White Collar (2009–2014): Season 2, Episode 12 - What Happens in Burma - full transcript

The desperate UN ambassador to the UN called a favor from the FBI to help his estranged son, a human rights activist, who was arrested in Burma and faces an atrocious sentence for ruby theft. Neal, who grew up fatherless, convinces reluctant Peter to condone dodgy means against the Myanmar junta. After finding out the true master thief, Andrew Collins, Neal has an irresistible fake made by Mozzie as a trap for greedy Burmese ambassador Kyi, but it can only work if they find a way around the inviolability of his diplomatic pouch confided to his assistant Suu.

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Coming here always
reminds me I should travel.

I tried to get you
to go to France.

No, you fled to France.

You had quite a run
there for a while...

The Riviera, Copenhagen.

I should've sent postcards.

No, I had Interpol warrants...
Just as good.

"Neal's robbing a palace.
Wish you were here."

Good times.

Where would you go...
Anywhere in the world?


I like vikings...

A sword in my hand,
a good ship under my feet.

Pillage and plunder... I knew
that under that lawman exterior

beats the heart of a thief.

Well, maybe I just like hats
with horns.

That's our guy...
Undersecretary of Asian Affairs.

He asked for us?

What does the State Department
want with the FBI?

Let's ask him.

Agent Burke?
Adam Wilson.

And you must be Neal Caffrey.

Thanks for coming.

It's not often get a request

from the U.N.
ambassador's office.

How can we help?

His name
is Christopher Harlowe.

He's an American
college student

being held in Kabaw prison
in Burma.


He's accused of smuggling
a ruby out of the country.

Gem smuggling in Burma...
That's serious.

We believe the charges
are trumped up.

You think they grabbed him
to embarrass the U.S.?

It's possible.

Our relations with Burma
aren't good.

We're in the middle of trade
negotiations that aren't moving.

This is a kid
with no criminal record,

no prior travel
or contacts in the region.

I sympathize with your problem,
but where do we come in?

We've heard chatter that the
ruby was smuggled out of Burma

by someone else

and that it's here
in Manhattan.

We find the real smuggler,

and the case against Christopher
falls apart.

Can you help?

Christopher Harlowe is charged

with stealing this...
the Mandalay Ruby.

It's a 237-carat
pigeon blood.

Pigeon blood?

It's a local description
of the deep-red color

of the most prized
Burmese gems.

No pigeons were harmed
in the mining of this ruby.

I'll take mine medium rare.

That's good to know.

In the last year,
it was held in a secured vault

at a state mining facility,
under army guard,

in the middle of a jungle.

Not exactly a prime location

for a college kid
to just walk in and grab it.

No. The mine is
in the Mogok Valley.

You can get there
by a helicopter

or a seven-hour jeep ride
over some nasty terrain.

You just know these things?

Yeah, that's why they keep me around.

You'd need some muscle,
a cargo plane,

and a few grand in bribe money
just to get started.

You would?

And who knows what else?

Because I've never considered
stealing gems in Burma.


What if this kid's guilty?

We're working
under the assumption he's not.

If we find the thief
in Manhattan,

then the Burmese case
against Christopher falls apart.

So, Diana, Jones, see if any
of our usual gem fences

have been in Burma lately.
Got it.


Sniff around my contacts

and see if anybody's hocking
a 237-carat pigeon blood.

That's why
I keep you around.

You know, you look
at the world differently

when you've crossed
the Irrawaddy River

on the shoulders
of an elephant.

You've been to Burma?

Guess I missed that postcard.

Thank you for referring
to our country by its true name.

Of course.

We changed our name to Myanmar
in 1989 after...

After a military junta
took over, I know.

But America still
recognizes it as Burma.

One of the many reasons

we find negotiating
with your country difficult.

This is ambassador Than Kyi.


I'm sorry we couldn't meet
under better circumstances.

Special agent Burke, FBI,

and this is my consultant,
Neal Caffrey.

Mr. Caffrey.

You understand
that my government

is under no obligation
to turn over the DVD

of Christopher Harlowe's

as this is purely
an internal matter.

I'm sure pressure
from amnesty international

to confirm the health
and well-being

of Christopher Harlowe

had nothing to do
with it, either.

The DVD will verify
that he is being well-treated.

But also that he's guilty
of the theft.

Sadly, yes.

Ambassador Kyi, if we prove that
someone else stole the ruby,

I assume you would
release Christopher?

Well, of course I would bring
that evidence to our courts.

I believe the Myanmar people
have a saying...

Even if the truth is buried
for centuries,

it will eventually
come out and thrive.


But keep in mind that he will be
sentenced in one week.

After that,
it would be very difficult

to reverse the decision,
despite our proverbs.

Thank you, ambassador.

You're quite welcome.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Yeah, maybe we'll meet again

under less-political

That would be nice.

Love that you had that Burmese
proverb ready to go.

Mm. They also say, "beware a man's
shadow and a bee's sting."

What does that mean?

I have no idea.

- Then you used the right one.
- Yeah.

Did he just trash
a parking ticket?

Yeah, just like it was
a bubble-gum wrapper.

Diplomatic immunity.

- The bane of meter maids everywhere.
- Yeah.

This case is going to be
different than we're used to.

Our laws don't apply.

I hope Chris can hold out
the week.

For whatever reason, they want
to make an example out of him.

Once he's sentenced
by the junta,

no civilian court
will overturn his verdict.

We have one week
to prove he didn't do it.

I don't know how he pulled it off.

The Burmese have been
stonewalling since Chris' arrest.

We weren't even aware
there was a tape.

Well, you can thank
agent Berrigan for this.

The regional director of
Southeast Asia's a friend.

She was able to pressure them
into turning over proof of life.

The good thing about this is
they wouldn't let us see it

unless he was all right.

Go ahead.

State your name.

Christopher Harlowe.

I have some questions.

Are you prepared
to answer them?

Yes, sir.

Are you being
treated well?

I've been given
everything I need.

Did you steal
the ruby?

That's what
I'm accused of.

Did you steal it...
Yes or no?


Who helped you?

I was alone.

How did you manage
such a feat?

I crossed the stream
into the base.

Then I bribed a guard
to get the ruby.

That's gonna be hard to refute.

When you came to us,

you already knew
that he had confessed.

Yeah, sorry.
I should've mentioned that.

But Chris has absolutely
no criminal record whatsoever.


We're meeting outside
your workplace.

You're comfortable
calling him Chris.

Chris isn't just any kid,
is he?

He's your son.

That's why
you really came to us.


Chris and I have become...distant.

He took his mother's name
after the divorce.

Our contact is down to e-mails
at birthdays and holidays,

but if the Burmese are made
aware that he is my son...

You don't want him used
as a bargaining chip.

We may not be close,
but I'm still his father.

I can't put him in jeopardy.

We'll handle this.

He was doing something
with his hand.

Do you think
he was sending a signal?

The children of diplomats
are trained

to send messages
if they're in trouble.

We're gonna need to get a look
at the rest of that tape.

What kind of father is that?

His job puts Chris
at further risk,

so he came to us sub-rosa
instead to protect him.

Tough love?

It's what my father
would have done.

Your dad was a bricklayer,
not a diplomat.

Okay, so he would've
tried to break through

the mortar walls
of the prison first instead,

but he would've done
the same thing.

What about yours?

My dad?
Yeah. I don't know much about him.

Oh. I thought you knew
everything about me.

Well, there's a big, gaping hole
before your 18th birthday.

Enjoy the mystery.

Oh, come on. You don't want
to talk about him?

What do you want me to say?

I don't know.
Start small.

What did he do for a living?

My dad was a cop.

A cop?!

You said start small.

Have a nice day.

You c...


Come on, a cop?

You know, I'd appreciate it

if you'd replenish my supply
when you diminish it.

I'm wallowing.

Word on the street

is you went to Randy Morosco
for information.

Well, a unique
black-market pigeon blood

recently made its way
to New York,

and none of the local shops
have anything like it.

No one would try
to sell a stone like that

without cutting it first.

It calls too much attention to itself.
One would think.

That's why Randy Morosco's
the kind of guy

that can help me find it.

I'm a gem expert.

That's true.

And you asked to keep
your distance from the FBI.

I was doing you a favor.

Oh, by conversing
with my archrival?

Everyone's your archrival, Moz.

But I would like the chance
at first veto on helping.

I will come to you first
next time.

Hey, Moz.


Are you ever curious
about your birth parents?

No, thanks.

I don't need to look into
the crystal ball of my future.

Are you heading
down that road again?

No, I was talking with Peter
today, and my father came up.

You want to lie down
on the couch?

I'll get my notepad.

No, thanks, Dr. Freud.

I just find it fascinating,

considering your patriarchal
relationship with the suit

and your penchant
for breaking the law.

Does Peter know?

I said he was a cop.

You gonna tell him?

You know, he could be useful.

So, Randy and the ruby.

How long's it been
since you've seen him?

Before I went to prison.

Think he's gonna talk to you?

Of course...

Provided I'm the guy
he remembers.

Don't you want the frame?

No, thanks.

What's with the glasses?

Oh, just easier to examine
the gems with.

You have 20/20 vision.

Randy's having a trunk show
at his store in a few days.

That's where they show their
latest wares to a select group of buyers.

I know what a trunk show is.
Oh, excuse me.

He plays on the gray side
of the valuable-stones market.

It's not about the uniqueness
of the cut,

but the story behind it.

The more memorable the tale,
the more people will pay.

Like getting smuggled
out of a Burmese fortress?

Now you're proving my point.
Let me do the talking.

Or I can get a search warrant
to find the damn ruby.

Chris doesn't have time
to spare.

Which is exactly why
we're not waiting around for a warrant.

If the ruby's in there,
I'll find out.

Why does your way beat my way?

'Cause a friend of mine
knows Randy.

And don't let his rough exterior
fool you.

The man can slice a gem
like Marcel Tolkowsky himself.

Oh, well, Marcel Tolkowsky.
Why didn't you tell me?

Mr. Donnelly,
what a surprise.

You said friend, not alias.

I consider them my friends.

Randy, always a pleasure.

How's the family?

Oh, you're opening
Pandora’s box.

Nancy recently
made partner at the firm,

and Dylan is...
He's obsessed with soccer.


Love the new haircut
on your boy.

I barely recognize him.

Time flies.

Listen, we're in a bit
of a rush, Randy.

This is Nancy's brother,
Mr. Satchmo.

He reminded me that Nancy's
birthday is coming up.


I'm here to confirm he makes up

for totally forgetting it
last year.

I heard you
recently designed a piece

that could do the trick...

The, uh, rarer, the better.

I might have a few new things.

You ready, Mr. Donnelly?

Mr. Satchmo?

Oh, yeah.

These are some
of my finest pieces.


There we go, huh?

I think this could be the one.

You have a good eye,
Mr. Donnelly.

200 carats, S1 quality.

May I see the provenance?

Paperwork is boring.


Did you know that this necklace

was part
of the Maharajah's collection

from 1805 to 1954?


You see the dents on the side?

Oh, an imperfection.

Au contraire...

When the Maharajah's wife

found him sleeping
with a servant girl,

she threw it against a wall.

Intriguing, yes?


The servant girl grabbed
the necklace and ran.

Now, though she was penniless,
she refused to sell it,

because its beauty was more
important to her than wealth.

No other gem in the world
has its history,

hence the...
Augmented price.

Would you excuse us a moment?

Great story.

This provenance is fake.

The setting is period,

but the stone was recently cut
and polished

using technology that didn't
exist 150 years ago.

This necklace
is our pigeon blood.

200 carats, S1...
It's got to be.

I got this.

It's quite
an imperfection, Randy.

I'm sure Nancy
would appreciate the story.

Uh, he was talking
about your paperwork.

FBI. You're selling
stolen merchandise.

George, what is this?

Peter, you just burned
a perfectly good alias.

And you named me after my dog.

You're gonna tell me
another story, Randy,

one about the person
who sold you this ruby.

Randy claims he doesn't know
the real name

of the man
who sold him the piece.

He give a description?

Not one that will I.D. him...
British accent.

This stone was the first time

Randy did business
with this guy.

Yeah, he said
he'd bring back more,

but we can't afford to wait.

So we make him come to us.

We'll use his trunk show

to host a viewing
of exquisite gems.

We'll invite the who's who
of the jewelry world.

With the hope
that our ruby smuggler

won't be able to resist
stopping by

to check out the competition.

And when he does,
we take him in,

get him to confess,
and clear Chris.


Sounds good on paper...
One problem.

These people know
Randy's inventory.

If we're gonna pull this off,
we need to...

Show them
the old razzle-dazzle?

With flawless gems, not...

Jazz hands.

I was hoping I'd never have
to share this with you.

The FBI has a gem vault,
and you didn't tell me?

Why give an alcoholic a drink?

They're waiting for us
in the conference room.

How many jewels
do I get to take?


For this particular mission.


When the Bureau comes across
black-market gems,

we confiscate them.


And they accumulate in an
evidence locker, gathering dust?

That's it?

- These are the best we've got.
- Are you serious?

These are nice.


You could buy a Soho loft
with one of these

and still get change back.

Well, they'll help.

But none of these
are pigeon bloods.

We need something
that threatens

our smuggler's corner
on the market

if we're gonna draw him out.

I don't think the FBI
will authorize us

taking a trip to Burma.


So I'll need an oven that
reaches 2,000 degrees Celsius

and some welding equipment.

Perhaps assisting the suit
isn't so bad.

Impressive tools.

I haven't had this much fun

since I tripped Noam Chomsky.

You need to get out more,

Hey, you want to make
a star ruby?

We can put masonic etchings
in the silk veins.

We're not rewriting history.
Let's keep it simple.

Note my immediate boredom.

Help me explain
why an oxyhydrogen blowtorch

is gonna show up
on my expense report.

It's my own improvement

of Auguste Verneuil's
flame fusion apparatus.

You're making that up.

We're making synthetic rubies,

It's plebeian.

How long till it's cooked?

About six hours.
We're halfway there.

Will this fool our Brit?

Verneuils have
curved growth lines.

Natural crystals run parallel.

But it requires
high magnification...

Close enough
for government work.

That's what I want to hear.

Suit, your supplies
are much appreciated.

Ohh, you told him he could keep
the equipment, didn't you?

He doesn't work for free.


Nice clarity.

It's perfect.

Perfect is good, right?

Not quite.

See, perfection is
the antithesis of authenticity.

Real gems have flaws.
Now ours has one.

All right, I talked to Randy.

The show is set
for tomorrow night.

Unless they're looking at it
under a microscope,

you'll be fine.

I think I have a fix for that.

All right.
You ready for this?

They didn't cover
the runway walk at Quantico,

but I think I can figure it out,
Mr. Satchmo.

I made you a model.
I deserve that.

I have to admit, this ruby looks
pretty damn good.

So do you.

Cameras set?

Recording on every door.

If our smuggler shows up,
we'll get him on tape.

Have you ever considered
a career in modeling?

I prefer being an FBI agent.

It means I carry a gun.

I know.

You're barking up the wrong tree
in so many ways.

Hey, it's a party.

The word is out.

As to whether or not the guy
you're looking for will show up is...


The ruby or the model?


Is the stone yours?

Discovered it last month

at a castle
in the Scottish highlands...

In a rock collection,
of all places.

A Scottish rock collection?
Clever story.

Well, the Maharajah bit
was good, too.

But paperwork's a little suspect
for such a high-profile gem.

Those are the papers I got
from the sellers.

It's authentic.

To all but the most
discerning eye.


The Mandalay Ruby
was a master get.

As was yours.
Thank you.

Where'd it come from?

Not one for a little
healthy competition?

I've done quite well on my own.

I know you have,

which is why I've arranged
this little show...

to meet you.

Think of the money to be made
if we combined our efforts.

When I see a good opportunity,
I take it.

But I don't discuss business
in a public setting.

We could talk downstairs.

I'll finish my drink,
and I'll meet you there.

Caffrey's on the move.

I'll stay on the ruby smuggler.

Good. Be ready.

There you are.

Thought you'd
changed your mind.

Just making sure no one
saw us leave together.

We're good.


You think I can't find out
your sources by myself?

Guess you do like
working alone.

Personally, I like
to work with a team.

Put the gun down.

Here's one of them right now.

One more step, and he's dead.

FBI. Lower your weapon.

And another one.


A minute ago, the charge
would've been smuggling.

Now it's attempted murder
of an FBI agent.

Let's talk deal.

He makes a good one.
Trust me.

The Mandalay Ruby theft
was quite impressive.

Well, thank you.

In my field, it's rare to be
recognized for your work.

And this statement covers
the entire theft?

I didn't leave out a detail,
per our agreement.


Have you ever seen this kid?


Are you sure?

I prefer to work alone.

Chris will be fine.

The ambassador promised to call

as soon as Collins' statement
to the Burmese authorities

has been taken
and Chris is released.

I won't believe anything
until he's free and home.

When was the last time
you saw your son?

Eight years ago.

I'm sure it must be pretty
difficult with your position.

My divorce was messy.

I tried to remain close
with Chris,

but he ended up resenting
everything I stand for.

And ultimately,
he said he didn't need me.

A 12-year-old doesn't know
what he does or doesn't need.

He didn't want to be my son.

There was nothing I could do.


Well, you're his father.

You should have kept trying.

I realize that.

That's why I'm here now.

Peter, the ambassador's aid
just called.

They want to see you.

Mm-hmm, absolutely.
That's him.

That's the guy who helped me
with the ruby theft.

I showed you this photo.

You said you'd never seen him.

Well, I didn't recognize him
at first.

When we met,
he, uh, had a beard.

It was fortunate
that I could spend a few moments

with Mr. Collins
in order to confirm details.

there were omissions.

Then give Collins back to me,

and I'll get him
for attempted murder.

No, I'm sorry.

But now that he's
on Burmese soil,

we need to extradite him
for his part in the theft.

So he gets to go home

while an innocent American
stays in jail.

We made a deal.

Looks like he made
a better one.

This isn't over.

The Burmese government
gave Collins political asylum.

I'm hoping that the tape
will tell us something.

He's got his crossword.

Helps me think.

Your infamous multitasking?

I'm surprised you can't do it.

I like to hone in, focus.

Oh. Where do you think
that trait comes from?

Nice try.

I don't want to talk about my dad.

Do your crossword.

Six-letter word for
embarrassing genetic overseer.


Let me see that.

You made that up.
So sue me.

For four years,
I studied your every move,

and not one word
about your father.

Then all of a sudden,

you drop a bomb on me
that he's a cop?


I'll tell you everything
my mom told me.


I didn't know him.

He died when I was 2.

Ah, Neal, I'm sorry.


Mom said he went out
in a hail of gunfire,

taking down a whole gang
of bad guys.

He was a hero.

I grew up wanting to be
just like him.

Other kids played
Cowboys and Indians.

I pretended I was my dad.

Got really good with guns.

So, now you know.

Glad I do.


I got a copy
of Christopher's video.


Yeah. You're gonna want
to see this.

You must owe your friend
at amnesty international

a seriously expensive dinner.

Don't ask.

At this rate, I'll have
to build her a new kitchen.

The Burmese cropped the video.

They knew Chris might try
to send a message.

Mm. So they only showed us
his face.

But amnesty got access
to the raw signal.

His hand gestures are
clearly indicating something.

Oh, he's touching the letters
on his t-shirt.

Speed up the video.


"O." He's good.

He's rehearsed it.
It's what I'd do.


He just touched his knee.

R-o-c-k... rock.



Got it.

That's his girlfriend's

The Burmese may have
already figured it out.

Get Wilson on the phone.

I got here as soon as I could.

in the conference room,

giving a statement
to one of my agents.

Thought her name was Rocker.

It's her nickname.

Using a nickname was smart...

Makes it harder for the Burmese
to decode.

Unfortunately, not hard enough.

Miss Sheldon,
would you mind telling

Mr. Wilson
from the State Department

what you told us?

Maggie, I'm Chris' dad.

The Mr. Wilson?

Someone broke into my place
this morning while I was out.

The Burmese got to her first.

You know what they
were looking for?

They stole
my external hard drive,

but I keep a backup flash drive

of my cut footage on me.

Chris was in Burma

getting information
about the rebel movement.

Chris was? Why?

He's doing a documentary about
the democracy of the region.

Well, this came in last week.

I should have gotten
Tonkyo drunk before.

He admitted to having cousins
in the KNLA.

There's a secret camp
near the Indian border.

We're going there now
before he sobers up.

I'll drop this in the snail
toss on the way, all right?

I love you.

What's the KNLA?

The KNLA is a rebel group.

The Burmese government

has been trying to shut them
down for decades.

The Burmese officials must have
found out he was filming,

pinned the ruby theft on him
as a cover-up.

I wish I'd known.
I should have known.

Chris is bullheaded. He likes
to do everything on his own.

Yeah, but I could have
helped him with safer access.

This is all my fault.

Chris doesn't blame you
for anything.

I think you should see this.

Progress is...slow
on this remote plateau,

but a wise man once said,

"slow progress
is lasting progress."

Wait a minute.
My dad said that.

I'm quoting my dad.

Kind of cool.

I got to go. I love you.

That rocket attack

resulted in over half a dozen
civilian casualties

and was documented

by the Red Cross
and Physicians Without Borders.

We can use that
to establish Chris' whereabouts

at the time of the theft.
Yes, we can.

Jones, anything?

Yeah, a bank ATM cam
shows diplomatic plates arriving

and then leaving the front
of miss Sheldon's building

several minutes later.

I think we should go pay our
friend the Burmese ambassador

a little visit.

Hello again.

Mr. Caffrey. Agent Burke.
How can I help you?

This car was spotted
at the scene of a crime.

Another parking violation.

I will speak to my driver.

Eh, it's a little more serious
than that.

Someone broke into an apartment
in Brooklyn.

I'd like my agent
to search the vehicle.


Would it be all right
if we searched you, as well?

I wouldn't mind at all.

They don't let me
do the searches.


May I hold your bag?

It's a diplomatic pouch.

Turn around, please.


- We need to get a look inside that bag.
- Yeah.

What's going on here?

I have evidence
linking this vehicle

to a crime I'm investigating.

So far, your staff's
been very cooperative.

A search of that pouch would
completely exonerate any of them

from connection to this crime.

International law states

that the pouch is part
of Burmese soil.

I take it that's a no?

We're unable
to assist you further.

You can take it up with
the State Department, of course.

Of course.

Suu Ram.

See you, Suu.

Maybe we can get
the State Department

to file a grievance,

delay Chris' sentencing

You really think that'll help?

No, I don't.

All right, look,
I know this isn't a good time,

but I got to run.



I'm not in the mood, anyway.

I'll see you later.

You were a little cryptic
on the phone.

Phones can be tapped.

Look, I can tell you think
I haven't been the best father.

I'm not a dad.

I don't know what it's like.

There are a million things
I'd do differently if I could.

And I can't help but think

that Chris went over there
because of me.

Or because he wants
to be like you.

You can help me make it right
for my son.

What are you asking?

If that hard drive
leaves this country,

there's no way
they're letting him go,

and any chance I have of
getting to know my son again

is gone.

The drive's inside
the Burmese Mission.

I know who you are,
Mr. Caffrey.

You want me to steal it back.

We're doing everything we can.

I'll keep you in the loop.



How's he holding up?

Well, as best as he can.

Any leads from
your Washington contacts?

Oh, it's a delicate situation.

Our people are talking
to their people.

Is that diplo-speak for
"stop beating a dead horse"?


And this is what your father
chooses to do for a living?

It has its perks.

Yeah, I've seen what diplomats
do with parking tickets.

Does your father know Wilson?

I don't think so.

Does Wilson have any other
connection to the Bureau?

What are you getting at?

Something's been bugging me
since the beginning.

Why did Wilson choose us?

Because you're the best,
and Caffrey's...

Yeah, he's Caffrey.

From the get-go, Wilson wanted
to work outside the box.

You think he'd be willing

to go off reservation
to save his son.

What father wouldn't?

Wilson wanted Neal
from the beginning.

Pull Neal's tracking detail
for the last 36 hours.

You know, suddenly,
I'm very curious

to know where he's been.

All right, let's walk
through this, Liz Taylor.

Diana says the diplomatic pouch
departs New York

tomorrow on the 11:00 A.M.
Air Bagan flight to Burma.

Also on the passenger list

is a miss Suu Ram.

Ah, she's transporting
the pouch personally.

The ambassador's limousine

will drive her directly
from the consulate to the plane,

which only leaves us
a few moments

between the consulate
and the limo

to acquire its contents.

Is that a cat?


It's the pouch
with the Burmese crest...

a cogwheel and a rice plant.

Looks like a cat.

It's not.

Anything in the pouch is
the property of Burma, stolen or not.

You remove the drive,

you're creating
an international incident.

So, I get Suu Ram to do it
for me using our ruby.

Oh, to take my heart
would be less painful.

We can always make another one.

I say it's the Mandalay
just back from evidence,

give her a quick look,

close the lid on the box,
and she places it in the pouch.

Unbeknownst to her,
the box also contains

a finite amount of ammonia
and hydrochloric acid.

Moments after the clasp
on the box is closed,

the liquids mix, and...


Shouldn't a smoke bomb
make smoke?


In theory, Suu Ram spots smoke
coming from the pouch,

dumps the contents
onto American soil,

and I reclaim the external drive
as stolen evidence.

Thus proving our brilliance.

Peter. Hey.

Neal. Mozzie.

What you doing?

Discussing Hegel
and his rational realism.


Casual stroll.

You're smoking.

It's a smoking jacket.

Give us a moment?

I will.

Because the fresh air
sounds exhilarating.

You met with Wilson yesterday.

Neal, whatever he's asking you
to do...

He's got nowhere else to turn.

Oh, God, Neal.
Don't do it.

Look, Wilson's trying to
make good with his son,

and I can help him.

The system failed him.

You're rationalizing,
and you know it.

Nothing gives him
or you or anyone

the right to go around the law.

It's his son.
That gives him the right.

I don't agree with that.

It's what
a father should do.

All right, look...

Obviously, there's more
to the story with your dad.

I don't know how badly
it messed with your head.

You're right.
You don't.

If this were your son...

Or my son...

I know what you would do.

One wrong move
inside the Burmese consulate,

and they will extradite you.

You'll end up
in a Kabaw prison.

I can't protect you.

I'm not asking you to.


So, are we good to go?


Mr. Caffrey.

Come to search my person again?


I came to return something
you've been waiting for.

The ruby.

As promised.

Excuse me. I must show this
to the ambassador.

Of course.


I'm glad I caught you.

I got Neal's tracking data.
He's at the Burmese Mission.

I knew it.

He is going after the drive,
isn't he?

It contains information

the Burmese consider
too sensitive to e-mail.

They'll go to extreme measures
to protect it.

I warned him.

Yeah, but you didn't stop him.

What do you mean?

Boss, you could've chained him
to the desk if you wanted to,

but you didn't.

Are you saying I want him
to get that drive?

I'm saying that you know
Christopher's innocent

and you're not exactly fond
of diplomats.

I don't want Neal
to get caught.

Well, you know where he is.

All right, have your diplomatic
friends on speed dial.

If this goes wrong,

Neal and I are gonna start
an international incident.

Mr. Caffrey,
you're still here.

Yeah, I wanted to make sure
the ruby makes it home safely.

I assure you that it will.

Myanmar's thrilled to have
its property back at home.

I'm sure you are.

If you'll excuse us.



Look, I know I...
I know.

What do you need me for?

You're not here to stop me?

Savor this moment.

Already savoring.

Look, I'll spare you
the details,

but basically, the smoking
jacket's not smoking.

We need to stall.

...To anyone else,
do not open this pouch.

Guard it with your life, because it has
everything that we need.

Mr. Ambassador...

...Beautiful day,
isn't it?

Agent Burke.

I trust you and your companion
aren't here

interfering with the official
business of Myanmar.

Wouldn't think of it.

Just happened to notice
you're parked near a hydrant

with a ticket.

This car is registered
to the Mission.

We don't pay
for parking tickets.

And your car's registration
can prove that?

Hold this, please.

The registration.

And 18 parking tickets.

All unpaid.

Diplomatic immunity.
Immunity, yeah.

Means that you can't
be held accountable

for these violations.

You are, however...

required to help me
close out my investigation

of said parking violations.

Let's get started.

November 8th.

What's your reason
for not paying this one?

Diplomatic immunity.


Uh, here's one for...
Oh, I can't read that.

Do you know what that says?
I got it. August 2nd.

Diplomatic immunity.


Oh, look,
here's one from yesterday.

Handicapped parking zone.

You look healthy to me.

Diplomatic immunity.


What are you doing?
You can't open the pouch.

Put it back.
Put everything back.

It was on fire. I didn't...
What do we have here?

You tampered with that pouch.

Ooh, you should call the police,
have them look into that.

Give that to me.
It's official Myanmar property.

Actually, it's stolen property.

He took that
from a diplomatic pouch.

No, I took it
from a street in Manhattan.

And now it's evidence.

You can't do that.

Oh, actually, we can.

But rest assured,
whoever took this external drive

will be dealt with.

Any blowback from the Burmese
over the external drive?

They can't admit it exists.

Footage of the rebels?

It's in U.S. hands now.
Their identities are protected.

Chris was probably more worried
about them than himself.

Sounds like my son.

Mr. Wilson.

I am Mr. Nyi Tar.

I'll be replacing Mr. Kyi

as ambassador
of the Myanmar Mission.

He had to return home
for health reasons.

Sorry to hear that.

My country's
sincerest apologies

for your family's

Thank you.


Thank you...

for getting my son home to me.

I know it was unconventional.

That's our specialty.


You asked me about my dad.

I think my mom told me
what any kid would want to hear.

That he was a hero?

He wasn't.

He was a dirty cop.

You're not him.

If I'm not my father's son...

Who am I?

Certain things are...

In my blood.

I don't believe it.

You did that.

Christopher is free
because of you.

Tell me about your mother.

Not a chance.
Come on.

Did she wear hats?