Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 18 - Welcome Back - full transcript

The Legend Leaf exploded in the sky and bloomed into beautiful flower petals. While everyone's in a celebrating mood, the award ceremony begins. Those who did excellently in the event, those who ended up forfeiting... How did all of the members of the Misfit Class do? Were they all able to reach the rank they needed to?. All of the mentors also are reunited with their students. How will the mentors respond to their students' performances during the Harvest Festival?

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The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

Well-fought, young demons!

To celebrate the birth
of the new Young Kings,

I shall bestow upon you all a reward!

Be in awe!

For this is a flower that
you will never see in the Netherworld!


It's devi-big!

So beautiful!

This is…


Ichiro, this is…

Yeah. It's crazy pretty!

It's so warm.

This warm and fuzzy feeling…

-It's so familiar!
-It's so familiar!


Congratulations on winning!


I was watching you! I'm so moved!

I was truly moved as well.

Mr. Opera.

So this is the Legendary Leaf.


The one who created this Harvest Festival

must have wanted
everyone to see this flower.

Hey, Grandpa. Isn't this flower--

This is truly the best, isn't it?

Beautiful flowers and beloved students
after a heated battle.

All right, you two. Form up!


Now, we will get the award ceremony
and the promotion announcement going!

Well then, without further ado…

We will begin
the Harvest Festival award ceremony!

Hey! Chair-demon!

So cool!


Iruma, Shax Lead, come forward!

-Lord Iruma!

They are the pride of the Abnormal Class!

I agree!

In this Harvest Festival,

with your unbreakable spirit
and exceptional initiative,

you have performed brilliantly
by harvesting a total of 120,000 points.

You have achieved the feat
of making the Legendary Leaf bloom.

Taking all these into account…

Both Iruma and Lead…

are promoted to Dalet Rank!

We are Dalet!

Iruma! Amazing!

Dalet, huh?

The Young Kings!

They are looking sharp.

Lord Iruma!

Irumachi! Congratulations!

You did it, Lead!


Two new Young Kings are born.



Good for you. Right, President?


It's not because
Iruma became the Young King!

I'm just glad that the Harvest Festival
ended safely this year too!

That is all there is! That is all!

-I get it.

You both are my prided students.

My mic--


My mic--

Next, we will be announcing
promotions based on results.

For the number three spot…

Coco Orobas.

You're promoted to Gimel Rank.

Gimel Rank!


I will have questions for you later.



Devi-incredible, Orobas!

Gimel, huh?

So next, you will be
the "number three" guy.

Anything but that.

Moving on.

He might not hear this
since he's asleep, but…

Number four spot, Sabro Sabnock.

Promoted from Bet Rank to Gimel Rank.

It's frustrating, but I will admit it.

He's an idiot. Right?

He's really quite something.
Still an idiot though.

Also, since Asmodeus is dropping out,
his promotion will be deferred.

In truth, his capability
is worthy of He Rank, but…

Well, it seems that he's already
satisfied with how things are.

Lord Iruma is Dalet Rank!

Our rank matches!
My rank is matching with Lord Iruma!

It's unfair that only Azu-Azu is matching!

If you're unhappy,
then get promoted to Dalet too.

I will! I will show you!

Number five spot. Dorodoro brothers.

Promoted from Aleph Rank to Gimel Rank.

Number three?

Not number one?

Ichiro, being not number one
in this case is a good thing.

I see!


Next up are students
acknowledged for their achievements

and points earned
during the Harvest Festival.

First up. Picero Agares, Goemon Garp.

In the midst of the Harvest Festival,
they have built a strong fortification

and rescued many people.

Due to their efforts,

we have the least number of dropouts
in the history of the Harvest Festival.

In honor of this,

both of them
shall be promoted to Gimel Rank!

We did it!


Great job!


A congratulatory kiss!

Lord, congratulations!

You did it, Lord!

Wait. Stop it! It's hot!

Youth is a fiery thing, you know?

Next up, to their rival faction.


Controlling Magic Beasts,

they did the unprecedented act
of establishing a queendom!

Their charisma and leadership
have amazed us all!

And thus, Kerori Crocell and Kamui Caim

are promoted to Gimel Rank!



-Congratulations, my queen!
-Congratulations, my queen!

So much roaring from the jungle!

Kerori! Congratulations!

Thank you.

My queen! Congratulations!

In working together with them,
she had brilliantly shown off her skills.

Elizabetta Ix is promoted to Bet Rank!

Oh, my!

Elizabetta! Congratulations!

We have a total of 11 who are promoted.

Give a huge cheer
to these demons who had worked so hard!



This is weird. Where did Mr. Robin go?

Master Bachiko too.

Come on, Master!

Your disciple became the winner, you know?

Mr. Robin!

The disciple you took care of…


Iruma, you bastard. You jerk!

The heck was up with day one?

You actually ate up
all the ingredients that were for points?


Use your head!

You totally ignored all my advice!

No, I didn't ignore all--

Seriously, you…

You idiotic disciple.

You did a hell of a job, Iruma.


Iruma, where is your crown?

Lead took it with him.

Go get it back!

-Yes, ma'am!
-Come on, let's go!

Iruma Suzuki, 14 years old.
Winner of Harvest Festival.

Dalet Rank!



Finally, the four-day
Harvest Festival has ended.

That night, the first years
gathered at the auditorium.

All right…

Everyone. It's the after-party!


This after-party
is a free and easy gathering.

Here, participants
interact with each other

and show appreciation
for each other's efforts and skills.

This is Mr. Balam.

Me and Top Student's Master.

Nice to meet you.

These two mistook
the identity of their master.


What is wrong, number three guy?

Don't call me that.

Well, that is…

I feel like I was working
with somebody during the Harvest Festival.

Mr. Kalego asked me
about that just now too.

But my memories are all fuzzy.

Oh, really?

I only started watching halfway,
but it looked like you were working alone.


Anyway, this thing is delicious.


Come for an interview
with the Broadcasting Battler later.

Tell us your thoughts
on becoming the number three guy.


I told you, stop calling me--

All right. I will leave the rest to you.

-Leave it to us.
-Leave it to us.

I want to congratulate Iruma.

But tonight's event
is all about the first years.

So I will do it on another day instead.

Oh, right.

I should prepare a congratulatory gift.

Serve it up!

So many people!

This year's Young Kings are there!

So those are the Young Kings.

Iruma and Lead!

Which ones are the Young Kings?

There are four people there.

Hey, Iruma!

What is with this entourage?


After fighting so hard
in the Harvest Festival

and realizing where I belong
during that time…

I really don't want to let go somehow!

All clingy now?

Totally the opposite
of your Evil Cycle, huh?

To gain an audience with the Young King
Lord Iruma, you have to go through us!

Stand back!

And these two are just going with it!


I'm also a Young King, though.

Hey, don't be pissed.

-Well, you just don't have the aura.
-Jazzy, stop it!

What is with this hairstyle?

Weren't you talking
with the Dorodoro Brothers?

I said, stop!

Well, I was chatting with them.

So you guys
are the real disciples of Master!

Our Master is the best, right?

The best, right?

Wait, I don't get what you're saying.


We couldn't match our wavelengths at all.



Those brothers came to find me again.

And then, they went
to find Sergeant Furfur.

In the confusion of the moment,
I also slipped away from Master Balam.

What a long lecture!

I… I see.

Also, I picked this one up too.


She has been following me.

What is wrong, Queen?

Wait! Keep your voice down!

My queen!

My queen!

My queen! We would like
to be part of your queendom!


Don't call me a queen!

It's true I found a nation…

But once I cooled down,
it was super embarrassing!

She came to her senses.


In fact, Elizabetta is the one
that is more queen-like now.

Oh, dear. Oh, my.

What is that? Amazing!

And then!

Hey. Are you listening, Lord?

Let me sleep already.

There's Crocell.

I'm going to complain to her.

See you all.

-Okay! See you!
-Okay! See you!

So you left…


Your ship will one day
return to my harbor again.

Mission complete!


I will listen to your report later.

No. It was really hard on me, you know?

The jungle was so dense.
It was so hard to search.

I said, later.

You found him?


Thanks to your thorough area scouting.

Orobas didn't remember anything.

Most likely his memory was wiped.

But still…

Are they ever going to stop their racket?

Pretty lively, aren't they?

Sabro is there.

You're not ordering them
to be silent tonight, I see.

Without doing it half-heartedly,

they gave it their all

and showed us
the results of their training.

They get a passing mark.

So I shall allow them
some level of boisterousness.

So strict.

You could have just told them directly.

They will get carried away.

In fact, there is still
much more to lecture them on.

After this, I will make sure to give them
numerous homework to reflect on.

-There he is!
-You're so cool!

As expected, Lord Iruma!

It has been a good while!

So precious…

So fluffy…

Just like me!


I'm sorry!

But everyone said they wanted to see you.

I can't refuse!

Refuse it, you fool!


-That looks like fun!
-That Abnormal Class.

Making a ruckus again.

-I knew it.
-This is a blast.

It's always lively around Iruma, huh?

You damned troublemakers!


If you get lonely, send a message. Okay?

Lord Iruma! You can call or DM me anytime!

Thank you!

Rest well, you two.

Okay then. Good night!

Well then. Let's go home.


That is true.

-Clara, welcome back.
-Clara, welcome back.


Thank you for fetching me.

Welcome back.

Mommy, Konchie, Keebow!

Good work out there.

Sin Sin, Ran Ran!

It has been four days! I missed you.

Welcome back, Clara.

Come, let's go home!

Food is waiting!

Seaweed-wrapped sushi roll
and tuna sashimi!

And macadamia nuts too!

That was so much fun.

I chatted a lot with everyone too.

Somehow, everything feels
back to normal at the end though.

Back to normal.

Back to normal, huh?

If you linger here, you will catch a cold.

Was the after-party fun?

Yes! Very!

Then I'm glad.

It has just been four days,
but it felt like forever!

We have been preparing a party as well.


I have been waiting!

We have got amazing food!

I have decorated the whole place!

It's so sparkly now!

And then…

Lord Sullivan.

Oh, yes.

I have a lot of things
I want to talk about, but…

But first, we have to say this…

For the Harvest Festival…

Good job these past four days.

Welcome home, Iruma.

I'm home!



This time around, many unforeseen things
happened during the Harvest Festival.

Chief among that
is Iruma and Lead winning.

Shichiro, why are you
looking at me like that?

I never once thought that he would win.

So I'm not happy either.

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"The Teachers' Feast."

An after-party?

Before that, there is
a loose end to take care of.

To exterminate the man
who manipulated Orobas.