White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 14 - Shoot the Moon - full transcript

Nate Osbourne is living his romantic dream of Bonnie and Clyde adventure with his bride, for whom he steals outrageous presents. In the case of a moonstone from the natural history museum, that leads to taking hostage visitor Elisabeth and Peter who loses his nerves in the case. Neal pleads with the FBI against a SWAT intervention, as he knows how a clever crook thinks and can be persuaded.

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There is no security
on this earth, only opportunity.

That is not what I want to hear

From the man I'm asking
to consult on my security.

Well, you got to love irony.

What's the event?

It's tomorrow's launch party

For Parfum Bijoux's new fragrance line,

Inspired by the blend wore
by Marie Antoinette.

Where else would
the new line 'be-headed'?


Well, at least you didn't ask
if it smells like cake.

Eh, that's too obvious.

They're displaying the original formula

In its original atomiser on loan
from the Marquise de Tourzel,

And fully insured by sterling Bosch.

You have a date to this little soir?e?

Would it matter if I did?

Not at all.

We agreed to keep this casual.


We did.


"friends who have fun."

the French have a word for everything.


I might stop by afterwards.

I might make you a late dinner.


That's how this whole thing got started.

I wanted to thank you for
helping with the Delancy case.


See, I thought the thank-you
was what came after dinner.

Then you'll have to thank me
for helping with the security.


I better not mess this up.

Okay, should I be thinking

Five-star restaurant
or Cape Cod clam-bake?

Honey, come on! One hint!

Hon, the whole point
of a surprise getaway...

It's a surprise, I know,
but do you really want to be

Lugging around
my entire wardrobe for two days?

Well, luckily for you,

I have the upper-body strength
of a Norse God.

Oh, and you don't mind

If we go by
the Parfum Bijoux event, right?

Just for two minutes.

Two minutes? No.
Two hours? Yes.

Oh, honey,
it's really important to Sara.

Yes, and she's a big girl,

And it's not nearly
as important as you and I

Finally getting some time away
with no distractions.

I know. You're right.

We promised each other no work talk.

Who's that?
Oh, that's Jones.

He's here to...
Not talk about work?

I'll make it quick.

And don't bother looking in my bag.

I pack to deceive.

What do you have?
Ellen's tax returns.

Keep the bureau out of it?

Diana's contact at the IRS came through.


Well, what do you think?

Did she hide the evidence box
in the Empire State Building?

Her first job after WITSEC
that moved her to New York

Has this employer I.D. Number
here... Griffin-Moore.

Private security firm.

Perfect way to satisfy her inner cop.


And one of their clients

Was a tech start-up
in the Empire State Building.

That's got to be it.

Well, the question is,
how do we search it?

We don't. We keep our distance
and let Neal search on his own.

Does he know where to look?

He will.

All right, I need you and Diana
to keep an eye on Neal.

Neal while you're gone.

We always do.

Between the car accident
and everything else,

El and I really need to get away.

No, I understand.

Your phone just buzzed.

Might be the hotel.
Do you remember the area code?

My phone's on me, hon.

But nice try.

She still hasn't figured out
where you guys are going, huh?

No, she hasn't,

But she's conducting
a very thorough investigation.

I'm sure she is.

And then this is it.

Look at that.

I can see why you wanted my help.

Do you love it?
I do.



You two ready to kick-off
your romantic weekend?

Yes. She doesn't know where we're going,

so nobody say anything.


Is it safe to mention the earrings?

Are those emeralds?
They're beautiful.

Well, thank you.
They were my grandmother's.

Oh, speaking of beautiful...

Oh, my gosh.

From Marie Antoinette's
bedroom in Versailles.

Does it smell like cake?

Cake. What?

Oh, nothing.

I'm gonna check in on the staff.

I'll take you back.

So...you and Sara?

Deduce that all by yourself?
I did.

Shouldn't you be leaving
for your bed-and-breakfast soon?

Enough. Remember,
I'm only to be disturbed...

If someone dies.
I know the drill.

Oh, the Rusty egret.


Must be checking in
for our confirmation.


Well, everything's under control.


Now you two can relax this weekend.

I hope you can, too.

Don't play innocent.

I know you've been dealing with a lot,

And me asking you to lie
to Peter only added to it.

I understand why you want
to keep him out of this.

I just want him safe.

No argument here.
Keep him far away.

our check-in is confirmed,

But our dog-sitter
just cancelled.

Oh. Let's call the Bermans.

I'll watch Satchmo.

What? No.

What? You don't trust me
with your dog?

I don't trust you with my house.

All right, I can bring Satchmo
over to my place.

A vacation for Satchmo.

All right.

Oh, no need.

I'll use the one in the fake
rock in your flower bed.

Instructions are on the table.

Our valuables are inventoried,
and the second we're back,

We're changing the locks
and resetting the alarm codes.

I would expect nothing less.

And maybe Sara could drop by

And check in on Satchmo, as well?
Hmm, what?

Yeah, sure. Why not?

Yes, of course.


Go, have a great weekend.
Come on.

Satchmo's in good hands.
He's covered.

They know.
Yeah, they know.

Hey, listen, can we go by
that new coffee shop?

I want to get an iced latte.

Unless we're going some place cold.

Get the ice.

I'll get the hot chocolate.

So, this is the security setup.

It's fairly simple,
but it should do the trick.

Nice field of vision.

Decent lux parameter.

I only see one problem.

You're being robbed.


Everybody, be cool!

This is a robbery.

Do as we say, and no one will get hurt.

You, get over here.
Get down.

Hey, you, big boy,

Hand your piece over
to the lady nice and easy.

All right, everybody, eyes to the floor.


No heroes today, folks.

Babe, I can't get it.

Oh, God.

Yeah, you got it babe.
You got it. Just hit it.

She's gonna be upset
if she doesn't get that perfume.

Not as upset as her boyfriend.

Everybody stay down
or you're gonna eat a bullet!

He's gonna kill somebody.

Sara, wait!

I leave for two minutes,
and it's a costume party?

Shut your mouth and get on the floor.

Sara, do what he says.

What does she think
she's gonna do with that?

Get out.

Attitude like that will get you

Some serious time in the cottage, honey.

Oh, my God.
Let's go.

Thank you, everybody.

We're blocked in.

You're such a gentleman.

For you, my dear, anything.

Damn van.

This way.


Give us the keys.

My wife is in the car.

I don't care.

You're making
a very big mistake right now.

It's huge.

One more word and somebody gets hurt.

Come on.

That's right.

Get in.

Baby, we don't need them.

They saw our faces.
Drive. Get in.

Was this a part of the surprise?

What is this?
Some kind of substation?

Abandoned by the city.
It's ours now. Move!

I'm only gonna say this one more time.

My wife, Elizabeth, and I

Were leaving town for a getaway weekend.

That's all...
shut up!

Empty your pockets.

Do it!

Peter and Elizabeth Burke,
Warren street, cobble hill,

Just like they said.

Oz, we are not kidnappers.

Listen to her.

You let us go now,
you're looking at armed robbery.

But if you keep us here,

You're playing in a whole new ballpark.

You watch too much "Law & Order."

We let them go, and they go
straight to the cops.

Just let us walk.

We... we promise...
we're not gonna...

You'll what?
Dummy up?

We look like amateurs to you?!


Okay, we just need
a second to figure this out.

Baby, you need to relax, okay?

Yeah. Yeah.
All right, all right.

We'll just make sure
our fish don't swim.

Thought they were Bonnie and Clyde.

They came in with these masks...

We officially have ourselves a new case.

Nate "Oz"...

Oh, you go ahead.
Oh, no, ladies first.

Why not guys first?

Nate "Oz" Osbourne was
serving a 15-year sentence

For assaulting a police officer

When he escaped
Hudson correctional last week.

We cross-referenced Caffrey's
physical description...

Thank you, Caffrey...

Against former Hudson inmates,
and we got our guy.

Osbourne and his lady friend

Abandoned their getaway car
at the scene.

NYPD cordoned the area,
but so far, no trace.

The perfume wasn't
their first target, either.

Their M.O. matches a theft
from Weatherby's two days ago...

The wedding ring Joe DiMaggio
gave Marilyn Monroe.

It made its way on to the finger
of Osbourne's better half.

Well, nothing says commitment
like a stolen wedding ring.

Any information on the girl?

Not much.

We got her prints off the guard's gun,

But no criminal record.

They left the guard's gun behind?

She dropped it in a champagne bucket.

Could I see the ballistics
report from the shot Oz fired?

Kid's barely old enough to vote,

And he thinks he can threaten you?

The second I get you out of here...

He's in over his head.

Way over.

I don't think they want to hurt us.

Maybe not her, but him?

"dummy up" and "fish" are prison slang.

He's done time.

Or watched a lot of TV.

Shut up down there!

She's a calming influence.

Maybe if I talk to her,

Appeal to her on a personal level.

I don't know.

I have done this before.

That makes two of us.

Well, at least this time,
we get to be tied up together.

Good news.

With a slight adjustment,
our third act is back on track.

So Penny here is gonna babysit
while I take care of business.

Be safe.


If you're ditching our car,
we have bags in the trunk.

What makes you think
I'm ditching your car?

All that "law & order" I watch.

If we're gonna be here for a while,

It'd be nice to change our clothes.


"Change our clothes."

Cobble hill.

How long have you two been married?

We have a love for the ages.

I mean, why do we need
some stupid contract

To tell us what we already know?

For starters, health insurance,

Home-ownership, shared cellphone plans.

Uh, what Oz and I have
is much bigger than all of that.

He's a really good guy
with a really, really big heart.

You'll understand
if we don't see him that way.

Well, you don't know him, so...

He is good.

And, sure, his cousin talked him
into stealing car parts,

But that doesn't make him a bad person.

You don't serve hard time
for stealing rims.

What happened?

It was his first time.

The police showed up.

When they told him to raise his hands,

He accidentally dropped
a battery that he was holding

On the cop's foot.


What else was he supposed to do
other than drop it?

I mean, the guy had a gun in his face.

The officer didn't see it that way?

The cop lied to the D.A.

They charged him with
assault on a police officer.

You can get 15 years for that.

That's exactly what the judge gave him.

I mean, he didn't deserve that.

So he was released early
on good behaviour.


He escaped, and you helped him.

The cop lied.
The judge wouldn't listen.

What else were we supposed to do?

I mean, the system failed him.

All we have is each other.

I mean, I'm sure there are
a ton of people out there

Who are worried about
the two of you right now.

You have no idea.

Uh, this is Esther from the Rusty egret.

I thought we were confirmed
you'd be here by noon,

And it's almost 3:00.

I'll try your cell again.

Wait. The suit actually
gave you access to his house?

Yes, Moz.

Unwise. We should
teach him a lesson.

I'm thinking micro cam in a lampshade.

He'll find it, of course,
but that's the point.

We're picking up Satchmo
and we're leaving, all right?


I don't see why you'd want to pass up

A prime opportunity
such as this, but whatever.

Whoa! Seriously?
Boxed wine?

We got to get out of here.

You mind picking up
Satchmo's water bowl?

It's over by the desk.

And no snooping.

Whoa, the suit left Ellen's IRS forms

Out here for anyone to see.

Hey. No.
I said no.

They're from when
WITSEC moved her to New York.

Well, any insight
into her life from that time

Could help us isolate
where she hid the evidence.

It's a long shot.

So is blindly searching a
2 million-square-foot building.

Excellent point.
Here. Allow me.


You know, it's not too late
to hide that micro cam...

Not gonna happen.



Jesus, baby, what took you so long?

Well, I acquired us a new vehicle

And I finished up recon
for our third act.

And you went to Gristedes?

Yeah. Well, we got
a big day tomorrow.

Can't do it on an empty stomach.

You are too good, baby.

You have to admit...
they are kind of sweet together.

I hope that's
the Stockholm syndrome talking.

Burkes of cobble hill,
keep up the good behaviour,

There might be some of my famous

Chow-hall casserole
in it for you.


You sure they didn't give you trouble?

Hey, hon.

I see it.

The second they realise they've
kidnapped a federal agent,

All bets are off.

You packed your gun.

Do you think you can get to it?

Not without help.

We're gonna have to do this together.

There is still a chance that
we can get the atomiser back

Before the event tomorrow, right?

Yeah, we're on it.

You okay?

Ballistics is still on scene,

But we got a hit on Osbourne's sidekick.

I had Hudson correctional

Pull his correspondence
and visitor logs.

So we've got a name.

Yeah, Penny Chase.

Clean record.

She works as a copy editor
for a book publisher

in paperback romance novels.

What is her connection to Osbourne?

Prison pen pals turned soul mates.

Copies of the prison letters right here.

They met while he was in prison?

And it wasn't by chance.

Penny was a long-time subscriber
to Mugshot Monthly.

Apparently, she liked
Osbourne's mug and wrote him.

Their relationship took off from there.

This is not a real magazine.

Oh, yeah. Women who fall
for inmates... it's a thing.

They're called prison bunnies.

Oh, God.
The weird gets weirder.

Says the only woman in the room
who's actually dated an inmate.

It is not the same.

Wait. Are you familiar
with this phenomenon?

During my prison stay,
I may have had a few admirers.

More like a few hundred.

But didn't you respond
with a form letter?

Only after the carpal tunnel.


I let them down easy.

Right. Let's get back
to the case, huh?

I skimmed a few of their letters.

You know, it's like
they think they're characters

In some great love story or something.

Take a look at this.

Osbourne promises
to make her an honest woman

After his release.

I mean, it's possible
he lured her into this.

Well, he made her an honest
woman by getting her a ring.

He kept his promise.

If he made her any other promises,

It might lead us to their next target.

Are these all the letters?

There's about 700.

Ooh. All right.

Let's get started.

Oh, no, no.

D-Don't add the onions raw like that.

You should saute them.
They're much sweeter that way.


What do I do?

Well, y-you get a saute pan,
and you heat up some butter.

The silver one.

Oh, that's...
Way too much butter.

You want to come in here and do this?

Well, I do sort of
run a catering company.

May I do that?

I don't think so.

You do have a gun.

It's the proper knife.

Damn, Lizzy Burke, you got some skills.

You know, Harriet van Horne
said it best.

Cooking is like love.

You either approach it
with abandon or not at all.

Love and abandon.

Kind of dig that.
I thought you might.

The first time I made this for Penny,

She said I cooked better
than her own mother.

She was lying through her teeth.

But it was really cute.

So, where were you gonna take her?

To a bed-and-breakfast
in the green mountains.

Nothing but nature, my beautiful wife,

And a couple of good crime novels.

Would have been amazing.

No, seriously, like...

Where were you gonna take her?

You've kidnapped me.

You don't get to judge me.

Come on, don't you think
that sounds boring as hell?

No, I think it sounds relaxing as hell.

Different strokes, I guess.

I mean, the part
about the book sounds okay.

I like romance novels.

But true crime is good, too.

Most of them don't have happy endings.

No, but the romance books do.

That's why I like reading them.

So, that's how I got the idea
to start the...Ooh.

You okay?

Yeah, I think I just got
some garlic powder in my eye.

You want to wash it out or something?

Um...Actually, uh, I think
I have some eye drops in my bag.

Hey, pen,
you help Lizzy out with her bag?



Should be right on top
in the toiletry bag.


Oh, this is beautiful!

It's a classic Von Furstenberg.

You should try it on.


There's some shoes in there, too.

Oh. I wasn't sure
how to pack.

Peter, hey, uh, three things...

Nobody's dead, Satchmo's fine,

And I changed your alarm code,

Which I'll gladly give back to you

In exchange for some maple syrup.

Tell Elizabeth I say hi.

How are the Burkes?

Maintaining radio silence, as promised.

I'm just calling to let them know

It's all quiet on the Satchmo front.

You find something?

Yeah, too bad Peter's not here.

He'd love this.

Last August, Oz promised Penny
to treat her like a queen.

The Marie Antoinette perfume bottle.

We were right.

He's stealing to fulfil a promise.

Right, and I might think it was adorable

If they didn't snatch my perfume.



What are you not telling me?

It's me.

I'm up for a new job, Neal.

Running the London branch
of sterling Bosch.

Wow. That's...

My chances were excellent.

But if... if you lose
the perfume bottle...

I lose all of it.

I probably should have
said something sooner.

no, no.

I mean, why... why would you?
We're just, you know...


Well, it's not like I'm running away

To an island or something.

Well, technically, Britain is an island.


You think Oz will like it?

I do.

It's just, you know,

With everything that he's been through,

I-I just want to make him happy.

You really believe
the system failed him.

I know it did.

After Oz told me his story,
I looked into it.

Turns out it's not
the first time this cop lied.

He has a history of dishing out
trumped-up charges.

Did you show this to the D.A.?

Yeah, his public defender
wouldn't listen.

I mean, he said
we didn't stand a chance.

This looks damning to me.

I told you.

He got a bum rap.

Soup's on, baby!

Hope you're hungry.

If you don't eat, I'll be offended.

So, what do you think?




I was just wondering how I got so lucky.


We should probably untie his hands.

Hands only.
And just for dinner.

All right?

Thank you.

Is that a Jayer Echezeaux?

Is that how you say it?

All I know is...
a case costs 12 grand.

Don't worry.
We didn't pay for it.

Now, I'll go out on a limb and say

Penny's ring wasn't
a hand-me-down from grandma?

It was Marilyn Monroe's.

I love Marilyn.

You know, it's funny.

I spent two years behind bars

Just pissed off
that life screwed me over.

And then I met Penny,

And she made me realise
that you only get one life.

And you better live it.

And this crime spree
is what you call living?

Three years of my life
has to be worth something.

The world owes us that.

What happens when
the world catches up to you?

We won't let it.

So, Peter, uh,

Elizabeth tells me that
you are a Professor at Columbia.


What do you teach?

Now, I'm guessing,
by the age difference,

That, uh, Lizzy here was your student.

A little "hot for teacher"
action, huh, Liz?

Am I right?

Guilty as charged.

Still nothing on the Ellen front?

Well, apparently, the IRS
codes its forms differently

For people in WITSEC.

That or Ellen spent three years

As a ribbon dancer in circus Vargas.

I think I'd go with the first one.

Availing yourself of federal resources

Could speed along the process.

Yeah, I can't.

I promised Elizabeth
I wouldn't involve Peter.

And once you find the box?

I want my father to come back
and live a normal life.

Ellen's evidence can give him that.

And while we're on the topic
of items just out of reach...

Ah, the perfume search.

If we find it,

There's a good chance
Sara's moving to London.

And you're ambivalent about what
that means to the two of you.


Don't give me that look.

I know I said we wouldn't
get serious again, but...

Looming expiration date is forcing you

To wonder if you should.

Neal, it's just a fantasy.

For guys like us,
the only regret is permanence.

That's just how it is.

Diana, what's up?

You said Penny Chase was
wearing hoop earrings, right?

Yeah, why?

E.R.T. Found an emerald earring
up the street from the boutique,

But what's strange
is the backing was attached.

Elizabeth was wearing
emerald earrings when they left.

So she took it off on purpose.

If she and Peter were delayed
for a few minutes...

You heard from him?

I tried him an hour ago.
It went to his voicemail.

I'm sure they're fine.


Look, all I'm saying is
that compared to you,

Peter here seems a little boring.

I wish he were boring.

I hate this conversation.

Wait. So, you're telling us
that he's not?

You know,
some of the stories he's covered

Have been incredibly dangerous.

Some nights, I lie awake
and I can't sleep, worrying.

The point is...
I like boring,

And there's no one I'd rather
be boring with than this man.

So, two nights
in an old house in Vermont

Is your idea of a party?

The Rusty egret.


I guess it is.
You're a wild man, Petey.

Drop your dish.

Oh, I'm gonna clean up.


I'm sorry.
No, I'll get a broom.

No, no, it's...
I'll help.

Oh. I'll get it,
I'll get it.

Do we have a bag?

Hey, honey, can you please get me a...

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Special agent Peter Burke?

Our BOLO turned up agent Burke's
car at an impound in Flatbush.

We found Peter and Elizabeth's

In a dumpster
two blocks from the boutique.

We're ordering the J.O.C.
stood up until further notice.

We have to assume they've been taken.

Simpson, I want your team
to stay on the letters.

pull the traffic-cam footage

In the area where the car was recovered.

And flag
any missing-vehicle reports.

Chase and Osbourne are gonna
need a new getaway car.

Let's go.
Peter's counting on us.

Neal, how could this happen?

Wrong place, wrong time.

But there's a bright side.

A bright side to kidnapping?

Ballistics came in.

Oz is shooting blanks.
Why would he do that?

They don't want to hurt anyone.

But it doesn't mean they won't.

No, it doesn't.

What can I do?

Help us comb through these letters.

If we beat them to their next target,

We find Peter and Elizabeth.

But Oz buries his promises
in romantic symbolism,

And he is open to interpretation.

Then let's get to interpreting.

Where do you want to set up?

My place has a hungry dog

And a wine-drinking

Your bring the photo copies.
I'll bring the coffee.

Oz, this doesn't
have to change anything.

We just kidnapped an FBI agent.

Yeah, but we didn't mean to.

You think they care about that?

Penny's right.
This is a mistake.

Oh, we are through talking to you.

Oz, listen to me.

This has gone far enough.

Your best option...
your only option...

Is to let us go and turn yourselves in.

That's your advice?

I just got out,
and you want me to walk back in?

We're never gonna be together.

No. No.

We're gonna work this out, okay?

It's gonna be fine.

Do you still want to go for the third act?

Yeah, we get it.

We skip town, just like we planned.

Okay, what about them?

We can't let them go now.

Maybe they could be of some use to us.


I've been through
this entire pile twice now.

It still reads like a bad romance novel,

With more misspellings and redactions.

They don't have spell-check
in prison.

What they lack in technique
they make up for with heart.

Do they have to write every day?

"I love you. I adore you.
I worship you."

How many ways can they say
the exact same thing?

This many ways.

Moz, will you, uh...
yeah, I'll get him.

Fresh air... the antidote
to sentimental drivel.

Come on, Satchmo.

So, London.
Hell of a city.

It is.

I spent the summer there
when I was younger...

With my sister.

My parents warned us
to stay away from Islington,

'cause that's where
the bad kids hang out.

So, of course,
we were there every night.

Of course.

Smoking cigarettes
with the street artists

And flirting with the bad boys.


Well, I don't smoke, but I do flirt.


You're also a very bad boy.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I hope you get the job.

Not because I want you to leave...

Because I want you to be happy.

I have to admit...
it has been a lot of fun

Spending time with you up in the clouds.

But the ground beckons.


"there is no security on
this earth, only opportunity."

Send me a postcard?

Yeah. More than one.
Less than 700.

Does that mean I get a poem?

Will you use spell-check?
Stop it.

"In the clouds."


Neal, Oz says multiple times

That his favourite childhood memory

Is when his father took him
to the Kennedy space centre.

Yeah, something about wishing
he could fly through the clouds

And off to the moon.


And then two days before
he gets out, he writes this.

"give me your love,
and I'll give you the moon."

So what if he's going
to give her the moon?

I mean, not the whole thing, but...

Maybe a piece of it.

Okay, Neal, there's only
one moon rock in town...

From Apollo 17.

Yeah, we see it.

It's on display at the New York
hall of science in queens.

You really think
he's gonna steal her a rock?

Yeah, Oz's final promise to
Penny was to give her the moon.

We got a hit on Peter and Elizabeth.

10 minutes ago, a stolen car

Used its ez-pass
at the midtown tunnel.

We got a shot of it
on the security camera.

It's them.
They're hitting the museum.

I'll mobilize SWAT.
Let's go!

All right, we're on our way.

Get museum security on the phone.

Let them know what's coming.

Please open the door.

Good morning, agent...

Don't move.
I mean it.

Special agent Peter Burke.

Do as he says and you won't get hurt.

Get in.

Hey, baby, we're inside.

Open your coat.
Come on.

Take his gun.

Yeah, get the gun.

In the chair.
Come on.

What's the code for internal security?


I told you...
you don't need Elizabeth.

Keep me as your hostage.
I won't cause any trouble.

Yeah, you won't cause us any trouble

Because we got your wife.

Hon, I'll be okay.

Yes, she will,

As long as you do exactly what we say.

They're already inside.
We're being robbed.

Call the police!
We got to find another way in.

Neal, we need to wait for the FBI.

Look, it's Peter and Elizabeth.

I'm not waiting.


You are only making this worse
for yourself, Oz.


Have a seat, both of you.

That moon rock's the most
valuable thing in this place.

Neal, at least tell me you have a plan.

Look, if they've got Peter and Elizabeth

And the FBI shows up, this turns
into a hostage situation,


Unless what?
You have a bargaining chip?


I'm gonna steal the moon.

Not alone, you're not.

It's Peter and Elizabeth.

All right.

That's it?
That is it.

Well, as far as priceless
objects go, I'm not impressed.

It's 4 and-a-half billion years old,

200,000 miles from home,

and worth 100 times its weight in gold.

That did it!

Good job, pen.

Hey, Oz, isn't that...

Yeah, from the perfume shop.

They're stealing the moon rock.

What the hell is going on?

Hey, you...
you're coming with me.

I'm not leaving my wife.

I beg to differ.

All right, if anything goes wrong,

Just meet me in the lobby.

Pen, look at me.

This is what we wanted, remember?

All right.

Now, Burke.

Come on.

You don't have to go through with this.

You know that.

I kinda do.

I've never actually seen
you steal anything before.

Well, that is one of the perks
of being my plus-one.

Let's go.

Hey, Sinatra, you want to tell me why

You and baton girl are stealing my rock?

Oh, your rock?

That's funny, because according to

Article 6 of the 1967
U.N. Outer Space Treaty,

It's not yours.

I got this, Peter.

Oh, you two know each other.
That's cute.

Now give me the damn rock.

I don't think so.

Ballistics confirmed
you're shooting blanks.


He has my gun.


So, what's it gonna be?

Sara, your baton.

I'm warning you.

And I'm educating you.

The moon has no atmosphere,

No free oxygen, and no surface moisture.

That's why this rock
is vacuum-sealed in nitrogen.

Once it's exposed to our atmosphere,

It crumbles to dust
in a matter of seconds.

I do like to smash things.

Yeah, and I'll shoot both of you.

Not before one of us smashes your rock.

Let Peter go and it's yours.

Everybody wins.

Have it your way.



Matter of seconds, huh?

I may have exaggerated a little bit.

It would have turned to dust
in another billion years.

He's not making it out of here.

You and Sara
exit the same way you came in.

Let the FBI know that Penny
and Oz are both armed.

Peter, where are you going?

To get my wife back.

You've been a criminal
less than a week, Penny.

I don't think you're cut out for this.

It's better to burn bright than
slowly fade away, like you...

Like what?
Peter and me?

We are not boring.

Hell, this is not even
my first kidnapping.



Every morning
my husband walks out the door,

A part of me worries
if he ever walks back in.

Do you have any idea
what that feels like?

Yeah. I do.

Then stop him before he gets hurt.

You didn't stop Peter.

I tried.

But whether I like it or not,

People like you
happen to people like us.

That's life.


You know, I'm supposed to be
on a romantic weekend

With my husband right now, and instead,

I'm stuck here with you,
living your moment.

Which, by the way,
just caught up with you.



Penny, it's over.

Oz is going back to prison.

No, he is not going anywhere.

We promised each other
that we would not get caught.

If it is over for him,
then it is over for me, too.

I was never gonna shoot you,

Just like you're never gonna shoot me.

I guess neither of us
are cut out for this, huh?

I never wanted to be good at this.



Caffrey! Where the hell
did you come from?

I'll explain later.

Peter and Elizabeth are in there.

So are Penny and Oz, and they're armed.

With Peter's gun.

Okay, you guys hang back.

Let's move in!

Let's go!

Penny and Oz just went out front.

It's okay.
Building's surrounded.

That's just it...
I think they're planning

On going out there
like Bonnie and Clyde.

Honey, what are you doing?

What? They need our help.
Come on.

No, they're not...
damn it.


Come out peacefully
with your hands in the air.

Oh, my God.

It's the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.

I got you the moon.

Come out quietly.
Raise your hands.

You ready?

We don't want to hurt you.

Just stay close, all right?

Maybe we can...

Penny, Oz, come on.

Stay back, Liz.
You can't go out there.

You know what's gonna happen.
Just tell him.

Penny, don't listen to her, okay?

We have a love for the ages.

Oz, listen to me.

There's a SWAT team out there

With automatic weapons and body armour.

You try to shoot your way out of there,

And they will kill both of you.

Yeah, not if I kill them first.

Don't be a fool, Oz.

This isn't you.

I know you served three years

For something that
should have been a misdemeanour.

You got a bum rap, and I'm sorry.

You were using blanks
so no one got hurt,

But that's exactly what's
about to happen out there

For both of you.

You love her?


Do you really love her, Oz?

Real love...
Is fighting like hell

To hold on to every moment
you have with her.

It's making a life together

And making it work
no matter what happens.

You want a love for the ages?

I think that's great.

Prove it.

Make it last.

Listen, they're just gonna
take me away from her.


They can take away a lot of things,

But they'll never take away
what you two have together.

You go out there, and it ends.

Give me the gun, Oz.

It could have
gotten pretty ugly back there.

You understand why I...

I do.

I'm just glad you're okay.

Take him away.

So, what's gonna happen?

She'll get probation,

And this time, he'll get a fair trial.

Write me?

Every day.

Come on, sir.

We still have to give our statements,

But it's not too late
to try and get away.

Maybe not the Rusty egret, but...

I just want to go home.



They found it.

Thanks, hon.





I just gave sterling Bosch
the good news.

Well, here's some more.

Isn't this evidence?

Nobody's gonna miss it,

As long as it's back tomorrow morning.

How would you feel
about being my plus-one tonight,

No strings attached?

You know I like a good party.

Thank you.


You asked Neal to lie to me.

You have every right to be upset,

But you understand why I did it.

To protect me.
I get that.

I knew you wouldn't let it go,
even after the car accident.

But, hon, the one thing that
truly scares me is losing you.

I had to do something.

Neal and I will always have secrets,

But you and I...
we don't.

No more secrets.

Starting now.

There was a file that indicated

Where Ellen might have
hidden the evidence box.

I checked it for prints.

It was here in the house.

Neal found it, like I hoped he would.

You want him
to dog-sit Satchmo.

I'm helping his search

Without putting myself in harm's way.

And you didn't want me to know...

Because I didn't want you to worry.

No more secrets.

So now that we're on the same page,

What about you and Neal?

He took the bait.
Now what?


You cracked it?

It's a government code.
Of course I did.

It turns out
that employer I.D. Number

Is for a security company
named Griffin-Moore,

Which is linked to the 50th floor

Of the Empire State Building.

Let's get that box
and bring my father home.