White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 2 - Where There's a Will - full transcript

The Roland brothers Josh and James, not on speaking terms for years, inherit a fortune from their eccentric, astronomy-obsessed father, but in the form of an intricate treasure hunt. Time presses as their only offspring is kidnapped by the infamous Brett Gelles. Pressed for time, Neal takes charge of the clues while the FBI tracks down the hostage. Meanwhile Mozzie plans to sell off a Degas from the Nazi treasure, but Neal learns about a partially preserved manifesto rendering that too dangerous.

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Are you thinking about
how you'd steal it?

It weighs 2 tons and is worth
maybe a couple grand. Pass.

But you were thinking about it.

It's an involuntary reflex.

Well, Nathaniel Roland's inheritance

is worth $40 million.

You really think one
of his sons forged his will?

People do some
crazy things for money.

You think they'd be that stupid?

That's what we're gonna find out.

Well, what I'm gonna find out.

You're saying
I'm irrelevant in this case?

The Bureau requested
that I authenticate the will.

I don't remember
you being mentioned.

- Not me?
- Not you.

Right this way.

Hi. Josh Roland.
You're here to authenticate my will?

Agent Peter Burke.

My associate Neal will take a look at it.

I become relevant in a little bit.

- How you doing? - Good.
- May I see the wills?

Yeah, they're both
here on the table.

Look, I really don't want him
to go to jail over this,

but if he's trying
to steal $40 million...

Hey, sorry, I'm late.

Savannah's nap went
a little longer than expected.

- I didn't take a nap.
- Shh.

Why don't you go upstair
and play, okay?

See you in a few minutes.

Hi, Uncle Josh!

Hi, sweetheart.


How you doing? I'm James.


- Hello.
- Hi.

I don't know what my brother's
been telling you,

but I haven't been
doctoring up anything.

There's no way dad
would have left you everything.

- You'd squander it.
- Squander it? That's a good word.

Don't you mean I'd blow it?

Maybe use some of this

- Are they always like this?
- Yeah.

You're saying that
with FBI agents in the room?

Anyway, mind if we
get this over with?


Who's he?

His name is Neal.
He knows a lot of stuff.

What's that thing on his leg?

That's a tracking anklet.

I have an anklet. Want to see?

Yeah. Oh, cute.

- Where'd you get it?
- My grandpa. Where'd he get his?

It's part of a federal
work-release program


Uh... I gave it to him.

It's so I don't lose him.

Oh. Are you his grandpa?

Weren't you supposed
to go to your room?



His is a forgery, right?

This is a forgery.

- What?
- I knew it.

Hold on.

- So is this one.
- That's impossible.

- They're both forged?
- Yeah.

How can you say they're both fake?

The witness signatures --

the velocity, acceleration,
and pressure

both have exactly
the same anomalies.

- They were signed by the same person.
- So, what happens now?

Before we jump to any conclusions,

we need to verify
the witness signatures.

We'll run a couple more tests.
When we get something...

...we will let you know.

Thank you.

Do I want to know
what's in that box?

Well, to paraphrase the man who
brought down the Soviet Union,

it's easier to trust
when you can verify.

You gonna show me
a shining city on a hill? Hmm.

Shining, yes, and with it,

you can buy any city on any hill.

A treasure-cam?

Look, I know how hard it must be

to see the promised land

and not be able to enter
because of your leash,

and I don't want this
to come between us.

So now, we can both keep
an eye on our fortune 24/7.

Thank you, Moz. Mm.

Oh. See the Degas?

- Yeah.
- Think I've lined up a buyer.

Kind of had my eye on that one.

Oh, well, fortunately,
there's two other Degas

to choose from, mister...

- Did you pick a name?
- Close.

- Glenn Close?
- No, I'm working on it.

Might have to live with
this next one till the end.

Want to make sure it feels
as good as "Neal Caffrey."

A rose by any other name, Neal.

Choose, because, very soon,

we're gonna be on
an airplane to a different life.


We got back biometrics
on Roland's witness signatures.

They are definitely forged.

Could've told you that.

Oh, wait. I did.

Yeah, and based
on your observations,

we ran a couple other tests.

See how the "a" is connected
to the "e" two letters later?

As Roland did in his youth.

Roland forged
the witness signatures?

On both wills to his children.

How did I miss this?

You didn't know
he was ambidextrous.

He signed these with his left hand.

And the names are weird.

Horace Byth? Hatch O'Brey?

It sounds like they're ripped
from a Salinger novel.

Well, they are fictional.

What do you see?

The same letters.
They're anagrams.

- Tycho Brahe.
- Tycho Brahe.

15th-century Dutch astronomer.

16th and Danish.
Close, though. Almost impressive.

Well, well. Who is relevant now?

What kind of message do you think
he was trying to leave behind?

He closes both wills with the line,

"in the end, there should

be nothing between you,
which is everything."


Wait a second.

What are you doing?


Peter, come here.

These look like streets.
A compass rose.

This isn't a message.

This is a map.

White Collar - Season 3, Episode 2
"Where There's a Will"

Jones, tell me something.

- Who is that?
- Easy, tiger.

She's off limits.

- I already tried.
- Huh.

Art crimes, D.C.

W-what makes you think that?

Her attach? it's
from the Smithsonian.

Gift of choice from D.C.
Art Crimes Chief to new recruits.

What's the case?

Above my pay grade.

Your boss and I
go back a long way.

Agent Kramer's sorry
he can't be here in person,

but he briefed me fully.

He did?

I take it he wasn't supposed to.

How much do you know?

You discovered a German U-Boat

with an incredibly valuable
cargo of art aboard,

the art was destroyed in a fire,

believe the fire
may have been a ruse,

and the art still exists.

You know a lot.

I'm sorry. I do.

Only a handful of people
know about this.

I'd like to keep it that way.


I don't have enough evidence
to open a formal investigation.

However, part of the original
German art manifest

survived the fire.

That's what I'd like
Kramer to look into.

Now, what I'd like you
to do is simply...

Excuse me.
Do you work here?

No. I don't.

No. Oh, of course you don't.
I noticed your attach?.

You're, uh, D.C. Art Crimes, right?

Very good.

What brings you up here?


Hey, do you know where
I can find Agent Burke?

Oh, I can help you with that.

- Office at the top of the stairs.
- Thank you...

Agent Matthews.

Agent Matthews, yes.

You're right, man. I got nothing.

Told you so.

Top o' the mornin', Neal.

Apparently not.

Am I late?

Right on time.

I spoke with the Rolands.

You tell them about the map?

I wanted to wait for you.

- You're going to see them?
- Mm-hmm.

You're a little giddy.

- I love puzzles.
- I know you do.

I've seen the New York
puzzlethon trophies

- around the house, all three of them.
- Four.

- Oh, there's four?
- Yeah.

How could I forget?

The overlaid wills form an image.

That's the sundial
in Le Monde garden.

We haven't done
one of those in years.

One of those treasure hunts?


Told you it was a map.

I didn't say it wasn't.

Well, forget it.

I'll see you in court.

He's always been high-strung.
You know, whatever.

Why don't we take
a look at the sundial?

The real will is
at the end of the hunt, right?

Yeah, maybe.

I got to go, guys.
Savannah's gonna be home soon.

My father's gone.

We don't have to play
by his rules anymore.

What now?

Log these into evidence

and return them to the lawyers.

Mm-hmm, you're not
even a little bit curious

about solving this puzzle?

Of course I am, but,
you know, the assistant director

hasn't authorized
an FBI treasure-hunting unit.

Well, why don't we
drop by the park?

Just to make sure nothing
illicit is afoot at the sundial.

I can't. I have lunch with El.
But you can take a look.

- You don't want to come?
- Yes.

I could use your
astronomical puzzling expertise.


No, I can't. I can't. I can't.

- El had an interview this morning.
- Ah.

There's an opening
at the Dearmitt gallery.

- How nice.
- Yeah.

Next time.

Just, you know...

keep me updated.


The complexity.

These patterns must
have taken weeks to devise.


Roland is like a copernican cross

between Dan Brown
and Scott Turow.

I think these numbers
are times of day.


That would be there.

Doesn't seem to point to anything.

Well, everything
points to something.

Did you just steal
that from my brain?


We're missing some detail.

What do you think happens
when the sun hits it?

Four hours to find out.

How'd it go at the gallery?

- Mm. Good.
- Yeah?

Yeah, they're looking
for a consultant.

So, I don't know.
I was thinking...



No. I-I was wowing your news.

I don't need to answer that.

- Sweetie, if it's work...
- It's nothing.

So, uh, could you --
could you consult at the gallery

and still do Burke events?

Yeah, I think I could do both.

And, besides, I could
do my own openings.

I don't know.

You should do this.
You should do this. Yeah.

I know how much you've been wanting
to get back in the art world.

I have.

Honey, what does Neal want?

Nothing. Nothing.

He's on this... treasure hunt.

A real treasure hunt?

Yeah. An eccentric millionaire
left coded wills to his kids.



It's from Neal.

- It is?
- Yeah.

All right, he said he's "found
nothing obvious in the times,

but the sun won't shine

on the gnomon for
four more hours. Thoughts?"

You just happen to have
the will in your back pocket?

Yeah. "Be prepared." Eagle scout.

Of course.

All right, see,
there's this little flower

right next to the
first time on the will.

What do you think it means?

Well, it's a tulip, which
is symbolic for rebirth...

- Yeah.
- ...springtime, um --

That's it!

The angle of the sun is gonna be
different in the spring

rather than the winter
or the summer,

so the shadow on the sundial
is gonna be different.

They could re-create it
using a couple mirrors!

But that doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter.

- Honey.
- What?

Do you want to grab some mirrors
and go play with Neal?


Remember when I said
that things were getting

back to normal between
me and Peter?

Yeah, that's sweet.
You know, one sentence in,

and I already hate this conversation.

Well, this morning he met with
someone from D.C. Art Crimes.

Specialty suits? Why?

I don't know. He didn't tell me.

Art crimes are your FBI raison d'?tre.

You are art crimes.

That's why I'm letting you know.

I-it could be nothing.

Unh! Everything points to something.

Who did he meet with?

Name's Agent Matthews.
She goes back to D.C. on Friday.

Oh, well, that gives us plenty of time.

I already lined up
a buyer for the Degas, and --


Elizabeth, Peter.

Couldn't stay away, could you?

Well, not after that frantic
distress text you left my wife.

Neal, Mozzie.

Good to see you, Mrs. Suit.

I may have solved the sundial code.

There's a symbol for each
season next to the time.

Using these mirrors,

we can re-create the seasonal offset.

Ooh, a sextant.

It was a birthday gift
from my lovely wife --

Mwah! -- That she said
I'd never get a chance to use.

How did I not foresee this?

What's the first time?

- 4:30.
- In the spring.

Yeah, but not
the government-forced

daylight savings 4:30.

The real 4:30.

Hon, if you would stand --
right about here is good.

And, Mr. Conspiracy,

if you could stand
right about here.

And not move. Good.

Okay, honey, hold it
a little higher and to your right.

That's it. Good.
Swivel it towards...

All right, honey.

That's it.

Right there.

It's pointing to the letter "b."

We're onto something.

What's the next letter?

2:00, and the symbol is the sun.

- 2:00 in the summer.
- Yeah.


two steps to your left.

Hold your arms up
as high as you can.

Is that a short joke?

It is now.

And to your right.

Honey, swivel left
just a little bit more.

Almost there.
That's it. Right there.


All right, what's the next time?

Okay. Mozzie, uh, two steps back.

That's -- right there.
And hold the mirror lower.

And lower. Lower.


Swivel it, honey.
That's it. Right there.

And to your right.

There you go. Good. Lower.

Right there.


- B.S.H.
- Does that mean anything to you?


Three-letter acronyms
are your specialty, suit.

- Back to the drawing board?
- Huh.

- Thanks, honey.
- Yeah.

Yeah, Jones?

I just got off the phone
with James Roland.

What's going on?

The treasure hunt just
turned into a kidnapping.

Someone's taken Savannah.

Cyber crimes and
the kidnapping squad

are putting together a
command center at Roland's estate.

James is there with them,

and we've been talking
to Josh in the interview room.

The ransom is due
in less than six hours.

How are we communicating
with the kidnapper?


That takes some premeditation.

James got a call
to check this U.R.L.

It's streaming a live feed,

but it doesn't look like
she's aware of the camera.

She's in good spirits.

So most likely
she knows her kidnapper.

What are the demands?

It's on the website.

A "demand" tab. Look at that.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Guy's definitely tech-savvy.

The site is a labyrinth
of cloud data

that they can't trace beyond
a firewall in the Ukraine.

$6.4 million.

Let me see James' will.

That's the exact amount
Roland left to him in cash.

Kidnapper's seen this will.


This is personal.

Almost half of all kidnappings
are by a relative.

Look, James and I may
have our differences,

but nobody in our family would
ever do anything to hurt her.

Honestly, Savannah's
the only reason we still even speak.

But if we find the real will,
we can pay the ransom.

- You said this is a map?
- Mm-hmm.

All right.

James can stay back at the house.
I'm gonna follow it.

Uh, the truth is,
I already took the initiative

- and went to the sundial.
- You what?

It gave us the letters B.S.H.

Do you know what that stands for?

Yeah, that was dad's
favorite acronym.

It means "big sky hunting."

What does that mean?

It meant he was taking us
to the planetarium,

or, as he would put it,

the only place
to see stars in Manhattan.

- That's where I'm going.
- No. Josh.

These first few hours are critical

to figuring out
who took Savannah.

The best thing that you can do
is to work with your brother

to help us build a suspect profile.

All right, fine, but I want
to know where this leads.

Will you follow this map for me?

- Sure thing.
- Promise me.

We'll keep you posted
every step of the way.

Thank you.

Well, this is one way to get
to go on a treasure hunt.

I'm not wild about
James paying ransom,

but we need him working
with us to find his daughter.

I was starting to think
you didn't trust Mozzie and I

- to go after this unsupervised.
- That too.

- Oh. Special Agent Burke.
- Mm.

Ah. Uh, I'm Felix.

Well, this is the first time

a G-man has come
to the planetarium

on official business.

Uh, you had inquired
about Nathaniel Roland.

Yes. When was
the last time he was here?

2:00 P.M. on December 3rd.

Oh, it was a very, uh, big deal
when Mr. Roland popped by.

Usually meant someone
was getting a new telescope.

Huh. I know he signed in.

May I?

Thank you.

He did sign in,
just not under Roland.

"Tycho Brahe."

Yeah. Look at that remark.

"Happy Birthday to me"?

December 14, 1546.

Uh, Tycho Brahe.

That's his birthday.

Felix, would you mind
firing up the projector?

It's time to go big sky hunting.

This is our sky today.

Now let me bring you back
to Tycho's birthday.

And here we are in 1592.

We know the time and date
to look at the stars.

Now we just need to figure out
where in the sky.

In his will, Roland talks
about big sky hunting

with his favorite twins.

Josh and James aren't twins.

No. They're a year apart.

Maybe he was talking about
the twins in the sky.

Felix, where are the gemini twins?

I only see one brother.

Well, they're split on the horizon --

one above, one below.

Tycho had a twin who died
shortly after he was born.

Interestingly, Brahe wrote
a letter to his deceased twin

in his first published work.

That's got to be it.

Do you know what
was in the letter?


Uh, but I can show it to you.

We have the first printed copy
of Brahe's collected works.

It's on display in the North Gallery.

Let me guess -- a generous
donation from... Nathaniel Roland?


Tycho Brahe's original notes
on "De nova stella."

The letter he wrote
to his brother is on page 273.

Would you mind
turning to that page?

Well, that would be impossible.

Mr. Roland left the book

with very specific instruction.

Of course he did.


"The mechanical arm
turns one page every hour

"until it reaches the end.

Then the process reverses."

This is half-inch glass.

Pressure, temperature,
and humidity are controlled

to preserve the paper.

It cannot be tampered with
in any way.

Listen to me, Felix.

This book may have implications
in a kidnapping.


Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, but...

but you don't understand.

I wish I could help you,
but my hands are tied.

You could come back
in a few days.

Right. Okay. Thanks, Diana.

What's going on?

She's got a solid lead.

I'm meeting her
back at the bureau.

What about the book?
We told James we'd see this through.

I said I'm meeting her
back at the FBI, not you.

Are you saying you trust me
enough to continue without you?

Neal, we got to get Savannah back.

With that, I trust you completely.

We just need to flip
a few pages of a book.

That sounds simple enough.
Seems completely possible.

Yet if I'm reading this correctly...

it's completely impossible.

This is a centuries-old book

written to a man's
dead twin brother,

donated by an equally eccentric,

recently deceased
modern-day Howard Hughes

as part of a posthumous
treasure hunt.

There's nothing simple
about this one.

How about... a cannonball?

No. That's too many people.

This place is nearly
empty during the day.

They only have two employees.

We could do the lazy Susan.

I like what you're thinking,

but I don't want the
sprinkler system running,

not when we might have
to expose the manuscript.

This uses an eagle-one
alarm system.

So does the rest
of the planetarium.

That means there's
a single access code

for every keypad
in the whole place.

Blind man's bluff.

That could work.

We're gonna need a dog.

Satchmo, don't worry.
I've got the door.

You just stay right there.

Mozzie. Neal. Um...

What are you guys doing here?

Is Satchmo free this afternoon?

We've zeroed in on a man
named Brett Gelles.

He comes by every year
to update Roland's security system.

Tech-savvy, has
a relationship with Savannah.

Tells her he's the guy
who keeps her safe.

We did a financial work-up.

His business is all dried up.

Serious credit problems.

- Have we located him?
- He's not at home.

We have a team searching
his place now. No sign of anything.

That's not his home.

He doesn't have an office.

Where is he keeping her?

Somewhere she feels comfortable.

And he feels secure
enough to leave her alone.

What about a hotel?

No. Too conspicuous.

Get me a list of all the places
he's done security on.

Ah, you think he's camping out
at one of his clients' homes.

Find out if any of them
are out of town.

You're on.


Ladies and gentlemen,

the Tycho Brahe exhibit's

gonna be closed
for the rest of the afternoon.

We apologize for any inconvenience
this may cause you.

Uh, if you'd like, our next screening
of "Across the galaxy"

starts in our theater
in five minutes.

You don't want to miss it.
Thank you so much.

I like the idea of stars.

Go, Satchmo. Go.

Help! I-I-I lost my guide dog!

Help -- uh, he's in my office.

Has anyone seen -- I lost my dog.

Sir, he's in my office.

Who are you?

I'm Felix, the docent.

I'm so sorry, Felix.

I-I don't know
what's gotten into him.

These things happen.

Yes, they certainly do.

It's right here.

Come in.

All right.

What do we have?

We have Gelles having installed
22 home-security systems.

Four of those homeowners
are on vacation.

Should we move in on them?

Very carefully.

Send a team to sit
on these places.

Look, he's not hurting her,

so I don't want a force this
into a hostage situation.

But let me know if there's
so much as a flicker inside.

Satchmo, go sit.

Sit. Good boy.

So, D.C. Art Crimes -- any new info?

That rookie agent's
in town till tomorrow.

She doesn't know who I am.

The old traveling salesman.

Yeah. Good idea.

All right.
How we looking up there?

You missed it.

We need page 273.

Yeah. I know.
It's the first time it skipped.

- Can you make it reverse?
- Hold on.

Okay, seriously?

What, you want to come down
and give it a go, Bob Vila?

Bring it.

- Oh, good news.
- What?

Uh, I'm gonna fence
the Degas tonight.

Yeah. That's great news, Moz.

But can we handle the book, please?
We don't have time.


- We need to cut a hole.


Just big enough for the pointer
to turn the page.

And we can seal it
with a polymer filament.

Please tell me you brought
a polymer filament.

My favorite brand.

- Are you ready?
- Yep.

If this doesn't work,
we blame the dog.

Bad dog!

Neal, somehow you managed
to make my dog

an accomplice to robbery.

Elizabeth said I'd bear
the brunt of this.

You know, I give you an inch, and --

Now it's light reading.

Too soon.

The planetarium
intends to prosecute.

This book is a forgery.

Brahe lived on an island.

He ran his own paper mill,
primarily from tulip-tree stock,

which has a very low
acetic content.

Look, the real manuscript
could be left

in a turkish bathhouse
without risk of harm.

The one from the planetarium

turned into a shrinky dink
the second it hit the air.

So Roland intended for you
to destroy this book.



- What?
- These symbols.

I've seen them before --
on Savannah's anklet...

Which was given to her
by her grandfather.

- So Savannah's the next clue.
- Mm-hmm.

Is it too soon to say
"I told you so"?

- Yes.
- All right.

Con ed is reporting
an increase in power usage

at the home on 68th.

Okay. I'm going to 68th.

Diana, I want you
to run point here.

Jones, you stay with James
and Josh at command center.

Gelles has to make contact soon
so we can set up the drop.

If he's in the house with her,
this could get ugly.

What if I could lure him
out of the house?

- How?
- Tell him James doesn't have the money.

It's all tied up
in the treasure hunt.

The only way he gets his ransom

is to give us Savannah's anklet.

Give me two minutes
on the phone with him.

Okay. Let's do it.

All right.

- Hello?
- Put James on.


Damn it. I said no cops.

I am the farthest thing
from a cop that you can imagine.

I'm James Roland
in-house council.

I'm here to ensure that everyone
gets what they want.

I'm listening.

Savannah was wearing
an ankle bracelet.

It's the key to unlocking
Mr. Roland's fortune.

What are you talking about?

Well, Mr. Roland left behind
a rather unorthodox will.

It's a game, and now
we all have to play along.

I'm not bringing Savannah to you.

Then just the bracelet.

What, y-you think I'm an idiot?

Come on, Brett.

We know who you are.

And we know from your video feed

that you don't want
to hurt Savannah.

The brothers just want
to settle this quickly and quietly.

You know how eccentric Roland was.

Bring us her anklet,
and you'll get your money.

He hung up?
What does that mean?

We caught him
off guard, all right?

He just needs
to formulate a new plan.

The clock just went to zero.

Ohh! Damn it!

Peter, did you hear the call?

Copy. No movement at target one.

Team three?

Peter, he may not be
at any of these locations.

Con ed got back to us.
The power blip before

was caused by
the air-conditioning unit.

Nobody's in that home.

You're definitely
in the wrong place.

Okay. I want you to recheck
every inch of Gelles' home.

I want phone records, receipts,
anything that tells us

where he's been
in the last couple months.

Copy that.

Where are you, Gelles?


You know who I am.
What's the point in hiding?

Easy! Easy! Easy.

Daddy, where are you?

Uncle Josh?

- Help me!
- See?

Now, anything happens to me,

anybody follows me when I leave,

and you can all sit around
and watch her die.

I'm the only one that
knows where she is,

and I'm not telling
till I get my money.

FBI agents -- out. Now.

Now! Go.

Let's clear out.

Let's go!

I stay.

Guy on the phone.

I am.


Find my money.

All right, we can do this.

Just like one of dad's
stupid scavenger hunts

when we were 10.

Between the sun and moon,
there -- there's a bicycle,

a tennis racket, and a camera.

Does that mean anything to you?

Christmas when I was 10.

Yeah. You got a bike.

And you got a tennis racket.

- Who got the camera?
- Nobody.

No. Dad did, and he took
a picture of the three of us.

Where is it?

Probably somewhere in the house.

Find it.

You all packed up
and ready to go?

I'll leave when I'm ready.

You can't touch me.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure
you've got it all under control.

What could possibly go wrong?

The old man forged the wills.

We have no idea where
the real ones are

or how much he even
left these guys.

Oh. Come on.
He left them plenty.

I knew him.

Then how could you
do this to his family?

I came to him a year ago.

I told him,
"I have money problems...

and I need help."

And you know what he said to me?

He said...

"Make a plan. See it through."

"Make a plan. See it through."

Advice taken.

The crime isn't the hard part.

Hard part's getting away with it.

You see, you never know

how an investigation
is gonna go...

Or what little clues you might
accidentally leave behind.

I hope you've learned
to sleep with one eye open.


1014 Wellesley.

His bank sent us a check he cashed
for an off-the-books job.

- Who lives there?
- Nobody.

It's been on the market
for over a month.

I'll be there in five.
Get me some backup.

- You got it.
- You need to hurry, Peter.

Neal's still in there with Gelles.

I thought the photo
was of the two of you.

It was.
My father cut it in half.

Where's the part
with your brother?


Do you see anything
in these pictures?

- No.
- No.

All right. Nothing behind them.
Nothing on the back?

Move! Move!

Savannah, do you hear us?

They're in the same place
exactly opposite each other.

What was the last line of the will?
It's the same in both.

Something like,
"when it's all said and done,

there shouldn't be
anything between you."

"In the end, there should be
nothing between you."

"Which is everything."

Right here.

We need to see
what's inside here.

No. Not until we know
where she is.

FBI! Open up!

Break it!

- Get something and break it open now.
- James.

Get something and break it.

Jones, take him down.

- FBI!
- Don't move.

Brett Gelles,
you're under arrest.

Hey, I told you.

You can take me anytime you want.

You won't risk anything
happening to Savannah.

That's right.

We won't.

Come here.

She's okay.

Your daddy's watching.
You want to say hi to him?

Hi, daddy!

We'll see you in a bit.

Come on. Let's go.

Daddy, daddy!

Come here.

Come here.

- Hey.
- Hi.

You found Savannah.

You found the last clue.

- Guess we both did our part.
- Mm.

You find out what's
inside the wall?

No. Jones barged in
before we could open it up.

Aren't you just a little curious?

The real book.

It's Brahe's entire
collection of manuscripts.

And the real will.

Okay. Now you can
say you told me so.

Ah, it's okay, you know.

I'll save it for another time.

The Rolands donated
the entire Brahe collection

to the planetarium.

Unveiling ceremony this Saturday --

- We're invited.
- Oh ho!

Well, I'll have to ask Felix

if they've removed you
from their no-fly list.

After their father's
endowment in the will,

I'll bet even Satchmo's
allowed to return.


Does this look like a compass rose?

I think it looks like
real-estate fraud.

- I think so, too.
- Yeah.

- See you tomorrow, Neal.
- Yep.


It's good to be back to normal.


Yeah, it is.

How you doing?

She's already two Martinis in.

Mm. Wish me luck.

You don't need luck.

I'm off to sell our Degas.

Then you need the luck.

Vodka Martini, dirty, please.

Agent Matthews?

- Hello again.
- Hello.

Did you ever make it
to Burke's office?

Yes, I did, thanks to you.

I never introduced myself,
by the way. I'm sorry.

- Chris gates.
- Oh.

- Hello, Chris.
- How you doing?

So, what are you doing here?

Well, you're not the only one
who's a long way from home.

I'm on my way back to Paris.

Thanks. Mm.

You're interpol?

Yeah. Yeah.

What division?

Art Crimes.

To a kindred spirit.

- You have that look on your face.
- What look?

I'm sure you're in New York
for the same reason I am.

Which is?


We've said too much, okay?

I'm sure Agent Burke said the same
thing to you he said to me.

So let's just --
let's talk about the weather.

Let's talk about
something innocuous.

How about we both say, on three?


No. No.

At the same time?


All right.


- 1, 2, 3...
- 1, 2, 3...

Nazi s...

Oh. Not cool.

You're tricky.


It's incredible, though, isn't it?

What, that Agent Burke
thinks all this art

is just floating around
out there or...

Can you imagine if it is?

Oh, God, I wish that I had
clearance to see that manifest.

Yeah, well, you can
stop fishing here.

I mean, he didn't -- he didn't
show it to me, either, so...

Any theories?

Um, apparently...

they only found one page, so...

So it's a partial list.

Most of what was on the sub
is still unaccounted for.


But if anyone tries to sell
anything that's on that list...

We're gonna hear about it.

And we're gonna nail 'em.


Yes, we are.


Will you excuse me for a minute?
I'll be right back.

Mozzie. Where are you?

You cannot -- I repeat --
you cannot sell the piece.

We got a big problem.