White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 16 - Under the Radar - full transcript

Sara uncovers what Adler is trying to find and almost the exact location of it. While the rest of the department is looking for Adler, the team is looking for Alex because she might know more about the submarine than anyone else. Adler kidnaps Alex, Peter and Neal and locks them in a warehouse where he already stored the submarine. But there is a slight problem - the submarine hatch is loaded with enough TNT to blow up a square block. Adler wants Neal to open it. Meanwhile the team realizes that Neal and Peter are missing and starts searching for them with Mozzie's fractal antenna. Alex, Neal and Peter find the treasure of the century in the belly of the boat.

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Previously on White Collar:

Sara, why are you helping out?

- I like the mystery.
- Is that all?

I know who's behind everything.

Vincent Adler.
He's rained hell down on both our lives.

I'm trying to reconcile the Adler I knew
with the man responsible...

For Kate?

- For Mozzie? So let's get him.

I caught you when I found out
what you wanted most.

- We know what he wants most.
NEAL It's a fractal antenna.

And this shape corresponds
to an emergency beacon.

And you're telling me
that if we build a real one of these...

It's gonna lead us to a boat, plane,
or something that disappeared in the 1940s.

- Something worth killing two people?
- It's worth it to Adler.

Uh, hold on a second.

Is there a probie who would benefit more
from lugging evidence around?

Carrying evidence isn't considered
valuable field experience.

- For anyone.
- I'm sure you never complained...

when you were hauling plasma cutters
and borescopes.

When I'm cracking safes,
I have a sense of purpose.

Had. Had a sense of purpose.

Now you have a new purpose.

Lugging these Rolex knockoffs
to evidence.

- We're almost there. Careful.
- Thank you.


Did you find something interesting?

On your desk? No.

In the ocean, yes. This is big, guys.

- Get the team in the conference room.
- Can I talk to Neal first?

Thank you.

- I'll meet you up there.
- All right.

- So...
- Yeah...

You look well.

Thank you.

You too.

- Did you change your hair?
- No.

I like it. It's got this...


Look, before everybody else gets here,
I just wanna say...

if we're gonna continue working together, you
really should not ignore the other night.

- Look, it was...
- Hot.


- I mean, I thought so, but...
- No, I know.

Stacks with no A/C,
it was like being back in college.

- You didn't go to college.
- I wasn't enrolled...

but I did spend a lot of time


Speaking of research, take a look at this.

- Uh-oh. More faux-lex watches?
- Yeah.

These are the nice ones.

Our fence in Alphabet City is trying
to move a hundred and twenty boxes.

Each box with 35 of these.

- At 600 apiece, that's...
- That's $2.5- million street value.

Oh, you've been sitting too close
to Caffrey.

When did that happen?

I don't know.

Diana, round up the Harvard crew.
Jones, take this box to evidence.


Okay, people.

What we have today
is a chance to take down...

one of the most notorious
white-collar criminals in New York.

Vincent Adler.

As you know,
Adler ran a Ponzi scheme...

about a half a decade ago
that rivaled Bernie Madoff's.

When it folded,
he disappeared with a billion dollars.

He's also my former boss.

Sara Ellis, from Sterling Bosch,
has come up with a fresh lead.

Adler is looking for a sunken U-boat
off the New York coast.

First music boxes, now U-boats.

- This is U-boat 869.

It was launched from Germany in 1945.

- What makes this so valuable?
We don't know.

Germany sent out a number of U-boats
towards the end of the war.

Their contents were unknown.

Whatever is in this,
one person has been shot...

and two people are dead because of it.

Adler wants this sub.
Which means we can use it to find him.

If he's looking for this
off the New York coast...

then he's using boats.
He's renting sonars and submersibles.

There's a paper trail here.
Let's track him down.

Diana. Jones.

- There is another lead I need to you to find.
- Alex Hunter.

An old acquaintance of Neal's.

But you already know that.

- We're already familiar with Alex.
- How is she involved?

There's a lot she may know
about all of this. Find her.



Calling her an acquaintance
may be an understatement.

Neal, you don't owe me anything.

I've lived a life too.

But if there is anything between us...

don't lie to me.

- I would never.
- Yes, you would.

So Alex?

Over. A long time ago.

- Was that so hard?
- No.

- Lunch tomorrow?
- My place?

See you at 1.

A sunken U-boat?

- What could be better?
- What do you think is in it?

Ah. That is the question, isn't it?

Plutonium would be an educated guess.
They had the bomb years before we did.

Guess I missed that chapter
in world history.

Yeah, of course you did.
It could also contain Hitler clones.

- Is he serious?
- Unfortunately, yes.

- Mozzie, the antenna.
- Hold on. It's gotta warm up.

Another possibility...

Let it be a surprise.

- The Chrysler Building. That's new.
Almost finished.

- Painting it for your girlfriend?
- Are you 9?

I'm keeping up my technique.
It calms the nerves.

You must paint a lot then.

I've filled a whole storage room.



How close do we have to be
for this thing to work?

Oh, the SOS signal on the U-boat
was designed to go into a passive mode...

which means we'd have to be
right on top of it in order to detect it.

I don't relish hauling you and this thing
up and down the seaboard.

If Alex knows as much as we think
she does about this thing...

could she help narrow down
our search area?

Well, it's worth a shot.

I haven't gotten through on her number,
but I'll try again.

- Alex?
Hello, Neal.


After all this time,
you recognized my voice.

I'm flattered.

Where's Alex?
- The lady doesn't wanna be disturbed.

I know about the U-boat.

I'd be disappointed if you didn't.

Call off your dog. Let it go.

Can't do that.

After all you've lost.
First Kate, now Alex.

Why keep doing this to yourself?

I'm not gonna stop, Vincent.

Neither am I.

Any chance Alex and Adler
are working together?

- No. She would never work with him.
- We can't make any statement...

about their relationship at this point.
We find Alex Hunter, we find Vincent Adler.

- Diana.
I ran her aliases by Interpol.

- Checking with the local fences.
- Neal?

Already on it.

- All right, did you find anything on Alex?
- She's moved around a lot.

According to Hale,
she was in town two weeks ago...

trying to pawn off some more silver,
through Teddy Eames.

What's she doing mixed up with Eames?
He's small time.

Yeah, trying to move up in the world.

Alex isn't known for her altruism.

Oh, look, are you really trying
to understand Alex at this late date?

- I've never understood her.
- Oh, really?

I thought your relationship
made perfect sense.

Mutual respect, convenience.

- Convenience?
- Correct me if I'm wrong.

I wanna talk to Eames.

- You positive Alex met with him?
- Eames was the last person to see her...

before she disappeared.
Might tell us where she was headed.

Ooh. Larceny, possession, robbery.

Got quite a hefty rap sheet.
I can lean on him.

He's not gonna chat up a fed.

What, you're gonna scam info
out of him?

Eames likes selling hot merchandise.

Anything from stolen plasma screens
to borrowed jewelry...

Borrowed jewelry, huh?

Now that you mention it,
we do have that box of faux-lexes.

- Look, this better work.
- Relax.

I'm holding five fake Rolexes.

If I get shaken down,
I've got a government bar code...

on the back of my neck.
- Caffrey.

What can I do for you?

I hear you're moving up in the world.
I'd bring this business to Alex...

but I can't find her.
- I'd check the Interpol website.

- She's all over it.
- Okay, are we gonna do this or what?

- What do you got?
High-quality goods.

Micro-etched crystal,
correct second-hand movement.

- Last purchaser's credit card slip.
- Hmm.

- How much?
- Three hundred each.

- Two.
- Come on, you'll flip these for at least 6.

All right. If I sell this one today,
I'll buy as many as you got tomorrow.

- Sounds like a square deal.

- Grab him.
- Oh, nuts.

- Get back here!
- I know a drop when I see one.

You mind emptying your pockets?

You got probable cause?

Yeah, my badge gives me
probable cause.

Hands on the table.

What are you doing hassling us?
Shouldn't you arrest stockbrokers?

I'll arrest who I want.

All right, your turn.

- Happy?
- Yeah.

You pack up
and get out of here in five minutes.

You understand?


- So I guess I owe you one. Is that right?
- I'd say so.

Tell me about the last time
you saw Alex.

Hey. Eames said Alex was headed
to the Conservatory Garden...

after she met with him.
- Check traffic cams for the Garden.

- See if we can spot her.
- You got it.

- Watches?
- Oh.

- Money?
- What money?

- The 300 Eames gave you.
- What 300 Eames gave me?

Thanks for the help.

Anytime, Serpico.

Buy Jones lunch.

We'll see.

Security tapes show her arriving
and walking into the garden.

If she came out, it was on a side
not covered by a camera.

- Any idea what she was doing?
- Eames wouldn't say.

It's a good place for a meeting or a drop.

Well, retracing her steps
may tell us something.

You take the left, I'll take the right.
We can meet in the middle.



- Who is this? ADLER
Hello, agent Burke.

Nice day, isn't it?


- Where are you?
- Holster the gun and get in the car.

Hand over your gun, please.

- Nice to meet you, Peter.
- Save it.

And Neal. I can't tell you how good it is
to see you again.

I'd be lying if I said the same.

You killed Kate.

No, Neal. You did. You changed her.
The Kate I knew would still be alive.

- Where is Alex?
- You can ask her when you see her.

- What do you want with us?
I want Neal.

But I'll bring you along
since I can't let you go.

Peter, you've got a key to Neal's anklet.
Give it to him.

Neal, take off your anklet.

A decision.

In those glasses is a combination
of chloral hydrate, ethanol, and iced tea.

It'll put you out
until we get where we're going.


- Or you can take another route.
- We don't do this.

Have a drink, Neal.

You may wake up to find the answers
you've been looking for.

We're not playing this game.

Your turn, Agent Burke.


I was looking for you.

- Should I?
- I think it will help.


Thank you.

Come on.

Come on.

This is part of a plan, right?

You let yourselves get caught,
then the FBI rides to the rescue?

You got the first part right.

You have any idea where we are?

It's a warehouse. That's all I know.
They drugged me too.

- Glad you're awake.
- Why are we here?

Better if I show you.

My God.

You found it.

Incredible, isn't it?

The last days of the war...

this U-boat was supposed
to reach Argentina...

but something happened.
The crew had to scuttle it off our coast.

They were gonna retrieve it after the war,
but obviously that never happened.

How do you know this?

Because one of the crewmen survived.

He was my father.

Why do you need me?

The crew rigged the interior with
explosives to prevent enemy access.

I need someone who can open it
without setting the charges off.

Luckily, I already know the best.

That's why you're here, Neal.

- And if I refuse?
- You won't.

Alex will be with me.

You can pretend you're doing it
to protect her and Peter...

but we both know the real reason.

You wanna see what's inside.

I'll need equipment.

- Carbide-tipped drill, fiber optic borescope...
- I think you'll find everything you need.

Getting the hatch open is a two-man job.
You gonna help me?

No. I will be behind blast-proof glass.

Agent Burke can help you. Keep in mind,
you'll be wearing a remote camera.

Don't try and play a hero.

Can you do this?


Not Neal.

And you're not a strawberry blond
with a penchant for Voltaire.

I guess we're both disappointed.

- Thought you had that up and running.
- It is.

I'm trying to boost the reception
because I have yet to receive a signal...

or hear from the suit about a boat.

Are you gonna loom there all day?

I'm not looming.
Neal told me to meet him here.

You know...

it's not gonna work out.
- What?

- Getting involved with a con man.
- No, no. I am not involved with anybody.

I get it. We're fascinating creatures.

We live a life of danger.

It's exciting, slightly erotic.

But guys like us, you find yourself
always trying to stay a step ahead.

You relax once, let down your guard...

and it all goes away.
- You paint a very tragic picture.

Ah. One person's tragedy
is another person's excitement.

I'm afraid I drank all the Lafite.

Oh, all of it, except for this bottle
you hid behind all the others.

Mm. There might be
some hope for you yet.

- Mm-hm.
- Did you say you were meeting Neal here?

Mm-hm. At 1.

- That was, like, half an hour ago.
- Oh, sue me, Mozzie. I'm late.

Yeah, Neal's usually not.

- Did you try his cell?
- It went straight to voicemail.

- It's probably nothing.
- Yeah, it's nothing.

- We should call the suit.
- I'm gonna call Peter.

You ever safe-cracked a submarine?

No. But the principle should be the same.

- What do we got?
- Looks like a typewriter.

- A typewriter?
- Yeah, but I don't see any explosives.

All right.

Help me get these bolts off.

- Is this really a two-man job?
- I figured I'd save you from a bullet.

By putting me in front of a bomb?

- Stop talking. - lf you don't
like it, come do it yourself.

That shut him up.

Here we go.

It's an Enigma.

Code-breaking machine.

- Yeah.
- And I'm sure it's wired to blow up.

Be careful.


That would be TNT.

Yeah. A lot of TNT.

No answer from Peter or Neal.

This isn't like either of them.

Good thing is your boyfriend
is wearing a tracking anklet.

- Let it go. He's not my boyfriend.
- Strange.

- Peter took off Neal's anklet.
The Conservatory Garden.

- Same place Alex Hunter was last seen.
- We'll check it out.

- You spoke to Neal last, I want you with us.
- We're still at Neal's...

so you can just pick us up on your way.
- Wait. We?

All right, the Enigma uses a series
of pins and rotors to encode words.

Fifteen billion billion
possible combinations.

Yes. Thank you for that.

- You're good with crosswords.
- Not that good.

- You have a favorite color?
- Oh, funny. This is your skill set, not mine.

- Beige is usually a neutral or bluff wire.
- Usually?

I don't know if they bluffed with wire
60 years ago.

Now, the live one should be the silver
or the black.

EI's favorite color is purple.

That doesn't help.

- I think it's black.
- Okay.

- Or the silver. Or both.
- Mm.

If we cut them both, that would work.
Should work.

- I'll cut the black, you cut the silver.
- Good. Good.

One, two, three, clip.

Okay. Wait, Peter.

In case this doesn't work...

Yeah. Me too.

All right.


two, three.

What's it doing?
It's a timer.

How much time?
Don't know. It's moving fast.

- How do we...?
- I don't know.

- It's gonna blow.
Oh, my God. Now I get it.

I know what it is.

- What?
- It's a legend.

The Enigma password is a legend.

The story of an ancient king
with a golden touch that destroyed him.

Midas. Alex, are you sure?

The radio operator who received
the U-boat's final SOS signal...

was my grandfather.

- You're Gerhardt Vogner's granddaughter.
- He told me to remember the story.

- Do it.
- Okay, Midas.


- That was close.
- We've cut it closer.

I don't think so.

All right.

You got it?

- Whoa. Careful.
Ah, more TNT. Great.

This better be good.

I should have known you'd be lurking.
Nice gadget.

Yes, it is.

If you think I'm getting into that thing
with two feds, then you're certifiable.

Fine. You're not coming.

Remember, I travel delicately.



If I see jars of fetuses
with little black mustaches...

l'm turning around.

I don't think this is the one
carrying the Hitler clones.

Here, watch for tripwires.


- Give me a hand?
- Yeah.

It's a Van Dyck.

It's gotta be worth millions.

Look at this.

It's Nazi plunder.

From all over Europe.

Priam's treasure.
Before it turned out to be Troy's treasure.

Either way, it's here now.

- This has gotta be worth...
- Billions.

Billions of dollars.

Has to be one of the greatest collections
of art that's ever been found.

How do we get out of here?

Adler, you seeing this?


Not anymore.

That bought us some time.
You got an idea?

Adler could have only found this sub
if the antenna was working.

- Mozzie's antenna.
- Obviously, Adler got his to work.

- I'll check over here.
- All right.

Careful. That nitro is unstable.

All right.

That looks like our fractal.


- Germans built things to last.
- Unh.

You think Mozzie can find us?

If we get to the limo,
I can connect it to a power source.

It's a long shot.

Well done, gentlemen.

A treasure for the ages.
I'm glad you lived long enough to see it.

My God, that's a Rembrandt.

We'll take it from here.
You three are going for a ride.

- No.
- Unh.

- I'm not going back in that limo.
- Alex.

Go ahead, Vincent. Shoot us.


Shoot them.
Then get a mop or something.

Hold on. Okay.

We'll get in the limo.

There you go. There's a reasonable man.

Get the drinks ready.

I'm not comfortable with this.

- We know. We're not abducting you.
- Can I get out?

- No.
- Well, then it feels like an abduction.

Anyone have anything
for motion sickness?

Hey, hey, hey.
I don't know why, but I do like you.

I don't want them to hurt you,
so just do yourself a favor and shut up.

- Guys.
- She's right. I will hurt you.

All due respect,
I think you should listen to me now.

- Really? Why is that?
- I'm getting a signal.

Is it the sub?
- I don't think so because it's moving.

Which way?
- East.

Everyone all right?
For the moment.

- Where are we?
- In a dry dock.

What are those guys doing?

I got a pretty good idea.

Adler is taking the whole
arch-villain thing pretty seriously.

He always had a flair for the theatrical.

Where's the cavalry?

Mozz will be here. I hope.

- Which way?
- Uh, make a left. No, I mean right.

- You said left.
- This time I mean right.

- I think.
Christ. Left or right?

Uh, diagonal!

We need to find a way
out of these zip ties.

I've got a knife.

Can't say I'm surprised.

The guards searched us.

Not everywhere.

Just like old times.


Got it.

- Damn.
- Huh.

- Get down! Get down!
- Get behind me. Go.

- Cover me, all right?
- Yeah.

- FBI, don't move!
- Lower your weapons!

Put your hands on your head!

I don't think we could have cut it
any closer than that.

You saved me again.

You saved me.

- Anything?
- No. Adler's men aren't talking.

Safe to assume he knows we've escaped,
that we're looking for him.

- Is he accelerating his escape plan?

I overheard him say he's shipping the art
to Europe by boat.

- But he can't until the end of the week.
- Gives us some breathing room.

What about the warehouse?

Wooden beams, prewar architecture,
solid steel roll-up door facing west.

- The loading bay.
- Clanging at night. Kind of buoy, I think.

Could be a weather buoy.

Diana, what do you have?

There are four
along the Brooklyn shoreline...

and three near Battery Park.

That's a lot of real estate.

Let's get some building plans,
see if we can narrow it down.

Adler got that sub
out of the water somehow.

Pull satellite. Let's find this thing.

Thank you, everybody.

- I'm gonna catch a ride to the waterfront.
- No, you're not. We got good people on it.

You're gonna finish up,
then get out of here.

I need you rested. That's an order.

- You're gonna take your own advice?
- Yes.

I'm gonna go home, kiss my wife,
and do at least one normal thing today.

Live to fight another day.

Bunch of feds breathing down your neck.
Probably not your idea of fun, huh?

Yeah. Beats being held hostage.
Just barely.

We haven't been officially introduced.
I'm Sara Ellis.

- Alex.
- Hi.

You're not a fed?

No, no.

Um, I work with Sterling Bosch.

Insurance. How did you get wrapped up
in all this?

Psst, psst. Ahem.

Across the room. Danger.

So which one you're going for?

- I'll be your wingman.
- No. I'm good, Jones.

You sure?

If I'm not out in 10 minutes,
send backup.

Sara. Alex.

What are you two talking about?

I should let you two catch up.

I think she's great.

- It's not like that. It's...
- Yeah. Yeah, it is.

How long have you known
about the sub?

- Changing the subject.
- No.


I wanna know.

- You know who my grandfather was?
- Yeah, Vogner.

I've known about the sub
since I was a little girl.

Grandpa, he'd take me to Coney Island
when no one else was around.

He'd point out to the water and tell me
that the greatest treasure in the world...

was right out there,
just below the waves.

- The U-boat.
- Yes.

He said the Nazis collected
the most beautiful things in the world.

They put those things in a submarine.
When crossing the Atlantic...

it went down, and no one could find it.

He received the final SOS signal
from the sub.

Yeah. He encoded the SOS antenna design
into the music box.

He figured he'd come to America, he'd
build a receiver, and he'd find the sub.

But he fled Germany after the war,
and the box was lost.


he kept this.
Mm. Ha, ha.

Yeah. Always thought
they were just wonderful stories...

about treasure
that was just out of reach.

And then on his deathbed,
he told me, "It's all true, Alex."

And then he proved it.

He gave me the key to the music box.

"Find it," he said.

- Your new destiny.
- Yeah.

You remind me of this treasure.

Some wonderful fantasy
that's just out of reach.

Take care of yourself, Neal.

Hey. Hell of a day, huh?

Another day, another Nazi sub.


- Hey, honey. Everything is fine.
- Hey.

I'll tell you all about it.

- I gave my statement, I'm gonna go home.
- Listen. What happened with Alex was not...

Neal, stop it, all right?

I'm a big girl,
and we need to stop kidding ourselves.

- We are who we are and...
Hey, there.

It's your lucky night. Elizabeth's making
those little chickens you like.

- Cornish hens.
- I know what they're called.

You're invited.
That means you're coming.

Both of you.

Is that an order?

Yeah. Yeah, this will be fun.

Contractor is gonna do the weatherstripping
on the storefront on Monday.

- And?
- And he said the reinforced foam...

is much more efficient...

than the self-stick plastic.
I want a written statement.

- Sore loser. Ha-ha-ha.
- Agh.

- Yes.
- Weatherstripping.

The latest controversy
rocking the Burke household.

- Imagine that.
- Wow, that's...

You guys are very quiet.
Want some more wine?

- Yes.
- Please.

You and Peter are really happy, huh?

Wife of an FBI agent.
That's not easy, is it?

Yeah, I would be lying
if I said I didn't worry about him.

But I knew who he was
when I fell in love with him.

You never tried to change that?

No. Why would I?

I mean, we're married.

For better, for worse.

- Now he's got Neal.
- Ha, ha.

- For better, for worse.
- Yeah.

But for the record, it's actually better.

You trust Neal?

Well, that's a loaded question.
I'm guessing you don't?

Well, you said it yourself.
I know who he is.

Neal is a lot of things,
but when it counts, you can trust him.

Think I'm in trouble?

No, I'm sure they're discussing shoes.


- What do you think they're talking about?
- Us.

Yeah. Well, you.

You've got a lot to learn about women.

Oh, I've got a lot to learn?

I come home to this every night.

Last Sunday...

I was on that couch, lying with EI.

She's reading,
and I'm watching the game...

and Satchmo is asleep on my feet.

It hits me, again.

I'm the luckiest guy.

I don't think that's who I am.

You just need to figure it out.

And when you do,
then you'll be the luckiest guy.

Hey, nice ass.

I should go.

Look, I know things are complicated.

- Well, that's kind of your specialty, Neal.
- I could teach a master class. Yeah.

I wasn't lying...

when I said things were over
between me and Alex. I meant it.

At the time.

At the time.


You owe me a lunch.

We've narrowed it down
to these 15 warehouses.

We're going in one by one
till we find that sub.

Now remember, Adler's men are armed,
so eyes and ears.

Let's get to work.

Adler is not getting away, Neal.
I won't let him.

I know.

You always were persistent, Neal.

One of the many qualities I admire
about you.

- FBI is closing in, Adler.
- I know.

There's an 18-wheeler inside loaded with a
collection of art more valuable than life.

You help me get past the FBI perimeter,
half of it is yours.

Wow, sounds like a really good deal.

You must think I'm an idiot.

I think you're an opportunist.

You took everything from me.

Only after you tried to do the same
to me.

All is fair in love and war.

Tell me why Kate had to die.

If you want my help now, tell me.

The explosives on the plane
were her idea.

You parachute out over the ocean,
the plane explodes...

you live happily ever after. But then
she called, said Burke had just arrived.

Then, as now,
he threatened to ruin everything.

So you blew up the plane early.

Could have waited 30 seconds.
You'd be dead too.

Am I supposed to be grateful?

You were as close to a son as I ever had.


I'm nothing like you.

There's nothing sadder
than a con man conning himself.

Come on, Neal.
Let's stop hurting the people we love.

Let's bring this thing full circle.
You and me.

Just like old times.

Go to hell.

- Tell me you got the TNT out!
Must have spark...

The art is gonna burn! Come on!

It's clear. Nothing.


Where the hell is Neal?

Come on!

- Go!
- Get down!

- Any more people on site yet?
- Fire department is 15 minutes away!

- No. It's too late. It's too late.
- Out of my way!

It's gone.

- You did this.
- No.

I took from you, now you take from me?

- I'd never burn that art. You know that.
- You won't get away with this.

Goodbye, Neal.

He would have killed me.

What did he mean,
"You won't get away with this"?

I don't know.

I'm glad you're all right.

- You okay, Neal?
- Yeah.

Come on. We'll get you back.

Damn it, Neal.


You did this.

The fire, all of it. You did it.

Those were masterpieces.
I would never burn them. You know that.

No. But you'd steal them.

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- That long con on Adler finally paid off.

You saw your chance,
and then you took it.

I don't know how,
what game you are playing.

I have no idea, Peter.

I'm not lying to you now.
I didn't steal the art.

I think you did.

Then prove it.

Prove it.