White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 3 - Copycat Caffrey - full transcript

Professor George Oswald teaches a class on masterly con artists, including Neil. The FBI suspects him and/or his students of copycat robberies, so Burke asks eager Neil to turn up for a guest lecture and get the ball rolling. Manny Veselic and Justin Magary are all too eager to work with the master to steal paintings from a museum. However, Oswald stayed a step ahead, improving a scam so even Neil is surprised. Meanwhile the music box's secrets keep fascinating Burke and Neil, who got hold of a broken-off ornamental figure.

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How you doing today, sir?
Very well, thanks.

Thank you.

I hope you're
not admiring your own work.

I wish I was.
But I got a pretty good alibi.

I was working with you

I'll be sure to back you up

when we talk
to the Lamson Gallery.

The curator is waiting for us

I love a good art heist.

Solving a good art heist.

That's what I said.

Let me see that.

Lewis Thayer's
"untitled #2."

It's worth $4 million.

You'd think
for that kind of money

he'd have bothered
to come up with a title.

It is one
of his seminal pieces.

Is it a fad or talent
that drives up the price?


Don't try to understand
the peculiarities

of the pop-art market.

Would you pay
$4 million for that?


You're the wrong guy to ask.

Miss Jeffries,
I'm special Agent Burke.

Is is Neal Caffrey.
How you doing?

Tell us what happened.

Well, as you can see,

the "untitled #2"
was simply cut out of its frame.

How does someone pull
a down-and-dirty slash and grab

from a major gallery?

It's one of the few options left
if you want to knock over

a high-security...

I was talking to her.

Mr. Caffrey's right.

We have sensors in the frame,

but nothing attached
to the canvas.

Cutting it out of the frame
circumvents the alarms.

Got it.

Security cameras?

The theft occurred

during our daily
security-tape swap.

So we're not dealing
with complete amateurs.

No. Actually, it sounds
like a pretty good plan.

What are the odds you'll be able
to recover the painting?

Well, it would have made
my job a lot easier

if you had kept it
from the press.

We did.
Somebody didn't.

Anonymous tip.

Do we think our thieves
called it in?

Good chance. Headlines attract
black-market buyers.

Which means they want to move
the painting quickly.

I can ask around.

Run your street contacts.

Diana, you've got Europe.
Check with Interpol.

Jones, you're on Asia.
Check with the Alat over there.



Do you mind? I need to check
my street contacts.

Calling Mozzie?
He's good at this kind of thing.

You sure he didn't do it?
Slash and grab.

Frame's too high.



Hey, Moz,
the Lamson is missing a Thayer.

I didn't steal it.
I know.



All right.
I'm on it.

What are you doing here?
I said meet me in an hour.

And you found a source
in less than an hour.

That's pretty quick, Moz.

I only deal with professionals.

And you asked about a reward,
which you never ask about.

So I'm starting to think
you're talking to somebody else

and not telling me.
You're paranoid.

Who's your fence, Moz?

I'm friends with many people
of unsavory character.

Mm-hmm. How long
you been talking to her?

I know not of who you speak.

Sorry. Meeting aborted.
My sources spook easily.

They have to think I'm a vault.

Meeting aborted!

Sounds like the meeting's
still on.

I can't believe
I'm saying this.

I saw a mockingbird
in the park.

What color was the mockingbird?

The bird died.
Let's go.

What are you doing here, Alex?

I've never known you

to go skulking around
after reward money.

Well, after the plane blew up,

a lot of people
were asking questions.

I'm trying to stay
off the radar.

Makes it hard to find work.

You came to Mozzie, not to me?

He's not tethered to the FBI.

Two taps meant "abort,"
by the way.

Or you could have
just yelled "abort."

I found
the missing Thayer painting.

It was fenced in Dubai.

But you didn't come all this way
just to say that.

What are you
really doing here, Alex?

I needed to talk to Mozzie.


What did I do?

We'll talk.

We're not friends anymore?

What's up, Peter?

Got news about the
painting. Meet me in the office.

On my way.

Got to go back to the office.
We'll talk later.

What are we talking

I've got a big problem.

Great, great. Overnight it.

I found the painting.
How did you find it? I found it.

Where? It was fenced to a
textile magnate in Dubai.

A hotel heiress in Budapest
just turned hers in.

Good news.

You found the painting

Scotland yard has it.

It's also
in Dubai and Budapest.

They're forgeries.

All of them?
How do you know?

Because customs clamps down
when a theft occurs.

The risks of getting
the original out are too high.

But if you make forgeries
ahead of time and take them

out of the country before
the heist, you're in the clear.

Steal the Thayer, leak the theft to
the press, then sell the forgeries.

And the original
never leaves the country.

You've seen this scam before?

I know someone who...

allegedly. ...
Allegedly pulled it off before.

We have a copycat on our hands.

Who are they copycatting?


So you've confirmed,
these are all forgeries.

All of them.



I don't think our forger
went off a photograph.

I think they stood
in front of the original

when they painted these.
How do you know that?

Thayer used the "Ben-Day dots"
method to show shading.

He spread paint
across a paper stencil

and pushed it against the canvas
with a brush.

The shadowing in these paintings
is more deliberate.

It's minute, but these dots
grow starker at the bottom.

The forger probably started
these in afternoon light,

when the color
was slightly more red.

They also didn't realize
they caught the painting

when the light was pouring
directly down on it,

causing a deeper contrast at the bottom.
There's no lighting overhead.

Was this painting ever hanging
below that skylight?

Yes. In late April.
We had a pop-art show.

We wanted to display the Thayer

Then we should check
the registration log for April.

Probably looking
for a student...

talented but still experimenting
with technique.

Someone like Justin Magary
from East Side University.

He stopped by
on the 21st of April at 1:45.

That would be afternoon light.

What's that on your face?

I haven't seen you this happy
in a while.

You know, it's a beautiful day.

You're excited
someone's copycatting you.

Imitation, flattery...
you know what they say.

You ever been on a campus?

Not as a student.

And yet you have three MBAs
and two doctorates.

Clearly something wrong
with the system.

Too bad you faked it.

They could have made copies of
you and filled up a frat house.

Oh, are we bitter we weren't
invited to the party?

Oh, it's just with
my father's construction salary,

I had to stick
to the grindstone.

Four years of advanced math
on scholarship,

then two years of accounting.

I still can't imagine you
hunched over a desk

with a little visor,
doing my taxes.

You're lucky the FBI
hires mathletes.

I was not a mathlete.

I was an athlete
who was good at math.

Yeah. We fraternity guys
call you "nerds."

So, why'd you forgo school
and go to New York?

Sorry, but we're here
to interrogate someone else.

See what you missed out on?

I'm reconsidering
my position on college.



Justin Magary?


We need to talk to you.

What do you know about
Lewis Thayer's "untitled #2"?


I-I mean,
I know it, of course.

You ever painted one?
It's a good question.

I probably shouldn't say

We've got you on a camera

sketching it
at the Lamson gallery in April.

That's legal, right?

Not when three of your copies
are fenced as the real thing.

That turns them
into forgeries...

Which is illegal.

I can vouch for that.

It's looking pretty bad
for you, kid.

If you talk to me,
I can help you.

A while ago, I answered an ad
on the school's list server

for reproductions.

I get an e-mail back
commissioning seven copies

of "untitled #2."

Did you wonder why somebody
would want seven copies?

You know how hard it is to make
money as an art student doing art?

Who hired you?
I didn't meet them.

They dropped the materials off
in my mailbox.

And once I'd finished,

they said to leave the paintings
in the rec center

and that the money would be left
in my box again.

I thought it was weird
that they didn't want to meet,

so I... so you stayed and
watched the pick-up?

Yeah. I wanted to make sure
it was legit.

And she seemed normal,
so I let it go.

All right, if you sat down
with a sketch artist,

do you think you could remember
what she looked like?

May I?

This is her.

My fault?!
It's your fault!

This would never have happened
if you kept a lower profile!

That's why I work in code.

Anything I can do?

I don't need your help.
She needs your help.

Someone's looking for her.

Who? She thinks it has something
to do with the music box.

Well, she thinks...

just let her talk.

I don't know who, but
they've got a powerful reach,

and they've turned over
a lot of stones.

All right, what can I do?

I needed the money to disappear.

I hooked her up with someone
who deals in Krugerrands.

I've been fencing some
in increments.

Who's the guy?

Russell Smith.
Old friend from Detroit.

Some friend... Russell found out
someone's looking for me,

and now he's gonna sell me out.

I need you to shut him up.

Short of killing him,
I'm open to ideas.

All right.

Give me some time.
I'll figure something out.

You know I won't let anything
happen to you.


She comes to you
and not to me?

Far be it for me to act
as therapist, but...

Maybe Alex doesn't want to see
you heartbroken over Kate.

Or maybe
it's the tracking anklet.

Sure, the anklet.

Found our girl.

Justin's got talent.

If ever we're short a sketch
artist, I know who to call.

Who is she?

Veronica Naylon.

Did she send the e-mail?
Can't be sure.

The account's defunct,
and the address was generic.

Both the ad and e-mail account
were created

at the school computer lab,
so anyone could have done it.

Here's her work-up.

majoring in archaeology,

mediocre grades, no priors.

How does
an average 21-year-old student

from the Upper East Side
pull this off?

You think she has accomplices?

Maybe this
is where she met them.

She's an archaeology major,

but she's currently acing
a criminology class.

It's the one class
she's pulling an "a."

How appropriate.

Oh, if you like that,
you'll love this...

syllabus for the class.


He's gonna be impossible
after this.

Where's Neal?

Oh, look at you.

You'd think being copycatted

was like winning
the crime Oscar.

I'm not allowed to revel?

All right, take me through
your version of this scam.

How many players are involved?

You'd need a forger, a thief,
and a couple fences.

Not the kind of thing
you'd pull off by yourself?

Not unless you can be
in multiple places at once.

I mean,
it's a sophisticated job.

I doubt Justin or our mystery
girl thought of it themselves.

No, but they might have
figured it out by studying you.

Our mystery girl, Veronica...

she's acing
a criminology class.

Here's the syllabus.

They spent a week on me?

Apparently you're one of
the interesting criminals

of the 21st century.

"A new breed of forger,
technological virtuoso."

Wow. "With a classical
artistic foundation."

They got it. Yeah, yeah.
I read it.

Oh, they covered the Antioch
manuscripts. Did you see that?

Yeah, I know. Relax. They
only covered you for a week.

By the end of the year, they
probably won't remember your name.

Well, obviously,
a few of them will.

You think she formed a crew
in this class?

People have been known
to fall for a pretty face.

If Veronica had help,

I don't want to scare them away
by my talking to her just yet.

Well, I can talk to her.

Now you're reading my mind.

I'll pull it for this one.

You ready to go back to school?

I think I can handle that.

'Cause I'm
a technological virtuoso.


With a classical artistic

Okay, okay.
Read it to yourself.

Quiet now.

Did you guys see this syllabus?

Oh, we don't need to share.

I'm in it.
Yep. Go, team!

The Koechert diamond pearl

was stolen by Gerald Blanchard
in 1998.

It took them a full two weeks

to realize
that the jewel was missing

because Blanchard replaced it

with a pretty darn good
costume replica.

He circumvented the alarms...

...At the Viennese castle

by parachuting onto the roof,
if you can believe it or not.

Some people have called this
the perfect crime.

I wouldn't say he was perfect.

And Blanchard
overshot his landing.

He, uh, slipped on the tiles

but saved himself
by grabbing a railing

on the castle's roof.

So I'd say
he loses marks for style.

Excuse me...

I believe we have a celebrity
in our midst.

This is
Mr. Neal Caffrey.

To what do we owe
the honor, sir?

I understand
you study the best criminals.

I share that interest.


You... you seem like
a very capable teacher.

Oh, please.

You know, you would be
a far better t...

hey, why don't you...

could you come up here
and answer some ques...

class, wouldn't you love

to have Neal Caffrey up here,

Come on.

We would love to have
some of your expertise.

Pleasure to have you.
Pleasure to be here.


All right, well,
we'll stick to the hypotheticals

and anything covered
by the statute of limitations.

Who's first?

Oh, wow.
All right.

How about you?

In theory, the carrier pigeons only carried

The vault combination... they
didn't carry the manuscripts.

Next question?

When executing a heist,
Mr. Caffrey,

do you prefer boxers or briefs?

I think some things are
better left to the imagination.

There's not much written
about your arrest.

How'd you get caught?

Momentary lapse
in concentration.

So the FBI
had nothing to with it?

Oh, they'd like
to take credit for it,

but essentially,
I turned myself in.

Recently, you were suspected
in the la Joyau diamond heist...

suspected and then cleared.

I served my four years,

and I decided
I didn't want to go back.

Been living like all you
ever since then.

Or trying to.

Okay. Let's thank
Mr. Neal Caffrey.

Thank you.

Remember, everybody,

read chapters 12 through 15
of Lovell for next week.

Thank you so much,
Mr. Caffrey. Fascinating.

It's the least I could do.

You know, I thought

I should participate in
my own copyright infringement.

Excuse me?

It's a little green

to rip off someone's con
unless you improve it.

You and your kids
could use a little tutoring.

I'm sorry. I-I don't know
what you're talking about.

The Thayer theft.

Hey, don't get me wrong, man.
I'm flattered.

But, uh...
I'd like to be cut in.

You know,
I did lay the groundwork.

Well, I'm sorry
to disappoint you,

but I'm a Professor
who teaches crime.

I don't go out there
and commit them.


Mr. Caffrey...

Um, I get together with a group
of students after class.

Yeah, you got
some bright kids in here.

Yeah, there's a few of them.

We go to a bar called the globe,
around the corner.

Be thrilled
if you would join us.

The globe?

I'll think about that.

I think you might find it

Have a great day.

Thank you.
And thanks again.

Thank you.

So the FBI
had nothing to with it?

Oh, they'd like
to take credit for it,

but essentially,
I turned myself in.

Think we've heard enough.

Suddenly I don't feel bad
about telling you this.

You're not the only person
they've been copying. What?

Seems those who can
also teach.

We cross-checked
all of the crimes

on Professor Oswald's syllabi

since he started teaching
10 years ago.

We suspect he counterfeited
a bank note last year,

forged an Emerson letter,
and smuggled Egyptian artifacts.

He copied Tokley-Perry?

Well, felony by proxy...
you got to give him credit.

We also think
that he might have stolen

"view of saint-Tropez."

That's a serious payday.

this is all speculation.

Oswald is taking advantage
of his students,

and Justin
is going to go down for this

unless we can prove
it wasn't him.

Well, we have one card left.

We know about the Thayer.
Oswald's hiding it somewhere.

He's not gonna give it up soon.

Interpol found the fences
who sold the forgeries abroad.

They know they're being watched.
They're out of play.

So he'll need a local fence.

You have something in mind?

What's the FBI's policy
for drinking on the job?


Okay, show us something else.

Bet you another $20

I can drink this shot
without touching that hat.

You're on.

You didn't drink it.


That's not fair!

Oh, I didn't say it was fair.

I said I could drink it
without touching the hat.

I'm only mildly impressed.

This is all


You guys, uh...
You want something bigger?

Manny, I think I saw a $50
in your wallet. Can I have it?


You're paying with $100s, Manny.
I don't think you'll miss it.

Just give him the $50.

Hey, where's my wallet?

How did you do that?

Always make your lifts
with two fingers.

That way your thumb doesn't
bump up against the mark.

Tell me something
I don't know.

And never, never think

you're the smartest guy
in the room.

Unless you're the smartest guy
in the room.

Oh, uh, you want to keep
your place in that deck?

Keep the tip of your little
finger in the brief.

I think I know what I'm doing.

Want to put some money on that?


Who's the mark?

That's my $5

how about her?

Hi, I'm Eric.

Nice to meet you.

Alex, pick a card.

This looks like fun.

So, put it back on top
and cut it for me, would you?


Okay, now, the card I stop at
is gonna be yours.

He doesn't think it will be.

He's wrong.

200 bucks
says he's right.

No. I can't take your money.

Why not?
You can't make bets with girls?

And that's your card.

And, no, it's not.

Well, that was supposed to be
your card.

Now, I guess he was right.


I believe
this is her card, Eric.

She and Caffrey played you.

She's his, uh, "inside man,"
if you will.

Nice catch.

Look, we weren't gonna take
your money.

Yeah, right.
Check your pocket.

I guess the lesson here
is never con a con man.

I think we all know what the lesson
is for today, don't we, Eric?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess I'm not
the smartest guy in the room.

You humbled him.

That's not easy to do.

I'm, uh,
Professor George Oswald.

Alex Hunter.

What do you do besides card tricks?

She's in the moving business.


Well, nice to meet you.

If you want to join us
for a drink,

the next round is on Eric.

Nice to meet you.
Be right there.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Thank you for backing me up
in there.

Mozzie tells me to come to
the bar because you have a plan

and now I'm out 200 bucks
and you're dropping my name.

Do you trust me?


Okay, I assume we're doing more

than baiting frat boys
with bar tricks.

What's with
the dead poets society in there?

You know, it's my current case

and the solution
to your problem.

Russell wants to meet on Sunday

to fence the rest
of the Krugerrands,

but it's a setup.

He's gonna sell me out

to whoever put the price
on my head,

and your plan
is to bring the feds into it?

I tell the FBI
that Oswald and his kids

are gonna steal
the Krugerrands.

They'll pull Russell in
and talk to him.

It will kill his reputation.

No one will be buying
information off him

if they think he's in bed
with the bureau.

You're crazy.
It'll work.

You're crazy.

Are you in or are you out?

I'm in.

The kids do the legwork.

Oswald fences the goods

and kicks them back
a share of the profit.

If the kids get caught...

Oswald can sell them out.

Yeah, he'll say
he was teaching a class,

and they took it too far.

He's more slippery than you are.
Thank you.

Do you think you can get him to
reveal the painting? I don't know.

They spent the night talking
about the next best heist.

Which way are they leaning?

Everything from diamond heists
to stealing boats.

But I think
we can choose for them.

How so?

I happen to know a petty crook

who's moving Krugerrands
on Sunday.

Gold Krugerrands?
Of course you do.

His name is Russell Smith.

Bingo. Racketeering,
extortion, robbery.

And I don't like him.

We intercept Russell
with the Krugerrands,

send Jones down the street
with the coins,

and I get the kids to steal them
from him instead.

We can watch them,
follow the case back to Oswald.

Tell me more about this guy.
How do you know him?

He's a friend of a friend.

You can convince Oswald
and the kids to go after him?

I can still be slippery.

I'll get them
to convince me.

If jewels are the target,

what are the challenges
of extraction and export?

How do we y enough time

to get the jewels
out of the country?

It'd be cool
to pull a Blanchard...

buy a replica the day before and
replace it with the real thing.

We could tunnel.

I'm not really big on shovels,

Would you excuse me?

Everything is all set, okay?!
You can't back out now!

Okay, look,
keep your voice down, okay?

He saw m it's over.

You can't walk away.
I already have a buyer.

Then get someone else
to make the grab,

or tell your buyer to back off.

So I'm out a ton of money

because you made a stupid
mistake and got spotted?! Yes.

You know, thanks for nothing, Caffrey!
What's she talking about?

I think she's talking about money.
That's good, that's good. Now walk away.

Can I slap you?


I bet that hurt.

Sorry about that.

That's a little awkward.

Lovers' quarrel?

We have a history.

You know, we just...
we don't work well together.

Sounded like a certain job
went awry.

I'm reformed, remember?

Yes, of course.

All right, listen, um...
I have a class to teach.

So, why don't you keep
brainstorming, and, uh...

Remember, in this
theoretical discussion,

there's no better teacher
than this man here.

All right?
See you all later.

You know, you can tell us.

What's your history?
Former girlfriend?

Something like that.

Sounds like
she has got a b for you,

but you went and got spotted
by the target.

Oh, you heard all that
from over here?

Well, she can be a little loud.

No, look, guys,
it's just a melon drop, okay?

I'd tell you, but you'd say
it was small-time.

Well, what's the take?


You're sure the kids
will be there?

Yeah, they'll be here.

They think this is gonna be
the easiest score

they've ever pulled.
Oswald better show.

He will.

The kids get me the Krugerrands,
I drop them in the locker,

and Oswald delivers
them to his fence.

Just like that?
Just like that.

Russell is
headed your way.

Our courier has arrived.

Russell Smith?


I-I-I didn't do anything.

I need you to come with me.

Where'd you get these?

They fell off a truck.

I want to talk to my lawyer.

Of course.
What honest man doesn't?

You ready for this?

Born ready.

Aah! Dude, watch
where you're going!

I'm sorry about that.
Here, let me help. Hold on.

Hey, get your hands off my stuff.
What's going on?

Do you know how much I paid for those groceries?
Here comes Manny.

This guy runs into me, and now
he's trying to pocket my stuff.

Look, I'm not trying to steal

Okay? I'm just trying
to help you out here.

Just hit and run me, then.

Calm down. He's trying to help you.
Just listen to the lady. Handle it yourself, okay?

How about that?
Walk along!

Yeah, Jones deserves an Oscar.

Manny's approaching
the drop.

I'm glad he's on our side.

Caffrey is headed toward
the lockers.

How's it going?

So far, so good.
You're a convincing mark.

Well, wait till they find out
what I do for a living.

Should we take the kids in?

Not yet.
I don't want to spook Oswald.

We wait.

You guys should invest
in some of those

little, um,
Christmas-tree air fresheners.

You don't like the van.


Peter, can I talk to you?

We took Russell
back to the bureau.

He didn't call his lawyer.
Who'd he call?

Play it.


Neal. What?
I didn't do anything.

Explain this.
Play it.

I'm not working with the FBI!

They got me with the case.
What was I supposed to do?

Tell 'em I can still get 'em Alex
Hunter, but they got to post bail!

Why is Russell talking
about Alex Hunter?

Do you know who he's talking to?
Went to a burner phone.

Answer my question.

Alex is in trouble.

Alex is back?

Damn it, Neal.

I can't let my guard down
for one day, can I?

You used us
to take Russell out of play.

If you jeopardized this
case... I didn't, Peter.

Diana? It's 8:00.
I don't think Oswald's gonna show.

Yeah, I guess
he conned all of us.

Check the locker.

Check it.

The case isn't here.

Damn it!

Did we ever lose visual
on the locker?


Then how'd he get the bag?!

He was here the entire time.

So help me,
if this was part of your plan...

It wasn't.

Oswald improved my con.

Then you better figure out
how to catch him.


Oh, why is he here?
I asked for Alex.

Understandably, my client
does not trust the FBI.

She has asked her lawyer
to preside in her absence.

Got a nice little
practice going?

I do all right.

Helps when you're friends
with criminals.

Thanks to you two, I got
a pound of shrapnel in my ass

from today's misfire.

Tell me why
you really put us onto Russell.

And it better be good.

Someone's looking for Alex.

Russell said
he could deliver her,

and we took him out of play
before he could.

Who's looking for her?

Probably the same people
who killed Kate.

If Oswald has the coins, he'll
try and fence them eventually.

That's what I'm counting on.

And you're gonna help
make that happen.

We're gonna make Oswald reveal

the Krugerrands
and the painting.


Those coins belonged to someone

who probably
wants them back, right?

Tell me who.

Uh...Russell may
or... or may not be

an old connection
from Detroit...

...Of the Don Corleone persuasion.
The Detroit mob?


All right, I'm gonna
have to convince Oswald

I'm in with them.

What if he recognizes you?
He won't.

Unlike you, the bureau makes sure that
my picture doesn't get in the paper.

He knows you.
You... I don't trust.


He studies crime for a living.

You'd need an expert on the
Detroit mob to pull that o...


I just found my expert.


Can I help you?

You took something of mine.

Is that so?

Tell him you're the peacemaker.

That's an old Detroit player.
Do it.

I'm the peacemaker.

Well, I don't recall
starting any wars.

I'm sure, uh...

This is a misunderstanding.

You stole my Krugerrands,
and I want them back.


Listen, I don't have time
for jokes.


When it's a matter
of our missing money,

i never joke.
I never joke.

This picture tells a story,

I don't see myself
in that story.

No, but you see the case.
And now you've got it.

Tell him you'll cut off
his hands if he doesn't pay up.

It's the Detroit mob,

not the girl scouts.

I wouldn't want anything to
happen to your hands, Professor.

I said cut off his hands!

Quiet, Moz.

All right, listen, listen,
if you're the peacemaker,

I'm sure we can find
some common ground.

The Krugerrands
were worth $2 million.

I want $3 million
for my trouble.

Well, well,
that's simply not possible.

Make it possible.

Deliver it tomorrow.

Or I'll start with your thumbs.

Or I'll start with your thumbs.

I can get you $200,000.


No, no, no, no.
30% is the going rate.


I need that wired today.

No prob.

How much can I get for this?

Original Thayer.

I'll give you half a mil.

Where does it say "dumb schmuck"
on my face?

The painting's been sliced.
Take it or leave it.

Listen, it's cut
at the frame line.

Re-stretched, you're not gonna
lose even an inch of canvas.

You won't have any trouble
finding an enthusiastic buyer

in Macao or Singapore,

and I think...
You know that.

Ah, Professor's done
his homework.


$2 million.

Wired today.

Got it.

I'll need your account
and routing number.

Testing me, were you?

There you go.

It's a pleasure doing business,

I wish I could say that...

FBI! Don't move!
Hands on the table!

Hands on the table!

George Oswald,
you're under arrest.



Good to see you again,

Careful with his hands.

I want to see my lawyer.

Come on, get moving.

Thank you, miss Hunter.

And I believe
you've been looking for this.

Uh, per Neal's suggestion,

we've booked you
on a secure flight to Italy.

And we made sure
we publicly thanked Russell

for his thoughtful and continued
cooperation with the FBI.

Neal said you were the best.

Hello, everyone.

Your Professor, George Oswald,
will not be joining you today.

I'm here as a recruiter...

for the FBI.

Hi, I'm
special Agent Peter Burke.

And these
are some of my colleagues.

They studied criminology
just like you,

and now they get to catch
bad guys for a living.

You're under arrest.

Guys, s-stay calm.

Professor Oswald! He made us do it!
Good job, Manny! Way to stay calm!

Veronica, let me handle this.
No, listen to me. No, no, no, no, no.

Listen, you don't understand.
You don't understand.

If you think it's fun
reading about these guys,

wait until you experience
the feeling of catching them.


For the record,

I still maintain that
I basically turned myself in.

The full weight of the FBI
was bearing down on you.


I wear a badge.

He wears a tracking anklet.

Applications are on the table.

You think we don't know how this works?
We know how this works!

Shut your mouth!

I got this!

There's a lot of information that we have for you.
Manny, shut the hell up!

D.A.'s dream.
Tripping over themselves to cut a deal.

They're young.
We'll probably give it to 'em.

Look at us.

Saving America's youth
from a life of crime.

Ah, we're a regular
after-school special.

One second.


Boss, you have some time?
I have something to show you.

At first I thought one of the ***
has broken off.

But take a look.

Narrow tunnel
with a slight ridge.

There's something there.


Leaving so soon?

Venice is calling.

Oh, y-you know what?

I'm gonna actually keep that
up here with me.

Okay, sure.

You know, it's interesting.

They searched Oswald's house

and found several of the things
he was suspected of stealing...

jewelry, Egyptian artifacts.

But there was a Matisse...



It was rumored Oswald had it,
but it wasn't at his house.

That's shame.
It'd be worth a fortune.

Yes, it would. It's about
the size of your box there.

I'll keep an eye out.

I could use the reward money.

I'm sure you could.

Goodbye, Neal.


Be careful.

You too.

If someone's looking for me...

They're coming after me, too.

That's the last piece
of the music box.

I'm giving up my obsession.

You're suggesting
I give up mine?

Kate's gone.

The rest of us are still here.

Goodbye, Alex.

Whatever this thing's hiding,
it's not the music.

I think it's a keyhole.
A key to what?

Could we get it
into X-ray?

Not without alerting somebody.

I don't want to take a hammer
to it just yet.

It could self-destruct.

Wouldn't surprise me.

Let's see if we can find
that missing piece.

Maybe our friend
knows where it is.