White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 11 - Checkmate - full transcript

Elizabeth's been kidnapped by Keller and he wants the treasure. Neal wants to help but unfortunately the treasure's gone. Neal deduces Mozzie has it and can't be contacted. Neal tries to get a message to him. And he returns. He wants to help too. But he knows the moment Keller gets the treasure, he won't release Elizabeth, alive. So he, Neal, and Peter try to find a way to buy time so that they can find Elizabeth.

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Previously on White Collar...

To our best and final score.

You almost killed me, Mozzie.

What do you want, Keller?

This is your last chance to
cut me in on your treasure.

Remember, I did ask nicely.

Now I'm gonna have to make
you give me what I want.

Neal, it's time for you to make a choice.

Do you want to leave?


You're fooling yourself

if you think this is who you really are.

I've seen the treasure.

Yeah, your boy Caffrey's got it.

And you want it.

You gonna help me or what?

Why would I help you?

How about you go home

and relax and think about it?


He took my wife.


SWAT's been deployed throughout New York,

and HRTt's on standby.

We've got aerial, ground, marine,
electronic surveillance

all up.

Checkpoints are everywhere.

We'll find her, Peter.

Do we know what Keller wants?


You have the treasure.

I didn't steal it, okay?
You son of a bitch!

I don't care. You have it.

Keller knows.

You're gonna give it to him

so that I can get my wife back.

Yes. Whatever you need.

It's him.

Agent Burke.

If you're smart -- and
we both know you are --

you'll keep the FBI off this call.

Let me talk to her.

And why would I let you do that?

I want to hear her voice.

Be careful, Mrs. Burke.

No passing messages, okay?

Hi, hon.

Hi, hon.

You all right?

Yeah, I-I'm okay.

They haven't hurt me.

I miss you.

I miss you, too.

Will you make sure Satchmo's okay?

You know how is if he hasn't eaten.

Hey. Talk time's over.

I'll fix this, El.


You two kids are tugging
on my heartstrings here.

So nice to see a married couple

showing love after all this time.

I'd hate to come between that.

So let her go.
I will.

As soon as you hold up your end of it.

The moment I have Caffrey's
treasure, she's all yours.

You have 12 hours.

What'd she say?

She could have said anything,

and she asked me about Satchmo.

He looks fine.
I know.

Think she was passing a code?

Oh, there is it.

Oh, I love my wife.

Good boy, Satchmo.


Good boy.


Satchmo bit one of our kidnappers.

There's blood under Satchmo's chin.

Okay, we'll get a blood
kit and run a DNA test.

Put word out to pharmacies and hospitals

to keep an eye out for
anybody with a dog bite.

All right.

Let's go, boy.

Take me to the treasure.

You're not gonna tell the
bureau about Keller?

Not yet.

He knows our playbook better than we do.

Let Jones and Diana focus
on finding Elizabeth.

We'll deal with Keller.

I drive past this building every morning.

The treasure's in here?

I didn't ask for it.

You could have walked away.

You're right. I could have.

I didn't.

And I should be paying
for it, not Elizabeth.

You're going to pay for it. Right now.

Where is it?

It was here.

Peter, it was all here.

Oh, God.

He already moved it.

Who's "he"? He? Mozzie?

Of course it was Mozzie.
You call him.

I tried.

Look, he's not talking to me.
We had a falling out.

What, you couldn't agree
on what island to buy?

I didn't think he'd move it this fast.

Where'd he take it?

I don't know.

I don't.

It's Elizabeth. No lies.
I don't know.

Damn it, Neal!

Mozzie could be anywhere in the world.

We have less than 12 hours
to find him. Peter.

We're gonna get her back.

And we start by finding Mozzie.

Any luck in finding Mozzie?

No. He's gone completely to ground.

He's canceled his emails, his cellphones.

You find anything?

Nope. His safe houses are abandoned.

Monday through Sunday?


He probably left the city.

What were you two arguing about?

Mozzie wanted to leave New York.

I didn't.

Why not?




The view out that window.

Stepping off the elevator Monday morning.

All of it.

I have a life here.

What about Mozzie?

Well, he didn't like to
admit it, but, yeah...

This is his home.

I ran every alias you gave me.

He hasn't boarded a plane or a boat.

That means he's thinking it over.


He wants seclusion.

There's got to be a way to reach him.
There is.

One way.

I'm looking for Estelle.

Strange place to find a
woman, don't you think?

She's not a woman, but
you already know that.

All right. Who are you?

Friend of Mozzie's.

I need to get a message to him.

Blue eyes. Tailored suit.

He told me you might come.

He said to send you away.

Cher Ami.

During World War I,

the lost battalion was surrounded

by German soldiers in
the Battle of Argonne.

Every carrier pigeon they
sent out for help was killed.

Cher Ami was their last one.

The lost battalion watched
him get shot down.

All hope was lost.

But somehow,

he took flight again and
reached his destination.

Saved 200 lives

and was awarded the Croix de Guerre.

Cher Ami means "dear friend."

Mozzie's dear friend needs him now.

He doesn't know it,

but another life needs to be saved.

Hey, Estelle.

It's been a long time.

I never knew where you flew
to, but I think I do now.

Mozzie always said

you were the best homer in the city.

We need you.


Thought you could use a fresh cup.

Thanks, Jones.

DNA results came back on
the blood from Satchmo.

It wasn't Keller's.

Leonard Grant.

Grant has a history of
unpredictable violence.

He has a long rap sheet,
including kidnapping.

Looks like the kind of
guy Keller would love.


We're looking into his former contacts now,

tracing his financial history.


Boss, is there anything I can do for you?

Oh... exactly what you're doing.

There isn't anyone I trust more

to spearhead this than you and Jones.

What about Caffrey?

He has the treasure, doesn't he?

That's what Keller's after, and
you're working that angle.

The less you know, the better right now.

Thanks, Diana.


Oh, Estelle. You're early.

Please... don't hurt me.

T-they'll give you what you want.

They better,

'cause I got lots of debts to pay...

Especially to the Russians,

so hopefully this will clear them all

in one fell swoop.

Besides, the art doesn't
belong to Neal anyway.

He's just the most recent
person to steal it.

I'm glad you're taking it.

You are, huh?

Why do you say that?

Neal betrayed my husband, lied to him.

He doesn't deserve any of it.

Wow, you're good, Mrs. B.

I'll give you that.

No eye contact, identifying
with your captor.

I mean, you haven't even used my name.

Everything from the FBI
kidnapping playbook, huh?

The only problem is...

your husband already knows who I am.

That's true.

And he and Neal are going to kick your ass.

Well, listen, I'm sure
you're trying to figure out

how to escape from here,

so let me make this nice and easy.

This door is your only way in and out.

Not even Neal could pick this lock.

If I were you,

my second choice would be
this here fire escape.

So unless you have a drill
kit hidden in your blouse,

this is where you're staying.

But just to make sure --

Hey, Grant!

I believe you two met earlier, right?

I'd shake your hand, but...

So while I'm out meeting your husband,

Grant here will be keeping an eye on you.

How long you gonna be gone?

My hand is really starting to hurt.

It's a scratch.

Goodbye, Elizabeth Burke.

Shoot her in the foot
if she tries anything.

I want to be prepared if
we can't find Mozzie.

What if we tell Keller the truth?

And he'll take it out on Elizabeth.

Maybe we should let the FBI
know what Keller wants.

They won't negotiate with kidnappers,

and I want them focusing on finding El.

Well, we don't have to worry
about finding Mozzie.

Let's get him up here now.

For once, words fail me.

They can't possibly convey how sorry I am.

This was Keller's big move.
I should have seen this coming.

Do you have the treasure?



Wait! Y-you can't give it to him.

No, no. Once he has it,
there's no reason --

Once he has it,

there's no reason to keep her alive!

He didn't even hesitate to kill Hale.

He's right, okay?

But now we have the treasure
as a bargaining chip.

El's only chance,

my only guarantee that she'll be safe

is if the FBI finds her.

We're running out of time, Peter.

We need to buy more time.

Yeah, but Keller's smart
enough to read a stall.

Then the three of us have
to be smarter than him.

We've been playing by Keller's rules.

Let's change the game.

Thought you'd be sipping Mai
Tais on a beach by now.

After all that happened,

I thought some introspection was in order.

I decided to follow in the
footsteps of Thoreau.

Found yourself a nice pond
and lived off the land?

Admit it. It's a hard city to leave.

She's a stubborn mistress.

Go through Grant's accounts.

Look for anything that may be a safe house.

This is my fault.
No, it's mine.

I was the one who took the
treasure in the first place.

Keller kidnapped Elizabeth.
You didn't.

Remember that.

What'd the FBI say?

They have a lead, but they need more time.

We can't stall the exchange.

Peter, if we do, there's no telling

what Keller would do to Elizabeth.

Where are you keeping the treasure?

It's in a secure facility I
set up with some associates.

What if we stalled Keller

without appearing to stall him?

Well, it'd have to be
something out of our control.

Keller's not an easy one to con.

Yeah, he'd have to think we
were operating in good faith.

We're gonna have to show him the treasure.

I have an idea.

We'll need a well-timed call to the police

and a criminal we have
no concrete ties to --

someone you wouldn't mind ratting out.

I know just the rat.

Mozzie, I must say,

after what happened in Atlanta,

I'm surprised to hear from you.

Yeah, well, desperation makes
for strange bedfellows.

Um, can I talk to you without your shadow?


Look, I have a two-man job
that needs to be done today.

I need someone who can
crack the best security.

What is the job?

It's a benefactor-specified target.

I just picked up the
package on the way here.

Wait a minute.
So you haven't actually opened it?

No, I was running late --

So you don't actually know what the job is?

I'm sure everything's in here.

I've worked for this guy before.

He's legit.

I believe you.

Oh, come on, Rufus.

We both have a chance to
make some serious cash here.

Well, since you actually
don't know what the job is,

I guess that I'm gonna be the one

making the serious scratch, and Simon, too.

Thanks for your help, mate.

Damn you, Rufus!

How's your heart rate?


If it's infected, your
heart rate will increase.

It's a scratch.

Mm. You're right.

I'm sure you're fine.

Unless you start sweating.

And if that happens?


it's probably blood poisoning.

Very common in dog bites.

But you don't have to believe me.

You can look it up on your phone.

You picturing yourself
shooting Keller right now?

No. I don't want to shoot him.

I want to smash in his face repeatedly.

I'm currently sticking bamboo
under his fingernails.

You are one for the classics.

You guys talking about me?

'Cause my ears are burning.

My wife better be safe

I like to see the passion, Burke.

It shows me you're motivated.

Look, she's fine.

As long as I call in every half hour,

she'll stay that way.

Is your dog off his leash?

No anklet.

Good boy.

So the treasure's here?

It don't look like much, Mozzie.

That's precisely the point.

What is this place?

It's a storage space for
honorable thieves --

the kind who wouldn't
steal from other thieves.

No such thing, sweetheart.

Must have been hard for you, Caffrey, huh?

Lying to your friend's face

about having the treasure all this time?

We can do this without the commentary.

You've always been good

at lying to those closest to you.

Right, Moz?

Welcome to container 10...


This is it.

The score of a lifetime.

What do we have here?

Hey, Napoleon brought that back
from his Egypt expedition.

It was in his private collection.


Now it's in mine.

I mean, all this time, Caffrey,

you haven't been able to see it in person,

and now you're gonna have
to watch me take it away.

Cops? Are you kidding me?

You think I was bluffing, Burke?


Your wife is dead in five minutes
if I don't make that call.

And I'm not gonna be able to do that

with cuffs around my wrists.

This wasn't us, Keller.

Well, we can't get caught here. Let's go.

Police! All right, buddy, go ahead.

There should be two in the back!

You two, freeze!

Hey, come on. Come on. Hands off!

We found these guys breaking
into this shipping container.

Officer, we weren't breaking in.

Not at all. We own this.

Do you also own the printing press

and the counterfeit $20s inside?

He owns it.
I've never seen it.

You dragged me into this.
All right.

Shut up!

I think we should check out
the rest of the containers.

I'll get you.

You guys did this.

You think I would play games

with my wife's life on the line?

This wasn't us.

So, what, this is just
some random misfortune?

We made a deal, Keller.

You have the treasure, release my wife.

I don't have anything, Burke.

The cops do.

They're setting up a perimeter,

which means they'll open every container.

Well, the police will need
warrants to get into them.

That should buy us some time.

For what?

The three of you do what
you do best -- steal it.

Not the three of us.

The four of us.

I'm an FBI agent.

Today, you're one of us.

Boys, we're gonna steal
back our stolen treasure.

No beer.

Caffrey, you're a terrible host.

That's 'cause I don't want
you here to begin with.

Oh, I know.

Before I disappear with all
your ill-gotten goods,

I wanted to see where you've been holed up.

Man, oh, man, you've been slumming it.

Can we focus?

The treasure's in container 10.

10, huh?

"X" marks the spot. You get it?

Police made their arrest here.

This container was already open,

so they were able to search it.

They filed for warrants for
every other container.

Those should take a day.

Which means we got to move
the treasure fast, huh?

For his wife's sake.

All right, here's the police perimeter.

There's one guard post out front
to let people in and out.

There's a shift change at lunch.

Every half hour, the police
will only be stationed

outside the building.

That's our window.

Standard police procedure

is they check every hour, on the hour.

So, we subdue the guards

and then we drive the truck in -- boom.

And how do you plan to subdue the cops?

A bullet in each head.

No. No killing.

In fact, no guns at all.

Oh, Peter, Peter, Peter.
Can I call you Peter?

Now that we're working
together and all, huh?

The cops would have seen our faces, Peter.

Dead men don't talk.

I will not let anyone die on this.

That's not up for debate.

All right, relax. No guns.

It's probably for the best, huh?

The little guy's tried
to kill me once already.

Yeah, is there anyone in this room

you haven't tried to kill?



But it's starting to cross my mind, Mozzie.

So, how do you suggest we get in?

FBI received this an hour ago.

The police are asking
to borrow cargo trucks

from other branches of the government.

This is our in.

All right, I mean,

we can get through the
perimeter with that, but

they're not gonna let us
run around unsupervised.

But they'll leave what appears
to be an empty truck unmolested.

Barcelona, 2001, huh?

That's what you're thinking, isn't it?

It was Madrid. But, yeah.

You should have seen it.
Caffrey was amazing, right?

We were scamming this coin--
Let's stay on task.

You and Moz will con the
truck past the cops.

Once the truck is alone,

Peter and I will emerge

from our hiding place
and grab the treasure.

You and Peter?

Nice try, kid.

It'll be you and I stowing away together.

It will be like old times.

That isn't for debate.

Look, I've moved the treasure twice.

It needs a big truck.

National Guard has some that would work.

I can get us one.

This is gonna be fun, huh?

Who's excited?


Why didn't you leave?

I mean, I know I asked you this before,

but you had the treasure --
why -- why stay in New York?

You've seen what I have here.

Why would I go?

Because everyone you know
found out you betrayed them.

You know, there's a reason why

our kind doesn't stay
anywhere too long, Caffrey.

It's in our nature to deceive.

You've been living on the run.

How's that going for you?

It's stressful. I'm not gonna lie.

You know what?

With this treasure, I can
pay off the Russians.

Disappear somewhere nice.

You're gonna wish you never had it.

All it brings is trouble.

What do you mean by that?

The treasure's cursed?

It's a monkey's paw, huh?

Look what's happened to
everyone who's gone after it.

Maybe you're just making
the wrong kind of wishes.

We've got 48 hours

while the truck's sent in for maintenance.

I procured us some uniforms.

Aw, you are gonna look
adorable in this, Mozzie, huh?

It's a shame I removed
that price from your head.

Eh, put it back on.

You'll make a great human shield.

Time to check in with your missus.

Any update?

Jones is working an angle.

It's a long shot,

but every hour we buy gets them
closer to finding Elizabeth.

We won't be able to stall again.

If they don't find her soon...

We'll have to go through with the break-in.

The safe house was a decoy.

Keller's playing with us.


Cherry blossoms.

Clear the table.

Okay, so, listen up.

ERTs found faint traces
of cherry-blossom pollen

on one of the shoe prints
at the crime scene.

The pollen we found was of
a variety called fugenzo.

Now, according to Parks and Rec,

only one place has that specific type.

There's a damn good chance
Elizabeth can be found

somewhere in this radius.

Hit the streets. Go door-to-door.

Whatever it takes. Let's go.

I could write it for you, if it helps.

Don't talk to me. I'm fine.

If Keller comes back late,

you could always learn to be a lefty.

And you can learn to walk with one foot.

Look, it's New York City.

There's a pharmacy on every corner.

But without antibiotics...

I'll be right back.

Don't move.

Where would I go?

Are you okay?


You know, the first thing I learned

about the life of a con

is that in order to survive,

you have to look out for yourself.

Then why are you here?

Survival is overrated.

And I find myself reminded

that an unshared life is not living.

So you're saying you care?

About Mrs. Suit.


Remind you of the good old days, buddy?

You're using all the oxygen.

You see, after that last time,

we were sneaking out of somewhere

because you got caught in
bed with that princess.

I didn't get caught in bed with her.

They found me on the ledge
outside her window.

I remember seeing you standing there

with nothing but a solid-gold
tray covering your junk.

I was the one that got you down from there

before they started shooting at you.

You had my back then.

Like I said, "the good old days."

They were.

What happened to you, Keller?

I could ask the same thing to you, Neal.

I could ask the same thing to you.

You'll have to turn around.

This area's off-limits.

Uh, that's precisely why we're here.

You got the paperwork?

Hey, you.

You put out an order for trucks,
so we brought you a truck.

I haven't seen this.

Until I see this come
through proper channels,

you're not coming in.

You're holding the orders
in your hand right now.

Sorry, buddy. Turn the truck around.


Then this truck is your responsibility.

Give me the plans.

Give me the plans.

You see this "X"?

This truck needs to be parked right on it.

Is Burke showing that cop our plan?

Look, I'm sure he's got it under control.

The truck now is your problem.

He's crazy. I respect that.

Yes, it is.

This "X."

Park the truck on it now.

And what if I don't?

Oh, it's your ass, not ours.

Thanks for your help.

Okay, so now

they've got our truck and
our plans to break in?


What happens if they don't drive it in?

They will.

Come on. Drive it in.

Nicely played, Suit.

All right, let's get to
the rendezvous point.

All right, we must be there.

The truck hasn't moved in a while.

It's five after.
Everyone should be at lunch.

All right. We got 55 minutes
to load everything up.

What is it?

Apparently, they skipped lunch.

We have plainclothes
searching the radius, boss,

we have cellphone interceptors
picking up all nearby calls,

and we have agents on the
roofs, scanning the crowd.

- Good work, Diana.
- Let me talk to him.


That storage facility you
had me looking into?


Whatever they found there,
it's important enough

that they have the 22nd Precinct
doing double shifts.

That mean working through lunch?

I guess so.

Jones, we need to find her now.

Every second counts.

We got a problem.

This is some kind of double-cross.

Not everything is an angle, Keller.

We should've brought guns.

Yeah, 'cause that would've worked out well.

Just like old times.

Excuse me.

Are you the sergeant in charge?
I am.

Good. Glad you guys could make it.

Look, we got to load
container 10 into the truck.

Well, our orders are

to wait for the warrant to
come in for container 2.

You're 22nd Precinct, right?
That's us.

Then you're here to help
us load container 10.

No, we were told that the warrant for that

wouldn't be in till the end of the day.

Nah, it came through 20 minutes ago.

Come on. We'll show you.
We already been there.

Now, look, there's 17 wood boxes
that need to be hauled out.

Yeah, makes you wonder
what's inside them, right?

Yeah, don't it?

But I got told if I looked,

I'd be working dispatch for a year.

Are you sure this is right?

If not, then why would I have the key?

A bunch of Neo-Nazis?
Above my pay grade.

How many boxes does that look like, huh?

It looks like 17 to me.

Everybody, change of plans!

We're emptying this container out.

All right, they're all yours.

But I need to see the warrant, of course.

Of course.
We'll get them to you in a bit.

I got to see it now.
You know, procedures and all.


Come with me.

Heaviest to the back, if you can.

I hope you understand,

but things just have to
be done a certain way.

Yeah, rules are rules.
I get it.

Where are we going?


No, no, it's no trouble at all.

He's right here, sir.

It's the D.A.'s office.

They want to touch base with you.

Sergeant Brubaker.

Sergeant, this is the
District Attorney's aide.

How can I help clear things up?

What part of "no killing"
do you keep forgetting?

Finding a dead body can take hours.

This lie can fall apart any second.

Peter will take care of it.

You really have gone native, haven't you?

Got it.

It's all good, gents. Thank you.

Thank you, sir.
Take it easy.

No, you walk in front of me.

We got a hit on the accomplice's account.

It was used at a pharmacy
three blocks away --

rubbing alcohol,
antibacterials, and bandages.

Sounds like a guy worried about a dog bite.

Everybody spread out.
He's in the vicinity.

All right. Thanks a lot, guys.
Appreciate the help.

Hey, the beers are on me, right?

You ready?
Yep. I think we're good to --


Thanks, hon.

All right, here's for nothing.

Okay, I don't know how the hell
you got out of there, but --

Aaaaaaah! My hand!

Go ahead.

Drop it.

Neal's not picking up.
I think something went wrong.




She's okay?

I'm safe.
Oh, thank God.

They caught the guy holding me.

Are you all right?

I am now. Where are you?

Uh, 23rd and 3rd.
They're taking me home.

Where's Keller?

He's with Neal.

I can't get ahold of him.

Go get him. El.

Go. Then come back to me.

Mozzie, we need to figure
out where Keller's headed.

Oh, way ahead of you, Suit.

I've already mapped out
potential escape routes.

From this point, it's
2.4 miles to the docks

and 16.1 to Teterboro.

All right.
You take the air, I'll take the sea,

and the bureau will back us up on both.

I'm gonna need to get in one of these cars.

Oh, already done.

All right.

You've got to be kidding me.


Come on, Caffrey. I know you're in there.

There's no way out, buddy.

You and me... to the bitter end, eh?

All right.

Not a Raphael.

You wouldn't.

Oh, God.

First rule of a fight --

always go for the weak spot.

Easy there, Burke, huh?

I got the wife. Remember that.

Not anymore.


"Not anymore"? What are you, bluffing me?

Call your guy. Tell him he can
get a great slice of pizza

right at the corner of 23rd and 3rd.

Don't matter...

'Cause I'll get her again.

And again and again.


Come on.


Did we really get Elizabeth?

We did.

How'd you make that shot?

Long story.

You okay?

Yeah. You?

What now?

Keller needs to go away forever,

and to make that happen, I need
to give a full confession.

That means prison.

A lot of it.

I know.

I'll turn myself in tomorrow morning.

That should give you a 12-hour head start.

The treasure's gone.

Do you think you can survive without it?

I always have a contingency plan.

If you want a happy ending,

it depends on where you stop the story.

I think our story stops here.

And...ends well.

Till the next chapter.

Till the next chapter.

Good morning, Neal.


How's Elizabeth?

She's well, considering.

I know what I've done.

And I know what I need to
do to take Keller down.

I'm ready to make a full confession.

You know what that will mean.

I do.

Are you sure?

You're willing to give up everything?


I'm glad to hear that.

But before you go any further,
I want to show you something.

Peter, please.

I need to get this out now.


What is this?
Keller's interrogation from last night.

I stole the treasure.

And I was the one that
burned down the warehouse

and took it from Vincent Adler.

Adler didn't deserve it.

It belongs to the people of Russia.

I take full responsibility.

I alone recovered this priceless artwork...

that was so nearly lost to history.

He took credit for it.



He said he'd give a full confession

as long as it was in front
of the Russian authorities.

The treasure was originally pillaged

from the Russian museums.

And now Keller claimed that
he stole it to save it,

return it to the motherland.

The Russian mob wanted him dead.

Yeah, and now they're helping
pay for his legal defense.

Son of a bitch.

As far as anyone is concerned,

he's the one who recovered
the treasure of a lifetime.

Not you. Not Mozzie.

Doesn't bother you?


It doesn't.

I know what you were prepared to do.

And it means a lot that you
were willing to do it.

What happens now?

Peter. You're gonna want to see this.

Trust me.

What is it?

This is a letter from the U.S.
probation office.

It is to inform you that a
hearing has been scheduled

concerning your probation.

Because of your outstanding service,

including recovering the treasure

and catching Keller,

the U.S. probation office
is convening a hearing

to discuss the commutation
of your sentence.

What does that mean?

It means no anklet.

No nothing.

In three months, you could be a free man.