What/If (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - WTF - full transcript

In a gambit for control, Lisa tries to turn the tables on her tormentors. Cracks appear in Anne's cynical facade, and Ian plays a sick game of house.

It doesn't seem real.

[Anne] You did the right thing.

How do you feel now that it's done?



[Anne] Hm.

I spent so many years
trying to be a better man,

trying to be...

Someone you're not.


But you saw through all that.

I've always found more beauty
in the ugly truth

than in the prettiest of lies.


Any regrets?

Only that I waited so long.

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]

You need to get that?

It can wait.

[phone ringing]

You should answer it, Lisa.

Yes, Lisa,

you should answer it.

- [gasps]
- [phone ringing]


I'm at the hospital.
Cassidy's been hit by a car.

- How is she?
- In surgery.

Doctors are trying
to control the swelling in her brain.

What was she doing
out in the street at 1:00 a.m.?

I don't know. The sirens woke me up,
and I realized she was gone.

From her bed?

- Which you were also in?
- Whoever hit her didn't even stop.

And I can't help thinking,

Cassidy showed me everything
she dug up on Anne.

Did you guys figure anything out?

Only that Anne has a lot to lose.

You think Anne had something to do
with what happened to Cassidy?

More specifically, Foster.

- He didn't do this.
- How do you know?

Because I was with them.

And I can assure you,

Anne was laser focused
on an entirely different target.

She's trying to steal the company from me.

And contractually,
I may have no way to stop her.

No. Without your vision, Emigen
will take much longer to turn a profit

if it doesn't fall apart entirely.

She has to know that.



It's just a theory
Cassidy and I came up with.

There is one way
Anne could both force you out

and see enormous profits immediately.


Sell it to Big Pharma so they can kill it.

Lisa, I'm so sorry.

Don't be.

What other theories
were you and Cassidy working on?

Uh, not so much a theory
as a possible lead.

That guy you met at the détente dinner,
Uncle Dave...

There's no Uncle Dave.

There is no Uncle Dave.

Well, whoever he is,
Cassidy left him a message yesterday.

And then she got hit by a car.

Where's her phone?

[phone line ringing]

[phone ringing]

Somehow I knew we'd meet again.

Me too.

Although I didn't expect when we did,
you'd be British.

I contain multitudes.

Seems the same is true for you.

Lisa Ruiz-Donovan,

part-time CEO,

part-time Nancy Drew.

Do you know what these are?

Records of financial transactions

with someone with the initials LS.

Shell companies, foreign banks,

enough to build a case on a person
should they fall into the hands

of the feds.

You're LS.

Liam Strom.

Unfortunately, for you.

Mr. Strom, I am no threat to you.

We've both been betrayed by Anne.
I just want my company back.

Little girl, I'm under no illusions
that you could threaten me.

Anne Montgomery is the mongoose
in this viper den.

You think she would have allowed
these records to fall into your possession

unless that's
exactly where she wanted them?

She has you doing her dirty work for her.

Not yet, she doesn't.

I'm afraid that's how things must remain.

Lie down, please.

Put your head under the pillows.

It will be more pleasant
for us both that way.

You're smarter than that, aren't you?

These transactions are all dated
within the past 18 months.

I'm guessing your arrangement with
Anne Montgomery goes back much further.

I know where the rest of the ledgers are.

And I can get them for you.

Why wouldn't I simply extract
that information from you

and retrieve the ledgers myself?

If I fall off the map,

Anne will get suspicious, deploy Foster.

I'm not afraid of her little protector.

Maybe not, but why put yourself
in harm's way, if you don't have to?

Besides, I can tell you're the kind of man

who appreciates a bit of irony.

Given Anne's intentions to ruin you,

I imagine you'd draw a great deal
of satisfaction

watching her be destroyed
by her own protégé.

That would be rather poetic.

I can see why she chose you.

Give me by the end of the day tomorrow.

And a small piece of ammunition
to use against her.

What kind of ammunition?

How about her real name?

I assumed you'd be gone by now.

Not before I convince you
to give Lisa her company back.

Emigen is all she has left.

You can't take that away from her.

When it comes to Emigen,
Lisa will decide what happens next,

and as thus, no longer your concern.

It's time to start thinking
about yourself.

Your future plans.

I plan to go to prison.

And after that?

Your prospects at the fire academy

are as dead as your baseball career

and your marriage.

Life as you know it
has come to a rather abrupt end.

Yeah, you made sure of that.


A hallmark of weakness.

Blaming failure on external circumstance.


I can get you a lawyer, a good one.

He'll cut a deal with the prosecutor,
maybe even keep you out of jail.

Of course, if you insist on doing time
as penance, that's your issue.

But afterward,

I can settle you in the city
and career of your choosing.

You're relatively smart, personable.

Give yourself a future.

Assuming you want one.

What would I have to do for you?

Oh, you've done plenty, don't you think?

Consider this your cut.

You think I want your blood money,
like I did you a favor.

If you're going to bare the blame,

shouldn't you also reap some benefit?

She'll never forgive you.

Not at this point.

I don't expect her to.

And I'm not interested in your offer.

Very well.

Foster will drive you
wherever it is you wanna go.

And I'll see you again.

As soon as you've changed your mind.

Morning, angel.


Now, why'd you have to go
and ruin the moment?




Where the fuck is my husband?

[alarm clock ringing]

[Ian] Wakey, wakey.


You're just in time
to watch a show I like to call.

The Real Man of the House.

- Baby...
- Whoa! Hey.

You stay the fuck away from her,
you fuckin' maniac!

[chuckles] Well, I'm sorry,
there's no popcorn, Toddles,

but stay tuned, because I think
you're really gonna love how it ends.


Please, I will do whatever you want.

Just don't hurt my baby.

The ugly truth reveals itself.

Your husband matters less to you

than that mindless parasite
burrowed inside your uterus.

That can't feel good, does it, Todd?

A son with a weak father

is better off with no father at all.


let's find you something
more appropriate to wear.


Eh, that's too dowdy.

That's too slutty.

Too comfortable.

You're fucking crazy.

Well, that is no way
for my woman to speak to me.

I'm not your fucking woman.


- Fuck, come on!
- Do you wanna see your husband again?

And I assume you'd prefer
that he still be breathing, right?

- [whimpers]
- So I suggest you start playing nice.

Hi, you've reached Lisa.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.


Sis, it's me, checking in again.

Um... I...

I'm so...

[machine] If you're happy
with your message,

please press one and hang up now.

If you'd like to delete this message,
please press two.

[door rattling]

- [Lionel] Papi, I'm home.
- Lionel?

In the magnificently moisturized flesh.

I know, I smell like a plane

and peanuts and microwave chicken

and the collective morning breath
of a red-eye full of realtors.

I don't care.


Nice greeting this is.

I'll need to take a shower
before this goes any further.

I have to tell you something.

Show you something.



What the hell happened?

No species is fully capable
of imagining its own extinction,

but a failure to imagine the future...

won't prevent that future
from devouring you.

Ask the dinosaurs.

That's what... you are.

Prehistoric creatures

witnessing the birth of history.

Emigen is the future, gentleman.

You, I'm sorry to say...

are the past.

Give us ten years,
we'll slash your bottom lines in half.

Wave bye-bye to all those big,
beautiful bonuses.

That is if you're even able
to hold on to your jobs.

We get the picture, Anne.

I don't think you do, Clive.

Take a moment to think through

the full ramifications

of your cash flow...

drying out.

Who's gonna pay for
your darling daughter's trips to rehab?

Much less...

all those bribes you dole out

to cover it up.

And Andrew...

that multimillion-dollar gambling habit
won't pay for itself.

Nor will your harem
of high-class hookers, Russell.

And Philip...

[slams table] Enough!

If you're trying to persuade us
to litigate Emigen into the grave,

mission accomplished.



Such a slow,


means of execution.

I've summoned you here
to offer you a better choice.

Emigen's going to grow up to be a monster.

Right now the company
is still in its infancy.

I'm willing to smother it in its crib.

For a price.

And that price better have at least
nine zeros attached to it, gentlemen.

I'll leave you to discuss.

[Foster] You should accept her offer.

Sorry, I don't have what it takes
to play pit bull for a sadist.

Well, you sure have got what it takes
to feel sorry for yourself.

You could have been hit by a bus,
struck by lightning.

Instead, you got chewed up
by Anne Montgomery.

You don't ask why, you write it off
as an act of God, and you move on.

Bullshit, she's not God.

She engineered the destruction
of my marriage for profit.

End of story.

And now your new story...

an honest one, can begin.

Do you think it makes you a good man,
being so loyal?

She earned it.


What could she possibly have offered you?


Take care, Foster.

You too, Driscol.


Or do you prefer Foster?

I know you?

Not yet.

But I'm happy to take you
wherever it is you need to be.

Unless you're expecting someone else.

I didn't think so.

So how does it feel?



Prison is prison, with or without bars.

Hm. 'Cause I imagine a day like today
is difficult for a man like you.

No one to protect.

No purpose to serve.

What would you know about a man like me?

I know that your daughter hanged herself.

That your ex-wife died of a broken heart

while you rotted away in there
with nothing to do but endure your loss.

I know that you took a man's life
with your bare hands,

and I know why.

I don't mean to be rude, lady,
but what the hell do you want from me?

I want to offer you a job.

A purpose.

Every man needs a purpose, Donovan.

And mine is to protect Anne Montgomery.

And what about all the innocent people
who need protection from her?

I don't think I would call you innocent.

I was talking about Lisa.

So now you know.

Can you ever look at me
the same way again?


There's always been a part of you
that's been hidden from me.

Now I understand why.


I need some time to process this.

Imagine what the future...

looks like

with this out in the open.

I'm gonna go see if that wallpaper place
still has this pattern.

- Hi.
- Hey.



I'm glad you came.

[door closes]

- I've been calling and calling...
- I know.

I'm here for legal advice.

- Unless you're busy or...
- No.

Anything. Sit. Let me help.

I need to know...

if there's any way out of this.

- Your contract with Anne Montgomery?
- Mm-hm.

Read this part and...

try not to judge me.

I am 100 percent focused on Emigen.

One hundred percent?

She wants to have sex with you.

Twenty million dollars.

If you say anything, we lose the company.

Is this why you and Sean...?

I can't go there, Marcos.

[sighs] I need to focus.

We broke the confidentiality clause.

Which means ownership
of Emigen goes to her.

- Can I stop it?
- Not without taking her to court, but...

See this?

It indicates that if litigation
gets resolved in Anne's favor,

you would have to pay her court costs.

- But if there's a chance?
- She...

She's got half the state's
top contract lawyers on retainer.

You challenge this, she'll drag you
into a legal battle that could last years.

We're talking millions of dollars
in legal fees.

Losing could bankrupt you.

Even fighting her...

I get it.


I can't blame you for it.

The fire.

I don't...


[sighs] It feels like my whole life
has been buried

under an avalanche of secrets, but...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand
why you thought you had to keep yours.

I love you.

We will get past this.

I just need time, okay?


I'm so sorry you lost Emigen.

It's not lost.

Not yet.


When you're done dusting...

[drops items on floor]

...I think the floor could use some wax.



can I ask you a question?

If you can do so politely.


[Angela] What do you want from me?

Just tell me and I will give it to you.

Have a seat on the couch.


What do I want? I want you, Angela,

to learn your fucking lesson.

I mean, do you have any idea

how exhausting it is
to pretend every fucking day

that women are my equal?


To waste time indulging

in that pathetic, fucking fantasy?


To subjugate myself to inferiors
and act like I give a flying fuck

about what they think?

I can't imagine what it's like to be you.

Oh, shit!

Well, if you care at all
about your precious man boy,

then you're gonna be
a good little student...

and you're gonna learn.

As you were.


Damn it!

Hello, Gabriel. I'm here for Anne.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Donovan.

I have very clear instructions
not to let you up.

You're kidding me.

Ms. Montgomery
wanted me to pass along a message.

Your business is complete.

[deep breath]

[phone ringing]

Lisa, I'm so sorry about everything.

You made your choice, Sean,
no point in apologizing for it.

No, I need you to know I never wanted...

But here we are,
except there's no "we" anymore.

I'm done trying to save us,
but I am going to save Emigen.

The least you can do is help.


There is a stash of financial ledgers
hidden somewhere at Anne's.

Probably in her study, black leather,
about the size of a paperback.

I need you to find them
and steal them... today.

You've gotta tell me
what you're gonna do with them.

No, Sean, I don't.

All you need to know is

that if I don't deliver them
by the end of the day tomorrow,

it won't just be Emigen that's dead.

Wait, what?

Who were talking about?
Who is this person?

Will you help me or not?

Not sure staring at it's
gonna make it any less dead.

Then you're not looking carefully.

Pruning can be painful.

But it inevitably spurs growth.

The tree's suffering
proved its opportunity.

Doubt the tree sees it that way.

And yet here you are...

ready to accept my offer.

As predicted.

It's the best criminal defense attorney
in San Francisco.

She's awaiting your call.

Uh, do you mind
if I make the call from here?

Take your time.

[door closes]

It seems the boy may have come here

searching for more than just legal advice.

It would appear so.

Why don't you go find out
exactly what that might be.

You disappoint me.

It's time for you to go, son.

I can't.

- Then I can't let you stay.
- Just wait. Wait!

Anne has some ledgers
stashed away somewhere.

- I know you know what I'm talking about.
- What do you know about them?

Only that if Lisa doesn't hand them over
to the guy who wants them by tomorrow...

she may be in danger.


This isn't how this was meant to go.

All she needed to do

was give the pages
she photographed to the feds.

What do you mean, all she needed to do?

- Is Anne setting Lisa up?
- No.

Lisa was supposed to act
as her envoy, nothing more.

If you don't count the fact that she
yanked Lisa's life's work from under her.

What's in them anyway?

Problem at hand is not what's in them,

it's who wants them.

Lisa is bartering
with a very dangerous man.

If this guy's such a threat, and you know
he is, why not just take him out?

This isn't the kind of threat
you eliminate by removing one man.

You... excise him and...

the ones he represents will send an army.

Now that he knows the ledgers exist,
he'll come for Anne either way.

Won't he?

By setting up an exchange,
at least you'll have the jump on him.

I'm begging you, Foster.

You know what it's like to lose
the most important person in your life.

Help me protect
the most important person in mine.



We managed to repair her arterial tear,
get her stabilized.

- Cranial edema is still our primary worry.
- When can we see her?

I was just telling your friend here,
you need to prepare yourselves.

Ms. Barret's injuries are very severe.

- If she regains consciousness...
- You mean...

when she regains consciousness.

...we'll be in a better position
to evaluate

how much of the damage is permanent.

It would be a good idea
to assemble close relatives.

Is her family coming?

Cassidy doesn't...

have any family.

[sighs] She just has me.

Lisa, I know it's not the same...

I don't have the history with her
that you do, but...

I need you to know I care very deeply
about what happens to Cassidy.

- Hey.
- [phone chimes]

- If there's anything I can...
- [sniffles] I have to go.

Why? What is it?

Something I have to handle on my own.

Lisa, wait. You need to stop and breathe.

Give yourself time to process
everything that's happening...

If I stop, I'm afraid
I'll never get myself started again.

Were you able to find anything
on that name I gave you?

Oh, I almost forgot.

It's not much, just a property listing

for some abandoned building
out in Hunters Point.

Apart from that, the woman is a ghost.
No driver's license, no immediate family.

Who is Rebecca Tanner anyway?

What does she have to do
with bringing down Anne?

Hopefully everything.


Now time for a costume change.

What have we got?

This one's my favorite.

Well, don't act shy.

It's nothing I haven't seen before, right?

God, you women are all the same.

You're just liars.

You pretend that you want a partner

or worse, some frightened little boy
that you can order around.

But we both know
that's not what you really want.

Is it, Ang?


You want to be dominated.

Or why else would you have run
straight into my arms?

Put it on.

- Put it on!
- [whimpers]


Fuck, yeah. Come on.

Fuck, yeah! Yeah!


Let's have a little look, huh?

Looks like we'll have
to move our party elsewhere.

I've gotta hand it to your baby daddy.

This showdown might be
more interesting than I thought.

[phone vibrating]

Hello, Lisa.

Hello, Rebecca.

Grab the keys.
I think you know where to find me.

[phone disconnects]

[keys jingle]

If you have questions you want answered...

fire away.


- Did you find the wallpaper?
- [door closes]


But I did find this.

Go ahead, open it.

Your favorite, right?


I've been thinking, and I know
this was your place way before we met...

What if we set all of our sad stories
aside for a minute?

Just eat some slightly damp cookies.


Mm-mm. Not that one.


Going ahead, break it.

Like a fortune cookie.

But I thought you said you...

couldn't see me the same way anymore.

I don't. And thank God,
because that version of you...

the one I've been trying to know, to love,

for all this time,
he was hiding behind a wall.

A really thick steel reinforced wall...

with barbed wire along the top.

And today, he broke through.

And I saw him.

All of him.

What did you see?

I saw a man with the strength
to face his mistakes

with honesty and integrity.

I saw...

my partner...

my family...

my husband.

I hope.


- You got me a wedding ring!
- Excuse me.

That gorgeous thing, that is all mine.



For you, mi amor.

Marcos Ruiz...

will you marry me?


- How did you know to come here?
- You'd be surprised what I know.

Enlighten me.

I found Liam.

I know he's the reason you were desperate
to get your hands on my company,

that Emigen was supposed
to be your escape pod.

But you'll give it back to me
unless you want the world to know

the truth behind the creation
of an Anne Montgomery.

Because you think you know?

Come inside.

And I'll tell you a story.

You should know you're the first person
I've ever allowed in here.

The fact that you invited
yourself notwithstanding.

What is this place?

A girl lived here once.

Innocent, foolish.

But then maybe all girls are foolish
until they learn better.

And there was a boy.

Isn't there always?

And a date and a dress she saved
months to afford.


And a corsage

he pinned on her himself.

He told her she was beautiful.

And she believed it.

Until she found him in a darkened corner

of their first big dance

with his hands
crawling under another girl's dress.

So she ran home in the rain...

imagining herself heartbroken.

Which do you think is more foolish?

That she fell for a boy like that...


that in the all
too predictable betrayal...

she thought she knew true pain?

She was distraught.

So she confided
in the only man she'd ever trusted.

The only one
who'd ever shown her true tenderness.


She let him embrace her.

She always loved the feel of his hand.

Calloused, warm.

Confirmation she was worthy of care.

So when he began to touch her elsewhere...

she didn't know enough to resist.

She trusted him.

So how could she blame anyone but herself?

And for the consequence
once it made itself known.

What is this?

Who did this?

- I don't wanna talk about it!
- You just destroyed your entire life!

She had failed, she was trouble.

And her mother,

had trouble enough.

[mother] Get out!

The story could have ended there.

Another girl,
unwanted pregnancy, out on the street.

But the doctor at the clinic
offered her...

a choice of a different kind.

Carry the baby to term...

and give it away...

to a barren couple
who would pay handsomely

for the privilege.

That one choice...

would allow the girl

the chance to erase herself.

Become someone new.

A woman wise enough...

never to trust anyone.

A woman...

who would never be a victim.

So I walked away from my child.

But I never stopped watching her.

How could I?

When that desperate couple...

lost their lives in a fire...


I watched as the nanny took the girl in.

I watched as she grew up believing
she was another woman's daughter.

But with a mind so sharp

and ambition so strong,

how could she be anyone's...

- but mine?
- Stop!


I don't believe you.

Whether you believe me or not, Lisa,
you are that child.

You belong to me.

What sort of mother...

would put their own daughter

through this kind of hell?

You know what it is to be preyed upon,

to feel powerless.

You were born

to be extraordinary.

But the family that molded you

made you trusting,


I put you in a furnace of my design,

and here you are,

cleansed of the corrupting tendencies
that were hammered into you,

stronger than ever.

Greatness is within your grasp.

I achieved it...

and you stole it from me.

I'm wealthy enough
to fund a hundred companies.

Come with me and forge a future
alongside me,

a future of limitless potential.

Or live a life of...


and regret.

Take the night.

But I know you'll make the right decision.

The one my daughter would make.

I can only imagine
what kind of mother you had...

if this...

is what you think
a mother's supposed to be.

[panting] Ang?

Angela? What the fuck?

I brought what you asked for.

- You could have just left them.
- I couldn't, Lisa.

This information
is a lot more dangerous than you think.

I know how dangerous it is.

Then you have to let me help you.

No, Sean.

Just don't say another word.

I can't talk anymore.

[sobs] I can't think anymore.

I just... [sniffles]

I want to stop...

Stop... [crying]

fighting, running.


losing the people I love.

Stop trying to pretend
like I'm not fucking falling apart.


I feel like I'm...

at war with the universe.

I need a temporary truce.


One night...

to forget any of this ever happened.

♪ You said you won't break my heart ♪

♪ Unless ♪

♪ You do ♪

♪ Did we travel all this way ♪

♪ Just to ♪

♪ Survive ♪

♪ Dreams of endless landscapes ♪

♪ Morphing, in love ♪


[soft music playing]

[music fades out]