind
a student and say "yes"

Each time they guess correctly.

But after a few months,
a student is able

To sort the chicks correctly
100% of the time,

And to this day, no one
is able to articulate why.

There is a scientific basis
for instinct.

And as Dubois-esque
as this seems,

It's not a Dubois.

Who sold you the piece?

Dubois' protege,
J.B. Bellmiere.

Until Dubois' death last year,

A man named J.B. Bellmiere
worked as his apprentice.

He's the man who authenticates
Dubois' work.

He's considered the ultimate authority.

Agent Callaway.

Agent Burke. Please,
don't let me interrupt you.

Peter was just explaining
that if the Dubois is a forgery,

Then Bellmiere would be
our prime suspect.

I see.
And this is based

On Caffrey's highly critical
chicken sexer theory?

May have mentioned that.

At the time of Dubois' death,

There were four sculptures
in his catalogue

That had never gone to market.

"hand over hand"
is the first one to surface.

Are you suggesting that Bellmiere,

As his apprentice, could have forged it?
I am.

Interesting theory.

Peter, when you're finished here,

Will you see me in my office?

Of course.

How you holding up?

Mozzie's safehouse is a 10-by-10
underground bomb shelter

In the middle of the woods

Surrounded by a pig farm and a bog.

I take it you're ready
for a change of venue?

I'm ready for my freedom.
Any updates?

Yeah, we're getting close.

How close?
Weeks? Days?

I can't say yet.

Listen, Peter's involved now.

That doesn't sound good.

Well, it is.

Listen, I should be there.
Let me help.

No, we can't risk it.

We got a new boss at the bureau...

She's keeping a close eye on us.

I'll let you know
the minute we locate the box.

Do it soon.

I want you to move off
the Bellmiere case.

What? Why?

There's just not enough hard evidence.

Look, if you want to dig
into this in your own time,

Feel free.

Just don't do it on the bureau's.

If Neal's right...
and I trust his hunch...

We're dealing
with a world-class forger.

But we have a growing stack of cases

With conclusive data we can work.

You and Neal are an impressive
team, but you're too impulsive.

Focus your energy on cases we can close.

Efficiency is our most important tool.
I get it.

We want a quick, high-profile
win to impress the bureau.

There you go.

You're gonna drop the case?

No, I can't let
a multi-million dollar forger go

Just because it might not be
an easy win.

That's why they
should have given you the job.

They're gonna realise that.

I don't want it.

It would have been nice to be asked.


Hey, Neal.

Come on in.

What was so urgent?

Well, how would you like to meet the man

Behind that magnificent forgery
you spotted?

You found more information on Bellmiere?

His real name's Jeff Blatnik.

Well, you can't fault him
for changing his name.

A lot of artists change their name.

So do con artists.

I'd buy a Bellmiere over a Blatnik...

That's all I'm saying.

But he didn't sell a Bellmiere.
He sold a Dubois.

Mm, true.

The second Dubois in his catalogue...

Or is it?

That's so close.

Bellmiere has an incredible eye.

It's just...
it's not a Dubois.



While you look for J.B.,

Why don't I find out
what his students have to say?




I'm gonna say the wires
represent industry...

An endless loop spiralling downward.

I've been following the Bellmiere school

For a while.



I run the Haversham gallery in Portland.

Oh, I'll...get Mr. Bellmiere.

Oh, in a little bit.

I want to see if any of the other pieces

Speak to me like yours does.

Knock it over.

Come on! Break it!

It either works, or it doesn't.

Last chance.

Now you can start fresh.

Dubois taught me that.


Destruction is part of creation.

Who are you?

I'm Peter Burke, FBI.
We need your help.

Let's cut through the facade,
agent Burke.

You're here because you want to know

If the Dubois that I sold
to the Tibedaux is a forgery.

Any information you have
on the piece would help.

Who suggested it was a fake?

One of their experts.

I am the expert on Dubois.

Of course.

The complaint was

That somehow the lines lacked
a certain subtlety

Found in other Dubois pieces.

"hand over hand" may not be as inspired

As some of his earlier works,

But perhaps that's why he gave it to me.

He gave you
a $6.5 million statue?

I gave him 10 years.

Where can I see
some of Mr. Bellmiere's work?

Oh, he doesn't have any on display.

Really? Nothing?

Well, he's...been spending a lot of time

In his private workspace...
off the hallway.

You seen what he's been working on?

Oh, no one has.
He works alone.

It's his process.


Maybe I can convince him
to give me a sneak peak.

Good luck.

Out of curiosity,
what does your work sell for?

I'm taking my time to define
what makes a Bellmiere.

So, you don't have anything
on the market, huh?

Mm. Thank you.


Did you see any of Bellmiere's work?

Yeah, two partially completed

Oh. He really is taking his time
to find his own vision.

Is that what he told you?

Oh, "some ideas come fully formed.

Others take years."

Well, he's fully formed ones
come from Dubois.

So, he's forging
the last two catalogue pieces.

The same rare marble, technique, style.

Well, we can't make a bust until
he tries to sell one of them.

Bellmiere's already made millions

Off "hand over hand."

He could sit on the other three
for years

While their value sky-rockets.

Is there any way
he'd want to sell them earlier?

I could encourage him.

But I'm gonna need
about 500 pounds of marble.

All right.

Entrez, Moz.


Good to see you, too, kid.

I can't take Mozzie's safehouse any more.


He's a very weird dude.


So, what am I looking at?

Dubois' "devolution."

I'm sorry, but you got to go back.

Listen, you've been looking
for that evidence box

For, what, three months now?

I've been after it for 30 years.

Now you say you're close.

When WITSEC moved Ellen
to New York 12 years ago,

They gave her a job
at a securities firm.

She had access to the 50th floor
of the Empire State Building

While it was under renovation.

You think she planted it there?

Moz has been casing the place all day.

We'll know soon.

So...We wait.


We wait.

I've heard of Dubois.

Yeah, well, one of his pieces
just sold for $6.5 million...

It was a forgery.

So, you're doing this for work?

Yeah, I have to pass this off
as a real Dubois.


Hey, Moz.

As fond as I am of the Japanese culture,

I could go the rest of my life
without hearing "Chiizu" again.

Japanese for "say cheese"?

Among other things.

Hello, Mozzie.

Is that James?

You're on speaker.

James, what happened?

He was going stir-crazy.

At my cabin?
But it's so picturesque.

There are no windows.

Insufficient motivation.

However, your premature arrival
is actually well-timed.

Me and my photos will be there

Neal and I visited his studio
off hours...

As you suggested.

I did not suggest for you

To spend 15 grand
of this division's money

On rare Italian marble.

That was well within
my discretionary budget

For developing investigations.

I will look into
the discretionary budget later.

Right now, explain the marble.

We believe Bellmiere is forging
the remaining two Dubois.


But he could sit on them for years,

So Neal is sculpting one of the two.

Once it's authenticated...

It'll drive Bellmiere crazy

Because it'll be millions
of dollars out of his pocket.


Neal reaches out to
Bellmiere, offers his skills,

And we draw a confession from collusion.

It's risky.

It's efficient
and high-profile.

Did Hughes authorise you to go
after these types of operations?

He trusted me.

It cost him his job.

I like this job.

I don't want to lose it.

Reese didn't lose his job
over a $15,000 expense.

No, he lost it because he approved you

To go after someone you couldn't beat.

You read our file on senator Pratt.

I did.

Is that investigation still open?

She asked you to close the case
against Pratt?

No, she closed the case against Pratt.

She's got to be in his pocket.

I haven't found a link.

But if you were sexing chickens...

Callaway is ambitious and pragmatic.

She knows that our investigation
into Pratt forced Hughes out,

So she may just be protecting her job.

She's reading your logs
pretty carefully.

Yeah, it's gonna be a challenge

To keep the empire state off her radar.

Especially with my father back in town.

Send him back...

I tried.

If we force him, he'll just go rogue,

Which will be even more problematic.

I guess that answers
the age-old question

Of nature versus nurture.

Our authenticators
are in deep discussion.

They better go for it.

Have you seen the provenance?

What is Bellmiere doing here?

He wasn't supposed to show up

Until after the piece was authenticated.

If he claims it's a fraud...

His word may supersede the experts'.

He can't see you.
He's gonna smell a setup.


J.B., I didn't want to trouble
you with this

Until we had it authenticated.

If a Dubois is coming to market,
I know about it.

Someone's claiming

It's the second
of the four remaining pieces.

The exploration of figurative techniques

Wasn't until he met his fifth wife.

It's hard to tell
from the catalogue photos,

But it certainly tracks
with the time-line.

Did you check the palm?


Dubois left the palms untouched
in his abstractions.

he made nothing else that year.

And inside?

That's what convinced us.
We ran the X-ray.

This is not...a Dubois.

It is the Dubois.

It is the height of his mastery
and his seminal work.

Who are you?

Neal Caffrey.
I own this piece.

Bellmiere: How did you comes,
to own "devolution"?

I imagine much the same way

As you came to own
the Dubois you sold last week.

Yours is a fraud.

Are you questioning the experts?

I wouldn't.

That would make it much more difficult

For you to sell the remaining three...

Excuse me, now two Duboises.

What do you want?

There is an arrangement
where we each sell one.

"sisters" is
already on display in my loft.

Everyone knows that.

But no one's seen "courtship"
yet, have they?

Come to my studio tomorrow...

Good instincts.

Trust the chicken sexers.


Yep. That it is.

Any ideas on the box?

Well, I'm developing a theory.

When Ellen and I were partners,

We busted our fair share of hideouts.

When it came to finding stashes,
we had a saying...

"walls move,
ceilings and floors don't."

Well, the floors are marble.

You think she hid it in the ceiling?

Well, if I was a betting man...

All you got to do is scan 1,000
square feet of ceiling tile.

We've narrowed our search
from all of Manhattan

To a ceiling
in the corner of a building.

We're gonna find it.

Ah, good mood.

They must have bought your sculpture.

They did.

What did they say?

They said it wasn't a Dubois...

It was the Dubois.

You're kidding.

They called it his seminal work.

I knew it!

Full disclosure.

That helps explain what I found
while you were out.

Such as?


Such as a van Dyck...

...And this degas.

They're forgeries.

They're flawless.


You have a tremendous gift, Neal.

Your original work
must be extraordinary.

I don't have many original pieces.

Why not?

I don't know.

Well, that's a shame.

Because if you can do this...

You're capable of anything.

All right, here's my proposal...

We finish "courtship,"
split the profits 50/50.

Well, let's be clear...
forgery is a federal offence.

This is a Dubois replica.


The contours and planes
complement each other well.

I'm impressed.

A shame I have to destroy it.

What's the point of making a replica

Of a piece you've already sold?

Dubois used to say, "don't get
attached to your work."

Neal's figured out a way
to nail Bellmiere on forgery.

You promised me a confession.

Now I'm promising you hard evidence.

Keep talking.

Dubois put an original,
hand-written note

Into the heart of each piece.

Yes, I know. The Tibedaux
X-rayed it and found it.

The X-ray only verified its
existence, not what was on it.

Yeah, if the scroll contains

Bellmiere's handwriting and fingerprints

And not Dubois', then it's a forgery.

What are you suggesting?
That we smash it open?

Well, there's probably a...

Fortunately, we have another option.

A high-resolution
imaging scanner.

The new magnetic tomography scanners

Are portable and powerful enough

To pick up fingerprints on a gun
through a brick wall.

It's still Neal's word
against Bellmiere's.

I don't think a judge is gonna
approve a warrant.

We don't need one.

You have a confidential informant

Who has access to the sculpture.

All right.

But I'm gonna go with you...
I'm gonna oversee this.

And it's not because
I don't trust you, Peter.

It's because I don't trust him.

You said this was a high-profile
case, and you're right.

I want a clean conviction, no detours.

Have you got it, Neal?

He's got it.
I didn't ask you, Peter.

Got it.

Okay, great.

Then we shouldn't have any problem.

I know that look.
I don't like that look.

What are you thinking?

I know how we can find the box
in the Empire State Building.

The scanner.

That little device
is worth a small Dubois.

I can't just check it out
like a library book.

I'll use it while I'm supposed
to be in Bellmiere's loft.

Did you miss the part about no detours?

Callaway's gonna be in the van.

Okay, there you go.

I'm not gonna jeopardise
our first operation.

She won't know a thing.

This is not a wink and a nod.


I hear you.

I don't think you do.

I need you to say,
"I will not use the scanner

To search
the Empire State Building."

I will not use the scanner

To search the Empire State Building.

"or Mozzie or James."

Neither I, nor Mozzie, nor James

Will use the scanner for such a search.

Little pinky-swear action?

Moz, meet me at my place.

I got a way to find the evidence.

Here is your surveillance watch do jour.

This is one an artisan
might wear while sculpting.

Keep those upgrades coming.

Audio's good.
I've calibrated the scanner.


I'll keep it safe.


Let's leave it on.

This is an undercover operation.

Bellmiere's an art forger.
He's not airport security.

He won't be patting Caffrey down.

Standard procedure
is to remove the anklet.

We're less than 500 yards away,

And we've ears on him with the watch.

Would you stand up?

There. You're
a very talented con artist.

You'll figure out
how to keep that covered.

No problem.

Well, the views are impressive.

This high up
in the Empire State Building...

Location is everything.

That's exactly
what I tell my customers...

I run an ice-cream

Security was a bear getting up here.

Yeah. Metal detectors
in the lobby,

Cameras at the entries and exits,

Visitor registration
and access-control systems.

Check-in desk every floor...
it's very safe.

Oh, yeah.
I can imagine.

It would be next to impossible
to sneak up, like,

A... I don't know...

A metal...Scanner or something.

Now, that office is directly below.

Does that pose any noise problems?


They've got
20-foot ceilings,

And we've got three inches of marble...

I think you have something on your shoe.

Oh, my.

Oh, my.
I am so sorry.

W-What is this?

No... stop.

I'll take care of it.

Yeah, hi.

I'm gonna need the marble buffed
on the rental floor.


This afternoon...
before the next showing.



All right.

Listen, if you don't mind.
I like to work alone.

Just...Part of my process.

I'm the same way.

I'm gonna go grab some coffee.

I always wondered
when we'd go out for ice cream.

Mozzie calls it
"mint chocolate tracking chip."

All right,
I re-set the scanner

So that the tracking signal
won't reach the van.


Ah, here comes our custodial accomplice.

Harv's the man they call.

Is he O.C.D.?

Yeah, that's what makes him so thorough.

Loves dogs. Has a niece
named Daisy, right?

You got it.

'Scuse me!

'Scuse me.

Uh, sorry to bother you, but you...

You seen a collie run by here,

About yea big,
got a magnificent brown coat?

Goes by the name of Daisy?

Oh, no. Daisy?

That's my niece's name.

No kidding?

Well, I was walking her
down fifth avenue.

She just up and ran away.
Just bolted... just ran away.

Does she have tags?

'course she's got tags!
You sure you haven't seen her?

No, I haven't seen her.

No? Oh, man!

What a day to forget my glasses!

This could take a while.

I know how busy you are.
You don't need to stay.

Oh, I started in the field.
I like being out here.

Me, too.


It's been 45 minutes.

How do you know when we've
scanned the box?

We won't until we take it
back and match the results

To the floor plans
and the dimensions of the box.

You guys ever run
a con like this before?

Can't say I've ever used a buffer

To run an X-ray scanner
across a floor.

That doesn't look good.

Uh-oh. We're having
a technical difficulty.

The image is breaking up.

We lost it.

He finished 90% of the floor.

Let's hope the box
is in there somewhere.

That scanner has to be completely intact

When I return it to the FBI.

What are you doing?

I'm checking on Caffrey.
Something's not right.

You're pulling up his tracking data?

We can hear him.

We can hear chiselling.
We can't hear him.

I can't tell you why,

But I get the feeling
Caffrey's up to something.


I.T. Must not have activated
your I.D. Yet.

Type in yours.


Must have made a typo.

I'm pulling it up right now.

Right where he's supposed to be.

All right, Bellmiere's gone.
I'm scanning now.

What are you doing?

Oh, I was just...looking
at your handiwork again.

Dubois' handiwork.

Stick to the ones in back.

All right.

Here it is.

The calibration's off.
It's completely unreadable.

Yeah, I'm pulling him out of here.

I'm gonna get some fresh air.

You know what?

The initial carving
isn't working for me.

That's exactly how I did it for Dubois.

Didn't you tell him to abort?

He was happy with that?

But he never let you finish one.

He obsessed over every detail.

Yeah, and he made you start over...

Several times, if I recall.

You have no idea.

Oh, I do.
I went through his notes.

He didn't want to destroy his work.

You left him no choice.

He had to start over
because you weren't good enough.

Oh, please.
He never knew what he wanted.

He'd start over...20 times.

He'd blow everything up
at the last minute

And leave me to fix it!

Whenever you look at a Dubois,
you're lookin' at me.

Then why isn't your name on it?

Get him out of there!

He's going for a confession.

You hide behind his work,
you live off his name,

But without Dubois, you're nothing.

You don't exist.

Let's move.

I'll monitor from here.


Drop it!
Drop that weapon!

Okay! Okay!
Thank God you're here.

This con artist, Neal Caffrey,

Just broke a $10 million sculpture.

It's a fake.
I can prove it.

Right there.

I stand corrected.
You exist.

You once told me every forger

Finds a way to sign his own name.

Mr. Blatnik, why don't you come
with us to the bureau?

The sad thing is,

You're more talented than Dubois.

I wonder how this scanner
got so scratched up.

Must have fallen out of
my pocket when he attacked me.




How'd it go?

Oh, forensics confirmed
it was a forgery,

As well as the one he sold
at the Tibedaux.

That's great, but I was talking
about the Empire State Building.

We found it.

You found it?

Mozzie found a rectangular object

The exact dimensions
of Ellen's evidence box

On the south-west side of the ceiling.

Well, let's go get it!

No, there's nothing we can do tonight.

It's not easy access.
Well, does Peter know?

No, not yet.
I'll tell him tomorrow.

Well, now that we know where it is,

Let me go get it,
keep you two guys clean.

No, I can't do that to Peter.

Well, you just ran a con on him.

I'm not doing this without him.

Listen, you promised me
that you weren't gonna do this.

He's been more of a father to me
than you ever were.

We're doing this with Peter.

Okay. You're right.

I'll see you tomorrow.

You asked me why I don't have
original art?

I've had three different names

And a dozen different aliases
because of you.

And to be an artist,
you have to know who you are.

You're my son.

And I'm very proud of that.

You know, Neal was
chiselling away for a long time,

But I never actually saw
any carving in evidence.

I'm sure there's a reason.

You both agreed...
no detours.

We did.

I get it now.

Why Hughes approved so many
of your unorthodox operations.


You gave me a big win,
but I don't need anyone

Looking into whatever it was
Caffrey was doing.

I'm sure it's not that bad.


Is any of this gonna blow back on me?


Let's keep it that way.

You continue to give me more wins,

And I will give your team
everything it needs.


Agent Watson, did you find anything?

Scanner's damaged pretty badly.

I see that.

And scrubbed data off the hard drive.

Were you able to recover any of it?

About 20%.

Whoever used the scanner
was searching a building.

Take a look at this.

Is that a serial number?

It's a cable junction box.

This particular model
was used in only one place...

Floors 33 to 61
of the Empire State Building.

Thanks, agent Watson.

Thank you.

Oh, will you shut the door
on your way out?

Senator Pratt, please.

Amanda Callaway.

I think I may have your answer.