White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 8 - As You Were - full transcript

Jones' classmate from the Naval Academy goes missing, prompting Peter and Neal to investigate an international private-security team, which could be linked to the disappearance.

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Oh, my God.

Sara? The door is locked.

Uh, just one second.



What's going on?
Are you leaving?

The renovations on my apartment
are far enough along

that I can move back in.

Doesn't mean you have to
head out right this second.


I'm leaving.

A few hours ago, we were fine.

Now you're walking out?
What happened?

Well, the inevitable
happened, Neal.

I mean, we didn't think
this was gonna last.

I didn't know
we were a fait accompli.

Come on.

This was fun...

But we're
two very different people.

Oh, come on, Sara,
you've always known who I am.

Yeah, you're right.


I guess you figured out
everything I have to offer.

We could be good together.

I know.

Neal, you live in the clouds...

And I live on West 69th.

I never promised you
anything else.

I know.

Well, you found your way out.

I'll figure out
the rest of my things.


Caffrey, please take care
of yourself.

She walked out,
just like that?

Just like that.

Was it, uh... mutual?


What did she say?

That we're different people.

Well, of course
you're different.

That's what makes
life interesting.

What's next?


Just let her go?

It's not like we were
star-crossed, all right?

It's over.
For good?

For the best.

Okay, whatever you say.

Morning, sunshines.

Any movement from our suspect?

Walked his dog twice.

What's that smell?

Tuna sandwich.

This half is up for grabs.

Why'd you bring Caffrey?

I brought him for his expertise

and his company.

He likes to poke me with sticks.
I do.

Hey, why don't you head out?

I can catch up Peter.

You sure?

You've got that look,

like you're dying
to get out of the van.

You have no idea.

You're welcome.
Thank you.

Hands where I can see them!


Easy, easy.

Slowly, slowly, slowly.

Take off your mask.

Look, I don't want any trouble.


Either you forgot
to clean up for company,

or that was quite a fight.

Tell me about it.

Guy was trained in Kali.

Definitely a professional.

I was able to get a shot off

that hit him
in the right shoulder.

Your attacker's a ghost.

NYPD's got cruisers and choppers
searching the area.

No trace.

What was he after?

Guy breaks into an apartment
to steal a postcard?

Jimmy a friend of yours?

Yeah, Jimmy Wilson.
Old buddy from Annapolis.

Cryptic postcards
from old friends mean trouble.

In my experience.

Last I heard, he worked
for Barrett-Dunne security.

Private military for hire?

It's postmarked
Pretoria, South Africa.

That's a long way from home.

May I?

There's something
under the stamp.

Do we have tweezers or...


Thank you.


It's a microdot.

Yeah, but all you need is a film
camera and a pair of scissors.

Break-ins, mercenaries,
secret messages.

Just another day, huh?

Welcome to life
outside the van.

Great news.

You've been no help at all.

I'll be up in a few minutes.

Lab's finished
enhancing the microdot.

They're sending it over.

Barrett-Dunne confirmed
Jimmy's an employee

but won't say where he's
stationed or in what capacity.

All right.

What else do we know about this
private-mercenary outfit?

They make Blackwater
look like a YouTube cat video.

They've been linked with
rogue kill teams, death squads.

Sounds like
a fun group of guys.

Doesn't make any sense.

Jimmy's one of the good guys.

What's the story
with the two of you?

Oh, we met at the Academy.

He was like a brother to me.

A brother you haven't talked to
in five years?

Well, we served our tours

He stayed in the military.

I went on to Harvard Law.

Well, whatever trouble he's in,

maybe his wife
can shed some light.

She's here?

She came in this morning.

She's upstairs,
giving Diana a statement.

That a problem?

No, no.

No problem at all.


This is Isabelle Wilson.



It's, uh...it's good --
it's good to see you.

Yeah, you too.


Uh, so, um,
anything from Jimmy?

I told agent Berrigan
everything I know.

And if it turns out he's fine,
I'm gonna kill him.

I take it you two have met.

C.J. and I were a little bit
almost married once.

It's kind of a...

Long story.

Did she just call him

Isabelle, this is, uh...

Agent Peter Burke.
Peter Burke, yes,

and, uh, Neal Caffrey.

Hi. Agent Burke, C.I.,

not to be confused
with his C.J.

Ignore him.

Thank you for coming in,
Ms. Wilson.

No problem.

So, uh,
I'll walk you out, okay?

Nice to meet you.

Look at you.

Law degree, FBI agent.

You always were
an over-achiever.

And you.

Linguistics professor
at Princeton.

I may have looked you up.

You look good.

You're not looking so bad

Listen, if, uh, Jimmy's
in trouble, we'll sort it out.

Let's just hope he isn't.

Two months ago,
Barrett-Dunne dispatched Jimmy

to shore up security
at a palladium mine

they own and operate in Pretoria,
South Africa. Neal?

I've never been near that mine.

No, could you highlight
the finer points

of palladium, please?
Oh, yeah. Sure.

Palladium is used in cellphones,
computers, auto parts.

It's also 20 times
the value of silver

and not a bad name
for a London theater.

Jimmy was sent there

by a man known to Isabelle
as Striker.

She met him once, briefly,
but didn't get his real name.

Apparently this Striker
was bragging

about securing contracts
in India and China.

We've requested Barrett-Dunne’s
employee files and photos.

But they're not cooperating --
Surprise, surprise.

In Isabelle's
last conversation with him,

Jimmy believed the company
was keeping a close watch.

Monitoring his personal calls,
his outgoing mail.

Explains the microdot.

That was the only way he had
to get information out.

Speaking of microdots --

This is
what our technicians extracted.

- It's a schematic of the palladium mine.
- Yep.

And this is a schematic
of the same mine

filed with the Department
of Mineral Resources

six days ago.

Notice anything different?

There's an entire annex
that isn't on the official map.

If Jimmy's
pointing us there...

Then someone at Barrett-Dunne,
possibly Striker,

is going to great lengths
to stop him.

Our best chance
at finding Jimmy

is to figure out
what Striker's up to.

I want a team
looking into the mine.

Jones, dig up what we can
on Barrett-Dunne.

We need an in.

Anything I can do?
Stay close.

What's going on?

Our patience may have paid off.

D.C. Art Crimes
uncovered a new Cézanne

in a Baltimore storage vault.

Does it match either of the
Cézannes on the u-boat manifest?

No word yet.

Either way,
I want to see it myself.

Kramer is sending over photos.

This is our first potential hit off the list.

If you wait long enough,
your thief will make a mistake.

Everything okay?

Staying close.

All right.

For what it's worth,
I'm really sorry about Sara.

She has
an infectious joie de vivre.

And she looks terrific
in pant suits.

Promise me you'll never speak
at my funeral.

You were gonna have to cut ties
with her eventually.

Our days here are numbered.

Providing we find a way
to start selling off the art

without alerting the feds.

Yeah, speaking of, Peter
and Diana are up to something.

Up to something?

Quelle surprise.

Yeah, two closed-door meetings
in as many days?

I videotaped
their conversation.

Ah, gutsy.

Mm, well, desperate times.

Can you tell
what they're saying?

something "paid off."

The Suit says, "new Cézanne."

You sure?

Or possibly
"Rue McClanahan."

I'd go with "new Cézanne."

We've got a pair of Cézannes
in our stash.

"Bridge Over a Pond" and
"The Mount of Saint Victoria."

Not good, Moz.

Peter's still looking into
the art from the u-boat?

Yeah, he's not one to give up.

I thought he handed
the investigation over

to D.C. Art Crimes.

He may have handed over
the partial manifest,

but he wouldn't let go
of the investigation.

Think you can find out
what he's up to?

I'll do what I can.

Last week, the manager
of the palladium mine

reached out
to a local reporter.

She wanted to talk about something
illegal going on there.

Only before the manager
could talk, she was killed.

Smells to me
like a cover-up.

Jones, if Jimmy's involved
in murder --

Peter, he's not.

I mean, he sent me that postcard
to expose the truth,

not to cover it up.

Trust me,

Jimmy is
on the right side of things.

Only one way to make sure.

We need to find
our elusive Striker.

He may not be as elusive
as we thought.

Take a look at this.

Barrett-Dunne’s hosting
a reception tomorrow.

Open to invited guests

and all active and retired
military personnel.

There's a good chance
Striker will be there.

Good. Isabelle's seen him,
so she can make the I.D.

And as former military,
you can go.


So, you, uh, you want me to ask
Isabelle to the reception?

If --

Unless it's a problem,

given your history with her.

O-okay, guys, look.

Isabelle and I met
my last year at Annapolis.

Stayed together
through law school.

I chose the FBI.
She chose Jimmy.

Anything else we got to clear up?
No, I'm good, I'm good.

Neal, Diana, you're good?
About C.J. --

Is that a special pet name
only she calls you,

or can we call you that?

You asked if I was good.
It was rhetorical.

I want to ask him. Okay, apparently, I'm good.

He's good.
Any questions?

No, no, not at all.

Teaming up
with my ex-fiancée

to confront a dangerous man
to find her missing husband --

Should be fun.

Peter, I'm in.


You have eyes on Isabelle?

Sweet lord almighty.

I'll take that
as an affirmative.

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant Jones. Wow.

I haven't seen you
in dress whites since...

Your wedding.

It's been a while.

You okay doing this?

If you're okay, I'm okay.

Yeah, I'm -- I'm okay.

The commander coming in --

That's him.
That's Striker.

Excuse me.

The commander --
Who is he?

Henry van Horn,
C.O.O. of Barrett-Dunne.

Thank you.
Peter, you get that?

I'm having Diana run the name.

Looks like he has a couple of
bruises on his neck, as well.

You think he's the guy
who attacked you?

We're about to find out,
aren't we?

Afternoon, commander.


Have we met?

I don't believe we have.

Ah, Clinton Jones, FBI.

How you doing?

I'm looking for Jimmy Wilson.

Don't have any idea
where he is, do you?

Why don't you ask his wife?

He already did.


Your husband
abandoned his post.

And by the looks of things,

you're not far off
from abandoning your husband.

Jimmy wouldn't have disappeared
without a reason.

Jimmy has a nasty habit
of getting in over his head.

Tell me I'm wrong.

If you'll excuse me.

What'd you find out?

Son of a bitch owes me
a flat-screen.

You're sure it was Jimmy?

Then find him.

He could blow the whole thing.

What's going on, Jones?

Van Horn's leaving this party,
and fast.



We need to talk.

You can't protect me.

No one can.

Jimmy, don't...

Jimmy, don't run, don't run.

Why did Jimmy run?

If he turns himself in

instead of pulling
a Jason Bourne, he'd be safe.

would have protected him.

Izz, look,
Jimmy doesn't think so.

Barrett-Dunne is powerful.

He came back to try to expose
what they're up to.


Jimmy isn't the hero
you think he is.

Whatever van Horn is up to
in that mine, Jimmy is a part of.

At least, he was.

What are you talking about?

After he got back to the mine,

he started sending cash --
a lot.

How much?

Close to $100,000.

He said
it was some kind of bonus.

Izz, you know,
this is something

that you might have wanted
to share with me.

I know. I felt like
I had to protect him.

He's my husband.

How the hell did he even get
involved with this company?

Because he's Jimmy.

He's always pushing to do more,

to be a better provider.

He's never stopped
comparing himself to you.

To me?

You're the gold standard.


You know, I work in a van.
I live under the stairs.

I --
You're way too modest.

Like it or not, you're
a good man, Clinton Jones.

That's kind of a rare thing.

- Hey, boss.
- Hey.

So, good news, bad news
on the Cézanne.

Start with the good news.

D.C. says
it's the genuine article.

Dates back to the 1870s.

But it's not number 9 on the sub's manifest.

Number 9 is listed
as "Bridge Over a Pond."

Pond but no bridge.

Hence the bad news.

What if, after all this...

It's not out there?


I'd be relieved.

Hey, did you get those files?

Yeah, I got everything.

I got it. Thanks.

Thanks, Diana.

I got some news.

Peter requested photos
from D.C. Art Crimes.

Why would he do that?

I think he still has
a copy of the u-boat manifest.

Our ticket to paradise.

You think he'd keep it
at the FBI?

Well, if he suspects me...

Which he does.
...It'd be risky.

But possible?

It's possible.

I'll go back tonight
and look around.

Won't that look suspicious?

I'm a criminal.

We keep odd hours.

You still here?

Jimmy's bullet
came back from forensics.

What do you see?

Brass casing.

Nothing strange about that.

Look closer.

It's filled with palladium.

Doesn't make sense.

Walk through it with me.

All right.

Van Horn personally sends Jimmy
to the mine.

Jimmy gets involved
in something illegal there.

The manager of the mine says
she's gonna talk. She's killed.

And now Jimmy wants out

because he didn't think
it would escalate to murder.

Or Jimmy's involved
in the murder,

and he ran because he's guilty.

Do you always presume guilt?

Guilty people do guilty things.

Am I wrong?

For the sake of argument,

let's go with my version.


Jimmy wants out.

Van Horn realizes
Jimmy's thinking of leaving,

so he sits on him.

Probably starts
monitoring his calls,

checking his mail.

That's when Jimmy sends Jones
the microdot.

Jimmy slips
back into the country...

And gives me that.

Why make a bullet
out of palladium?

High-tech werewolves?

Keep thinking.

Van Horn
said Barrett-Dunne

had contracts
in China and India.

Countries with a high demand
for palladium.

Yeah, but it's not illegal

to import palladium
into those countries.

No, but there are tariffs.

It's a tax dodge.

Murder, break-ins,
fake bullets,

all so our soldier of fortune
can save a few tax dollars?

Oh, try tens of millions
every year.


Glad I don't pay taxes.


We're good at this.

We are.

What now?

I think it's time
van Horn and I

had a little face-to-face.


Van Horn's on his way up.


It's really not.

- Afternoon, agents.
- Let's see it.

"In the interest
of national security,

"all Barrett-Dunne interviews
to be conducted by,

and scheduled through,
the U.S. attorney's office."

My friends over there
say they're busy,

although they may be able to fit
you in sometime next spring.

You got the D.O.J.
in your pocket.

You must think
you're pretty special, huh?

Agent Jones.

I almost didn't recognize you

without your best friend's wife
on your arm.

This doesn't end here, van Horn.
Not like this.

You got friends in high places?
So do I.

I almost considered
having my attorney

deliver the news for me.

Glad I didn't.

This was fun.

Come on.

Jones. Jones, Jones.

You know what kind of fun
we're gonna have?

We're gonna find Jimmy,

and then we're gonna
take you down.

Hmm. I'd suggest
using less cologne.

You wouldn't want Jimmy
smelling you on his wife

when he gets back.

Hey. Easy.

Let him go. Come on. Come on!
Let him go.

Let him go!

You got stones.
I respect that.

Tell you what.

You get tired of cheap suits
and government wages,

you give me a call.

You're above this.

So, how we gonna get this guy?

Good news.

We're clear to wiretap
van Horn's cellphone.

How'd you get a warrant?

I got a friend
at the U.S. attorney's office,

and I bought an ungodly amount

of her daughter's band candy.

You can never get enough
band candy.

No, you can't.

I just wish
they had something else

those damn chocolate bars.

That's it.

Behold --

A copy of the Suit's key,

fashioned after
your chewing-gum mold.

What is it?

Well, your instincts
were correct.

It opens a Rabbiner 10-28
key-lock combination wall safe.

Top of the line.

Those have only been
on the market a couple months.

Yeah, it means the Suit

recently acquired something
that needs upgraded protection.

The art manifest?

The timing works out.

If he's hiding it
in his house...

Find the safe and crack it.

We have to break
into the Burkes'.

Okay, how about I lure
the Burkes out and you break in?

Oh, I do the dirty work?

I have to smile
into their faces.

That work is plenty dirty,
my friend.

Um, do we have to worry
about your anklet?

No, Peter's house is exempted.

It won't trigger an alert.

If you don't give him
any reason to check in,

we're golden.


No one said
this was gonna be easy.

I know, Moz.

And the timing
couldn't be more perfect.

With Sara no longer,
what's keeping you here?

All right, Friday night
is Peter's poker night.

Let's plan it for Friday.

What about El?

I'll take care of it.

What are you doing here?

We got the wiretap on van Horn.

Yeah, I heard.

So now it's a waiting game.

Yeah, so,
while we were waiting,

I thought maybe you could use
a drink.

Come on in.

I'll get a couple glasses.


I screwed up.

Aw, a little bit.

But you're a good man, Jones.


Then why did I let van Horn
get to me?

Mm, same reason that landed me

4-year prison sentences.

What, an almost sociopathic need
to tell lies of omission

and get something for nothing?

I was gonna say "passion."

Mm. Passion.

Yeah, it makes
the world go 'round.

Passion to get what we want,
passion to keep what we have,

passion to get back
to things we lost.


I left Isabelle...for a reason.

Which was?

Which was,
if we had stayed together,

she would have been miserable.

She would've had to quit
her job, move to the city,

and you know the hours
that I keep at the Bureau.

We never would have seen
each other.

So I made a choice.

To leave?

To leave.

We can't have it all, right?

Well, why not?

Why not?
Why not?

Why not?
Why not?

- Well, because choices are sacrifices.
- Hm.

And, inevitably,

that means giving up
something that you want

for something
that you want more.

So, now I have to ask...

What does "having it all"
mean to Neal Caffrey?

Never having to worry about money.

Um, doing something
that's meaningful,

being surrounded by people

I care about and respect,
you know.

That's pretty much the dream.

Screw you.

Screw me?
Screw you.

You're already living the dream.
Oh, come on.

Now you are the damned dream
with a tracking anklet.

Am I wrong?

Well, screw you back, Jones,

'cause you got
the same things I do.

Yeah, well,

maybe not
the same living arrangements.

Am I right?

I guess I do have it
pretty good, don't I?


Guess we both do.


Expecting somebody?

No, I'm not.

Is this gonna be somebody else
who knows Kali?

I hope not.

'Cause you just got
the place cleaned up.

I hope that's not the case.




Hey. How are you?

Listen, I was actually
just on my way out,

so, uh,
you two have a good night.

Hey, is everything okay?

Peter told me what happened.

I'm sorry
you got dragged into this.

No, don't be.

Gave me a chance
to buy new furniture.

And I got a chance to see you.

Eight years.

Everything around us
has changed.

Everything except us.

I should get that.

You should get that.
I, uh...

It's, uh, work.

Yeah, Peter?

I'm on my way.

What is it?


They kidnapped Jimmy.

I've planted evidence all over this city.

You kill me, it goes public.

The murder, the smuggling --
All of it.

- You're bluffing.
- You willing to chance it?

Gentlemen, whatever it takes

to get Mr. Wilson to talk,
do it.

I'm on my way in.

Our techs picked this up
an hour ago.

How'd they find him?

We intercepted an e-mail chain
a half-hour too late.

Jimmy thought
he was meeting a whistle-blower.

And van Horn set him up.

Now Jimmy's somewhere
inside Barrett-Dunne.

The place is a fortress.

Lots of men with lots of guns.

How do we do this?

With speed
and precision.

Van Horn's a killer.
He sees us coming --

Could turn
into a hostage situation.

Or he could kill Jimmy
before we get to him.

Claim it was self-defense.

What if we can figure out
where Jimmy is

before going in with a warrant?

That would help.

Diana, you still have friends

in the State Department, right?
Yeah, a few.

Powerful enough
to convince van Horn

to take a meeting
first thing tomorrow?

Sure. Who with?

A high-ranking
naval commander

who's looking to do business
with Barrett-Dunne.

I poke around, find out
where they're holding Jimmy.

We move right to him

before van Horn
has a chance to try anything.

Can you do it?

I was an admiral.

Royal Navy.

I didn't hear that.

Nobody heard that.

Pencils down.

Don't write that.

You've got how it works?

I get van Horn's security-access
card near the wrist pad,

and it clones the data.

Turning it into your very own
Barrett-Dunne all-access pass.

Hey, Peter,
I'd like to lead the team in.

No, you're sitting
this one out.

Peter, I can do this.

I'm not sure you can.

I screwed up.

I let things get personal.
It won't happen again.

I --

I promise you that.

As you've seen, commander,
we're a top-tier facility,

in the equipment
we provide --

And in the men you train.


That's right.

Sorry to run off, but I have business.
You can show yourself out.

I appreciate you fitting me in
on such short notice.

Who am I to say no
to the State Department?

I'll be briefing my people this afternoon.
We'll be in touch.

Access granted.

- Did you get it?
- I did.

There was a staircase
off the eighth-floor elevator.

Van Horn avoided it.
I want to check it out.

Be careful.

Anything goes sideways,
say the word, and we move in.

Mr. van Horn,
your helicopter's inbound.

Get Jimmy ready for transport.

Then call Teterboro

and tell them one passenger
for Johannesburg.

Just the one, sir?

Mr. Wilson
will be getting out

somewhere over the Hudson.

Peter, the ninth floor's
completely deserted,

except for an armed guard
outside a room

on the west hallway.

You think it's Jimmy?


It's got to be him.

Blue team, move in.

Red team, surround the building
and watch all exits.

Let's go.


We have a warrant
to search the premises.

Fan out!
Cover the basement!

Check all exits!

Tell your men
to stand down.

Tell the pilot
that I'm almost --

Sir, check your comms.
FBI's on site.

Damn it.

All right, tell operations
I want every radio transmission

in and out of here jammed.

Then disable the elevators

and give me time to get Jimmy
to the chopper.

Yes, sir.

Eagle to base.

An immediate R6&E shutdown
per Striker.

- Roger that, sir.
- What the hell?

And inform the guard
outside 907

that he will no longer be needed at his post.
Yes, sir.


The FBI might hear gunshots.

But they won't hear this.


Neal's tracer --
signal's out.

Neal, what's your 20?


Oh, they're jamming us.

The elevators are disabled.

We got to get up there.

Lead the way.
Ninth floor.

You're relieved.

Striker's request.
Come on.

Yes, sir.

All right, the guard
just left his post.

Peter, you copy?

Picked a bad day
to break into my world.

I got to say,

nothing beats the thrill of shooting
at a live target.

Make your move, commander.

Did I mention what this puppy
can do at close range?

How about I take your word
for it?


Lower your weapon.

Don't move.
Drop it. Now.

Secure the weapon. Got it?

Are you okay?

Just another day.

Nice work, Jones.

Let's get to Jimmy.

Go get him.

Secured floor.

Jimmy, you good?

I take it you got my postcard.

I did.

Cost me a flat-screen.

When are you headed back?

Car's picking me up in an hour.

How you holding up?

I'm using phrases
like "copped a plea."

Oh, and "conspiracy to commit
smuggling" popped up today.

That's --
that's a new one.

Well, Jimmy got out
before the murder,

and he helped us
take down van Horn,

so we should be able to get him
a reduced sentence.

Well, he jumped into something

without considering
the consequences.

Happens to the best of us.

You two gonna make it?

He'll do time,
and I'll help him through it.

After that, we'll see.

He's a lucky guy.

You're pretty lucky yourself.

I should probably...


I got some deviled ham.


What's going on?

Our repo trader

might be making his move

And Neal's complaining
about another stakeout.

Oh, no, no.
I'm not complaining.

I'm stating a fact.

I would rather pound my thumb
with a hammer

than do another stakeout.

I'll do it.

What, pound his thumb?
No, do the stakeout.

- Really? You don't mind?
- No.

Not at all.

As a matter of fact,

uh, kind of miss it.

Thank you.
Thank you, Jones.

You sure you want to miss
poker night?

Yeah, I don't mind.

I kind of enjoy
these all-nighters,

whereas some choose
to complain about it.

You know how I get in the van.
I get anxious.

I sweat.
I do know. I do know.

You have a good night.

You too.

Hey, Moz, Peter's pulling
an all-nighter in the van.


I'm en route to the
Suit family estate right now.

We don't have to like it,
but it has to be done.

Yeah. I know.

Good luck, my friend.

Well, so, we have
an art exhibit and dinner.

I think you pulled a fast one.


Come on.

Takes months to get in there.

Oh, it's nothing.

I know a guy
who blackmailed a guy.

Something about spandex.

I don't ask questions.

Well, it means a lot to me
that you thought of me,

so thank you.

No, really.

It was, uh, spandex.

All right.

Satch, you be good.

You stay.
No, no, chop-chop.

Don't want to be late.

Okay, okay.

Here you go.

Don't look at me like that.

Hey, Peter, how's the stakeout?

Jones is on a coffee run.

Listen, that call you made

before you left the office


Was it Sara?

She hasn't been taking
my calls.

Aw, man.

That's got to be weighing
on you.

You have no idea.

Listen...You and I have been
through some stuff,

and we've had to keep things
from each other.

But...if you want to talk,

and I --
you know, I mean, really talk...

I'm here for you.

Is this the loneliness
of the van talking?

Maybe, maybe.

But, uh, I --

you know, I think
you deserve some happiness.

And I, uh --

whatever I can do
to help you with that...

Let me know.

Thanks, Peter.

That means a lot.


No problem.

See you tomorrow, Neal.

See you tomorrow.


The suspense is killing me.

Did you find the safe?

I did.

Did you get in?

I did.


The manifest
wasn't in there, Moz.

I'm sorry.

Listen, we both knew
this was a long shot, right?

Well, yes, but I --

Listen, I got to get out of here.
Let's talk tomorrow.