White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 9 - On the Fence - full transcript

Peter learns that Keller stole an Egyptian artifact and that he's trying to get into New York. Mozzie is anxious to unload the art but Neal wants him to wait. Peter asks Neal how Keller ...

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Previously on White Collar...

To our best and final score...

What is it?

Part of the original German u-boat

You still think Caffrey has the art?

I don't know.

Whoever stole it,
if a single item on this list

shows up anywhere --
We got 'em.

Yeah. We got 'em.

Did you find the safe?

The manifest wasn't in there,
Moz. I'm sorry.

Oh, come on, Sara,
you've always known who I am.

Yeah, you're right.

I guess you figured out
everything I have to offer.

Caffrey, please take care
of yourself.

Van Dyck --
"Portrait of a Boy."

Where are you?

There it is.

Degas -- "Masked Dancers."

Oh, come on.

Moz, thank God
you didn't sell it.

- Hey.
- They know about the treasure.

They're on to us.

What are you talking about?
What happened?

"Ghost ship found
with Hitler clones"?

"And priceless art."

Our priceless art.
Ooh, ooh.

They're also on to
a vegan vampire

ravaging community gardens.

Look, there's no need
to hit the panic button.

Neal, this is where
our treasure has reached

what Malcolm Gladwell would call
a "tipping point."

Forensics doesn't talk,
nor does Peter.

Yeah, but the suit
and his suit cohorts

brought in D.C. Art Crimes,
one of whom

was willing to spill
the Nazi beans in a hotel bar.

She thought I was Interpol.

My point exactly.

I get it, Moz.
Secrets can't be kept forever.

But no one
can trace this to us.

Except Hale, who I've already
lined up to fence the Degas.

I'm gonna see her today.
I'll find out what she knows.

Skip it.
Let's just go.

We don't have the means.

We will if we sell the Degas.

No. That is
too high-profile.

The FBI only has
a partial list.

The odds are miniscule
that the Degas is even on it.

But if it is
and we sell it --

We'll be long gone before anyone
can say "Degas away with it."

And wherever we go,
I am telling you,

the FBI, Peter, will not stop
until they find us.

But we can't leave until we have
that list. All right?

Much as I'd love
a candy-apple set of lock picks,

I thought you might
want this back.

Thank you.

I'd love to catch up,
but I'm late for a meeting.

Was it the passports?
No, it wasn't.

Then what was it?
I know you, Sara.

You wouldn't have cut out like
that unless you had a reason to.

Okay, fine.
It was the passports.

You had brilliantly
forged I.D.s,

and it dawned on me --
you're a con man.

Are you happy?

I want the truth.

I saw the treasure.

I saw it on your laptop.
You hid it from me.

You hid it from Peter, and
you're hiding it from the FBI.

And now you're here to find out
if I'm gonna keep my mouth shut.

It's not as cold as that.

Then what is it?

Now you owe me the truth.

Were you gonna say
goodbye to me?



Would you have come with me?

Would I have come with you?

How would that have worked?

We'd just go.

The whole world at our feet?

I came so close to asking you.

But you didn't.


Well, then,
there's your answer.


This explains why Neal
isn't picking up his phone.


I would hate to keep Neal
from his crime-solving duties.

Take care, Sara.

It's good to see you, Peter.

You too.

You've come to collect me
in person.

I'm hesitant to ask, but why?

We got word on Matthew Keller.

Matthew Keller --
Neal's ex-partner.

That's stretching it.

As most of you know, last year,

Keller broke out of prison

during his transfer
to a maximum-security facility.

He also arranged
to have you kidnapped.

I remember that.
Unfortunately, he got away then.

But up until this week,
his trail was cold.


Keller recently turned up

on some security footage
in Egypt.

he's been taking advantage

of the political unrest
in the region.

While the people and police
take to the streets,

he takes priceless pieces
from museums.

Classic Keller.

Well, this time,
he did well for himself.

He stole this --
You're looking at

a one-of-a-kind
3,500-year-old amulet.

Once in the tomb
of Narmer the First.

The amulet of the lost pharaoh.

The new Egyptian government
considers it a national treasure

and, obviously, irreplaceable.

Do we have any leads
on where Keller may be?

He's off the grid again,
but the Egyptians believe

the amulet's been smuggled
into Manhattan.

The bureau wants us
to find it and return it.

We exercise extreme caution,
given Keller's involvement.

He's in our city --
We bring him to justice.

Neal, let's talk.

What do you think
Keller's up to?

It's too early to tell.

Whatever we think he's doing,

he's probably
three steps past it by now.

Why risk doing business
in the U.S.,

with someone in New York?

Oh, he's always been brazen.


Think they're on to us?

Has Keller contacted you?

No. Why?

As hard as we've tried,

versions of what happened
to Adler's sub have leaked out.

It's hard to keep
a secret that big.


Keller's a smart guy.

He starts putting
those rumors together...

You're wondering if he made
the same assumption you did.

If he's thinking
you're in possession

of $1 billion
worth of lost artwork,

that's a reason
big enough to draw him back.

For it, and for you.

If he thinks
I stole the treasure,

let's use it to take him down.

We found it --
the New York connection

between the Egyptian
stolen amulet and Keller.

Anybody we know?

You tell me.

The Egyptians believe

the shipment was sent

to an ancient-civilizations
expert in Soho

named Raquel Laroque.

I know the name.
She's an egyptologist.

Apparently, that's her day job.

She's a fence?

And a damn good one.

Check out
her concealment technique.

The shipments she gets

look like
Egyptian gift-shop tchotchkes.

But in reality...

They're highly durable
X-ray-proof molds

built around real,
priceless artifacts.

The mummy returns.

Thought you might like that.

Ms. Laroque
has put out word

that she's in the market
for a restoration tech.

She needs someone

to extract the artifacts
without damaging them.

It's challenging work.

Mm. Know anyone
who can pull it off?

Talk to your crime super-friends
and make it happen.

We get this amulet,
we're one step closer to Keller.

All right.

Hey, what do you know
about Raquel Laroque?

Not much beyond
she's an egyptologist.

I hear she's spicy.

What does that mean?

I don't know. Not all
my information's helpful.


What's up, man?


I heard Moz did some work
on your mobile office.

Yeah, I'm still learning
all the bells and whistles.

Mozzie refuses to write down

Obviously, we don't want

any public record
of our modifications.

I'll settle for that Degas
you keep promising.

It's coming. Soon.

Yeah, we had
a minor complication.

What if we could get you
something better?

Well, my buyer has his heart set
on that Degas --

Before we can move any of it,

do you know a fence
named Raquel Laroque?

I do.

She has this intricate
concealment technique.

Yeah, that's what I'd
like to talk to her about.

She's in the market
for a new restoration tech.

If you get the job,

that will help eliminate
your delay with the Degas?

Uh, yes. Uh, you vouch for Neal,
it will expedite the sale.


It will.

All right, then.
I'll set up a meeting.

Your guy's very late.

He'll show.
Hale is very reliable.

You and Sara?

Yes. Me and Sara.


So what I witnessed...

Return of the breakup bag.

All right.

What happened to you guys?

And don't give me the "we're
just different people" routine.

We are very different people.

Not everybody can be
Peter and Elizabeth, okay?

Ah, speaking of,
since Hale's running late --

Hey, honey.
How's the stakeout going?

Uh, that's why I'm calling.

Looks like it's running
longer than expected.

Oh, no.

I hate to say this,
but I don't think

we're gonna be able to make

Tray and Sheila's
barbecue tonight.

Wow, that's too bad, 'cause I
was ready to walk out the door.

Aw, I'm sure you were.

She can't stand
Tray and Sheila.

But, you know,
you could go without me,

unless, of course,
you're already settled in

with a cup of tea
and a new book.

I know thee well, as well,
which means

you're gonna make up
for canceling on me

when you get home, mister.

Oh, honey, do you know
you're on speaker?

Oh. Hi, Neal.

Hi, Elizabeth.

All right, well,
crack this case soon, will you?

We will.
We both will --

Sorry, El. Got to go.

Well, you owe me.

Okay. Love you.

Why'd you cut me off?

Well, I just didn't want you
talking with El about the case.

Oh. By "the case," you mean you
don't want me to mention Keller?

She got pretty riled up
after I was taken.

There's no need to mention
Keller's name to her

when we don't even know yet
if he's on the continent.

Ahh. There's Raquel.

Love how she picked
a mob hangout.

Safest cafe in the city.

She won't stay here long.
Any way of contacting Hale?

I paged him.
Old school.

Yeah. You'd like him.


I don't want to lose her.
She's our only link to Keller.

Hale's already
laid the groundwork.

She knows she's meeting me.

Let me make the approach.
Then you try to bust us.

Once we successfully
evade your evil clutches,

I'll gain her confidence.

That's a plan.

Or...You make the approach,
I arrest both of you,

and release you two together
after a grueling interrogation.

When she sees
you didn't flip on her,

she'll embrace you
in her evil circle of trust.

Yeah. Early in a relationship,
it's better to experience a win.

Okay. Tell you what.

When you're an FBI agent

and I'm the ward
of the federal prison system,

we'll do it your way.

All this time,
I thought we were partners.

We are. It's just,
tie always goes to me.

You ready?

You're the boss.

Diana, Neal's
making his approach.

"Hail my heart.
Hail my heart.

Hail my transformation."

Book of the Dead, Chapter 30B.

I'm impressed.

It's inscribed on the back

of a 3,500-year-old
scarab amulet

recently removed from
the Egyptian National Museum.

You know that, and yet no Hale.

Our friend told you
a lot more than he should have.

He trusts me.

Then where is he?

He'll show.

Thank you.

May I see the piece?

You think I'd bring it
on a first date?

I still have half a mind
to kill you.

I'd rather you didn't.

But if you do...

...I'd really like to see

the amulet of the lost pharaoh
before I go.

Why don't we start with this?

Egyptian faience...

Composed of crushed quartz,

sand, calcite, lime,
and alkalis.

I'd describe it
as a late-middle-kingdom shabti,

buried with the pharaohs
to protect them in an afterlife.

It's not middle kingdom.

The plaster's modern, and
it has a higher calcium content,

probably to protect
whatever's inside it.

It's very hard
to get to what's inside.

I could put together a restoring
process in an afternoon.

I like your confidence
and your passion.

But I still
need to talk to Hale.

Until then.

We're both walking
into the unknown without Hale.

But sometimes
you trust your instinct.

My instinct says walk away.

I see you brought company.

The feds.
Yeah. What's our story?

I'm not talking to them.
Not with Airport Shabti on me.

All right.

I'll get us out of here.
Come on.

Feds. FBI raid. Raid.

FBI. What's he
talking about?

Feds? Where?
Whoa, whoa. What is this?

I'm trying to have
a nice lunch here.

I'm in the middle of my rigatoni.
We're not here for you, all right?

There you go.
Then take me, officer.

Don't take him.
He's nobody. Forget him.

Watch your mouth.

The tie
was supposed to go to me.

You're resourceful.

Team effort.
You picked the cafe.

my last partner --

Restoration tech.

He created the molds
around these pieces in Egypt.

What happened to him?

Well, he wasn't
as resourceful as you are.

He'll be in an Egyptian prison
for a long time.

Well, at least he shipped you the
amulet before he was arrested.

So he says. No way of knowing
until we unwrap it.


Keep your schedule open.

I'll let you know
when and where.

How can I get in touch?

You can't.

No, no. No dusting off.
No smiling.

Don't come in here
with a grin on your face.

But I'm in.

Yeah, but the plan was

for me to haul you and her in
to the FBI.

I was good with that plan.

And yet you yelled,
"FBI raid."

Look, she had an artifact
on her.

Raquel wasn't
about to turn herself in.

Oh. Raquel, huh? Hmm.

Oh, nothing.

Mysterious, gorgeous,
she wears a hat.

She's an expert
in a certain subject

that you find
particularly sexy.

What are you talking about?

Just wondering
why you ditched me.

I told you, Peter,
she's a thief.

And you are...

Someone who escaped
your capture

in a crowded restaurant by
saying two words -- "FBI raid."

Don't get cocky.

May I?
Yes, you may.

It's Moz.

What's going on?
Hale didn't show today.

Neal, he had a reason.

What is it?

Hale's dead.

I'm sorry, Moz.

Hale didn't have any enemies.

He was the last
of the gentleman fences.

We'll find out what happened.

They have any idea
who did this?

No fingerprints,
no blood splatter, nothing.

Did you check
the security feed?

Security feed?
Yeah, he installed it.

Why didn't you tell anyone?

I tried to.
What do you need?

All I need is a laptop
and a USB cable.

Ticktock, everyone.

The feed is sound-activated.

It only records
when someone's talking.

I might have
that piece of art for you.

Talk to you later.

Get out.


You okay?

How did Keller know Hale?

He didn't.
I would have known if he did.

So Hale's death
is somehow connected

to Raquel and the amulet.

Unless it's something else.

Peter, I wish I knew.

I'm shutting down
this operation.

I can't take the chance
that Keller knows

that you're going under
with Raquel.

Keller doesn't know
we've seen him.

He thinks he sanitized the car.

Keep me under with Raquel.

No, not until I know more
information on how Hale died.

We may lose her by then, Peter.

If this is Keller's plan,

Raquel is the best way
to draw him out.


I want Keller stopped.


Sara Ellis, right?

May I help you?

Agent Sloan, Interpol.

We need to talk
about Neal Caffrey.

I'm sorry. Today's not a good day,
so perhaps some other time.

Afraid not.

And, uh...

I know about the treasure.

Excuse me?
I don't follow.

Come on, Sara.

Can I call you Sara?


Look, this doesn't
have to be antagonistic.

We've been following
Mr. Caffrey

ever since we learned
of the suspicious events

Vincent Adler's death.

The fire and the sub,
that's public knowledge,

but...Neal Caffrey's extravagant
lifestyle while serving time

is something we think
you can help shed some light on.

Well, Neal Caffrey and I
are no longer seeing each other,

so we're not in contact.

See, that is news,

'cause we saw you two together
the other morning.

There you both are, what,
purchasing four helicopters.

What does one do
with four helicopters?

has some pretty strict rules

about theft recovery, Sara.

Your boss,
has he mentioned anything

about an internal

That's right.

Probably because I haven't
mentioned this case to him yet.

Well, I honestly
don't know what to tell you.

Yeah, you do.

Just give me something.

Give me something, and maybe
Neal skates on a light sentence.

But if not,
Caffrey goes down hard,

and I've got enough
to make you an accessory.

Simple piece
of information, Sara.

It's your choice.

Thank you very much.
We'll do our best.

Appreciate it.

They look important.

From the Egyptian Embassy.
What do you have?

Heard from Raquel.

So, when is the rendezvous?

2:00 tomorrow.
Her lab.

Good. We've got her place staked
out, and her phone's tapped.

No more leads on Keller?

No. But I wasn't
expecting any.

Listen, you may want
to say something to El

now that we're sure
Keller's back.

Neal Caffrey suggests

that someone shouldn't keep
secrets from their partner.

Where's this coming from?

Someone who keeps
a lot of secrets.


Let's nail Keller this time.


Where's Neal?

Oh. Hello to you, too.

No, Mozzie.
This is important.

Did you try calling him?
I can't.

You don't want to,
or you're not

physically capable
of dialing a telephone?

Okay, do you still
sweep this place for bugs?

What do you think? You may speak
freely within these walls.

I know about the treasure.

What treasure?

Mozzie, I saw it on Neal's laptop.
Oh, damn it.

He wants you to run away to the island with us.
So Neal told you.

He didn't tell me.
Oh. Did I tell you?

Mozzie, there is an Interpol
agent who is on to you and Neal.

He has been following me
for weeks,

and he knows
about the treasure.

Did you tell him anything?

Well, I had to
give him something.

Oh, to protect yourself.

No, to protect all of us.

He was gonna drag us all in.

Neal was really
gonna tell me everything?

Yes, but I talked him out of it

for the exact reason that
you're standing here right now.

What did you tell the agent?

I never said
that you two were involved,

but I had to give him the I.P. address
for the treasure-cam.

How long ago?
I don't know. I --

How long?
40 minutes ago.

I didn't give him the password.

I assumed it wasn't
easily hacked.

U-unless you're Interpol!

I-I have to shut down
the feed.

Well, you already know
about agent Sloan.

That's who you met?

And you gave him the I.P. address?
Mozzie, what?

It's the one man
who wants Neal dead.

Hey, Mozzie, what's going on?

Keller's been posing
as an Interpol agent.

He met with Sara.

She had no idea who he was.

Is she okay?

Yes, but she did
give up the I.P. address.


I reset the feed.

Is it secure?
It is now.

All right. If he's seen the feed,
he knows the treasure is real.

Look -- even if Keller
did get a glimpse of it,

there's no way he could trace it
back to the warehouse.

Like there's no way
a swatch of my canvas

could have survived the fire?

I'm going to put a backup plan
for Keller into place.

You take care of securing the art.
I'll handle Keller.

No, no, no, no.

I'm gonna stop Keller
once and for all, okay?



Thank you.


Here you go.

Jones, we have to
stop meeting like this.

I bet you say that
to all the agents.

Turn it off
only if she sweeps for bugs.

If I lose contact with you

for more than a minute, I'm coming in.
Got it.

And the password
for the day is... inscription.

No chances.
Keep it simple.

The instant you know
it's the real scarab amulet,

you call us in.

Here we go.


Not so fast.

My wand.

To make sure we're alone.

Of course.

Well, that was fast.

He'll come back online.

In 50 seconds, we move in.

Very nice.

Wasn't so painful.

Without it,
we'd have to work in the nude.

Ancient spirits?

Air conditioner.

It has a life of its own.

- This is what I want you to see.
- He's back.

In 8 seconds,
I was gonna move in.

We can expect Keller to strike
in a window that small.


Looks like a $20 paperweight.

Let's hope it's not.

Be careful with it.

This one's special.

Bless me, father,
for I'm about to sin.

We all are.

You found me.
What do you want?

I need your help
with a problem.

Matthew Keller.
$6 million?

He killed a friend of mine.

Now he's threatening
others close to me.

This is a lot.

You got a particular
client in mind for the job?

Contact all of them.
It's open season on Keller.

Spoils go to the victor.

You got an address?

Let your people
earn their money.

They can find him.

Yeah. Leave something
in the collection plate.

Let's see how this works.

The A.C. isn't working.

I'm gonna shut it off.

Can you survive a little sweat?

It's the thrill
of New York in the summer.

Look at this.

You can see the hieroglyphics

indented in the mold.

It's a beautiful language.

It's an art, really.

You ever heard of
the papyrus seven scrolls?

Of course.

It's a shame they were
proven to be forgeries.

Only after a dozen different
egyptologists weighed in.

I know.
I was one of them.

Those were a work of art.

That was you?


There is that speculation.

A forger, a restoration tech,

an escape artist.


The things
we could do together.

Come on, Neal.
Just uncover the damn amulet.

And there it is.

I've waited for this one
my entire career.

Have you ever
experienced the thrill

of discovering a real treasure?

All right.
Let's get ready to move in.

Caffrey should
give us the signal any minute.

I'm experiencing it now.

Let's suit up.

You read the inscription?

"You have come forth

to the beautiful place
to which we run."

It's remarkable, isn't it?

Who are you?

Matthew Keller.

I'm an old friend of Neal's.

We were something,
but we were never friends.

Then think of me as the man

who stole that amulet
from the Egyptian Museum.


Impressive, huh?

Now I kind of want it back.

What are you worried about?

Don't worry
about the boys in the van.

The feds ain't coming.


Oh, let me guess.
He didn't tell you?

Yeah, he's a criminal
consultant for the FBI.

Right, buddy?

You're Neal Caffrey.

Well, look at that.
You're famous.

Raquel, this man
is incredibly dangerous.

Don't believe
anything he tells you.

You should listen
to some things I tell you.

Oh! Hey!

This is spicy, huh?

I don't know what's going on
between you two,

but I'm not sticking around
to find out.

That's a good idea, sweetheart.
This is just guy talk.

Boys will be boys.


I trusted you.

She seems nice.

What do you want?

Come on, Neal.

I want the treasure.

You set this up.

You stole the amulet
and had Raquel's restorer

arrested in Egypt
so she'd need someone new.

Too bad you didn't
put that together before now.

Someone put a hit on Keller?

Big one. $6 million.

How much?

Rockie, keep your distance.

He's at my place right now.

This is not the time
for you to be getting into this.

No. He owes me.

Must be something pretty
important in that warehouse.

Turns out, Neal,

you're sitting on one
of the greatest treasures

never discovered.

I don't have a treasure.

I know you don't.

I do.

That's the air conditioner.

- Jones.
- Yeah?

Didn't she say
she turned off the A.C.?

Yeah, I thought so.

Play back the audio.

- The A.C. isn't working.
- I'm gonna shut it off.

Can you survive a little sweat?

The thrill of New York
in the summer.

She shut it off.
We're on on audio loop.

All agents, I want a visual.

Surround the building.
We're moving in.

Come see what I found.

There it is.

I wanted to see your face
when you figured it out.

I won, Neal.

Shots fired!

Distance, Caffrey.

Damn it.

You know, you should be proud.

Hale -- he didn't want to give
up the knowledge on the Degas.

And Sara --

Pretty little Sara,
whose heart you broke --

She didn't want
to betray you, either.


You made friends.

I can't wait to take you down.

FBI! Open up!

They took their time.


Oh, the amulet.
Consolation prize.


Peter, it's Neal!
I'm alone and unarmed, okay?

I'm unlocking the door.

What's going on?

Keller was here.
He's armed.

Where'd he go?

That door.

I'll check upstairs.




Where the hell did he go?

Jones, get Caffrey.

A rabbit hole.

That's where he went.


He's gone.

He's off anklet.

Find him.

All right,
I'm almost at the warehouse.

We need a solid plan, Moz.

It's coming up.

Wait. Neal.

What is it?

He's not in the warehouse.

Wait. His men are gone?
What did they take?

Hold on.
Let me check something.

Let me look at the old feed.


They're there,
but they're not there there.

What are you saying?

It's a fake warehouse.

The treasure room on cam --
it's not ours.

Keller must have hacked
the feed.

He faked it?

Apparently he couldn't

follow the signal
to the real location,

so he made a replica.

And the only reason
he showed up at the lab

was to get me to lead him
to the real warehouse.

Off anklet.
Damn it.

The FBI has no idea
where you are,

so he can take you down.

Are you being followed?


All right.
I got an idea.

Lead him someplace else,

and then hide there
until help arrives.

What's around here?


Okay, uh --
The palace.

The palace.
Always a fan favorite.

Uh, father.

I have an address
that you will find useful.

Have you ever heard of
the palace?

Hey. Caffrey's GPS
is back on.

Where is he?
5 Beekman.

Let's go.

Come on, Caffrey.

I know you're not keeping
the loot on an upper level.

I'm not keeping the loot
in this building.

You're as predictable
as everyone else, you know that?

The moment you saw your precious
cargo had been hauled away,

you dodged the feds
and led me right to it.

Or I figured out your plan...

Brought you here instead.

Yeah, I don't think so.
Show me where it is.

Let's just work together
on this one, huh?

What do you say?

Let's be honest -- it's
your only chance at survival.

Peter can't ever know

that you stole the goods
from under his nose, Neal.

It'll break his heart.

So I can help
relieve you of this burden.

You can continue
your criminal-consultant life

here in New York --
I mean, it's win-win.

You're as predictable
as everyone else, Keller.

Your arrogance.

Your greed.

You're trapped.

Nobody's coming, Neal.

But what I can't understand

is why you would sit
on the treasure for so long.

I mean, it seems to me
you either sell it,

you turn it in,
or you run, right?

Or the feds are on their way
and I don't have it.

You don't deserve it.

You don't even have
what it takes to hold on to it.

You're not the only one
who knows where it is.

I'll tell Mozzie you said hi.

Drop your weapon.

I didn't lie to you, Keller.

I don't have the treasure.

It's good to see you again,


Where's Keller?

There he is.

All units, pursue suspect

on the northwest side
of the building.

I got the shooter.


Why did you run?


Keller escaped.
I went after him.

You had a dozen federal agents
at your side.

Why did you cut your audio feed
and your GPS?

What did Keller want with you?

You were right.
He thought I had the treasure.

I led him to the palace,

the kind of place
he'd believe I'd hide it,

I turned on the GPS
so you could follow me --

After you escaped.

Otherwise you would have
shown up before I got there.

Keller would have fled.
Peter, it worked. We had him.

Until she took a shot at him.

I don't know why she did that.

Maybe because someone put a $6
million bounty out on Keller.

$6 million?

I guess we're not
the only ones who want him.

Guess not.

Bring her in.

Give me your foot.

You can go.

You had me, Caffrey.

Look --
Peter's a good agent.

He wants Keller
more than you do.

That bastard took my scarab.

See you around, Raquel.

Sit down.


What are you doing here?

Peter called me in.

To make a statement
about my meeting with Keller.

I'm glad you're safe.

I had a long talk with Mozzie.

Your secret's safe
with me, Neal.

I hope you don't forget
everything between us.

Well, no.
Not everything.

I won't forget
about that Raphael you stole.





Did you catch
any bad guys today?

A couple.

Oh, good.
I can go back to sleep now.


Come to bed.

Honey, you okay?

There's something
I need to tell you.

I'm listening.

One of the guys
we were pursuing --

He got away.

Are you concerned?

It's Matthew Keller.

Keller's in New York?

Hon, I was gonna tell you.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because we weren't sure.
Then we had him cornered --

Honey, this man
had you kidnapped.

I know.
We're gonna find him.

FBI has got him
on the most-wanted list,

the U.S. marshals
are out in full force,

and there's a bounty
on his head.

I should have told you.

I'm sorry.

Don't do this.

I can handle it. You know that.
I know.

What I can't handle is finding
out after something happens.

Nothing will.

I promise.

So they have a bounty
on him, huh?


All we know at this point

is that they're
willing to pay $6 million

to make him go away.

The Van Dyck. Good.



Where's the Degas?

Mozzie, what did you do?


We arrested Keller.


Except as we were cuffing him,
someone shot him.

Winged him.

And in the chaos, he escaped.


Someone put a bounty
on his head.

A $6 million bounty.

Now, that's roughly

the black-market sale price
of the Degas.

No. That's exactly
the sale price of the Degas.

You fenced it.

You should have asked me.

Well, you should have told me

Sara knew about the warehouse.

I guess we're in the habit
of keeping secrets now.

You took out a hit on Keller?

He killed Hale.

He went after Sara.

Keller wasn't gonna stop
till he destroys you.

I told you not to sell it.

It was all set up.
I didn't have time to fence anything else.

It's on the list, Moz!
It's on the damn list.

Excuse me?

Where did you get this?

You told me when you
broke into Peter's house

the list wasn't there.

It was.

You lied to me?

We got bigger problems,
all right?

When the Degas turns up --
and it will --

the FBI is gonna know
the treasure didn't burn.

And we're the prime suspects.

Why didn't you tell me?

Look, it doesn't matter now.
Who did you fence it through?

We have to get it back.

Or we're done, Moz.

We're done.