Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 14 - Lead's Distress - full transcript

Iruma is safely reunited with Lead. But apparently, Lead had the Vase of Endings he had successfully obtained stolen by Elizabetta. However, it appears as though the one who took the vase was not Elizabetta, but someone else. Lead uses his bloodline ability, Controller, that had been strengthened through Robin's training and tries to track Elizabetta down. What he ended up hearing were the voices of Elizabetta, Clara, and Keroli in a hot spring?.

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The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

-"Lead's Troubles!"
-"Lead's Troubles!"


This is your sweetheart, Dosanko.

Let's recap what has happened so far.

At a certain place in Block 2
during the Harvest Festival,

there was a wonderful castle.

There, a beautiful youth,

the gorgeous Dosanko,
and other people lived together.

But at one point, Dosanko noticed it.

When I see the beautiful youth's friend,

Goemon, together with the beautiful youth…

I feel things welling up!

No matter how many cups of Hell Grey Tea
I drink, I can't calm down!

Dosa, was that a recap?

That is not quite right, though.

The Harvest Festival
has reached Day Three!

A bunch of stuff happened, right?

-I shall be the one taking the crown…

Get charmed!

I love it the most!

Don't go.

I shall be going.


I bestow you this Seed of Beginning.

Thank you very much!

I'm so lonely.

I will break through them!

I, Iruma, made it out!

This is the Pot of Ending!


Let us do our best
and aim to become winners too!

Lord Endymion!


And so, at the end of his tribulations,
Lead, who obtained the Pot of Ending was…

Hey! Lead!

I managed to get the Seed of Beginning!

What about you, Lead? Was the Pot there?

I found it, the Pot of Ending.


it got stolen.


Damn it, Elizabetta is so cruel!


That was…

It was way too cruel!


Why are you here?

Lead, could that be the Pot?

If I get close,
I will get charmed and it will be over!

I kind of want to get charmed, but…

I cannot let her get this Pot!

Even if you say you love me this time,
I won't give it to you!

I'm sorry.

I reflected after that.

Saying "I love you" to Lead
and taking your ingredients…

It was such a bad thing to do.

I mistakenly made you think
I love you only as much as everyone else.


Lead, I…

I don't really like you that much!


I mean, Lead, you're not strong at all.

You're fickle and always play around!

And you're even shorter than me!

I even tried to hide my height
by standing on my tail too.

And also…

You were looking at me
with perverted eyes, right?



Liar. You were eyeing me
up and down since just now.

I don't really like men like that.

In fact…

I hate it.

There is no man that can stand…

after being told they are hated!

So after I woke,

the Pot had already been stolen!

I have had it!

Way too cruel!

That wasn't the usual Elizabetta!

That is true.

That might have been an illusion.

Me too.

I was shown things
I didn't want to see in the underground.

Then, that Elizabetta just now was…

I thought that it could be
the work of a plant or a beast.

But if the Pot was stolen, then that is…

a student's magic.

Oh, my. How simple that was, Orobas!

It was an instant-kill.

He couldn't even tell
it was Orobas's magic.

I don't know what illusion he saw, but…

With this, those guys
are back to zero points.

But still,

to think that guy managed
to come back from the underground.

Truly annoying indeed!


In any case, let's meet up
with Eliza to confirm it!

That is right!

There is no way Elizabetta hates me!

It must be just an illusion!

All right.

With that decided, leave everything to me!

What is this?

It's training!

You seem to be the type to increase
your concentration while being chased, so…

I thought we will follow
that train of thought.

Left hand, a book!

Right hand, a game.

Head, music.

While being bombarded with all this,
we will take away your five senses!

Lead's family power, Controller,
has a range that is proportional

to his magic power and concentration.

So grueling!

You might not be used to it
at first, but it's okay!

I will be cheering you on by your side!

So noisy! This is hell!

"Ten tricks to be popular with girls."

If I stop focusing even for an instant,

the information will escape!

My nerves are going crazy!

But thanks to that,

once I get to this state,
my concentration will be maxed!

I'm getting really fired up!

Pick it up!

Information on Elizabetta!

What's going on?

That Elizabetta…

She took my points.

I got tricked!

That is impossible to beat!


All right, where are you?

Say it out loud.

So soft!

Elizabetta, your skin is so smooth!

Clara, yours are so springy!

This is… Don't tell me…

Don't tell me!

This is paradise.

Bathing feels so good.


Lead, are you okay--

Keep quiet!

All my tiredness flew away!

It's paradise. What a nice spring.

Amidst the mud-filled Harvest Festival,

this hot spring is quite wonderful, right?

Do you like it?

-Very much!
-Very much!

To think you found a hot spring
in the middle of nature like this.

It's wet here! It's warm here!

Since it's outdoors, there is a sense
of liberation that is exciting, isn't it?

It's fine.

There is no one else here but us.

I had my beasts
patrolling the queendom after all.

When we are here,

we can talk freely
without anyone overhearing.

I can totally hear them!

To think that
while looking for Elizabetta's location,

I would get this lucky…

I mean, a defenseless situation
falls on my lap!


But to think Elizabetta's team
has met up with Queen Kerori…

But still,

you really do have a nice figure, huh?

Oh, my. Thank you.

But Clara has a nice body too.

Elizabetta is so soft.

Well, I'm still in my growth period, so…

Kerorin's skin is smooth too!

No fair! I want to touch it too!

Kerorin's skin is so cool and nice!

It's true!

Wait. No!


I'm so glad I was born with this ability!

He's crying?

Are you okay?

Yeah. Just keep quiet.

So smooth!

Come on!

Well then, it's about time
we talk business.

You went through all the trouble
of sending a beast messenger

and invited us
to this wonderful hot spring.

Kero, can I assume
you want us to work with you?

That is right.

In exchange for telling you
about this hot spring,

I want you to join in on our plan.

A plan?

So they are targeting someone after all?

I can't let this chance
to listen in slip by!

But there is one problem.

I can only hear their voices.

I'm 90% sure
this is Elizabetta and the others talking.

But without seeing them,
I cannot confirm their identity.

That is why…

I got no choice but to steal a vision.

I'm not up to anything dirty.

It's a necessary process
to obtain accurate information.

And so,

I have got my excuse!

Let's go, Lead!

Today, you shall ascend
the stairs of adulthood!


I'm sort of worried
that someone is peeking.

I have been having a bad feeling
since just now.

Oh, my! A Peeping Tom?

Is there someone that perverted around?

Someone that perverted.



I'm not perverted!


Damn it! I turned off my ability!


But I know Elizabetta's location,
so since it has come to this!

We will go there and see them ourselves!

I mean, let's go check
if Elizabetta has the Pot.

What? Okay!

Wait a minute, who's that? What?

Well, Nafra is…

It stinks! What? It stinks…

Welcome back.

Wearing your clothes, I see.

If we don't, we would be perverts!

The after-bath scent!

I'm so glad I was born in this era!

All right, let's go.

Today's demon matsutake.
Time out for the demon, go! No waiting!

For the sake
of harvesting a lot of points,

I want you both to charm our enemies.

Of course, we'll split the points evenly.


Are you aiming for the Legendary Leaf?


My heart will not get excited
by something that is so vague.

Legendary Leaf?

Rather than something like that,

I get more excited when I think about
the pile of points gathered over there.

We can steal a lot of points
from a place that is much nearer.

It will be the best harvest ever.

That castle, let us take it.

Urgent message!

So noisy! It's in front of the lord!

Enemy attack. Numbers unknown!


Fight on! Move forward!

Take the castle!

Present it to Queen Kerori!

They are trying to get into the castle!

Don't let them!

Protect the gate!

Urgent message, Lord!

The Magic Beast assault
is raging fiercely!

We have five wounded and two dropouts!

We finally have dropouts.

Damned Magic Beasts.
There is just no end to them!

That Crocell…


"Hand over the castle and your points."

"Otherwise, I will destroy your castle."

"Queen of the Magic Beast
Queendom, Kerori Crocell."

Warning my butt!

The Magic Beast Queendom
is demanding the castle and our points.

Targeting this castle, are they?

They have good taste.

If we hand them over,
we will minimize casualties, but…

We can't swallow these demands!

This is a space where everyone
gathered and worked hard to create.

It's our home!

It's the same for everyone, right?

A place that welcomed us in
when we were worried about dropping out.

A warm place with so many memories.

It's our precious home, right?

There is no way I can just hand it over!


She's right.

Let us all work together
to drive off those beasts!

Let us fight until the last man stands!



Let's protect it.

Our castle!




I made this castle! It's mine, not yours!

Getting fired up all on their own…

Well, everyone is just motivated.

I told them we should just hand over all
the food points in the castle and disband.

No way.

After all, we love it here.

Everyone really likes this castle.

And also, Agares,
you built this castle as a decoy

so that everyone
could escape safely, right?

Everyone realized that.

Until the end of the Harvest Festival,

everyone wants to stay together.

Good grief…

What a selfish bunch.

-Offer the castle to the queen!
-Offer the castle to the queen!

Don't let them through!

Protect our home!

-Offer the castle…
-Offer the castle…

To think they are able
to withstand our offensive until now…


Not quite enough.

Will they be able
to take even more of our attacks?

Gentle Kamui.

Compared to Lady Kerori, your talent
as a summoner is a grade lower.

But you're a gentleman.

In that case,
you have one method of learning.

Attain victory over me
by fighting with your words.

Fighting with words?

If you're a gentleman, where did you get
those clothes of yours tailored?

Well, before that, your standing posture
is not gentlemanly at all.

Your upbringing dictates your conduct.

It seems you're not even capable
of keeping up your appearances.

That is--

Where is your handkerchief?
Your hat? Your watch?

It's unseemly to wear such cheap cologne.

Oh, well…

Learn it well.

The battle techniques of a gentleman.

The power of eloquence!

Listen up!

My dear comrades!

Those in that castle
hunt beasts to earn points!

But the queen is different!

She loves Magic Beasts

and treated you all as fellow
brave warriors fighting together!

Repay that heart of hers
with your deep love!

An orator's powerful words…

-will invoke obeisance from others!
-…will invoke obeisance from others!

Present that castle
to our beautiful queen!

-For the queen!
-For the queen!

They are really motivated!

This is bad!

They are breaking through!

Wind rustling through the trees…

Your strength…

Lend it to me.

Just because you can
get your powers to obey,

you can't think of them as just tools.

Even if they can't reply to you,

if you just try to communicate with them,

they will definitely answer your call.

Get along with the wind too, okay?


I'm really good
at carrying out one-sided conversations!

Now. New Secret Art.

Rescue Gale!

I thank you for your help.

Only the beasts were…

…blown away?

Not bad at all.


Thank you for saving us!

That was amazing!
How did you do that just now?

You were so cool!

Not to be underestimated, huh?

Tell me every detail later.

That is right. Just the two of us, okay?

You're all too close!


that guy is flirting with the ladies!


Hey, don't panic. We still have the queen!

That is right. Isn't it, Kamui?

Yes, exactly.

But that is a separate matter!

I cannot forgive you for fooling around
with girls in front of me!

I will have you die 10,000 deaths!


Come forth, our trump cards!

They are boss-class beasts!

Come, it's now an all-out war!

We shall offer up this castle
to Queen Kerori!

I will not let you
take a single step further!


Flatten that castle to the ground!

I shall be the Young King!


Rescue Gale!

What the heck is this?

All forces, charge!

Let us battle!

Trample them!


Hey. After the bath,
let's Pinpokoporoncho!

Sounds good!





I got it! It must be this!

No! It must be this!



-A fire dance?
-A fire dance?


Yes. I'm the queen, Kerori Crocell.

And also, I have another worthy title.

"Young King," a title given
to the winner of the Harvest Festival!

It's said that the Young King
is a candidate for the future Demon King.

That sounds good!

I shall become the Demon King as a Queen,
then my secret identity as a dem-idol!

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"An Archer's True Worth."

Engrave the name
"Kerori Crocell" into your heart!