Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 8 - Can We Make 100 Friends?/The Students I'm Proud Of - full transcript

"Can We Make 100 Friends?": The owner of the amazing castle in the middle of the jungle was none other than Picero. Picero and Goemon were fighting in the Harvest Festival and had this castle to come back to. A busybody and a demon who marches to the beat of his own drum... This unlikely pair apparently have known each other for a while... "The Students I'm Proud Of" Meanwhile, in the tutors' tent, there was a party going on. The tutors were all watching their students' performances during the Harvest Festival... and somewhere down the line, a rivalry was building up between the tutors.

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He's just like the great hottie
of the demon's myth, Endymion!

One that is so fair,
he's put into eternal sleep!

Lord Endymion!

The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

-"Can I Make 100 Friends?"
-"Can I Make 100 Friends?"



-Don't forget to eat vegetables!
-Don't forget to eat vegetables!

What a haul!

All right, time to go back.

Man, I can hunt in peace
thanks to this castle.

I'm back, Agares!

Do you prefer rice gruel or boiled rice?

So cute!

Are these eyelashes real?

What lovely messy hair!

Enemy raid?

I can put ten matches
on top of his eyelashes!

Stop it!

I think he will look good with flowers!

Stop it!

Why is the top of your hair pointy?

Stop it!




Sometimes love hurts very much so.


Shut up!

Now, now. Calm down.

I see.

Getting attacked
by a Magic Beast must be tough.

No, we're sorry.

Regret that.

I haven't seen a hottie in a while,
so I lost my mind.


A hunting instinct, perhaps.

Sorry again.

My bad, really.

I'm so sorry.

But I was surprised.

Didn't think there would be
a huge castle in the forest.

It's Agares's family power.


I perceive the soil and trees as part
of the lot and constructed this place.


It's a practical version
of my family power, My Area.

You called it a castle,
but this thing is just the top of my bed.

Top of the bed?

Oh, my!

Why do you all sound so happy about that?

That is amazing.
Your magic level is really high.

Agares, you're on Aleph Rank. right?

Yeah, thanks to hardcore training
from that strict woman.


You people just barged in on my bed.

Once you have finished your drink,
you should…

-Feel free to rest here.
-…get out of here!

Why the heck?

Throwing them out
into a forest full of Magic Beasts

is just too cruel, you know?

The outside is so scary.

We are hungry too.

My hit point is at zero.

I will pour another tea.

-Thank you!
-Thank you!

That nosy idiot.

Doesn't he get
what the Harvest Festival is?


Do you get along with Garp?

I want to hear about your relationship!


There is nothing special.

He's just a really stupid, nosy idiot.

Agares! Let's go to school!

You're so noisy.

Good morning to you!

You're always like this every day.

Look here, I just want to sleep.

I will attend school
for the bare minimum number of days.

Do you get it?

That is why…

Worry not! Off we go!

I shall make sure to carry you to school!

I even prepared breakfast!

Off we go!

Listen to me, for once--


This is pretty good.

Look here, I don't get you.

You won't get anything
by taking care of me.

That is not true.

After all, my ambition is…

to make 100 friends!

I cannot leave aside any outcasts!

Well, sometimes I care too much
that others outcasted me instead.

Still don't get it.

But I won't give up!

Fine. Do your best, I guess?

Understood! I shall do my best!

To the school!

Shut up! And don't run!

After that,

he took care of me whenever he could

and brought me all over the place.

He's so persistent, and I'm sleepy.
And it's too much of a pain.

So, I just let him
do his thing for a while, but…

I'm about to reach my limit.

Maybe my bad period is near.

What a pain, let's sleep…

Agares! I found a place
that looked like a lot of fun!

-Let's go there!
-No, I'm fine.

What? Come on, it shall be fun!

We can fish for some Lazyeyeball!

Let's go!

I said I'm fine.

Don't worry, I shall carry you there!

I told you, I'm fine! Shut up already!


I really let it out on him.

Even I have my limits, you see?

After that,
he went home looking sad and all.

But I think
I should have scolded him sooner.

Then, he just carried me
when I was asleep.

It's pretty much a kidnapping!

He's talking quite a lot.

-He's talking a real lot.
-I'm getting pissed off thinking about it.

Honestly, he's annoying.

So, they don't get along,…

-Or do they?
-Pretty complicated.

But they are still hanging out together.

I know the answer.

They are like a married couple
that is holding a time bomb together.

One day,
a disagreement will light the fuse,

then they will rift apart.

And then, one of them will…


I brought some green tea.

What are you talking about?

What is that voice?


Is someone getting attacked outside?


Don't go.

Enough already!

This is a Harvest Festival.

These four are enough trouble already,

and you're still going to help more?

There is nothing in it for us, you know?

But you will understand. Right, Agares?

I shall be going.

Good grief.

I can't sleep.

I can't sleep at all. This is the worst.

What is going on? Damn it.

What would be the cause…

I told you, I'm fine! Shut up already!

I yelled that much at him.
I doubt he will come back again.

Agares! Let's go to school!

Do you remember
our conversation yesterday?

You were angry, I think?

But I was wondering if you're hungry.



He can't read other people
even though he's a swordsman.

This is stupid.


Agares, are you asleep?

What about the onigiri and the green tea?


You're so nosy and annoying.

Demon Cutter!

There is just no stopping you.

Sorry about that.

It's all right.

Thank goodness! They really do get along.

A good relationship is so beautiful.

It's up there
with my other absolute favorites.

I can't get enough of this!

Just let the people outside in already.

Thank you very much, Agares!

Come on in, everyone!


Stupid Garp!

What are we going to do
with this many people?


Do they get along?


-They really get along well.
-They really get along well.

-"My Proud Disciples!"
-"My Proud Disciples!"





Well then…


Who prepared this snack?

It's pretty good.

Liquids truly are a supreme mystery.

If I may add,
one of those supreme liquids would be tea.

I wonder about that…


What is going on in that tent?

Raim, come sit here!

I would if you're not going to be sticky.

Your drink…

Mine is tea.

Vepar, is yours diluted with water?

It's on the rocks.


-You really can drink. Can't you, Vepar?
-You can handle alcohol.

Excuse me.

Pardon me!

Let's in on this round-table discussion.

Sure thing!

Come on.

Join us, Bachiko.

She's spectating on her own,
so I brought her here.

Damn it, Iruma!

You idiot!

You're still at zero points, damn it!

So many well-renowned demons here.

It's an honor.


Hey! We are all part of the same lineage
of The Three Heroes, so let's get along.


Well, drinks?

No, I'm holding back on alcohol.

So, what is this round-table discussing?

The Harvest Festival, of course.

Here's the current position.

Now then…

Are you going to show Iruma?


If I have to say it
from the viewpoint of a beast trainer…

Lady Kerori and the Gentle Kamui from
the Animal Leader Team are very capable!

Looking back
at Harvest Festival's history,

the beasts never obeyed someone
as much as they do to them!

Just look at this nobility! This beauty!

Kerori and Kamui team, 14,200 points.

There was another participant that won
and barely hurt any beast, wasn't it?

That is Mr. Balam!

Shichiro Balam in his student days.

The winner single-handedly
acquired 55,000 points.

He only hurt the plants or beasts

when it was necessary.

He used his knowledge of magical creatures
and raked up ridiculous points.

Well, he also had a capable adviser.

And next is…

Is Iruma next?


To win over something,

opposite-sex attraction
is the best, isn't it?

And speaking of sexiness,
those two are at the top!

Clara and Elizabetta team,
9,400 points in total.

There is nothing harder
than resisting charm.

The same technique you used
in the past Harvest Festival, huh?

It really is strong.

Well, there is a man
that won't get seduced no matter what,

so I couldn't win.

There is also another disciple
that is doing their best!



They created a stable castle

and hunted Magic Beasts
with rapid techniques!

They have to be the ones
that used their Family Power the best!

It's full of people.

But having a fort
is indeed a powerful move.


Look here, you can take things
without worrying about offense or defense.

It will be nice and easy.

Is it Iruma?


They reach out to your pockets,

use their brains,

and ascertain their prey,

then snatch.

The cunning ones like that
are the ones that will win.

-What a dirty play.
-What a dirty play.

I see.

Then, if you judge from overalls,

the ones closest
to being perfect right now…

-…would be my disciple.
-…would be my disciple.

Just now…


The sense of rivalry
between the masters is showing up!

Hang on!

Sexiness is the most important, right?

My students are just as amazing!

Would those obeyed by beasts
be more fitting as the top?

You can't get top points
if you can't attack beasts!

Family Power is the most important!

Calm down, everyone.

You're all just bragging about yourselves.

You use dirty tricks, so shut up!

Hey there. Now, now.

You're all getting excited
about your own disciples.

There is still Iruma's team, right?



My goodness!

For me, he's the best grandson!

The best potential winner!

And beep we go.


As I said, I think
there is a little bit of a possibility!

But she didn't straight out
say that it's love…

They are talking about love!

Even in this time of emergency…

So cute!

They are not taking
the Harvest Festival seriously at all!

They were already
at zero points on the first night.

That team is no good.

Well, so…

If a girl is…

Well, if they say they love you…

What does that mean?


Just as much as everyone else…

Don't put any hope in it! You will die!

You will die!

So cute!

There was a time when I was like them.

No, they are too lax.

No one in the past has ever won

after reaching zero points
on the first day.

At this point, forget about winning,
they are more likely to retire.

That is not…

What did you say?

Don't you screw with me!

Don't underestimate my Iruma!

All right.

Bring the alcohol! Time for a lecture!

Wait, you can drink?

That is great! I like this kind of flow!

All right!

Let's drink!

Let's restart this again.


What do you think Iruma said then?

What is it?

So cute!

He's so cute!
My head is spinning! Spinning, I say!

What did he say?

Not going to tell you!

My students have gained
everything through beauty.

And they stole
from others using it, right?

Magic Beast won't get fooled or seduced.

In any case, Iruma will win!

Hang in there too, Lead!

Cute! So cute!

So cute!

And so, the night passes.

Each of them went through the first day.

In preparation for tomorrow,

they took a good night's rest.


There are also those that don't sleep!




But going alone is…

Iruma, you're awake?

Let's go take a leak together--

It's you, Lead!

Sorry. I heard something, so I just
instinctively took an intimidating pose.

It's a habit.

Almost peed my pants…

Iruma, hurry back!

Grandpa is so lonely!

Oh, right.

What if I take a disguise
and slip into the Harvest Festival?

Then, I can go help Iruma.

Opera, why are you stopping me?
Favoritism isn't good, you say?

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"Dorodoro Brother's Provocation."

Maybe I should grow my hair longer too.

What? Is that not provoking?