White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 13 - Neighborhood Watch - full transcript

Peter brings home a scanner that can pick up sounds from far away. He goes to work and leaves it, Elizabeth is there when she hears a conversation it's picking up that the neighbors are having. That's when she hears them talking about a crime they're planning. She calls Peter and tells him about it. He and Neal go to check it out but nothing is happening. He attributes the whole thing to her recent abduction. She then calls Mozzie and the two of them check out the neighbors. They discover something but instead of telling Peter, she calls Neal and asks for his help. They try to find out more info before they tell Peter.

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Honey, if you can
pick him up after school,

it would help a lot.

Car 14, can you please
return to the station?

Car 14, return to the station.

- Reporting a 10-50,
- Court and Degraw.

Court and Degraw?
That's right around the corner.

What's a 10-50?

Noise complaint.

This scanner picks up anything
within a couple blocks.

Probably those hipsters with the band.

Oh, hipsters.
Are you gonna arrest them?

Well, until they start
skimming off album sales,

they're out of my jurisdiction.

Honey, you're working from home today.

Oh, this surveillance equipment
is from the Lebowski stakeout.

I was gonna take it in,
but the car's at the office.

It's okay. Satch and I can live without
a coffee table for a few hours.

Yeah, and I guess the bureau
can live without

an IMSI GSM scanner for a few hours.

Oh, sexy tech talk, Inspector Gadget.

You like?

Well, if I'm late tonight,
I'm probably dealing with

a wireless XD5 Intel
motherboard thingy problem.

Mm. Very hot.

Have a good day.
You too.

Satch, do you need to go out?

What's going on? Hey.

Oh. Huh.

Oh, Peter left this on.

Oh, nice ears, buddy.

He's leaving our trash
on the sidewalk again.

I can't stand it.

I bet she's having an affair.


I knew it!

She gets way too many bikini
waxes for a married woman.

Well, Fred's devastated.

He's staying with his daughter
in Montauk.

Such a shame. He was never good
on his own, you know.

- Bottom line --
- I can't afford a third strike.

You got to stop
thinking "prison"

Yeah, it's easy for you to say.

That's why we do it right.
I'll see you at noon.

47th and Park.

And don't worry.
I'm thinking "payday."

Agent Westley
didn't graduate from Quantico

so that he could write
your case reports.

Peter, I know how important
those reports are.

You always say,
"if it happens in the field --"

it happens in the file.

And writing them takes practice.

I gave those reports to Westley
as a gift.

A gift?

One he can invest in his future.

Hey, El.

- Hey, hon.
- How you doing?

Hey. What's up?

I know this sounds ridiculous,
but I --

I think there's gonna be
a robbery today.

A robbery? Why?

Well, when you left this morning,

you forgot to turn off the scanner.

And I overheard a conversation
with two guys,

and I could swear
they were planning a crime.

What did they say?

Ugh, something about not wanting
to go back to prison.

You know, doing it right this time?

Well, that's not your normal
neighborly gossip.

No, and whatever they're doing,

it's gonna be on 47th and Park

at noon.

Look, it --
it could be nothing.

Or it could be something.
I'll look into it.

Will you let me know?

I will.
Thanks, honey.

47th and Park.
Everything okay?

El may have given us a lead.

I'll tell you about it on the way.

And pay attention,
'cause I'm gonna need a report.



Maybe they saw us
and called off the job.

Seems unlikely.

Maybe El misheard.

Over static, "noon" sounds like
a lot of things.



Well, a lot of people chatting
about saloons these days.

- And "I'll meet you at balloon"
makes complete sense. - Yeah.

She's still shaken up
after what happened with Keller.

That could be.

Look, I'm impressed
at how well she's handled it,

but you can't blame her
for being a little...

Yeah. And curious.



What are you doing here?

Well, I didn't want to
bother you with a call,

and the suspense
was kind of killing me,

so it's way past noon.

It is.

No robbery?

No. See, those guys were
definitely talking about a crime.

I saw that look.

What look?
What are you talking about?

I know what I heard.

And whoever said it lives close to us.

Well, Peter speculated
the robbers may have seen us

and called off the job.
That's exactly what I said.

You know, we can check in
with these store owners,

take a look at the security cams.

Yeah. Okay.

I don't need your pity.
I'm -- I'm gonna go.

No, honey, honey, let me have
an agent take you home.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

I'll see you later.

No one believes us, Satch.

But I'm gonna find somebody who does.

Thanks for coming, Moz.
I know it sounds crazy.

Oh, our survival hinges on assuming

total destruction
is a hairsbreadth away.

Never ignore your instincts.

Well, I normally am

a "look on the bright side"
kind of person.

Oh, a slightly different world view.

I know what I heard.

I would normally let aspiring
criminals do their thing,

but for you, I'll make an exception.

This is the scanner.

It's on the same channel as before.

Oh, it's important to keep
indisputable records

of anything that is disputable.

- It's the trash that lures them.
- I secure them.

That's Mr. Robeson.
He's declared war on raccoons.

Oh, filthy creatures.

Ironically, their taxonomy
is procyon lotor,

or "washer dog."

We might be here a while.
Um, darjeeling or oolong?

Surprise me.

Did she say how long
it's been going on?

Apparently quite a while.

Poor Fred.

How could it get any worse?

Oh, I think Fred knows more
than he's letting on.

- I'm just getting home.
- We did good today.

- What'd I tell you? Like clockwork.
- That's them! That's the voices!

Any luck with the work order?

I'm still waiting
for them to call me back,

but it'll be in place
tomorrow by 2:00.

They're right outside!

Tomorrow. 2:00.
We're set up for good.

All right, later on.

A visage for the voice.

Oh, great.

What do you think's
in the duffel bag?

Is that a --
A gun!

You think?

Definitely a Sig Sauer P227...

Or a Tony Award.

Feeling brave,
Mrs. Suit?

Have you seen him before?

No, no, the house was empty a month ago.

Well, whoever he is,
he's definitely being cautious.

You know, I think it's time
I met my new neighbors.

Tomorrow, 2 o'clock.
We're set up for good.

So, who's Woodward
and who's Bernstein?

They're waiting on a work order.

It could be anything.

And a duffel bag could be filled
with gym clothes.

Mm. There are no certainties
in life.

Well, here's one. If you saw a
gun, you should let Peter know.

Neal, I saw the way
Peter looked at me today.

He thinks I'm paranoid
after what happened with Keller.

No, he's just --

Neal, stop it.
He does.

I don't want him
to see me as a victim.

Look, he worries about you.

And I'm worried that the new
neighbors are up to something.

Look, this is exactly when
having a husband in the FBI

comes in handy.

Not until I know more.

On the off chance
that I might be wrong,

will you help?

Moz and I will take a look around,

see if there's anything
Peter needs to know about.

Thanks. Wait.

We're not talking about
breaking and entering?

- No.
- Of course not.

There won't be any breaking.

Or entering.

Got it. Anything?

We talked to businesses
at 47th and Park.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Midtown north detectives
canvassed a five-block radius.

Fistfight, guy stiffed a cabbie
out of his fare.

Phones went down briefly
in an office building.

Tip jar was looted at a coffee house.

And an ATM malfunctioned.

Bank manager said it was nothing,

didn't lose a dime.

I appreciate the diligence,
and so does Elizabeth.

Hey, look, my mom's convinced

that her dry cleaner's
part of the mob.

Christie was positive

one of her patients
was on the "Most Wanted" list.

Well, glad to know El's paranoia
is run-of-the-mill.

And, from the looks of it,

it's all good in my 'hood.


I can't really
pull that phrase off, can I?

Not even close.

You're under a lot of pressure.
It's okay.

All right, keep an eye
on the approach.

I'm gonna get a closer look.

Careful, the churlish fellow
we spied before

could still be here,
and he may or may not be armed.

He's got
a lock-pick set in there.

No gunman, but I see the duffel bag.

You got a knife handy?

We said we wouldn't break in.

I'm not breaking in.
I'm reaching in.

Moz, the bag is right here.

I need something sharp
to pry the window.

Mrs. Suit
made me leave my tools.

We don't have time.
Come on.

There's nothing in here

but old tofu boxes
and sprout containers.

Never mind.
I got something.

Careful! This neighborhood
is rife with tetanus.

I don't know what that means!

It means to hide, obviously.

Uh, hello?

Paper in the green bin.

Excuse me, that's for paper.

Uh, not paper towels or napkins.

What are you doing in my trash?

I don't think so.

I'm the founder of the
Cobble Hill Recycling Bureau.

I don't care who you are.
Get off my property.

Don't come back.
Oh, fine.

I do not suffer repeat offenders.

Well, whatever he's planning,
he's got the tools to break in.

I saw an Elite III lock-pick set
in there.

These people
are environmental terrorists.

Can you focus? Please?

Right. An Elite III pick set.
Strictly government issue.

Yeah, or black market.

Yeah, you convinced yet?

What kind
of lock-pick set?

Look, the bottom line is it's illegal,

and if Peter sees it,
he can confiscate it

and get a warrant to search
the rest of the house.

Okay. How do we get him
to see it?

Well, that's the problem.

Well, I don't think

Peter's gonna be peeping
through windows.

No, he can't.

But if he's invited inside the house

and sees it in plain sight...

How do I get an invitation?

"Meet your neighbors" dinner party.

Okay, if my neighbors are criminals,

do you really think
they're gonna host houseguests?

Judging by their trash,

they're a couple
of health-food nuts.

How's your garden doing?

Elizabeth Burke.

My husband and I live
right down the street.


We saw the moving trucks
a couple weeks ago.

Um, housewarming present?

Summer peas from my garden.

You grew these.

100% local organic.

Thank you.

Rebecca Ryan.

Ben's gonna love these --
my husband.

We'd normally have you guys
over for dinner,

but we're actually
renovating our kitchen.

Well, when your reno is done,
we'd love to come over.

Oh, the peas will be dead by then.

It's so sad when you grow
such healthy things

and you're not able to use them.

Are you enjoying your kitchen?

You want to come over
for dinner tonight?

Do you like quinoa?

We love quinoa.


It's delicious --
a super food.

And I thought you were
getting dressed up for me.

You know, I heard some new lingo
from cyber crimes

that I could whisper in your ear.

Oh, you can...

After we have dinner with the Ryans.

I don't know about new neighbors.

You know, it starts with dinner,
then the next thing you know,

one of them still has my belt sander.

Aw, I know, honey.
I know.

At least when crooks take your stuff,

you can arrest them.

Well, who knows?

Maybe the Ryans are crooks,

and maybe you'll have to arrest them.

No, I'm not telling them what I do.

You know they'll start asking me

to make their parking tickets go away.

Okay, well, just remember
two things --

We're redoing our kitchen,
and you love quinoa.

We're redoing our kitchen?

Or we can invite them over,

and you can give Ben a private
tour of your carpentry cabinet.

Babe, the Burkes are here.

6:30 already?

Um, Rebecca, this is my husband.

Hi. Peter.

Always glad to meet new neighbors.

Hey. Ben.


Elizabeth. Hi.

So, I was just finishing
cleaning up in here,

but, uh, why don't you
come on in, have a seat?

Lovely house.

Oh, we're still in boxes,
but it's coming.

Well, we brought you some rosé.

Let me open this.

There's a corkscrew in the side table.

I'll be right down.

They get dinner,

and we're trapped here in the car.

Oh, Mrs. Suit
thought of that.

She packed a meal.

And out comes the deviled ham.

No, wait.

No foul odors of mayo or flaked pig.


A nice beaujolais.

Peter gets apple juice.

She made croque-monsieur.

Oh, one with gruyère, one sans.

Definitely a notch above
the typical FBI stakeout.

Merci for stating the obvious.

Oh, Peter always puts on the game.

I don't know if you want to...

Oh, nine innings --

The same number as Dante's circles.

You know,
if you play your cards right,

your days of deviled ham
may be coming to an end.

If my sentence gets commuted?


That's true.

No more long nights in parked cars.

Small mercies.


I don't know.

Sometimes Peter will tell a story

about a bust or an old case,
and those nights are all right.

You're bordering on nostalgia.

- This is delicious.
- Thank you so much for having us.

Your peas really make the meal.

Let's call it a group effort.

Rebecca, by the way,
what did you do to this tofu?

- Nothing.
- That's the beauty.

We let the food speak for itself.

So, Ben, what do you do?

I'll let you guess.
Hand model?


Commercial painter.

Running rollers 14 hours a day
is a grind,

but it pays the bills for now.

Maybe Ben
can look at your kitchen

after the renovation's done.

that's not necessary.

Yeah, don't want to start
using you for your job.

I hate it when neighbors do that.

Damn straight.

To good neighbors.

To good neighbors.

So, Rebecca, what do you do?

I'm a dancer.

A dancer? Broadway?

Way off Broadway.

I'm thinking about retiring,
looking for a change.


How about you, Peter?
Me? Oh, I'm boring.

I want to talk more about dancing.

Come on.
Now you got me curious.

Really, it's --
it's not that interesting.

Nice teeth. Good smile.


No tan.

I'm guessing office job.

Honey, come on.
Give them a hint.

I like Vikings.


Excuse me.

Um, where's your restroom?

We're doing some work
on the ground floor,

so all the way upstairs, third floor.

So, Vikings.

Pillage and plunder.

Yeah, you know those long ships
with the dragon heads?

Love 'em.

I know.

You're a professor.

Of Nordic History.

No, but close.

Ben, did you hear that?

House still settling?

Or a rat.

You know they outnumber
New Yorkers 10 to 1?

I've heard that.

I'll go check.

I don't think that's a surrender flag.

All right, stay here, Moz.

I need to save Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's been gone quite a while.

She's probably
just checking her makeup.


So, she's the one who tries to
get you to eat healthy.

You got me. I --

I'm more of a meat-and-potatoes
kind of guy.

Ben used to be.


No rats.

Could be a chipmunk.
We had one.

Kept stealing my dog's kibble.

I found tiny footprints
right by Satchmo's bowl,

so I stayed up one night.

Caught the thief
with his cheeks filled.

Ah, you revel in the small victories.

I'm gonna check on my wife.

I can't get through these bars.

You're gonna have to pick
the door lock yourself.

I can't pick a lock!

It looks like a Birmingham, okay?

It's perfect for a beginner.
Can I see the pick set?


Okay. Use that hook --
the second one from the left

and the little
L-shaped tension wrench.


All right, now, keep the
pressure on the wrench, okay?

Neal, I don't think I can do this.

Just focus on the tip of the pick.

Think of it as an extension
of your hand.

I feel the pins.

Good. Good.
Now tiny, little upward motions.

You'll feel the pins lock into place.

I got it.


Hey, El.

Hey, Neal.


What are they doing up there?

Can somebody explain to me
why my wife is holding

a government
Elite III lock-pick set?

Honey, it's Ben's.

This is the reason why we're here.

I wanted you to see this.

Peter, there is no legal way

for him to be in possession
of an Elite --

Don't tell me about legality.

Be at my house when I get there.

Let's go.
I've suddenly lost my appetite.

Everything all right?


Elizabeth's not feeling well.

She's been fighting something.

Oh, no.

You didn't get any pie.
Fresh rhubarb.

Ooh, save me a piece.

thank you for a lovely dinner.

Start at the beginning.


I invited Mozzie over
to listen to the scanner.

We heard the same men planning
something for tomorrow.

One of those voices was Ben,

who was across the street with a gun.

A gun?

We think it was a gun.

Or a Tony Award.

You see a hypothetical gun,

then decide to call in the cavalry.

El wanted to make sure
she wasn't crying wolf.

I was embarrassed about
what happened earlier.

Oh, yeah, well, I know the feeling.

My wife recently used me as a patsy.

Yeah, and operation dinner roll
was a success.

Operation what?
You saw the Elite III.

We thought if you saw the lock
picks, you'd want to investigate.

Investigate what?

There was a duffel bag.

I-I found
the duffel bag.

It had a phone company uniform inside.

A phone company uniform?

And some repair equipment.

The phones went out in a
building on 47th and Park today.

Some security systems
are connected to phone lines.

There is something.

Vindication is thine,
Mrs. Suit.

Will you look into Ben?

Returning the surveillance gear.

Well, because of this,

my C.I. spent an evening
teaching my wife

the finer points
of lock-picking and B&E.

I heard.

He came in early to follow up
with the phone company.

Atoning. Good.

Have we run Ben Ryan through indices?

I did.
It's not good.

Ben served 4 years

at Five Points correctional facility

for possession of stolen property.

Even when Neal's not around,

I end up eating dinner
with grand larcenists.

Only 4 years for armed robbery?

He was caught with some of the haul,

but they couldn't prove
he pulled the job.

Says he had a partner.

- Yep.
- And he still does.

That building
where the lines went down

does have a phone-based
alarm system.

Overriding it
is a two-man job.

You can cut the trunk line

as long as a bypass line
is connected simultaneously.

They circumvented the alarm
but didn't steal anything.

I think it was a dry run.

Making sure it'll work for
whatever score they have planned.

Diana, track down a list
of known associates.

Maybe we'll get lucky
and find his partner.


El was right.

You're living down the street
from a criminal.

I know.
I need to call her.


No answer?

I'm sure she's busy.

Just in case.

Jones, call up the 76th Precinct.

Ask the C.O. to get a patrol car
to drive by my house.

Just came to return your dish.

Oh... Well, that's,
um, very neighborly of you.

After the warm welcome you gave us,

we were sad to see you go...
out of nowhere.

You feeling better?

Yeah. Much.

Yeah, I'm sorry we deserted you
before, um, dessert.

That's cute.

You and Peter make a great couple.

And you and Rebecca.

Rebecca and I are trying to
make a go of it.

There are challenges.

Hey, boy.

Oh, there's always challenges.

Thought you were remodeling
your kitchen?

Oh, yeah.

Well, these things
never really get done.

So you lied...
to get inside my house.

Your husband at work?

Ben, I'm not --
I'm not looking for trouble.

People never are.

I promise.

Love you, too.

Ben was at my house, Neal.


He threatened my wife.

All right, go home.
We'll cover things here.

El swears she's fine.

She says she wants us to get
this son of a bitch.

You could put a detail on the house.

No, she'll be peering out
the window all day.

She'll notice the car.

Well, I think she'd understand

you're looking out for her safety.

She'll know I'm worried about her.

If she knows I'm distracted,
then she'll worry about me.

It's the last thing she needs.

I'm sure Mozzie would swing by.

Tell him to keep his feet
off the furniture.


I need eyes on Ben Ryan.
I want to know what he's doing.

Well, we could drag him in,

show him how the bureau does threats.

There's been no crime.

We don't have anything
to threaten him with,

plus if we bring him in,
we'd only be firing up flares.

And I don't know
if I can restrain myself

if I had him alone.

the tail we put on Ryan --

We got something.

So, that guy Ben's talking to
is Connor Bailey.

He's got his own lengthy rap sheet.
Ben's partner?

That's what I'm betting.
The two of them go way back.

Maybe Ben could use a new friend.

What are you thinking?

Well, crime is a fraternity

the same way law enforcement is.

I mean, wouldn't you be more
inclined to open up to someone

if he was MI5?


So maybe Ben will let something slip

if he thinks I'm a criminal.

You know what I mean.

The question is,

how do I make Ben think
I'm one of him?

Meeting Connor is a violation
of Ben's parole.

I could give his P.O. a call.

Good. Then I show up
at the parole office

as a fellow ex-con

struggling to stay
on the straight and narrow.

A role you were born to play.

You tell me I am not allowed
to talk to my friend?

Not when your friend has a record

and shows up at your job.

I wasn't doing anything wrong.

If you're gonna violate your terms,

at least have the decency
to do it in private.

Whatever, man.
We done here?

Think of this as a chance
to enjoy my company twice a week

instead of just once.

Two dates a week.

I'll have to take you
ring shopping soon.

No, I can't
come back tomorrow.

How am I supposed to keep a job

when you keep dragging my ass
down here all the time?

Don't look at me like --

You know what?
Call my supervisor, okay?

He's gonna fire me.

W-- you got nothing
to say to that?

All right, you know what?
See you later.

The screws on the outside

are worse than the screws
on the inside.

You got that right.

Nick Halden.

Ben Ryan.

You know where to get a drink
around here, Ben?

I was just headed over
to my buddy's place.

You want to take a walk?

I'm not supposed to be
palling around with ex-cons.

Yeah, me either.

If I had a dime for everything
I wasn't supposed to do...

I'd call it a steady gig.

You like strip joints?

♪ I know you want to be with me ♪

Listen, I'm not real flush
at the moment, so...

Hey, relax.
I got you covered.


Hey, baby.
Hey, honey.

How long you been out?

Long enough.

You got something going on?

Doing all right.

You need a wheelman?

Now, see, there you go.

Just 'cause I did time,
you assume I'm a lifer.

Isn't that the way it is
with guys like us?

You've been to Lompoc, you're guilty.

At some point, you got to say,

"If the world sees me that way,
it's who I am."

I'll let you know
if I need a wheelman.

I knew it.
I knew you had something.

Yeah, I ain't admitting nothing.

Yeah, you got it?

Listen, I got to go
talk to a friend of mine.

Why don't you order a drink?
I'll be right back.


♪ I like the chase, boy,
can't you see? ♪

How you doing?

I'll be on stage in five, baby.


Listen, um...

I like your eye makeup.

It'd look good on my girlfriend.

Want to part with it?

You gonna tell her where you got it?

Our little secret.

Thank you.

♪ I know you want to be with me ♪

♪ put your hands all over me

That's a bright eyeshadow.
What color would you call that?


It's in the turquoise family.

Made yourself right at home
at the Stardust.

Well, when you do a rubbing
at a strip club,

your options are limited.

Oh, I'm tempted to make a
"rubbing at a strip club" joke.

Floated it
right across the plate for you.

You did.
I'm glad you're above it.

I am.
What do you think it is?

I'm betting that it's the work
order they've been waiting on.

My thoughts exactly.

I called the strip club's owner.

Evidently, Connor is
their daytime manager.

they hired an ex-con?

Off the books.

This is Burke.

Yeah, Jones.
What do you have?

Midtown telephone.

Phone company work order?

Midtown crew's on site now.

I bet Ben and Connor are close by.

In their uniforms.

You and your eyeshadow
may have cracked this case.

Look at that.

It's a match.

I'll get a work stoppage
until we know what's going down.


It's almost 2:00.

Why would Ben need a work order
for this job?

What if they cut the line

and called it in to
Midtown Telephone themselves?

Then Ben gets a call back
with the order number.

The phone company alerts
the businesses in the area

that they're gonna be doing
repair work today.

When our boys show up
in phony uniforms

with a work order that checks out...

They walk right in.
Lions for lambs.


They're gonna hit somewhere close.

Fan out.

Check to see who's talked to
a phone repairman today.

We're on it.

Yeah, but where?

I've seen this paint before.

That's the color
that was on Ben's hands.

Sean Loomis, head of security.

How can I help the FBI?

Do you recognize him?


He's one of the painters
working on our remodeling.

Is anyone from the phone company
here right now?

Yeah. But my assistant
already spoke to them.

Their credentials check out.

Pick up your phone.

Line's dead.

Jones, bring the team
to the Drakemore Hotel.

The robbery is taking place here.

Where are those repairmen?
The junction room.

What else is back there?
The house safe.

How much is in it?

How much?

$7.5 million.

There's a gem convention in town.

A lot of our guests wanted us
to keep their cash

in our strong room.

Our safe is impregnable.

You sure about that?

Oh, I guess
they couldn't crack the safe.

So they took the whole damn thing.

FBI! Stop!

We're outgunned.

Yeah, I think so.

You guys okay?

Except my neighbor
just took off with $7.5 million.

Peter, we found the van
abandoned a half mile away.

No sign of Ben, Connor, or the money.

These guys know what they're doing.

They had this planned
to a "t."

Ben got a job as a painter
to case the place.

They had a drop car lined up.

They even did a dry run

on the same alarm system
the hotel has.

What, you gonna start a fan club?

No, I'm just saying they didn't
leave anything to chance.

Right, and they're already long gone.

I don't think so.

Ben bought a house.
He's putting down roots.

They're not going anywhere.

No. He's gonna be smart
about it.

He's not gonna start driving
a Bugatti.

He's gonna pay his mortgage...

Sit on his cash, put up ugly curtains,

play his music too loud,
and borrow my tools.

To hell with that.

Well, if we're right,
we can still catch him.


Your Sakhari Freedom Fighters
have rebuffed me again.

You know,
I know what you're doing, Moz.

My cheating is undetectable.

Peter sent you here to protect me.

I am simply enjoying
the Napoleonic tactics

hidden in a game that some
would call child's play.


I'm my own man,

but the suit may know
I'd be dropping by.

So you're my sakhari freedom fighter?

If the shoe fits.

Hey, hon.

El, Ben and his partner
robbed the Drakemore Hotel.

They did?

I knew it.
Did you catch them?

Not yet.

We need to find them with the cash.

Well, what if you don't?

We think they may be
sitting on the money.

Wait, so they could still live
down the street?

Don't worry.

Not gonna happen.

I have squad cars en route,

but I need you to keep an eye
on the house.

Yeah, of course.

So, should I get you
some moving boxes?

It's just stuff
surrounded by walls, El.

Some of us are prepared to disappear

on a moment's notice.

Well, not me. They're not
scaring me out of my home.

Rebecca's on the move!
Alert the suits!

No. No, no, no. No.

If she gets away,
we're gonna lose her.

We got to go.
Come on.

You're a bad influence.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Roadblocks and BOLOs?

When in doubt,
stick to the tried and true.

Fair enough.

We got an exact dollar amount
from the hotel.

Good. We find the same amount
in Ben or Connor's possession,

should be enough to put them away.

Could you get the speakerphone?


Peter Burke's office.

Oh, hey, Neal.

El, any movement on the house?

Uh, yes, definitely.

All right, we're on our way.
Just stay back and be careful.

Uh, it's a little late for that.

- We tailed Rebecca.
- Moz?

Elizabeth is like
a terrifying amalgamation

of Danica Patrick
and "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

You were supposed to just keep watch.

But you said, "Be safe."

And the only way I'm gonna feel safe

is when Ben and Rebecca
are behind bars.

Does Rebecca know
you're following her?

No, no, no.

I had a secure distance,
and I had a buffer car.

I taught you those maneuvers
to skirt a tail, not become one.

Isn't it the same principle?

El, these guys unloaded on us
with automatic weapons.

They are not messing around.
Where are you now?

The Stardust Revue.

Oh, damn it, El.

That's where Ben's partner,
Connor Bailey, works.

Rebecca's heading inside right now

with three empty duffel bags.

They're gonna divvy up the take.
After that, it's gone.

Then we got to hurry.

El, get out of there now, please.

We are on our way.

Moz, how long is it gonna take

for them to count that much money?

With bill counters --
like 10, 15 minutes.

Peter's across town. He'll never make it in time.
But the Suit said to leave!

Are you gonna bow to the will
of the establishment?



I can't let you do this.

We have to stall them.

Fine, then let me do it.

No. I have a plan.

I'm gonna tell them I'm FBI.

That is the worst plan
I've ever heard, literally ever.

They won't buy it.
Why not?

You don't carry yourself like a fed.

Well, I've been married to Peter
for over a decade.

I can do this.

Okay, let me see
your G-man impression.

Elizabeth Burke. FBI.

I want to ask you some questions.

Okay, first of all,
lose the hands on the hips.

You look like Wonder Woman.

Now I need to see
more hatred in your eyes.

You should exude pure evil,
born of a blackened soul.

That's how they look to me!

All right.
I can do this, all right?

What are we gonna do about you?

Oh, are you referring

to my anti-Brooks Brothers

An idea forms.

Oh, there's Rebecca.

That must be Connor.


Connor Bailey.

Lady, I'm busy right now.

Well, you need to
make some time for me.

Elizabeth Burke. FBI.

Haversham --
Special Agent Haversham.

You need to come downtown with us.

We have questions about
the Diamond Midtown Hotel.

I don't know what that is.

Tell it to the judge, scumbag.

Why don't you go back there and collect
your things and come back out?

Okay, good, yeah.
I'll, uh -- I'll do that.


And, Bailey,
don't get any funny ideas.

Backup's on the way.

You all right?


I got people claiming
to be feds out on the floor.

What? Right now?

They know about the job.

You idiot.

They probably followed you
from the hotel.

We got to pack up.

We weren't supposed to have to run.

Well, we do now.


That's not a federal agent.

That's that nutjob who was
going through our trash.

You sure?

That's that damn neighbor woman.

Well, whoever they are,
they know too much.

Oh, the jig may be up.
We should go.


I might be able to buy us some time.

Not much.


The Stardust Revue is giving away

seven free sexy, sexy dances

right through that door
in the champagne room.

First come, first serve.
Ask for Connor Bailey.

Can we go?

You're done, you weirdo.

Mrs. Suit!

You can thank me later.

FBI! Drop your weapon.

Drop your weapons,
or I will put you down!

You are FBI?

Well, I'm --
I'm close enough.

Thought you were one of us.

I was.

I think
I'm just gonna --

I don't remember.

Is quinoa on the menu at Five Points?

Honey, you all right?

Yeah, I was just, um, trying to help.

Did you impersonate an FBI agent?

I happen to know that's illegal.
Just saying.

Spousal immunity?

You made that up.

She has spousal immunity.


You helped put dangerous folks
behind bars today.

Congratulations on closing
your first case.

Well, they don't
call me "Mrs. Suit" for nothing.

I might be able to get a desk
for you at the office,

right next to Neal's.

I think I'll stick to
keeping our street safe.

Speaking of, the brown house --
do we know them?

The walkers?
Uh, Patty and Sam.

They have matching bicycles.


They're not criminals.

Still, I don't know.

It might be worth questioning them

about the case
of the missing belt sander.

Mm. Mrs. Suit.

Shut that blind.


You got it?
Yeah, I got it.

I got it.

I brought home
my servo-powered XLG3.

Mm, what's that do?