Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 13 - My Very Own Magic - full transcript

The third day of the Harvest Festival. The announcement of how many points each has is announced through the jungle. Kalego mentions that a certain student still has zero points and tells them to shape up. After hearing this, Asmodeus and Clara immediately think of Iruma. Meanwhile, down in the underground labyrinth, Iruma figures out a way to get out.

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The Abnormal Class students
have been forced to take on training.

If everyone didn't manage
to get to Dalet Rank before year two,

they will have to leave
their King's Classroom,

Royal One, that they fought so hard for.

And so, Iruma and the gang
take on the Rank Advancement Tests.

The first of which
is the Harvest Festival.

-"My Own Magic Spell!"
-"My Own Magic Spell!"

Day Three of the Harvest Festival.

As the extreme survival
conditions continue,

most students no longer have
the strength to hunt anymore.

Except for a few, that is.

El Blast!


Students, who survived
until the third day,

have each found their own
effective tactics for harvesting.

We got five of them!

For example, by employing
"Overwhelm with Strength" tactic!

We got six here!

The two gators over there are so small,
that they count as 0,5 each.

Stop using hard words!

Are you stupid or something?

Don't call me stupid!

Which part of that is hard?

Let's head to the cliffs next.

But still…

We haven't really seen any boss-class
beasts like the Hundred-Flaringo, huh?

But to win,
we can't let any opportunity slip.

We will harvest
any high-ranking beast we find.

I want to go "knock-knock" too!

Stop it!

We did it!

We are amazing!

-It took one whole night but we did it!
-For those who can't rely on strength…

-Nice! We beat it!
-We did it!

…they use "Overwhelm with Numbers" tactic!

-That is 3,800 points!
-We are amazing!

We can totally win with this, right?

It's our first time
harvesting a boss-class beast!

We did it!

But how are we going to drag this
to the Reporting Hollow?

Guess we will have everyone pull it along.

Meanwhile, another
attention-grabbing group is…

Team A has taken over
the hot springs area!

Team B has returned.

We have brought back the ingredients!

My queen!

You're beautiful!

…commanding over magic beasts,
the "Gentle Persuasion" tactic!

My queen!

We will obey your every order!

While others…

You traitor!

…use "Trickery" tactics…

I got more points!

For you, my beauty!

Oh, my. How wonderful!

…and "Charm" tactics.

I played lots with the doggies!


Then, let us go to the Reporting Hollow!

All of them
made good use of their abilities

and earned many points
during the first half.

Only two days left
to the Harvest Festival.

We will now make
the halftime announcement.

Asmodeus. 21,800 points.

Sabnock. 18,600 points.

Ichiro. 16,500 points.

Niro. 16,500 points.

Crocell. 19,200 points.

Caim. 12,400 points.

Valac. 9,800 points.

Ix. 13,200 points.

Orobas. 15,400 points.

Agares. 9,500 points.

Garp. 9,500 points.

Kim. 7,600 points.

Tokhel. 6,800 points.

That is it.

That is the line between those
that can win and those that can't.

The reason the Harvest Festival
was held as the first practical exam…

is precisely because
it is a supremely important exam.

This festival is a test
of your survival skills.

This forest is the domain of Magic Beasts.

Both opportunities
and perils will find you.

You will experience a flood of excitement
and despair in equal measure.

In this trial ground that tests
your survival ability in the Netherworld,

the one who is able to stand at the apex…

will gain a glorious title.

A title given to all the past victors.

That title is…

the young Demon King candidate,

Young King!

Those high-rankers
whose names I announced just now

are right now the closest ones
to becoming the Young King.

Keep that in mind
as you compete against each other.

That is all.

What a rousing speech.


There is one idiotic student
with zero points still competing

but whose current whereabouts is unknown.

I don't know where you are
or what you are up to.

But if you plan to drop out, do it.

But if you still plan on winning,

then break through the obstacles
in front of you already, fool!

That is all from me.

Excuse me, Mr. Kalego?

Wasn't that favoritism just now?

Retrieving him would be troublesome,
so I was just warning him.

Come now!

Please stop.

Hey, the Young King mentioned
in the announcement just now.

Is that the Number One spot?

Yes, Number One!

Then, that spot is mine!


The Young King
is basically a title made for me.

Right, top student?

You must be worried.

Could it be that the one
whose whereabouts is unknown is…

-Lord Iruma.

Stop following me!

I'm going to be the first to report
my training results to Lord Iruma!

No. That is wrong. I'm first!

No more being away from Irumachi!

Today, I want to get head pats
and "good-girl" compliments!

Well, I have endured for so long too

after swearing in front
of this esteemed picture of Lord Iruma!

I have got the priority!

I'm going first!

After all, I'm his Special Grade friend!

I'm his Number One friend!

Special Grade is stronger!

Number One friend is the official one!

Well, I'm sure he will praise me instead.

I wonder about that.

-I want to see Lord Iruma soon…
-I want to see Irumachi soon…

-…and get praised by him!
-…and get praised by him!


There is no way
you're hitting the enemy with that!

Yes, ma'am!

It's because you didn't
root your stance properly!

You aren't resolved enough!
You frustrated?


Then, stand up! One more time!

Yes, ma'am!

Not going to see him?


How about you, Azu-Azu?

I know what I want to do now.

Me too.

-I'm going to train more and more!
-I'm going to train more and more!

I know exactly
how hard Lord Iruma trained.

It's okay.

-I will believe in him and wait!
-I will believe in him and wait!

In the first place,

he cheered me on by saying,
"Let's do our best together!"

I will earn his praise
by meeting his expectations!

I see.

But you seem
to be suffering quite a bit, though.

What is this? Acting all tough?

If we provoke him just now,
we might be able to win.


Lord Iruma will definitely return!

I really want to go find him
right now, but I will…

I will endure!

I see. Don't overdo it, yeah?



Are you sure?

A proper lady doesn't chase guys.

She lets others chase her instead.

I will become a proper lady
and then get praised by Irumachi!

For that, I can endure!

I can endure!

Oh, my. How wonderful!


I really want to see you,

so come back quickly.

-Lord Iruma!

Azu and Clara…

I really want to see them!

"Azu and Clara.
I really want to see them."


How many times have you reacted like that?

That is…

It sort of heartens me, I guess.

I fell from the spot
just after exiting the ruins.

So I thought if I climbed up,
I can get out, but…

You did fall indeed.

Iru-boy is unconscious and trapped
in his illusion, so I have to protect him!

And I even went to pick up
the Seed of Beginning for you.

Yes, sir! A thousand thanks for that!

You were caught in a really nasty spell.

I wonder what would have happened
if you didn't manage to break it.

Iru-boy. Wake up, will you?

Yeah. Thank you.

But thanks to that, I hardened my resolve.

I finally realize where I belong.

So I need to get back quickly.

I see.

But still, how are we getting back?

At this speed, we will reach the top in…

One year? Three years? Ten years?


Don't tell me, you came down for me?

You were worried about me?


Why am I not flying?

I'm not very good at flying…


Actually, my leg is wounded too.

Nafra, don't worry about me
and go on ahead--

Nigi Nigi grass? You brought it along?

Nigi Nigi grass.

Just one drop of water
will make it grow by 30 meters.

I read about this in the textbook.

A small handful of water

-And the Nigi Nigi grass grows like crazy!
-And the Nigi Nigi grass grows like crazy!

-Mushrooms like damp and moist spaces
-Mushrooms like damp and moist spaces

But without water, the Nigi Nigi grass is…

A watering can? Why do you have that?

Okay. If I climb up this…

Can I climb all the way?

If I didn't have my leg injury…

Leg injury…

It healed? What?

So humans in the Netherworld
have this kind of ability?

I thought of something good!

Excuse me for a bit.

This is the Netherworld, and I'm human.


Let's climb up in one shot!

With my very own magic spell!

What a fragrant Hell Grey Tea.


All my obstacles…

I will break through them!

This feels familiar!

Yes. The one who could do this…

can only be him!


I, Iruma, made it out!


I got the Seed of Beginning!

-Oh, my!
-Oh, my!

Excuse me.

Bastard! What is with all the ruckus?

Couldn't you have gotten out more quietly?

Mr. Kalego? I'm sorry!

I only got out
with all his racket because…

This is the Nigi Nigi grass and--

Never mind that.

Do you need first aid?
Any harvest to report?

Are you going to drop out?

What? No.

I'm going to win!

He said it!

Did something happen to him?

In that case…

Get back to harvesting already!

You zero-pointer!

Oh, right.

I have zero points!

I need to regroup quickly.


Time to regroup with Lead!

We shall now go back in time for a bit.
To Day Two of the Harvest Festival.

Lead, who split up from Iruma,
is searching for the Pot of Ending, and…

he's currently facing a Demon Deity!

So you seek the Pot of Ending,
demon child?

Time for a duel!

100 hard levels challenge,
in other words, a game!

Do you fear death, demon child?

A test of my guts…

Open your eyes.

A chance encounter…

Betting my life, going all in…


Sorry, but I'm a risk taker!

I bid farewell to my past self

and grabbed hold of the light!

Let's go!


After countless trials and tribulations,
in which I worked so hard to get this…

This is the Pot of Ending!


I was totally the main character there.


The only thing we need left
is the Seed of Beginning,

which Iruma is searching for, right?

If we can get a hold of these two items
and make the Legendary Leaf bloom…

Young King!

Look over here!

The victor…

The Young King, Lead.

Not bad at all!

Maybe I will get my own fan club.

This is not the time for that!

I need to come up with a signature!

Let's see. Lead…

Lead… Shaxter…

Halftime announcement!

A continuation!

Well then, before we start announcing
the points of the remaining students…

Once again, a reminder.

Points announced
are only from the ingredients

you submitted in the Reporting Hollow!

Everyone, don't delay going
to the Reporting Hollow, okay?

By the way,

Lead Shax of the Abnormal Class!

What? Me?

The pot that you have right now,

even though it's not an ingredient,
it's still worth 20,000 points!

Did you know that?



It's going to be highly risky
if you don't report it in soon!

Everyone. Pay attention too, okay?

So this pot is worth 20,000 points, huh?

I didn't know that.

That was close!

Why did you say it out loud?

-20,000 points?
-You hear that?

Someone has something worth 20,000 points.

Why is that pot
worth so many points, you ask?

Because it's the Legendary Leaf's--

Come now. That is a secret, you know?

Why did you say it out loud?

The Pot of Ending?

The Legendary Leaf? Hey.

Wait! You totally revealed
that I got something worth 20,000 points!

And you even mentioned the Legendary Leaf!

You must be having fun, huh?

It's on purpose!

Damned demons!

Got to keep a low profile!
I can't stand out no matter what!

I'm just the air. Grass. Rocks…

I, Iruma, made it out!


I got the Seed of Beginning!

Let's regroup at the Married Couple Rock!

Nice one, Iruma!

He got the Seed too!

As expected, well done!


Why did you say it out loud?

The sparkling pot
is now emitting a deathly aura!

This is bad!

This situation is way too dangerous!

Everyone must have realized it by now…

That Team Iruma and Lead are right now
the closest to the Legendary Leaf

and the 100,000 points!

If they can rob us of the 100,000 points,

they will become the winner outright!

We will be targeted by everyone!


Where are you?



They are totally going for us!

I can't get discovered!

I got no confidence in fighting!

But this pot is my lifeline.

As a man, I will never let it get stolen!

Oh, my.


Hello there.


Been a while! Interval!

But still, you guys are rocking
some weird get-ups here, huh?

The heck is up with those?

These are battle uniforms
with a pedigree, so…

It was recommended by Master.

What? Master's recommendation?

I'm so jealous, you bastards!

I'm starting to see how cool it is now!

The Dorodoro Brothers are still stuck
in a case of mistaken identity.


It has been a while since we met,
but you've come into your own, Iru-boy.

I was super shocked.

To think…

you actually proclaimed you will win!

Why you were once a wee lad,
so small you could fit in a pocket…

Wait! What's with these old-timer's lines?

Am I supposed to be Iruma's Grandpa?

Hey! Iru-boy, glutton boy, violence boy!

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"Lead's Troubles."