Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 2 - Master Bachiko - full transcript

Iruma and Lead end up being trained by Robin's relative, Barbatos Bachiko. Bachiko is very skilled and was personally asked by Sullivan to assist Robin with tutoring the kids. They were supposed to have a rather hard training schedule... but all Bachiko asks them to do is random errands. Lead has had enough of that and goes back to Robin. Iruma is left frustrated and alone. He learns that Asmodeus and Clara have been training and decides to take matters into his own hands.

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Rank Advancement Tests.

It is a series of tests held by the school

to measure a demon's power,
also known as its rank.

Raising their rank via these tests

is the Babyls Demon School students' duty.

There are seven chances
for first-years to raise their rank.

The Familiar Summoning Ceremony.

The Flying Race.

The Execution Cannonball.

The Battler Party.

The Apocalypse Test.

And the remaining tests are…

The last battle for first-years,
The Harvest Festival.

And the last performance
for first-years, The Music Festival.

In these two events where all students
aim to perform their best,

the Abnormal Class
is aiming to raise their rank to Dalet.

If even one member fails to do so…

If you fail,

you all will be kicked out
of the Royal One immediately!

In order to overcome this obstacle,

the students of the Abnormal Class

shall undergo training
with their respective masters!

-"Master Bachiko!"
-"Master Bachiko!"

No entry here!


Forcing us to wear
these soft and fluffy clothes like this…

Well. There, there. Don't mind it.

Let's just do our best. Okay, Lead?

Iruma, aren't you
somehow too used to this?

All soft and fluffy!

No, not at all!


Yes, really?

Iruminatie, Leandy,

less chattering and more sweeping, yeah?

Oh, okay!

Leandy, you say?


I'm in the mood to eat
some handmade dessert from you, cuties.

I have readied the ingredients,

so go ahead, cut it up, and prepare it.

Cut it up?

Prepare it?

Cut it up?

Prepare it?

Fruity Ground Dragon.

The strawberries that grow on its head
are really sweet and tasty!

Somehow we got it…

-Sorry for the wait!
-Sorry for the wait!

Oh, you're late.

I ended up feeling like
eating meat instead.

Those are useless now.

Right. You all can go home now.

That was some meal. I'm way full.

Special training!

Welcome home, Lord Iruma.

Yeah. I'm home.

Welcome home, Iruma!

Did you have fun today too?


Idiots! I told you
I wanted "Extremely Sweet" today, right?

"Super Sweet" is not "Extremely Sweet."

Welcome home, Lord Iruma.

Yeah. I'm home.

Welcome home, Iruma!

I have been waiting for you!


If you don't use more strength,
I won't feel anything!

-I'm sorry!
-I'm sorry!


It's already this time?

All right. You all can go home now.

Don't give that "You all can go home now"!

She has been doing
as she pleases day after day.

This isn't any rank-advancing training!

We are just made gofers!
I have had enough!

I have my doubts, but I'm going
to ask Mr. Robin for guidance after all.

Iruma, come with me too! Okay?

I will stick around a little more.

What? Why?

Well, that is because…

I'm used to unreasonable demands.

And also, Master Bachiko might have
something up her sleeve too, so…

I'm just thinking maybe it will be okay
to stick around a little longer.

You're going to wreck your body, you know?

I will be fine!

Okay then. I will go find Mr. Robin.

Come over anytime you like, Iruma.

Yeah. Thanks.


Master! I'm sorry,
I will get this dried up.

Honestly, I'm surprised.

I got to respect it.

For someone to follow
my orders up to this point…

There has been nobody like that.

That spirit of working hard
for the sake of somebody else…

That drive…

A guy like you…

is a total frigging idiot.

Welcome home, Lord Iruma.

Lord Iruma?

Iruma, welcome back!

Let's eat, okay?

-Iruma, eat a lot. Okay?
-Have some Hell Grey Tea.

Eat enough for tomorrow morning
and also evening, okay?

Tomorrow evening,
you will eat for the day after tomorrow…

What? This is weird.

Stupid, idiot!

-I can't get Master's face…
-Dimwitted prick! You're late!

-…out of my head.
-That ain't going to cut it!

My chest is really hurting…

My throat is tightening up…


I'm really…

…is a total frigging idiot.



I'm so frustrated…

I can't sleep!

Lord Iruma!

For you to actually call me,
did something happen?

Sorry for calling you this late.

Not at all!

I'm still in the midst
of training, after all.

What? At this hour?

After receiving an impossible amount
of work as part of Mr. Balam's lesson,

it really lit up a fire in me.

I see…

Sorry for disturbing you, Azu.

Do your best.

Yes, thank you very much!

I want to show you
my training results soon!

Don't hesitate to contact me
if there is anything!

Have a good night!

Heading to a ladies-only meeting now.

Ladies-only meeting?

Clara is training until this late too.

I see.

Everyone is… doing their best.

Me too…

I won't take
being called an "idiot" lying down.

That is why I will…

I won't be an idiot
who only does things as she has told.

With my own will,

I shall aim to become the perfect gofer!

I look forward to serving!

Here, Master! Your tea!

How did it turn out like this?

Master is laughing?

And thus, will becoming the perfect gofer
allow him to reach Dalet Rank?



That is all for today's lesson.

Make sure you don't forget your homework.

Right then everyone,
head to your special training now.

You lot know this.

If you don't reach Dalet,
you all will be kicked out of Royal One.

So, put your back into it.

These are true testimonies
from those involved.

Let's hear the truth.

Everyone is curious, right?

How the past two weeks
with the instructors went…

The hideous training
that everyone else went through!



those two
that are soaked to the bone over there!

Thank you for asking!

The memory of it
still chills me to the bone to this day.

Master Vepar told us that
we'll be strengthening our family powers.

Your family powers are powerful.

But that is only the case
when you're on land.

"To overcome situations
where you can't use family powers."

That is the special training
that I came up with.

That is why…

I trapped you in water.

Isn't that just torture?

Because of that, except during training,
Agares will keep on sleeping!

But he always does that!

Day after day, we are tortured with water.

I experienced something similar.

Mr. Robin told me
to bring something I like,

so I brought all my games.

All right!

Let's complete all of them in six days!


It's training to improve your focus!

You will clear those
that you have completed again too!

Well, I do like games.

I will play too!


You can still go on! Keep your spirits up!

It's morning…

Then, we will continue tomorrow, okay?

Don't skip your normal classes, you hear?


Does his brain have a bug?

By the time it's morning,
it's not "tomorrow" anymore, it's today!

Oh, my…

-But that is the training…
-I'm at my limits!

There is no way I can keep on
going home only in the morning every day!


In the first place,
we never got to go home.



Until we can hit him once,
we aren't allowed to go home.

Not good enough, I see.

Got you!

Damn it…

Pretty obvious attacks, huh?

He will counterattack us too,
hence the bruises.

Except for class,
we stayed in the training ground.

Its simplicity is what makes it scary.

Speaking of not going home,
two of us aren't…

Jazz and Allocer are not around, huh?

About that…

I actually messaged them,
asking "How's training?"

At first, the reply seems
that they are having fun.

"He's bringing us to an amazing place!"

"Sergeant Furfur really seems
like a good adult too!"

But the messages gradually became shorter.

"Huh? Somehow… Huh? What is that noise?"

"Lead. Can you come?"

And the last reply from him was…


Right. Let's move on.

Then, Clara and Eliza…

What is with the pose?

I saw you doing it
from time to time during the lesson.

We are practicing to seize attention!

Fundamentally, you must
dominate their attention.

Ladies polish themselves
by being stared at.

In other words!

We must always
strike beautiful poses all the time!

That is it!

It's extremely strict!

So what happened to the girl over there?

I will explain on her behalf!

As summoners, in order
to communicate with our beasts better,

we were told it's best
to spend time in the same area as them.


It stinks! It's filthy! Let me out!

I had to spend all day and night
in the same cage as the beasts.

The mud-filled assault!

Seriously now!

I want to grow closer to lady Crocell,
not Magic Beasts!

Why am I put in a different cage?

You're really shameless, huh?

All right! Last is Lord Iruma!

What kind of training
did you go through, Lord Iruma?

Waterfall-sitting training?
Chicken-catching training?

Well… I…

First, I boil some water.


I prepare Master's breakfast and tea.

Following Master's whims,
we go shopping for clothes.

We exchange opinions on desserts.

I dry the bedding,

do the laundry, warm up the bath,
then prepare dinner, before going home.

That is what
my everyday training looks like!

-That is not training.
-That is not training.


But I'm slowly
getting acknowledged by Master.

You're basically her manservant.

I started to understand what Master wants
when she says "this" and "that" too.

Irumachi is getting bullied.

Is this really okay?
Shall I report this to Mr. Kalego?

Things are bad all around, huh?

The future looks grim.

We might just be getting played around.

I wish that is all it was.

I want some sleep.

I don't even know
what training is this anymore.

I really feel I can't do this at all.



What? You're all going?


I don't want to get left behind, so…

And also, I don't want
to admit defeat to those adults' antics.

We are Abnormal Class, after all!



Seize attention!

Everyone is seriously aiming for Dalet.

I need to give my all in training too.

For the sake of protecting
the Royal One with everyone!

He's late!

It's already time for desserts,

yet that guy is still in class?

Bachiko, found you!

Long time no see!

You really came for me, huh?

Staying healthy?


I see.

Thanks for answering
my sudden call like that.

No. Not at all…

Bachiko is super strong, after all.

I'm really happy.

If it's Lord Sullivan's request, I…

Looks like
you're getting along with Iruma too.

I'm counting on you going forward, okay?

For Iruma's training.

It's from Master Bachiko.

Let's see…

"Shopping, laundry, and…

making a new weapon?"

A new weapon?

Yeah! You will make one for training.


Your brand-new weapon, that is.

A weapon…


All right, so we will start training now.


You said we will start now, but…

Silly me.

Things have been so dandy these days,
I totally forgot about the training.


I thought that being Master's servant
was part of training.

There is no way that was training,
being a servant that is all.

You're being that direct?

It wasn't training?

Well, for real though,
training is all just a waste of time.


Don't come closer.

There is nothing I can teach
except for one thing.

You heard, right?

That I'm a relative of Robin's.

Robin is from a branch family,
and I'm from the main family.

We have more or less the same power.

My partner is the biggest,
most bad, and cutest…

This "bad boy" here.

I'm the Wing-eater of Despair,

Undead Archer, Bachiko Barbatos.

100 Shots, 100 Kills!

Bachi… kon!

100 SHOTS, 100 KILLS

The Barbatos's family power,
"100 Shots, 100 Kills,"

is the ability to shoot arrows

accurately and continuously
as long as our focus holds.

It's the evolved form
of Robin's family power,

"One Shot, One Kill,"
that is limited to once per day.

But the only ones who could
actually get 100 hits with 100 shots

are just me, the Chief, and the President.

Only we three.

Chief and President?

President Barbatos is,
along with Furfur and Zepar,

one of the Three Heroes
of the Battle of Demon Valley.


Before this,

there were some who admired
my "100 Shots, 100 Kills"

and came to train the bow under me.

But fickle-natured demons

can't muster the focus
and patience needed for archery.

Vanquishing enemies at any distance,
and saving the lives of your comrades.

"An archer can turn the tide
of any battle."

That is the fearsomeness of a bow.

If you can master it,
you'll exceed Dalet Rank in no time, but…

It's impossible.

This "bad boy" isn't suitable for demons!


What kind of face are you making?

Face? Was I making a weird face?

But that was really cool, Master!

It went "pew pew!"

Are you really going
to teach me something cool like that?

Well, if you're motivated,
I will come up with the lessons.

Come on. Let's go.

I told you, right?

We are making your weapon.

Go where?

Here is the place.


This place is…

This here is the famous place
where all the bad stuff gets made.

It's the Bablys Magic Apparatus Battler!





-The two of us are…
-The two of us are…

-…exclusive maids for Master Bachiko!
-…exclusive maids for Master Bachiko!

-Iru and Lee!
-Lee and Iru!

Iruminatie, isn't it me in front?

"Lee and Iru?"

Leandy, I go first. It's "Iru and Lee."

I won't back down from that.

I won't back down either!

Fine! Then, to decide who's the top maid…

-Let's have a match!
-Let's have a match!


Iruminatie is doing her best, huh?

Leandy won't lose out
and will work hard too!

That isn't it!
I have to give it my all too!

If everyone gets to Dalet except me,

I feel like Mr. Robin
is going to laugh at me.

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"Iruma's True Feelings."

Iruma? What is that
you have got in your hand?

A new weapon?

That is so cool!

Iruminatie, that is wonderful!