Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun (2019-2023): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Misfit Class's New Term - full transcript

The students of the Misfit Class have been given a special order. The order was for all of them to reach the Dalet rank before they become second-years, or they would lose the Royal One that they had worked so hard to obtain. The next event where they can raise their rank is the Harvest Festival. In order to help them raise their ranks in such a short amount of time, the school had prepared special tutors for them. The new term had only just begun, but unexpected trials await Iruma and his friends.

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The only human to live
in the Netherworld filled with demons,

Iruma Suzuki, 14 years old.

In the midst
of celebrating his school life

in the Demon School, Babyls,

Iruma had decided upon his ambition,

in other words, his goal.

And that is to raise his rank.

And so, from this point on,

what will await him?

-"New Semester of The Abnormal Class!"
-"New Semester of The Abnormal Class!"

My name is Iruma Suzuki, 14 years old.

I'm a human!

However, I attend
the Demon School, Babyls.

What are you doing, Lord Iruma?

-Oh, I'm--
-It's the morning grooming!

-Tremble at the sound of black wings…
-Tremble at the sound of black wings…



It's the new semester, huh?

What did you do during the break?

Good morning!

Good day to you.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

I can't hear you!

-Good morning!
-Good morning!

In Babyls, every student and teacher
except me is a demon.

If it gets out that I'm human,
I don't know what will happen.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.


-So, my name is…
-Master Ronove!

My name is Ronove, Rono--

That's why I can't stand out at all costs.

It's Iruma!


Iruma, and all the members
of the Abnormal Class,

after engaging in a fierce battle
with huge Magic Beasts

that suddenly appeared in Walter Park
and defeated them,

are now famously known
as the heroes of the Netherworld.

Indeed, Iruma's huge role
in the event is widely known.


-It's the Walter Park heroes!
-I saw them on the news!

It might be impossible
to not stand out now.

This is devilishly bad! Emergency escape!

Get off!

Iruma! I want to see your face!

Look here, Iruma!


How my chest hurts…

And it's not because
I'm being jostled around either.

It's because my heart is racing!

Oh, my…

A gentleman…

Lord Iruma!
We need to get to the classroom, quickly!

-Get off!

I wonder if all my classmates
are doing okay.

What are you doing?

It's Iruma!

It's Asmodeus!

"What," you ask?

Giving them what they want
turned out to be too much fun!

This is fan service!

We have been autographing
and taking pictures since morning.

It's amazing!

It's only natural they would admire me,
the future Demon King!

This is the garden of… ecstasy!

They are really living it up, huh?

It looks so fun!

Does this mean…

Everyone in the Abnormal Class
has gathered!

Walter Park's aftermath is really amazing!

We got to use Royal One too.

But looking at us now,

don't you think
it's a fitting classroom for us?

All I'm saying is,

giving increased homework
to heroes like us,

it just confirms the fact that

the Emperor of Darkness
has a twisted personality--


The new semester starts today.

A lot happened
at the end of the break, but…

make sure you leave
your holiday mood behind,

and focus on your classes.


In this new semester,

from the Harvest Festival
to the Music Festival,

there will be a lot to do.

And to top it all off, there will be
the Rank Advancement Test at the end.


I finally got down.

Lord Iruma, it looks like we will have
plenty of chances to raise our rank.

Yeah. Let's do our best!

Rank up! Up-up-up!



That only applies
to normal first-year students.

Listen up, Abnormal Class.

It will be different for all of you.


No, I think those are for ear protection.

If you're all using this place,

the King's Classroom, Royal One,

then you will all receive
the appropriate syllabus as well.

Babyls' Special Class Instructions!

Too loud!

Everyone in the Abnormal Class

has to attain Dalet Rank
before they reach the second year!


It's the borderline minimum rank
that students have to attain

in order to graduate.

To require that
to be attained by first years

can be described
as nothing else but "Abnormal!"

If you fail,

you all will be kicked out
of the Royal One immediately!


Having all of you
reach Dalet within your first year.

That will be quite the undertaking…

Hey! Are you all listening?


No way!

We are already used
to the heavenliness of this classroom!

Such anguish…



Dalet Rank is impossible!

Well, this is also part of the syllabus.

I never give out impossible assignments.

In order to have you all reach Dalet…

For each of you, the main school has…

prepared special instructors!

Sergeant Furfur
will be taking Jazz and Allocer.

Looking forward!




Lady Vepar will take Goemon and Agares.

Hey, babies!

Ms. Raim will be with Ix and Valac.

Ms. Lovely!


Mr. Hat, with Crocell and Kamui.

Here it is!


Isn't he a descendant of one of the Battle
of Demon Valley's Three Heroes?


Please wait a moment!

Sabnock and Asmodeus will be with Shichi…

I mean, instructor Balam.

Looking forward.

Time to test my skills!

This means that…

That leaves…


No, I'm in charge of supervision,
so not me.

Don't look so relieved!
You're pissing me off.

Then, who will be our instructor?

He's here. Over there.



I'm a rookie
yet I get to be an instructor?

This is kind of embarrassing!

But don't worry!

With me at the helm,
you're guaranteed to rank up!

Go ahead and call me "Master."



That is it for today.
Make sure you revise these.

Especially you lot over there!

Are you even listening?

I can't focus on the lesson at all.

We had a bombshell dropped on us
this afternoon, after all.

I wonder
what the special lesson is all about!

Heck no, it's so scary. I'm shaking.

What if he suddenly drops us
into a battlefield or something?

I'm sure we will get an explanation--

Is the lesson over?

We are here to get you guys!

They are here!

The special lesson begins now!

-Let's have some fun, shall we?
-Where are we going?


Do excuse us…

Yes. I have been briefed about this…

But still, it's really sudden, huh?

-Where are we going?
-No worries.

Irumachi, are you going to be okay?

Will you get lonely? Want some lollies?

I'm fine! Let's all do our best.


I, Alice Asmodeus, have unwavering loyalty
to Lord Iruma no matter where I am.

When we meet next,
we will have leveled up a lot!

Clara… Azu…

Hey, top student! You done yet?

See you tomorrow, Irumachi!

I will be heading off, Lord Iruma!


So, the special lesson
is outside the school?



Where are we going?

An adult shop.

We will start with some pep-talk!

Don't worry!

I have a foolproof plan
to raise your rank, after all!

An adult shop?

My imagination is boundless.

You guys listening?

I'm sorry.

I'm Vepar…

Your instructor…

Are you okay?

I'm getting kind of sleepy.

I'm sorry!

Youngsters are so scary.

But I need to do my best.

Yes. I can do this.

I can do this… or not. Can I really?

What a strange lady…

Can we really have a lesson like this?

We can!

I'm just… a bungling crybaby.


Exactly because I'm a crybaby,
there are things that only I can do!

Will you listen to my plan?


Why are you in this studio?


Because it's time for your lesson.

Because G. Kamui is off to change clothes.


It means "Gentle," L.

Lady Kerori.

The fact that you're a dem-idol

has already been disclosed
to me by G. Kamui.

Please, go back. I'm busy--


Your manager, Mar,
has already acknowledged this.

This special training
will let you grow as a dem-idol too.

Come, L. Kerori. Sit down.

And listen to my plan quietly.

Increasing your feminine traits
will raise your rank as well.

By following my guidance,

you, babies, will become the
most ravishing female demons there are.

But to be a woman is to be merciless.

The training will be intensely hard
but done in style.

So then,

my plan for you to become
hardened women of deep experience,

would you like to hear it?

-Please teach us!
-Please teach us!

Can't stand already?

With your strength,
you should still be able to stand.

It's only the first day,
so you will have to keep your spirits up.

You have to at least
meet the quota, after all.

In order to improve your abilities,

each of the instructors
came up with their own plans.

And I…





-…will make sure…
-…will make sure…

-…that among Babyls's first-year students…
-…that among Babyls's first-year students…

…you will be
the most devious and sly of them all.

…you will be the most skillful
with your family powers of them all.

…you will be
the strongest fighters of them all.

…you will be the most
exceptional summoners of them all.

…the most charming
and sexiest of them all.

-That is what we are here for.
-That is what we are here for.

That is right! And so…

The plan that I have thought up
to raise your rank…

That plan is…

Fighting spirit!

Now then, together!

Louder now!

Nice one!

I'm worried…

For some reason…

Even though
I haven't seen the other training,

I feel that
we are already falling far behind.


Let's go!
Keep your spirits up and come with me!

Mr. Robin! Please wait!

The date with Iruma
during the Apocalypse was really fun.

I think that
Iruma had at least a little fun then too.

I want to believe that.

That is why,
once the new semester started,

I thought that I would get
to spend more time with Iruma, but…

he became really famous
after his role in Walter Park.


Iruma becoming famous is a good thing.

It's a good thing, but…

I'm sorry, Ameri!

I have to take some special training
for the Harvest Festival,

so I probably won't be able to go
to our reading sessions for a while.

I'm really sorry!

This happened in Sweet Time Memory too.

I need to go.

We won't be able to meet for a while, huh?

In important moments…

Even if we can't meet,
I will always wash my undershirt.


No matter where you go,
my heart will always be with you.

Me too!

That was a great scene.

Though, I don't really know
about that poem.


In order for him
to grow his wings and fly,

I will have to accept
being separated for a while, huh?

The Harvest Festival
will be an important event.

Do your best, Iruma!

-Yes, sir!

Why are we in such a hurry?

My sister must be waiting,
so we need to hurry!


I mean, teaching all
by my lonesome makes me anxious,

so I asked my blood-sister to help.

She's an amazing person!

She's a super strong and reliable girl--


Mr. Robin?

How long were you all
planning to make me wait?

Aren't you all lacking in fighting spirit?

These twerps…

Making me, Bachiko, wait all this while.

I'm starting to lose motivation here.

Let me just say this.

I only came here
because Lord Sullivan told me to.

I am not going to be
your instructor or anything.

Asked by Grandpa?

Doesn't that mean
she's actually an amazing demon?

Honestly, I feel like going home already.

-No way!
-No way!

Please wait!

I feel really worried
if it's just Mr. Robin!

Looks like
you aren't being trusted here, Robin.

Royal One is so cool…

I guess I see why.

Well then…

You want me to instruct you guys, right?

Then, you all have
to "treat" me right, yeah?

Make me feel like your "Master"!

Too slow!

Stop worming around!

Come on. Left, right!

Oh, my. What is happening there?

A festival?

What animal is that?

Wearable Demon Eye Reflex Camera!

Next, to the rear courtyard.

And also, buy me some juice! With sweets!

Idiot, not this!

I want the "Super Sweet" one!
Go back and buy one!


This wall is not cute, huh?

All right, let's paint over it!



-We are sorry!
-We are sorry!

We got caught…

You guys are pathetic.

Do you feel like our "Master" yet?

No, not yet. I still need…

to see more cute stuff
to make me happier, you know?

-"Cute stuff?"
-"Cute stuff?"

-So cute!
-So cute!





Hey, you guys
turned out cuter than I thought.

Right, Iruminatie?

-Okay, wear this too.

-Leandy, you too!

Even that?

Please spare me!

Stop struggling!

It suits you all so well!

So cute!

It fits this room so well!

Bachiko, who was asked
by Sullivan to train Iruma and Lead

while being made to wear maid outfits,

what kind of effect
will their training have?

To be continued…


I have to wear this? Seriously?

This is messed up.
I can't understand this, Iruma…

No, this is wrong!

Grandpa made me wear lots of costumes, so…

Even messed up costumes are…


What is with that stare?

So fluffy? And soft?


If everyone in the Abnormal Class
doesn't reach Dalet Rank,

we will get kicked out of Royal One!

Everyone, let's do our best in training!

Well then, Master Bachiko!
What are we starting with?

Next time on
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun,

"Master Bachiko!"


You want to eat some handmade sweets?

What? You want a massage?

I don't know how it would help.

But this is the first step
to Dalet Rank. Right, Master?