When Will We Kiss (2007–2008): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Shira. -Shira, yes. I know.

You're Yuval. -Yes.

Hello. What would you like?

A club soda. Yes. that's it.
Don't you want anything to eat?

No. I'm not hungry.



Dorit didn't say... I didn't
have time to ask her...

what is it that you do. Not
that it's so important...

It is important, a little.
She just told me that...

that I should meet you.

So. what do you do?

Flower shop.

You own a flower shop?
That's nice. Where?

No. I... It's not mine.

I mean. I work at a
flower shop, in Ramat-Gan.

It's nice, working with
flowers. Very romantic, like...


Is that what you want
to do when you grow up?

I haven't really thought about it...

I don't know. It's alright for
now. working with flowers...

It's good company.

You've got something there.


I suddenly got hungry.

I'll have the spaghetti
bolognaise. just make it quick.

Created and Written by: Dalit Kahan

Adi Ezrom. Lior Ashkenazi

Yael Sharom. Dalit Kahan. Lior Raz

Maayan Weinstock. Rinat Abulafia

Einat Waisman-Diamond. Yoav Hait

Casting Director: Hila Yuval

Music: Adi Cohen

Art Director: Arad Shaawat

Cinematography: Boaz Yehonatan Ya'akov

Line Producer: Guy Levi

Editor: Boaz Lion

Producer: Dikla Barkai

Directed by: Shai Kapon. Alon Benari

Editing Director: Dalit Kahan

When Shall We Kiss?

So. what do you...

So you work at an advertisement agency.

No offence. I just don't
feel like talking about work.

I have to be back at the office in an hour,
so I don’t have that much time, anyway.

So. looks like we're a
little stuck here, aren't we?

Until you finish eating or whatever...

So. meanwhile, shall I tell
you a little about myself?

Go for it.

I used to have an advertisement agency.

I was the owner. Not here, in
New York, with two partners.

We were doing pretty good.

but then I got so sick of
it. you know what I mean.

Then my mother, who for
as long as I can remember.

tried to kill herself twice
a year finally succeeded.

Slit her wrists in a hot bath.

She left me a nice
chunk of money, so...

I sold my share in the agency
and went flying around the world.

I blew my money on
stupid stuff, you know...

chicks, coke, yachts.

I don't know what I was
thinking, what I wanted, really.

All I ever wanted to be was an artist.

That's all. You know what I mean?

Eat up. it's getting cold.

I can't believe you're standing
me up in the middle of a date!

I'm not. I told you. I have to go to the office.
-Yeah. sure.

I swear I'm not.

Alright, so...



"To Sexy 77:

"Very cute picture, but not
exactly my type... Sorry."

- Nir the Man -

"Sexy 77: Hi. Nir.

"How about a blind date?

"Nir the Man: Hi to you too. Sexy 77.

"how about a date tomorrow night?"

Hey, princess!

This is the last set.

Don't mix them all up. I’ve
sorted these out already.

Do you like this one?

No. it's too dark.


Shira! -What?

Isn't that your mother?

"The party girl. Ruta Angel,
was seen last night in Tel Aviv.

"passionately embracing a stranger.
When we called to find out...

"she firmly refused to comment.”

She's a knock-out. your
mother. She was a real celeb'?

Are you keeping this for her?
-Something like that.

Hi. Rona! -Hi...

Sorry for barging in like this.
I thought you were gone already.

It's 6:15. I got carried away
a little. Just a second...

I'm done, anyway. I’ll clear
the place for you in a second...

"Sexy 77\ So. we're all set for
tomorrow... what's your phone number?

"Nir the Man: 054-477-5536. Looking
forward to meeting you. my very Sexy 77.”

It's hot here. Humid...

It's this tiny room we share... It's...

Yes, the air conditioner
is always broken here.

Anyway, have a good night. -Good night.

Sorry for holding you up.
-No. it’s fine, it's fine...

Rona, can I ask you something before I forget?
-What is it?

Do you by any chance... know
someone who used to go to...

to the singles' dances
at the university?

What? Folk dancing?

No. I don't, why?

Just curious. I'm a
little interested in that.

I was thinking about
going dancing sometime...

You know, it’s either working or
watching TV all the time. it's...

Yes. No. sorry. I don't know
anyone who used to go there.

I've never been interested
in folk dancing, anyway.

It seems a little dorky,
dancing in a circle like that.

Do you dance any other styles?

'Cuz I'm not really all
that set on folk dancing.

If you got any other style to
recommend, it's fine with me.

Why don't you try salsa!

What, for singles?

I don't know, there must
be all kinds of options.

Salsa sounds a little
complicated. I'm...

I'm not really a good dancer.

No. it's real easy. Nothing to it.

the right always goes back,
the left always goes forward.

Right back, left forward...

Left forward.

Fun. isn’t it? -Oh. yeah. -Real easy.

Alright, anyway. I really gotta go.

good luck with your dancing class.

Thanks a lot.


Congratulations for the "Employee of the Year".


Turn it down a little. -They won't wake up.
-Come on. turn it down.

I can't hear a thing.
-That’s what the subtitles are for.

they wake up. I'll get up.
-Yeah, right.

I said I'll get up. I'll get up!

Rub my feet a little. will you?

Oh, come on. Suzie, let me watch TV

What do you care? You
can rub while you watch.

Oh. get off. I've had a long day.

Why can't you be nice and
you give me a rub instead?

No problem. All you have to do is ask. I'll do it.
-So. I'm asking.

Alright, scoot over.

Come on. honey, you
said you'd get up...

Please. Suzie, you go. I'm too tired...


Come on. what's with the face? I'll go!

Suzie, you want me to go. I'll go!


Hi! Great. I'm glad I didn't wake you.

I'm really happy you called.


Then I think this 'requires a meeting face-to-face, don't you?

A bottle of Irish Cream, please.
-That'll be 370 shekels.

What? lt'goes for 17 bucks at the Duty Free!
-So buy it there.

No, no. it's alright. I’ll take it.

You can.get a lemon vodka for 40.
-No. I need Irish Cream.

I’m crazy about it.
-Come on. drink up. you're not drinking.

What's up. Shira honey?
How are things at work?

I forgot to show you something.

Wow! Where did you get this?

Found it someplace.

It's really ancient.

Look how pretty I used to be.
-He's very good looking too.

What's his name?
-I don't know. Don't remember...

I wonder why it's the only picture
you didn't hang on your wall.

Alright. Shira honey. I get
it now. I think you better go.

You're just trying to get me to say
that it's your father or something.

Is that him? Because he looks like me.

Come on. you really should go home.

I knew it! I knew it
was him. I knew it!

Just so you know. I've got people
at the office checking who he is!

I don't really like the way
you're trying to undermine me.

That's about it. I came back
to Israel about two months ago.

for my mother's memorial service.
I went into this flower shop

and saw a "salesgirl
wanted" sign in the window.

And that was it. I've
been there ever since.

an hard working sales girl.

I'm going to say something
that might sound a little...

You look really familiar.

Your face. I mean. -Familiar, huh?

'Ne went to high-school together.

Well, not really together,
but... you were two years younger.

Alonim School. -Yeah?

Funny. I never...

Okay. I'm going out on a limb
here, but I'm going to say something

that people usually don't
say on the first date...

Well? Come on.

When I was a kid. right? -Yeah?

I was... I was kind
of in love with you.

No. I mean it. really.
All through high school.

Not in love. I mean,
just a little crush.

On me? You had a crush on me?

I think you got me mixed up with...

Shira Hoffman. -Who's Shira Hoffman?

You were the cutest, what
are you talking about?!

Believe me. I know who I was in
love with all through high school.

You haven't changed
a bit. you know that?

Do I know? No. I don't...

Why didn't you say something?
-There it is.

There. I'm telling you now.

Damn, you don't remember
me at all. do you?

Hold on. let me... I have
to get that. I'm sorry.

Yes? At a meeting, in Tel Aviv.

Of course I care... Of
course I care how you feel!

I don't know. Half
an hour. 20 minutes...

Alright, alright. I’m coming.


I'm really sorry. I have to...

No problem.

It's just...
-You don't have to explain. -Okay.

Alright. I'm really sorry
about this. I'm just...

You're excused.

Bye. -Bye.

I'm really sorry about
this. I really am!


So. where are you meeting?
-Some bar in Tel Aviv.

That's great, a date Isn't it great?

I don't know. I've been having
pretty bad run on dates lately.

I meet a lot of men. but...

Somehow there's just
no click, no chemistry.

For the last two months it didn't
even go as far as a goodnight kiss.

There were some cute ones too.

Maybe they are disappointed
when they see me.

Disappointed? Why?

They expect a certain something
and get something else.

Alright, but why should
they be disappointed?

Do you advertise yourself
as a supermodel or what?

Of course not! I always
send a picture, too.

Good. So. why should
they be disappointed?

You're cute, you've got a nice body.

there must be lots of men just
dying for someone like you!

I do have a nice body. -Exactly.
-I have to go back on a diet.

lose a few pounds, back
to looking like a babe.

This is the third time you haven't
picked up. I'm getting worried.

The traffic is getting lighter.
I'll be there in a few minutes.

I really don't understand
why you are not answering!

"Hi. you've reached Miri. leave
a message, only if you must."

Are you doing this to me on purpose?

Pick up the phone already! Pick it up!


How do you know it's not
one of his ex-girlfriends?

Because it really doesn't
look like his sister.

So what if she's crazy? He should
drop everything just to go...

Call him? Are you crazy No way'

It's been ages since I had sex.

A really long time.

Well. I'm pretty picky myself.

It's alright. I think
the last time we had sex

was when we made Liat.

That's because you can't find a
quiet moment with the kids around.

That's how it goes
with married couples.

Who has the strength, right?

Yeah. I don't know...

Never mind, forget it.

There he is' Talk of the devil...

Come say hello. -Hi.

Hi. sweetie. -What's up? -Hi.

Remember I told you about
Rona, the girl I work with?

The accountant from the laser institute?

Congratulate her. she was
awarded "Employee of the Year".

That's great, congratulations.

Well, you could make a little effort.

at least let her think you're
nicer than you really are.

Sweetie. I had a long day. try
not to embarrass me. alright?

That's it. this is the last
piece. I'm watching my weight now.

It's mine. -No. no. it's Mickey's.

Mickey's got this kind of ring too.

I thought I was the only
meshuggene with this ring tone.

Hey. man. what's up


Miri. open the door.



Miri. open the door!

Min. if you don't open the door.
I'll break it down. I swear!

Min. I’m breaking the door down!

Miri? Miri?


Hello? Not now. not now...

Miri, Miri!

Miri. I'm here. Miri...

Miri. open your eyes.

Min. can you hear me? Look at me!

I told you I was coming, didn't I?
I told you. I'm coming, wait for me

Goddamn it. what is it with
you two? What’s your problem?

Yes. I need an ambulance at 17
Hovevei Zion Street. 3rd floor.

Suicide attempt.

Pills. Portizine.

I don't know, looks
like about 60 pills.

Could you just send the ambulance.
pleas?7 She's unconscious!

Hey. hey... Hey. hey...

Well, well. well. What a surprise.
-What a surprise.

Yogev. go to Mommy.

Suzie, the kid is bothering
me. I’m on the phone with work.

Yogev. don't bother Daddy.
-Go to Mommy.

Yogev. I told you to go to
Mommy-, so go. stop bugging me!

Go to Mommy, she wants to
give you some chocolate.

Hello? I must have
done something right.

I thought you never
wanted to see me again.

Daddy said you wanted to
give me some chocolate.

Is that what Daddy said? -Yes.

I'm giving you carob
spread, not chocolate.

But Daddy said chocolate. Then
let Daddy give you chocolate!

Is everything alright?

We give the kids sweets only
on birthdays and holidays.

Now "Mommy wants to give you
chocolate", just to get him out

of the living room. Can he
be any more obvious than that?

I'm sorry. I don't understand.
He's on the phone with some woman.

Sweetie, don't ask. I've
got to go back to the office.

one of our clients got in a
fight with some guy at work.

I'll be back in an hour,
an hour and a half...

Might be a little later.

Do you need anything from the store?

You promised Yogev
chocolate, so buy some.

Honey, he was driving me crazy,
so I promised him some chocolate!

Is everything alright, honey?

Yes. -Alright, bye now.

Hey. baby! I've been waiting here
for 10 minutes like a stray dog.

but I don't mind. -Hi.

Missed me. huh? Let's
not go overboard, alright?

The fact that I invited you
doesn't mean I'm behind it 100%.

I'm crazy about you when you get tough.

The Mafia has less
self-respect than you.

Leave me alone.

I'm crazy about this place.
I got a hard-on already.

You're disgusting.
Why don’t you go away

I'm nuts about you.

I'm going to take a shower.
You're not going anywhere.

The cleaner was just here. I don't
need your hair around the house.

You're here to fuck, so let's fuck.

Honey-pie. I'm in heaven!

You've really gotten
a dirty mouth lately...

Get undressed. -I don't feel like it...

I've missed you...

You had me cooling my
heels for six months.



-Nice to meet you. you're here already?

I was sitting over
there, didn't you see me?

I did. it's just that you look
a bit different in the picture.

Are you disappointed? -With what?

With me.

Such frankness.

No. I like frankness.

Actually, you look much
better in real life.


As a matter of fact, so do you.


Shall we go over to the table?

It's much more intimate that way.

Yeah. sure...

Sit down to hold the table. I'm just
going to the bathroom for a sec...

She committed suicide, yes. Pills.

Yes. I found her. Yes.

It's a nightmare, a real nightmare.

I've got to go on calling, okay?


Hello. Cheli?

Hi. this is Yuval Lavi. Miri's brother.

Min died. The funeral is
tomorrow at one. Yarkon Cemetery.

What time is it? I fell asleep on the couch.
-I don't know.

I got the chocolate for Yogev.

There is no hot water.

It's alright. I'll take a cold shower.

Close the door, it's cold.

What's your hurry with the shower?
Wait till the water gets hot.

It's freezing.

What did you say -Nothing.

Who's the client? -What

Who was the client that kept you?

Oh. come on. Suzie,
what's with the questions?

Just curious. Can't you tell me?

Which Moshe? What do
you mean, which Moshe?

What's with you. picking on me
at this hour? Moshe from Rehovot.

he's got a supermarket in Rehovot.
"The Superzone". Happy now?

What's going to happen to us. Mickey?

Sweetie, stop being so suspicious
and everything will be fine.

Don't you see? We're
happy now. We're alright.

It’s just your nature, you can't
take it when everything is fine.

Have you eaten?
-No. I'm starving. Did you make anything good?

I can heat up a veggie-burger for you.

You didn't cook today?
-No. Rona came over.

Great! So now because of your ugly
girlfriend I'm going to bed hungry!

Don't be like that, it's not nice.

And by the way. you
were really nasty to her.

That's not true. I was
exactly the way I always am.

That's exactly what I meant.

Suzie. Suzie!

Are you crazy? You will wake the kids

I love you.

Good for you.

Suzie, give me a kiss.

Come on. Mickey, leave me alone. I'm...

Mickey. Mickey... I'm
not letting you go.

Give me a kiss.
-You're getting me all wet.

You know I'm not going
to let you go. right?

I'm not letting you go
until you give me a kiss.

Give me a kiss.

I love you.

I love you too.

Now. that you're nice again, you
can make that veggie-burger for me.

We got a hot chocolate pie
out by mistake, you want it?

No. thanks. I don't
feel like eating sweets.

Alright, it's closing time,
get the customers moving.

Would you like to order
anything else before we close?

No. thank you. just the bill, please.

Too bad. because someone has
just ordered this for you.

A chocolate pie.

What do you mean, for me? Why?

He liked you. I guess. No
kidding. That's funny...

Was it someone in a green
shirt and hair like...

don't know. I can't remember.

Did he perhaps leave a
number so I could thank him?

No. Shy. I guess.

Alright, bon appetite. I'm going to get you that bill.

Another couple of days,
and it will be over

That feeling that I've had enough

Because it's better to
climb up a tall tower

And throw myself down into the street

To meet my happy end

To make sure that my heart is broken

The way it did already,
more than once...

Next time on "When Shall we Kiss?":

Sometimes I just feel like giving up.

Stop it. It's not like
you. to talk this way.

'll go on as many dates as it takes.

but sometimes it does
get a little frustrating.

"Sensuous 77: Sorry.
I don't have a picture.

"’Dolphin: Why not?

"Sensuous 77: I'm famous.

"Sensuous 77: We could meet' at
a hotel, in total darkness..."

Do you think I should go to the shivah?

Are you going to come on to him at the shivah?
-Of course not!

My deepest condolences. -Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I'm Yasmin. -I'm sorry that...

that I ran away like
that, in the middle of...

That I hung up on you.

I could come again, if that's alright.

That's just it. too many people
around throw him off balance.