Weird Lawyer Woo Young Woo (2022): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

- Let me try.
- Hey, stop!


Hey, can you take a look at this?

The answer should be this because…

This bus was supposed to
take you to the academy.

It was supposed to
take you to Mujin Academy,

which is short for "Mujin Unfortunately
is Just Insufferably Never-ending."

But I, the Commander-in-Chief
of the Children's Liberation Army,

have taken over this bus.

This is now a bus
that doesn't go to the academy.

Welcome aboard
the bus that doesn't go to the academy!

Who are you?

I am the Commander-in-Chief
of the Children's Liberation Army.

My name is Bang Gu-ppong.

Is your name
really Bang Gu-ppong, like "fart"?

So his name is basically Mr. Fart?

- His name is Mr. Fart?
- He must be lying.

- He must be lying.
- My name really is Bang Gu-ppong.

- What?
- Really?


- Let me see.
- Why?

- I want to see it too.
- Look at this.

- Is it really?
- I want to see it too.

All of you who have boarded
the bus that doesn't go to the academy

are qualified to join
the Children's Liberation Army.

Children who do not want to join

or want to go to the academy
should get off this bus right now!

What's the Children's Liberation Army?


The Children's Liberation Army plays.

The Children's Liberation Army plays,
plays, and plays even more.

They play until it's a miracle
that they haven't died while playing.

They play so much

until their guts…

Until their guts sob from all the fun.

Can I ask my mom?


I'm leaving.

If you don't want to
become a part of the army,

get off this bus right now!

You can't tell your moms, okay?

Instead of going to the academy,
would your moms understand our goal

of playing, playing, and playing even more
to achieve children's liberation?


- No.
- No.

the Children's Liberation Army proclaims!

First, children must play immediately.

Second, children
must be healthy immediately.

Third, children must be happy immediately.

I, the Commander-in-Chief Bang Gu-ppong,

will presently defeat the sly demands
of schools, academies, and parents,

and will immediately sing
for happy children!


Let's play!

- Who here knows how to drive?
- Me.

- I want to drive.
- Me!

- Me!
- Me!

- Put your seat belts on.
- Me!

- Me!
- Seatbelts!



Attorney Woo. Did you arrive at court?


I don't think I'll be late to the
judgment of the arrest warrant,

but I'm worried that there won't be
enough time to interview the defendant.

I didn't get to look over
the case materials either.

That's understandable
since you just took on the case.

Jun-ho left with the case files,
so you'll be getting them soon.

Right. Okay.

Attorney Woo, here.


The defendant is a 26-year-old male

and he's been arrested
for the kidnapping of minors.

Two days ago,
he hijacked a Mujin Academy bus

and took 12 elementary school kids
on board to a mountain nearby.

I heard the person who asked Hanbada
to take this case

is the director of Mujin Academy.

Yes, it is. The defendant
is the youngest son of the director.

In other words, he hijacked the bus
of his mother's academy.

What did he do
with the kids at the mountain?

They just played.


Apparently, he did recreational activities
for about four hours with the kids.

And he was arrested after

the academy bus driver
reported it to the police.

Attorney Woo, there's…


An eyelash…

Just a moment.

Just a moment.


Your eyelash…

It was hard to grab.
I just managed to take it off.


Well, I…

I will go meet the defendant then.

Who are you?


I am Attorney Woo Young-woo
from Hanbada Law Firm.

Whether it's read straight or flipped,
it's still Woo Young-woo.

Kayak, deed, rotator,
noon, race car, Woo Young-woo.



I have been assigned
as Mr. Bang Gu-ppong's…

Mr. Bang Gu-ppong's defense for the case.

I don't need an attorney.

If I don't take on this case,

you will be appointed a public defender
under the jurisdiction of the court.

Is that what you want?

Can I be tried without an attorney?

No. We don't have much time,
so I'm just going to ask right away.

Is Bang Gu-ppong your real name?

Why do you ask?

Your name is strange.

I am concerned that
the judge might take it negatively.

When I say my name,

children laugh.

But a name like Woo Young-woo
wouldn't make any child laugh.

What was it that you said earlier? Kayak…

Kayak, deed, rotator,
noon, race car, Woo Young-woo.

The flow is nice.

But it's weak. It's not funny.

Something like…

Woo, Woo, Woo

Woo-Woo-Woo, Woo,
Woo-Woo-Woo, Woodpecker's Booger

Woodpecker's Butthole

That's way funnier.

It should at least be something like that.

Excuse me?

Having a name that makes
children laugh and adults angry

and living up to it.

That is the revolution
I'm trying to start.

Nice to meet you.

Let's shake hands.

Shake hands.

Nice to meet you.


What is your name?

Bang Gu-ppong.

Is that your real name?

Did your parents name you that?

I legally changed my name two years ago.

Now Bang Gu-ppong is my real name.

What is your occupation?

The Commander-in-Chief
of the Children's Liberation Army.



What do you mean objection?
We're in the middle of an arraignment.

- Why are you being like this too?
- I apologize.

I misspoke because I was
so surprised by the defendant's reply.


I'm quite surprised myself.

Your Honor.

I didn't have enough time

to interview the defendant
because I was just assigned this case.

Could I have a quick word with him
so that he can respond properly?

Hurry up then.

What do you mean

you're the Commander-in-Chief
of the Children's Liberation Army?

That's my job.

Responding like that
will get you detained.

We have to show
that you are in your right mind

and that you're not a flight risk
and wouldn't destroy evidence.

That is my job.

Yes, but the judge will write down
"unemployed" or "unknown" anyway.

Please do as I say.

Let me ask you again.


What is your occupation?


All right.

Or "unknown" shouldn't
be written down, Your Honor.

I'm the Commander-in-Chief
of the Children's Liberation Army.

That's my job.

So was my son…



Your son is very set in his ways,
so it appears that concerned the court.

He said that his job
is the Commander-in-Chief

of the Children's Liberation Army.

What did he say to the question
regarding his current address again?

He said he lives in "children's hearts."

I know you were very worried
about your son not being able to adjust

to life at the detention center.

I apologize.


It's my son's fault
for responding like that.

What happened to the students
he took to the mountain?

Do they still attend Mujin Academy?

All 12 of them quit.

And I also refunded their tuition.

Word travels fast in this neighborhood,

and they are very sensitive
about reputation,

so there were quite a lot of students
who followed suit.

Goodness, I'm sorry to hear that.

Did you meet with the parents
of the 12 students by any chance?

I met them once at the police station
and apologized to them.

After that, I had a lot going on as well.

Should I reach out to them?


If you get a letter of non-punishment
from the parents,

it could help a lot
in reducing your son's sentence.

Of course, the parents
might request settlement money.

I expected as much.

Then I'll prepare the settlement money

and try to get
the letter of non-punishment.

All right.
We'll prepare well for the trial.

It hasn't been easy at all

raising my three boys

after their father passed away early.


I am a mom who sent all three sons
to Seoul National University.

And I started Mujin Academy
based on my personal experience.

What's the point
of only my kids succeeding?

Other kids should also succeed with them.

But it seems as though

I was too busy
taking care of other people's kids

that I didn't realize my son
had headed down the wrong path.

Attorney Jung.

I can pay however much you want
in commission fees.

We couldn't stop him from being sent
to the detention center,

but my son shouldn't be sent to prison.

Please help.

Of course.

Here is the Woo Young-woo
seaweed-sushi you ordered.

I didn't order a beer.

- That's for me.
- Right.


So listen.

If someone said they like someone
and that person doesn't say anything back,

that means they're just
not going to answer, right?

Someone said they like someone? Who?

- Me.
- To Lee Jun-ho?



Look at you, Woo to the Young to the Woo.

They always say it's the quiet ones.

Hairy, did you hear?

Gosh, even Young-woo's out there
expressing her feelings to a guy

while I'm back here doing the dishes.

What are you saying? I'm the one
who did all the dishes today too.

By the way,
you're not at all how you seem.

You're very brave.

What exactly did you say?

You didn't say
anything weird again, right?

That day,

my heart rate was really high.

Even though I didn't touch you at all,

my heart was beating very fast.

What the…

Are you shooting
some kind of medical drama?

Why did you go tell him
all that heart rate stuff we talked about?


I think

I do like you.

What's wrong with that?

At least her feelings were
well conveyed. Right?

"My heart beats fast when I see you."

"I like you."

They all mean the same thing.

What did Jun-ho say?

Attorney Woo,




"Attorney Woo, I…"

And then what?

And then, we had to run after
Mr. Park Yu-jin who was running away,

so we didn't get to finish talking.

And he hasn't said anything after that.

Nothing so far? Why?


I'm not sure.

Perhaps because he doesn't like me?

I don't think so.

From what I saw before,
he seemed to like you a lot.

Jun-ho is still kind and warmhearted.

He smiles when he sees me
and removes the eyelash on my face.

What? Eyelashes?


That means he really likes you!
Doesn't it?

How can you touch someone's lashes
if you don't have any feelings for them?

You can pick off eyelashes on someone
without liking them.

It doesn't mean much.

After all, it could blind the person
if it gets in their eyes the wrong way.

Should I ask him again about how he feels?

- No. Are you crazy?
- I don't think you should either.

What if you be nice to him too?

Be really nice to him without saying
anything so he can also be confused.

Be nice to him so that he gets confused?

How do I do that?

If you want to date someone,
what do you do to be nice, Hairy?


I pull out their seat for them,

open the car door for them,

make sure they walk
on the inside of the sidewalk,

and carry their things for them.

Did you get beaten up
in the detention center?

Or did you get into a fight?

It's the milky way.

All right.


Mr. Bang Gu-ppong.

It's true that you kidnapped minors,

but you didn't particularly harass them.

You can get a reduced sentence.

But in order for that to happen,
you must acknowledge your wrongdoings.

The phrase, "minor,"
doesn't sit well with me.

- Excuse me?
- Minor…


What did you do after you took
the victims to the mountain?

The term, "victims," is also a bit…

How about this?

Since they all joined
the Children's Liberation Army,

we'll call them
the Children's Liberation Army.



I'll call them children.

What did you do with the children
after you kidnapped them to the mountain?

We had an enlistment ceremony.

The enemies of the children of Korea

are schools, academies, and parents.

They don't let children play.

They are afraid of happy children

and healthy children.

They want anxious children,

suffering children,

and obedient children.

They manipulate the law
and institutions of Korea

to make children busier and worse

so they turn their backs on the world
even before they become adults.

- I agree!
- Right.

You agree?

What's your name?

Lee Se-won!

Did you just approve of me?

- Approved!
- Okay!

The Children's Liberation Army proclaims!

First, children must play immediately.

Hey, you have to do it with me,
it's embarrassing.

- All right.
- Okay.

Repeat after me. First.

- "First."
- "First."

Children must play immediately!

- "Children must play immediately!"
- "Children must play immediately!"


- "Second!"
- "Second!"

Children must be healthy immediately!

- "Children must be healthy immediately!"
- "Children must be healthy immediately!"

- Third!
- "Third!"

Children must be happy immediately.

- "Children must be happy immediately!"
- "Children must be happy immediately!"

I, the Commander-in-Chief Bang Gu-ppong,

will presently defeat
the sly demands of schools,

academies, and parents,

and will immediately sing
for happy children.

When I say "Kids,"

you say "Let's play," okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.


- Let's play!
- Let's play!

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

Freeze -Freeze.

- Red light, green light.
- Come on.

Red light, green light.

I'll peel it for you.

- Hold it here. It's hot.
- It's hot.

It's hot.

It's hot!

It's hot!

Who doesn't like milk?
Yes, I don't like milk either.

I don't like it,
but I don't dislike it either.

Hey, what are you doing?

You gave it to me first.

I guess you didn't do
anything incredibly original.

The thought that playing
has to be original

is what creates gimmicky children's
camp field trips without the field part.

Taking the children here and there,
making them do this and that

so that they can experience something
novel and educational.

That's not playing.

Even if all they're doing
is looking up at the sky

and snickering at the clouds floating by,

as long as the child is smiling
and is happy in that moment,

that's what playing really is.

You seem to have your own philosophy
on children playing.

But I'm not sure

if that will be of help
in getting your sentence reduced.

A reduced sentence
is what my mother wants, not what I want.

What I want is…

Come closer.

Children's liberation.


What's wrong with this guy?

Once, Mr. Bang Gu-ppong said,

my name should at least be
Woodpecker's Booger

or Woodpecker's Butthole
to make children laugh.

One day, if I find myself
defending a child,

I should change my name temporarily.

You're talking an awful lot
about Mr. Bang today.

But not one word about whales.

It's not like you.


Mr. Bang seems like
an even stranger person than I am, so…


It's nice when I'm with him.

It must be nice for Mr. Bang.

This is the first time I've ever seen you
smile like that talking about someone.

Please sit here.

What? Why…

Isn't it hard to pull the chair out
when you have the tray in your hands?

Sit here.

Right, okay.

Thank you.

Right! Do you like pickled radish?

Do you want some of mine?

No, that's okay.

I have enough.

All right, then enjoy your meal.

My whole body felt groggy
after drinking misugaru.

And when I came to,

the bus was parked
at the foot of the mountain.

I was so startled that I checked my phone
and saw that four hours had passed.

So did you call the police
as soon as you woke up?


The police arrived
and I was explaining the situation when…

Children must play immediately!

- "Children must play immediately!"
- That guy was coming down the mountain

with all the kids behind him
like some sort of pied piper.

And that's when the police
made the arrest.

When the defendant
handed you the misugaru,

were you aware that he was the son
of the director of Mujin Academy?


He came to the academy
a few times before too.

Now that I think about it,

it might have been to find out information

regarding the academy bus schedule.

Objection, calls for speculation.


Witness, do not speculate,
and only state the facts.

All right.

Anyway, the people at the academy

told me he was
the director's youngest son,

so I knew who he was.

That's why you drank the misugaru
that was handed to you by the defendant

without any suspicion, correct?

Of course!

Who would have thought
that the director's son

would put something in the misugaru?


It is also speculative of the witness
that the defendant did that.

It's not a proven fact.

No, there's no objection.

- What?
- What?

Defendant, what did you say?

Attorney Woo might have an objection,

but I don't.

Defendant, you do realize
that the attorney is on your side, right?

About the objection
that was brought up earlier.

I have no objections
regarding that either.

- Your Honor?
- What the driver said is all true.

And I did visit Mujin Academy
to find out the academy bus schedule.

And I did spike the misugaru
with sleeping pills and gave it to him.

I put you in an awkward situation,
didn't I?

I apologize.

But there was no other choice

for the liberation of children.
I ask for your generous understanding.

Well, I don't…

All right.

Record everything the defendant said,
word for word.


Yes, all right.

Was that the director of Mujin Academy?

Yes. Apparently, she couldn't get
a single letter of non-punishment.

Not a single one out of the 12 children?

Yes. It's not certain yet,
but according to the director,

the parents of the victimized children
are planning

to file a class-action lawsuit
against Mujin Academy.

That's not good.


What if I meet with the children?


What Mr. Bang did

may be upsetting enough for the parents
to think of filing a lawsuit,

but it could be a fun and exciting memory
for the children.

If they find out that Mr. Bang
is going to be punished,

the children might persuade their parents.

We'll be in trouble if the parents
find out about that.

They must already be sensitive
about their kids' safety.

What if I don't approach them hastily,

but instead approach them naturally
as if I ran into them while walking?

Will approaching them naturally
as if you ran into them while walking

even be possible? Considering it's you.

- Sorry?
- What?


You should go with Attorney Woo.



Okay then. You two go together.

Don't try too hard to persuade them,

and just find out
what the kids think about the case.


The kids usually all do the same thing
after academies let out,

so let's go to where the academies are.

- Let's take a cab.
- Okay.

What's going on?

Walk on the inside.

Hypothetically, if a car drove
onto the sidewalk,

being on the inside is safer.


Hypothetically, in that case,

wouldn't it be better
if I walk on the outside?

I think I'd be able to avoid it
a bit faster than you.


Get in.


My goodness.

Yes, thank you.

Attorney Woo.

Are you Kim Min-ji?

You're a third-grader
at Hanti Elementary School, right?

- Well…
- Do you know Mr. Bang Gu-ppong?

I do.

We're friends of his.

I see.

Are you eating dinner now?
It's already past 9 p.m.

I'm eating early today.

When I went to Mujin Academy
I couldn't eat anything until 10 p.m.

All the classes at Mujin Academy
are locked classes.

Locked classes? What are those?


No one is allowed to go outside
until the academy is over for the day.

There's no break time at all,

so we can't even go
to the convenience store.

And we need to get permission
to go to the bathroom.

That sounds like prison, not an academy.

We want to ask you something
regarding Mr. Bang.

Do you have time?

Oh, no. I'm doomed.

I'm late. I have to go to the study cafe.

The study cafe? At this hour?

I can't fall behind
while I look for a new academy to go to

since I quit Mujin Academy.

My mom said I should go to the study cafe
in the meantime.

By the way,
did Mr. Bang Gu-ppong go to jail?

He's in the detention center,
but not in prison yet.

I see.

I still have this with me.

I picked it up
when we went to the mountain.

I threw away everything else except this.

There's a convenience store
across the street.

There are a lot of kids there.

I'm sure some of the kids who went
to the mountain that day are there too.

Ask them.



Excuse me.

Do the students who go to academies nearby

come by after 10 p.m.?


Well, yes. That's when the academies end.

- I see.
- They should be swarming in anytime now.

It's a whole battle when they do.
A battle over dinner.

So the students don't have dinner
until after 10 p.m.?

It seems like it.

You would think that

these kids from filthy rich families
would eat something special,

but that's not the case at all.

They eat noodles, triangular gimbap,
sausages, and other things like that.

Sweet, savory, spicy instant foods.

There they come.

Be careful.

Be careful.

- Are you paying for everything?
- Yes.

All right.

Do you know what these kids look at
when they choose drinks?

The amount of caffeine.

The higher, the better.

There's this coffee-flavored milk
with a lot of caffeine.

Even elementary school kids
drink it like it's water.

It's a little hard to watch.

If they're drinking them now,
how will they get through high school?

Don't forget your card.

There are noticeably short kids
who always look tired.

They're always the kids who are preparing
to attend science or gifted high schools.

It's partly what they eat,

but their lack of sleep makes them small.

Do you see them?

Just like them.

What? An acorn!

- An acorn.
- What?

It's okay.

Gosh, stop crying.

I said stop crying.

Why are you crying?

Do you know Mr. Bang Gu-ppong?

We're friends of Mr. Bang Gu-ppong.

I know Bang Gu-ppong.

- Me too.
- Right.

I made this with the acorn I picked up
when we went to the mountain.

And he made this.

That's so cool. You did a great job.

Why were you crying?

Because he got an "undecided" today.


What's that?

If you're not done with the mission
by ten, you get an "undecided."

What kind of mission?

A mission to solve math problems.

We started at three,
but I'm the only one who couldn't finish.

It's too hard.

It's an elementary student's mission
to solve math problems from three to ten?

That's my mom's car.

I'm going to go now. Bye.


Do you want
Mr. Bang Gu-ppong to go to jail?



Then do you want to play with him again?

Hey, let's go.

What are you doing?

Hey, Lee Se-won!

Children who are only 10 and 11 years old
are stuck inside schools and academies

studying for 12 hours every day,
not being able to properly eat or sleep.

They're like dolphins

that are trapped inside small tanks,
doing shows and eating only frozen fish.

Orcas that live in tanks have dorsal fins
that bend to the side like this.

It's because they should be
swimming around in the open sea,

but, instead, are trapped
in narrow spaces and are abused...

That's very…


What is it that you're trying to say?

What if we claim that Mr. Bang
had rescued the kids

who were being abused
and was taking emergency measures?


So you're saying that sending kids
to school and academies is abuse?

Then he should've reported it
to the police instead of kidnapping them.

Above all,

the motive or purpose doesn't matter
in the kidnapping of minors.

It's a crime, no matter
how good the intentions are.

Then what if we claim that this is a case
where he had the children's consent?

At the time of the incident,
the door of the academy bus was wide open,

and Mr. Bang told them twice to leave
if they didn't want to go with him.

The consent of minors is not enough.

He should've gotten the consent
of their legal guardians as well.

Attorney Woo,
I do feel bad for the defendant.

He just took the kids to play
and they've detained him for it.

It does feel unnecessarily harsh.

But the more we feel like that,
the more focused we need to be.

Are you going to be swept up
by the defendant's strange logic

and keep saying odd things?

Attorney Jung.



Are you going somewhere?

Where are you going?

To a blind date.

Blind date?

What about Jun-ho?

You're still on about Jun-ho?

Gosh, you and your rotten instincts.

I'm going to live aggressively
from now on.

If you know someone nice,
introduce me to him.

Because I'm going to win him over.

You're going to aggressively
win someone over?

I'm sure even you, Attorney Kwon,
must know at least one good guy.

Can't you think of anyone?

"Even you, Attorney Kwon"?

I can think of someone.

He knows a lot about being nice.

He pulls out seats, opens car doors,

makes the person walk on the inside
of the street when walking together,

and carries their things.


Yes, and he makes good seaweed-sushi.
I will introduce you to him next time.

We're lucky that the police arrested him
when they did.

What if they didn't come on time?

Something terrible could've happened.


He could have turned into a rapist!

We fully understand
your anger and concerns.


A lawsuit requires
a lot of time and energy.

And it doesn't guarantee that the result
will come out in your favor.

What if you tell us what you want,

without having to go
through the trouble of a lawsuit?

Director Choi Seong-suk is ready
to give you her sincerest apologies.

What's the point of
only the director apologizing?

That Bang Gu-ppong or whatever
is nothing but confident.

Did you hear what he said
at the police station?

He treated us like shameless parents,
who disregard their kids' happiness

and are only bent on
sending them to college.

I was angry about that too.

Do we make them suffer because we want to?

We do it for their future.

What will become of their lives
if you let them play as much as they want

at a time when they should be
developing study habits?

- That would be a problem.
- She's right.

- We're helping them study.
- We put in so much effort.

- It's not easy.
- People will never understand.

- What is she doing?
- What are you doing?

My son

is mentally unwell and lacking.

He probably doesn't even know
what he's saying.

We're all moms raising children.

Please, just this once, forgive my son
with the generous heart of a mother.

I will make sure
nothing like this happens again.

Director, aren't you the one who said
you're a mother of successful sons?

You promoted your academy
saying you sent all of them to SNU.

- Yet now your kid is unwell and lacking?
- I was arrogant.

It's my fault.

I will apologize
if an apology is what you want,

and give you settlement money
if that's what you want.

My son

is too fragile

to handle life in prison.

I'm pleading with you

because if he gets sent off to jail,

he might do the unthinkable.

I beg you.

I beg you.

I beg you.

I checked all 11 of them.

Each one was signed and sealed.

This is all thanks
to your heartfelt plea, Director.

Thank you.

Thank you all as well.

We'll be on our way then.


I'm going to sit here for a little longer.

Director Choi.


What you said about Mr. Bang Gu-ppong
being mentally unwell and lacking,

and how he probably doesn't even know
what he's saying.

As his attorney, that is not what I think.


do you think he's normal?

You've only met him a couple of times

so you're seeing him in a positive light.

I see him in a positive light
when I've only met him a couple of times,

but as his mother,
shouldn't you do so even more?

Shouldn't you listen to him

at least once with an open heart?

The children laugh at just the name
"Bang Gu-ppong."

They understand
the meaning of liberation of children

that Mr. Bang is claiming.

The only people who do not
understand Mr. Bang…

Are adults.

Then do you want to play with him again?

Hey, Lee Se-won!

I want to play all day, every day.
I want to be liberated.

Witness, how would you diagnose
the defendant?

The defendant suffers
from a delusional disorder.

Megalomania, to be more specific.

So then, is the defendant's claim

that he is the Commander-in-Chief
of the Children's Liberation Army

a symptom of megalomania as well?

Yes, that is right.

Patients who suffer from megalomania

believe they hold an important position
in an institution or an organization…

That is all.


I would like to ask further questions.

Attorney Woo.

Mujin Academy,
where the 12 students used to attend,

is famous for running locked classes.

Do you know what the locked classes are?

Locked classes?

No, I don't.

Locked classes mean

that students are kept there all day long
and are forced to study.

The children who attend Mujin Academy
are not allowed to go outside

until 10 p.m.

They are not given any time
to take breaks or eat.

They even have to ask for permission
to go to the bathroom.

And children who go to the bathroom
more than two times a day are sent home,

saying they don't have
the right mindset to study.


Mujin Academy is known for getting
parental consent forms saying that

children who do not do their homework
can be punished,

but the popularity
of Mujin Academy among parents

is at an all-time high.

Despite this fact,
do you still believe that

the defendant's interpretation of reality
and beliefs are distorted enough

to be seen as a patient
with a delusional disorder?

- Attorney Woo, what are you doing?
- Attorney Jung.

Can't we let her go on a bit more?


Look at my son's face.

Excuse me?

What does he want to say
that would make his face look like that?

Children who are only 10 and 11 years old
cannot properly eat, sleep, rest, or play

because they have to study
for 12 hours every day.

And yet, you're saying the enemies
of the children of Korea

aren't schools, academies, and parents?


The defense requested the witness.

Why are you trying to get
a testimony that would be disadvantageous?

I'm not trying to get a disadvantageous
testimony for the defendant...

What is it that you're trying to prove?

Is what you want to hear that
the defendant's interpretation

of reality and beliefs has no issue,
so he doesn't have a delusional disorder?

Yes, that is right.

You do realize that could be
a disadvantageous testimony

for the defendant, right?

Your Honor,

the defendant is a person
who committed a crime

by seeking reformation with a belief
that's against the existing social system.

In other words,
he is a political offender.

He is not a heinous criminal
who should deserve moral criticism.

If he is diagnosed as a patient
with a delusional disorder,

it might help in getting
his sentence reduced.

But it would insult
the defendant's ideology

of the liberation of children.

As the defendant's attorney,

I am trying to defend

the defendant's ideology itself.

This trial is being held
to inquire about the defendant's crimes,

not to spread the defendant's ideology.

Regardless of what you wish, Counselor,
the question I want to ask

and should ask as the judge is clear.


do you feel remorse for your actions?

Your Honor.

I would like to remind the defendant
of his right to refuse to testify...


I do not feel remorse.

Then are you going to commit
similar crimes to this?


Attorney Jung.

Are you going to
let it slide with Attorney Woo?

Didn't she ruin the trial
with her outburst?

I'll have to talk to her
and give her a warning.

You're only going to give her
a warning again and no penalty?

It's not like she made a trivial mistake.

She made a mistake that could overturn
the outcome of the trial.

Didn't we have this conversation before?

You said Attorney Woo deserved a penalty
for her unauthorized absences, right?

Attorney Kwon,
you must really like penalties.

Is that why you wrote
that kind of post on the bulletin board?

I mean,

if you have conflicting opinions
while working,

you need to talk it out
with each other and resolve it.

Giving rewards or punishments over
who's right and who's wrong

is not how I work.

There was a difference in opinion

between the attorneys
about the defense strategy.

I apologize for not being able
to coordinate this before the trial.

I apologize.

Thank you.

Thank you, Attorney Woo.

What did my mother say?

Thankfully, your mother understood.




Getting the letter of non-punishment
is advantageous to reduce your sentence.

But your testimony
that you don't feel remorse

is a factor for additional punishment.

And I don't think the judge
will consider the circumstances.

In this regard…

Probation could be a long shot.

It doesn't matter.

But could I ask you both for a favor?

A favor?

On the day of my final testimony,

please invite the Children's
Liberation Army to the trial.

Excuse me?

I wanted to give them a happy memory
by letting them play as much as they want,

but I'm afraid
that they'll remember it as,

"So the price of playing as much as I want

is a prison sentence."

As the Commander-in-Chief
of the Children's Liberation Army,

even if I get punished, I want them
to see me getting punished with dignity.

I want them to see that I never felt
ashamed of what I did.

This is out of the blue,
but I studied well in school.


I graduated from SNU
and passed the bar before graduating.

I see.

Where did you graduate from, Attorney Woo?


Right. I also graduated
from Seoul National University.




I also graduated
from Seoul National University Law School.

Right, she graduated
summa cum laude from both.

Looking back, I think dreaming of becoming
an attorney at an early age

was the secret to my good grades.

Isn't that right, Attorney Woo?


I think that was it for me too.

Is that so?

If Min-ji attends this trial,

it would help a lot with improving
her grades and motivating her.

It's not every day that she gets to see
the judge, prosecutor, and attorneys

work right in front of her.

That's right. By attending this trial,

Min-ji will naturally want to go
to Seoul National University.


And don't worry about the kids' safety.

The other attorneys and I

will personally chaperone them
and take them to court.


You will?


I thought my daughter was leaning more
towards the sciences.

Gosh, what if she suddenly says
she wants to go to law school?

- Gosh, what am I going to do?
- Right.

Attorney Woo.

The Director of Mujin Academy
said she'll lend us the academy bus.

I think we can use the bus
to take the kids to court.



I'll carry it.

- What?
- Where to?

Attorney Woo.

Why are you doing this to me?


You're being…

Nice to me.

Pulling out my chair, making me
walk on the inside of the street,

opening the car door,
and now carrying my things.

What's going on?

Did I do something wrong?

No, it's nothing like that.

I just…

like you.

I was being nice to you
because I like you.


- Tomorrow, suddenly.
- Rock, paper, scissors.

- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Take this.

- It got cut off.
- Really?

She continued it after it got cut off.

Hey, everyone.

We're going to get going, okay?

- Okay!
- Okay!


What's your name?

Do you also
have a weird name like Mr. Fart?

No, I don't.

My name is…

Lee Butthole.

Is it really Lee Butthole?

Yes, because we're friends of Mr. Fart.

This is Lee Butthole,

and I am Woo, Woo,
Woo-Woo-Woo, Woodpecker's Booger.

What about you guys?

What are your names?

- Well…
- Well, we're just…


- Jeez.
- Gosh.


Kwon Poop.

What kind of name is that?


Jung Fart-fart!


That is all.


Is there anything you would like to say?

Yes, first…

I would like to speak to the adults
who are raising children.

Children have to play right now.

Later is too late.

It's too late
after getting into university,

after getting a job,

and after getting married.

Playing with marbles, tag,
Red Rover, double dutch.

Later is too late.

In a life full of anxiety,

it'll be too late to find the only way

to happiness.


Children must play immediately.

"First, children must play immediately.'

Second, children must be healthy

"Second," -"Second,"

- "children must be healthy immediately."
- "children must be healthy immediately."


Everyone be quiet.

No one else can speak
aside from the defendant.

Your Honor.

These children
are the victims in this case.

With the permission
of the presiding judge,

the victims have the right
to state their opinions during a trial.

Can't you accept the children

reciting the Declaration
of the Children's Liberation

as a victim's statement of opinion?


- "First!"
- "First!"

Children must play immediately.

- "Children must play immediately."
- "Children must play immediately."


- "Second!"
- "Second!"

Children must be healthy immediately.

- "Children must be healthy immediately."
- "Children must be healthy immediately."


- "Third!"
- "Third!"

Children must be happy immediately!

- "Children must be happy immediately!"
- "Children must be happy immediately!"

I, the Commander-in-Chief Bang Gu-ppong,

will presently defeat the sly demands
of schools, academies, and parents,

and will immediately sing
for happy children!


- Let's play!
- Let's play!

- Let's play!
- Let's play!

Bang Gu-ppong, look at this.

- Look at mine too!
- I have it too!

That's so cool.

Let's all hug.

Do you want chili powder
on your jjajangmyeon?


Do you want me to pour the sauce
on the sweet and sour pork?


- Who is it?
- What?

Who's the person that you like
if it's not Choi Su-yeon?

Does it really matter who it is?

I can only help if I know who it is.

I can tell something's not going well.

The way you're sighing like a sick dog.

It's just hard for me to imagine
what happens next.


What happens after liking each other.

It feels like

this is a big deal.

Like I should have
some sort of great determination.

It's scary to think that
if we start things…

It might make things difficult

for both of us.

Are you getting married?

Why are you taking this so seriously?

Date her and then if it doesn't work out,
you can just end things.

With this person, I can't start anything
with the mindset that it won't last.

So you think it won't last?

No, I don't think that!

Go, then. You have your answer.

- Go?
- Go.

Hey, wait. Where are you going?

You're really going?

I meant it

as a metaphorical expression
for advancing the relationship.

Does he not read?

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One, two. What?

One, two, three.

What? One, two.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.


Thank you.

I have something to say.

I like you.

I like you so much

that it feels like…

I'm sick inside.

I'm sorry. We're not…

Can I come in?

She's here alone at a gimbap restaurant
without a secretary at this hour.

Hold on.

Woo Young-woo…

That Hanbada attorney?

It's an illegal arrest
if you don't have an arrest warrant.

Are you an attorney or something?

Where did you pick up
such a troublesome case like this?

I picked it up on subway line two.

Truly loving a person
with an intellectual disability.

Is it that hard to believe?

Do you want Mr. Yang to be punished
for sexually assaulting you?

- I love him.
- What?

Please don't let him go to jail.

If you have a disability,
I think merely liking someone

is not enough.

Subtitle translation by: Hyun-soo Cho

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