White Collar (2009–2014): Season 4, Episode 1 - Wanted - full transcript

Peter must locate Neal on a tropical island before an FBI-sanctioned bounty hunter does.

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Previously on White Collar...

I moved your portion of
the treasure out of the country.

It's still worth more
than either of us

could ever spend in a lifetime.

I don't want to run
anymore, Moz.

I'm --
Agent Kramer.

Head of the bureau's
D.C. Art Crimes unit.

So you're the one who taught
Peter everything he knows.

Neal's my C.I.
He's also a friend.

"The U.S. probation office
is convening a hearing

to discuss the commutation
of your sentence."

You could be a free man.

You've already served two
years of a four-year sentence

while confined
to a tracking anklet.

I won't be going anywhere
anytime soon.

This is my home now.

Caffrey's got a lot of secrets.

But if I keep digging,
who knows what will turn up?

If Kramer digs up
these things --

Neal could get the maximum.

He could go back to prison.
For a long, long time.

You're covering for him.

You box him in, he's gonna run.

These marshals are here to take
Neal Caffrey into custody,

and he'll work for me
in D.C. permanently.

You understand this is best
for everyone, don't you?

I do know that he has a good heart.

Do you think
Mr. Caffrey is reformed?

As long as he's on that anklet,
we'll never know.

As long as we treat him
like a criminal,

he'll always think
that he is one.

Should Neal Caffrey's sentence
be commuted?

Neal should be free.

I'm saying Neal should be free.

I can tell you one thing --

I won't be going anywhere
anytime soon.

Caffrey's cut his anklet.

Neal's gone.

That person you saw
on Roosevelt Island --

Who was it?

E. Parker,
Witness Protection.

When this is over,
I'll tell you everything.

Kramer thinks you know
more than you're saying.

Until the dust settles,
keep your head down,

close some cases,
and forget about Neal Caffrey.




What'd you bring me?
Work-up on another mail fraud.

Foreign lottery?

Magazine sweepstakes.

Oh, variety --
spice of life.

Is this where Caffrey sat?

Who's that at Neal's desk?

No idea.

Well, it looks like
he knows you.

He's got quite the swagger,
doesn't he?

You didn't blink first,
did you?

No, I didn't.

I've been invited to the party.

this is agent Kyle Collins.

He's with O.I.A.

What brings the Office
of International Affairs

to White Collar?
Neal Caffrey.

It's been six weeks,

and the bureau
hasn't turned up one lead

on its poster boy for reform,

which is why Caffrey
needs to be captured

and locked away for a long,
long time.

As you're aware,
we've got agents

flipping over every mattress
Caffrey's ever slept on.

But those other agents
aren't Peter Burke.

I've given my statements.

Everything I know about Neal
is in the file.

Everything that's official,

But agent Kramer seems to think

that you may have left out
the good stuff.

Kramer sent you.

You know, he shed
quite a bit of light

on your relationship
with Caffrey.

Agent Collins, if Burke says
it's all there, it's all there.

"Neal Caffrey
has 27 known aliases,

"speaks eight languages,

conversational Swahili.

He'd avoid countries
with extradition."

That's helpful.

"He has a weakness
for beautiful women and..."

I love this bit of insight.

"He runs."

Hmm. Yes, he does.

Are we done here?

Agent Burke,
I'm gonna find Neal Caffrey.

And you're gonna help me do it.

Buenos dias, Rodrigo.

Senor Maine!

?Esta listo?

Si, senor Maine.
Esta listo.


Thank you.

Here you go.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Hey, you didn't pay for that!


For his papayas, Hector.

Oh, thank you, senor.

See you in a little bit, buddy.


Pardoname, uh,
usted conoce "Mi Valero"?



Buenos dias, Maya.

Oh. Hello, again,
New York.

"Mi Valero."

That's the last time I tell you
one of my favorites.

That almost
sounds like regret --

something you said
you didn't believe in.

After a few caipirinhas,
I say a lot of things.


Oh, your usual table has ears.

Oh, Barry?
He's harmless.

He wants to unionize
my servers.

Viva healthcare!

More or less harmless.

Say yes to dinner tonight.

I'm sorry.
I have to work.

You're the proprietor.

I like you, James.
I do.

But men like you are trouble.

Men like me?

Men who come here
to escape their past.


I think you're confusing me

with the guy
who steals Hector's papayas.

And if you are, I'm offended.

Estoy tambien.

So you're an honest man
who has nothing to hide.

Open book.

You're from New York.
That's all you've told me.

It's the best city
in the world.

Then why'd you leave?
To live here.

In paradise.
I'm sorry, New York.

Your open book
is a work of fiction.

Maya, come on.

One moment of honesty.
That's all I'm asking.

Maybe then
I'll consider dinner.

If it isn't Barry Soetoro --
carefree treasure hunter.

Just so I'm clear,
you can have any woman you want,

and the one woman you choose

is the only woman
in the entire archipelago

who doesn't want you.

You have your pursuits,
I have mine.

Well, she has no reason to
assume we're hiding anything.

Except the fact that this island
has no U.S. extradition treaty

and we showed up
with limitless wealth.

You miss it?

Of course.

But what's regret gonna get me?


And you're James Maine --
rich, carefree island resident.

Neal Caffrey,
on the other hand, is --

Is a wanted fugitive.

Too bad the FBI
won't forget that.

You think he's in Milos?
Sparta maybe?

You know,
there's nothing in his file

about an affinity
for Greek philosophy.

'Cause you're not gonna
find Neal studying trinkets.

And why is that?

He disappears
through reinvention.

The man you're looking for isn't
the one who sat at that desk.

The day Caffrey fled,

you said you followed him
to Roosevelt Island.


You claimed you didn't know why
he was there or who he met with,

and yet you had
agent Clinton Jones

flag the name E. Parker,

but you failed to mention
the part about E. Parker

in any of your official

We couldn't confirm
the details.

You tried to go through WITSEC?
No help.

I'll let you know
if that's true.

Did you leave out
anything else?

He likes Tanduay rum.

Nope. I've got people on
the ground in the Philippines.


Then clearly you know more
than I do.

Aw, that's a shame.

I liked picturing Neal and Moz
touring the coconut palace.

Well, if Collins has his way,

you can start picturing Neal
in sing sing.

That's if he's lucky.

You want me
to kick Collins' ass?

Hmm. Six weeks.

Six weeks
of chasing down leads.

El, he's my responsibility.

If anything
were to happen to him...

Honey, Kramer backed you
into a corner.

You had to let Neal go.
You know that.

Yeah, and now I know that
Collins has access to WITSEC.

He's got a leg up.

You still think this E. Parker
knows where Neal went?

My gut's telling me that Parker
is the key to all of this.

And you don't think
you can get to Parker first?


You know, but maybe I could
come in a close second.

By following Collins.

Yeah, if Parker knows
where Neal is,

maybe I can warn him
that Collins is coming.

that's a big "if."

Yeah. Right now
that's all I have.

And if all else fails,

you can kick Collins' ass.

You know, most normal people
make sand castles out of sand.

When have you ever considered us
normal people, Moz?

Your point?

Language is fluid.

So is your linen shirt.

All right. You mind hanging out
while I change?

Or I could go meet Dobbs
by myself,

save you the trouble.

We're paying the guy 25 grand
a month for safe haven.

I think that's earned me
some face time.

As you know,

I vetted a lot of locations
for our final refuge,

and with
our very specific demands

for lifestyle and security,
it's a short list.

Big enough to blend in,
small enough to limit exposure.

I know, Moz.

If we cross Dobbs in any way,

our only other option
is Isla Paradiso.

Sounds nice.

It's a leper colony!

And contrary
to popular opinion,

I do not have
the compassion of Jesus.

I'll be a saint.

Oh, I got this for Dobbs.

And this would be?

Oh, a good first impression.

It looks like Dobbs
is doing okay for himself.

He's got the whole island wired.


She's beautiful.

This one took me almost a year.

Half the challenge
is finding materials

this far from the mainland.

Mr. Dobbs,
I'd like to introduce you

to my associate, James Maine.

Mr. Maine.

The names we choose
can be very telling.

Where does yours come from?

The U.S.S. Maine.

Didn't the Maine shipwreck
in rough seas?

Suffice it to say,

it wasn't a planned retirement.

Thought you might appreciate
a new canvas.

Look at this.

Dimple whiskey.

Not easy to come by in
these parts. How'd you find it?

Well, how we emptied it
is the better story.

I'm sure it is.

I assume you have
something else for me?

Built all these yourself?

I've been on this island
almost 20 years.

It's important to have hobbies.

Well, I have to admit,

I don't know much
about ships in bottles.

Well, planning is critical.

When all the pieces are set,

it only takes one pull of the
string to bring them to life.

But if all the pieces aren't
perfectly linked together --

It all collapses.

I've... heard
this story before.

Paradise comes at a price,
Mr. Maine.

You pull the strings.

And I keep everything
tied together.

Please have a seat.

25 grand -- what assurances
does this guarantee us?

It assures you
the local law enforcement

won't divulge
your presence here,

nor will they hassle you.

If you have any disputes,

problems, issues,
bring them to me.

Extradition or not,
this money guarantees

that we stay invisible
to the outside world.

That's right.

I only ask that you respect
the sanctity of the island.

And if I have concern,
I come to you.

Anytime, day or night.

But I doubt he'll have any.

But I do.
Please don't.

There's a boy in town --

He runs a fruit stand.

One of your men
has been taking his papayas

without paying for them.

From now on,
Brody will pay for his papayas.

And the ones
he's already taken?

I'll see to it
the boy is compensated.

All right.

Then I think
we will be very happy here.


Papayas? Seriously?

It's about justice, Moz.

And if a certain cafe girl

gets wind
of your little good deed?

Added bonus.

Just so you know,

Hector makes a killing
off that fruit stand.

Think about that the next time
you give me an embolism.

It's been a pleasure.

Perfect timing.
Collins is in there now.

E. Parker?

Mid-to-late 50s.

What'd you bring me?

Deviled ham.

Oh, Neal hated this.

That's because he had a nose.



Oh, stakeouts with Neal
were the worst.

How so?
Well, he'd --

He'd always want to listen
to public radio

or talk about chiaroscuro
in Roman imperial manuscripts.

You miss him.

Yeah. Yeah, right.

Oh, drove me crazy.

You know,
if it makes you feel better,

I could come up with an excuse

to get out of the car and go
eavesdrop on Collins by...

I don't know, zip-lining
across the drainage pipe

with grappling hooks made out
of expensive Forzieri ties.

It might make me
feel a little better.

You're the best wife ever.
You know that.

Ooh, ooh.

Look at that. Rejected.
No. I've got nothing to say to you.

Man on deck.

Actually, I was on deck.

Now I'm up to bat, technically.

Ah. Right.

The best wife ever would have
known that, wouldn't she?

She would.

Good luck.


Ms. Parker, my name
is Peter Burke. I was --

I know who you are, and I've
already told your partner

I've got nothing to say.

Agent Collins and I
aren't partners.

I'm Neal's friend.

You need something more original
than good cop/bad cop.

I've played that game myself,
and you're not very good at it.

No, I'm trying to help him.

Were you trying to help him

when you locked him up
the first time?

I was, but that --

Then I'm pretty confident
he doesn't want your help now.

- Ms. Parker, I don't think
you understand what -- - No.

Come, misses!
This way!

Where are we going, Hector?


Don't tell me the guy
who steals Hector's papayas

offers you wine and chocolate.

Out of nowhere,
he paid Hector back today.

I wonder if you have anything
to do with that.

I'm flattered
that you think I would.

Come on.
I'll show you the view.

Hmm. Right this way.



How did you do this?

Plaster molds
and a lot of sand.

It's the view
from my old building.

This is amazing.


I'll never be an open book,

but New York
was a pretty big chapter.

Are you going to be honest
about it?

You asked me
for a moment of honesty.

I'm gonna give you 20.


20 questions.

So generous of you.

Well, I'm a generous guy.

Ask me anything you want
about my life there.




Do you miss it?

Every day.

I lived there off and on
since I was 18, so...

Why did you go there?

I had to leave the place
I was from.

Where was that?

St. Louis, but that's not
a New York question.

Okay, then, it doesn't count.

All right.

Um... Did you know anyone
when you arrived?

Not a soul.

Who was your first friend?


He doesn't look like a Barry.

Do I look like a James?

That's why I call you
"New York."

I can live with that.


Are you alone?

What's going on.

Well, I made a grappling hook
out of Forzieri ties.

It's... you.

Call me Ellen.

For the record, your wife does
a very good "good cop."

Yes, she does.


We need to talk about Neal.

He doesn't know it yet,
but he needs our help.

I'm curious.

What exactly
did Neal tell you about me?

Not even a name.

You were Neal's
father's partner.

You talk the talk.
Partners are like family.

That's it, isn't it?

Agent Burke,
I don't mean to be rude,

but I'm in WITSEC
for a good reason.

I'm not so sure
this was a good idea.

I'm sorry to have
wasted your time.

I gave Neal the signal to run.

The day of
his commutation hearing,

the day he would have
gone free,

an agent with a grudge

decided Neal didn't
deserve that freedom,

so he was gonna be
hauled off for life.

An anklet in D.C. --

Something that
he didn't deserve.

So I gave him
the signal to run.

You set him free?

And now he's out there

And the other agent
who came to you --

Agent Collins?

He won't stop...

until he brings Neal back --
alive or...

or otherwise.

Ellen, if anything
were to happen to him, I...

I don't think
I could live with it.

I sent Neal out
into the world once.

Told him a truth
he wasn't ready to handle.

Six years ago, when the feds
were closing in on him,

Neal and I exchanged pagers.

In case something happened,

we'd use them
like emergency flares.

Ellen, you won't regret this.

Protect our boy.


Hi, Neal.

Guess this makes you 3 and 0.

2 and 1.
Haven't found you yet.

Ellen gave you the pager number?

Yeah, she sends her best.

I'm sure.
What do you know?

Neal, the D.O.J. has got someone
looking for you.

Well, if they didn't,
I'd be insulted.

He means business.

"He" meaning "you"?

Then I'm not worried.

How bad did I leave things
for you?

Eh, the bureau
beat me up a little,

but I'm handling it.

And Elizabeth?

She's good.

The agent who is after you,
his name is Collins.

He's with the Office
of International Affairs.

He's dangerous.

And he won't stop
until he finds you.

I'm safe here.

And I'm happy.

We had a good run.

It's not over.

Yeah, it is.

You're an FBI agent.
I'm a con man.

There are only a few ways
this could have ended.

This is one of the best.


You understand
this has to be the last time.

New York and I are done.

I get it.

Please watch out for Collins.

I will.

It's good to hear your voice.

Yeah. You too.

Goodbye, Peter.

Goodbye, Neal.

Thanks for coming.
Any sign of Collins?

Not since yesterday.

My friend in Quantico
slipped the recording

to the digital evidence
exploitation unit.

She isolated three distinct

background elements
of Neal's call.


Church bells.

Four in a row.
There's more.

Ocean tides.

They were audible
during the call.

Listen to that
fourth wave again.

It's off rhythm.

It's not a wave.
It's thunder.

All right.

We've got church bells
and a storm.

It's a start, right?

All right.
I'll make the coffee.



I did some precursory digging
into this Collins.

What'd you find?

Well, think
dog the bounty hunter,

sans the bleached mullet
and bel esprit.

Seems he'd rather bring home
his captures

in body bags than not at all.

The call was untraceable.

The beeper and the burner phone

are in the bottom
of the Atlantic -- it's done.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure, Moz.


Oh. Vitamin "C."


Hey. You're up.


Can I get you some breakfast?

Thanks. I should get over
to the cafe.

Can I see you tonight?

I'd like that very much.

See you, Barry.

Setting down roots.

Spicy ones at that.
I support this.

A hard beginning
maketh a good ending.

I'll have Hector keep an eye out
for Collins,

just to be safe.

To good endings.


Good endings.

The call came in at midnight.

The bells rang four times.

Let's assume it was 4:00 P.M.
where Neal was.

Vanuatu --

waves, churches,
no extradition -- it works.

Ah, it's no good.

The only storm activity
at 4:00 P.M. in UTC plus-11

occurred up
near Vladivostok, Russia.

Yeah, Mozzie is afraid of bears.
Let's try 4:00 A.M.

A little early for church.

No, not necessarily.

I served my tour near
a Chamorro village in Guam.

Local chapel
had a 4:00 A.M. service

for the fishermen
who went out before dawn.

Puts him in UTC minus-1.

Cape Verde islands.

No extradition.

Isolated thunderstorms
throughout the Atlantic,

but, I mean, there must be
dozens of tiny islands.

Diana, what about the bells?

Well, analysis says
they were Spanish brass,

but the islands in that area were
colonized by Portugal, not Spain.

Dead end.

We need Spanish bells.

Wait a second.
I think I may have something.

In 1798, a bell was dredged
from the wreckage

of a Spanish ship
named the Trinidad.

It was hung in the church
of St. Christopher

in the port city of Santa Maria

on the northernmost coast
of Cape Verde.

And you got to love
the Internet,

because I have a tourist video
with the bells ringing.

Already on it.


Oh, you got to love the sound
of Spanish brass!

We got him!

What now?
Go back to the office

and figure out a way
to bring Neal home.

Elizabeth Burke.

Agent Collins.

Uh, my husband's actually
at the office.

I know.

Well, then, what are you doing here?
My job.

You can't just walk in
like this.

Does agent Hughes know about this?
He will.

I'm calling my husband.

Sir, take a look at this.

No need to bother your husband,
Mrs. Burke.

I found what I was looking for.

Collins was in my house.

He had absolutely no right
to be there.

He had every right.

You were withholding information
on Caffrey's whereabouts.

I was speculating
on my free time.

I saw the map.
You circled Cape Verde.

Is he there?

I don't know.

I think so.


He was on the first flight
to Cape Verde.

Does he have jurisdiction?

Then how do you think
he's gonna bring Neal back?

Caffrey's fate is out
of your hands, Peter.

- I don't accept that.
- Well, you better.

Pending review
of the situation,

I've been instructed
to put you on leave.

Do yourself a favor.

Use this time
to get some perspective.

Think about what's important.

If you decide it's Caffrey...

I understand,
but I can't protect you.

Do you understand?


Senor Maine, senor Soetoro!

I think I saw that man
at the aeropuerto!

He fit the description?

Solo Americano
in a diplomatic line.

Had very small luggage.

Tiene su la foto?

Si, si, si.
I have one.

This sure
looks like his file photo.

How did he find us?

Peter said he was good.

Good work, Hector.
Thank you.

Keep eyes.
Okay. I keep eyes.

Thank you, Hector.
Don't worry.

We have maybe 24 hours.
What do you want to do?

What choice do I have?
This island's burned.

Collins is making his way
to Santa Maria.

We're on borrowed island time.

Say goodbye to the last traces
of James Maine.

Even though they're forgeries,
this still hurts.

I really thought I was done
running this time.

We should get to the airport.


Collins is only after me.
You don't have to go.

You run, I run.
That's the deal.

Then let's run.


Como puedo llegar
a Santa Cristobal?

Ah, si.
The church?

Si, the church.

Muchas gracias.


Buenos dias, senor.

Are you looking for
a particular type of hat?

Oh, no.

Actually, I'm, uh --
I'm looking for a friend.

Oh! Senor Maine.

Yes, senor Maine.

Skinny brim, about 25 vueltas,

classic ribbon.

Ah, senor Maine
loves the classics.


Do you know
where I can find him?

He also loves coffee.


You see?



His biggest weakness.



You have a good day, sir.

So, what brings you
to the island?

I'm looking for a friend.

Dark hair, I think blue eyes.
He's annoyingly persuasive.

Maybe you've seen him.

Mm, nope.


Oh! Shh!
It's Collins!


Has he done something?

Not at all.
I owe him an apology.

It's a long way to come
to say you're sorry.

He's a good friend.
He's worth it.

Well, looky here.
Agent Burke.

Never mind.
I'm sure you haven't seen him.

I wonder.

What could you be doing so far
from home on a tiny island?

I imagine the same thing
that brought you here.

Getting the best orange grogue
for the price.

You know, it took me a day

to find Caffrey's
island hangout.

What'd it take you --
five minutes?

Something like that.

The Suit's here
with island suit.

It's a double-barreled

That's how Collins found us.

No. No. They're not working
together. They can't be.

You're good, Burke.
I'll give you that.

But I haven't played
my trump card.

Senors and senoras!
Your attention, please.

What the hell are you doing?

You may know this man
as James Maine.

His real name is Neal Caffrey.

Con man, art thief,
forger, fugitive.

We have to go now.

It won't work, Moz.
They're not gonna give me up.

I'm offering $500,000 American
for the capture of this man.

You bring him to me,
and the money's yours.

Unless they're paid to.

All right?

Now, take a good look
at his face.

I don't care what condition
you bring him to me.

Just bring him to me.

Collins, what's that about?

We all have our methods.

Were you ordered
to bring him back alive

or just bring him back?

Oh, I'm sorry, did I not
specify "alive"? Oh.

Go ahead.
Arrest me, agent.

Oh, that's right.
You can't.

You have no jurisdiction here.

Neither do you.

That's why I need the help
of these good people.


That's my wallet, kid!

Hey, if you need cash,

I know how you could make
half a million!

No, no.

You know, I used to take pride

in being able
to steal your wallet.

But if a kid can do it...

How are you, Peter?

All right.

Damn good to see you.

You too.

Look, Neal, I --

Awfully convenient, Suit.

Neal calls you,
and the next day

you're sharing pina coladas
with the Super-Suit

on our island?

It was the only way
I could warn you.

Collins is dangerous.

We noticed. He's turned
half the island against us.

Which is why we need to get out
of here as soon as possible.

All right.
The airport's burned.

They'll be looking
for us there.

Then by sea it is.

My associate Lorenzo
has a charter boat.

Can his silence be bought?

Oh, please. I officiated
his daughter's wedding.

He can drop us over here.

Nitsae Island.

We can lay low there
for a week or two.

Yeah, then what?
I do know a place --

upside, beautiful
black sand beaches.


Welcome to paradise.
All right, listen.

Word is spreading
with every passing minute.

We have to move now.


Did you --
I did.

Didn't take long.


Nice shot, Cassius Clay.

It'll be easier on my own.
I'll meet you at the wharf.

No, it's too dangerous.

Worst case, I'll hide out
somewhere, meet you before dawn.

Neal, the Suit isn't wrong.

Can't you just say I'm right?

Rather not!

Are you sure you're
gonna be safe here tonight?

Yeah, if Dobbs
gives me protection,

I can head to the docks
after sundown.

Look, know I promised you
I wouldn't bring trouble.

Thank you for being
an open book, New York.

It was a fun read.

Actually, it's Neal.
Neal Caffrey.

Be safe, Neal Caffrey.


James, come in.
Is everything okay?

You said to come to you
anytime, day or night, right?

I did.

Have a seat.
Let me get you a drink.

What's going on?

I need an escort
off the island.


Really, Lorenzo?

We ate conch together.
Does that mean nothing?

That's my price for transport,
senor Soetoro.

Take it or leave it.

Fine. Take.

But this is
highway robbery --

By sea.
Seaway robbery!

That went well.

Well, we have our way
off the island.

Now all we need is our
half-a-million-dollar man.

I'm sure he's on his way.

Or there's the worst case.


This may be a long night.

It's almost sundown.

With your men's protection,
I think it's safe enough --

Transport's still en route.
What's your rush?

Thank you again
for all your help.

It's what you pay me for,
isn't it?

Keep the local government
out of your hair.

Oh, but wait -- this wasn't
the local government, was it?

It was the United States

On my island.

I didn't mean
to cause you any trouble.

And yet you did, Neal.
You did.

Thankfully, I've made a few
calls and cleaned up your mess.

I never told you
my name was Neal.

But I did.

Hello, Neal.