White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 16 - Judgment Day - full transcript

When Agent Kramer returns to derail Neal's commutation, Neal races to right a wrong from his past. Peter in turn must choose a side. Set against the backdrop of Neal's commutation hearing, Neal will ultimately decide between fight and flight.

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Previously on White Collar...

I broke into Peter's safe.

I had the list in my hand.

I was ready
to take the treasure and go.

Then why didn't you?

I have a life here.

I run on this,

and New York is just a memory for me.

He stole a Raphael!
Conjecture, your honor.

And I pursued.

And I haven't forgotten about the Raphael.

Neal coded his letters.

And we cracked it.

Don't know what they mean yet,
but we will.

I'm --
Agent Kramer.

Head of the bureau's
D.C. Art Crimes unit.

So you're the one who taught
Peter everything he knows.

I'd say this moment
was inevitable, Mr. Caffrey.

Peter: Neal's my C.I.
He's also a friend.

You think once a con, always a con?

I think you have to protect
yourself when they fall.

You have the treasure.

I didn't steal it.
You son of a bitch!

I don't care.
You have it.

Where is it?

It was here.

He already moved it.

Of course it was Mozzie.

I didn't think he'd move it this fast.

What is it?

This is a letter
from the U.S. probation office.

"Because of your outstanding service,

"including recovering the treasure

"and catching Keller,

"the U.S. probation office
is convening a hearing

to discuss the commutation
of your sentence."

What's that mean?

It means no anklet.

No nothing.

You could be a free man.

Holloman: State your name
for the record, please.

Neal George Caffrey.

Mr. Caffrey, do you understand
why you're sitting here today?

I do.

The U.S. attorney has petitioned
a Rule 35 motion

on my behalf, which, if granted,

would commute my sentence and
set about my own recognizance.

In essence, you want to know
if I've earned my freedom.

You've done your homework.

Yes, ma'am.

You've already served two years
of a four-year sentence

under the supervision
of Special Agent Peter Burke.

Yes, ma'am.

While confined to a tracking anklet,

you've helped Agent Burke clear

an impressive 94% conviction rate.

We work well together.

It would seem so.

The recent arrest of Matthew Keller,

one of the FBI's top 10
most wanted fugitives,

the recovery of a priceless collection

of artwork he stole --

You are the poster boy for reform.

Who would have thought?
[ Chuckles ]

You came into this legal system
as a criminal.

The question before this board
today is -- have you changed?

I believe I have.

Over the next two days,

we'll be interviewing some
of your closest acquaintances

and colleagues.

Then we'll have you back
to make a final statement,

at which time Agent Burke

will give his summary recommendation.

Any questions?

No, ma'am.

But may I say that
the last two years of my life

have been the best --

You'll have time for all that
two days from now.

Yes, ma'am.

This is impressive,
Mr. Caffrey.

I hope the real you lives up
to who you are on paper.

I hope to exceed your expectation.

You're free to go.

Moz: "Free to go."

Quite an inspiring turn of phrase.

Except "You're free to stay"
might be more appropriate.

How's it looking?

Oh, flip a coin.
[ Sighs ]

Regardless of what
the committee decides,

this is my home now.

And I am right beside you.

Make a brand-new start
of it in old New York.

[ Glasses clink ]

Well, when you make
that brand-new start,

I've got a surprise.

What kind of surprise?
Oh, a huge one.

Makes Canis Majoris
look like a night light.

But I will say no more.

I'll ask no more.


There seems to be someone missing

from your commutation witness list.

Yeah, sorry about that,

but having a known felon speak for me

doesn't qualify
as a good character reference.

I am a felon,
but I'm not known --

at least in bureaucratic circles.

I stand corrected.

But I've already got plenty
of people on my side.

Elizabeth, June...Sara.


What about the Demi-Suits?

Mm. Jones and Diana?
Wild cards.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, and the Suit himself?

Well, considering everything
that's happened --

with the treasure,
with Keller --

Peter could go either way.

Think he's decided?

I don't know.

Oh, hold on.

Agent Kramer, the D.C.
Art Crimes grand-père --

he's speaking?

Kramer was supposed to submit
a written report

on behalf of the bureau.

If he's speaking in person,
that's more than a formality.

Well, what does that do
to your chances?

Well, I can't imagine
it improves them.

You know what?
Worst-case scenario, he says no,

and I stay on the anklet with Peter.

Well, behind every
worst-case scenario,

there's a worse
worst-case scenario.

Isn't there a child

whose balloon you need
to pop somewhere?

Oh. Yeah. Negativity --
force of habit.

I'm...sure it doesn't mean anything.

Yeah. Nothing.

[ Knock on door ]


Come on in.

Smells good in here.

El's been baking.

A commutation cake.

Yeah, I told her
it was a little premature.

Hey, honey.
I got that other cake.

[ Laughs ] Wait till you see it.


Oh. Hey!
Oh. "Hang in there."

Little cat with an anklet.

[ Laughs ]

Consolation cake.

Lots of rum.

That'll be good.
Yeah. Yes.

Well, for what it's worth,

I'm actually voting
for cake number one.

I appreciate that.

You guys talk.

So, have you decided?

What I'm gonna say?

No. I haven't.

So, what's so important
you couldn't call?

Why is Kramer speaking at my hearing?

Don't let that put you on edge.

Peter, I'm staring at two cakes here.

One celebrates my fate,

the other seals it --
I am on edge. Why is he here?

I don't know.
For whatever reason,

Kramer has decided to keep me
out of the loop on this.

He's keeping you out?

But I've got an inside man.

How'd it go with Kramer?

He had me digging through files
till 3:00 A.M.

What's he trying to prove?

I don't know.

When he talks about Caffrey,

he talks about him in glowing terms.

I noticed that.

He seems to respect the hell
out of him.

But he's digging
into the coded letters

Neal sent Kate from prison.

And now that Kramer's
cracked the code,

he's convinced he'll find something.

Yeah. But what?

Ha ha! Petey!

How are you?

I'm good.

Oh. It's an interesting place
to set up shop.

You sure you wouldn't be more
comfortable in an office?

Well, I don't want to intrude
on someone else's house.

And this lets me spread out.

And this is the room
where we find the truth.

That's how it's supposed to work.

[ Chuckles ]

I need to stretch my legs.

Walk with me.

You've got something on your mind?

You're still pulling Neal's casework.

Is there something going on
I should know about?

Matter of fact, there is.
I'm worried about you, Pete.

You're worried?

Yeah. The music box,
Garrett Fowler, the u-boat.

These 515s read more like Pulp Fiction

than case summaries.

[ Chuckles ] What are you saying?

Well, you know what I'm saying.

You're covering for him.

Well, you're not?

It's complicated.

Mm. If anyone gets it,
I do.

He's your friend.

He is, Phil.

And I want to make sure
he's not gonna hurt you.

You want him back behind bars?

Oh, no, Pete.

He's much too valuable for that.


I want Neal working for me.
In D.C.

When did you first meet Neal Caffrey?

The day he was released from prison.

They had sent him to this
horrible little fleabag motel.

And you had no qualms about
taking in a convicted felon?

Absolutely not.

Not Neal.

You see, after my husband passed,

I...I was living in this big,
empty house.

And...Neal changed
all of that.

I think of him as a blessing.

Byron and I always wanted a son.

[ Voice breaking ]
I wish he was still alive...

so that he could finally meet him.

Miss Ellington, in your opinion,

does Neal Caffrey deserve
for his sentence to be commuted?

Of course.


And you must let him go free.

[ Horns honking ]

How'd it go?

I nailed it.


[ Footsteps approaching ]

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking we need a third cake.

One with a file in it?

One that says
"Bon voyage."

Kramer doesn't want to put Neal away.

He wants to keep him
for himself in D.C.

He'd take Neal away from you?

For my own good, but that's not...

What is it?

One night, from sunset to sunrise,

I gave Neal full immunity

to tell me everything he'd ever done.

Wow. And he did?

Oh, boy, he did.

But he has full immunity.

It was my immunity, not the bureau's.

If Kramer digs up
these things --

Neal could get the maximum.

Forget D.C.
Forget the anklet.

He could go back to prison.

For a long, long time.

Have you told him?


I can't.

When Neal's threatened,
he gets in even more trouble.

Talk to Kramer.
He's your friend.

He doesn't know
the Pandora's box he's opening.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]



I'm just skimming Monday's caseload,

trying to get a head start.

This Grabowska insurance fraud
looks pretty promising.

I like that attitude.

[ Chuckles ]

I wondered how long it would be

before you came back to see me.

We need to talk.

I suppose we do.

What do you have on Neal?

Oh, that's not what this is about.

Neal needs boundaries.

I know that.

You do?

I told you about my C.I.
My "Neal."

You were close.

Oh, we were more than close.
He was like a son.

Hell, I thought I'd brought him
all the way around,

but he couldn't change who he was.

Well, you know, just because
you slapped cuffs on your C.I.

doesn't mean that I'll have to
do the same to Neal.

You know the story
of the frog and the scorpion?


Neal's the scorpion.

He can't help who he is.
But he will sting you.

And you'll both drown.

In D.C.,
I can keep an eye on him.

[ Chuckling ]
What happens in two years,

when he's a free man?

Who's to say he will be?

That's what you're after.

You want to use whatever you find

to extend his sentence indefinitely.

It's best for all concerned.

Phil --

He gets to do
what he's so damn good at,

and he won't end up
being locked away or worse.

I don't think he should go free.

You mean that?

I do.

Until this moment, I didn't, but no.

Neal: Sara.

Neal should not go free.

In two years time,
when his sentence is over,

he's earned that right
to decide his own life.


And until then,
Neal's staying here, with me.

Sara: Kramer is
going to subpoena my files?

That means I was close to the Raphael.


I knew it!
You stole it!

Mm, you caught me.


This is so great!

I've spent years
looking for that painting.

How close was I?

Kramer cracked a coded letter

that I wrote in prison
that includes a partial address

of where I hid it.

So you think I have the other part?

I know you do.

Oh, my God.
I was so close.

Yes, you were.

Well, we already paid out
that claim years ago.

You owe Sterling Bosch $15 million.

Shh, shh!

If I stay out of prison,
I will work it off.

So, a coded address
in a prison letter --

that seems kind of chancy.

Oh, I left off the zip code.

And the address is on Main Street.

You know how many Main Streets
there are?

Probably thousands.

19,364 -- at the time.

So the address Kramer found
means nothing.

Unless he gets his hands
on that zip code.

Is this what you're looking for?

Yes, it is.

Roosevelt Island?

I found this digging through
a boozy courier's trash.

I knew I shouldn't have
given up this lead.

Is this the only copy?

No. We keep electronic copies
of everything on the server.

So I can't just throw this one away.


[ Keyboard clacking ]

And I've been locked out.

Man: Excuse me.
Can I help you out, sir?

Man #2: We're here
to serve a subpoena.

We need all the files related

to Raphael's Saint George and the Dragon.

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Sterling Bosch.

This is Sara Ellis speaking.

Kramer: Ms. Ellis.
Special Agent Kramer, FBI.

Agent Kramer!
What can I do to help you, sir?

My agents are serving a subpoena
at your office

for all the files related

to Raphael's
Saint George and the Dragon.

[ Beep ]

What the hell am I supposed to do?

Just buy me some time.

Well, sir, you must have heard.

Heard what?

We recovered the painting
this morning.

You recovered the Raphael
this morning?

I was told to keep it under wraps

as we're still
working out the details.

Well, where's the painting now?

With our authenticator.

I'll be there myself to take
possession of the painting

by end of business today.

And I hope
you're telling me the truth.

Because if it's not there
by 6:00,

I'll be charging you
with obstruction of justice.

Yes, sir.

I bought you six hours.

If that painting isn't in my
hands by the end of the day --

It will be.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Has your personal
relationship with Mr. Caffrey

influenced your testimony today?

Oh, yes.
Most definitely.

This isn't the first time

you've testified regarding Mr. Caffrey, is it?

Six years ago,
I testified against him.

Yes. At the trail where he was
convicted of forgery?


And I went after him
with everything I had.

I called him a liar and a thief

and probably a sociopath,
and I meant every word of it.

So, what changed?

Neal did.

Peter: Neal?
Where are you?

You know where I am.

You're at the Roosevelt Island tram.

You're at the edge of your radius.

Kramer is going after the Raphael.

[ Sighs ]

You'll recall a night not long ago

when you said I had immunity?

I remember, Neal.

You'll recall that I said
don't do anything stupid.

Seven years ago,
I did something stupid.

Kramer's going after
the old Neal Caffrey.

I need more than two miles today.

Damn it, Neal, you're playing
right into Kramer's hands.

You get caught,

he's got you on possession
of stolen goods.

With your prior, that's 25 years.

I can't undo what's already been done.

But I can get back what's not mine.

I got to go.

Peter, please, extend my radius.

Where are you going?

To open a door
I didn't want to have to open.

Neal? Neal!

[ Beep ]

Come on, Peter.

[ Dialing ]

Man: Electronic monitoring
compliance unit.

This is Burke, FBI.

Come on.

Thank you, buddy.

[ Dialing ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Beep ]

I don't recognize this number.

Silent running, Moz.
Kramer's after the Raphael.

Neal, where are you?

On a tram headed for Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island? Why?

I'll explain later.

Right now I need you
to find us transportation.

I may need your help getting back.


[ Beeping ]

[ Ringing ]

It's Neal.

[ Buzzer ]



I haven't seen you
since --

Since the day I ran away.

This is nice.

Still living by the river, I see.

It's become my home.
[ Chuckles ]


It's been a cold spring,

but the hydrangea are coming back.

Is it here?

It is.

How much time do you have?

Maybe 10 minutes.

[ Sighs ] Then let's make
the most of it.

Jones, can you pinpoint where
Caffrey is on Roosevelt Island?

Yeah. Looks like
he's at 4221 Main Street.

On my way.

You look good.

The same.

Oh, please.

It's been nearly a decade and a half.

Yeah, it was my 18th birthday.

Yeah, I kind of ruined
that one for you.

[ Chuckles ]

It was a hell of a thing
for a kid to hear.

I saved this for you.

You and your father.
Oh, my God.

You still have his eyes.


Do you hate me
for telling you what I did?


No, my mom told me he was dead.

Said he died a hero,
but you told me the truth.

He was a dirty cop...

and he's not dead.

You were gonna go and join the force.

I told your mother,

"The moment he sets foot
in the Police Academy,

he's gonna
get an earful."


Was my father always corrupt?

We met when we became partners
as first-year detectives.

He was the best...then.

The evil came after.

But that's not why you're here.


4221 Main Street.

It's a high-rise.

Yeah, I ran all the tenants.

The person in 14-E's
been flagged.

Flagged by whom?

The marshals.

E. Parker's
in Witness Protection.

Thanks, Jones.

Here it is. Kept it safe.
Didn't open it.

It's postmarked the day
before you were arrested.


Kate never came to get it?

The pretty girl with the dark hair.

She did.
Almost five years ago now.

But she didn't take it?

She changed her mind.

Said she wanted you to have it.

What about my mom?
Did you ever --


I haven't seen or heard
from her -- or your father --

It's been years.

I have to admit I'm curious.

What is in there that's so special?

Something I took trying
to get back a life I lost,

and it's been chasing me ever since.

Better not let it catch you.

Listen --
coming here, I'm sorry.

The FBI is gonna show up.
They'll ask questions.

This island was getting
a little small for me anyway.

[ Chuckles ] Now, go.

Thank you.

For everything.

Do I want to know what's in there?

Plausible deniability.

Come on, let's catch that tram.

My car's on the other side.

[ Clears throat ]

Who is E. Parker?

I've never
told anyone this --

not even Moz.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

You gonna get that?

[ Beep ]

Peter, it's Diana.


I'm with Kramer.

He knows Caffrey's
on Roosevelt Island.

Where are you?

We're at the tram terminal,
Manhattan side.

Damn it.

What's going on?

You're with Caffrey.

Yeah. And we're headed
right to you.

Let me first say that Agent Burke and I

have been married for 12 years.

It's a partnership
that's built on respect,

admiration, and trust.

And how is this relevant?

Peter's relationship with Neal

is based on the same elements.

Your husband trusts Neal?

He does.
When it counts.

When it counts?

[ Chuckles ] Well, Neal was a con man.

I don't know if you'd want him
dating your sister.

Can I take that back?


Listen --
Peter and Neal together,

they argue and bicker.

But in the end --
when it counts --

Peter puts up with Neal
because he's worth it.

Should Mr. Caffrey's sentence
be commuted?


[ Indistinct shouting ]

This is not good.

No, we ride this out,

and you're put away for 20 years.

Well, maybe there's another way.


No. Forget that.

You'll never survive the fall.

I'm not gonna to jump.

Then what the hell are you planning?

Help me out and I'll tell you.

No, tell me, then I'll help you out.

You first.
[ Exhales sharply ]


[ Grunts ]

Thank you.


And I'm doubling back
toward Roosevelt Island.

Wish me luck.

What? No.
Neal, that's crazy.

Damn it, get back in here!


You'll never make it!




[ Cellphone ringing ]

What's up, Moz?

Neal, you got a second?

I do now.

It sounds windy where you are.

Yeah. What is it?

Sara and I have a plan.

Are you still on Roosevelt Island?

I will be soon.

I've carved out an escape route.

Meet me at the traffic circle

where Road 5 and East Road connect.

I'm on my way.

You gonna tell me
what happened up there?

I tracked Neal to the island.

I was
bringing him back --

Then where is he?
He'd be here with me now

if you hadn't thrown
a dozen guns at his face.

This is my fault?

You box him in, he's gonna run.

You have no idea how to handle him.

I do.

[ Chuckles ] Clearly.

Tell me, Pete.

Neal have the painting on him?

Not that I saw.

Are you handling him or becoming him?

Sir. The eastbound tram
is approaching the island.

Maintain pursuit on Caffrey.
I'm heading downtown.

[ Car door closes ]

Neal's got under an hour
to meet Sara Ellis.

If he makes it,
I'll be waiting for him.

[ Tires screech ]

Man: Right now.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Woman: Coming in now.
Mom, look at that.


Moz, start the engine!

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Sirens wailing ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Wailing continues ]

Well, Caffrey understands people.

You need space, he keeps to himself.

You need to talk, he listens.

You need a beer, he'll pour.

[ Chuckles ] Although he'll let
you know he's slumming it.

Do you support his commutation?

He's damn good at what he does,

and I consider him a friend.

But that doesn't change the fact

that he's a convicted bond forger

and prison escapee.

I think he should finish out
his two years with the bureau

and be grateful...

that he's got the best damn deal
I've ever seen.

Okay, Sara's waiting for you
at Sterling Bosch.

If you can make the hand-off
in time, you're golden.


Well, the odds of you
making it are --

I know, Moz.

But I don't have a choice.

You do.

[ Indistinct radio chatter ]

What's Lolana doing here?

Well, during our brief
alienation --

before the whole Keller fiasco...

...I moved your portion of
the treasure out of the country,

should you ever care to claim it.

You saved my half?

Well, a little less than half.

I was angry -- sue me.

It's still worth more
than either of us

could ever spend in a lifetime.

We could run.
Right now.

Never look back.

I don't want to run anymore, Moz.

All units, be on the lookout

for stolen ambulance number 313.

That's us.
So much for not running.

I have to finish this.

I somehow knew
you were gonna say that.

But for Lolana's sake,
I had to give it a try.


I'll lead the federal bloodhounds

on a chase of
the wild-goose variety.

Thanks, Moz.


If I don't make it,
you and Lolana will need that

to get to the island without me.

You'll make it.

[ Slaps door lightly ]

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, Sara.

Where are you?

A few blocks away.

Listen -- meet me in the lobby.
It's gonna be close.

Neal, I --
[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Sighs ]


Sara, have you heard from Neal?

He's got the painting,

but he's not gonna get past Kramer.

He may not have to.

Get us a meeting with your boss
in the next five minutes.

I'll try.
Don't try. Do it.

[ Beep ]

I have eyes on Caffrey.

Not good.

Heading east on Pearl.

Oh, I'm gonna regret this.

[ Beeping ]

What?! Hey! Hey!
You got to move that thing!

No can do, ma'am.

[ Tires screeching ]

What are you doing?!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

[ Tires screech ] Neal!

Get in!

[ Tires screech ]

Woman: Agent Kramer,
we lost Caffrey.

Kramer: All units fall back
to Sterling Bosch.

Form a perimeter around the building.

[ Tires screech ]

Thank you.
Good luck, Caffrey.

Your proposal...

It all seems highly irregular.

Yes, Mr. Bosch,

but you can admit that irregularity

has worked very well for me
in the past.

And I'm offering you an opportunity

to make $15 million in five minutes.

Agent Burke, you can assure me
this is all legal?

I wouldn't be here if it weren't.

What do I have to do?

Just sign some start paperwork, sir.

I'd say this moment was inevitable,

wouldn't you, Neal?

I knew you could be reasonable.

I think you might take
a real shine to D.C. after all.

Don't count on it.

Ah, you do the honors, Pete.

I should have listened to you.
I played right into his hands.

It's not over yet.

Raphael's Saint George and the Dragon.

A seminal work.

Sara: Excuse me.

That painting is property
of Sterling Bosch Insurance.

[ Chuckles ]
Valiant effort, Ms. Ellis.

This is evidence
in a criminal investigation.

Investigation into what?

Class "B" possession
of stolen property.

And you are?

Winston Bosch.
This young lady works for me.

I don't see anyone here
with stolen property.

This painting --

Belongs to Sterling Bosch.

We hired Mr. Caffrey
to authenticate it for us.

The hell you did.

Yes. I did. Here.

Mr. Caffrey is quite
the art expert.

He's even worked for the FBI
as an authenticator.

I can attest to that.

And if he's good enough for you,

he's good enough for me.

You're part of this?

Well, Mr. Caffrey,

what's your professional
assessment of this piece?

Oh, that is definitely
the real Raphael.

I'd stake my reputation on it.


And for your services --

Sorry. Neal's not allowed
to accept payment

while he works for us.

Even better.

See you around, Caffrey.
See you around.

[ Sighs ] Why don't you head home?

Get some rest.
Got a big day tomorrow.

You gonna be okay?

I'll be fine. Go.

You went behind my back,

conspired to obstruct justice.

I could say you did the same.

Wake up, Petey!
Open your eyes!

You're not his partner.
You're his mark!

This boy's run
such a good confidence game,

he's got you thinking

that you've come out ahead
in all this.

When did you stop putting faith
in people?

When they stopped deserving it.


This isn't over yet, Pete.

Not by a long shot.

Mr. Caffrey, do you deserve to be free?

That's not for me to decide.

I won't sit here
and give you some monologue

about how reformed I am.

Actions speak louder than words,

and, hopefully, my actions
while in service to the FBI

say more than I can.

And what would you do
with your freedom?

Well, I can tell you one thing.

I won't be going anywhere
anytime soon.

You won't?

I'm happy here.

You know, someone once told me

my life is a dream
with an anklet attached.

If I wake up tomorrow
and that anklet is still on --

I have a good job, a wonderful home...

a partner and a best friend.

A family.

But to wake up
and answer only to myself...

...that would mean

We have one more interview to conduct

before we make our decision.

You'll have an answer here today
by 5:00 P.M.

Thank you.


How'd it go?

As well as it could go, I think.

You know what the nice thing is?


It doesn't matter.

What do you mean?

Well, you're gonna go in there
and say your piece,

and the board's gonna make
their decision.

But with or without my anklet,

come Monday morning,
I'm gonna step off that elevator

on the 21st floor and go to work.

You once told me you never lied to me

and you never will.

So I need to know something.

The first time Kramer and I
went after you for the Degas,

how'd you switch the paintings?

I snuck up to the penthouse,
pulled the swap,

then base-jumped
off the building

and landed on Wall Street.

[ Chuckles ]

Don't tell me.

I got to go in.

That person you saw
on Roosevelt Island --

who was it?

When this is over...

I'll tell you everything.

See you soon.

They're ready for you now,
Agent Burke.

Thanks, Henry.

What is this?

These marshals are here
to take Neal Caffrey

into custody when he returns.

For what?

If you had only listened to me.

For what?
Public endangerment.

I've got a dozen eyewitnesses

who saw Caffrey hop that tram.

Combine that with evading arrest,

obstruction of justice.

Hell, I may even throw in
a jaywalking charge

for good measure.

We're not in the revenge business.

Neal pissed you off,
and now you want to hurt him.

Just control him.

Neal's got a lot of skeletons.

I'll pick one,
slap that anklet on him,

and he'll work for me
in D.C. permanently.

You understand this is best
for everyone, don't you?

Don't you?

I have a statement to make.

State your name and relationship
to Neal Caffrey

for the record, please.

Special Agent Peter Burke.

I've been Neal Caffrey's handler

at the Federal Bureau of Investigation

since his release into our custody.

You caught him?


And you should know,
the last time I caught him,

he was sitting alone
in an empty apartment.

He had nothing.
No one.

And now?

He has a life.
A real life here.

One that keeps him grounded
and decent.

As you've heard,

there are many people
who care about Neal,

people who see him
as more than just a criminal.

He's frustrating, I'll admit.

He drives me crazy on his best days.

I don't always have to know
where Neal is

or what he's up to.

But I do know that he has a good heart

and a set of principles...
[ Beeping ]

...that weren't there
six years ago

when he was just another case file

that got dropped on my desk.

Do you think
Mr. Caffrey is reformed?

As long as he's on that anklet,
we'll never know.

We can sit here until kingdom come

and debate over who is Neal Caffrey.

But as long as we keep him tethered,

as long as we treat him
like a criminal,

he'll always think that he is one.

Whether Neal is a citizen,
a C.I., or a thief

is a decision that needs
to be put in his hands.

[ Cellphone rings ] Agent Burke...

...Should Neal Caffrey's sentence be commuted?


I'm saying Neal should be free.

I'm sorry --
this couldn't wait.

Peter Caffrey's cut his anklet.

Neal's gone.