White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 1 - On Guard - full transcript

Despite successfully escaping after having robbed the Federal Reserve, a notorious thief returns to retrieve the stash he left behind. Peter and Neal must put their differences aside to capture the criminal before he disappears for good.

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Previously on White Collar...

Vincent Adler --

He's looking for a sunken U-Boat
off the New York coast.

I just want to say that if we're
gonna continue working together,

then we really should not
ignore the other night.

Look, it was --

The Chrysler Building.
Painting it for your girlfriend?

It calms the nerves.

My God.

You found it.

It's Nazi plunder...

From all over Europe.

This has got to be worth
billions of dollars.

Get down!

You did this.

Peter, those were masterpieces.

I would never burn them.
You know that.

But you'd steal them.
Then prove it.

We've got to hurry.

We're almost loaded.

It's the feds.
Let's get out of here.

Get around the front
of that plane.

Team one, flank left.

Team three, flank right.
Box him in!

We cannot let Caffrey
get airborne!

We're not gonna make it.

We don't have a choice, Moz.

We have to make it.

What color
are your eyes?


Are you a criminal consultant

for the Federal Bureau
of Investigation?



For a baseline, I'm gonna
need you to tell a lie.

I've never told a lie.

We've got our baseline.

Ask him about the warehouse.

Shortly before his death,

you confronted Vincent Adler
outside of a warehouse.

What was in that warehouse?

A U-Boat -- German,

recently dredged off the coast
of New York state.

And inside
of that U-Boat?

A collection of art
plundered by the Nazis.

What happened?

The warehouse
burst into flames.

Did you steal the art?


Do you know who did?


According to the readout,
he's telling the truth.

It's 2:00 in the morning,

You gonna keep me here
all night?

Until I'm satisfied.

Next question.



You look exhausted.

Everything okay?

Oh, just -- long night.

Sara, Peter may come to you

and ask some questions.
About what?

He thinks the art didn't burn.

How's that possible?

Oh, he thinks you took it.

I was off-anklet
when it could have happened.

So you need an alibi.

What is it you're hoping
I tell him?

The truth.

About the other night.

You want me to tell him

'Cause that could get
really very awkward.

Skip the good parts.

Did you take it?

Do you believe me?

You're a damn good con man.


If that art is out there...

Any idea who has it?

Her name is Lolana.

She from any island
in particular?

Whichever one
your heart desires.

So, I guess this was from you?


It wasn't easy.

The warehouse?

I worked backwards

from the transmitter
you wired into the limo.


I got around it with
a localized E.M. burst.

And the art?

Adler had it loaded
onto a truck.

The swap wasn't hard.

And the TNT we got off the sub

was unstable
and easy to detonate.

A perfect cover.

You didn't tell me.

Plausible deniability and all.

We finally got our white whale.

Lolana, huh?

In Hawaiian,
her name means "to soar"...

Which is exactly what we're
gonna do in a very short time.

Well, it's not that easy.

I just spent five hours
in interrogation with Peter.

He suspects something.

All the more reason for haste.

How long to get things ready?

Just a few days.

I can lull Peter.

But we don't rush this.

We take our time.
We do it right.

To our best and final score.

I passed your lie detector.

I've seen you do that before.

Are you saying I cheated?

I've seen you do that before.

All right, if you're
not gonna talk to me,

let's at least just
keep it civil, okay?

How bout them Mets?

What's wrong? Hmm?

What happened that turned you
against me?

I turned against you?

Peter, we're a team.


We did this.

This is our job.

Let's not make a big deal
out of it.


You're smiling.

I am.

Tell me about Gary Rydell.

That's you.

Yeah, it is.

Regale me.

Oh, it was an alias
I used years ago.

Rydell was a bit of a playboy

with an uncanny ability
to wreck expensive cars.

Of course.
Anything else?

He was
a world-class fencer.


Neal, I've read the file.

And a smuggler.

A world-class smuggler.
Yeah, I get it.

You think I might activate
my Rydell alias

in order to sneak something
out of the country,

something like
a stolen Nazi treasure?

Crossed my mind.

I think this guy
is looking for Rydell.

I want to know why.

David Lawrence.

You know him.

We met a few years ago.

He was selling pre-columbian art, and I was --

Yeah, buying.

Lawrence was also suspected

of robbing $60 million
from the Federal Reserve.

He fled the country
on a commercial jet

before we could make
the arrest.

We think he left
the $60 mil behind.

Well, safe assumption.

I mean, the baggage fees alone
would've cost a fortune.

Two days ago,

we traced an e-mail he sent
to a server here in New York.

Lawrence wants you

to help him smuggle the cash
out of the country.

You want me
to strike up a deal with him

and lead you
to the $60 million.

We'll let you know
when we make contact.

Uh, you really think
he's gonna take this risk?

If you were one step away

from pulling off the biggest
score in your life...

Could you let it go?

Peter's not playing
a hunch.

He knows something.

He's breathing down my neck.

He's messing with your head.
That's what suits do.

So, there's nothing
from the heist

that could be tied back to me?


You know that art studio

where you keep all
the paintings you've done?

What about it?

Now it's just a studio.

You switched my art
for the art on the sub?

Neal, you're talented,
but Van Dyck has you beat.

I can't believe it.

Look, they ran forensics tests
on the burned warehouse.

They needed to find traces
of paint and canvas.

Do you know what this means?

Nothing could survive
that fire.

Nothing should have
survived the fire.

Thank you.

Honey, you've been staring
at that all night.

He took it, El.

I know he took the art.

I'm standing there,

watching the warehouse
go up in flames,

and this floats
down at my feet.

It's a piece
of the same painting

that was in his apartment.

You're positive it's the same?

How many paintings like this

could there be
of the Chrysler Building?

Actually, you'd be surprised.
Art Deco started in Paris,

so there was a lot of European
interest in the Chrysler.

Yeah, here.

It's been around,
what, 80 years?

Here it is.

"Countless artists would
interpret the Chrysler's majesty

using a variety
of styles and techniques."

It was built in 1931.

Could've been on the sub.

Or maybe Neal painted it.

Or maybe you've been chasing him
for so long,

you don't know how to stop.

Or maybe I know him better
than anyone else.

If not him, then Mozzie
or Alex.

Neal's involved -- somehow.

Well, there's a way
you can find out.

Have the forensics team
test it.

If it's from the 1930s,
then you know it's not his.

I can't involve the bureau -- not yet.

If I'm right...

And Neal's behind this...

He goes down.

And so do I.

I could have it tested.

You have a lab in the basement
I don't know about?

No, the Dearmitt Gallery.

They go through private labs
to authenticate work.

It's been years
since you worked there.

I keep in touch.

You could call in a favor?

For you?


We made contact with Lawrence

through your Rydell
e-mail account.

He wants to meet you at
the Gramercy Fencing Club

in a few hours.

Why can't guys like you
ever just grab a beer?

Imported or domestic?

Just meet with him,
lead us back to the cash.

I'm pulling your anklet.

As usual.

Don't get cocky.
We'll be listening.

And I'll be close.

Thank you.


Good to see you again.

It is good to be seen, Gary.

You know, I missed this place.

Beauty here --

They encourage disguises.

Who are you hiding from?

You never can be too careful.

Is that why I haven't seen you
in the last six years?

Oh, I retired to the islands.

My friend, if you're retired...

Then why aren't we
playing shuffleboard?

I haven't heard of you in the
last six years, either, Gary.

How do I know you're still
on your game?

Maybe I'm that good.

Or maybe you lost a step.

That was my tie.

Come on. Show me
you're still as good

as the Gary Rydell
I used to know.

Well, I'm still using
a French grip...

...Still a fan
of the depassement attaque.

Let's get to the point --
You stole $60 million

but couldn't get it
out of the country.

Now you need me
to move it for you.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Nice attaque compos?e.

Feint left, thrust right --
my signature.

I remember.

Get me and the green
out of the country,

and you will earn 10%.


Well, I'm in no position
to argue.

Where's the cash?


Set it up.
I'll be in touch.

It is cruel
and unusual punishment

for you to bring me
back here like this.

Yes, but I'm finally smiling.

What's your plan for moving
Lawrence's money?

I'll take it out by boat.

Why a boat?

One, we're talking
about a large shipment

that's easier to move
on the water than by air.

And, two, it's easier
to pay off dock workers

than TSA employees.

Diana, I want a team at the harbor.
You got it.



I've driven you
to dumpster dive?

A souvenir of Neal Caffrey's
imperfect moment?


You shouldn't have!
Grandma insisted.

Oh, you're both so thoughtful!

Mozzie, you, of course,

know June's
beautiful granddaughter.

Oh. Hi, Cindy.

Grandma said the two of you

have been, uh, up to something
in here.

Oh, you know,
idle hands and all.

And they brought us coffee!

Oh, and cookies!

I'll be back for the tray.

No. No, no.
Don't trouble yourself.

We'll bring it down.

Everything looks beautiful.

Yeah. Hey, um...

Thanks again for everything.

Thanks. Yeah.
Thank you.

Lovely girl.

I'm gonna miss this place.

Yeah, and the views.

All right. Peter's team
is setting up a harbor sting.

Oh, well, perfect.

So while the FBI is busy
collaring Lawrence by sea,

we'll be making our escape
par avion...

By air.

I have procured
our getaway vehicle.

Voil?. Behold --

The 400 series twin otter.

Is it big enough?

Think of it
as a Kardashian --

What it lacks in refinement,

it makes up for in cargo space.

You're not sold.
No, the plane's great.

I'm just --
I'm worried about Peter.

He's holding something, Moz.

If he's got a card
he hasn't played yet,

we're not gonna get far.

Okay. So, what's the best way
to find out what Peter knows?

Hey, Neal.


Peter's not here.
I know.

I want to see you.

I was hoping we could talk.

Come on in.
Thank you.

You, um...
Want some coffee?

I never say no to good coffee.

Huh. Okay.

Well, then, why don't I pour,

and you tell me
why you dropped by

knowing my husband's not here?

I don't know.

He suddenly doesn't trust me.

I don't know how sudden it is.

I don't know --
breaking out of prison,

stealing the music box,
almost shooting Fowler.

You want me to go on?

Not particularly, no.

Look, he wants to trust you,

but you have this --
I don't know -- habit

of doing the wrong thing
for the right reasons.

You're saying I'm impulsive
but I have a good heart?

Maybe you can try
and balance the two?

You make a fair point.

And a great cup of coffee.

But I like a little bit
of milk in mine.


Tell me when.


To the right things...

For the right reasons.

Picked up a copy
on the way home.

And you're sure Mrs. Suit

was intentionally hiding it from you?

You know, I guess a part of me
always knew

when push comes to shove,
she'd choose Peter.

Well, he's her husband.

Yeah, have they ever swapped
ossobuco recipes?

Which apparently means nothing.

Wait a minute.

This has to be it.

The Chrysler Building?

Yeah, Peter was here
the night before the fire.

This painting was on that easel.
He commented on it.

You remember?

Did you put it on the sub?

You know, in all honesty,

i-it wasn't one
of your better works.

What if it didn't burn, Moz?

If he had it,
you'd be in cuffs already.

No. I know him.
He'd want to be sure.

So he gave it to the feds
to run some tests

to see if the painting
predated the sub

as opposed to, say, last week.

If the bureau ran the tests,
he'd have the results by now.

He doesn't want
the FBI involved.

He doesn't want it
on the record.

Why not?

To protect me.

Or to protect himself.


So, if he didn't give it
to the FBI lab,

who else could test it?


Yeah, she comes
from an art background,

and she knows
about the painting.

I should keep an eye on her.

It's worth a shot, Haversham.

Beautiful day, Gary.

Yes, it is.

I was wondering if you'd show.

I didn't come this far
to back out now.

I wasn't ruling it out.

Every day that money sits there,
just out of reach.

Comes a point where you finish
the job or it finishes you.

You get caught,
you lose everything.

Already lost everything.

When I ran, I ran fast.
Didn't look back.


How's this gonna work?

On your go,
the Ingenieur Minard

will provide you and your cargo

safe and discrete passage
to the Island of Santo Antao.

All the documentation
you may need upon arrival

is in that envelope --
I.D., passport, everything.

Getting in isn't my concern.
It's getting out.

Four steps.

Step one, we move your money
here by truck.

Step two, my inside man
at the gate,

Mr. Ryan in Customs,

looks the other way

while we transport you
and your cargo to the vessel.

Step four, Mr. Ryan files
faux routing papers.

Anyone comes looking for you,

they'll start their search
in Calais, France,

4,000 miles from
your actual location.

Not bad.
But you skipped step three.

Step three is the reason
you hired me.

Handle your end.
Trust me to handle mine.

Caffrey's pretty savvy
at planning an escape.

Yeah. Until Lawrence
makes his move,

he knows we'll keep
his anklet off.

You're gonna let him
walk around unmonitored?


You are to check in
every two hours on the hour.

You go from home to the office,
and that's it.

I know the drill.

You're not off anklet
for good behavior.

After Lawrence gets you
to his money,

take him to the harbor.

We've been over this.
Anything else?

What's step three?

Step three is you arrest him.

Oh. Good thing
you didn't tell him.

I thought you might like that.


Heard you talked to El.

Look, Peter, whatever
you think I have done,

you and me -- hey --

we're on the same team.


May I?

Yes. Get out!
Thank you.

Talk to you in two hours.

And two hours after that.
That's what I like to hear.

Hey, Moz.

Our hunch may be correct.

Mrs. Suit is chatting up her old
boss at the Dearmitt Gallery.

What'd she say?

"Oh, what a spring
we're having."

Blah blah blah.

Oh, she's asking him
about a lab test.

Oh! S-she's giving him
a scrap of burnt painting.

Is it mine?

Oh, sweet Elvis Costello!
It's your Chrysler painting!

It didn't burn.

Flame is a fickle mistress.

We're gonna have to steal it.

No, no, no, no.

Peter will suspect me.

Let them run the tests.
We'll swap it out.

Risky but not impossible.

We need a swatch of canvas
and some paints from the 1930s.

Which we have in great supply.

All right. Meet me at
the warehouse. I'm on my way.

Where are you?

I've got a tail.

Have you started?

Of course I started,

but without you here, I'm not
sure which colors to sample,

so this whole thing might be
an exercise in futility.

Just pull the primaries.
I can mix the rest.

I'm not an idiot.

I scraped a titanium white
from the Rembrandt,

a midnight blue
from a Vlaminck.

Oh, you should get
a Monestial blue.

You know, I should get
a Monestial blue.

If you find one thick enough,
feel free to let me know.

Oh, that's right --
You're not here!

Breathe, Moz.

How are we doing on the canvas?
Did you check the Dal??


Our friend Salvador
liked to stretch time

but not canvases.

I'll find something.

I know you will.


Yeah, I figured I should have a
copy of the Chrysler lying around

in case Peter came
looking for it.

You get everything?

Some canvas and a spectrum
of prewar paint

that would pass any wood's light
or I.R. spectroscopy

they want to throw at it.

The red is from a portrait
of Fernande Olivier.

The last person to mix
this paint was Picasso.

We're taking from masters.

Oh, Picasso was a communist.
He'd be happy to share.

What's the plan
for the gallery?

The plan for the gallery.

I pried some information
from a loose-lipped gallerista.

They're sending our swatch out
to an authentication lab

at 11:00 A.M.
tomorrow morning.

The gallery opens at 10:30,

so we have 30 minutes
to get inside,

make the switch, then get out.

It's gonna be close.

A standard Schlagel on the door,
with surveillance cameras.

We'll need a distraction
while I pick it.

I can't buy you that much time
by myself.

How about a Kansas City
mud slide?

You gonna work the jackhammer?


Let's run a Phoebe Cates.
Who's the girl?

I don't think June would mind
if we used her granddaughter.

Well, she's pretty enough.

Will she do it
without asking questions?

I'm sure she's up
for a little excitement.


Oh -- now on
to the bigger question.

How do you plan
on losing your tail,

outside evolution?

I'll take a page from Magritte.

Ah, you got to be kidding me.


Did I win?

The contest --
"Wear a dark suit, fedora,

"come to 23rd and 10th.

wins 500 bucks."

Yeah. Yeah.

You won!

Okay, Moz. You're up.

Hey, I have a delivery
for a Thomas Johnson.

You just missed him.
Tom took a job in Boston.

His last day was Monday.

Oh, damn.
Can't blame him, though.

Boston's a hell of a town.

Something I can help you with?

No, I'm just admiring the view.

Nice, huh?

Oh. Yeah.

Look what I did.
I got it all over me.


There is something
very seriously wrong with me.

Today of all days.
Would you mind holding this?

Oh. Uh, sure.
And could you take this?

O-okay, but --

And I'm gonna need you
to hold this up for me.


Oh. Of course.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Miss! You
can't take your top off here.

Look, I don't think you get it.

I can't be late today, okay?

My boss will kill me
if I'm late.

C-come on, man.
Let her change!

I guess it couldn't hurt.

Uh, just be quick
about it, okay?

Thanks, guys, really.

You have no idea
what this means to me.

Oh, or...us.

Which top do you like?

This or this?

Uh, th-the second one.

You guys are wonderful.

Yeah, just a couple
of working stiffs

doing what we can to help out
a lady in distress.

Almost there.

We are good to go.


You are a lifesaver.

You too.

Screw Boston.

This is a hell of a town.

Hey, Peter.

You gave Jones
a nice runaround.

That was Jones? I thought
that could've been Lawrence.

I didn't want to blow my cover.


Why'd you put Jones on me?

You really want me to
answer that? You at home?

Where else would I be?

What are you doing?

You know, arts and crafts --
the usual.

Jones will be at your place
in 20 minutes.

He's gonna stay on you.
You're gonna let him.

No problem.

So, I'm getting everything
in place at the warehouse.

The plane is fueled and ready.

You know Jones
is outside, right?

Yeah. Once I get Lawrence
and his money to the docks,

I can slip him again.

By the time Lawrence
is being hauled downtown,

we'll be sipping champagne
at cruising altitude.

So, when's "go" time?

Lawrence's text came in
two minutes ago.

Why didn't you tell me?

This is it!

We take our time.
We do it right.

Look, you know,

everything good must one day
come to an end.

Just think --

We're never gonna see anything
in this apartment again --

Except you.
You can come with me.

What are you doing?

This is our final curtain call,

our big au revoir.

I should say something to June.

Hey. You know the rules.
No goodbyes.


I'm gonna miss her, too.


...gonna miss all of it.

Come on.

I'll see you downstairs.

Goodbye, Caffrey.

You wanted to make contact?

I'm on my way
to the fencing club

to meet him now.

Update me
when you have the money.

Jones will back your play
if anything goes wrong.

I'm heading to the harbor now.

All right.

Everything in place?


Only thing left is the money.

The Federal Reserve job --
it was flawless.

Probably the most secure vault
in the world,

and I walked out
with $60 million.

It was Prometheus...

Stealing fire from the gods.

Prometheus got caught.

Yes, he did.

Yes, he did.

And the FBI closed in -- fast.

Every account, P.O. box,
storage locker,

friends, relatives, apartments.

They were all over me.

I needed to get out fast,
stash the money.

I thought I'd be back
in 48 hours to collect it,

but the feds were there,

Instead, I was on a plane
headed south of the border.

Every morning,
I'd check the news,

waiting to hear
the report --

"$60 million found
in Gramercy Fencing Club."

It's here?

There are five ducts
to this room.

I diverted air to two of them.

There it is --

$60 million.

You know how many times
I pictured this in my head?

Is this how you thought
it'd feel?



What's going on?

Someone knows we're here.

Agent Jones.


What are you doing here?

Talk, or I shoot.

You tailing my friend here?

Answer him.

Were you following me?

I don't know who you are.

I'm on Lawrence.

How many your friends
you got out there?

I followed a hunch.

I'm by myself.

Pack of wolves!

They probably know
about the dock.

The whole thing is blown.

Kill him.
Dump the body.

W-w-wait a second.

This guy is useless dead.

Alive, he's leverage.

For what?

You forgot step three.

Attaque compos?e --
feint left, thrust right.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about
a backup plan.

When it all goes to hell,
this is why you hire me.

I've got a plane.

Now boarding --

Freedom Airlines,
Flight number one and only.

I'm here with the client.

We're putting step three
into effect.

Step three? Neal, what
are you talking about?

The client and I are moving
the cargo to the airstrip.


Don't tell me you're
talking about Lawrence.

That's right.
No. No, no, no.

Don't do this to us.

Make sure it's gassed up
and good to go. All right?

Grab your suit
and meet me there.

What? No suits.
No suits on the island!

Neal --

No sign of Caffrey
and Lawrence.

Still no answer from Jones.

This is taking way too long.

You better have a good reason
for calling.

I'm in the middle of something
very important, Mozzie.

Yeah, you and me both, Suit.

I'm passing on a message
from Neal.

He's made a request
for our presence,

without the slightest regard

for the monumental inconvenience
it causes us --

primarily, me.

Van Buren airstrip.
30 minutes.

Moving out.

Neal, we got to hurry.

I said, "Suit,"
not "costume."

Don't worry.
The suit got the message.

Load the fed up front.


Why aren't we flying?

You sure
you can fly this thing?

Get around the front
of that plane.

Team one, flank left.

Team three, flank right.
Box him in!

We cannot let Caffrey
get airborne!

Lolana, it wasn't supposed to
be like this.

Get us out of here.

We're not gonna make it.

We don't have a choice, Moz.

We have to make it.


We need more speed.

Climb now!

Watch out!


Come out now
with your hands up!

Let me see your hands!
We're secure!

Lawrence is on the plane!

You okay?
I'm good.

You all right, Jones?

Caffrey had my back.

Your timing is far
from impeccable, J. Edgar.


Luckily, I was here
to save the day once again.

You're a hero, Moz.
I'll sew you a cape.

Do that.
I look good in aubergine.

Thank you.

Step three, huh?

The part where you arrest him.

Nice work.


Ah, the anklet.

Hey, hon.

Hey. Good day?

Uh, we caught a bad guy,
so it wasn't a bad day.

Hmm. Well.

This should make you feel
even better.

Authentication from the gallery.
The canvas is mid-1930s.

So, it wasn't Neal's painting.

Well, unless he painted it
75 years ago.

Hi, Peter.

I let myself in.

Yeah. Yeah, you did.

Just clearing out some space
for storage.

You like that one?


You can have it.

I've already got the view.



I'm calling a truce.

I may have rushed to judgment.

Oh, you had judgment
on speed dial.

I'm trying to be gracious.

You kept my severed tie.

I was pretty pissed off.

And now?

Look at this.

I'm smiling again.

I like it.

I got to go.



Door's open anytime.


What do you have?

E.R.T.'s still doing
a cleanup of the warehouse

and the U-Boat burn.

They found this
about an hour ago.

What is it?

Part of the original
German U-Boat manifest.

We can make out 22 of the
paintings that were on board.

Who else knows about this?

Uh, two people on
the evidence recovery team,

Jones, and me.

Keep it that way.

We have to sell something.


Well, our first escape
was compromised.

We have to fund the second.

You still think
Caffrey has the art?

I don't know.

He did have that getaway
plane ready awfully fast.

Yeah. Yeah. But you know what?
That doesn't matter.

Patience is our best asset
right now.

Whoever stole it,
if a single item on this list

shows up anywhere --
We got 'em.

Yeah. We got 'em.

Simple question --

What do we sell first?