Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 17 - Legend Leaf - full transcript

The Harvest Festival is coming to an end. Iruma and his friends have managed to obtain the Seed of Beginnings and the Vase of Endings. But they have no idea how to make the Legend Leaf bloom. Lead then remembers one of their old lessons with Suzie and remembers a certain spell... Iruma and Lead have exhausted their energy and mana at this point. Will they be able to successfully make the Legend Leaf bloom in the little time that they have?. Finally, the results are announced. Who will be the student who gets the title of Young King?

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The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

-"The Legendary Leaf!"
-"The Legendary Leaf!"



All right! We are nearing
the end of the Harvest Festival!

How exciting!

The final points from your harvest will be

the amount of harvested goods you have
at the end of the Harvest Festival.

Harvests after the time is up
will not be counted.

Mr. Balam will be checking for that!

All right, everyone!

Have you gotten
your last harvest in hand yet?

The Pot of Ending…

-For now, we tried combining them, but…
-…and the Seed of Beginning fits nicely!

I feel like something is off.

It looks surreal.

I was sure that
if we have the two of them together,

the Legendary Leaf will bloom.

But how do we get it to sprout?

I see!

You see?

Think back!

The teacher in charge
of the Harvest Festival.

The one who created this forest
was Ms. Suzy, right?

And this festival
is the climax for the first years.

It's the place
to apply all we have learned!

So based on that,
what we need to remember is…

Ms. Suzy's first lesson!

For today, please try to use your magic
and make the flowers bloom.

Hold your hand
over the special seedling and…

Quan Quan!



That is right.
The answer was within us all along.

Let's make you bloom, Legendary Leaf.

Quan Quan!

We were wrong!

What? Yeah. We were wrong!

Then what are we supposed to do?

The Harvest Festival is ending already!

Don't mind!

The lyrics didn't say anything too,
what should we do?

Drink up!

Nafra, what are you…

The Seed is…

Now? Should we do it now?


-Quan Quan!
-Quan Quan!

So close!

Somehow it feels like we are close!

Not enough magic, huh?

I'm already running dry here!

Then, I will use Ifrit Mode.



I'm at my limit.

I'm running on fumes here.

If you use any more, I will go poof!

What? No way!

I'm at my limit!

Do your best!

If only there is a demon nearby
with a vast amount of magic power

that we can borrow from.

There is no way
someone that convenient is…

Irumachi, you okay?

She's here, huh?

During the Harvest Festival,

Clara has been happily playing around
with various Magic Beasts.

And she has absorbed a lot of magic power.


Take Clarin's hand!


Lend me your power!


Here we go!

One, two…

-Quan Quan!
-Quan Quan!

So you're the one.





What is with the black smoke just now…

But rather than that…

How is the Legendary Leaf?

Time is up!

6,666 minutes have passed!

The Harvest Festival period is over!


Everyone, assemble at the starting point!

-That was tiring.
-It's over!

These four days felt really long.

I think I have got lots of points!

It's finally over.

I can't move anymore.

It was really hard but pretty fun!

Good work everyone!

We are totaling up the points now.

You have worked really hard, huh?

Good job.

Hey. Over there.

It's the Abnormal Class.

Damn, they really have the aura.

So heavy…

Will they come?

Those two.

Of course.

He always exceeds expectations
in critical moments like these.

He would definitely
answer our expectations,

make the Legendary Leaf bloom,

and return to us.

It's Iruma and Lead!

They are holding something.

Don't tell me…


I'm so glad he's all right!

You totally still have energy.

Is that the 100,000 points Legendary Leaf?

-Totally different from what I imagined.
-Totally different from what I imagined.

That is the Legendary Leaf?

What is that?

-That is…

So we managed to make
our return all cool and collected, but…

Guess we are not fooling anyone.

We are causing quite a stir. But…

We only have this to submit.

Make way!

This… It's the same as the texts.

This idiotic and annoying expression…

There is no mistake!

It's the genuine Legendary Leaf!


If it's genuine, then…


We harvested 100,000 points!


We did it!


As expected of you. Well done, Lord Iruma!

Azu, thank you!

It's so nice to touch.

To think I would get the chance
to see it with my own eyes!

It's the first time in history it bloomed!

How would you like to divide the points?

What? Well…

We didn't think of that.

Yes! We don't need the points!



We want you two to win!

All I did was go "Bwah!" at the end too.

Gyo is saying that too!


Clara, Nafra. Thank you!

All right, then it's decided.

Iruma and Lead.

Both of you received 50,000 points!


Doesn't this mean the victors are decided?


Take pictures or cry.
Choose one, will you?

All right everyone,
time to announce the rankings!

Iruma and Lead are definitely the winners!



Everyone worked really hard, huh?

Yes, they were excellent.

President, it's finally time, huh?

I wonder who will become
the Young King this year.

I'm looking forward to this.


The ranking announcement
for the Harvest Festival

is about to start.

Are you not going to watch it?


I'm super devi-nervous.

I'm the same as well.

I suppose so.

All right. It's time for the announcement.

This year's Harvest Festival winner is…




The winner is Coco Orobas!

With 58,000 points!



Seriously? The guy that loves number two?

It was amazing!
His harvest is full of rare ingredients!

Bitter disappointment.


So he's this year's Young King…



Number one…

Number one. I see it even in my dreams.

To be the winner…

And yet why…

Why am I so unsatisfied?

I won fairly and squarely!

I did.

Or did I?

Something is wrong!

Was this the feeling that I desired?

This tugging feeling in my heart…

Is this okay?


That I become the Young King?

At first…

I wanted Master to praise me.

I worked hard.

I managed to show
the results of my archery training…

and even made
the Legendary Leaf bloom, but…

All are useless…

So this is what it feels like.

I wanted… to be the winner!


Well, I have been
thinking really hard about it.

But there is definitely
a mistake in the calculation.


Half each for Legendary Leaf is 50,000.

But aren't you forgetting one more thing?

I mean, look. The Pot of Ending
by itself is worth 20,000 points, right?

They did say that.
I heard that announcement!


Then that means…

Well, pardon us!

Since this was our first Legendary Leaf,
we assumed it's only worth 100,000 points.


You're crying so much.

Divide 20,000 by half.
Then give each 10,000 points.

-Does this mean…
-Does this mean…

-With 60,000 points…
-With 60,000 points…

-Iruma and Lead made a turnaround victory!
-Iruma and Lead made a turnaround victory!

We won?

Irumachi! Congrats!

Lord Iruma! Congratulations!

Thank you, Clara and Azu!

Jazzy! You're the best!

Hey, stop that!

Exultation and joy.

I'm glad.

Something amazing is happening!

So noisy!

I'm so glad Iruma won!


Number three…

I'm not the winner.

It's not number two either.

I didn't win, and yet…

it feels refreshing.

I now understand why
I was so obsessed with the Abnormal Class.

I, who always came in second,

was jealous of them, who always
spectacularly took the top spot.

I was envious.

But beyond that…

I respected them.

Those excellent yet nonsensical demons.

Thank you!

I'm very sorry for what I have done.


I was so obsessed with victory

that I lost sight of myself
so completely that my memory is cloudy.

I acted…

without a shred of reason or restraint.

I'm really sorry.

It's okay.

I mean, you were just
being serious and doing your best, right?

We gave it our all to fight it out too.

That is right.

It's not like you broke
the rules or anything.

Jazz and the others
got back at you for us too.

Your illusion magic was amazing.

It's so strong!

No hard feelings!

Stop that!

Hey, Orobas!

You got to number three! Amazing!

That was so thrilling!

That was so close!

It's too bad it's not number two though.

No, even if it's not number two, I…

Come on man.
You don't have to force yourself.

No. I really…

-What? Really?
-What? Really?

What the heck!
So you're just an amazing guy!

Sorry for misunderstanding!

Let's go to the after-party
together, yeah?


Who the heck was it
that said he worships number two?


-But it was pretty devi-interesting!

Hey, we are the Young Kings here.




Come on, President.


To think that you once again
exceeded my expectations.

Well done, Iruma.

You were really cool--

I mean, remarkable…

But I was just wondering
If you have anything for me…

So maybe he wants to present you
with a bouquet of Legendary Leaf?

Will that happen?

Ameri, I wanted to see your smile!



Thank you for your hard work, Nafra.

What? You know each other?

Iruma doesn't know, huh?

Nafra Ampsey.

A first-year Student Council member
that I scouted and recruited.

-Student Council member?
-Student Council member?

Nafra joined the Harvest Festival
as management team this time.

As a secret character
hidden from everyone!


Indeed, Nafra is one
of the conditions to harvest the Leaf!

If one doesn't help Nafra

and gain access
to the Rainbow Watering Can,

they won't be able to make the Leaf bloom.

It's a top-secret rule
decided by the school!

We have one person help out every year.

Mission complete!

I didn't realize it at all…

What a troublesome
and wicked condition, right?

-Yes. It really was.
-Yes. It really was.

Good work, you two.

-The Leaf talked?
-The Leaf talked?

I will begin explaining.

Okay! Winners, please come here.

It's wobbling.

Even though it's Legendary…

Looking closely, it's cute!

It's cute?

Frankly, it wasn't expected
that anyone would harvest me,

so I was created almost as a joke.

-A joke…
-A joke…

The conditions of making me bloom are…

song deciphering,

trial of the Seed,

rescue Nafra,

and Trial of the Pot.


Cast "Quan Quan" using huge magic power.


It's basically a crappy game.

It laughed!

We sure worked hard to make it bloom, huh?

But the thinking that leads to getting
involved in this process is very simple.

To help others
without gaining anything in return.

To enjoy the unreasonableness.

To follow your own ambition.

To never give up
no matter what comes your way.

That will lead me to a demon
who is the least demon-like of all.

So you're the one.

Was that…

Well then, my explanation is over.

Time for me to do one last task.

It's flying!


Well-fought, young demons!

To celebrate the birth
of the new Young Kings,

I shall bestow upon you all a reward!

Be in awe!

For this is a flower that
you will never see in the Netherworld!


Iruma! I'm glad you won!


She's crying so devilishly hard!


A congratulatory list of survivors
of the Harvest Festival, huh?

Well done!


It was the sly Eiko's score
that survived until the end.


Iruma won!

I, Eiko, am super devi-touched!

I also managed
to snap lots of great photos of Iruma!

I'm making a Harvest Festival photobook.

But it looks like I will have
a devil of a time choosing the pictures!

I will give this photobook
to my comrade, Asmodeus, too!

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

Welcome Home.

I will work harder to chase after Iruma!