White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 2 - Need to Know - full transcript

Neal goes undercover as a political "fixer" in order to bring down a corrupt politician.

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It's 20 after.
You want to call it?

No, not yet.

Fowler was willing to pull a gun on you

to make sure we didn't
know about this meeting.

Whoever shows up,

I'm betting they know
why that plane exploded.


Diana, you see him?


Can't make a face.

Excuse me.


Hold it right there!

He's headed around the stone arches!

Cut him off!

FBI! Freeze!

He knows how to slip a tail.

Yeah, this guy's no civilian.

All right, I want you to pull the tape

from every surveillance
camera in the area,

plus our cameras, atm cameras,

everything in this area.


I want to know who this guy is.

Good morning.

You look exhausted.

Oh, I don't sleep well when
Elizabeth's out of town.

Well, if her company keeps
taking off the way it is,

you can retire early and
become a house husband.

Because when you look at me,

you see soap operas and light housework.

What are we watching?

Our new case. Potentially
corrupt politician.

You need a moment to recover?

I might, actually.

Gary Jennings, state senator?

- You've heard of him?
- I am politically aware.

He's popular.
Even Mozzie voted for him.

Mozzie votes?

More often than you'd think.

Or would approve of.

Why did you get
into politics, Mr. Jennings?

Well, you know, I didn't plan to.

I wanted to be a carpenter.

Jesus was a carpenter.

Yeah, he's subtle.

But then I...I realized that
my talents were better suited

to helping build America's
future with words and ideas

rather than brick and mortar.

That's where I find my inspiration.

Well, his assistant thinks

that he's illegally funneling
money into his campaign.

Don't tell Mozzie.

We've had our eye on
Jennings for a while.

So far, nothing's stuck.

But this could be our in.

You want to join a political campaign?

What do I have to do?

Let's figure that out.

I was a true believer.
I believed in Jennings.

I still believe in what he stands for.

What changed your mind?

Gary started having
these mystery meetings.

Right after, our
campaign started getting

an increasing number of donations.

Gary started keeping two sets of books.

I'm in charge of one.

None of the regular
staff sees the other one.

What do you think is inside that book?

I think he's set up a straw donor scam.

It's an end run around
campaign funding rules

that limit donations from individuals.

Oh, I know what it is.

Politicians were the original con men.

Instead of cutting one
big check to himself

from a questionable source,

Jennings gets a bunch of regular people

to write him smaller checks,
then he reimburses them

under the table for their contributions.

I think the second book has
a list of the straw donors

and the source of the illegal money.

Well, who has access?

His inner circle.

Reggie, our head of opposition research,

maybe a few others.

We have to find a way to get you
inside Jennings' inner circle.

I got it.

Bad cop, good criminal.

No such thing.

Listen, it's a variation
on a con that I've...

Thought about running before.

The bad guy, the
cop... that's you...

creates a problem for
Jennings, and the good guy...

- That's you?
- Right. I provide the solution.

Listen, if I make Jennings think that
the FBI's onto him, it'll spook him.

He'll burn his books.

Not if he thinks the bureau's
barking up the wrong tree.

Here's an old loan scandal
he was wrapped up in.

Yeah, he walked away
clean from that years ago.

But it might make him worried

if he thinks that the digging around...

Could uncover whatever
he's really doing.

And make him nervous
enough to hire a fixer.

Who does he normally use
to cover up his problems?

Jennings' usual guy
quit a few months ago,

same time he started
his mystery meetings.

This could work.

All we need's a bad cop.

I can do bad cop.

I've seen you do mildly irritated cop.


God, I hate these glad-handing events.

You picked the wrong job if
you don't want to shake hands.



I'm sorry to interrupt, senator.

Dylan, I said no more appointments.

Peter Burke, FBI.

Well, what can I do
for you, Agent Burke?

I came to say thank you.

You're welcome.

What did I do?

Nothing yet.

But I'm gonna make my
career taking you down.

I'm sorry, um...

Am I actually being
accused of something?

The Mickelson loan scandal.

The FBI looked into
that "scandal" years ago.

They found nothing.

You really want to
waste taxpayers' money

with another witch hunt?

I do.

I know if I start kicking over rocks,

something will crawl out.

And when it does,

it's gonna get your name, my
name, and the word "scandal"

in the same headline.

And then you figure you
can have any job you want.


Maybe I'll take this office.

Why me?

Because I can tell you're
dirty just by looking at you.


I'll keep digging

until I find something that'll bury you.

You've got my word on that.

How'd I do?

Nice acting.

Who said I was acting?


- Did it work?
- Yep.

Whatever you said,
Jennings is freaked out.

He called an immediate war room.

He called a war room.

All right. Keep us posted.

I'm the bad cop.

Now it's your turn.

Caffrey, that's my newspaper.

Relax. I'll give it back.

Touch my crossword,

and I will put you back behind bars.

Oh, you do it in pen. I'm impressed.

I'm looking for inspiration, you know?

And I think I just found it.

What was the fallout from
your meeting with Jennings?

Well, he called in some
favors, tried to get me fired.

Hughes is protecting me,

which should frustrate
Jennings even further.


According to Dylan,

he's looking for a
new fixer as we speak.

I didn't doubt you for a second.

Dylan put your name on the list,

but Jennings is still
looking at other people, too.

So, we need to make
sure you get that job.

Well, I don't have an alias
with this type of background.

Hmm. You're about to get one...

Courtesy of the FBI.

What do you guys need to know
about creating a background?

Nothing. We're the FBI.

You're good, but we're better.

You're now Benjamin Cooper.

Wow, high school yearbook?
You're definitely thorough.

They're thorough.

Jennings doesn't mess
around with this stuff.

That means no anklet
when you're with him.

Yeah, nice Photoshop work.

We'll add the yearbook to the
school's archive in case they check.

I finally get to be valedictorian.

You weren't valedictorian?

You have to graduate for that.

We're giving you a 4.0 from Harvard law.

Harvard is so pedestrian.

Don't let Jones hear you say that.

After graduating, you did a stint

at the firm Brexton and Miller
in Delaware.

Very exclusive and Grisham-esque.

This is perfect.

- Benjamin Cooper?
- That would be me.

Pleasure to meet you.

This is Reggie Mayfield,
head of opposition research.


Oh, thank you so much.

Well, if you've called me,

that means you've got a
problem on your hands, right?

We've got a fed on steroids who's
going after Gary on the Mickelson...

Details don't matter.

Oh, I think they do. This FBI agent...

don't worry about the agent.

Your constituents aren't
going to care about him.

Why won't they?

Because they'll be far more concerned

with your position on the new stadium.

What's he talking about?

You know anything about a new stadium?

No, nothing.

What new stadium?

That's exactly what you're gonna say.

"What new stadium?"

And when the reporter asks
what you're talking about,

deny you're in any way involved
with the talks to build it.

There isn't going to be a new stadium.

- Now you're getting it.
- Look...

If there were a new
stadium being built ...

which there isn't...
Why would I oppose it?

- Oh, you don't oppose it.
- I don't.

Of course not.

You just don't want
them building a stadium

in that particular location

because that's where
you want them to build

the new children's park.

May I, uh...?


There we go.

We're talking to several
people about this job...

All right.

Go on.

Are you following any of this?


That's the point. It's
all a giant distraction.

Who's gonna care about an
old loan scandal of yours

when you're fighting against the system?

Against the corporate fat cats
who think overpaid athletes

are more important than
our city's children?

But the story won't hold up.

Oh, you've got less than a
month before the election.

It doesn't have to hold up.
We just have to distract.


You've got a problem.

I'm your solution, senator.

Have a great day.

I like him.

Cancel the other interviews.

You got it.

Hey, do you have a...

All right. First thing tomorrow.


You don't get to shush me.

Oh, okay. Next time I'll let Jennings
hear your voice in the background.

You're hired?

Like I said... Bad cop, good cop.

Good criminal.



So, the stadium thing worked, huh?

In today's world, rumor is truth.

But you told him to deny
that there were any talks.


Which means there must be talks.

This is why I hate politics.

Oh, Elizabeth's still
out of town, right?

You want to grab a drink?


Uh, I owe Captain Shattuck a favor.

Gonna help the local PD
with a stakeout.

Surveillance and deviled
ham till 4:00 a.m.

- You want to join us...
- No, I'll pass.

- Thank you, though.
- All right.

Oh! Don't tell Elizabeth.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Oh, it's just you and Satchmo tonight?

Yeah, just the dog and me.

Elizabeth's still in San Francisco?

She is. Can I get you a beer?

- Sure.
- All right.

So, how was your dinner with Christie?


Oh. She still having a tough
time adjusting to New York?

We'll get through it.

Yeah, you will.
You will.

All right. Any luck putting
a face on our mystery man?

He was good...
He avoided our cameras

and the surveillance
cameras on the street.



Just bits and pieces of a face.

Well, put the pieces together...

And we get this.


I think I saw this
guy in a horror movie.

Hmm. Our patchwork man.

I'm running it through the
facial-recognition database,


We'll see what we can get.

What about the location
of the music box?

Anybody poking around?

A couple of feelers, but
no one knows where it is.

Except you.

Just like you asked, boss.

Are you sure you don't want
to know where I'm keeping it?

No, it's safer for the
both of us if I don't.

This guy knows something.

Let's find him.

And Caffrey?

You're sure you want to
keep all this from him?

Neal's still recovering
from Kate's death.

I don't want to reopen that wound

with any sort of false hope.

Once we have something
concrete, then I'll tell Neal.

Diana, I hate sneaking around like this.

We're supposed to be the good guys.

Hey. We are the good guys.

Boy, this guy's a professional.

If we're looking for him...

There is a fair chance...

He's looking for us.

Morning, Dylan.

Jennings isn't in yet.


I need some time in his office.

Well, the, uh... the door's locked,

and Jennings and Reggie
are the only ones with keys.

But they'll be here any minute.

So distract them. Can you do that?

Um... I'm a terrible liar.


We need more terrible liars in politics.

Come on, come on.



You're in early.

Senator, I wanted to go over
next week's schedule with you.

Just, uh...


Morning, senator.

Oh, nice and early.

Good start already.

I was gonna go grab a
smoke before we jump in.

Do you have a light?

Smoking makes you look weak.

I'll remember that.

Oh, uh....

We should discuss my fee.

You know, I was hoping we
could do it off the books.

I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.

How's your first day of work?

I've taken up smoking.

Politics is already corrupting you.

Yeah. You get the picture I sent?

Yeah. The symbol's the
flower of Aphrodite.

We ran it through the ACS database

and came up with two
coffee shops, a bakery,

a winery, and a
high-class escort service.

Politicians and hookers ...
that one's as old as time.

Listen, there was a word
written inside the matchbook ...


All caps except the vowels.

Got it.

Any luck convincing Jennings
to pay you off the books?

Yeah, yeah.

He, uh, made a call to get the money.

I put an ear to the door.

He called the man on the end of
the line "darrow" or "narrow."

All right, break's over.
Get back to work.


- Hello?
- Hey, sweetie!

Oh, hey, El. How's San Francisco?

It's amazing here.

I biked across the bay this
morning to watch the sunrise.

How was the sunrise?

It reminded me of Belize...

Which makes me miss you even more.

You got any big plans for tonight?

Nope. Just catching up on some work.

Are you looking for
high-class female companionship?

Uh, what kind of work is that?

Oh, it's not what it sounds like.

Our discreet service gives
you a chance to spend a day

with the girl of your dreams. Or that.

We will introduce you to fashion models,

winners, beau...

Oh, I can't wait to
hear this explanation.

Research, I swear.

All right, has the press
picked up on the stadium story?

A couple of reporters
have asked about it.

- And we denied it?
- Of course.

Good. Make sure to specify

that he did not meet
with the zoning committee.

He didn't meet with the committee.


Back-date a meeting in his books

showing it was scheduled and leak it.

We'll say he canceled.

But why?

This doesn't make sense.

Of course it does.
Jennings is a Maverick.

That's why the FBI is
digging into his past.

He's upsetting all the right people.

But there is no stadium project.

We can't create one out of thin air.

Don't be so cynical.

That is exactly what we're going to do.

These people want a park.

That's why we're going to
deny that Jennings has met

with a couple of big corporations...

Which corporations?

Doesn't matter.
Pull their names out of a hat.

We're going to deny that Gary has met
with them about forcing a bond measure

that would turn the
park into a new stadium.

The more we deny there's smoke,

the more the press will see fire.

Listen to him.

Let's take a 15-minute break, everyone.


You stay.

What's going on?

We may have found a
solution to our problem

with our FBI agent.

That's not Mrs. Burke.

- When were these taken?
- Last night.

If Burke's having an
affair, we can use that.

Do we know who the girl is yet?

Not yet.

I'll find out.

Well, I know who she is.

She's a prostitute.

How do you figure?

This Burke is an FBI guy.
He's a control freak.

He's not gonna have an affair.
It's too sloppy.

He may be right.

We can use her.

These pictures aren't
enough to take Burke out.

But if we can get her
to meet with him again

and she's under our thumb...

We might have someone
who can help us with that.

You told them Diana was a hooker?


Captain Shattuck sure cleans up nice.

The stakeout was canceled.

Diana came over to work.

Why am I explaining myself to you?

Not everything's a conspiracy, Neal.

I hope that's true.

I've never lied to you.

Oh, come on, Neal. You lie for a living.

Not to you.

I may have let you
draw certain conclusions

that weren't correct,
but never an actual lie.

All right, so, one of Jennings' guys

was standing in my
backyard taking these?

Yep. You got to them.

They think you're having an affair.

Took a risk and told them
Diana was a prostitute,

and they took the bait.

They told me to find her

and put her in touch with a
guy they know named Barrow.

Ah, your mystery man Jennings called

to get you paid off the books.

So, maybe the Aphrodite escort service

is where the cash is coming from

to pay his straw donors.

That's what I think.

Can you set Diana up with
an alias as good as mine?

As an escort? Sure.


Can you come here a minute?

- You gonna tell her?
- I'm not telling her.

You're the one who made her a hooker.

You're the one who's sleeping with her.

You got a point.


Neal told Jennings you're a hooker.

You and I are having an affair.

You're gonna go meet
with an escort service.

Okay. Anything else?


It's good to have her back.

Did you confront
the suit about the pictures?

Yeah, I did.

He said it was a misunderstanding.

Oh, right. So was the bay of pigs.

So you think he's looking
into who killed Kate

in his off hours.

I suppose that's a good thing.

I want to know what he's found.

He's trying to protect you.

Oh, come on, Moz.
I don't need protecting.

It's only fair.

We keep secrets from
the suits all the time.

Now they have their own.

There's a certain universal
synchronicity to it all.

Spare me your "circle of life" crap.

What are you writing?

Oh, it's a letter campaign

to stop this new
stadium from being built.

There's a letter campaign?

You really need to pay more attention

to what's going on in
the world around you.


Listen, Moz, you
should know that ...

that you got a real
shot at stopping this.

Keep it up.

It is really exciting in the van.


- Can I just go in there and ...
- You'll sit there, and you'll like it.

Now pay attention.

You must be Lana.

Roger Barrow.

A friend of mine suggested

that you and I could do some business.

What kind of business?

That's our guy.

What do we know about Barrow?

Arrested three times, all in Chicago.

Aggravated assault, extortion.

Last one was for attempted murder.


At least we know he's
not very good at it.

Well, his target was shot dead
in a mugging two weeks later.

Okay, maybe he is good at it.

I want to know
about your FBI friend.

What do you want?

Here we go.

What do you think?

Money? Look around.

My girls make 10k a night.

The richest men in New York come here.

You want to work for me,

you'll make in a week what
you normally make in a year.

I'd like that.

Here's the thing.

I need to know that I can trust you.

And I need to make sure that
you know what you're doing.

This is for the penthouse suite.

Pick any guy at the bar.

I want his 10 grand
in my hand by 4:00 a.m.

$10,000 in cash.

Guys? I was not
prepared for an audition.

I'm either walking out of here

or taking some guy up to the penthouse.

So, what's the plan?

Where'd Caffrey go?

Can I buy you a drink?

We have three hours.

If we can get $10,000, we
can follow the money trail,

see if it leads back to Jennings.

But, Peter, we can't get a cash request

out of the bureau that fast.

I know.

You sure you can afford me?

I'm pretty good at
scrounging up loose change.

Hmm. Prove it.

Peter, if you're wondering
where to get $10,000,

meet our mutual friend at my place.

I was afraid he was gonna say that.

About that drink...

You've come to the right place.

Cut the crap, Mozzie.

Can you get us the 10 grand or not?

Yes. But first, some ground rules.

I want full immunity

about anything you may
see or hear tonight.

Let's just say I'll owe you one.

I accept your counteroffer.
I need your shoelace.

My shoelaces are gonna
get us the $10,000?

Rule number two...
No further questions.

I'm doing this more out
of a morbid curiosity

than anything else.

I'll also need a magnet
and a Sports Illustrated.

This is a scavenger hunt now?

I refer you to rule number two.


No Sports Illustrated.

I've got the New York
Journal Magazine supplement.

That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Oh, I also need a $20 bill.

Great. Thanks.

Just a key? Yes.
Another piece of the puzzle.

And don't forget a hammer,
a crowbar, and a radio.

Scavenger hunt.

"Life is more manageable"

"when thought of as a scavenger hunt"

"as opposed to a surprise party."

Jimmy Buffett.

You're driving.

You sure Barrow won't recognize you?

Jennings keeps him far
away from the campaign.

I don't blame him.

You know, if I didn't know any better,

I'd say you weren't
attracted to me at all.

How's that?

Not bad.

Is this doing anything for you?

Not a damn thing.

What were you gonna
do if I hadn't come in?


I'd have put this strawberry
in that guy's mouth...

Taken him up to my room...

Put a gun between his ribs...

And told him to shut up and sit tight

or I'd arrest him for solicitation.

That is really sexy.


We're looking for unit R39.

Radio, please.


Yeah, yeah. Rule number two.

So, why are we doing this?

We need the money to takedown
a corrupt politician.

Oh, I hope it's that guy
who's running against Jennings.

It is Jennings?

Oh, forget it.

He's the only one fighting
against the stadium.

There is no stadium.

Exactly! Because of Gary Jennings!

Those children need a place to play!

All right, listen. Listen to me.

If he is innocent...

Which he is!

...Then this won't matter.


Just note that I'm assisting
under extreme duress.

Noted. Here it is.

Oh, it's actually behind R39.

How are we supposed to get behind that?

Uh, uh.

What's all this noise?

I'm over on six, doing my rounds,

I could hear this crap
from all the way over there.

All apologies, Eddie.

- Mr. C?
- Yeah.

- Hey, how the hell are you?
- Good.

- How's Mr. F?
- Good.

Listen, uh, Eddie...
I need a little favor.

You ever take a bath in champagne?



Room service.

What? I'm keeping up appearances.

I'm supposed to be a
big spender, remember?

Caffrey, this isn't what we're here for.

Look, our cover is that
we're enjoying ourselves.

I'd say this is exactly
what we're here for.

What, so, that's a no to
the champagne bath, or...?

Mr. C and Mr. F?

Oh, there's a long, strange
story attached to that.

I'm sure. Now what?

New York Journal Magazine.

What do I do with this?

Stay here and read it.

"There are many things"

"of which a wise man might
wish to be ignorant."

- Emerson.
- Very good.

"All of your quotes are
getting on my nerves."

Peter Burke.


Okay. You're right. It
doesn't hurt to relax a bit.

I wonder how many rooms
like this I've stayed in.

Want to know a hotel-room secret?

I'm pretty sure I know
every secret there is.

All hotel-room paintings are
locked onto the walls, right?


And they're not hard to
unlock, but why bother?

The paintings aren't worth stealing,

and hotel doesn't put safes behind them.

They don't. But there's something better.

There's a little mark... right here.

So you know something's there.

It's for people who live out of hotels.

A sort of secret art...

To make the experience more bearable.

How did you know about this?

I'm the daughter of a diplomat.
I grew up in fancy hotels.

You're the daughter of a diplomat?

Why are you so surprised?

Diplomats' daughters don't normally know

how to field-strip a semiautomatic.

My bodyguard taught me.

Oh, and you had a bodyguard.

His name was Charlie.
He practically raised me.

Was like a father to me.


He died in the line of duty.

Protecting me.

Were you there when it happened?

I was.

My first date with Kate,

we conned our way into
some rich guy's hotel room.

And we ordered the most
expensive food they had.

Did you know there's a $1,000 hamburger?

You're joking. We ordered five.


And from our window...

there was a view of
this run-down old bridge.

I'm sure it was a mess up close,

but from our angle,

the way the sun hit it...

It was beautiful.

And we never wanted to leave that room.

It should have been me on that plane.

But it wasn't.

I know you blame yourself
for what happened to Kate.

I blamed myself for Charlie.

But Charlie wouldn't
have wanted me to do that.

He'd have wanted me
to go on with my life.

I didn't know Kate,

but I'd guess she'd want the same thing.

Now, do you have a pencil?

I do.


Because there's a painting in this room

with nothing behind it.

Everything all right back there?

Keep reading!

Your money, sir. We should go.

We need to get these
serial numbers logged

as quickly as possible.

We have 10 minutes.

We get those numbers,

we can trace them back to Jennings.

How are Caffrey and Diana holding up?

How do you think?

You're lying to me.

I'm not. I swear I'm not.

There is no way Peter had a mustache.

For a month! It was amazing.

I would have broken out
of prison to see that.

Barrow has a key.

You know, I'd say "Get a room," but...

What if he works for Barrow?

I know who he is.

It was worth a try.


- I think we should stay here...
- Hey, Hef...


Thank you. We'll do it again some time.

So, when do we start
making some real money?

How is it that you

always get the penthouse
suite with the girl

and I end up with the
sweaty, bald-headed guy

at a warehouse in Queens?

Stop that.

Can I see a picture
of the 'Stache? Please?

No, I burned all of them.
They're burned.

What's with the armband?

- It's "Save the park" day.
- Oh.

- Save the park. Save the park!
- Hey. Oh, yes, of course.

Does Mozzie know that
the one conspiracy theory

that he's falling for is actually true?

Hey, who's to say it's
a conspiracy theory?

Perception drives the reality, Peter.

All right?


This is Benjamin.

All right. Relax, Gary.

This is what we've been preparing for.

Call up a reporter
friendly to the campaign.

I want them to ask you
about the loan scandal, okay?

And I want you to answer
with a simple question...

"Did you ever play stickball?"

...The FBI has
reopened their investigation

into the Mickelson loan scandal.

Is this true?

It is.

And let me ask you something.

Have you ever played stickball?

No, I have not, senator.

Well, all you need to play stickball

is a broomstick and a ball.

It's the ultimate form
of democracy, right?

Anyone can play. Even Timmy Nolan.

Who is Timmy Nolan?

Timmy Nolan...

Was a friend of mine
that I used to play with.

And he's also the reason
why I am fighting so hard

to make this park a reality.

Look, we all know

why a 5-year-old,
closed investigation

has suddenly resurfaced.

It's because there are people out there

who would rather use this
land for their own profit

than to let the Timmy
Nolans of this city

have a place to play.

Well, I'll tell you this.

They can come at me
with whatever they want.

But I will not back down.

All right. Yeah!

Good work. Good job on
Timmy Nolan, my friend.


What's wrong?


- Thanks. I'll check in later.
- Nice job.

Look, I need to know what's going on,

or I can't fix it.

If you can't trust me...

you believe in Gary Jennings, right?

Yeah, I wouldn't have
done this if I didn't.

He's gonna be governor
in the next five years.

He's got his sights set even higher.

But to make it there...

We need to take out this FBI agent.

Didn't you just watch the news?

The story's buried. I took care of it.

For now, yeah.
But I've seen guys like Burke.

You buried him now.

That's just gonna heat him up.

What's your plan?

This prostitute... Lana?

I think she knows a lot more about Burke

than she's letting on.

- You want to talk to her?
- Not me.

I've got a guy.


Yeah. He'll get it out of her.

What's he gonna do to the girl?

He'll scare her...

- Maybe rough her up a little.
- Uh-huh.

And what if he gets out of control?

Is that so bad?

When's Barrow gonna have this
"discussion" with the girl?

Any time now.

Here we go.

Diana's entering Barrow's hotel room.

Diana's in trouble.

You two, come with me.
Jones, call for backup.

Move away from the door.

What's going on?

Just sit down, and you won't get hurt.

I promise.

You're lying.

I'm not. We're just gonna have a chat.

You should know

you're threatening an
undercover FBI agent.

That's even more reason
for me to pull the trigger.

Put the gun down, and
you'll walk out of here.



Draw and I'll put a bullet
through your shoulder.


Told ya.

Aww. You were worried.

Oh. Not about you.

I was worried what you'd do to him.

Think we've got enough
to arrest Jennings now?

Yeah. I think we do.

You get what you need?

Barrow rolled on Jennings.

He figured a confession
was better for the soul.

Jones just finished arresting Reggie,

and he found a copy

of the second set of books on him.

Now for the big guy.

Oh, wait for it.


Oh, ho ho ho.

Picture perfect.

I don't think this is
the kind of headline

you're looking for, Agent Burke.

"Rogue FBI agent arrests innocent man."

You're a saint. Isn't he?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I can almost see the halo.


Hey, what do you think?

Hang the dogs playing
poker on that wall?

That would really bring
this room together.

Senator Jennings... You're under arrest.

This is ridiculous. On what charge?

Oh, a bunch of them...
Campaign finance fraud

and as an accessory to murder.

He also knows about Barrow.

I also know about Barrow.

Nothing to say to that?

I want my lawyer.

Good choice.

- Oh, Peter.
- Hmm?

A new bond measure has
been placed on the ballot

that, if passed, will assure
this field will be the new home

of Timmy Nolan Memorial Park.

Who's Timmy Nolan?

I have no idea. You
guys have to invent him.

...The greater good of the community,

in this case by a little
boy named Timmy Nolan

and an old-fashioned game of stickball.

Look at you.

You got a park built.

Peter, how could you keep this from me?

I'm sorry, boss. He needed to know.


I expected more "Magnum, PI"...

And less super Mario.

I burned all those.

- How did you... Give me that.
- Oh, no, no.

Come on, let me...
It's more Burt Reynolds, no?

You look good in orange.

That's for making me flirt with Caffrey.

All right. Fair enough, fair enough.

Who wants it? Who wants it?

Take it, you guys.

What else you have?

Facial recognition came back.


Nothing on our mystery man.

Who are you?