Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 15 - The True Worth of the Archer - full transcript

The battle between Keroli's Magical Beast Kingdom and Picero and Goemon's squad continues. Elizabetta also joins the Magical Beast Kingdom and charms the enemy male students on the frontline. Meanwhile, Iruma and Lead also arrive at the Magical Beast Kingdom. After having Camui interpret what Naphula was saying, they find out that it was Orobas who had been attacking the members of the Misfit Class. Orobas seems determined to win, no matter what. Clara is now in danger, as she wandered off into the jungle by herself.

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With this, your victory is assured!

This is the Pot of Ending.

Coco Orobas, your submission
has been confirmed.

You're in the running
to become the victor.

The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

-"An Archer's True Worth!"
-"An Archer's True Worth!"


Everyone! The main keep is just up ahead!

I will protect
all my comrades in the castle!

Someone help!

Rescue Gale.

It's not budging even when
attacked by boss-class beasts?

What a sturdy castle!

The only way to break into the castle
is a frontal assault, I see.

A castle constructed by magic
is truly troublesome.

The high skill displayed in this magic…

It truly is a craftsman's technique!

Agares's family power, My Area.

He's able to perform various manipulations
on a surface of his choosing.

It seems like
the castle attackers have retreated.

As expected of the castle you built, Lord!

We will work together
and take turns in protecting the entrance!

Anyone injured
will receive care right away!

It's not easy,
but we are managing somehow!

Our bond will not break that easily!

That is right!

Bad news!

What is it?

To gain an audience with the Lord,
you will first have to go through me!

Bad news…

Six of our soldiers in the east
have been eliminated.

We are sorry.

Six casualties all of a sudden?

Is it a new type of beast?

Damn it!

What kind of enemy was it?





One after another fell to her charm.

Charm, you say?

Don't tell me…

60% Favorability unleashed.

-It smells so nice.
-It smells so nice.

Ix's family power, Full Love Gauge.

The ability to emit a scent
that charms those around her.

She's able to control the amount
of scent emitted using her zipper!

It might be a little inelegant
to use this ability on guys, but…

it is wartime right now.

So it can't be helped!

Could you please drop your weapons?

And so, the guys became helpless and…

They are the worst!

This is why guys are…


Women are the ocean,

while men are mere rafts
tossed around by the waves.

Of course, they are helpless.


And the soldiers?

That is…

They were taken away just like that!

Okay. Come with me!


What is with those stupid expressions?

A big catch, huh?

Are we rescuing them?

No. Leave them.

What happened to our bond?

We don't have the men
to send a rescue team.

Well, I don't think
they will be treated badly, though.

But to think they would team up
with the Charm Team.

You sure are playing dirty,
Magic Beast Queendom!

I'm sorry.

It must be cramped.
But we are at war after all.

Help us!

This is so unfair!

Now then, what should I do?

Clara said…

An adventure!

I mean, I will go scouting
and earn lots of points back!

Saying that,
she rushed off alone somewhere.

I could go out
to the battlefield again, but…

If I overuse my ability,
me and my targets will go berserk.

Master told me to use it sparingly.

But if…

I seriously…

use my ability to the fullest…

-I wonder--
-There you are!


We finally found you!

Iruma and Lead? What is wrong?

I'm so glad! We--

Elizabetta, about me!

How do you feel about me?

How do you feel about me?

How do you feel about me?

How do you feel about me?

Why, I love you.

-All right!


Lead, I…

I don't really like you that much!

I hate it.

That kind of thing happened?

I have no idea.

I have never seen that Pot too.

So the Elizabetta I saw was definitely…

Yeah. An illusion.


The Elizabetta that was
not Elizabetta was so pretty.

Prettier than me?


Nafra? What is wrong?

What a strange smell…

Is he trying to tell us something?


A shark?




No, isn't this a cursed dance?

-I got it!
-I got it!

-The dance of a peeping pompadour shark!
-The dance of a peeping pompadour shark!


That is not it, apparently.

Then, why don't we get Kamui
to translate for us?


I am Gentle Kamui. Did you call for me?

What is this unique smell?

A ponytail?

Wearing glasses!

So that is what he meant!

I see, a ponytailed person with hooves.

The culprit is highly likely
to be a student called Coco Orobas.

Using illusory magic, he's targeting
and attacking only the Abnormal Class!


Only the Abnormal Class?

I'm going to gather lots of points!

Beast or anything else,
I will swallow them all!

I'll take you on!

A Netherworld cult that loves
and worships the number two, Numeral 2!

It is a cult shrouded in darkness
with no records of its existence.

It merely exists in rumors and whispers.

That is the guy, right?
Whose family worships number two?

The heck is up with that creepy faith?

He swept up
all the second place in all the exams!

Indeed. Coco Orobas.

He is a demon of the Numeral 2
and loves the number two…

which is actually totally false.

Number two again.

I want to be number one!

They say he purposely got second.

He loves the number two after all, right?

How can that even be possible? Hell no!

Not even an ounce of truth!

So that is the one
from the family that must come in second.

Hell no! What kind of family is that?

So creepy!

The Orobas family is an upright,
sincere, and vigorous family!

Getting only number two is a coincidence!

Why the hell do I only get number two?

Allocer from Abnormal Class
got the number one again!

Abnormal Class…

The top of the practical
and theory exams are there.

Moreover, they are always
the center of attention.

Led by the super famous
scholarship student, Iruma,

their popularity has been rising rapidly!

I'm so jealous!


Calm down.

My ability is still lacking.

I need to examine myself more.


this time around, I will get number one!

I will be the victor
of the Harvest Festival

and become this year's Young King!


This time around!

Why is he targeting
only the Abnormal Class?

If it's true,
then this is truly a grave matter!

We can't let this stand!

I need to report this
to the queen right away!

You all should be careful as well!

I see!

Someone from our class might be targeted!

Oh, no!

Clara is alone in the forest!


My family power is Trauma.


When I use my ability,

the rustling of the trees,

or even a small pebble
will transform into a horrifying illusion.

The victim will experience a huge shock.

And if they don't clear it off
with a steel will,

they will taste an eternity of pain.

It is a frightening magic
that targets the psyche.

However, I won't rely
on this ability in this Harvest Festival.

I will win the top spot fair and square.

That way,

everyone's fear and misunderstanding
of me will clear away!

Yes. Fair and square!


Was that being fair?

Why have I used my magic
on Abnormal Class?

It's okay.

That is perfectly fine.

You're not wrong.

I'm not wrong.

This is fine. Right, Ocho?

Yes. Of course, Coco Orobas.

I, Ocho, say so after all.

Come. Yet another new opponent is here.

Clara Valac of Abnormal Class.

You will remove Abnormal Class students,
hindrances to you becoming Young King.

Crush the Abnormal Class!

Throw her mind and body into chaos!


I fell?

Did the ground shake?



It's Irumachi!

Your tree was awesome. I saw it!



Listen. You know?

I totally believed in you
and waited for you!

I actually really wanted to see you.

But we are in a match, so I endured.

That is why praise me--


Juice, please.


If I play with you,

you will give me some juice, right?

-My throat is dry.

But, Irumachi,

you said you don't need me to do that.

You said that, right?

I did say that.

But you know,

being around you, Clara,

it's kind of troublesome.

I feel tired.

I have been thinking that it's unfair.

Azu too.

And everyone too.

They think it's troublesome.


Clara, your ability,

it's pretty convenient after all.

Let's help each other out, okay?

You don't want to be alone again, right?

I mean…

If there is nothing in it for us,

then no one…

will play with you.


Let us turn back the time.

Clara is alone in the forest!


The west castle walls are breaking!

There is no way
the Lord's castle will be broken into.

Hey, don't sleep.
We don't have a lot of points.

I'm not wrong.

This is fine. Right, Ocho?

Yes. Of course, Coco Orobas.

I, Ocho, say so after all.


Clara Valac of Abnormal Class.

Crush the Abnormal Class!

Found her!

But this is bad!

Orobas is already near Clarin!


If she gets hit by illusion magic…

I need to go right away!

You can't! Not with that leg!

The queen is here!


I will lend you my guards.


Go to her, quickly!

Thank you!

Blizzard Wolf, hurry!

Is this truly wise?


After all, this would make him owe me one.

So scary yet so beautiful!

Good grief…

He really is a pushover.

Yes! Keep heading straight!


Damn it, I'm in a bad shape.

Are you okay?

They should be here, but…

Damn it, I barely have
any magic power left.

I have used up too much.


Exactly when I'm in the most pain…

One-Shot Focus!

-This way!

But it looks like Clarin is acting weird.

We need to hurry!

I see them!


She's being attacked by a Magic Beast!


We need to help her quickly!

But she's so far!

We won't make it from here!

Won't make it?

The distance is too far.

It might not reach.

What do I do?
I need to help her! What to do?

I have only got one chance.
There is only this.

But if I hit Clara…

I need to help her.

Only one chance.
There is nothing else. What to do?

What to do? What do I do?

Stop overthinking!

If I'm an archer…

Decide it in a critical instant!


I… made it.


I'm so glad that…

you taught me archery.


Irumachi, you asked for juice
in exchange for playing

and said I was troublesome!

I asked for juice?

So it's you again, Iruma!

Again and again, you get in my way.


A demon with glasses and a ponytail.

Coco Orobas.

I shall be the one
to become the Young King.

The Abnormal Class is a hindrance.

I will eliminate you all!

So what if you destroyed
Trauma once or twice?

Very well.

Not only for the whole
Harvest Festival but forever.

I will make sure
you two will never rise again!


Sink into the deepest depths of Trauma!

I will not let you…

lay even one finger on my friends!


While walking on a path…

…you tripped on a stone and fell.

-You hit your knee, and it hurt.
-You hit your knee, and it hurt.


-What? We are wrong?
-What? We are wrong?

After doing sit-ups,

he met a praying mantis demon

who looked out for him in the past.

He was so happy he hugged the friend,

and the friend
playfully bit him on the knee.

In return,

he demonstrated the traditional dance
passed down in his village.

How are we supposed to know?


Asmodeus saved Iruma
and Clara from a pinch!

Burn brightly, Asmodeus!

Your feelings for your friends!

Your loneliness
when you couldn't meet them!

Entrust it to your flames
and ignite a blaze in your soul!

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"The End of Harvest Festival."


Isn't a direct attack
against a student grounds for expulsion?

Could it be that Asmodeus will drop out?