Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 16 - The End of the Harvest Festival - full transcript

Asmodeus protects Iruma and Clara from Orobas, but he is disqualified from the competition because he directly attacked Orobas. As they watch Asmodeus walk off, they realize that Orobas has disappeared. Ocho had taken Orobas and fled. If Iruma and his friends don't retrieve the Vase of Endings, they can't make the Legendary Leaf bloom. But they have no idea where to even start. It is then when a certain someone appears before Iruma and his friends.

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The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

Sink into the deepest depths of Trauma!

I will not let you…

lay even one finger on my friends!

My apologies for being late, Lord Iruma.




Alice Asmodeus is disqualified!



Azu is disqualified?

No way!

-"The End of Harvest Festival!"
-"The End of Harvest Festival!"

Alice Asmodeus is disqualified!


You let down your guard, Asmodeus.

Attacking another student directly
is grounds for disqualification.

You have no hope of winning now.

Your Harvest Festival ends here!

No way!

And you were the closest
to becoming the Young King too.

You fool!

Not a concern.

I don't have a single ounce of regret.

My ambition is
to become Lord Iruma's spear!

It has nothing to do
with whether I drop out or not.

If, after this, you still dare

to try anything to Lord Iruma
or the Abnormal Class…

I will immediately burst forth
from the drop-out tent

and cut off your head.

Engrave that into your mind.

Alice Asmodeus,
head to the drop-out tent immediately.

Yes, sir.

This way!


I don't want Azu-Azu to go!

That is right!

Azu was just protecting us,
so if we talk to them…


I'm already satisfied.

I was merely doing what I needed to do.

I shall entrust my feelings to Lord Iruma.

The crown of the Young King
suits you better, Lord Iruma.

And in the first place,

I'm already Dalet Rank!

-I see!
-I see!

I see…

It has been a while since
the three of us gathered like this, huh?

That is true!

Ever since the start
of the Harvest Festival.

We hardly saw one another during
the training before the festival too.

Irumachi's training…

In order not to disturb it,
we devi-endured!

I see.

The two of you must have worked so hard.

I eat this kind of stuff for breakfast!

Lord Iruma, you were even injured…

Maybe it's because I met you two.

I feel like my wound hurts less now.

Really? Must be because you saw my face!

Look at me more!

Stop it!

There is no way
your idiotic face would have any effect!

It totally does! Look!


Asmodeus Alice,
head to the drop-out tent immediately!

After we safely made it
through the Harvest Festival,

let's celebrate, just the three of us.

At my house!

-Really? At Azu-Azu's house?

It's a promise!


On the final day of the Harvest Festival,
Alice Asmodeus dropped out.


You're so cool, Azu-Azu!


You were there all along?

There's no way
I could join in with that atmosphere!


Clarin! I'm so glad you're okay!

Thank you! Give me thanks for Kerori!

Right then, with this,

we have to win no matter what!

All right!

Now let's get the Pot from Orobas.

-He's gone?
-He's gone?

It's okay, Orobas.

You will be the winner.

And we will have the last laugh.

After all…

we've already submitted the Pot of Ending
that we stole from them to the Hollow.

They have no chance to turn things around.


With my body like this,

I can't earn any more points as well.

It's okay.

Leave it to me.

This is…

These are rare ingredients
that I have been secretly hoarding.

All of them are high-value items!

Each of them is worth
as much as a boss-class ingredient!

With these, your victory is assured!

But these are yours, Ocho.

I don't mind! It's fine if I don't win.

As long as I can support you, Orobas.


There is no way those guys can win now!

So someone dragged Orobas away, huh?

This is bad.

Without the Pot,
we can't make the Legendary Leaf bloom.

We won't be able to win!

Lead, can you
use Controller to find Orobas?

No good.

Not enough magic power left.

I can't sense anything.

Iruma is pretty beat-up too.

And the Harvest Festival is ending soon.

There is no way to turn things around!

Even so…

Even so, let's move.

Let's find Orobas.

We have gotten this far
by being helped by lots of people.

And they have all
entrusted their feelings to us.

There is no way I will give in to despair!

Not here…

I won't give up here.

-With that leg, it's impossible.
-It's so…



A teacher, probably?


We don't want to drop out yet!

We are still totally okay!



That is what we felt too.

That is why we pondered.

We pondered and pondered,
then came up with a plan.

The more superior someone feels,
the easier they will be fooled.

And if you're fooled,

you fool them right back.

The ones who will win in the end

are the cunning ones.

All right!

The ones who will win in the end

are the cunning ones.

All right!

-You fooled him back!

Cunningness is the best!

That is how demons should be!

Not bad at all.

As expected of Allocer!

The time is Day Two
of the Harvest Festival.

Right after Jazz was forced to drop out.



This way!

Sorry, Allocer.

I have to drop out because I lost my cool.

No. This is fine.

In fact, this could work out for us.

The ones who are in the drop-out tent are…

You dropped out just like that?

This Demon Ramen is a masterpiece.

Can't the dropouts get another chance?

But this place is pretty nice.

If only I took
the path to the right there…

It hurts!

This place will give me
good intel about the jungle.

There is no rule forbidding those
that didn't drop out from entering.

I see!


Though there are those that formed teams,

the Harvest Festival is,
at its core, a solo competition.

The only one
that had to drop out was Jazz.

Allocer is still considered a player.


There are ways to take advantage of this.

But first, let's fill up our bellies.

You two! What are you doing here?

What? Intel?


I'm pretty bored after dropping out,

so ask me anything.

Thank you!

Fewer calculations lead to defeat.

What? Orobas?

You have a grudge
against him or something?

Not at all!

Just want to return
a little favor, that is all.

The duo gathered intel
in the drop-out tent and hatched a plan.

All for the sake of dragging down Orobas.


Schneider headed out to the forest.

He did it again.

It's totally the same
as when he showed me my idiot brother.

He's just a one-trick pony.

That is right.

That Orobas…

He's planning
to submit the Pot that he stole.

If he does that, then it's game over.

That is why…

With this, your victory is assured!

A crack in his armor was born.

And we will take
full advantage of that moment.

That must frustrate you the most.

You did it, Allocer!

From then on,

we deduced that Orobas's next target

will, of course, be the Seed
of Beginning that is with Iruma.


And so, we informed Asmodeus.


And that is how I obtained it.

The Pot of Ending.


is for you.


Are you sure?

Not a problem.

The Harvest Festival is ending soon.

There is nothing I can do
even if I have it.

What is more…

It's meaningless…

if the two of us doesn't win together.

Faith will move mountains.

I entrust Abnormal Class's victory to you.


-Don't cry.
-I'm not crying!

Just saying, you're walking on thin ice.

What? We didn't break any rules, right?

-The wit and tenacity to seize the moment…
-Give back the walkie-talkie!

To think that they could still
fight on from the drop-out tent…

They really do hate losing.

They make a good team.

During this Harvest Festival,

the one who had shown the most growth

is unmistakeably the Abnormal Class.

It won't be strange
if any of them became the Young King.

Well then…

Finally, the Harvest Festival
is ending for each of them.

My harvest must be the biggest
in the history of the Harvest Festival!

Ours too!

-One, two, and three!
-One, two, and three!

There are no more ingredients around here.

No! Look closer!

Don't give up!

By the way, that scraggly flaming guy…

Asmodeus, right?

You're really okay with letting him go?

He's heading off to fulfill his ambition.

There is no reason to stop him!

Even if I have to do it alone!

I shall forge on ahead!

And I will definitely become the Demon--


He's sleeping.

He ran out of energy, I guess. Idiot.

Sabro Sabnock.

Final points. 45,500 points.

Ichiro Androalphus. 37,100 points.

Niro Androalphus. 37,100 points.


Enemy castle still unbreached!

We are suffering one loss after another.

At this rate…

With only tributes from the beasts,
I don't have enough points to win.

Now that we have failed
in taking that castle.

I have no chance of winning now.

Since it has come to this!

-Queen Kerori! Please use us as points!
-Queen Kerori! Please use us as points!

You treated us
not as ingredients but as comrades!

We want to offer ourselves to you,
as fellow comrades!

If it's enough to grant you victory,
then it is our wish!

That is true.

But no.

No matter how brightly I shine,

It's meaningless without my fans.

My queen!

Thank you for your hard work.

Kerori Crocell. 36,800 point.

Kamui Caim. 22,500 points.

Elizabetta Ix. 20,700 points.

The beasts are retreating.

That means…

We survived!

-Everyone! Eat up!
-Everyone! Eat up!


What a happy-go-lucky bunch.

This is just a form
of victory celebration.

Let's join them too.



What are these?

Well, you see…

We are giving all our points to you!

Everyone agreed to do it.




But that means everyone's points will be…

It's okay.

Rather than the blues,
we received wonderful memories instead.

We were supposed
to be eliminated already anyway.

I never thought
I would last until the last day.

We want you two to accept it happily!

After all, we are like family now!

That is why please accept it.

This is our gratitude.

Thank you for protecting us.

Thank you!

You really saved us!

Thank you, seriously!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Seriously, you guys are really…

a strange bunch.

Well then, with all these ingredients,

let's make a hot pot!

There is still plenty more!

Picero Agares. 32,300 points.

Goemon Garp. 32,300 points.

Their comrades. 0 points.

Schneider Allocer. 12,800 points.

It's finally the climax!


-Now, let's make the Legendary Leaf bloom!
-Now, let's make the Legendary Leaf bloom!


Asmodeus on the way to the drop-out tent.

You okay?

Not at all!

Even though I managed
to finally meet Lord Iruma…

I wanted to be by Lord Iruma's side.

To think you were so cool
when you parted too…


Since I'm Lord Iruma's spear,
can't I return to him as a weapon?

No, you can't.

Then, how about I turn tiny
and accompany Lord Iruma from his pocket?

How are you going to turn that small?

How about I transform into a Magic Beast?

Give it up.

I will engulf myself in flames
to hide my presence!

You will stand out way more instead.

In any case, I need to get back
to Lord Iruma's side at all costs!

-Lord Iruma!
-Shut it.

He kept on complaining after this.

I harvest a mountain of ingredients!

I have done everything I can! I have
not a single ounce of regrets! Well.

I, Sabro Sabnock, will definitely win

and be the Demon King
candidate, the Young King.

What? What in the world
are the Seed and Pot that Iruma has?

Is that the Legendary…

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