White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 6 - Scott Free - full transcript

The FBI suspects brilliant hacker-thief Scott 'Robin Hoodie' Rivers of masterly thefts of rare objects from filthy-rich collectors. Hints on his charitable donation calling cards allow the team to find him at his next victim's acquisition party. Neal now tries to bring his gifted fan to reason and lets him and his lover help setting up tycoon-thief Thomas Carlisle. Meanwhile Mozzie found an 'ID farmer' to prepare disappearing with Neal and their art treasure once the partial manifesto problem is solved.

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Aren't you
a little underdressed?

Oh, here we go.

Is that better?

You know, one of the perks
of living in New York City

is the casual exhibitionism.

Oh, are the neighbors

Not yet,
but the sale of binoculars

has gone up since you
started coming over.

Perhaps after we eat,

we can raise
a few window shades.

All right.


Oh, lately he's been knocking
in iambic pentameter.

Or not at all.


Really glad I dressed for company.

Locked door?

There's a lot of crime in this city.
So I've heard.

You're gonna love this.

There's this con man running
around New York who --

You made breakfast.

Am I not allowed?

Breakfast for two --

Assuming that second plate
isn't for me.

Brilliant. You want to impress me with
any more of your detective skills?

All right.

Why did I ask?

Ooh. Two fresh head imprints
on the pillows.

Champagne ice bucket
at the foot of the bed.

Romance is in the air.

That's -- Yeah.


And this detective has decided
to stop detecting.

Let's see.

Department issue?

Um, I'm s-- those are mine.
I'm so...


Neal's teaching me
how to pick them.

It's our version of sudoku
in the afternoon.


I do not have a drawer here
or a toothbrush.

Did I ask?

We're in that awkward,
undefined stage

where, yes,
we've been on a few dates,

but, really, what's that mean?

What does it all mean?

It means we're taking things
one day at a time.

That's what I said.
More or less.

Mostly more.

Our next case awaits.

Well, you two have fun.

No, no. Oh, no, no, no, no!
You don't have to --



Bye, Sara!

You should get dressed.


I'm gonna eat.
Yeah, please.

Hurry up!
You can have both.

This guy's a skilled forger,
safe cracker,

lots of panache,
and he's only 20 years old.

Think we might be looking
at the next Neal Caffrey.


He's a hacker.
I don't hack.

You're right.

A Neal Caffrey
for the new millennia, then.

When I was 20,
I didn't get caught.

We traced him
to this apartment.

Is he in there?
There's movement inside.

Yeah, I see it.

Please tell me I get to
break down the door.

Why, when you ask so nicely...

Hands in the --

Oh-ho! Cute.

You want me to cuff it?

Yeah, we should hold it
for questioning.

Why are you smiling?

He's clever.

It casts a shadow on the door

and doesn't move
in a fixed pattern.

He realized we were
sitting on him and bolted.

Looks like that.

They didn't have robot vacuums
in your day?

No, they didn't.

Look around.

He's got to have
an escape route somewhere.

You're enjoying this.

I love tracking the smart ones.

Now that you're on my side,
I miss the challenge.

Oh, come on, all he's done

are a few mildly impressive

allegedly cracked a safe,

and stuck a vase on a Roomba.


you need to see this.

What do you think?

Completely random arrangement
of photographs?

All right...
Maybe he is good.

Entrez, Moz.


I've come to steal your soul.

Or at least part of it.

You know, I've always found
that superstition

annoyingly inconsistent.

Yeah, I got to
get to the office.

Uh, this will only
take a moment.

Now, while I am disappointed
we haven't been able

to recover Peter's partial list
of our treasures,

there is a silver lining.

Gives us time to perfectly
prepare for our escape.

Starting with passports?

How long do our aliases
usually last?

Peter caught on to "Nick Halden"
in two months.

"Steve" survived for a year.
Say "Gouda."


Imagine not having to
look over our shoulders,

not having to memorize
a new date of birth

every few months.

I know where you're going
with this, Moz.

A permanent identity
that the FBI can never crack

requires the birth certificate
for a dead infant.

I'm not doing it.

Say "brie de meaux."

What if there was a way to do it
that wasn't so...


How's it work?

You'll be stepping
into someone else's shoes,

even though they or their shoes
never existed.

Riddles, Moz?

Neal...Trust me.

If there is a way...

I'm in.


I'll set it up.

Our suspect's name
is Scott Rivers,

and he's been
on a criminal road trip.

So far, we've been able
to link seven of the items

in the photos to recent crimes.

We have a warrant
for his arrest,

but our guy
is always in disguises.

He won't be easy to track down.

Hey, how come
you never used disguises?

The right smile works
just as well,

and you don't have to worry that
your mustache is on straight.

Oh, this kid did
the Hartford Mansion job?


He steals items of incredible
excess from the wealthy --


a solid-gold
toilet-brush holder --

You get the idea.

And every crime he commits,

he leaves
this signature behind.

Does he actually
leave a donation?

In the victims' names,

to a different charity
each time.

So, Robin Hoodie here
robs from the rich

and gives some to the poor.

Robin Hoodie?
I like it.

No, you don't.
Don't call him that, please.

Well, you called him that.

It was a bad joke.

What can you tell us about him?

He's a kid.

I mean, he likes shiny things,
and he steals them.

He never had much money,

but he was around people
who did, and he resents them.

He's got morals.

These donation cards are a way
to justify his thefts.

He's telling them how
they should spend their money.

And he's cocky.

Almost getting caught
won't stop him.

Will he get bolder?

That's what I did.

Okay. Neal and I
will dig into the donations

and the evidence
from the safe house.

Jones, Diana, find out where the rest
of those stolen items came from.

Let's try and figure out
where this guy's gonna hit next.

Hi, honey!

I, uh, saw you got a high score
on "Angry Birds" today.

She knows you're here.
Oh, I'm not judging.

Somebody has to stand up
to those green pigs.

I'm glad you're working
from home tonight.

So, what's the case?

Young con man stealing
from New York's wealthy.

Oh, a young Neal?

Touchy subject?

It's not.

This is it.

This is the bank account

Robin Hoodie used
to make the donations.

Robin Hoodie?
I like it.

He made a donation yesterday,

but it doesn't link up
to a robbery.

Maybe something
that he hasn't stolen yet?

No, he needs to make
the donation to get the card.

The theft has to
come after that.

Which means it could be
happening any minute.

Well, his donations definitely
have a sense of humor.

He stole a half-million-dollar
bottle of scotch,

then donated
to the Betty Ford clinic.


This one's to
an organ-donation charity.

Maybe he's stealing
a rare church organ.

Play on words.

Organ donation --
Makes you think of?

Driver's license.
Organ donor.

He's gonna rob the DMV?

There's no real pattern
to the things he steals.

It's everything from a
diamond-covered cellphone to --

What about a motorcycle?

Hospitals call them

It's worth a shot.

Let's find out who owns

the most expensive motorcycle
in New York.

Lock it up.

Mr. Stewart,
we suspect

you're about to be
the target of theft.

That sucks.

We're serious.

You recently bought
a high-end motorcycle?

You didn't?

I bought a confederate
fighter, okay?

Calling it a motorcycle is like
calling the Queen of England

a rich old lady
with a funny accent.

But it's still a motorcycle.

Dude, this is so much more.

Have you ever had 100 grand
between your legs?

Actually, yes, I have.
Don't. Don't.

We'd like to set up a command
post here to catch the thief.

Not gonna happen.

My confederate party's
in four hours --

For this confederate.

You really like saying
"confederate," don't you?

Who knows about the party?

It's the perfect opportunity for the theft.

My security rocks.

No one's stealing
anything from here.

You want to make a bet on that?

Hell, yeah.

I bet you I can steal
something worth...

10 grand
in the next two minutes.

If I do, you let us
come to the party.

Sure. Why not?

Is this a joke?

You're running out of time.
You only have...

A minute left.
I know.

How much would you say
this is worth?

10 grand?
Oh, at least.

I get it.

You didn't say
I have to give it back.

Give it back.

You can set up here.

I got the FBI
at my beck and call?

Everybody's gonna love this.

No, the whole point
of a covert sting

is to not tell people.

No one can know we're here.

In that suit?


I'll be in the surveillance van
for this one.

Can I come with you?


Undercovers are in position.

Agent Davies is
at the south entrance.

Agent Westley is...

Getting Chad a beer.

What are you doing?

Chad told me
to get him a drink.

I'm undercover as his buddy.

Did he also tell you
to double fist it?

No. He said that you
need to loosen up?

Come on.

Hi, there.

Chad says you're an FBI agent.

He's scared of guns.

Okay, it's time to put
the fear of God in him.


Hey, Chad.

I'm not sure how long
our cover's gonna last, Peter.

You need to make positive I.D.
on our young thief

as soon as possible.

Stay alert.

Who knows what disguise
he'll be wearing this time?

I'll look
for the crooked mustache.

Hey, if you're hunting
Robin Hoodie,

does that make you
the Sheriff of Nottingham?

Oh, I'm not the Sheriff
of Nottingham.

Am I?

Chad says you're
into body shots.

I am.

Stay on target,

But not tonight.

Designated driver.

I got eyes
on a potential Scott.

Why do you think it's him?

He's wearing a suit hoodie.

I don't even know what that is.

All right, confirm it's him,

then Jones will move in
for the arrest.

You are in so far
over your head,

and you have no idea, do you?

You say something?

No, I was just
admiring this bike.

Sure does look expensive.

120 grand.

Have we met?
Uh, I've seen you somewhere.

Stand by in case
Caffrey's been made.

Everybody ready to move.

Maybe Chad's party last week?

Wasn't there.

Oh, man, you missed out.

They had mermaids.

I mean, literally, girls
wearing tails and nothing else.

And all he has for this party
is a motorcycle?

Poor guy.

Oh, come on, man.

It's a carbon fiber and titanium
chassis, 1966 CC engine.

Top speed of 260 kilometers
per hour...

And not remotely street legal.

It's a work of art
on two wheels.

Hi. I'm Shannon.


Excuse me.

- It's him.
- You're sure?

Beautiful girl
just gave him her name,

and he didn't give one back.

There's something
suspicious about her.

The fact that she seemed
more interested in him than you?

Not that.

Not entirely that.

She just put something
in his drink.

Excuse me!
Whoa! What the hell?!


- Jones!
- Oh, my God!

Everybody down!

Lock down the exits.
Nobody gets out.

You need to tell us everything.

We're gonna find
who hired you eventually.

But if you help us now,
we can make a deal.

What do we know about her?

She's been a suspect
in some heists and robberies.

Attempted murder's
a new one, though.

So I'm guessing
it wasn't splenda

that she sprinkled
in Scott's drink.

Potassium cyanide.

He would have been dead
in minutes.

I didn't buy the ring.

It's a little Gothic
for my taste,

but I never refuse jewelry.

Now, let me guess.

You didn't know
there was poison inside.


How's she connected to him?

This might have
something to do with it.

Found it in her purse.

One of the people Scott robbed
had a security camera.

He didn't see it.

That's another reason
I don't like disguises.

Too easy to get comfortable?

Mm-hmm. It also explains
how our girl found him.

So, I guess they took measures
into their own hands.


We'll run that photo through,

see which item he stole
while wearing this wig.

What do you think of him?

He's a kid having
the time of his life.

He's impulsive, arrogant,

and has no idea how deeply
in over his head he is.

Okay, fine.

He bears a cursory
resemblance to me.

Think can we bring him back
from the dark side?

It's hard to do.

I wonder what would've happened

if I'd have caught you earlier.

It wouldn't have made
a difference, Peter.

The con is a rush.

It's an addiction.

And you need to hit rock bottom
before you can change.

When did you hit bottom?

I never said I did.

Nice bustier.
For you or Christie?

This is one of three items

Robin Hoodie stole
while wearing that wig.

Are we really gonna
keep calling him that?

It's no "James Bonds."

No, it's not.

And these diamonds
are from a heist

our lady killer
was a suspect in.

So, Scott thought he stole
an expensive piece of jewelry.

Instead, he stole
evidence of a crime.

Kill Scott, and they
eliminate any evidence

that leads back to them.

The office in this picture
has an unobstructed view

of midtown from an upper floor.

Let's see if we can figure out
elevation and angles

to see where it is.

Look at you.

The office belongs
to Thomas Carlisle.

He was suspected
of masterminding the heist.

What an incredible coincidence.

I've heard
of Mr. Carlisle.

He has been a person of interest
more than a few times.

Let's go talk to him.

Neal, see if you can get
any leads on Scott.

Oh, you're gonna love this.
The street is abuzz.

Someone is looking for you.

No name.
He's a kid.

Word is he talks the talk,
so to speak the speak.

Did you enjoy that sentence?
Yes, I did.

So he's trying to find me.

Makes your job easier.
I want you to get in touch with him.

I will. But first, we have
a little identity crisis.

This is
my associate --

You are about to be reborn.

Names are not necessary.

Mozzie says you can create
permanent identities

without the baby
birth certificates.

Identity farming.

I've heard of it,
but only as a theory.

How'd you pull that off?

Years ago, I began filing for
a number of birth certificates.

Back then, it was much easier.

The world was more trusting.

We live in cynical times, Alec.

Oh, yeah, this is true.

I treated these identities
as if they were real.

As they grew up,
I gave them bank accounts,

library cards, tax returns.

You created paper trails.

I created lives,

one of which
you will now step into

as if you had
lived it all along.

You will be Victor.

I don't know if I'm a Victor. I --
Yes, you are.

so stubborn growing up.

And he's your age.

Victor Moreau.

Did you plan this?

No. Destiny?

Goodbye, Victor.

Now you.

You are now Bob.

I never liked you.

I like you, Bob.

A Japanese sculpture,
an Italian harp,

and framed Spanish doubloons.

Can't really settle
on a theme, can he?

I think the point is that
everything is really expensive.

No matter what it looks like.


I hope this isn't about
that diamond heist a year ago,

because you guys have
hassled me plenty already,

and you haven't found anything.

It isn't.
This is a friendly visit.

Let's have a drink.

What's your pleasure, um...

FBI agents Burke and Berrigan.

And, no, thanks.

The 7x3000 reinforced titanium.

It's a beauty...
And brand-new.

It is.

It's the most expensive
model they got.

Any reason you need a new safe?


A man in my position,

people try to steal from me
all the time.

These attempts get reported?

You know what I mean.

I do?

Instead of working
their way up like I did,

they try to take shortcuts.

Want to take what isn't theirs.

Anyone stolen
from you recently?

If they had, they'd regret it.

How's that?

'Cause you guys would
arrest them, of course.

Of course.
That's why we're here.

Do you recognize this kid?

I don't.
What did he do?

He took a shortcut --

Took some things
that weren't his.

He's been robbing wealthy people
in the area who collect...

Items of extravagance.

You certainly fit the bill.

One of your guys called.

They know where he's at.

I gotta go.
Is there anything else you need?

Call me if you see him
or hear anything, will you?

Of course.

Lovely guy.

He's a peach.

The kind of man
who'd be stupid enough

to put stolen diamonds
on a bustier.

So, that really was
Neal Caffrey at the party?

In the infamous flesh.

I knew I recognized him.

So, you work for him?

Work with him.

Kind of like a mentor.

He learned everything from me.

So, then, how come
I've never heard of you?



Ah, the man himself.

You're being followed.

Look to the southwest.

Your other southwest, Moz.

You know, in my defense,
I always carry a compass.

It's Carlisle.
You need to stall him.

You ever pull a Scrooge McDuck?

W-what's that?

Step one --
hack an ATM.

How are you gonna get past
the encrypted lockout?

Oh, I exploit an unpatched
security flaw in their firmware,

which gives me admin access.


Then I put it into a test loop,
and voil?.

What's step two?

Now you run.

Hey, that ATM's
spitting out money!

Hey, check it out!

Holy crap, there's money everywhere!

Slow down.

It's New York City.

Once you get some distance,
it's better to blend in.

Sorry. I don't think clearly when
people are trying to kill me.

Never say you're sorry
unless you're running a con.

Is the FBI here?


But you should
turn yourself in.

You're Neal Caffrey.

Are you really telling me
there isn't another way?

Get in here.

You brought a wanted fugitive
into your home.

It wouldn't be the first time.
Not helping.

And Peter doesn't
know he's here.

What is she doing here?

I was here to surprise Neal
with dinner.


Peter doesn't know
he's here yet.

I'm still deciding what
I'm gonna do with him.

He's one of our own, Neal.

We have to help him.
It's part of the code.

Besides, I kind of like him.

He reminds me of a young...

Don't say it.

What do you think?

Why are you asking her?

I think you should help him.

Brilliant woman.

I think you should help him
get out of trouble

and then convince him
to turn himself in.

Okay, that's absurd.

Give him a chance
to live a life,

make his mark on the world.

This is your chance to show him
there's another way.

Well, I'm not exactly
a role model.

You're probably
the closest thing he has.

I need your help.

I never stole from anybody
who didn't deserve it.

Never hurt anyone.

I figured you, of all people,
would understand that.

All right, let's focus
on the first part.

We need to figure out how
to get Carlisle off your back.

Take a seat, kid.

you and Neal are dating.

- Hey.
- Uh, it's complicated.


While Scott's out there
hitting on your lady friend,

take a look at Bob.


It's truly amazing work.

No one's ever gonna
find us, Neal.

We can be taking off
to paradise

as soon as we get ahold
of that list.

Unless we get arrested
for harboring a fugitive first.

Or Scott pins this on us

so he can live
to steal another day.

Oh, he isn't gonna do that.

I sense good in him.

Do you, Qui-Gon Jinn?

Well, chaotic good, anyway.

Neal, he's us.

This is Peter.


Hey, Peter.

Any word on the street
where Scott might be?

No, the streets don't seem to
know where he's disappeared to.

We need to catch him soon.

We catch Scott,

we might be able to bring
Carlisle down, as well.

I'll keep my ears open.

You got something more important
you're working on?

No. I'm sorry, Peter.
I'm just distracted right now.

I'm with Sara.
At home?




I like the two of you together.

She's a good influence on you.

You think so?


Don't be a bad influence
on her.

I'll do my best.

Figure out a plan yet?

I'm working on it.


Are you sure you want to be
involved with this?

Whatever we end up doing,
it probably won't be legal.

All right, what I do occasionally
falls in the same gray area.

This won't be gray.

I have stretched more laws
than I care to admit.

That's what I like about you.

I'm usually returning things to
their rightful owner, though.

That's it.

You're a genius.

Guys, I got an idea.

Show me the glass.

Hey, we got your Keister
off the hook.

Don't hold out on us now, kid.

Are you still sure about him?

Not so much.

Wow, it's, uh...

Looks very comfortable.

You cracked Carlisle's safe
to get this, right?


Can you do it again?

Safe has an electronic keypad.

My black box does everything.

Including taking the art
out of safe-cracking.

The art was programming
this thing,

which I did myself.

We need to get you
into Carlisle's office

so you can
put the bustier back.

Then we could
anonymously tip Peter

that the diamonds could be found
in Carlisle's private safe.

Peter moves in,
arrests Carlisle,

who stole the diamonds
in the first place.

It wouldn't even be
planting evidence.

We'd be returning it.

Just like you never
stole them at all.

I'm not sure the Suit
will see it that way.

No. We should not let
Peter know about this.

The problem is, they'll have an eye
out for anyone who looks like me.

How big is that gray area
you were talking about?

You still checking
Neal's anklet?

He's at home.
Been there a while.

Why don't you drop by?

Because he's up to something.

Something to do with Scott?

I think so.
I'm gonna let it play out.

You think
he'll lead you to him.

I have a feeling he's working
on some kind of plan.

Maybe more than one.

Couple weeks ago, a Degas
popped up on the black market.

On the list?

Not sure. It was pulled
after a couple of hours.

No details beyond the artist.

But how many new Degases
are there?

Showed up the same time
D.C. Art Crimes came to visit.

Probably coincidence.


I'm gonna move this --
to be safe.

All right, we need to get
into Carlisle's office,

hack the safe,
and return the bustier.

Mozzie, you will keep an eye
on Carlisle.

I'll keep all four on him.

Now, it's the weekend,

so the only people in
the building will be security.

Security will be increased
in Carlisle's penthouse.

Luckily, not
on the lower floors.

The telephone-junction box
is on the second floor.

And that is where
we need to get Scott.

Do I have to be the baby?

- Mm-hmm. - Standard rule -- the new man
on the team is the baby.

The alarm system won't be --

It's state-of-the-art,
but give me a couple hours.

I can write an algorithm that
can bypass the signal traps.

The alarm system
won't be a problem.

How's that?
Because we're not gonna set it off.

Our obstacles are a guard
and a security door

that only opens
from the inside.

All the while, you just
have to avoid the cameras.

To get through
the security door,

we'll need Mozzie's air gun.

Oh, be warned --
like an Olsen twin,

though she seems demure,
she packs quite a punch.

Hey, you can't have
that open indoors.

Oh, I know. It's bad luck.
I've been trying to close it.

The catch is stuck.

I'm supposed to
meet a friend here.

I don't care.
Meet him on the street.

Uh, did you hear
something earlier?

I did. Yeah.

Once Scott's through
the security door,

it's Sara's turn.

Really? A Barbie?
Standard rule.

There are no standard rules.

I would much prefer
to be the salt shaker.

Uh, considering
your role in this,

the Barbie is more apropos.

Excuse me.
I'm here for Mr. Carlisle.

I'm afraid he's not in.

Oh, I don't think
you understand.

I'm here
for Mr. Carlisle.

I'll have to
call his office.

Mm. Do that.

Scott should have hacked
into the switchboard by then.

So, Scott -- hello.

Come on. Stay with me.

You'll be Carlisle's assistant.

Carlisle's office.

Is Mr. Carlisle in?
There's a woman here who --

About time!
He's been waiting for her.

Send her up immediately.

How's she look?


Scott, you'll put
the security cameras

in Carlisle's office on a loop,

especially the one you missed
the first time.

Once Sara's up there,
she'll let you in.

Eyes front and center, Romeo.

Yes, ma'am.

Don't call me "ma'am."

Then, Scott hacks
the safe's keypad again,

puts the bustier back,
and we're home free.

This is not the same safe.

You can't crack this?

Old school's
not really my style.

Okay, and mine is not
cracking a safe in my bra,

but we adapt.

Out for a stroll?
Taking in the sights?

Peter --

Imagine my surprise
when I checked your anklet

and found out that you were
right outside Carlisle's office.

I can explain.
Starting with Robin Hoodie.

Is he in there?

I think it's better
if I don't answer that.

Better for you or for me?
For Scott.

Look, I've got a plan, okay?

And part of that plan
is contingent

on you not knowing what it is.

I'm not the Sheriff
of Nottingham.

Did I miss a conversation?

I'm not the bad guy.

But Scott can't be allowed
to run around like this.

He's gonna get somebody hurt,
starting with himself.

I need to bring him in.

I know.
Give me an hour.

After that, I think I can get
him to turn himself in to you.

You think?
I know.

Look, I have to go.

I'll be waiting right here.

When you come back,
you better have him with you.

Thank you.


Running out of umbrellas.
What's wrong?

Carlisle updated the safe.

Is he serious?


I increased the sensitivity of
the mike on the phone 10 times.

You made a stethoscope happen.

I'm hitting the cylinders.
It's not working.

That's because it's a six-cylinder
safe with two false gates.

False gates?
Yeah, safe-cracking booby traps.

You hit one, you have to
start all over again.

May I?
Of course.

All right, I'll go by touch.

You go by sound.

You two make quite the pair.


Are you done yet?

Uh, we hit a snag,
but we're gonna be out soon.

Or not so soon.

Yeah, well, unsnag
as quickly as possible.

Thank you, Mozzie.

What is it?

Carlisle is on his way here.

All right, come on.

Thanks, Jones.
I appreciate the backup.

No need to rush here.

I'm not expecting any...


On second thought,
go ahead and rush.

All right,
that's the third gate.

All right, Carlisle's got to
have a security monitor

around here somewhere.

That's a gate.
Good ear.

Are you saying
you didn't feel it?

I'm saying nice ear.

He is downstairs.

Still two gates to go.

We don't have time.

Wait. Peter's there.

He's flashing his badge
at Carlisle.

The fed's buying
us time? Why?

Because he's Peter.

I have a few
follow-up questions

from our meeting the other day.

Can it wait?

No. It can't.

Of course.
Come, we'll go into my office.

Down here is fine.

But the whiskey's upstairs.
I insist.

And I insist
right here is fine.

Agent Burke, right?


Unless I'm under arrest,

I'll answer your questions
in my office.

After you.

All right, that's it.

That should be the last gate.

All right.
Elevator coming up!

We only have time to try once.

It's your go, kid.

Now, what is it
you wanted to discuss?

I wanted to talk to you
about that diamond heist.

Thought this was about some kid

running around robbing people.

It was.

But it got me to thinking
what could possibly be

in this monster safe of yours.

I guess you'll never know.

You're right.

Because it's uncrackable,


You must have left it open
by accident, then.

That's impossible.

Those look like the diamonds
I was talking about.

You're under arrest,
Mr. Carlisle.

Those --
those aren't mine.

Oh, you're alleging that a thief
broke into your office

to crack an uncrackable safe

to give you millions
of dollars in diamonds?

Hands in the air.

All right.

All right. Okay.

Unh-unh-unh. I wouldn't
do that if I were you.

Sorry I'm late.

Damn, that's a hell of a view.

Oh. You're gonna
miss this one.

I would like to go put on
something a little less breezy.

Go talk to him.

Thank you.

So, what are you gonna do now?

Oh, come on.

You didn't really think I was
gonna turn myself in, did you?

I was hoping you would.

Would you have
when you were my age?

No, I wouldn't have.

But this isn't about me.

Its about Peter Burke.

He's the smartest man
I've ever known.

He caught me,
and he will catch you.

Only question is when.

Nobody's that good.

He is, Scott.

If you turn yourself in now,
he'll make you a deal.

It's the best deal
you're ever gonna get.

You know what?
Keep running.

Always looking
over your shoulder,

never slowing down long enough
to share your life with anyone.

Because you know
that the second you do,

that is when he will catch you.

Let me help you, Scott.

Where's Scott?

Any sign of Scott?

Nothing. He's gone
completely to ground.

I screwed up.

Yes, you did.

But...you helped get Carlisle
off the streets.

That's a good win.

I actually thought
I was getting through to him.

Disappointing, isn't it?


You think they're listening,

and then they go off and do
the opposite of what you say.

Now he could be anywhere.

He really could.

But he's not.

He said he'd only
turn himself in to you.


This is the guy who caught you?

Believe it or not, yeah.

Glad you're here.

You still have
the pieces you stole?

Depends. Which pieces
do you know about?

Oh. Hmm.

The more you cooperate,
the better deal I can get you.

You're gonna have to
serve some time.

I know.

Can I, um...


So, what made you
decide to come in?

Because stealing stupid things
from rich people

was already getting boring.

Or because what you said
got to me.

Whichever makes you
feel better.

Thanks for the help.


Jones, could you
cuff him again?

Real cute.

Let's try it again.

Give him some time.

People don't change overnight.

Believe me, I know.

I work with living proof of it.

But they do change.

You're not the Sheriff
of Nottingham.

I know.

I'm thinking more
King Richard the Lionheart.

I'll go with that.

Victor Moreau.


Vic Moreau.

Victor Moreau.

Nice to meet you.

Just a second.



It looks like I caught you

I was just about
to take a shower.


Is that a statement
or an invitation?

Yes. Yes.

I'll meet you in a sec.
All right.