White Collar (2009–2014): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Portrait - full transcript

When a painting is stolen, Peter and Neal are tasked with finding it. They get a lead on the thief, they set a meeting but something goes wrong and the man disappears. They try to find him ...

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Are we going to Montebello?


The times food critic called it

the best new restaurant
in Manhattan.

Yelp gave it three stars.

Wow. They practice
molecular gastronomy.


It's a revolution in fine dining

where chefs use biochemistry to
create new and exotic dishes.

A grill works just fine for me.

Every dish is a work of art.

I'm surprised you chose Montebello.
It's expensive.

I'm impressed.

Oh, we're not eating there.

Okay, Peter, this is like me
taking you to yankee stadium

and then listening to the
game in the parking lot.

It's a meeting place.
I didn't pick it.

Who did?

The insurance investigator.

Oh, insurance? Great.

Someone stole $100 million
in Japanese bearer bonds.

Samurai bonds. Nice.

That's what they're
call on the street.

Oh, now I've got your interest.

So who's the investigator?

She has a suspect
here in Manhattan.

She? Wait, wait.

Is it?

No. It is?

Yeah. Yeah.

Agent Burke, it's nice to see you.

Neal Caffrey.

It's been a while.


Nearly five years since
you testified at my trial.

Against me.

Well, you did steal a painting

insured by my employer for
several million dollars.

Not according to a
jury of my peers.

I thought all your
peers were in prison.

A few of us managed to stay out.
I could fix that.

Sorry to break up
this happy reunion,

but we're here to talk
about the samurai bonds.

That's what they call
them out on the street.

Well, we're not here
to talk about them,

we're here to find them.

A girl's got to make a living.

Well, my fees are based
on recovery, so, yeah.


My company, Sterling Bosch,
insured a hundred million

in non-government
Japanese bearer bonds.

A hundred million
yen or U.S. dollars?


And if you recover them? 2%.

The truck was
hijacked in transport,

and I think the bonds are
somewhere here in new York.

She believes Edgar
Halbridge is involved.

Biinternational real-estate guy.

He can move them
without raising flags.

Yes, he can. Excuse me.

Hi! Emilio's just inside.

Thank you so much.

Hey, you!

That's my car! Get away from it!

Emilio, listen to me.

You can change the vin numbers,

you can change the grill,
the paint.

It's still a Mercedes slr.

I know, because you did not
change the electronic vin

behind the steering wheel.

You're crazy!
You're just stealing my car!

No. You stole it.
I'm taking it back.

Don't make a scene.

You can file a complaint
with my friend from the FBI.

Hey. Hi, there.

Special Agent Burke, FBI.

This is just a misunderstanding.
I should just...

you should stop walking and
put your hand above your head.

Yeah, running just annoys him.

So you're basically a
high-class repo man.

Well, I prefer
white-collar bounty hunter.

You should put that
on your business card.

This is a limited edition slr,
worth $450,000.

Making your cut $9,000.

Not a bad score on
your lunch break.

No, it's not.

Speaking of business cards...

When you feel like
turning in that Raphael,

please call me.

I wouldn't wait by the phone.

See you tomorrow Caffrey.

So happy to have you
back in my life.

It's clear.

Come on.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, Kate was
sitting on the left side...

By the window.

Definitely no accident.

Did you ever think it was?


A mechanical failure

wouldn't cause an
explosion by the door.

I bet it was set to explode
the plane in mid-air.

It went off early.

Or someone set it off early.

What about the black box?

The whole tail's missing.

Excuse me!

Who are you?

You said the guard's
route takes 15 minutes.

That's not the guard.

All right. Just
follow me on this one.

What are you doing in here?

Morning. We're with Sterling Bosch.

You're Roy? Mm-hmm.

Where you been, Roy?

Unlike you,
we're on a schedule here.

Sterling Bosch? Insurance?


No one told me you were coming.

I thought Wentlow Holdings
was handling the claim.

They were.

Where's the cockpit voice recorder?

Oh, that's been logged in
with NTSB in Washington.

I hope you made a backup.


Just trust me on this one.

Listen, how'd you guys get in here?

We walked in.

Your security is abysmal.

We have one guard for four hangars.

Good to know.

Listen, we made a copy
of the voice recording.

I only handle the
physical evidence.

I don't have access
to the recording.

When's our flight leave?

Two hours.

I can have F.A.A.
send a copy to you.

That would work.

Yeah, I guess that would work.

I'll have them send it to,
uh, Sterling Bosch.

What's your name?

You know what, w-why don't
you have them send it

to my insurance investigator,
Sara Ellis.

I can do that.

Great. I'll follow up with
a call tomorrow morning.

All right. Ask for my assistant.
I'll give her a heads up.

Thanks, Roy. Yeah, bye, Roy.

Hey, we'll get it.


Who's Sara Ellis?

Oh, you weren't at my trial.

She was.

Oh. Yeah.

She testified against me.

I testified against you.

Oh, that's different.

How can I work with her?

I'm the cunning art thief who
slipped through her fingers.

I don't think she used those words.

No, but she looks at me
and sees dollar signs.

She's gonna come after me
again for that Raphael.

Do you have it?


There's a hundred million
stolen bonds out there.

She knows this case
better than anybody.

Right now, we're on the
same team, so play nice.

She... No.

I... Don't.

But... fine. Good.

Start a conversation.

Sara, I feel like we got
off on the wrong foot.

Let's start over.

You want to be friends? Why not?

Okay, what? Coffee? Grab a bite?

Sure. How about dinner?

Or maybe a movie?
You like classics, right?

Good memory. Mm-hmm.

Are you worried about her and Neal?

Not at all.

You name the date, Neal.

I would love to
spend time with you.

Anything to keep you talking.

You're recording me? Mm-hmm.

Everything you say to
me can and will be used

to nail your ass to the wall
and recover my painting.

Everything okay, Neal?

What's that?

I could get used to this.

Okay, people.

You know Sara Ellis,
from Sterling Bosch.

Thanks to her intel,

we have subpoenaed coded e-mails

between an alias we
think is Edgar Halbridge

and a man in Hamburg
he calls Mr. Black.

The e-mails use a
public-key encryption.

We've cracked most of them.

We believe Mr. Black is a courier.

Halbridge has paid
him a one-time fee

to enter the U.S. and get the
bonds out of the country.

The bonds are transferable?

No title. Whoever
holds them owns them.

Each certificate
is worth 200 grand.

So a stack of $100
million is this thick?

Halbridge is taking a
huge risk using a courier.

I'd take the risk.

Our plan is to intercept Mr. Black

when he transfers
planes in Toronto.

Then we put Neal into his
place here in Manhattan.

Thank you for the heads up.

You said you cracked
most of the e-mails.

What's in the one's you
haven't? Don't know.

Halbridge won't
recognize Mr. Black?

From the vernacular of the e-mails,

we think he's an American ex-pat.

The last e-mail says
Black will be the guy

wearing a leather jacket

and carrying a copy of
"atlas shrugged,"

which tells me he doesn't
know what he looks like.

Let's make this happen.

You're welcome.

For what?

Oh, I recover the bonds,
and your cut is $2 million.


See, I thought the
bureau needed me,

given their recovery rate
is less than 1 in 20.

Is that true? That's the
bureau's recovery rate.

Not mine.

Canadian authorities have detained
Mr. Black in Toronto

but left his name on the
flight manifest to jfk.

As far as Halbridge is concerned,

Black lands in an hour.

We've duplicated his wardrobe
and every item he had on him.

Diesel jacket, leather wallet,
and copy of...

"Atlas shrugged."

Mr. Black's a lone wolf.

Mitternacht soos?

German chocolate.

Not a fan of the bittersweet.

From the airport,
you'll take a cab to fort green.

You'll wait there for
a car to pick you up.

The location's open.

We'll be back eight blocks.

We can't get closer
without risking our cover.

GPS tracker and voice
transmitter in the watch.

We'll be behind you.

As soon as you see those bonds,
we move in on him.

What's the activation phrase?

You'll say, "long flight,
" and we'll be there.

"Long flight."

Should I be getting a recovery fee,

because Sara gets 2%

and I feel like I'm
doing the heavy lifting.


I'm standing alone by a
waste treatment plant.

Sexy. We got him?

GPS signal is locked.

Car coming.

Here we go.

Black limo.
Arriving from the south.

Got Mr. Black.

I'll confirm when
the job is complete.

Everything is as you requested...

your gloves, your briefcase.

What happened?

We lost the signal.

Is everything in order?

That is the correct gun?


No GPS, no audio.

What do you mean?
Did he do that or did we?

Neither. Looks like
someone's jamming it.

Sure was a long flight.

What was that, sir?

Oh, I... I said,
"it sure was a long flight."

Ruger mark ii with tactical
solutions receiver.

Red dot holographic sight.


As you requested.

We still don't have a visual.

Get eyes on him.

Neal said he arrived
from the south.

Let's use that.

Call NYPD.

See if we can rush in one
of their helicopters.

Couldn't carry this with me
on my long flight, could I?

Everything else is in place.

That's fantastic.

Okay, get a visual
on the black limo.

Halbridge's office is in midtown

and he lives on the
upper West Side.

Send a team to both.

NYPD can get a chopper in
the air in five minutes.

Otherwise we're flying blind.

Great. They've got a head start,

and we are looking for a black
limo somewhere in Brooklyn.

Everything all right, Mr. Black?

How much farther?

We're close.

Target's on the first floor.

I'm here if there's any resistance.

Stay here.

Keep the engine running.

Any time you guys want to break

that safe distance
you're maintaining,

I'd appreciate it.

He's back up.

Have I mentioned how
long my flight was?

"Lawrence of arabia" long.

He's giving us the takedown
signal. Where is he?

GPS is coming up.

I hope you guys are close

'cause I think I'm
supposed to kill somebody.

Did he say "kill somebody"?

I'm walking into a house
with a loaded gun.

Please stop me.

My driver has a gun, also.

If I don't do this, he might,

so I'm going to go through
with this until you get here.

Found him. 8602 2nd street,
park slope.

Get a team there now!
Who lives there?

Oh, God.

Go! Go!

Freeze! Wait! Don't shoot!

Caffrey? Sara?

Why did he say, "don't shoot"?

Because she's gonna kill him.

This is because I won't
let the Raphael go.

No, it's not. This isn't
what it looks like.

It looks like you're
here to kill me.

Okay, it is what it looks like.

I was sent here to kill you.

Look, Mr. Black from
Hamburg isn't a courier.

He's an assassin.


There's a driver outside.
He's armed.

He may come in here if he
doesn't see muzzle flashes.

I can make that happen.

That's probably Peter.

Look, I'm putting the gun down.

Answer the phone.

This better be Peter.

It is.

Tell me you haven't
shot Caffrey yet.

No, not yet.
The flight was long, Peter!

Who wants me dead?


Peter, is that true?

It looks that way, yes.

We can arrest the driver outside.

Work him to get to Halbridge.

That doesn't guarantee
we'll recover the bonds.

What do you suggest?

Let him think I'm dead.

Congratulations, Caffrey.

You've killed me.

It's done. Let's go.

What about the gun?

I left it in the briefcase
for the driver to dispose of.

I know, but apparently
that was part of my plan.

We intercepted the
e.M.T.'S and NYPD.

We put out reports that
she's confirmed dead.

Where is Sara now?

Jones was taking her
to the safe house.

I took her to the safe house.
She didn't want to stay. Why not?

Gentlemen. Neal.

You're really redefining
business casual.

Hardly recognized you
without the ruger.

You should step out.

I think I'll step out.

My files on Halbridge.
Please put them in there.

First things first. I need pants.

Jones, find her some pants.

What are you doing? You okay?

It's been a rough night.
You should get some rest.

We'll talk on the way
to the safe house.

I'm good. You're staying?

Peter, I was woken
out of a dead sleep

by Neal Caffrey standing
over me with a gun.

I would love to be
somewhere I could trust.

Any progress on the pants?


Here's your bag.

Thank you.

Where are you gonna sleep?
I will be fine.

Something about an
attempt on your life

really gets the blood flowing,

like a double shot of
red bull and espresso.

I think I just invented a drink.

You boys got any scotch?

Get a cot. Bring it up here.

You got it.

It's been a while since
somebody wanted me dead.

Don't look so surprised.

The question is why does
Halbridge want me dead?

Which means what's
so special about you?

I play a mean cello.

I work for Sterling Bosch.

I can be replaced.

Kill me, another
investigator takes over,

and Halbridge knows that.

So, honestly, why me?

Sara. We'll figure this out.

We are gonna get this guy.

How's the coffee around here?
We have a lot of work to do.

You were supposed to
be here an hour ago.

Yeah, well, we can't
all spend our nights

sipping wine on my couch.

Not with that attitude, you can't.

I was a little busy posing
as a professional killer.

As you said.

Are you tipsy?

A little bit.

Where's the cockpit recording?

I checked with Roy's office.

The package from the F.A.A.

Arrived at Sterling
Bosch earlier today,

care of Sara Ellis.

So what happened? Where is it now?

You went and killed
her is what happened.

It's under lock and key while
they investigate her "death."

Okay. I'll find a way
into Sterling Bosch.

Look, your best chance is to wait

until sleeping beauty
awakens from her dirt nap

and snag it then.

I'm guessing you're not her
favorite person at this moment?


Then I would suggest
cozying up to her.

She put a gun in my face.

And cocked it? Yeah.

You've come back from worse.

Love what you've
done with the place.

What do you want, Caffrey?

Look, I feel bad about last night,

so I bought you a
housewarming gift.

I know how much you've
been wanting this.

The Raphael you stole.


But it's a nice print
of a stolen Raphael.

Says so right here.


Yeah, I mean, we're working
closely on this case...


Are we gonna keep doing this?

Really. Keep talking.

'Cause I can go on all day.


Hey, kids. Playing nice?

Neal brought me a gift.

Ah, the Raphael. Cute.

He wants something.
I can't get you a present?

When someone like you gets
someone like me a gift,

there's a reason.

Peter, what do you
think Neal wants?

He's never given me a present.

I sent you birthday cards.

Wasn't a present.

Do you want something
from Ms. Ellis?

I want her to stop
pointing guns at me.

That can be arranged. Sit.

Let's talk about Halbridge.

Sara, why do you think he
wants you out of the way?

I don't know.

What do you have in your
files that we don't have?

Well, I dug deep.

Um, stocks, security,
all his land holdings.

Tenant lease agreements.

We've already seen all that.

I believe so.

Mr. Black. When was the
first e-mail sent to him?

Good. Figure out when
he arranged the hit?

Yeah. Yeah. All right. Here it is.

Five weeks ago,
what were you digging into?

Five weeks ago?


It's Ridgemont.

Ridgemont is an apartment
complex on west end Avenue.

It was the first place
that Halbridge lived

when he came to new York.

He bought it for nostalgia?

It's a classic six.

Maybe Halbridge is into
pre-war architecture.

Maybe, but he's renovated
all his other properties

except for Ridgemont.

There's something there he
doesn't want to let go of.

Yeah, and you should ask him.

Doubt he'll discuss
it with the FBI.

Do you think he'd
talk to Mr. Black?

If you have a weapon, I'll take it.

I don't.

I'm gonna check.

Get your hands off me.

It's all right, Nico.

What is so important that you
need to see me in person?

You want to do this
in front of him?

I'm more comfortable that he stays.

Did you enjoy your
trip to new York?

It isn't over yet.

It should be.

Your business, as I understand it,
is complete.

Not quite.

I'm here to talk about Ridgemont.

That supposed to mean something?

You hired me to kill a woman.

This conversation is over.

I asked myself, "why kill her?"

She must mean something to you.

So before I took care of her,
we had a little talk,

and she had a lot to say
about Ridgemont apartments.

If you're insinuating that
I had some woman killed,

what makes you think that
I won't have you killed

right where you sit?

That crossed my mind.

Here's what happens now.

You're going to transfer
$2 million into my account.

You got 48 hours,
or the FBI gets a call

telling them to look
into any connection

between you and
Ridgemont apartments.

Liquidating $2 million in
assets will take some time.

You're a wealthy and
resourceful man.

You'll think of something.

If I don't?

You got a lot more
to lose than I do.

We were right.

Ridgemont was the way in.


Jones, Diana, keep monitoring
Halbridge's phones and assets.

There are plenty of places
to plant a bug in his house.

If you want to go that way.

You're playing with guns.

I'm not letting you back in there.

Just letting that simmer.

What happens if he
actually transfers

the $2 mil to Mr. Black?

It'll be a good day for Mr. Black.

I've got a team watching Ridgemont.

If Halbridge makes a move,

we'll figure out what's
so important in there.

Now, explain to me why
your hair was slicked back.

Amateur production of "grease"?

I do think you'd make
a sublime Danny Zuko.

Oh, not Kenickie?

Oh, please, you're not a follower.

I went back under as the hit man.

Can't keep yourself
from terrorizing Sara?

No, we're trying to force
the suspect into...

Why are you still here?

Oh, you have a better
wine selection than I do.

Love your honesty.

Truth is the first chapter
in the book of wisdom.

And this malbec is a little dry.

I've got to get back to the bureau.

So, any progress with Sara?

Well, she's still camped
out in the conference room.


Where's she sleeping?

She's sleeping in
the conference room?

Her bed's tucked into the corner.

She had Jones drag
in half her wardrobe.

Oh, guess you can take it with you.

Sounds like she's in
for the long haul.

I guess. That can't be fun.

For her or for us?


The suit can't force
her into a hotel?

Peter agreed to this.

She's under protection,
so she can't leave the building.

Can't crack a window
and no room service?

I mean, seriously,
who can survive like that?

Coffee for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner?

Heard Halbridge bit.

Yeah. We've got a
team at Ridgemont.

How's everything going with you?

I hate this coffee,

I hate eating food out of foil,

and the air in here is stale.

Cabin fever? I'm very
sick of this place.

We should get you some fresh air.

Well, that's a little hard
when you can't leave the FBI.

Oh, come on.

You got to think outside the box.

Hmm. The roof.

Yeah, it's still the FBI.


You know the secret
to living with rules?

Finding ways to bend them?


Well, go on. I'm fascinated.

I'm not gonna tell you about
the painting. It's too bad.

You know what they
say about curiosity.

Curiosity can't kill
me if I'm already dead.

So, what's it like?

Hmm. Being dead?

So far, it's what I imagine
prison must be like.

You're equating prison and death?

I'm sorry. I forgot I was
talking to an expert.

Cue the violins, Neal.

You've got 2 miles.
I have a conference room.

Aww, you're indoors for two days.

I got this for four years.

Do you really want
to keep doing this?

No, not really.



Nothing's changed.

I'm dead.

And the city looks the same.

As far as the world knows,
you're no longer in it,

but it keeps turning?


Certain things...

Humble you?

Well, I was gonna say
"really piss me off," but okay.

Yeah, sure. Humble me.

All right.

Oh, what? Your passing didn't
make a big enough splash?

A girl can hope.



Brothers and sisters?

Only child.

Goldfish? No.

What do you want from me, Caffrey?

Who says I want anything?

I do.

You're a con man.

You smile for a living.

And you're smiling at me right now,

so I know that you want something.

All right.

I would love...

For you to pass me
that fortune cookie.

You first.

Apparently excitement
and intrigue follow me.

How about you?

I make delicious soups.

Confucius has you pegged.

Well, it's true, actually. I do.


Hey, Peter.

Got word from surveillance.

Halbridge just hired a crew

to do some landscaping at
Ridgemont tomorrow morning.

He took the bait?


Halbridge is digging up Ridgemont.

I'll toast to that.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stop! Stop!

Get that up! Come on, guys.

Get the crane over here.

Okay, let's see what
they found. Come on!

Let's go. Come on. Quick.
We got to get this... FBI!

I need everyone to
put their tools down

and step 2 feet away from the hole.

Put it down, guys.

Excuse me.

Oh, hey.

Can't be our bonds.


Whatever halbridge is hiding
has been here for years.

He's bound to have more than
one skeleton in his closet.

Hey, Burke, open it?

Yeah, go ahead. Get it open.

Looks like you were right
about those skeletons.

How's the case going?

We're making headway.

We just dug up some new evidence.

That was some sort of pun,
wasn't it?

I could have also said we
found a body of evidence.

I get it. You're very, very funny.

I'm here all week.
Don't forget to tip your waitress.

So does that mean that
Sara gets to go home?

Soon, I hope.

Well, have you talked to her?

Yeah, I'm gonna update her now.

No, I meant,
have you talked to her?

Like a person?

I'm not a shrink.

You've got a pretty good
bedside manner, Agent Burke.

Don't pretend you don't.

All right. You twisted my arm.

I love you. I love you, too.


How you doing?

Me? I'm good. I'm fine.

It's a nice outfit.

Going somewhere?

No. No, I'm just pretending.

Dress how you want to feel, right?

Neal came by.
We had a nice little chat.

Is he in one piece?

Yes, I left him whole.

Good. I prefer him that way.


These flowers from him?

Um, no.

My company sent these
to the funeral home.

For me.

We had everything forwarded
from the funeral home.

It's evidence. Yeah.

It's carnations.

That's all I'm worth.

Might as well be weeds.

Well, I don't think
that's fair to carnations.

I mean, you got to admit,
they brighten up the place.

Did you find anything at Ridgemont?

A body.

A... whose?

Don't know yet.

Clothing is from the mid-'80s.

Looks like a blunt force
to the head. No I.D.

No direct links to halbridge.

Okay, well, then, what can I do?


Tonight you can rest.

That's what you can do.

When this thing is over, you can...

Get back to your life.

Maybe find something that
doesn't fit in these boxes.

Oh, all right.

You're getting paid
by the hour now.


My advice?

Get a life.

You work too hard.

And you don't?

What is it they say -
"we can sleep when we're dead."

That's a good idea.

You're dead. So get some rest.

Forensics will be here tomorrow,

and you can jump back in then.


All right. I'll make us coffee.

Oh, yeah. Sara: Right?

Right. Yeah, the way that
"s" moves like that.


Yeah. It's very similar.

Did I miss a memo?


Were we starting early, or...

Forensics came back this morning
with an I.D. On the body.


You're gonna love this.

The body buried under Ridgemont
was identified as one...

Edgar halbridge.

Halbridge is the corpse?


So the man we know as Edgar
halbridge is an impostor.

Yep. Who is he then?

We spent the morning

comparing a recent
signature of Halbridge's

to signatures from every
Ridgemont apartment lease

from the early-to-mid-'80s.

We found a pretty good match.

Steve price.

He was a tenant at Ridgemont

at the same time the real
halbridge was living there.

So you think price killed
halbridge and took his identity?


The real halbridge had no family,

but was coming into some serious
cash from an inheritance.

Price was poor.

So price knocks him off and
then steals his identity.

Halbridge's body is lying
there at Ridgemont,

driving price crazy.

His own tell-tale heart.

Peter told me you would bring
up the tell-tale heart.

Oh, I'm glad my grasp
of gothic fiction

is a source of amusement for you.

He buys the property.

It isn't worth the risk
of digging up the body,

so he cements over it

and makes sure no
one ever digs there.

You start poking around Ridgemont,

that's why he wants you killed.

I like it.

In theory.

Yeah, but that's all it is,
a theory.

We've got the signature,
but it isn't definitive.

No, if we're gonna
prove murder one,

we're gonna need more evidence.

Thank you. Pay up.

We had a bet.

I told her at some point you'd
say we need more evidence.

We do.

And we still don't have the bonds.

What if we could kill two birds,
so to speak.

Make halbridge admit
he's Steve price

and reveal the bonds?

Great. What's the plan?

How would you feel about
coming back from the dead?

This was what you found
underneath one of my buildings?

It is. How did they die?

We think it was murder.

Unfortunate. Mm-hmm.

Have you had any
luck identifying it?

Not yet.

We'll know more when the
lab work comes back,

which takes weeks with
older remains like this.

I was hoping that you
might be able to help us.

Uh, I bought the
building 20 years ago.

It's before my time.

There is one thing you might
be able to help us with.

I assume you recognize this woman.

Do I? You should.

Sara Ellis.

Insurance investigator
working with Sterling Bosch.

She was investigating you
concerning stolen bearer bonds.

Ah, yes.

I read about her recent misfortune.

What did she, uh,
have to do with this?

Does. Present tense.

This photo was taken yesterday.

It appears she's alive.

Her death was faked.

Why would she do that?

I don't know.

But she was the one who
tipped us off about the body.

We think that she's
working with this man.

You know him? What's his name?

Steve price.

That may be an alias.
We're not sure.

Does the name ring a bell?

Steve price...


Well, we think these two might
be targeting you in some way.

If something comes up,
please let me know.

We're here to help.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Keep those photos.

I will.

Nico, get in here.

You're getting better at
planting bugs than Caffrey.

He's talking?


He played me. They both played me.

How did they know about the body

I don't know,
but they know who I am.

Oh, it's time to move.

Got him.

Did it work? It worked.
Wine, please.

Bringing Sara back from
the dead was brilliant.

Sterling Bosch released the mail?

You had a very specific syrah
here that I wanted to try,

but it's gone missing.

I drank it. The pinot is fine.

Moz, the mail.

Yes, they released it.

The package from the f.A.A.

Containing the cockpit
voice recording

is now sitting amidst a pile
of envelopes on her desk.

Or so I was told by a
very perky assistant.


So, how are you gonna
get it from her?

Well, if we take halbridge down,

the first thing Sara's
gonna want to do

is get out of that FBI building.

An impulse I understand.

Sterling Bosch is on the way home.

Think she'll stop and
pick up her mail?

Yeah, she's a workaholic,
and everybody likes mail.

This is true.

To the unopened package

and the tantalizing
mystery it contains.

You want me to steal it?
She has a gun.

Is it still pointing at you?

No, I think I've convinced

her I'm not trying
to kill her anymore.

Well, you are a charmer.

I think I've got a plan
that's a little less illegal

than breaking and entering.

What do you need? A car.

You don't drive.
I don't drive often.

Do you think the lady will
accept a ride from you?

Beats packing
everything into a cab.

I drink to your charm, sir.

Did you get everything you need?

Yes, I did. Thank you, Mr. price.

Of course.

Steve price?


Did this man just remove something

from a security box
belonging to Steve price?


Can I see some I.D.?

I think you'll find
everything's in order.

Excuse me.

Where you headed, Steve?

You're under arrest for the
murder of Edgar halbridge.

I wonder what's in here.

Huh. Goldfish.

These are pretty.

They got them.

Thank God.

I can finally take a shower
that doesn't involve a sink.

For some reason,
I imagined the FBI had showers

somewhere in the building.

It's funny how we have
these mental images

that don't always match reality.

Get me a cab.

I'm headed that way.

You have a car now?

Which Agent's ride are
you about to steal?


I'll leave a note and everything.

I'll get the Raphael. Yes.

Don't want you to forget it.

You don't pack light, do you?

Found a gun on the driver.

Any luck on the suitcase
with the gun they gave Neal?

Nothing. Maybe they dumped it.

Keep looking. Okay.

Where's Mr. Black?

The Canadians are holding him.

Are you sure? Last we checked.

Find out.

Mr. Black... he's here, isn't he?

Your boss got a pricey lawyer.

I don't recall him
saying you got one.

You want to be charged as an
accessory to another murder?

Or do you want to talk to me?
Jones: Peter!

The Canadians released
Black 12 hours ago.

They didn't have anything
to charge him with.

Damn it!

He was in your car.
Where is he now?

He came back to finish the job.

Where's Sara?

Where do you want these?

Oh, um, you can just put
them right back there.

Thank you.

You know, Neal, for an art thief...

alleged art thief.


For an art thief,
you certainly have your moments.

Well, I doubt you'll be saying that

after a shower and a
few hours of sleep.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Oh, brother. It never ends.

What is this?


Drop it. Now!

I said drop it!

I'd listen to her if I were you.

Get him out of here.

Come on. Let's go.

What are you doing here?

She needed a ride.

Excitement and intrigue...

Follow me wherever I go.

That's probably
true for both of us.


Looking forward to
trying that soup.