Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 19 - The Instructors' Banquet - full transcript

The night that the Harvest Festival ended, the instructors of Babyls got together at a pub to celebrate. Kalego usually never goes to these outings, but Balam catches him and forces him to go. Robin is getting ahead of himself as usual and the group even talks about Kalego's days as a newbie instructor. What is the most important thing about being an instructor at Babyls? We also get to see what happened to Ocho after he escaped into the jungle after the Harvest Festival.

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The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

By winning the Harvest Festival,

Iruma and Lead managed
to get promoted to Dalet Rank.

Can all of their remaining first-year
classmates also achieve Dalet Rank?

The night after the Harvest Festival.

At Sullivan's home,

Iruma is enjoying
a Harvest Festival after-party.

At Asmodeus's home,
Alice held a Harvest Festival after-party.

At Clara's home, a Harvest Festival
after-party is also being held.

Welcome home, Clara.

Welcome home, Clara!

Looks tasty! Eat up!

Sleep tightly in a warm futon, okay?

Yes, sir!

Mommy, Konchie, Keebow!
Sin Sin, Ran Ran! I'm home!

Meanwhile, the teachers of Babyls

were also having a party to celebrate
the end of the Harvest Festival.

Well then, everyone.

Thank you for your hard work
at the Harvest Festival!




-"The Teachers' Feast!"
-"The Teachers' Feast!"

These look so good!

Please eat lots of salad, okay?

My class didn't listen
to a single thing I said.

Mr. Blushenko, aren't you
drinking a little too fast?

Let's see, Ms. Furcas and Ms. Raim
are absent because they are on duty.

So those who are not here yet
are Mr. Orias, Mr. Kalego, and Mr. Balam.

Mr. Orias doesn't drink alcohol,
so he might not come.

Mr. Kalego never comes even if invited.

He never ever takes the bait.


We are at your service!

-We are at your service!
-We are at your service!


Mr. Kalego?

Mr. Kalego?

Seriously? He came?

He never comes to drinking parties!

He said he doesn't like izakayas!

It's a miracle.

A miracle!

I managed to catch him
before he went home.

Asking Mr. Balam to do it
was the right move!

Hey! I'm the host today, you know?

So it's those two's doing.

Mr. Balam, Mr. Robin, well done!

Praise me.

What exactly should I praise you for?

You two really get along well, huh?

What would you like to drink?

Anything is fine.

We have wine too!

By the way, it's the chair-demon's treat--

Dark Demonic Dominion.
6,666-year-old vintage. Sinful Drip.

The most expensive one, right away!

That one is really strong, you know?

That is for me.

Mr. Balam, you can
really hold your liquor, huh?


Yes! I want to drink too!

I think it's still too early
for Mr. Robin.


Would you like any side dishes?

We have deep-fried snacks,
pickled veggies,

and chicken skewers--


I'm sorry.

Why did you apologize?

You don't like chicken skewers, Mr. Plain?

It's Mr. Marbas, isn't it?

You're in charge of…

Torture Arts.


Torture Arts teacher, March Marbas.


Even though you have
such a plain face, Mr. Marbas?

Pretty blunt, huh?

It's a family art after all.

What? Any siblings?

My older sister is…

a manager for a dem-idol.


That is amazing! Which dem-idol?

I can't reveal that.

Please tell me!


Well, speaking of family…

Here. It's kelp tea.

Grandpa, I want to have some liquor.


Not in this lawless room full of men!


He's erecting a barricade…

Grandpa Guardian, huh?

It's tough when
you have a family at work too.

Ms. Momonoki!

Come over here, please!

This spot here is open!



Tonight is a free-and-easy
gathering, you know?

The noisy one returned, I see.


Hey, Ms. Momonoki.

What were you like when you were a rookie?

I… When I was a rookie…

Mr. Kalego was my mentor.

He took good care of…

The same with me!

Then, who was Mr. Kalego's mentor?

That is…


It's me!

The Teacher's Supervisor, Dali Dantalion.


I say he's lying.

I say he's joking

I say he's drunk.

That is you, Mr. Blushenko.

Was my declaration that hard to believe?

Well, it was really awkward at first.


It's true.

-What? It's true?
-What? It's true?

It's true.

So that is how it was!

He had zero friendliness
with a cold and strict attitude.

Well, that never changed.

Let's do this!


Gloomy one, huh?


When I told him
to organize a rookie-welcoming party,

he went and reserved
a super high-class restaurant.

It was so pricey.

I'm a regular there, so…

He does his work perfectly.

But he always
has this unapproachable aura.


But that very same Mr. Kalego…

is now really close
with the Abnormal Class students, huh?


Was I wrong?

But they are really amazing students.

And the first among them all
is definitely Iruma!

Here it is! The center of the buzz!

I was shocked when I heard
he was the chair-demon's grandson.







You're kidding me!

-No way!
-He's glowing!

I totally accept it now.

That is true.

Ever since the entrance ceremony,
he subjugated the top student.

Something is coming!

In the race, he came back
with the Master of the Shrieking Valley.

Quan Quan.

He made the pink flowers bloom.

And also, at the Battler party…


-It bloomed!
-Lord Iruma!

That was devi-beautiful, wasn't it?

And to top it all off,
he is Mr. Kalego's master--


He even took over Royal One.

I never expected that.

The school's inviolable territory,

Royal One, I declare it to be unsealed!

Royal One, open!

And also the uproar at Walter Park.



That was one spine-chilling
experience, wasn't it?

Mr. Kalego is really taking care
of quite the troublesome class!

They are really flashy, aren't they?

Yeah. You just can't leave them alone.

Students and teachers
are really like a family!



Mr. Robin.

The young talents of Babyls…

are the new impetus for the Netherworld.

Not only the Abnormal Class,

but all students are also
the Netherworld's precious treasures.

And we are their guardians.

And there can only be
one type of resolution for that.

For our beloved students…

Their protection is paramount.
And our lives are sworn to it.

Foes who target our treasures
shall be taught what true brutality means.

All right, cheers!


Well said.

To think he used
a traditional Babyls saying for a toast…

Don't tell me…

Does he do this every time?

Well, that is it.

That is the resolve of a teacher.

Yes, sir!



That saying just now,
engrave it in your heart.

Foes who target our treasures
shall be taught what true brutality means.

What you did today
was an example of that saying.

Yes, sir!

Turning the time
back to a few hours before…

Around the time when Iruma and Lead
were named the Young Kings.

This is weird. Where did Mr. Robin go?

Come on, Master!

Your disciple became the winner, you know?

Mr. Robin!

100 SHOTS, 100 KILLS

Man, I got the data I wanted too.

The Harvest Festival sure was fun!

It was unexpectedly easy
to sneak into the school.

Just a slight meddling
of Orobas's memories

and no evidence is left!

Really now…

Today, I really was a true number two.

To be able to support the fake number one,

this pleasure itself
is the true joy of Numeral 2!


Little did Orobas know,

the Netherworld cult that
adores and worships the number two,

the family of Numeral 2,

truly does exist!

Now, it's time to quickly return
to that person's side.

The intel I have
would make the perfect gift.

Easy win!

Target found.


Two days of using Shichiro's Buzzer…

And another day of the rookie's scouting.

It took a lot of time,
but we finally have his tail.

Bablys is open to anyone and everyone.

But for the fool who broke in
without permission and went on a rampage…

Do not let him go unscathed.

Yes, sir.

Bars's family power. One Shot, One Kill.

Bullseye Shot!

The arrow released will not be impeded
by anything until it hits the target.


It will always strike true.


They found me!

This can't be!

But I was cloaked
by the most powerful concealment spell!

I purposely missed
his vital spot like I was told to,

but is it really okay
to not finish him off?

I don't know who is pulling his strings.

But this will serve as a warning.

If something like this happens again,

then without any mercy,

a harsh lesson shall be taught.

I see.


Good work educating the enemy today.

What is with that smile?

Well, it's so rare that I get praised
by Mr. Kalego, so I'm just happy.

Then, time to drink my reward!

This is so good!

One more!

Don't get carried away
just from a little praise!

You're six years…

No, 666 years too early
to drink Dark Demonic Dominion!

They sure get along well.

I agree.

Okay! Time to start the bingo contest!

Number six!

One spot away!


Number 66!

I can't get any lined up at all.

One spot from double bingo!

I have never lined up once in bingo.

That is just how life goes, right?

Kalego, that is bingo. Isn't it?

Hey, shut up!

Hey! It's a bingo here!


Hey, you!

Mr. Kalego, here. The first place prize.


Reporting in.

Among the first-year students of Babyls,

a number of them
are close to Primal Regression.

And among those…

The Abnormal Class
makes for prime candidates.



And? Why are you in that state, Ocho?

Those bastards!

Those Babyls's dogs!


I will make them pay
many times over for this!

Damn it! I will definitely
destroy them completely!

Shut up.

Don't dirty the floor.

I'm sorry!


What about Iruma?

Yes. Here it is.

Recordings from the microphone
I attached to his clothing.





Lead, let's go!


Seeing him falling into the abyss under
the effects of Trauma was quite a sight.

His pained and desperate
expression was quite…

Was quite what?

Kirio Amy…

You met Iruma, Ocho?


What did you do?

What you ask… Just my mission.

Intel gathering.

Yes, but I was asking "what" did you do?

Don't play with him
for your own amusement.

He is my…

Exactly because I'm human…

Exactly because I'm human…

Exactly because I'm human…


I knew it.

The child that emerged after Sullivan's
unauthorized visit to the human realm.

It was merely a conjecture before, but…

Looks like he did
something pretty interesting.


Iruma is a human?

Iruma is…

Hey. I said not to dirty the floor.

I have always…

I have always been thinking about it.

You said that you will never despair.

So how can I make you fall into despair?

Tell me, Iruma.

Would you still not fall into despair,
even up to the moment I devour you?

I want to see it!

That expression of despair!

From now on,
the Netherworld will be in an uproar.

The Harvest Festival
is just a trivial game.

What we will be sparking off

is a strong-eats-the-weak,
blood-pumping, and heart-racing…



Give an ending clap!

-A one!
-A one!

Well then, we will be making a move.

Good job today.

Good job today.

Take responsibility and make sure
everyone goes home, host.


Thank you!

-Thank you!
-Thank you!

Always at your service!

-Always at your service!
-Always at your service!

Hey. Please wake up! Hey!

Lawless room…

All right. Next up, butchering a cow…

And so, the teachers' feast
comes to an end.

And the rookie
received his baptism by fire.

What the heck?


My beloved room's protection is paramount.

And I swear my life to it.

Foes who besmirch my room's view
shall be taught what true brutality means.


What the hell?

So Iruma won the Harvest Festival
and became the Young King, huh?

What is more…
Iruma is not a demon. He's a human!

A true-blue human!

Somehow, I'm feeling so good
from all the excitement, fun, and joy!

One day, I will cook and eat you. Okay?

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"Evil Friend"
and "Heartfelt Cooking Lesson."

I'm really looking forward
to the day we meet again!