Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 9 - The Dorodoro Brothers' Provocation - full transcript

The Asmodeus and Sabnock pair and the Dorodoro Brothers were in the middle of hunting down a Hundred Flapple. The Dorodoro Brothers wanted to take back their master from Asmodeus and Sabro because they believed that they were their master's number one pupils. Both Asmodeus and Sabro end up falling for the brothers' provocation, but they didn't realize that the provocation itself had to do with the brothers' abilities. Asmodeus fights back by unleashing his evil cycle just the way Balam had taught him to. Also, what exactly is this history between the Dorodoro Brothers and their master?

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The Harvest Festival.

After overcoming their first day,

everyone took a good night's rest
in preparation for tomorrow.


There are also those that don't sleep!

The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

-"Dorodoro Brother's Provocation!"
-"Dorodoro Brother's Provocation!"

A chance!

Not going to let you do that!

I have you!

It's hard!

You guys really got some stamina, huh?

We are used
to battling all night, after all.


Why are they fighting through the night?

To find out, we must go back in time.

A match?

If you win,

we will give you all the points we have.

That is around 1,200 points.

And if you win,
we're supposed to give you all our points?


What we want isn't that at all, right?

The reason we came
all the way to this battlefield

is to bring that person back with us.

That person?

We are his number one disciples!

So we will defeat you lot,
and get our Master back!

Our Master…

…is your Master?

All the ingredients and Master
will go to the victor!

You're fine with that, right?


No. Not at all.


I would appreciate it if you don't
just decide things on your own.

Sorry, but I'll have to refuse this match.

Rather than duking it out with you,

hunting on our own will be more efficient.

If you want your Master back,
you should just ask him yourself.

What we need to focus on
is becoming the victor…

So that I will be praised by Lord Iruma.

You running away?

They are totally scared! Right?

They are totally pooping
their pants, aren't they?

They are just sheltered boys, after all.

A duel scares them stiff,
so it can't be helped.

Fricking weaklings.

Cowardly elites. Scaredy-cats.

Spineless wimps.

Aren't you embarrassed?

So, behind that big body
are just flea-sized balls?

Do you guys even have horns?

You should better not get
in each other's way, yeah?

Crawling all around,
sniffling like babies…

Get out of here, pansies.
Here, stick these on you!


-Bring it on. Damn it!
-Bring it on. Damn it!

East Cave Boss Ingredient,

Ingredient points, 10,800.

This boss-class ingredient…

A beautiful, delectable fruit
hangs from its neck, but…


As its name implies, it won't fall off
unless it is hit a hundred times.


You guys really got some stamina, huh?

We are used
to battling all night, after all!


Come on!


It's not falling yet?


Fla-Fla Kick.

When its fruit is attacked,

a devastating kick
will be unleashed on the assailant.

I can't dodge.

He totally ate that kick, huh?

He totally did!

You bastard--

Don't get provoked!

-Get down here, cowards!
-There is no need to panic.

Heck no!

Thanks to Mr. Balam's training,
we are not falling behind in combat.

Feast your eyes on this, spineless wimps!

But this is annoying…

That overwhelming reach
and that nimble spear work…

The elder brother
who is athletic and agile…

And the intelligent younger brother…

Precise instructions

are executed perfectly
by his brother's athleticism.

Next is here!

Here, right?

Polished and refined attacks…

with no wasted movements.

Don't you space out now!

Lazorro Flame!

Compared to them…

Hey, top student!
Your flames are blocking my view!

Stop spamming it!

We are…

That is why I told you
to give me some space!

We are in a cave! There is no space!

Infighting among friends?

Oh, my. How crude.

-Annoying bastards!
-Calm down!

You're over-attacking
because you're worked up, moron!

Just calm down and--

Top student has got no guts, huh?



You're attacking
like an idiot too, aren't you?

I'm strong enough, so I'm fine!

I'm the stronger one here!

I'm telling you to use your brains more!

And how are you
using your brains right now?

In my every action, idiot!

Every action, you say?

-Can't you understand such a simple thing?
-They really are idiots.

-To think they'd be so easy to provoke…
-Tell me one specific thing you did!

We feast on logical thinking.

We are of the Androalphus Family,
the Provoking Peacocks.

Our family power, Switch.

Our voices are able
to heighten the targets' emotions

and steal away their rationality.

In a match, logical thinking is essential.

There is no easier beast to control
than ones who have lost their rationality.

We pepper them
with taunts and provocations.

Preventing them
from realizing their own irrationality.

Then, just one more push.

We choose words
that will flip the switch on their anger.

The stronger our words,
the stronger the magic is…

We have already done
our research on you two.

Now then. Let's flip their "switch."

Man, keep that up
and there's no way you can be

the Demon King or the right-hand demon.

He took the bait!

Direct attacks
on other students are forbidden.

The moment their attack hits us,
they will be forced to drop out!


Once Master realizes
these disciples are not worthy of him,

he's sure to come back to us!

Our Switch will bring us victory!

Hey! What are you aiming at?

You almost burned me!
I got scorch marks here!

Shut up and thank me!

I got you thinking
straight again, after all.

They have some sort of magic
that steals rationality.

I'm right, aren't I?

When it comes to ambitions,

I have already been
thoroughly lectured about it!

And when I saw this idiot's face,
I finally realized something was off.

His face was even more idiotic
than usual, after all.

Hey, who are you calling idiot?

Your magic won't work anymore.
You're back to square one.

Hey, moron!
Whose face are you calling idiot--

I will make you regret ridiculing us.

Damn it…

-Damn it!
-He figured it out!

-Damn it!

This isn't fair! Damn it all!

I'm so angry!

Goddamn it!

Damn it!

They are taking this really badly, huh?


Of course, we are!

Our family power, Switch,
is a special technique!

Master praised us for having it!

Your Master?


We hated our voices so much before,
but Master changed our minds!

We were saved by Master!

The Provoking Peacocks,

the Androalphus Family's power, Switch,

is a form of magic that forcefully
drives its target into a frenzy.

They are a family that has secretly
manipulated negotiations so much,

there is a saying that goes,

"Don't bring blades
or peacocks to the table."

We have been drilled in the art
of negotiation ever since we were little.


The ones we admire
are the heroes of the battlefield.

Though we enrolled in Bablys,
we couldn't let go of our obsession.

So, we ditched school
the first chance we got!


we headed towards the north battlefield,
where the fighting is heaviest.

There, we almost died.

And the one who picked
our pathetic selves up then was Master.

Are you all right?

Master let us join their squad
and trained us!

Martial arts,
combat tactics, and many others.

We learned them all!


Why are you always wearing that mask?

Well, there are many reasons but…

To hide my expression, I suppose?


I knew it, Master is the coolest!


Yeah! He's so good
in both martial arts and magic!

We don't have anything we are good at.

Everyone! Good morning!

We just end up
driving others into a frenzy.

Our family power
is not praiseworthy at all.

People around us hate us.

They said we are cowards
who pull strings in the shadows.

Well, that sounds good.


Switch, was it?

The ability to remove
the opponent's rationality

is extremely advantageous in combat.

Disturbances or diversions…

You might even be able
to boost your comrades' morale.


I never even thought of that before.


Your voices will become your weapons.

It's fine if it's cowardly.

Use everything at your disposal,
and give it your all.

That is what the battlefield is all about.

But if you still feel trapped
by your family names,

Then, I will give you two new names.

From that day on,
we are the Dorodoro Brothers.

As Ichiro, the elder.
And Niro, the younger.

We used our voices in battles
and earned our reputation.

"We can finally be useful to Master!
Now, we can finally repay our debts!"

Just as we thought that…

You're becoming an instructor?

It was an urgent request, you see.

But Master,
you don't really want to go, right?


-Well, that is--


I have to go. Sorry.

Wait, please!



-I still can remember it now.

Master's face…

His sad expression…

While I'm gone,
take care of all my work, okay?

I'm off!

-Sergeant Furfur!
-Sergeant Furfur!

After Master went off,

we cleared off all the work quickly

and gathered
all the information that we could.

This is it!

The list of instructors
for Babyls's Abnormal Class!

Who is Master in charge of?

That is obvious! He's our Master.

So he must be in charge

of the highest-ranked,
combat-oriented team.

It must be this Alice Asmodeus
and Sabro Sabnock team!

These two stole away our Master!

That is right…

As you must have realized,

Asmodeus Team's Master
is not Sergeant Furfur.

It's Balam.

In other words, these brothers…

completely got the wrong person.


Give us back our Master, damn it!

Master hates it!

Teaching students in schools and stuff!

He was pretty happy, wasn't he?

He said that he had fun teaching us.

No way! Master is really bad
with all the strict and proper stuff!

He fights freely, plays around
with women, then fights again!

He's a bit of a womanizer
and a bit of an alcoholic,

but he's invincible in battle!

A womanizer and an alcoholic?


Mr. Balam has that side to him?

But it's really awesome
how he's so popular!

He's always sought after
when fighting is needed!

He must be really popular
and feared in school too, right?


Well, his habit of prodding
and touching creeps people out,

so you can say he's feared, but…

-Creeps people out?
-Creeps people out?

Hey! How dare you
talk about a hero like that?

Well, he is strong.

Yes, but he doesn't really have the aura.

He's full to the brim with an aura!
He's basically a walking aura!

There, there.

More importantly,

I wish he would stop suddenly
patting people's heads out of nowhere.

Yes, that shocked me.


We didn't even
get our heads patted before.

Stop doing it, you said?

I knew it.
You guys are really not worthy of him.

We will destroy you
with our Bellowing Scream at max volume!

-Don't think that…
-Don't think that…

-…our voices work only on demons!
-…our voices work only on demons!

The beast's rationality is…

This is our fighting style
that was developed on the battlefield!

Going to schools and stuff…

Let us teach you
that only weaklings do that!

Did you bastards just… mock Lord Iruma?

Hey. Just stop bleating already.

Very well…

If it's just rationality,

then I will get rid of it myself.

Hey, wait! Stop that!

Balam-style, Infallible Combat Technique,

Unleash Evil Cycle!

Black smoke rises from my feet.

Engulfing me…

I'm sinking into it.

An Evil Cycle is a stress-release period

where a demon's instinct
and desire for evil are heightened.

Though their magic power is increased,
they lose all rationality.

There were plenty of demons
in their Evil Cycle on the battlefield,

so we should be used to it, but…

That is exactly why I don't understand.


that kind of beautiful,
dance-like movements…

can result in such violence?


Hey! What the heck is up
with that crazy Evil Cycle?

I have never seen anything like that!

In the first place, why is his Evil Cycle…

That idiot. Losing himself like that…

This is an Evil Cycle-Inducing Drug.

And this is the antidote.

It may look suspicious,
but I supervised its production properly!

It's pretty rare, you know?

Right now, I will teach you
a trump card in fighting!

I will have you two cycle back and forth
between Normal and Evil Cycle repeatedly.

If you do that…

After some time, you will be able
to unleash your Evil Cycle on your own.

The main cause of Evil Cycle is stress.

To forcefully enter into it
causes one's stress to multiply.

This greatly consumes one's magic power,

but it allows one
to fight in full throttle.

In that form, one is close
to regressing into a Primal Demon.

The Asmodeus Demons
govern "Virtue" and "Destruction."

The apple is…

So fast! This is bad!

But if his attack hits us,
he will get disqualified!

But that destructive power…

We will die!

Knock, knock…

Knock, knock…


That flame is bad news!

Stop it! Aren't you listening?

Knock, knock…


A safe word?


Let's prepare a safe word
to bring you back from your Evil Cycle.

We will drill your body to get out
of an Evil Cycle on hearing the safe word.

That is why…

This is something that needs two people.

So that your partner can use the safe word
on you once you lose yourself.

The more resonant the word
is with your heart…






What is your ambition?

Obviously, it is to be Lord Iruma's spear!

All right!


You went on a rampage.

I see. I feel so refreshed now.

Stop doing whatever you like!

I'm taking most of the points
for this one!

Call it a troublesomeness fee!

You have got to be kidding me!
I'm the one who hunted it!

-What the heck is up with those two…
-While you were just fooling around!

I don't want to hear that from you!
You "knock-knock" maniac!

What are you even on about?

Think back on what you did, damn it!

I can't remember!

That is it! I'm taking all the points!

Hell no! So you're greedy
on top of being an idiot now?

There is nothing like that
on the battlefield.

That is easy! I could have done it myself!





Master Balam's drug!




Master Balam's drug!




Master Balam's drug!


Alice Asmodeus and Sabro Sabnock.

With my disciples doing their best,
I can rest assured.

I'm glad that the safe word to bring him
back from his Evil Cycle, Iruma, works.

I was actually a little worried
about what would happen if it doesn't.

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

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The Iruma I know is a hardworking student
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