White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 6 - In the Red - full transcript

The arrest of a jewel thief leads Peter and Neal toward a much more heinous extortion case against adoptive parents. To catch the heartless mastermind, Peter and Neal dive headfirst into the world of high-stakes gambling to force the criminal's hand.

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12 past 4.

Still no sign
of our jewel thief.

You lift 100 grand worth
of stones from Bluestein's,

you want to unload them
as fast as possible.

Give it time.

Your gut's still telling you
it's an inside job?

Why do you ask?

'Cause I have an Andrew Jackson

telling me it wasn't.

I'll take your money, Jones.

Oh, get out your wallets,

Here comes our suspect.

Let's make this quick.

Run the plate.

Got it.
Katherine MacMillan.

Bluestein's assistant manager.


You're pretty happy
with yourself, huh?

I'm not the one
who bet against the gut.

So, how does this work?

You show me the cash,
I show you the jewelry?

You gonna let me in?

This isn't a drug deal
in a parking lot.

I'm not flashing this much cash
in the open.

You alone?

Please show me the money.

Look, maybe you should

The right buyer would pay you
twice what I'm offering.

Why is he trying
to talk her out of it?

Soft spot
for a pretty lady?

What are you doing, Neal?

Show me the stones.

The deal was for $100,000.

Yeah. I know how much
the deal was for.

I'd like my money now.

It's all there.

You can count it.

"Count it."
That's our signal.

Move in! Move in!

No guns!

No guns, guys!

Drop your weapons!
Drop them!

Step out of the car.

Weapons down!
Weapons down!

This way.

Please don't take away my son.

What happens now?

Don't hold your breath
for a mother-and-son reunion.

Hey, Moz.

How often do I say "thank you"?



I can't recall.

You've done...
A lot for me.

I wanted to say
"thank you."

You're welcome.

There's more.

The cockpit voice recording
from Kate's plane?

Last we saw it,
it was in the apartment

of the beautiful insurance
investigator Sara Ellis.

What'd you do, Moz?

I went to her apartment.


You know she put in
a razing keypad lock?

I noticed.

People tend to upgrade
their security

after an attempted murder.

Ranzig's tough to beat.

Not if you have the code.

How'd you get it?

She blocks the combination
when she enters it.

Thermal scope.

Residual heat from her fingers.


So you waited for her to leave.

It took a while.

But you're gonna be very happy
with what I found.


Kate's last words are on here.

That's a possibility.

It also may...

Tell us what happened.

Listen, I got to meet
with Peter.

I'll...open this later.

Thanks, Moz.

Of course.

How's the kid?


Well, he's doing as well
as any 5-year-old

ripped from his mother's arms.

We had to hand him over
to child-protective services.

If you thought
there might have been a kid,

you should have said something.

I did.

No. You were busy

trying to talk the mother
into not making a sale.

Come on. Katherine MacMillan
is not a jewel thief.

You mean, no priors,

she's a PTA mom
who volunteers her time

at the youth center
on the weekends?

Throw a mullet on her,
and she's Carol Brady.

Carol Brady had an affair
with Greg Brady.

Proof that everybody's
got a dark side.

Thing about the law...
One size fits all.

Jones, what's going on?

Katherine MacMillan's asking to
speak to you about her arrest.

All right, thanks.

Mrs. Brady wants to talk.

Want to tag along?

Oh, yeah.

Eight months ago,
I adopted my son, Olly,

through an international
adoption lawyer,

Luke Donovan.

Where's Olly from?

Mr. Donovan has connections
to agencies

all over eastern Europe.

A month after the adoption
was finalized,

he told me the chechen
birth mother had come forward

and wanted Olly back.

He said it was a scam the
birth mothers pull sometimes.

They don't want their kids.
They want your money.

He said I could pay her $50,000
to make her go away.

But she didn't go away.

Last week, he told me

things with the birth mother
had gotten complicated.

She wanted more money.

He said if I wanted
to keep my son,

I had one week

to come up
with an additional $100,000.

Piece of cake, right?

One week?

Did Donovan give you any proof

that the birth mother
had come forward?

Some papers with chicken
scratches for a signature.

I put in calls
at the state department

to check out his story,
but the clock was ticking.

If he was telling the truth,

and I delayed things...

They'd take Olly away from you.

So you decided to rob
your own store.

Not exactly mother
of the year... I know.

Neither was taking your child
to an exchange

with a potentially
dangerous fence.

If someone threatened
to kidnap your wife,

would you let her out
of your sight?

You're sure Olly's adoption
was legal?

He has an ri-4 visa,
a social security number...

He's my son.

And if I go to prison,
I may never see him again.

Donovan is shaking Katherine
down for cash

using her kid as leverage.

It's tough to prove.

Well, maybe it's the real
mother, maybe it's not.

Katherine calls him on it,

he can just say that
the real mom changed her mind

and moved on
to the next family.

Sounds like extortion to me.

I'm gonna pay Donovan a visit.


Katherine MacMillan.

I read about it
in this morning's paper.

Poor Olly.

If there's anything I can do...

You can tell me why you demanded
$100,000 from her.

No, no, no. No.
I didn't demand anything.

The birth mothers

will threaten to reclaim
their children

unless they're given
a large sum of money.

It's unfortunate,
but these are the waters.

Prove to me that Olly's
birth mother came forward.

Well, I'll be happy
to give you the name

of my chechen contact.

If you need proof beyond that,

feel free to charter a flight
to Gudermes

and find her yourself.

Katherine told you
she didn't have the money.

Well, yes, and I had no idea
what she'd resort to to get it.

She's an adult.
I told her the truth.

She robbed a jewelry store.

If I'm guilty of something,

it's believing
that she was a good parent.

I don't tear families
apart, agent.

I bring them together.

Sometimes it doesn't work out.

Clark Maskhadov.

A.K.A. "Clark the shark."

Yeah, he likes
to chew people up.

He's the enforcer
for Kaz Abramov.

Chechen mob boss?

What's he doing
calling on Donovan?

Maybe he wants Donovan's help
becoming a daddy.

You think the chechen mob's
involved with his adoptions.

My gut tells me
there's a connection.

Your gut's rarely wrong.

Where's Maskhadov now?

I've got Jones sitting on him.

Let's see where he leads us.

Excuse me, ma'am.

What's Sara doing here?


Let her up.

Are you sure
that's a good idea?

I don't know.
Let's ask her.

What are you doing here, Sara?

I came to see Neal.

Hear that?
She came to see you.

It's not a social visit.

You broke into my house...

Can you prove it?

I can.

I'd like him to submit
to a polygraph.

I'm not issuing a polygraph.

That's okay.

I brought my own.

She has her own.

I see that.

Sara, if you had any proof
that could justify

this polygraph...
I'll take it.

I didn't break into her house.

Can I borrow an office?

This should be fun.


All right.
State your name.

Neal Caffrey.

What color are your eyes?



Tell me a lie.

That color does not bring out
the subtle glint of hazel

in your eyes.

Voice stress analyzer.

Sterling bosch.
Standard issue.

More portable than a polygraph,

and I don't have to hire
an analyst.

An unopened package
from the FAA

was stolen from my home.

Did you take it?

I did not.

Do you know who did?

I do not.

He took it.

What makes you so sure?

Package from the FAA.
Kate died on a plane.

Neal's involved.

The package arrived
while we were working together

on the Halbridge case...

the same time
you started playing nice.

I think there was something
in that package...

something you wanted,
and you used me to get it.

Am I wrong?

You're wrong.

Listen, Sara,
despite what you think,

this situation has nothing
to do with us.

So why don't we call
a time-out,

talk things over,
and get past it?

Coffee, dinner, you name it.

What do you say?

I say that you're
also responsible

for the theft of a Raphael
in April of 2005.

I only agreed to talk
about the stolen package,

so I guess we're done.


No, we're not.

I took the polygraph.

You cheated.
I don't know how...

But you cheated.

You're playing with fire.

Sara is like a tornado
in heels,

and you're...

Please, please don't reduce me
to a trailer park.

Mm, if the shoe fits.

Hey, Jones.

I just tailed Maskhadov
to the old New York room.

How long ago?

10 minutes. Looks like
the place is hopping.

Good. Thanks.

Clark the shark just disappeared
into the old new York room.

I thought that place
got shut down.

Well, apparently,
it's reopened for business.

Donovan won a Texas hold 'em
tournament in Macau last year.

There's our connection
between Clark and Donovan.

Could be.
Let's find out.

This conversation about Sara
is not over.

I didn't think it would be.

Bouncer and a password
to get in.

The guy talking to the girl
in the purple dress...

That's Burya Buryatskiy,
Abramov's right arm.

Want me to see
if Donovan's inside?

How you gonna get in?

Call me.

You want me to get in?

Can you hear me?

Don't hang up.

Oh, excuse me.
Sorry about that, sir.

Can I see your phone?



Go ahead.

That's great.

What happens when Buryatskiy
finds out he's got your phone

in his pocket?

Better keep his hands
off my rollover minutes.



He's okay.


Ready for big game?

I'm ready to win.

Maybe I check your sleeves
for pocket queens.

You'll find nothing.

Give me a light.

Kaz Abramov.

It's a pleasure.

Who are you?

Nick Halden.

I hear you got a game going.

Unfortunately, we just filled
last spot for Friday night.

That's a shame.

At the risk of
sounding immodest,

my last gambling spree
a few years back

brought the sun city
to its knees.

And what?

You want to use my establishment
for your encore?

Wherever I play,
attention follows.

The type of attention
that draws bigger players

with much bigger wallets.

The buy-in is $100,000.

When's it get interesting?


Find my new friend here a seat
for Friday night, will you?


What do you got?

Ooh, you got one.

Are you still there?

on Donovan?

I'm working on it.

Buy-in for Friday
is $100,000.

Method of payment?

Bank account
and routing number.

Just one moment while I verify.

I'm sorry, Mr. Halden,

but it appears your account
has insufficient funds.

There must be some error.

Apologies, but I won't be able
to hold your spot in the game

until I have the money in hand.

You saw me and Abramov
chatting just now, right, Sam?

That was him thanking me.

Now, I'd hate to tell him
that the man who saved

his beloved prostitutka
from the Russian diamond mines

was denied access
into his poker game

because you couldn't
overlook something

as trivial as a bank error.

Come on.

We close to entrants
one hour before the game.

And it has to be cash.

Thank you.

See ya.


I may have an angle on how
we can take down Donovan.

You got 100 grand I can borrow?

What do we have?

Donovan's subpoenaed files.

All his adoptions
look perfectly legit,

Katherine MacMillan's included.

I called his liaison
in Gudermes.

The guy corroborated
Donovan's story

about Olly's birth mother.

Of course he did.

He's probably getting a cut
of Donovan's extortion money.

Or Donovan's telling the truth.

Oh, no.
No way he's clean.

Neal did a little digging
in the New York room yesterday,

found out why Donovan was so
eager to shake down Katherine.

He's in the red 200 grand
with the Abramov crime family.

And he's planning
on winning it back

at their poker game
Friday night.

So Abramov must have him
on a clock.

Which means he's desperate.
He's gotta win.


But what if Neal
were to play Donovan

in that poker game
and made sure he didn't win?

Oh. Then he'd get
even more desperate.

Desperate enough to try

and shake down
another adoptive parent.

How would you guys feel
about going under

as a couple working through
a tricky international adoption?

It'd be selfish of us
not to share our love

with little Samir.

"Ra." Samira.

You wanted a girl.

This is good.

Neal makes Donovan desperate for cash...

And he extorts the two of you
to recoup his losses.

So you just used a tack?

She surprised me.
What else was I gonna do?

It worked.

How'd she know
someone broke in?

Oh, I don't know.

100 failed attempts
on her keypad?

That would do it.

So I'm guessing
you haven't listened

to the fruits of my labor yet.

No. I've been busy
with a case.

Neal, it's me.

You weren't there, Moz.

You didn't see it happen.

I witnessed the aftermath...

figuratively and literally.

Look. When you're ready
to listen...

You'll be there.

So what is this case?

I'm taking down a lawyer.

He's extorting money
from the parents

using their adopted kids
as leverage.

Adopted kids?

What kind of a cretin preys
on helpless adopted kids?

All they want is a fair shake
and a chance to belong.

I know.
You were adopted.

Foster care.
I was never adopted.

How are you gonna take down
this pig?

Poker game.

You better win.

Well, that's the game plan.

You better make sure
you win.

Again, that's the game plan.

What's his tell?
I will figure out his tell.

You do that.

Then crush him.

Over here.
That's good.

Look at you two.

Did I wake up in the Hamptons?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

We look good.

Donovan knows the feds
are looking into him.

So convincing him
to take on new clients

isn't gonna be easy.

Everything you need to know
is in this briefcase...

Salary history,

legal documents,

names and numbers of your
sudanese adoption contacts.

Do you feel married?

We feel like
Tanya and David Mayburn,

a happy couple trying
to adopt a 6-month-old

from Al-Fashir in Sudan.

A few photos of little Samira.

You wanted a girl,
so we got a girl.

How is that fair?

Excuse me.
Who's the one on the phone

with Al-Fashir every day
while you're off

hitting a bucket of balls
with the boys?

Sounds like
a married couple to me.

Knock 'em dead.

It was our love
of children

that brought us together.

Fast forward five years.
We've tried everything...

To conceive on our own, but...

It wasn't meant to be.

So, you decided to adopt

What kept it
from being finalized?

We don't know.

We've been calling the agency
in Al-Fashir, but...

Every time,
it's the run-around.

Can't get a straight answer.

Whatever's going on,
we want it fixed.

We heard you're the man
that can make it happen.

Who told you that?

Gilbert Lowenstein.

At the Hemmingson institute.

Gilbert! I haven't talked
to him in ages.


Did his daughter finish school?

Which one was that again?


Emily graduated cum laude.

And how is Gil doing
with the divorce?

Well, with all due respect,
uh, Mr. Donovan,

we're here to discuss
our daughter.


And if you want my services,
answer my questions.

He's onto them.

Well, I believe the divorce
was finalized last spring.

Is there anything else
you'd like to know about Gil?

How he takes his coffee,

We just...
We just want our Samira

where she belongs...

Here with us.

We'll do anything.

Price isn't an issue.

$50,000 is my standard retainer.
Will that be a problem?

Do you prefer cash or check?

You got him to bite.

Yeah. Well,
he's gonna check us out.

We got that covered.

We're his insurance.

He loses the poker game,

it's safer to risk an FBI setup

than the wrath of a mob boss.

Then he made the wrong choice.

Hughes approved the money.

We got the 100 grand
for the buy-in.


But I need something else.

I need some way to find out
Donovan's tell

so I know when
he's bluffing a hand.

You don't think
you can beat him?

It hurts me that
you would even ask that.

I know I can.

But there's a kid at stake.
I can't take any chances.

I'll handle it.

Peter Burke gut detector?

FBI's most valuable weapon.


Detective Lewis.

This is Neal Caffrey.

This is a search warrant.

We're looking
for the stolen FAA package.

Oh. Points
for persistence.

I'm a lot harder to beat
than a lie detector.

Nice place, Neal.

I've seen yours.
You've seen mine. We're even.

If I snuck in here with a gun,
then we'd be even.

tiger oak?

Hand carved.

If I stole the package,

you really think I'd keep it here?
Why not?

Let me help you out with that.
Thank you.

How did you con your way
into this place?

You are convinced
I don't have an honest bone.

Give me a good reason
to think otherwise.

There's nothing here.

Ms. Ellis?

I can explain that.

He's 5.

How do you know
Clark Maskhadov?


Clark Maskhadov.

Also known as Clark the shark.

I don't know him.

Let's talk
about the birth mother.

She's really coming forward?

Not some extortion scam
you're pulling?

She's real.

Thank you very much,
Mr. Donovan.

That's all I need to know.

Thank you for coming in.

I'll be in touch
if I have any further questions.

You've subpoenaed all my files,

and you've accused me
of extortion.

I can't imagine what more
you want from me.

I'll be in touch.

This way, sir.

You get him?

I got him.

He blinks twice.

Two little blinks,
just like that,

when he lies.


It's Neal.

Where is Neal?

The game starts in three hours.

He's being arrested.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say...

I'm familiar with the speech.

Sara, this is
a really bad time.

Agent Burke.

Peter, will you please stop...

What's going on here?

Neal stole a package.

Detective, may I speak
with Mr. Caffrey, please?


Thank you.

Did you steal it?


You realize what this...

You can't play if...
I know.

She's mad.



He's all yours.



Just forget it.
All right?

He broke into my house...

You know what that is?


I think it has something to do
with Kate Moreau.

And when it comes to her,

Neal's judgment
is severely lacking.

All right. Fine.
Why am I involved?

I don't know.

Look. I understand why
you're pressing charges.

I get it.

But I'm gonna ask you not to.

Oh, this ought to be good.

It's an adoption scam.

There's a kid... He's caught
in the middle of all this.

Neal is integral
to our takedown.

How integral?

We can't do it without him.

A kid?


These guys can spot a cheat.

No wires, no cell phone...

No Mozzie.

You're gonna have to do this
the old-fashioned way.

You're gonna have to
beat him honestly.


Contrary to popular opinion,

I can do honest.

Can you beat him?

He's good.
I'm better.

Anything else?

Good luck.

Luke Donovan.

Nick Halden.

Mr. Halden.

Uh...Enjoy the play.

You too.

Good evening.

The game is
no limit Texas hold 'em.

You will play until there is
only one player left standing.


Shuffle up and deal.

- Here we go.
- Here we go.



You got the straight.

Do I?

Let's see 'em.

Cards are war...

Disguised as sport.

You're lucky, Donovan.


That's four in a row.

Ah, yes. Nothing happens
by chance, my friend.

There's no such thing as luck.

There is meaning
behind every little thing.

I hope you're right.

Come on.

Nobody likes to quit
when they're behind.

Oh, nobody likes to quit
when they're ahead.

Shuffle up and deal.

And then there were two.

Your math skills
are impeccable.


I call.

20 grand.

You know, this might be the time
you think about folding.

Do you know how to do that?

You must really like your hand.


All in.

You have
the ace-high flush?

Do I?

What can I say?
Let's go to war.

He flips over the river and...

You cheated, right?

Peter, you insult me.

There's no way you would have
left it to chance.

A true gambler
never reveals his strategy.

Oh. Oh, "reveals
his strategy," hmm?

And, uh, what about
the winnings?

Per your request,

I deposited the $800,000

into the FBI bank account
this morning.

800 grand.

100 grand times 10 players
minus the 10% house cut.


100 grand, bottom drawer,
hollowed-out weapons manual.


Looks like Neal's
poker smackdown paid off.

Donovan's desperate.

What, you talked to him?

No, but he just called
the number

of our sudanese
adoption contact.

I rerouted it
to the audio trace-back room.

Good. What'd he say?

Our linguist expert
posing as the contact

followed the script perfectly.

Told him that the hold-up
with Samira's adoption

was nothing more
than a paperwork mix-up.

All right.

Now we see if he comes back
to you and Jones

with the same story,

or if he pulls some
nonexistent birth mother

out of thin air.

What do we do until then?

Until then, we wait.

His tell?

Oh, yeah. His tell.

We beat him together.

Well, I beat him,
but, you know, you helped.

Bottom drawer?


How'd it go?

Well, let's see.

The client's happy,
so I'm happy,

which makes you happy for me.

Oh. You're lucky
I'm so supportive.

The client's so excited

that she wants to take me
to dinner to celebrate.

Well, nice one of us has
something to celebrate about.

And, yes, it's about Neal.

He is neck deep in a dangerous
game of cat and mouse.


With who?
Sara Ellis,

our insurance investigator.

She's investigating him,
and he's enjoying it.

All that pent-up animosity
and fighting...

it leads to sparks.

Well, we don't have
pent-up animosity.

We never fight.

And that's a good thing.

What about the sparks?

Honey, we are so not lacking
in the sparks department,

when I get home,
I'm gonna prove it to you.

I'm gonna hold you to that.



Honey, I got to take this.
I'll call you later.

Okay. Bye.

Hey, Diana.
What's up?

Donovan wants to talk.

Jones and I are returning
his call in 20 minutes.

I'll be there.

I finally got in touch
with your contact

in Al-Fashir.

There's no easy way
to say this,

but he informed me
that Samira's birth mother

has stepped forward.

Oh, God.

She wants Samira?

Mrs. Mayburn,
it's only a scare tactic.

What she really wants is money.

I think I can convince her
to back off.

How much does she want?



I'll need you to bring it
to my office at noon tomorrow.

Sorry to sound so demanding,

but I am convinced
this is a solution

that will best serve
all parties involved.


So, what's the story

with Donovan pushing up
the payoff 30 minutes?

He called me back late last
night and changed the time.

He's either spooked,
or he's up to something.

Or both.

Are you sure you don't want me
to go with her?

If he's spooked,

he'll be more at ease
with just one of you.

It's time.
Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Neal, what'd you find out?

Diana's hunch was right.

Donovan just booked the red-eye
to Buenos Aires.

He's not paying off Abramov.

He's taking the money
and running.

Yeah, but why push up the
meeting? What does that get him?

Abramov wants his cash.

He must know Donovan's
getting it at noon.

Donovan shows up early,
collects his 200 grand,

and splits the country.


Except we're gonna be there
to crash his bon voyage.

There's something going on.

It's Abramov's men.

Looks like
we're not the only one

crashing Donovan's bon voyage.

They must know he's taking
the money and running.

Mrs. Mayburn?

I work with Mr. Donovan.

He's instructed me to accept
the money on his behalf.

No. We blow our cover,
it's over.

Diana? Stall.

Just play it out,
see what happens.

Everyone else, stay alert.

I'm only giving the money
to Donovan.

If he's not here,
we'll have to reschedule.

I'm afraid that's not possible.

FBI! Move! Move!

Hold your fire.
Just hold your fire!

Weapons down!

Weapons down!
Hold your fire!

What is this, a setup?

We're not here for you.

We just want Donovan.

He's leaving this country
a free man

unless we figure this out.

I'm willing to cut you a deal.

What kind of deal
did you have in mind?

FBI's got you
on illegal gambling.

We could shut you down
and look the other way,

or we can shut you down
and arrest you.

Decision's yours.

I have lawyers.

And I've got your guys
attempting to steal money

from a federal agent.

We stole nothing.

Donovan owes us that money.

How'd you know
she was coming with that money?

Donovan told us he's running
some kind of adoption scam.

This lady'd be bringing it.

Hey, we don't want to
risk him screwing us.

Cut out middle men.

Get from her directly.

Yeah, well,
it's the adoption scam

that we want to shut down.

What do I care?

You care because he's using
chechen kids.

Nick Halden!

Something tells me we're not
here for a poker game.

Seems that Mr. Halden...

Is not who he says he is.

You scam my men
out of lot of money.

And you...

You owe me money...

And I expect payment in cash...

Or blood.

It's your choice.

I know what this guy
is capable of.

If you got the money,
I'd give it to him.

I don't.

Uh, Mr. Abramov,
I'm sorry.

I was expecting a cash payment
when your men picked me up.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Is wrong answer.

I will give you one minute...

To think of right answer.

Wait, wait!

No, wait, please, stop.

I don't... Aah!

I don't...
Have your money!

I swear to you!


I swear to you.

I swear to you,
I don't have your money!


Say something about your legs.

Your legs.

Ohh, God!

I swear to you!

Aah! Gah.


Not fire! Aah!

No, not the cigarette butt!


Aah, my leg.

Aah. Ohh.

Oh, my God.


Come up with way
to get my money yet?

Gentlemen, give Mr. Donovan
same treatment, please.

Oh, whoa, wait, wait, wait.
I can... I can...

I-I-I can get you money.
My job. My job can...

your job?
I can...

Your job?

You work for mint or something?

No, no, no.

No, no. I'm...

I'm an adoption lawyer
with wealthy clients.

I can get money from them,
and I'll cut you in.

My associates tell me you're
running some sort of scam.

I threaten them.

I-I tell them
they might lose their kids.


How will I know
the plan of yours will work?

'Cause I've done it.

I've done it 8, 9, 10 times.

It works.
I promise.

I promise.

Jones, Diana...

You got all that, right?

Oh, yeah.

Everybody move in.

FBI! Let him go!


Agent Burke!
These men! They...

told you I'd be in touch.

This is a setup?

And you were in on it?


Agent Burke explained to me
your little extortion scheme.

What kind of sick animal

messes with innocent
chechen kids?


You should be ashamed
of yourself.

Mrs. Mayburn and I plan on
playing that little confession

for your clients.

I got a feeling a lot more
extortion victims

are gonna be coming forward.

So, what happens to Abramov?


But he so much as
gets a parking ticket,

the organized crime division
gets a very thick file.

Generous gesture.

Espresso machine.

Well, that's a good idea.

Maybe we could dress up Jones
as a pastry chef on Fridays.

I suggest refinement.
You make jokes.

No, I'm serious.

I think he'd look handsome

with one of those
floppy chef hats.

It's called a toque.

I know what it's called.

And no espresso machine.

I can't stand that steam sound.

Oh. Hey, Katherine.

How you doing?

I heard the custody meeting
went well.

My attorney got me
a deferred prosecution.

Strict probation
with some community service.

And you get to keep Olly.

Yes. He's my son.

Glad to hear.
That's great.

I just...
I wanted to thank both of you

for everything.

We're gonna be okay.

Take care.

Bye, guys.

We did good.


As long as we keep
trying to do that,

we'll be okay.

Wow. That is bad.
Oh, it's awful.

I'm gonna get an espresso.

Yeah, grab me one.

Good morning.

Here to arrest me again?

Tell me about Kate.

Come on in.

She was your girlfriend
before you went to prison.

What happened to her
in that plane?

It's complicated.

Who killed her?

I don't know.

Neal, I don't know
what possessed you

to drag me into this...

But I'm in.

You listen to it?


You need to hear it.

Listen, um, helping those kids?


Anytime, Moz.

You ready?


It's me.

Peter Burke is here.

That's Kate's voice.

I don't know why Burke's here.

Does this change the plan?

She called someone.

Hey. It's me.
Peter Burke...

we can enhance the sound,
figure out who she dialed.

I want to know who was on
the other end of that phone.