White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 4 - By the Book - full transcript

Mozzie fears that the object of his affection has been kidnapped, and turns to Neal and Peter for help. For the first time, Mozzie must put his faith in the FBI - and when the rescue ...

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You're wearing an ascot.

You know, the Duke of Windsor

considered ascots the
elegant morning wear.

Great, if this were 1874...

Or you were about to open
that shackleton Brandy

you intercepted.

I'm not allowed to look debonair?

You on your way to undercut
that antiques dealer?

Making your bookie pay
for tea at the Carlyle?

You know, this... what you're doing...

uh, projecting your boredom

with your humdrum, 9:00-to-5:00
existence onto my day,

where I am free to color
outside the lines as I choose.

Don't let me stop you, Picasso.

If you'll excuse me...

I have somewhere important to be.

A.B. Tattersall?

Read his last one in a day
and then couldn't sleep...

the way the murderer
tips off the detective

and then gets caught
in his own double cross.

Mm-hmm. He's a master of
denouement. I'll lend it to you.

I will try not to drop it
in the bathtub this time.

Good morning, Gina.

Good morning, Mozzie.

I like your tie thing.

You know, orange is my favorite color.

Really? I had no idea.

Whole-wheat toast, half a grapefruit,

and soft-boiled egg coming right up.

So, which of our fair city's bounties

did you explore this weekend?

I just picked up shifts.

You'll have to tell me
about your adventures.

No, no. I can't say.

Mozzie, do you really
have friends at the FBI?

You know I'm not able to speak to that.

I'm serious. Do you?

That's a... definite maybe.

Hi, Vince, Mike.

Do you guys need a table?

You got a break coming up?

I'll just close out.

Mozzie, I'm gonna take my
break a little early today.

Um, do you need a refill?

Gina, is everything okay?

Oh, you know what you should really read?

"Snap of the twig." I got
really caught up in it.

Good work, everyone. We're closing in.

Whoever cracks this identity-theft ring

on the Upper East Side wins this...

my Quantico pen.

Don't make 'em like this anymore.

The victims all used their credit cards

at a silent auction last month.

Check the list of people
who worked the event.

Organic produce, dry cleaning, gyms...

all set up on monthly accounts.

Maybe someone got in this way.

Well, it's written all over their faces.

What? They share a dermatologist.

Someone from the office is
selling patient information.

I want that pen.

Blake, run indices on all these,

starting with Dr. Botox
and his office staff.

When I get back from lunch with Elizabeth,

let's see who gets the pen.

- Moz, what are you...
- No names!

What are you doing in a federal building

dressed like Truman Capote?

You want to explain why you're here?

I have a friend in need.

Girl from the diner?

You know about Gina?

- Yes, I...
- No, no.

No, no. Sorry.

Yes, I know about the girl from the diner.

What I don't know is why you
wore an ascot to meet with her.

Oh. Gina likes orange.

And she's in trouble.

What kind of trouble?

The serious kind.

These two guys came into the diner.

Gina got really nervous, and
she told me to read a book.

Wow. That's definitely cause for alarm.

Neal, it was "Snap of the twig,"

and she knows I already read it!

That's your proof?

You sound like the suit.

Right before she walked
out the door of the diner,

she asked me if I knew anyone in the FBI.

Oh, uh, my friend is very claustrophobic.

He could get violent.

It's okay. It's okay.

Don't get near me. Don't get near me.

At this rate, I'm gonna have to

kiss my wife, put her in a cab,

and grab a hot dog on my way back here.


Excuse me.

Oh. Watch your back.

Obviously the universe is trying
to rob me of my lunch hour.

Okay, look, let's give
it 24 hours. If she...

We might not have 24 hours!

Do you know what the plot
of "Snap of the twig" is?

It's about a girl who gets in too deep

and ends up being kidnapped.

She said she really got "caught up in it."

Do you guys smell that?

Is that burning insulation?

Oh, sometimes these things can just...

Gina was trying to send me a message.

It was a cry for help.

This isn't the kind of case
that Peter normally handles,

if it's even a case.

They owe me, Neal.

I have never even asked
for one favor before.


I'll look into it.

Can you give me Gina's last name?

Oh, and then some.

This is a little creepy.

Oh, that's nothin'.

Took long enough.

You guys do know we have stairs, right?

How's your first week going?

Better than Harvard and Quantico combined.

Psyched to be on Agent Burke's
team. The guy's a legend.

He is.

By the way, I got a name to
add to that list he gave you.

Gina Destefano.

I'll run it right after lunch.

Any way you can run it now?

Turns out to be the one, you get that pen.

I get the pen?

Oh, yeah. Come on.

Here's her phone records.

Interesting... Gina makes a
couple calls from the cellphone

at the same time every day, texts, too.

Not today.

It all stops at 9:15.

Bank and credit cards.

No ATM withdrawals. Cards are quiet.

Does this woman work
for the dermatologist?

I like the way you think.

Gina's been taken. I just know it.

Maybe she's sick in bed.

No one goes off the grid like this.

How'd you make a file on
her and not get her address?

You know, I don't just go
around looking up people.

I'm not some kind of a stalker.

She's unlisted. There is a line, Neal.

Well, the FBI crossed it for you.

So, now what do we do?

You could knock.

I can't knock.

She's unlisted. How do I
explain how I found her?

Here, I'll do it. I'll tell her
I'm looking for the last tenant.

- Oh, no, don't!
- She doesn't know who I am.

You ever wonder why you've
never been introduced?

She meets you, and suddenly
I become the quirky friend.

What do you suggest, Moz?

There you go.

What are you... oh, my God.

This is really mature.


This does not bode well.

Peephole reverser.

The place is trashed.

Oh, God. We got to get in there.

All right, you better
start thinking of ways

to convince Peter this falls
under exigent circumstances.

Bite, chew three times, swallow, think.

Honey, you're either having
a gastronomic epiphany,

or it's a case.

It's Neal.

There was this thing with the elevator.


When he stepped off, he was shifty.

Uh-oh. I know how you are with shifty.

No, you...

you know what? You're right. You're right.

Enough about Neal.

This is our last lunch
together for a week.

You gonna survive without me?

Did you forget I did a lot of
the cooking when we first met?

Yeah, I have all the take-out
menus in the top drawer.

That's what I love about you.

- Oh, sorry, honey.
- That's okay.

Agent Blake, don't you eat lunch?

Yes, sir, but I thought you'd want to know

Caffrey was right about the dermatologist.

But there's no connection

with that other name he had me run.

Oh, right... the name Neal had you run.

What was it again?

Gina Destefano.

Gina Destefano.

Wait. Hold on, Blake.

You know, when Mozzie was
over sweeping the house,

he mentioned some waitress
he was bonding with

over mystery novels... I think that's her.

Yeah. Blake, keep monitoring.

I'll be back soon.

Mozzie has a crush?

It happens.

Coffee table askew. Clothes
put back upside down.

Work of an amateur.

Well, you're right. Someone
was looking something.

Hey, look at this.

I made this for Gina.


Hope you used protection.

She likes codes.

And she kept it.

To use when she files
the restraining order?

Uh, Moz.


He's follicly and vertically
challenged like me,

only... better.

Hey, hey, he's a... a version of you.


If we find any, I can run
them back at the office.

- Gloves?
- Always.


Neal, I'll bet you a
first-edition Faulkner

that those two goons from the diner

have a rap sheet from here to New Jersey.

Oh. Here. Brush.

- Drawers?
- Yep.

Oh, come on.

No prints. Looks like
this place has been wiped.

Someone left a message in fingerprints.


That's from "The harpist's revenge."

Call in the cavalry.

Wait. Wait a second, Moz.

Sal's. That's a cigar bar
down by your chess club.

Well, so, what are we waiting for?

This is a kidnapping!

Time is of the essence.

Uh, Patty Hearst?


This little guy gets on at 19

but works the camera
angles to avoid detection.

And of course we know this little guy.

Yes, we do.

I'm surprised he got
this close to the office.

What do we know about Gina Destefano?

34 years old, U.S. citizen.

Is she still a waitress?

At Margo's diner.

Thanks. Good girl. No record.

Today's pattern of cell
use was unusually silent

until she made a call
about a half-hour ago.

We traced that number
back to Tommy Barnes.

Multiple incoming and outgoing
calls... probably a boyfriend.

Tommy's not so squeaky-clean.

Priors for B&E, selling stolen merch.

Works as a limo driver.

Could be an errand boy for
one of those numbers rings

we've been keeping an
eye on, on the east side.

Peter, look at this.

Where are Neal and Mozzie?

- What's the problem?
- Pull Caffrey's tracking detail!

Already on it.

Peter, what's going on?

Look who Tommy's linked to.

Cristofer Navarro.

I need someone to find out
where Caffrey is right now!

I'll keep watch.

All right.

- Hurry up!
- I'm hurrying, Moz.


I don't care about a girl.

I care about my money.

Our driver drops off a package,

walks out with $100,000 cash.

My cash.

In Colombia, we'd all go
for a walk in the jungle

right about now.

So that's what we do.

Really, Vince?

We go for a walk in the
jungle to get my money back?

Yeah, but it's a park.

You've reached Neal.

Big Brother's watching, so
leave a message at your own risk.

Text him.

Neal and Mozzie better not get
involved in Navarro's business.

He has a low tolerance for outsiders.

Someone's in here.

Open it.

Let's do this

He's going for the roof.

Everything all right in here?

We're closed for business.

Special Agent Burke, FBI.

Got a report... someone broke in here.

Thought I'd do my duty and
stop a crime in progress.

But I see...

you men are already on that.

If this man entered your
place of business illegally,

you have every right to press charges.

I care deeply about the trees.

I don't want to waste paper on this guy.

And don't worry, Officer...

we all have permits for these guns.

I'll be back another time
to check those permits.

I can understand

why the proprietor of a cigar lounge

is so heavily armed...

you never know who you're
gonna find in your humidor.

Where's the little guy?


Come on out.

Suit, I must say your
timing is impeccable.

You two can fill me in from the
beginning back at the Bureau.

He wants me to go to the Bureau?

Yeah, Moz, if you want the FBI's help,

you got to go to the Bureau.

Just do it for Gina.

You know what they do to
guys like me at the Bureau?

I do, Moz. I do.

One foot in front of the other.

Come on, Moz.


Hey, you want some coffee?


Rainman. Come on. Let's go.

You're okay.


All right.


That's what you'd expect me to do.

All right, this is not a game.

That guy that you walked in on...

Cristofer Navarro, Colombian.

Washed his hands of drugs,

moved on to weapons and racketeering.

Knows his way around a
machete and a handgun.

He's been on our radar for a long time.

How'd he get on yours?

An acquaintance of mine left
margo's diner this morning

and has not been seen since.

He was worried about her, so
we stopped by her apartment.

- Where we found a clue.
- When we dusted for prints.

- You dusted for prints?
- That's what led us to Sal's.

Where, on half a hunch,
you walked in on Navarro.

If you'd come to me, we
could have done this right.

Now Navarro's spooked.

What exactly is the nature of
your relationship with Gina?




Is he stalking her?

I'd have to look up the legal definition.

I hate to break it to you guys,

but your girl, Gina, has a boyfriend.

Tommy Barnes.

A version of me.

If you were a low-end criminal

and drove limos as a part-time job.

Yeah, if.

Wait a minute.

I overheard Navarro say that a
driver stole $100,000 from him.

Tommy rips him off. He
goes after the girlfriend.

Got another ping on Gina.

Well, so much for being off the grid.

20 minutes ago, she used her credit card

to buy nuts from a shop
in tompkins square park.

One of Navarro's guys said
something about a park.

This is a clue.

Gina is allergic to nuts.

She told me she was
hospitalized for it when...

check her file.

In '07. Anaphylactic shock.

A nut allergy?

It could work.

I'll take Navarro down any way I can.

The cashier remembers her.

She was here an hour ago.

She sat right there on that bench.

Was she with anyone?

She didn't notice.

She said she looked scared.

No traffic or security cams.

The only place in the city
Big Brother isn't watching.

Jones, I need credit-card receipts

from every shop in this
area for all purchases made

in the last two hours.

You don't care how many "I
heart New York" keychains sold.

You want to know who bought them.

We get names...

find out where they're staying.

And welcome them to our fine city

by confiscating their camcorders.

We'll give them back.

Ugh. Do they know what
birds do on that statue?

That's like licking the eiffel tower.

Are you even looking for Gina?

Yes, we're looking for Gina.

We've been looking for Gina

in eight different languages,
and we'll keep looking for Gina.

Thank you.

Uh, there's provolone on
my smoked-turkey ciabatta.

Did you tell them I wanted provolone?

What? No. I...

Do you want half of mine?

Can't you just take it off?

Do you have any idea what happens

if I ingest even the
slightest essence of dairy?

Please, tell me. Don't
spare me any details.

What right do I have

enjoying my delicious
deviled-ham sandwich

after spending my day
looking for your girlfriend?

- Look, Peter, you got on board.
- Well, yeah, I was dragged on board.

- You dragged me on board. I dragged you?
- Uh, there she is!

All right, play it again.

Slow it down.

Zoom in there... right
there on the park bench.

Her eyes. She looks to the right.

Moves her hand a little, too.

We've been looking at
this park from all angles.

If we combine all the footage,

we can put together
coverage of this entire area,

get a look at who she's
communicating with.

Tapes 3, 7, 12, and 15
have everything we need,

plus this one, of course.

He has perfect recall.

She's waiting for something.


Vince and Mike, from the diner.

They're dropping back,
don't want to be seen.

That's what the call was.
She told Tommy to meet her.

They used her to draw him out.

Classic move.

She warns him.

She can't let him walk into it.

He's leaving her there?

Class act, this Tommy.


Rewind it and blow it up.

What was that?

Let's find out.

Tommy dumped his phone.

He doesn't want to be
tracked. Can I see it?

There's an unchecked message.

Must have come in after he ditched it.

Put it on speaker.

5:00 p.m. tomorrow.

East corner of Houston and Norfolk.

Just you and the money, or
you'll never see the girl again.

Navarro has no idea Tommy didn't get this.

And we have no idea where Tommy is.

If he doesn't show up tomorrow...

Then Gina's dead.

Navarro is going to a lot of
trouble over a hundred grand.

Why not put a hit on
Tommy, sit back, and wait?

Okay, Navarro's after you,

you've got a briefcase full of cash,

and you need to
disappear... what do you do?

You guys.

Well, the first thing I'd do is get
rid of my phone and credit cards.

Which he did.

Hop on a plane.

Airport security's tight.

You pay cash for a
ticket, that's a red flag.

Plus it's risky.

You sit in one place too
long, people remember you.

Oh, and bus stations are the first place

you people always put "wanted" posters.

Trains are no good. You
get on one, you're stuck.

Unless you're a fan of the
jump-and-roll, which I'm not.

I'd just drive. But
Tommy doesn't have a car.

And all the limos at his
company are in his lot.

You could boost one, but that's risky.

- And you can't get a rental with cash anymore.
- Cash.

What about a taxi?

A couple grand will get you
across a few state lines.

Diana, get eyes on the airports,
bus, and train stations.

Start with the cab
companies. I'll prep tactical.

- Come on.
- Jones, you're on audio.

- Yep.
- Hey, what team am I on?

You're not. Neal's taking you home.

Hey, you're sidelining me now?

- Disappearing is what I do.
- Did.

But I am a wealth of information.

Mozzie is too close to
handle a ransom situation.

I'll call if I need anything.

That's it.

Come on, Moz.


Keep an eye on those two.

With pleasure.

I knew something was wrong at the diner.

I should've done something.

Don't blame yourself, Moz.

Peter will find Tommy. He found me. Twice.

He knew you. He knew where you'd go.

When he found me, I wasn't running away.

Yeah, you were running toward something.

Toward someone. Kate.

You think Tommy's the kind of guy

who'd stick around for a girl?

All I know

is that Gina's the kind of
girl worth sticking around for.

Peter works one side,
we'll work the other.

Let's say Tommy is a version of you.

You decide to wait around,
and when things cool off,

you find Gina and take off together.

- All I'd need is one thing.
- A new identity.

In times of crisis, people
tend to go where they feel safe.

Tommy grew up in tudor city.

You got a look at his file.

With one eye.

The only decent I.D. guy left
in the east 40s is Devlin.

Devlin? Oh. You two go way back.

Ever since that Spanish
harlem job went bad,

he secretly hates me.

If he wasn't so jumpy...

I mean, if you can't handle
stress, try needlepoint.

All right, so, Devlin
won't just hand over a name.

Is Jones still outside?

Apparently we're deserving

of 'round-the-clock

What do you want, Caffrey?

I need you to do me a favor.

I'm not doing anything illegal.

Did you ever see "Scarface"?

- Thanks a lot, man.
- Thanks. Yeah.

Neal Caffrey!

Man, it's been a long time.

Hey, Moz. You're looking good.


I see you haven't lost your penchant

for shameless self-promotion.

You guys are a long way from home.

Yeah, we were just in the neighborhood,

thought we'd grab some coffee.

What's with him?

This guy over there, he's...


He's a fed.

We noticed him following us a while back.

You serious?

Powdered sugar?

What are you doing, man? A fed?

What? He believed me.

As if I'm gonna tell Devlin
that guy works for Navarro.


That guy works for Navarro?

What are you guys into?

Nothing, okay?

Guy from around here named Tommy Barnes

stole 100 grand from Navarro.

Word is, somebody made him a fake I.D.

Oh, crap, man.

Navarro thinks I did it.

- Holy crap, man.
- Here he comes.

Vouch for me, all right, Devlin?

You owe me from that
Spanish Harlem debacle.

Moz, I got your back, man.


You got the wrong guy. I swear!

Look, man. Hi.

I know who you are, okay?
I don't want any trouble.

That guy there, he was just bragging

about an I.D. he made for
a guy named Tommy Barnes.

I did no such thing! I
don't have a death wish!

Hey! He told me Tommy's
new name is Sam Brennan.

Okay? Sam Brennan. That's what he said.

Both of you better come with me.

I won't forget this, Devlin!

Oh, you guys have more fun than we do.

Whatever, Travolta.

Surveillance outpost is being set up

a block from the drop site.

Cameras and mikes on exterior.

Tactical is on the move.

Any questions?

We will bring Tommy in.

There will be a drop.

I have good news.

I need good news.

A taxi driver came forward.

A man matching Tommy's description

caught a cab near the park yesterday.

Said he'd give him $5,000

to drive him to Chicago
without calling it in.

Why's the driver talking?

Because Tommy only gave him $400.

He made him turn around
at the Jersey turnpike.

But look at what he paid with.

These are sequential bills.

Tommy hasn't made any withdrawals,

so he's using the money
he took from Sal's.

Navarro's laundering money through Sal's.

That's why he wants that
particular 100 grand back.

Because it can be traced.

This could blow up
Navarro's entire enterprise.

Yeah, Jones?

Peter, I'm with Caffrey
and the little guy.

We got a tip that Tommy Barnes
has a new I.D... Sam Brennan.

Thanks, Jones.

All right, run the name "Sam Brennan."

Hit the hotels and motels.
He'll be the one paying cash.


Your name's Sam now, remember?

Special Agent Burke, FBI.

Same sequence as the bills from the cab.

Rest in your safe in the hotel?


Get E.R.T. on it.

Let Neal and Mozzie know we've got Tommy.

- We need to talk.
- All right.

Come on.

How'd you get your hands on this money?

A few nights ago, I did a drop at Sal's.

There were some briefcases.
Nobody was looking.

Navarro has Gina.

We don't know where. He's
threatening to kill her.

There's a way to make this right.

Snipers on the north and south rooftops.

Mobile and foot units
around the perimeter.

We'll have undercover
agents placed as vendors.

But watch this area... it's a blind spot,

access to the subways.

We don't have enough
manpower to cover the trains.

I want you ready to move in
when we get Gina's coordinates.

Remember, the color of the day is orange.

- Uh, Gina's favorite!
- He'll stay out of the way.

He'd better.

All right! Let's move out!

Stay here.

This lets us hear everything
you say and track your location.

Just in case Navarro tries to take you.


It's a precaution, that's all.

I don't want to scare you with statistics,

'cause you don't look to
me like much of a math guy.

If this goes wrong... and
these things go wrong a lot...

then he's gonna take
you... if not, then...


What? You do realize Navarro's gonna think

he bought that flashy
watch with the money, right?

What are you doing, Moz?

I'm explaining the risks
when he's out there.

Gina's life in his hands...
he doesn't screw it up!

Get him out of here.

No. I want him where I can see him.

That chair. Don't move.

Don't speak. Sit. Read a book.

Okay, folks, Navarro's
here with two guards,

and they brought artillery.

Looks like mp5s and ACPs.

This is it! Everyone in position!

Everyone in a vest!

Tommy, you ready?

We got you covered from every angle.

No, I can't go out there.

Look, if Navarro sees anyone

but you out there, we risk losing Gina.

I'm confounded by what Gina sees in you!

You ran away once, but you
turned around and came back.

Man up!

- Tommy, get back here!
- Hold on.

You're three seconds
away from being arrested.

Tommy, if you love her,

then you have to go, and I mean now.

Just walk out there
and give him the money.

H... he's gonna kill me.

Uh, guys...

We got a problem at the drop point.

What do you mean, a problem?

All right, stand down, stand down.

Where's Mozzie?

Not another step.

He just walked into the drop.

Who the hell are you?

Search him.

I work for Tommy. I'm his intermediary.


I can get you the rest.

Where is he going with this?

Let's hope he gets there fast.

Tell Tommy I can guarantee quick...

but not painless.

He'll know what I mean.

You're an idiot!

You think Tommy's phone was encrypted?

Your message was intercepted by the feds.

You think this is a secure spot?

Look up. There's a sniper.
There's another one.

Guy tying his shoe... agent.

Lady with the fruit cart... agent.

We're surrounded.

They've been on to you since Sal's.

How did you know about that?

Oh, please, this is right out of the book.

Page 73, paragraph 2, line 5...

and paragraph 4, line 7.

Right out of the book!

Where's Tommy?

Where's my money?

This is not blowing up under my watch.

We got to move. Go! Go!

You know so much.

You know a way out?

Subway was the only
place they couldn't cover.

Lucky for you, I got a metrocard.

He knows that is our blind
spot! What is he thinking?!

Page 73, paragraph 2, line 5.

Is that from the FBI field manual?


It's Hughes.

Yes, sir?

I know that. Yes, sir.

Well, I wanted the manpower.



I want this done.

First thing's first.

Let me see the girl.

Come on.

Where's Tommy?

Tommy's fine.

I'm here instead.

Call me the broker.

Call Tommy.

Get me my money.

I see the girl's unharmed. Good for you.

I want a chair, and I want coffee.

No milk, no cream.
That's right... lactose.

Then I'm gonna tell you
how this is gonna go down.

What's the "perfect exchange"?

Whatever it is...

money for a painting,
drugs, or a person...

the hand-off's always a problem.

It all comes down to trust.

How do you know the
bad guy won't shoot you,

keep the money and the
valuable jewels/masterpiece/

bond certificate?


So, one night, over a bottle of armagnac,

Mozzie and I figured out
the perfect way to do it.

That why you're wearing
your cat-burglar outfit?

I'm a New Yorker. We like black.

- Mm-hmm.
- Let's start with the "where."


A neutral location.

Tommy comes unarmed. So do you.

Guns won't make it past security.

Security is key.

You need metal detectors,
but not scanners.

You want to get a bag
of money and a canvas in.

- Just so I'm clear, Gina's the canvas?
- Right.

You also need a building with
a public space on the roof.

We decided on the Sutherland.

You'll meet tomorrow at
the Sutherland Library.

On the rooftop. Don't worry.
There's no books up there.

What time is this elaborate meeting?

The meet has to happen
during business hours.

You want people around to
distract from the hand-off.

The sutherland's book collection

is valuable enough to warrant guards.

No funny stuff.

Tommy hands you anything
other than a briefcase,

you make a stink, the guards
come in and detain him.

You decide to make him
pay for stepping out,

same thing happens.

It's designed to keep both
sides in check and on task.

It's about the exchange, nothing else.

Everybody wins.

I like it... except for one thing.

What's that?

Nothing's perfect.

You just brokered yourself a deal.

It's perfect because
one side will always try

to outsmart the other.

Navarro knows that Tommy
can't walk in with a weapon.

So Navarro's gonna make sure
that there's one waiting for him

when he gets there.

We stake out the library.

Wait until one of Navarro's guys show up.

He'll keep an eye on the place,

make sure Tommy doesn't
have the same idea.

Then he'll plant the gun.

We'll just follow Navarro's
guy back to Mozzie.

I know this is boring, but stay awake.

I haven't slept since
this whole thing started.

Stomach hurt?

A little bit.

Got that parched thing happening?

Yeah. My mouth's a little dry.

Well, hold on to that feeling.

Remember it the next time

you decide to infiltrate
the den of a mobster

on a whim or something equally cockeyed.

Thanks for sharing your feelings, Peter.

I know that's sometimes difficult for you.

You're welcome.

That looks like Navarro's guy.

He's here to plant the gun.

We follow him back to
Mozzie, it'll all be over.

I hope so.

Oh, that's reassuring.

The "Perfect exchange."

When did you pull it off?

A certain FBI agent came into my life.

I didn't get the chance.

- So it's hypothetical.
- Yeah.

What happens to the middleman?

We didn't have one.

When Vince tells Navarro
that the gun's in place,

he's got his meeting time,
location, and a stashed weapon.

Mozzie's about to become irrelevant.

- I want to go in there.
- Hold on.

Take me to Navarro.



How did you end up here alone?

I followed your clues.

You did leave them for me?

Yes, yes, from our talks and our books.

But I was just hoping you
would share them with the FBI

or the cops.

Cut the talking!

Sal's was a dud. Set up somewhere else.

We got to find a new place for the money.

I'll make some calls.

Tommy wouldn't come for me, would he?

Let's not think about that now.


Vince is back.

This is it. Get ready.

What's happening?

Something big, I hope.

Mr. broker...

Seems I don't need you anymore.

Oh, damn it!

There is no middleman!

What does that mean?

FBI! Drop your weapon!

Drop it!

Stay where you are!

Put your gun down.

You keep showing up.

I don't like surprises.

And I don't like feds.

You know what else you're
not gonna like? Prison.

Drop your weapon.

Oh, I don't plan to go to prison.

FBI! Drop your weapons!

- Drop your weapons now!
- Put them down!

Looks like your plans just changed.


Weapons down right now!


Hey. You okay?

- Middleman.
- Middleman.

Yeah. We might want to
rename the "Perfect exchange."

- I got it, I got it.
- Deep breaths, buddy.

Thank you!

Look at you.


So, have you talked to Tommy?

We broke up.

Today's my last day at the diner, though.

I've been saving,

and I think it's time for
an adventure of my own.

I'm gonna go to California.

"It's goodbye, but we lean forward

to the next crazy venture
beneath the skies."


He also went to California.

I wouldn't do well there.

I like my shoes to cover my toes.

"You're cute, too."

How many dinners with Elizabeth
have you missed because of me?

I don't keep count.

Well, I've lost count.

But Mozzie had you worried.

How does it feel to
walk a mile in my shoes?

I prefer Italian leather.

How's Gina?

She's showing signs
of a bodyguard complex.

I told her some distance
between us would be good.

Yeah, a guy like you needs his space.

So, we heading to the Bureau?

I got the FBI on board
with Caffrey, but you?

I don't even know your real name.

And I've looked.

Thanks for the pen, by the way.

What pen? I got...

Earned it.

- It's mine now.
- Give me that pen.

It's not yours, no.

- I'm gonna keep it there.
- Peter...

You got to give me the pen.